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Ch. 33: Friday Night – Back to the Hotel

Janice and Tim’s exit from the club was sudden, but fortunately, all the elements fell into place to enable them to quickly get to the sex in a session that was fast, rough and dirty.

After collecting Tim’s jacket from the coat check they stepped outside just as a taxi pulled up to drop off another couple. The driver had them back to their hotel in 8 minutes, even though he was distracted by the young couple making out in the back during the whole ride.

In the hotel, an elevator was standing open for them as they crossed the lobby. Tim pressed their button and even before the doors were closed he pushed Janice into the corner directly under the security camera; the one small blind spot in the car. As they resumed kissing, he yanked the bottom of her dress up over her hips and pushed her sheer, black thong down her legs until it fell on its own to the floor. She lifted one foot out of a leg hole and over to the side. He grabbed and squeezed her mons while continuing to shove his tongue down her throat.

Then suddenly he broke off the kiss and released her wet pussy. Staring intently into her eyes he brought his hand back into her crotch in a short, sharp slap that made her gasp and jump. He’d placed his other forearm across her chest, above her tits, to hold her in place. Still staring in a way that would have been scary if it wasn’t so arousing, he slapped her pussy again. This time her legs came together in reflex, but he shoved his knee between her thighs to open them up and the look in his eyes quite clearly said she wasn’t to block him again. The next slap felt like nothing she’d ever experienced before, a lightning bolt fired up from her clit and she cried out again, but whether it was in pain or pleasure, she couldn’t tell.

She closed her eyes and steeled herself for the next smack, but it didn’t come. When she looked at her husband this time there seemed to be a question there or more accurately, a challenge. Slowly, she blinked one time and he slapped her cunt again. This time she groaned and swore she could hear the wetness of her juices on her swelling pussy lips. She couldn’t believe she wanted to hear that sound again, wanted to feel that electric pain again.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the elevator came to a stop and the doors began to open. Tim leaned in for a quick, hard kiss as he lowered the dress back over her hips, before propelling her out of the corner and toward the opening. Fortunately (or unfortunately? she thought), the hallway was empty. She sensed him quickly crouching down to retrieve her undies before following her out of the elevator.

At their door, she expected him to fumble with the key card, just as the excited man would in the RomCom movies she loved. But Tim had already gotten the card out of his pocket during the short walk and dipped it straight into the slot, where it turned blessedly green. He reached out with his other hand, which still held her panties, pushed down the handle and opened the door for her. Janice walked into the main room, while Tim slipped the Do Not Disturb sign to the outside handle and shut and barred the door.

Ch. 34: Friday Night — Let the Orgasms Start

When he walked into the living room, Janice was standing there with the red dress up over her hips again and her legs spread, as if waiting for more punishment. Her shoes were kicked to the side.

Tim stopped long enough to shuck off his jacket and hang it on a hook by the door. Then he strode to her and gave her one quick smack on the cunt that made her knees tremble. Then he reached up and pulled the dress down from her shoulders to her waist, semi-trapping her arms against her sides. He grabbed her upper arms and spun her roughly around and unsnapped her strapless red lace bra. He reached around and pulled it off her breasts. Then he brought her hands together behind her back and used the brassiere to bind them together at the wrists. He spun her back around and stepped back, just looking at her.

Her tits were shiny with the sweat of dancing all night and her nipples looked ready to cut glass. He gave her a wicked half-smile and hefted one of her big tits in his hand. Suddenly the other hand flashed across and landed a light, but still shocking slap across the areola and nipple. Janice shrieked and tried to step back, but Tim quickly grabbed her by both nipples and pulled her back to him.

When she was steady again he gave her that look from the elevator that said she wasn’t to resist and then released her nipples. He lifted the unslapped breast from underneath and gave it three quick slaps on the fat part, avoiding the nipple.

Then he dropped the breast and used his right hand to cross over and give a downward slap of her right tit, while his left hand did the same to her left tit, both catching a smack on the upper slope of istanbul escort the tit and the protruding nipples.

Janice gasped, but did not pull away. Her rational mind registered that he hadn’t actually hit her that hard, but since he’d never hit her like this before at all, the mental shock was nearly as thrilling as the physical sensation.

“I know,” she whimpered. “I showed off my tits to so many men. I deserve to be punished.” Tim delivered a one-two smack to each tit, the first strike to the breast, the second to the nipple. Janice bit her lower lip and whined.

“And more,” she said sadly, but with a telling emphasis on ‘more’. “I let some of them touch me. I let some of them touch and squeeze my titties. How could I be so bad?”

Tim took each tit with an underhand slap that made them jump up with a resounding smack. He followed that with two slaps each across the fronts that caught the nipples. The harder blows were evidenced not only by the louder sound, but by the reddening of the flesh.

Janice was panting, her chest heaving, but still she didn’t pull back; she kept her beautiful breasts thrust forward. “I let them touch me,” she repeated in gasps. “Just like you wanted me to!”

Tim grabbed her nipples and twisted as he pulled them out from her chest. Using them as leverage, he pulled his wife toward him as he leaned forward until their mouths met in another passionate kiss. After a few moments of exquisite torture, he released her nipples and then broke off the kiss as she mewled insensibly.

He reached behind her head to pull it down, while lifting one breast up from below. She thrust out her tongue and gently stroked the abused nipple before taking it between her lips. Tim bent his own head down to lavish attention on the other breast, taking as much of the tit meat into his mouth as he could, while his tongue slathered her stinging nipple.

Next, Tim took each of Janice’s breasts in a tight grip and used them to steer her backwards. However, rather than going toward the bedroom, he pressed her just a few feet the other direction, to the half-bath in the suite’s entryway.

He opened the door, returned his hand to her soft breast and pressed his wife up against the door frame. She glanced inside the room with its toilet and small sink and the question was obvious in her face.

“There was no bedroom in the club,” Tim said in a low, dark voice. “This is where he was going to take you.”

His left hand slid up to her throat, while his right hand went to her crotch. He squeezed her neck lightly, keeping her head tight against the door frame. Her pussy he squeezed hard, pressing the heel of his palm against the top of her mons venus.

“When he kissed you, he asked you to go back there with him, back to a place like this.” The heel of his palm pulsed against her hooded clit. “And you wanted to go. You wanted him to kiss you again and to take you into the back.” He paused long enough to kiss her hard and he saw that her eyes were closed and knew she was imagining D’Andre’s full lips pressing against hers, his insistent tongue pushing into her mouth.

“He would have walked you through the men’s room to the stall at the far end. Every other man in there, standing at a urinal with his cock in his hand, would have seen you and known where you were going and what you were doing.” Tim said this directly into her mouth, his lips brushing against hers as he spoke.

Janice moaned, eyes still closed, and thrust her pelvis against his hand.

He rubbed fingertips up and down her labia and found them wet and eager to open. One, two and then three fingers forced their way inside and pulled up, as if he was going to pick her up by her cunt.

“Now that he’s slut-walked you across the room, he’s pressing you up against the wall. Maybe he closes the door to the stall, maybe he doesn’t. He has one strong, black hand on your pretty white throat, pinning you in place. His other hand he shoves under the waistband of your panties and forces his long, black fingers right inside your delicate pink pussy.”

A steady, low, panting moan came out of Janice’s mouth; soon she would be drooling.

“He doesn’t have to wait, he doesn’t have to start slow,” Tim growled, “because your cheating pussy is already so wet. It’s been dripping for hours as you let one man after another stroke your breasts, hips and thighs and grind their crotches up against your ass out on the dance floor.”

He proved his words right by starting to thrust his fingers in and out more quickly and more deeply and they could both clearly hear how wet and sloppy she was.

“You would have let any of them take you back here; let any of them abuse your pussy. But this handsome black stud made the move and won the prize and now he’s the one finger fucking your white, married pussy. Jamming his black fingers deep inside you while your unsuspecting husband sits outside sipping a drink.”

Janice’s hand slipped down to her clit when her avcılar escort black lover began really finger fucking her hard. Now her hand flew side to side as she whipped herself over the edge.

Tim stopped thrusting, but left his fingers buried deep inside her, feeling the smooth walls of her vagina clamping down. Meanwhile, his other hand had already been clamping down, squeezing tighter on her throat. They’d never done choking play, but tonight it fit in, just like the earlier slapping.

The fantasy wordplay, the rough attack on her cunt, and the reduced oxygen sent Janice into a mind-blowing orgasm that had her up on her toes and her thigh muscles quivering. His hands on her neck and crotch were probably the only things that kept her from collapsing to the floor.

Ch. 35: Friday Night — A Public Fucking

Tim loosened his grip on her neck, but didn’t remove his hand. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy, but left that hand cupping her mons. Janice breathed deeply, but shakily.

“He’s given you your pleasure,” said Tim, “but now it’s time for his. This black stranger just frigged you to orgasm in a public restroom and now he’s going to fuck you there.”

Janice moaned.

“You have no choice in that, but he is giving you one choice on where it happens. If you want it to be at least semi-private, you can stay in the stall with the door closed and bend over the toilet. Otherwise you can go out and lean over a sink in the main room.” Tim removed his restraining hands and stepped back.

Jan looked into the small bathroom for a long moment, then back at her husband with eyes ablaze. Without a word she stepped into the room and bent over the small sink. It was small enough for her to grip around its edges and her tits hit the cool bottom of the shallow basin as she leaned forward, leaving her beautiful ass thrust out toward her lover.

Tim’s cock had been pressing against his fly for several minutes already, so he undid the top button and zipper and shoved his pants and underpants down over his hips. Then he simply stepped up, took his surging cock in hand, pulled one of Jan’s ass cheeks to the side, and slid inside her. She was wet and slick, but also still wonderfully tight from her powerful orgasm and he had to press firmly to gain entrance. It felt fantastic.

“His hard, black cock looks amazing as it slides between your beautiful white ass cheeks,” he said to her. He took a few long, slow thrusts, allowing her pussy to adjust to its new invader. “And your pussy is so ready for it; his cock is absolutely shining with your cum.

“The other men in the room are mesmerized by your beauty and your slutty behavior and some have started stroking their cocks.” This observation garnered a groan from Janice.

This sink was obviously much smaller than the one at home where she’d taken a similar position and pounding the weekend before and she needed more room for her head. She placed her hands against the wall and pushed herself back hard enough to make her dirty lover take a step back. Her tits went up and over the lip of the sink and now hung freely in space and her face looked into the basin.

“Two other guys grab the waistband of your thong from each side and your lover pulls his cock out long enough for the helpers to slide your thong down.” Tim pulled his own cock out long enough for the fantasy movement to take place, then thrust it all the way back in, balls deep.

“He pushes your dress up so there is more beautiful, bare skin for his hands to glide over.” Tim did exactly what he was describing. “His black hands on your ass and his black cock in your pussy look so artistic, so perfect, so fucking dirty.”

Janice rocked backwards, banging her ass harder against his pelvis, driving his throbbing cock ever deeper. She slid one hand back under her belly and between her legs. She squeezed the hood around her sensitive clit, massaging the button gently, but firmly.

“The other guys’ cocks are also dark against your skin. One is caramel colored, like Javier. The other is even blacker than D’Andre, maybe one of the other brothers who took a turn with you on the floor.”

Tim’s use of real names, putting her in with men they knew instead of just some nameless, faceless Fantasy Man sent an unexpected and powerful surge through Janice. “Lonzo,” she grunted. “Lonzo was the extra dark one.”

“If you could look down like I am you would see D’Andre’s shiny black cock thrusting in and out of you. On his left is Javier’s brown cock and on his right is Lonzo’s midnight black. They’re standing right up against your sides, their cocks jutting out over your pale skin. Their hands are stroking their hard, dark cocks, aiming them at your ass. They’re saying how beautiful your ass is and how good it’s going to feel to shoot their big loads of cum all over you.”

Tim’s grip on Janice’s hips tightened and he began thrusting harder and faster. She hadn’t thought she could have another orgasm şirinevler escort so quickly, but now her clit play also became harder and faster as she listened to her husband’s words and imagined the scene he was describing. Imagined he was simply standing there watching while a Latino and two Blacks took their pleasure from his White wife.

“D’Andre is talking now,” said Tim. “He’s saying, ‘I’m going to come deep inside you, I’m going to send my Black seed up into your White womb. My friends are going to spray their Colored cum all over your White ass. And when we’re done you’re going to leave it there. You’re going to walk out of here and go back to your husband with my cum dripping down your thighs and their cum smeared all over your ass.

Aren’t you?!'” ‘D’Andre’ demanded.

“Yes! Yes! Give me all that dark cum. Let me feel it, let me wear it, give it to me!!” And she went into another leg-shaking orgasm.

Tim buried his cock as deep as it would go and let it explode, spraying his long pent up seed directly against and perhaps through her cervix. He pulled back and thrust in again a couple more times and then pulled out of her and used his hand to milk the last few drops of spunk onto her beautiful ass. Finally, he used the head of his still half-hard penis to smear the splash of cum across her ass cheeks.

After admiring his work and catching his breath for a few moments, he side-stepped over to the toilet. He raised the lid and seat and let loose a massive stream that splashed loudly. Still looking down into the bowl, he said, “I’ll leave it up to you if you tell your husband or not. It might be fun to let him know what a slut you are or it might be more fun to keep it to yourself. To add extra spice to the memory on those nights when you’re lying in bed and playing with yourself.”

He flushed, but didn’t put the seat down. He still had his cock in his hand as he took the step back to where she remained leaning on the sink. He wiped his cockhead on her ass again, this time leaving a drop or two of piss rather than cum. He walked out of the bathroom and headed toward the bedroom.

He walked slowly as he crossed the main room, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. Halfway across he heard another loud splash of water on water through the still-open door of the guest bath and smiled; it was a night for being shameless.

Ch. 36: Friday Night — Confession

In the bedroom, he tossed his shirt toward the clothes closet, then sat down on the corner of the bed to take off his shoes and socks and then his pants and briefs.

He turned off the main overhead light, turned on the dimmer bedside lights, piled the four big pillows up against the headboard, two on each side, and sat up against his, facing the doorway.

Janice was already there, leaning against the door frame. She reached out to a wall switch on her side and turned off the lights in the room behind her. She walked to the foot of the bed and shimmied her now much-abused little red dress over her hips and let it drop to the floor.

Silently, she crawled up on the bed and moved towards him on hands and knees. She straddled one of his legs and dropped her pussy down on his thigh. She dragged it up a couple of inches and then back again.

Tim smiled, he got it. ‘You wipe your piss on me, I’ll wipe my piss on you.’

“Baby,” she said in a hesitant, but still sultry, voice. “I have a confession to make. I’ve been with another man.” She slid up his leg as far as she could, lifted his spent cock up onto his belly and snugged her knee up under his balls.

“Been with?” he prompted.

“At first I just danced with him,” she replied. “But the dancing got hotter and he touched me more and more.” Her hands went to her breasts, stroking and lifting them, pushing them together. “He started touching my breasts. First as if by accident, but then more deliberately, more intimately.” She squeezed her tits harder and pinched the nipples.

“His hands roamed all over the front and back of my body.” Her hands continued to illustrate her words. “When I didn’t stop him, he moved them down and touched the bare skin of my thighs below my hem. Then he stroked my ass. First over my dress, then he reached up under it.” Her hands were behind her and Tim knew she was squeezing her incredible ass globes and pulling them apart to expose her rosebud of an asshole. He wished he could see it.

“I know I should have stopped him, but I didn’t. I have to admit it felt so good and I didn’t want it to stop, even though it was wrong.” Her hands resumed roaming. Stroking between her thighs and back around to her ass. Gliding across her tight belly and up to her heavy breasts.

“Then he kissed me,” she admitted, with just the right note of guilt. “And it was unlike any kiss I’d ever had before.” The guilt was shifting to excitement. “His lips…his lips were so full, so large and soft. It was like kissing a woman, except for the strength, the power; this was definitely the kiss of a man.” She paused. “A black man,” she finally said.

“I’ve danced with black men before, of course, but I’d never done anything more than that. And suddenly I found myself letting a black stranger put his hands all over my body and kiss me deeply.” She lifted her breasts up in her hands and lashed out at the nipples with her tongue.

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