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As Kit and Sofia stood waiting for the valet to bring his Camaro, Kit thought that Sofia seemed unusually nervous and quiet. He could not imagine why she would feel unsettled. He thought the day had gone great. Great golf, great food, a détente with Mr. Ross, and the possibility of great sex—it seemed that day had gone well. When the valet delivered the car, Kit handed Sofia into the convertible. He walked around to the driver’s side and headed down the drive toward the seawall.

“Do you have a small pair of scissors, Sofia? I need to do a little shopping before we get to the hotel, but I thought you might have scissors.”

“I do have some small sewing scissors which are very sharp. But what do you need to shop for?”

“Barbering supplies, Sofia. Remember we have some special work to get you ready for your bikinis. I am so looking forward to our walk on the beach in the moonlight. Too cool! I saw a Walgreens on the way here. I’ll stop there.”

“Kit, I don’t know about this. I know what we said, but I am…” Sofia halted and looked at Kit with pleading brown eyes.

“You are what, Sofia? Are you going to start backing out? You faced down Primo and his blonde bomb. You were the most beautiful woman in the club tonight. You are the best golfer in the tournament. And in a couple of hours, you are going to make every man on the beach envious of me. So that is what I think you are; what were you going to say…?”

As Kit pulled into the Walgreen’s parking lot, Sofia let out a long sigh. He pulled into a parking slot and turned to look at her. She raised her chin and looked at the tall young man, “I was going to say that I am…so glad that you are here with me and that you are my friend and that for the first time in my life, I have the courage to not care what people are saying. Let’s go inside.” Sofia opened her own door and stepped out while exposing a great deal of toned brown thighs. Kit climbed out of the car and moved around it, holding out a hand to Sofia. They entered the store as the most overdressed and happiest pair in Walgreens.


It was a quiet drive to the Galvez. Sofia sat looking at Kit, and he drove with a happy smile and his right hand resting on the stick shift. Half way to the hotel, Kit reached across the console to brush Sofia’s skirt up and rest his hand on her upper thigh. Butterflies exploded in Sofia’s stomach and she felt the heat and pressure of her arousal between her legs. He glanced at her.

“Claiming what is yours?” she asked. When Kit just smiled, she placed her hand over his and moved it higher against the silk panties. Kit only smiled more widely and drove into the hotel entrance.

Leaving the Camaro beneath the entryway, Sofia reassumed her decisive manner and walked to the entry desk, announcing who she was and that she would like the keys to her suite and for her car to be taken care of. The night manager exploded from her office to facilitate Mrs. Arredondo/Seguin’s every wish. Kit stood quietly as Sofia was fawned over and led to the private elevator to the top floor. When he and Sofia were alone in the elevator, he said; “Wow! That was impressive. You are impressive. I don’t know whether to high five you or fall on my knees in supplication.”

“Use your imagination, big boy. You seem to have a lot of it.”

“Right now, most of it is playing with the idea of getting you out of that red dress, Sofia.”

Sofia felt a brief moment of disappointment. Like all men, Kit seemed to feel the first order business in any hotel visit was sex. Sofia’s arousal had grown stronger as they shopped and rode in the car. The interval with the hotel desk had cooled her somewhat, but Kit had been so perfect all day, she would not refuse him whatever he wished. She turned to him and hugged him hard as the elevator door opened to reveal Juan Seguin and tall, angular middle-aged women.

“Sofia, Kit,” Juan smirked, “I approve of your teamwork, but I believe you will be more comfortable in your suite. Margot and I are going down to check tomorrow night’s arrangements with the caterer. Thomas is in the suite with us, but since he has left for the dance clubs, I do not expect to see him until tomorrow morning. Kit, this is my office manager and right arm, Margot Armes. If you need something when Sofia or I are busy, check with her. She can do anything. And now I am sure you do not mind if we bid you adieu.”

Juan and Margot stepped briskly into the elevator and the doors closed leaving Kit and Sofia alone in the short hallway. “This way,” Sofia said as she lead Kit around a corner to a door which open into a large sitting room with sliding glass doors opening onto a small patio overlooking the beach and the gulf. The patio stretched in both directions and Kit wandered in the salt air to find more doors opening into two bedrooms on either side of the main room. He turned to find Sofia quietly watching his delight.

“It is marvelous, Sofia. The view–everything. Thank you for altyazılı porno inviting me.”

In an instant, Sofia’s sexual energy peaked again. She walked to him on the open patio and reached an arm around his waist. “I am glad you like it. There are two bedrooms with their own baths. You can have either one that you like, but they are identical except for location.”

“Which one is your favorite, Sofia?”

“The one on the left is on the southeast corner of the hotel, so you get a view both south into the gulf and east into town.”

“OK, so you sleep there, and I choose the same one…if that is good with you.”

“Yes, Kit, it is more than good with me, but your clothes are probably hanging in the other bedroom.”

“How? I hadn’t thought about clothes…except yours vanishing, of course.”

“I assume Joe and Hortensia put them in different rooms when they checked in for us.”

Kit quickly went into the right hand bedroom and checked the closet and bathroom. He came back to Sofia and said, “If they are not in your corner room, I have been robbed.”

Together, they went into Sofia’s room to find Kit’s clothes and accessories neatly arranged alongside Sofia’s. “I told you there were no secrets in a house full of women,” she told Kit.

“Fine with me,” said Kit as he reached to pull Sofia to him. He leaned down to brush a kiss across her lips. He waggled his eyebrows in his Grouch Marx imitation, “but now down to business.” Kit reached behind Sofia to slide her zipper from her neck to her waist. When he pulled it from her shoulders, Sofia let the dress drop to her feet. Sofia stood in crimson silk bikini panties, a soft silk matching bra, and a jewelry set of ruby pendant, earrings, and dinner ring worth more than Kit’s Camaro. Kit stepped back in admiration, “Damn, Sofia, you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen.”

Sofia warmed beneath Kit’s admiration. The bulge in his slacks was evidence that he was sincere in his appreciation. She felt her nipples begin to harden as he stared at her and the heat between her legs began to produce the moisture to darken the red panties. “I think you may be overdressed, Kit.”

Kit immediately jumped from immobility to action. The blazer was off and flung toward a chair while he was toeing off his shoes. He quickly bent to pull off his socks and as they flew, he caught the bottom of his polo shirt and ripped it over his head. As he unbuckled his belt, and dropped his slacks, he saw Sofia turn and step out of her dress and shoes. She crawled up on the king bed and grinned at him as he stood in his boxers. Reaching behind her, Sofia unhooked her bra and pitched it to the side; she rolled onto her back and raised her ass to slide her panties off and down to her feet. As she tossed them aside, she said, “Are your coming, slowpoke?”

“Almost… I am almost coming without even touching you. But no, not yet. Sofia, go get your little scissors while I get a towel. We have some barbering to do.”

“No, Kit, not now. I am ready, and I can see that inside those boxers, you are ready, too.”

“Sofia, you said you wanted to make a new start, so let’s do something completely different from your past. Obviously, Primo was a wham, bam, thank-you, mam, kind of guy. So let’s build up the anticipation and take it slow. I can handle this if you can. Go get your scissors and we will start trimming this bush.”

Kit put one knee up on the bed and kissed Sofia gently. His lips moved down her neck and onto to chest where he nursed and suckled and gently bit while his hand grasped a handful of her thick black pubic hair and gently tugged at her bush. Sofia wrapped her arms around Kit’s head and pulled him into her breasts.

“Now, Kit, I need you now.”

Kit stood up. “You’re mine tonight, Sofia. You will wait and it will be worth the wait. Now get that cute butt up and get your scissors while I get a towel.”

Sofia’s natural and learned submissiveness took over and she rolled over to do as Kit said. But her libido continued as a high pace. She went into the bath to search her makeup kit for the scissors. Kit followed her cute butt into the bath. He adjusted the temperature of the tub and began filling it. He picked up a towel and plucked the courtesy robe from its hook. “Put this on, Sofia.”

Holding the scissors as if she might use them on Kit, Sofia retorted hotly, “I am not cold. Are you already tired of looking at the old woman? I don’t…”

“Correct! You don’t know. You have never done this and I have. The robe and towel are to catch the fuzz I am about to shear from your lady parts. Do you want to leave them all over the bed and bedroom floor for the maid and Hortensia to find tomorrow? And no, I am not tired of looking at you. You are luscious– I may make a rule that you don’t get to wear any clothes at all when we are in the suite. So put away your bad temper and put this on.” Kit helped her into the robe and led her back into the bedroom. He türkçe altyazılı porno spread the towel on the edge of the bed and positioned Sofia’s butt at the top of the towel. “There, whatever the robe doesn’t catch, the towel will.” Kit pushed Sofia onto her back and pulled a chair to the bed. Spreading the robe on both sides, he began by grasping a handful of pubes and snipping close to Sofia’s skin.

Sofia’s bush was thick from the crease between her thigh and belly. She felt the coolness of the air when it reached her skin without the insulating barrier of hair. As Kit moved toward her center, her labia were lifted and rubbed. The sensation made her moisture flow and the smell of an aroused woman began to fill the room. As Kit snipped down the right edge of her slit, the pressure made her moan and the insides of her thighs began to quiver with desire.

“That’s half done, are you OK, Sofia?” Kit asked.

“I will never be OK again, Kit. I have a crazy golf partner landscaping my lady parts and I am panting with lust to the point that he must think I am the worst old slut in South Texas. OOOHHH!”

“What you are going to be in about an hour is the sexiest woman on the beach in her new black bikini without a trace of hair courtesy of yours truly.”

“Finish me up then, maestro. Do you think I should tell Andre that you are a hair stylist too?”

“That is up to you, Sofia, but he will probably want to check out the work of his competition.”

Kit quickly snipped across Sofia’s lower belly. When he began working above her slit, his hands rested on her clit and she began the shivering trembling motions of a pre-climax.

“Oh, no,” Kit said, “you have to wait.” He stilled her shaking thighs and leaned in to nip the top of her thigh. Sofia yelped at the sharp pain, but Kit held her down. “Now,” he said, “think about how mean I am while I finish.”

He returned to the area above her clit with the scissors briefly, but began brushing loose hairs onto the towel. “There, Sofia, go soak in the tub for about ten minutes and then we can finish.”

Sofia sat up and looked at herself. “A heart. Kit, you left me a heart above my slit. It’s perfect! A new beginning, a new man, and a heart I can freely give.” She sat up and kissed the beaming Kit then, holding the robe open to look at herself, walked carefully into the bathroom.

While Sofia soaked, Kit picked up the clothes scattered in the room. His own clothes he hung in the closet and changed his boxers for the new board suit Sofia had bought him in San Antonio. Sofia’s dress he folded and placed on the dresser. He left her bra and panties next to the dress after sniffing Sofia’s arousal in the damp, red panties. His own arousal began to rise as he found a tee-shirt and sandals to wear to the beach. Leaving them in the living area, he prowled through the small wet bar. Ice, soft drinks, and beer were stocked in the under-counter refrigerator. He noticed the beer was a six-pack of Shiner and a six-pack of Tecate. It appeared the most efficient Sofia had ordered Jose to fill their preferences. Another six-pack of Dr. Peppers beside one of Diet Coke showed how much attention Sofia paid to his preferences.

Kit headed to the bath to retrieve his hirsute canvas. The sight of Sofia’s caramel skin lolling in the tub was arresting. Her hair was pinned on her head, leaving a surprisingly long and delicate neck showing against the back of the tub. Her breasts bobbled gentle as her hands stroked her stomach and reached up to stroke and pinch her hard nipples. Her small waist flared into substantial hips as she rocked her pelvis up and down. As she reached downward, Kit interrupted her reverie.

“That’s enough of that. No playing with yourself; that is my job. Out of the tub so we can finish up here and head for the beach.”

Sofia blushed because she had just decided that Kit was taking so long that a bit of self-pleasure might be in order. “Don’t you want to get in here with me, Kit?” she purred.

“Of course I do, and I will sometime this weekend, Sofia, but right now we have hair to shave and people to show how good you look in that bikini.” Kit held a towel and helped dry Sofia as she stood in the emptying tub.

“Spoilsport, give me the towel. You keep drying the same spots over and over. My back and legs will never get dry, but my butt and boobs will be a desert.”

Kit handed over the towel and began running hot water in the sink. He soaked a pair of wash cloths in the warm water and turned to Sofia. “Your barber awaits, madam.”

He handed her into the fresh robe and went back into the bedroom with three fresh towels. One he laid on the edge of the bed over the hair covered towel that was there. When Sofia walked in, he smiled at her dubious look and motioned to the bed. “Assume the position, my dear,” he leered in his best Basil Rathbone imitation.

“Idiot boy,” Sofia mumbled though she could not help a smile at the joy she felt. hd altyazılı porno

“I don’t think I would make the insults at the man who will soon have a razor on your delicate parts,” he continued in his best villainous manner.

“Do your worst, you beast.” Sofia dramatically fell on the bed as she flung the robe to the sides. “I will never tell you what you want to know. I can withstand your torture.”

“You will tell me. No woman alive can deny Captain Morgan, the pirate.” Kit easily segued into an Iris pirate’s brogue. He laid one of the warm wash clothes over the right side of Sofia’s crotch, keeping the area moist while he spread shaving cream on her left side. He gently rubbed the cream over her stubble and catching her left ankle raised her foot to rest on his knee and spread the cream down to her brown star. The shaving went quickly as Kit pulled the skin upward with his left hand. The new sharp razor moved lightly over the left side of Sofia’s pussy and she began to feel the beginning of the surge of her climax. The smell of her arousal filled the room and moisture began seeing from her slit.

“Not yet, Sofia, not yet. You have to be still now. Kit placed his left hand under Sofia’s right knee and opened her widely to make the final stroked down her crease and across her buttocks. He took the wash cloth from her right side and used it to clean the remaining shaving cream from Sofia’s skin.

Sofia felt a momentary shock as the cool air of the room struck her bare skin. Kit covered her with the other wash cloth and pitched the soapy cloth through the bathroom door.

When Kit began spreading the shaving cream over her right side, Sofia forgot anything but the sensuous stroking. As Kit rubbed the smooth cream over her shortened pubes, her hips began moving to search out more pressure from Kit’s fingers. The quivering of her inner thighs told Kit that she was almost to her peak. He bent over and bit her thigh again.

As Sofia shrieked and jumped, Kit said,” I told you not yet, my lovely.” The Irish pirate was back. “Are you willing to tell me what I want to know now?”

“Never, if you keep biting me.” Sofia retorted as she broke into chuckles. “I think I am in the hands of a crazy man.”

“Not the hand, my dear, you are in the clutches of a crazy man and you are going to love it. I did get your mind off sex for a minute, didn’t I?” The razor quickly did its work and Sofia, gaining confidence that Kit actually knew what he was doing relaxed and again began to build heat. As he raised her right leg and shaved her bottom, Sofia could deny him nothing.

As Kit wiped the clean cloth over Sofia’s smoothly shaved cunt, she asked, “Now, Kit, are you through now?”

“Nearly, just a few hairs along your lips, sweet thing. Kind of like a double thin mustache.” Kit squirted a small dab of shaving cream and using two fingers spread it over the edges of Sofia’s slit. Pinching the left labia to pull it taut, Kit gently stroked the few remaining hairs from that side. The pinching and pulling made Sofia’s sex flood and a darker red color spread over her belly and chest. Kit quickly caught the other side and finished. He refolded to wash cloth and firmly cleaned Sofia from heart shaped fuzz to asshole.

“Now, Sofia, now I want you to come for me.” Kit blew soft across Sofia’s steaming twat; the cool air made her gasp. Kit moved two fingers of his left hand over her heart and down to either side of her clit. As he began rubbing circles over her love button, he slid his index finger of his right hand into her drooling snatch. Crooking it upward to the little roughened spot behind her pubis, he began stroking in a come-to-me fashion. His little finger of his right hand grazed across her ass until he felt her climax began. When he inserted his little finger two joints deep in Sofia’s ass, she exploded.

“EEEEE, EEEEE,” Sofia cried as her ass pumped up and down. Kit used the finger of his left hand to open her clitoral hood and bent to suck and lick vigorously. Sofia clamped her thighs around Kit’s head and grabbed his hair with both hands pulling him harder into her. “EEEEE, EEEEE,” she keened.

When her climax slowed, she pushed Kit’s head away from her. “No more, I can’t stand any more. Not now.”

In the Irish brogue, Kit asked, “Are you ready to tell Captain Morgan what he wants to hear now?”

“Yes, I surrender, Captain, what do you want to hear?

Kit’s normal voice returned as he rose up over the sated woman. “Are we having fun yet, Sofia?”

“Yes, oh my God, yes, Kit.”

“Good, that’s what I wanted to hear. Now get your lazy ass up and in that black bikini. We need to hit the beach.”

Sofia rolled onto her side. “But you haven’t had anything, yet. Don’t you want to lose those swim trunks and climb in here with me?” Sofia propped her upper left foot on her knee, opening her newly shorn bottom to Kit’s view. She lifted her heavy breast to her mouth and licked the engorged nipple. “I’ve got something for you that I think you will like.”

Kit leaned over the bed and caught Sofia’s knee with his left hand. He pulled her over onto her stomach and began swatting the luscious brown buns with his right hand. Whap!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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