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Kissing your shoulder, I feel the heat of your flesh pressed along my body, spooned tight. Grinding into your ass the blood rapidly fills my penis.

I love the feel of your skin, its warmth, so soft and smooth. Softly tracing my hand down your arm, I curve over grazing a boob.

You shove back, wiggling against me. I moan softly into your hair as I nuzzle the back of your neck. Kissing you, my hand cups the fullness of your breast. The flesh yielding under my fingers, your nipples hardening fast, I roll one between my finger and thumb. Lightly pulling on it, my whole hand covering your breast.

“Ummm” you mutter, my fully hard member probing, poking between your legs. Shifting, you curl your ass back, wedging my cock between your cheeks. Arching down I dip and slide, feeling it shove along your mound, Not going inside, but sliding along your crease, already wet from your juices – oh wow you’re so wet. Stroking through a few times I feel the heat from your vagina and angling up, find your opening. With a gentle shove, I enter you.

Gliding in you feel me fill you, moaning with me, I’m momentarily lost in the first exquisite sensation of your vagina closing around my cock.

Moaning wonderfully I push deep. Going further, deeper, continuing till I’m pressed up tight to your back, my whole cock buried in your pussy from behind. Our body’s spooned tight again, flesh to flesh. One being. Our heat building, you moan pleasantly and start rocking, shifting, feeling me move inside your hot, wet, love tunnel.

“Well good morning you beautiful man,” you say, wiggling your hips feeling me inside.

“Ummm… oh-oh,” I groan, gripping your breast, thrusting harder, my hips drawing me out, almost all the way, and thrusting up into you again.

You pull your legs up, halfway into a curl, and I swing in along the curve of your ass. Really driving up and into your sweet center. Fully awake now I fuck in harder, our passions roused. Feeling my cock penetrate your folds, so wet, so hot, you’re panting deeply with each thrust. Pushing back to me, a hand stretched out in front of you. Your fingers digging into the sheets, squeezing and clenching, as your feelings build with excitement.

Dropping a hand around your tummy, I pull back with each stroke. Feeling your muscles flex and move each time my cock enters. Shifting lower, I find the mound of flesh above your pussy, playing with your pubic hair, my fingers dip teasing your clit. Just the barest of touches, sending shivers throughout your body. You cry out, gasping, grunting, feeling, totally, alive.

Dropping two fingers, I stroke along your clit in time with my cock. You pant and moan, grabbing your tits, pulling hard, squeezing, your vagina already vibrating the orgasm is so close.

Locking up you shove back, sucking in a big breath and holding it, your whole body tensed hard, its right there!

I slam in again, hard, the impact jarring your flesh. My cock pounding into you, invading you, thrusting in over and over, it’s so amazing. Yelling out you erupt, shaking as the orgasm rips out. Your pussy spasming and clenching, grabbing my cock, trying to hold it deep.

A long heavy moan escaping your mouth, your body gives another jerk, twitching, as I slow down the strokes, shoving in once more and then just holding inside.

Bringing my hand back around your stomach I hold you tight to me, spooned together. Our breath fast, we rock and squeeze and wait. I feel the occasional clenching of your pussy around my cock. Not moving, I’m waiting for your breathing to come down, your heartbeat pounding into my skin.

“HOLY!… ah”, you try, pant gasp moan, “that was insane, wait! – don’t pull out just yet. I love the feeling of you inside me.”

“I’m not going anywhere” I whisper softly, feeling your tight walls holding me deep, “I’m in no rush to continue. I’m happy to feel your body, happy to have my cock in you.” I pull you tight, flexing, feeling it move, triggering a reflex squeeze from your pussy.

“Ummmmn, soooooo nice” I mutter into your skin. Kissing your shoulder.

Kissing your shoulder l ease out slowly, your hot pussy feeling wonderful along my length.

“Unnnn-mmmmphhh” you purr contently as my cock slides free. Uşak Escort Rolling onto your back you pull me on top of you.

I’m lost in the beauty of your eyes, the glow of your orgasm alive in your pupils. Bending down our mouths meet. Touching, caressing, opening to one another. Tongues probing in, sliding past and then back around in a special dance. I rub the tip of my tongue up under your lip, along your teeth, then back in deeper. You shove into my mouth, harder, our breath coming faster. I suck on it, drawing it in. Laughing you pull back, kissing into my neck.

Using your hands you pull me up along your body, kissing my stomach. Hands on my ass you keep shoving me up till I’m straddling your chest.

Cock rock hard, pointing up. Reaching around you take a hold of it, stroking me a few times causing me to jerk involuntarily, gasping. I’m so hard and aroused. Bending forward you place your mouth on just the head. I watch in amazement as your lips part slowly, letting the tip slide in, and tasting yourself on my flesh.

Holding there, your tongue swirling around my cock-head, I’m moaning loudly, grunting. Leaning up on my knees I slide more of me into your mouth. Hip-fucking your face, breathing hard and raw, I shake a little. Your mouths so hot on my flesh. Sucking deep you take even more of me in, lips wide, as you go as far down the shaft as you can, holding me in. Then back, up and down the shaft again and again, sucking me off, licking, stroking, my, cocks on tire.

Pushing down, you slot my prick between your breasts. Holding them together they wrap around the shaft. Slick with your saliva I stroke into

your tits, thrusting deep In your mounds, the head poking through the top every now and then, Picking up speed l begin really tit-fucking you, unable to contain myself I’m pounding hard. My cock engorged and swollen, so ready.

Your fingers press your tits tight around my hard shaft. I keep grinding up and between, the head huge, raw and purple. As I push through at the top, your mouth opens and you suck me in. The combined feelings amazing. My hands grip your shoulders, holding myself up as I really thrust between your breasts. Leaning on you, bending over, and hips jacking in faster. I’m starting to moan continuously, past any control, lost to the feeling of your flesh.

“That’s it baby” you say, “cum for me baby, do it”. I cry out. The cum rips from my sack and races up my cock, firing out – a spray of cum squirting up between your breasts like a hot stream, you feel me throb and shake.

Shoving hard you take me back into your mouth as my load squirts out, feeling it along your tongue warm and salty you suck harder, clamping

your lips tight, sucking, swallowing It, I keep throbbing and gasping, as you suck and stroke my cock, working everything up, licking over the top,

I thrash, jerk, shake, and moan.

Falling forward I shuffle down, finding your mouth we kiss hard. Full passionate heavy kissing, the gentle built up gone, were into abandon.

Taking one another, surrendering our body’s to each other. Mouths hot, we kiss, body’s slick with sweat and cum we grind and rub together.

Holding your head my fingers caress under your hair, stroking your scalp, under, along the back of your neck. I kiss over, up under an ear as you squirm and moan. Panting, bucking, your body fully aroused, wanting more. Licking down I kiss your collar bone, gliding along the side, coming up, licking, mouthing, nuzzling your skin. Kissing you everywhere. Moving out. Kissing your shoulder.

Kissing your shoulder I push you back into the bed. Gliding down your body I find your belly button, biting a mouthful of flesh, sucking, licking, burying my face in your pubes. Nuzzling, sucking, inhaling deeply of your hot musky aroma. Moaning in lust I grind lower, dropping down between your legs, licking along the outer folds of your pussy. Curving around your mound, not touching it yet. Licking back up, sucking in your pubic hair, grinding my teeth against your skin.

Opening my mouth I take your whole clit in, sucking it hard, tongue flicking the tip as you buck and jerk on the bed. Licking down I follow your crease, digging In between the folds, finding your opening. Uşak Escort Bayan Soaking wet l lick up your juices. Shoving inside I ram my tongue as far up as it will go. Face pressed tight to your groin. Tonguing your vagina, over and over, you start moaning louder, head rolling from side to side. Hips rising and lowering.

Back up to your clit, my fingers stroke along your lips, in and out the folds, one holds on the center, pushing in. I keep going, further, to the knuckle, further, all the way to the end. Back out, then two in, fingering you while I keep licking around your clit. Faster, harder.

Pulling out I lick down your slot, you’re so wet, so hot. Finding your opening, I tongue it, sucking a whole lip into my mouth. I love the feel of your flesh. You’re rolling your hips, bucking into my face. Finding every tiny bump and fold, my tongue exploring, caressing, licking, I can’t stop. I love the flavor of you. Licking up the center, big swipes of my tongue, you gasp, giving a sharp cry, body vibrating, I move around your clit.

My fingers slide back inside, shoving in, curling up I stroke under your belly. Over the tiny area of your g-spot. Feeling it harden up I stroke it faster, keeping the pressure on. My other hand slides up your tummy, fingers wide I hold there, feeling your stomach rising and bucking with your breathing. Sharp gasps and grunts, your body’s jerking.

Speeding up, my fingers work you over, fast and relentless, constant. The pressure mounting. I take your clit back into my mouth, sucking softly, holding the whole area in my mouth but not touching the actual clit. Grazing it, teasing, it, the softest of contact.

You freak out. Start hollering, thrashing, and grinding your hips into me. Pressing down lightly on your stomach my fingers inside flick frantically, over and over, harder, endless.

Suddenly you tense up. Every muscle locking hard, rising up off the bed a few inches and then you scream out. A primal erotic guttural roar and erupt in orgasm, a full bodied climax. Vagina spasming you shoot a solid stream of fluid. Blasting against me, spraying up and around, I drop my mouth over your hole as the second wave sprays out. A river of hot woman juice blasting into my mouth, filling me instantly. Opening my throat I swallow it all, drinking deeply from the nectar of life.

Shaking uncontrollably you jet a third stream into me, a long hot blast of cum, sweet tasting and incredible. Digging my fingers back in I work another small squirt out, as your body drops back, muscle shaking from the tension, your body quakes and jerks with all the pleasure racing through it,

Licking up I graze your clit again, causing a sudden spasm to rock you, and then move up. Kissing into your belly, it’s still quivering, shaking, I lick up your sweat. Moving over to a hip, Nuzzling further I find a breast, sucking a nipple, you give a loving moan, a softer grunt, as I find the other one. The juices from your pussy rubbing off my face, smearing into your skin.

Following the cleavage I lick up your neck, then over and down. Kissing your shoulder.

Kissing your shoulder l move in, finding your ear, nibbling the lobe, kissing softly. Then your mouth. Consuming, passionate, hard – we kiss.

Desperate, frantic and crazed with arousal, our mouths eat one another. My cock’s hard from tasting your pussy as I line up with your crotch.

Groaning into my mouth you lift your legs, high and wide. Arching up, I feel the head slot in your opening. You`re soaking wet pussy takes me completely in, Gasping I hold on for a second. Gathering my resolve I start thrusting in. No build up, straight thrusting. Hard and fast. My cock pounding into your cunt. Each stroke filling your inner passage to the max, grunting with each impact.

Taking one leg I roll you, pushing till you’re halfway to your stomach, one leg under me, the other pulled up towards your stomach. Kneeling

over your lower leg, I lean in, my cock jammed up your hole the deepest it’s ever been, so big, so full, you gasp, taking me completely inside.

Your hands reach out gripping the sheets, mouth gasping with each pounding thrust, drawing to the tip and filling your pussy – over and over, Escort Uşak deeper and harder. Intense penetration, so big, so deep, you’re delirious with feelings.

Crying out with the intensity you shake and moan, body a slave to your pleasure. I buck and jerk, my cock huge, lunging into you, slamming in with everything, crashing into your body. Gripping your cheeks I dig my thumb against your ass, reaching to the table and squirting some lube over everything, then swirling, pushing, drawing some juice up to coat the edges.

You start giving high pitched squeaks with each push, as I’m thrusting in I push my thumb and it pops in, wiggling it, feeling it deep inside I keep slamming my cock into your body. Working my thumb in your ass, opening you up, going deeper inside. Over and over. Building up, faster, and louder, panting, gasping, thrusting, shoving.

Suddenly you cry out loud. Spasming as your pussy explodes. The waves of your climax radiating out from your pussy to burst out of your body.

Huge shaking spasms, twitching your entire soul, you keep yelling. l don’t slow down. I keep slamming into your hot wonderful pussy. Shaking uncontrollably you cry and scream, spasming and clenching, you flow into another orgasm, chaining them together, screaming, and finally breaking us apart.

Pushing me onto my back, you kneel over me. Rubbing your pussy on my stomach, panting, gasping – so aroused you’re possessed by pleasure. Grinding lower, sliding down you slip my cock back in. One grind and I’m buried.

You’re crazed, your body still quivering. Feeling me hot and hard inside. Lifting to the tip you draw me along your crack till we feel it push on your anus. Slowly, oh so slowly, we feel the head squeezing inside your tight ass. The tiny sharp spike as your ring finally closes over the bulbous head. You drop down a bit more, one long moan escaping from both of us. Rocking, shifting, pausing, you ease yourself down my length agonizingly slow, bit by bit, we’re both vibrating from want and need. Till your right on the base, grinding your body into my groin, grinning down at me. My whole cock completely inside your ass.

“Oh fuck wow, you feel so good,” I say, my hands caressing your skin, stroking up to your breasts, around your back, lining my hips I feel myself flex and shift inside bringing another sensuous moan from your lips.

“Oh yes baby, my cock feel so wonderful inside you,” I moan, “I want to cum in you so badly.”

Enough times passed that you’ve adjusted to my size, and sitting up you begin to ride me Cowgirl. Gripping my sides, my cock being buried every thrust, its constant, it’s crazy, you keep speeding up, getting faster. it’s relentless, I already feel the pressure in my balls. The feeling of your ass along my shaft is irresistible. So tight, so hot. Your muscles griping and massaging my cock with every thrust. I’m already clenching, shaking. You’re possessed. Focused on the feelings inside,as you work my rod. Taking me in with each thrust, hungry for my seed.

I love watching your face, your eyes – you’re so horny, you feel so amazing. I want to cum, I dream of filling you, my cock’s burning with need.

You run a hand into your crotch. The other holding yourself up on my chest. Frigging your clit you’re bringing yourself off, reaching orgasm again, bucking, shouting, cumming hard, and your ass gripping my cock as you cum. A hot gush of juice flooding your groin, it’s so amazing.

It sends me off the edge, the pressure mounts, I feel it start. The sperm rising along my shaft, thrusting up I scream, my cum ripping out of my body it shoots deep into you. Every spasm of my cock muscles blasting hot seed inside your ass,

Reaching up I grab your waist, holding myself deep. You cry out as yet another orgasm hits you, your muscles squeezing and clenching around my cock. The sperm keeps shooting, filling you, load after load. You keep me deep, grinding your groin, waiting for my cock to stop twitching, holding onto your own climax, extending it, shaking with me. Finally my muscles go slack, a long, long breath escaping my throat, you fall forward, resting your head in my neck.

Kissing my skin, we roll halfway, lying on our sides, caressing, kissing, touching one anthers bodies. Leaning in I kiss you again, mouth soft, inviting. Taking my tongue and welcoming it. Running my fingers back into your hair l kiss the side of your cheek, your jaw line.

Dropping lower I follow your skin to the edge, kissing your shoulder.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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