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Ch. 09: Saturday afternoon at the gym

You’ll enjoy this more if you read chapters 1 through 8 of “Kim and Me” first.

Making Kim squirt had been quite an accomplishment. We lazed around for perhaps half an hour after our frenzied lovemaking session, talking and touching and kissing a lot. At one point, I glanced at the clock on the nightstand and said “It’s about 11:30. I have several ideas for the day I’d like to bounce off of you.”

Kim snuggled in and put her head on my chest and drew little circles and designs in my chest hair. “Fire away.”

“I think that the weather is too nice to stay indoors all day,” I said. “We should get out of the house, even if it’s only to go somewhere else.”

“I agree,” Kim said.

“Both you and I wanted to hit the gym for a while today. I think we’ve managed a fair amount of aerobic exercise at this point—” Kim smiled “—but a little weight training might be in order. And admittedly some biking,” I said.

“I like that idea. What else you got to offer?” Kim paused in her exploration of my chest hair and kissed my chest.

“You’d mentioned the possibility of sailing, but I think we should do that tomorrow if the weather holds so we can spend the day at it. By the time we got down to the docks and prepped for sailing, it’d be close to 3:00 and as someone who knows next to nothing about boats, I don’t want to risk being out in the dark.”

“Yes. But remind me later and I’ll phone Jim and see if we can get the boat tomorrow,” Kim said.

“Good. Okay, what else? We could hit the zoo. I like the zoo and that’s a good thing to do in this kind of weather.”

“Noted. We could do Frisbee golf at the park, too. That’s another thing that’s a good outdoor activity.”

“Excellent idea, Kim! We don’t need to go shopping for anything. I’m all stocked up for several possible dinners tonight and I can dazzle you with good cooking.”

“You have already dazzled me with good cooking. But I can be impressed further by cooking and pampering. I shall certainly endeavor to give you that impression whether I can or not.”

“As I’ve known for years, you are the very soul of grace and generosity,” I said.

“Theng kew,” Kim said.

“Finally, we might just do some basic sight-seeing, like go out to the locks and watch ships come in and out.”

“The locks are very pretty but I think I’d like to do something a little more interactive. How about…. ” Kim gently chewed on one of my fingers for a moment and thought. “How about we go work out right now and then that’ll leave us plenty of time to go to the zoo? Then we come back here and have dinner and see what else, uh, pops up.”

“All right, and now who’s got really lame scriptwriters?” I said.

“Oh, I dunno, it could be all about me. Just wait and see, mister; there’s no telling what might happen after dinner.”

“I was going to suggest that we curl up on the couch and watch a movie, but Saturday night is a big night for webcamming, as you might expect.” This elicited a sharp “Oh!” from Kim and I could feel a little shiver. “So don’t you be getting all snooty like you know what’s going to be happening, kiddo. We might even end up renting a room at the hot tub place.”

“I’d love slithering around in the water with you,” Kim said.

“They’re open until 2am on weekends, so we may be able to do that even very late. Or tomorrow, perhaps: go sailing and then soak in a tub at the end of the day?”

“You do come up with such lovely ideas for playing,” Kim said.

“I am inspired by having such a responsive playmate,” I said.

“Allow me to demonstrate how responsive I am.” Kim started sucking on my left nipple. It felt good but I was still wiped out from half an hour ago.

“I don’t need to have you demonstrate how responsive you are; the towels are all the proof of that I could need,” I said. Kim laughed without letting go of my nipple.

“Unless I hear moans or cries of dissent, I think we should do Gold’s Gym and the zoo in that order. Followed by dinner here, probably. I have steaks or I can make a really hot prawn vindaloo.”

Kim popped her head up and said “Gold’s and the zoo sound like a great idea. I’m not sure what to do for dinner, though: both menu options sound heavenly.”

“Not to worry; we don’t have to decide until much later. Let us leap out of bed and head for the gym. A little stickiness here and there won’t make much difference at the gym and we can shower at the end of the workout.” I kissed Kim firmly and then rolled off the bed and started dressing in jeans and a collarless shirt. Kim watched me getting dressed and smiled. I noticed her smiling and she said “I love watching you.”

“Thank you,” I said. “The feeling’s mutual. It’s very exciting to see you lying there, particularly with the smell of sex in the room.”

I was finished getting dressed. Kim got up and stretched facing away from me. Watching her ass and back ripple as she stood on tiptoe on one leg and then the other was almost enough to make me take her Uşak Escort back to bed right there, but I forebore. If we didn’t move now, I figured we’d probably never get out of the house at all today. While that wouldn’t be the worst thing that had ever happened, hitting the gym and walking around outside would add a lot of savor to the day. And a little delayed gratification sounded like fun, too.

Kim put her recently discarded underwear and jeans back on. She put on a sports bra and a white cotton blouse. She picked up her gym bag and said “I’m ready!”

“Give me just a moment; I’ve got to get fresh stuff for my gym bag,” I said. I had already thrown the old gym clothes into the laundry, but I hadn’t restocked the gym bag. I grabbed a gym socks, a fresh t-shirt, and my other pair of gym shorts from the dresser, added a towel, and zipped the bag shut. “Let’s go!”

We locked the house and walked downstairs to the car. I opened Kim’s door and she got in. She sniffed and said “Oh, dear, it really smells like me!” I got in on my side, sat down, and sniffed. “Yes, it does, Kim. I like it. Beats a car freshener, although it could be difficult hanging you from my rear-view mirror.”

Kim smacked my arm and said “Pig!” I smiled at her. She said “You really don’t mind?”

“Of course not!” I said. “You’re incredibly hot. I could see this happening again, as a matter of fact. What if we take a road trip together and you decide that you’re just too horny to last and you’d like to jill off again, only this time where someone in another car could see you?” There was a muted “Oh, God!” from Kim’s side of the car at this.

“See?” I said. “That got you a little moist just thinking about it. It’s all you and I love it, so I don’t mind this one single bit.”

“Oh, God!” Kim said again. “If I’d known how easy it would be to be with you, we would have done this years ago.”

I sighed. “My life might’ve been better, too, but that’s history.” I leaned over and kissed her and stroked her face. “You’re a jewel and I love you. We’re here now.”

Kim kissed me back sweet and hot and said “I’m glad you think so. You’re wonderful, yourself.” She straightened up in her seat and said, “My pussy is wet thinking about doing things in the car on the road with you and I’m awash in warm clouds of lust and affection. I think you should either drive to the gym right now or take me back to bed and fuck me again.”

“Don’t think that I’m not considering the latter option when I say that we’re going to the gym.” I started the car and pulled out of the driveway. “The gym will be fun and walking around outside is something we should do on a day as nice as this. Besides which, I am taking an inordinate pleasure at the idea of showing you off. You make for first-rate arm-candy, you realize?”

Kim made a show of fluffing her hair. She inhaled deeply, thrusting her chest out, and then tweaked her nipples through her blouse. They showed as slight but noticeable bumps. I whistled and said “Niiiiize!”

The gym was about 10 minutes away. I parked and we checked in, then headed to the locker rooms. I changed quickly and went back outside to wait by near the women’s locker room entrance. Kim appeared a couple minutes later. She was wearing a different outfit than the one I’d seen her in… only two days ago. This outfit was a colorful sports bra, cotton shorts, and sneakers and white socks. Kim’s middle was exposed, something I hadn’t seen her do before. The extra padding was clearly visible. It was very sexy and I said as much.

Kim said “Thank you! I don’t usually wear anything that shows this much skin when I’m at the gym, but I’m doing this with you and I like the idea of showing a little more skin.” She hugged my arm and said “Stick around and there’s no telling what I’ll be wearing to the gym two months from now.”

I eyed her up and down said “Oh, you mean like you’d be working out in spandex?”

“You never know. It might even be nylon mesh,” Kim replied.

“I’m sure that it’s your genteel ladylike aspect that appeals to me most, I think. You’re a fountain of grace, breeding, and elegance that should be a model for young ladies everywhere.” I paused. “Well, that or the idea of seeing your tits in half an ounce of nylon mesh while you’re on the treadmill; I’m not sure which.”

“See? I knew I could win you over with my simple girlish ways,” Kim said.

The workout was good. We both warmed up together and then went to separate parts of the gym for exercise. Kim tended to work on machines, while I was doing both machines and free weights. My upper body takes forever to develop and I’d been trying to get some strength and definition. We moved through a half dozen exercises each on our own and then met up again at the cable machine. Kim was beginning to get a little sweaty. I was dripping and had already knocked back a whole bottle of water.

“Triceps?” Kim said.

“Yup, and lat pulls,” I said.

Kim hooked up a bar handle to the cable pull and set the weight. She knelt Uşak Escort Bayan down and did a couple sets of overhead tricep pulls that had her leaning forward in a sitting position with much of her weight suspended from the machine. I was watching her and enjoying the way her breasts were hanging when she bent forward. At one point, she looked over at me, saw where I was looking, smiled, and wiggled a little so her breasts went from side to side. I laughed and complimented her on her form.

When Kim had finished, I helped her up. She said “Whew! That one’s difficult.” I felt her triceps and said “But it seems to have a salutary effect.” Kim felt a tricep and my hand and said “Yes, I think I like what this does for me.” We gave each other a warm look.

I attached a rope handle and set the weights, then did sets of standing tricep pulls. Kim looked admiringly at my chest as I pulled. When I got done, she said “You know, one of the things that I think is incredibly sexy about you is your forearms.”

“Really??” I said.

“Oh, yes!” Kim replied. “Your forearms are really sexy.” She started running a hand up my left forearm. “They’re not overly thick but I know how strong they are and they’re one of the things I’ve thought about when I thought about you. I like how they move when you play the banjo or when you’re typing.”

“I’m very flattered, petal, but I have to say that I never thought of my forearms as a distinguishing sexual characteristic. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s a new idea to me.”

Kim moved her hand to my upper arm and squeezed. “I want to see you do lat pulls, sailor.”

We moved around to the other side of the cable machine and I put a lat pull bar in place. After setting the weight, I got in position and was about to start my first set when Kim said “Don’t you need to take your shirt off for this one?” True to form, I didn’t pick up my cue until I looked at Kim and noticed she was biting her lower lip distractedly. Once again, my light bulb flickered on (geeze, the things I have to do to get a clue sometimes!). I peeled off my t-shirt and sat back down. As I reached up to grab the lat bar, Kim’s eyes were bright.

I pulled slowly and with the best workout form I could manage. Kim watched me intently. I could see her eyes flickering all over my body and face, which turned me on and also distracted me from the pinging pains that my poor abused pecs were giving me. I wondered if my lats were going to be joining them in announcing their existence to me in a day or two and figured that, if nothing else, this relationship was going to see me get into much better shape pretty darned quick.

I completed the first set and dropped my arms for a moment. My chest was a little damp (I sweat a lot when I’m working out) and my nipples, normally partially erect, were feeling very hard. I tweaked the right one under the guise of wiping a small drop of sweat away.

Kim was clearly turned on. She was breathing a little quicker and her left hand kept straying near the top of her thigh. She’d move it towards her pussy, then stop herself, then she’d shift her position slightly and squeeze her legs together. A moment later, she’d repeat the process.

I moved the weight up a notch, got into position, and said “Second set!” I was getting tired and I couldn’t pull quite as slowly on this one, but I did make sure that I spread my legs nice and wide at Kim. I was hardening a little and I could feel my cock swelling against my shorts, making a nice bunch. If it kept up at this rate, I was going to have to adjust it or have it break in half, but it felt good right now.

By the time I was done with the second set, I was very sweaty, more than half-erect, and I knew without a doubt that I’d feel all of this in my delts tomorrow. But Kim was looking decidedly hot: there was a slight flush in her cheeks that I had learned to recognize and as soon as I stood up, she was on me with the towel, wiping the sweat away and managing as much discrete hand-contact with my skin as she could.

“I didn’t know this turned you on so much, Kim,” I whispered as she was wiping my chest for the third time.

“I didn’t either!” she whispered back. “I really didn’t, but I think it’s just everything we’ve been up to this weekend.”

“Let’s hit the exercycles and we can ride side-by-side.”

“Yes, please!” Kim said.

We refilled our water bottles on the way upstairs to the cycling area. Although it was Saturday, we were able to find a couple of good bikes at the far end of the aerobics section. There were a few Stairmasters near us, but we weren’t likely to have company as the TV was off near us. Everyone was using the bikes and treadmills at the other end where the TVs were on.

Kim and I managed a quick, hot kiss, then we adjusted the heights for our bike seats and got on. Kim said “How long shall we go for?” I said “Let’s do a 20-minute cardio; that oughta be enough. We have been getting a fair amount of aerobics in already, after all.”

We started Escort Uşak pedaling. Nothing unusual about that, except that we kept glancing at each other. I was keenly interested in seeing Kim move. We talked about what was going on in our respective work lives. Kim was doing something interesting on the implementation phase of a manufacturer’s production process improvement campaign and I was wrapping up the current book and had a publisher hot after me for the next as soon as I wanted to say “Yes.” The money was so-so but the publicity looked great and I told Kim I’d probably sign the contract as soon as my agent had vetted it.

As we got near the end of our workouts, Kim started breathing hard and sweating. “Are you okay?” I said. Kim nodded and smiled. I looked closer and said quietly “You’re getting yourself off, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Kim said, in a very mischievous tone.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m pushing myself down on the seat and then pulling up hard on the pedal stirrups and rocking back and forth. It’s getting me hot and wet.” Kim rocked back and forth a little to show how it worked and then went back to her quieter rhythm. She was clearly warming to the task.

“Is there anything I can do to add to this?” I said.

“Yes,” Kim said. “Coach me.”


“I’m going to crank the difficulty way up because I’ll have to push and pull that much harder. I want you to encourage me to keep at it.” Kim started poking at the controls.

“You are seriously twisted, honey, but you damn betcha.” Kim smiled and then pushed the Enter button on the control panel. The bike immediately slowed down as the drag increased. Kim gasped with effort, then raised herself up in the seat slightly and pumped hard with her legs. Her quads and calves were bulging with the effort and I was the only person who would’ve noticed how much she was grinding herself into the seat.

Kim looked at me and said “Go on. I wanna hear it.”

“Okay,” I said quietly. In a much louder tone, I said “Hit that hill!”

Kim gasped at me and said whispered “Keep going.”

“You can do it!” I said. “Push your legs and burn off those calories!” Kim pushed harder, which made her bounce on the seat harder. I smiled. “No slacking off. I want to see you pedal ’till you can’t pedal anymore!” Kim almost burst out laughing at that but I could see a flush rising in her cheeks. “Keep pumping!” That did make her giggle, but no-one noticed.

I gave her a moment of pushing and bouncing without comment, then I said “I don’t think you’re trying hard enough. C’mon, kid, you’ve gotta make it up over the hill. I want to see you hit that crest! C’mon, it’s only a minute away from you!” We’d gotten a couple of looks from other people in the aerobics area, but nobody thought much of it. After all, I was just giving her a hard coaching session; nothing unusual in that.

From my position next to Kim, though, I could see how hot she was. Her eyes were closed and her hair was soaked with sweat. She kept biting her lower lip and was pedaling and bouncing on the seat. I stopped pedaling and got off my exercycle and moved next to Kim. I put my left hand on her lower back and my right hand on her stomach and said “Good form! I want to see you keeping good form for the last bit here.” Kim nodded, uncertain as to what I was doing but playing along. She straightened up in her seat and stopped bouncing, although I could feel her rocking back and forth slightly.

Since we were at the end of the row and not very well lit, my body was blocking the view for everyone else on the bikes and treadmills. Kim glanced around surreptitiously and saw that nobody would notice unless we did something really unusual and I felt her melt a little. I said “Keep up that concentration, you’re almost done!” Kim giggled quietly at me and tried to stay straight in her seat while pedaling.

Keeping my left hand on the small of her back, I slipped my right hand down her stomach so my fingers were covering her crotch. Not surprisingly, it was damp. I started pressing and rubbing her pussy through the shorts. The shorts were crawling up into her pussy, making a rather pretty cameltoe. I kept my fingers fluttering up and down the shorts over where her clit was while pressing slightly on her lower back with my left hand.

Kim started cumming with a choking sound, successfully stifling the noises I knew she wanted to make. She was looking at me while she came with a look combining raw lust and adoration. To keep up appearances, I said “That’s it! You’ve made it! Keep pedaling! You don’t get to stop working just because you’re coming down the other side of the hill.” Kim pushed her legs a little more but as her orgasm died away, she let her legs drift with the pedals and her arms fell to her side.

Kim leaned against me and very quietly said “Oh, God, that was kinky!” In a louder voice, she said “I’m exhausted! Help me down, please.” I helped her off the bike and steadied her as she got to her feet. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me and said in a stagy voice, “That was wonderful coaching! I’ve never had a workout that good in my life!” She smiled hugely at me, a smile that was also hidden from the rest of the people there. “You were amazing,” she continued. “Will you coach me again sometime?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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