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We walk into the bedroom after returning to her apartment. Well, I walked. She crawled in front of me, her ass held high. In this position, her cheeks naturally spread just enough so I could glimpse her perfectly round, brown asshole. I could not wait to kneel down and spread her ass all the way. My tongue was begging to taste her delicious chocolate hole. But it would have to wait, I needed to maintain control.

We entered the bedroom and I ordered her to stop. The bedroom was relatively bare, a queen sized bed, a dresser, and a wooden chair that I had placed in the middle of the room. I squatted down and placed one hand on top of her left ass cheek, running my other hand up her thigh before sliding two fingers into her warm pussy. She gave a slight moan of surprise.

“You’re wet.” With a stern face I pulled my fingers out and brought them to her mouth. “Get down.” She sucked her juices off my fingers as her ass slowly dropped onto the floor. I stood up in front of her and tilted her head back. Her dark brown eyes stared up at me with curious excitement. Her lips were curled into the slightest of smiles as she knew it would soon be time to service her master. I squatted down again and placed my hands around her face before leaning in and kissing her deeply on the lips. It was not often that I gave her such affection, but I had to admit I was moved by the beautiful Asian woman kneeling before me. Her body melted as we kissed, she was not used to this type of warmth at this point in the night. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Are you ready to serve your master?”

“Yes master, I will do anything for you.”

“You’ve been a good slave for me, haven’t you?”

“If you say so master. I just want to serve you and make you happy.”

I stood up and walked over to the chair. It was sturdy, with arm rests that grew out the back and arched down to the seat, and was shaped in a way that the body sank in comfortably while maintaining an ergonomic spine. I slowly undressed, facing away from Kim and tossing my clothes to the side. I turned around and sat in the chair before motioning her to come towards me. “Crawl,” I ordered. She made her way towards me, her leash dragging behind her. Faint traces of muscle tensed across her shoulders and arms, she was getting fit with all her pilates and spin classes.

She knelt before me and looked up with wide eyes, her straight dark brown hair draped over her shoulders. “Start at the feet and work your way up.” She flashed a seductive smile before bending forward and kissing my left foot, right at the tip of the toes. I lifted up my foot and she began kissing and licking the bottom of my feet, working her way from my toes down to the heel and back. I relished in the electric tingles that raced up my spine with each flick of the tongue, but did my best to maintain my composure. I twisted my foot and she started working on the top side, kissing and licking her way up to my ankle. I tapped her twice on the head and she stopped. I placed my foot down and brought up the right one, and she immediately began working with her lips and tongue. “Mmm” I let out a small moan of encouragement.

She started making her way up my ankle, kissing and licking, and I tapped her head again. “Rub my shoulders.” She looked up with a smile, nodded, and crawled around to the back of the chair. I felt her small hands start working my traps, kneading the tight muscles. My body sunk into the chair as she leaned forward and kissed the top of my head while running her hands over my shoulders and down my arms. She took both my wrists and pulled my arms back in a nice stretch of my chest.

Click! Cold metal suddenly wrapped around my wrists. Somehow that sneaky bitch had cuffed me!! Shocked, all I could do was gasp. “What did you do?!” I struggled to regain my poise. I fought the instinct to lash out against the restraints. My slave was instigating a rebellion!

She slowly and seductively walked around to face me. She giggled and I saw the mischievous smile on her face. Her hands held two coils of black silky rope. Where she had been hiding them I had no idea. Kim was a clever girl, she planned out this insurrection well.

“Well, well, well master. I hope you’re ready for a change of plans tonight.” She manipulated my right arm, loosely tying it to the arm rest. She then did the same to my left arm. I was still cuffed behind my back. She then grabbed all the loose ends of rope in her left hand, and with her right hand she undid the handcuffs. Immediately she pulled up with the ropes, snapping my forearms to the armrests. She quickly tied off the ends of the rope, locking my arms tight against the armrests of the chair.

“You will be punished for this.” It was all I could get out. I was in such shock by her behavior. She had never defied me like this before!

Kim came around to the front again. She pressed her breasts against my face before sliding down and staring me in the eyes. She squinted and had the same bursa escort bayan naughty grin on her face. Then she kissed me deeply. I tried to resist but eventually gave in. At this point, the best thing I could do is appease her. I noticed that despite her best efforts, my arms were still a little loose, and it was possible that I might be able to slip my right arm out of her restraints. But for now, I would play along.

Kim stood up and started humming to herself. She was thoroughly enjoying her new role in charge. She walked behind the chair again and whoa! I was suddenly moving backwards! Kim lowered the back of the chair to the ground, and I remained seated with my legs up in the air.

Kim stepped over my head and squatted down over my face. I saw her glistening tight pussy hover inches above my mouth as she slid her hand down and began slowly rubbing her clit. Her pussy was just out of reach of my tongue. I wanted to taste her juices as she became more and more aroused. I saw a bead of her wetness form and her pussy started to drip. I caught it on my tongue and savored its sweetness. I wanted more, but she was teasing me.

My cock was still rock hard, and she leaned forward a few inches to press her lips around the head. “Oooh” I moaned as she slowly took my thick dick deep into her warm wet mouth. She held my cock in her mouth, slowly rubbing it with her tongue as it sat near the back of her throat. She started making circles around her clit, faster and faster as she moaned louder. Her new position of power had turned her on like never before, and I could tell from her quivering legs that she was getting close to orgasm. Her dark brown asshole danced inches from my eyes and tightened as her arousal continued to climb. Kim’s soaking wet pussy floated over my face and teased me with occasional drips of her fresh juice landing on my tongue. She started to bob her head slightly on my cock which sat deep within her throat, her tongue working more and more furiously on my hard dick inside her mouth.

Suddenly, her whole body lurched as she brought herself to orgasm, and a thin stream of cum squirted out of her pussy directly into my mouth. Her body convulsed again and another stream of her cum poured out and into my mouth. I hungrily swallowed her sweet nectar. She had never squirted before! This was a first, and I could not believe my luck that it was directly into my face. Swallowing her squirt took my arousal to an all-time high, and I immediately began cumming directly into her mouth, catching her by surprise. But at this point, she was well versed in the art of swallowing, and slurped down the semen that came pouring out of my dick. She didn’t spill a drop.

“Good job master” she teased “you came just as I did. It was like we planned it.”

I didn’t respond.

“Aw poor baby. You’re mad that I’m in control now aren’t ya? Well I got a treat for you” she giggled and stood up, turned around and squatted back down. Now I could see her face peeking between her legs, her dark black her falling around her head and framing that devilish smile. Kim slipped her hand back down between her legs and spread her labia, opening up her soaking wet pussy that was again a maddening three inches above my gaping mouth. “I hope you’re thirsty baby.”

A tiny stream of hot yellow piss started dribbling out of her urethra. It splattered randomly around my open mouth before the stream strengthened and straightened into a strong flow. She started emptying her bladder directly into my open mouth. I instinctively began gulping down her hot piss. She was relatively dilute, more dilute than I usually am when I make her drink, but I could taste slight saltiness and faint urea. Her pee was delicious and I tried my best to not spill a drop. My cock was rock hard again, the head rubbing gently against her back, leaving thin lines of precum. She ignored it and focused on keeping good aim. The pale yellow current began to weaken before stopping. She pushed out the final few spurts of piss into my mouth which I swallowed.

Kim then finally lowered her pussy onto my saturated face and pressed her vulva against my lips and tongue. I held my tongue steady while she started grinding her clit against its wet textured surface. Her grinding slowed and I took over by licking and flicking her clit, occasionally diving my tongue deep into her pussy and licking the inner surfaces as much as I could. I went back to her clit and made small circles around and around her hard clit before making my way back to the back of her vagina, licking the space between her pussy and her asshole. The whole time she was moaning and waving her head back and forth with her eyes closed, thoroughly enjoying dominating her master’s tongue.

I finally made my way to her asshole and my tongue made several large circles around her tight brown hole. My tongue went around and around her asshole, sometimes slow and hard, sometimes light and quick. She moaned harder and grabbed my hair and stabilized görükle escort herself while starting to pull my face into her ass. I tightened my circles and increased the pressure of my tongue before sliding as deep inside her asshole as I could. I tongue-fucked her asshole as she started straining her ass down against my face, pulling my head as hard as she could, sealing my face tight against her ass. The muscles of her sphincter began to relax and my tongue buried deeper and deeper inside her butt. I wiggled my tongue while it remained entombed in her rectum and tightly wrapped by her squeezing anus. Her moans turned into screams of pleasure and she began furiously rubbing her clit. In and out of her asshole my tongue moved before I buried it again and began making circles while it was deep inside her ass. Her muscles relaxed more and she started gaping her asshole around my tongue, allowing it to reach further than it ever has. Suddenly her butthole snapped shut as she launched into a second orgasm, her body bucking on my face as my tongue slid in and out of her tight hole. After her climax she slumped forward and my exhausted tongue slid out of her asshole which gaped open again, allowing me to stare deep into her freshly tongue fucked ass.

Kim stood up and walked to get a towel. She came back and lovingly wiped down my face and chest, mopping up all of her piss and juices. She had a gentle smile and spent extra time massaging my shoulder and scalp through the towel. She then lowered herself to her side and then crawled up to my left chest, closing her eyes and resting her head against my pec.

It was then that I slid my arm out from under the ropes. I had been slowly working it loose.

She had no idea what was coming. I reached over and grabbed a fistful of her hair. “Ahhheeee!!” she shrieked in surprise. I twisted her head up and stared directly into her terrified eyes.

“So you thought we were done here?” I slid my other arm out and grabbed her face, squeezing her cheeks and causing her lips to pucker. She breathed rapidly as her eyes darted from the ropes, now dangling loosely from the armrests, to my arms which held her hair and face. I gave her my best stern look and said “You’ve had your fun, now it’s time to pay the price.”

I threw her onto her back and quickly rose to stand over her. She half sat up and trembled before me. Her eyes so wide and mouth open with fear. She started stuttering an apology, but I motioned her to be silent and her mouth snapped shut.

“First things first. You’re going to want my cock to be nice and slick. You’re going to want my dick so wet that your spit is dripping from my balls.” I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her face right up to my throbbing cock. She opened her mouth and I shoved my dick deep down her throat. No gentle play today. I started fucking her mouth hole like never before. Sliding my dick deep down her throat, I felt every bump and papilla on her tongue as it rubbed my cock inside her mouth. Slamming her face, my rod was soon glistening with thick globs of saliva. I forced my dick as deep into her throat as possible and held her head tight against my cock. Her body rocked with spasms as she chocked on my dick. I pulled out and gave her a slap. “You dirty fucking bitch. How DARE you treat your master that way!” I crammed my pole back down her throat and started pumping her face again. I could hear her spit sloshing around in her mouth and I again held her head tight with my dick crammed in as deep as it would go. I pulled out after a minute. Thick reams of saliva traveling from her mouth to the head of my cock. By now her eyes had tears running down her cheeks. But like a good slut, she did not complain. She knew she deserved this.

“Up!” I barked as I pulled her to standing by a fistful of hair. I spun her around and threw her against the bed, stomach down. “Spread your ass!”

She gingerly reached around and pulled her ass cheeks slightly apart. “Wider!” I commanded, and she pulled her ass open all the way, exposing her extra small brown hole as her body involuntarily squeezed it tightly closed. Hey pussy was dripping wet with beads of fresh secretions rolling down her inner thigh.

I spat on her asshole and rubbed it in with my soaking wet, hard cock. “I hope you’re happy with how much slobber you got on my dick, because that’s all the lube you’re getting.”

I pressed the head of my cock against her clenched asshole and her body instinctively jerked away. I grabbed her right shoulder and pressed her body down into the bed. Holding my dick with my left hand I slowly started working my pole against her brown hole. Her training kicked in and I felt her breathing slow and the tension in her body released. The months of anal work we had been doing was paying off and her ass relaxed, allowing my throbbing cock to slowly enter her butt.

I could feel the tight sphincter muscles relax and give way as my dick slid deep into her asshole. She bursa escort bayan whimpered and then moaned in pleasure. She knew anal was my favorite and her slave instincts to pleasure her master overwhelmed her. I pushed in as deep as I could, burying my cock to the hilt, watched as widened asshole engulfed my hard dick. I loved being in her ass, it was so tight and warm, her rectum perfectly wrapped around my cock giving pleasure over every surface. I then began to pull out, slowly and gently for now. But that was not to last long.

In and out I slowly rocked my cock. Pulling out until just the tip was still buried in her asshole, before sliding back in deep. Every movement caused her to moan in ecstasy. I tried my best to remain silent but it felt too good and occasionally I would let out deep sigh of pleasure. There was just enough spit to lube up her asshole, and the more I slid in and out, the more precum mixed with the juices from deep in her ass to provide more lubrication. She was going to need it.

I pushed in as deep as I could and used both hands to force her body down hard into the bed, taking complete control over her. She was thoroughly submitted to me now, my strength would overpower any resistance she could muster. And with that I started to fuck her ass hard.

I could feel her body tense as I started rapidly going in and out of her butt, slamming my cock deep inside, fucking her asshole raw. But there was nothing she could do, she had to take her punishment. Her moans were a mixture of pleasure with piercing shrieks of pain, but I continued harder and harder.

Fucking her shithole with my thick pulsating cock, I could feel inside her rectum the spit and assjuices sloshing around and mixing together, forming a brown frothy lube that coated my cock as I slammed her ass. I pulled out suddenly and spread her ass wide, gaping her raw asshole, the rim now pink and red and tinged with a thin layer of brown sludge from the assault of my cock. I slid back inside, deeper and harder, faster, pounding her shithole like I had never done before. The slightest stink of shit was drifting up and drove me wild, causing me to fuck even harder. I was gonna punish this bitch. I was gonna fuck the shit out of her asshole until it smeared all over her cheeks. I was gonna make sure she would have shit leaking out of her for the next week.

The pleasure rose quickly and I knew my climax was coming. But I was not about to waste this cum on her raw asshole. I pulled my cock out of her dirty shithole. It was covered in a faint layer of brown slime. A mixture of spit, precum, and her shit filled ass secretions. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her head around to face me. “Open” I commanded.

Staring at my slimy cock, a look of fear darted across her face, but she was obedient. She opened her mouth and I guided my dirty brown-smeared dick into her mouth. She gagged initially and tried to pull but, but I forced her head further down my cock. After her brief hesitation she started sucking my dick, rubbing her tongue all over my cock as it slid deeper down her throat, cleaning her greasy shit juice. “Do you like that flavor bitch? Do you like that shit flavor?”

“Mmmm-hmmm” she moaned back, her eyes closed. Her face was twisted up from the bitter taste flooding her tongue but I could tell that her slave instincts were overpowering her. She knew she was pleasing her master. She was thoroughly enjoying sucking her shit off my dick.

I pulled out and had her lick the shaft up and down, covering every square inch, making sure she cleaned off every surface. Then I slid back into her mouth. She had a outline of brown around her lips and smeared across her right cheek. The sight of her shit on her face drove me wild.

Slowly, I started fucking her mouth again, more gently and with greater care to feel every sweep of her tongue against my dick. The pleasure mounted as her face bobbed up and down. I let go of her head and she moaned louder as she sucked my cock. I saw her slide her hand down and start fingering her clit as she sucked my dick. Good, I want you to be turned on when you clean your ass off my cock. She took my dick deep down her throat and held it there herself, furiously rubbing her clit. Servicing her master with ass-to-mouth was driving her crazy with arousal, and her body started to tense up as she built towards a climax. Suddenly, she let out a muffled moan, her throat vibrating against my cock, and her body rocked with another powerful orgasm. That was enough to trigger one for me too, and I started blowing cum deep down her throat. She swallowed it down as waves of orgasm rolled through her body. When my balls had finally drained, I pulled my now clean dick out of her mouth, and she collapsed before me, her naked exhausted body still rippling with the remnants of her last cum.

I walked to the bathroom and returned with two hand towels, wet with warm water. I gently cradled her head and started wiping her face clean. We smiled and gazed into each other’s eyes. I then did the same for her ass, carefully and gently washing it clean as she relaxed against the bed. She had had her fun, and she had paid the price for it. I hope it was worth it for her, it had definitely been worth it for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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