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The evening had begun so well; now it was ruined.

She was drunk, not so drunk that she couldn’t function, just one stage beyond a good buzz. At that point where inhibitions collapsed in the face of the alcohol; where those insecurities normally locked away come to the fore.

Worse, she was aroused. Incredibly aroused. The night’s events had brought her to a fever pitch of desire: She ached for him, her pussy fairly throbbed with need, hungry for his touch. But that was not to be; he was there, before her, in the arms of another.

Kelly took another sip from her vodka and soda and gripped the bar for support. Barely three weeks into their relationship and she’d already lost him.


On Wednesday afternoon, he’d called her to invite her to a costume party being thrown by some friends of his. Given the Halloween was months away, she’d thought it a bit odd until he’d explained that it was an annual event that they’d all been attending since they moved to the city five years earlier. What had started as a whim had turned into tradition – and tradition mandated that if any of them was involved with someone, then that someone was invited. Corm gave her the information and told her that he’d be sending her costume over on Saturday afternoon, and to be ready to leave by seven o’clock.

Kelly thought it a bit odd that Corm was going to tell her what to wear to the party, but she had to admit that his taking charge did make it all that easier. No need to fret about what to wear or how to find a costume in time. Since that afternoon in her backyard, when he’d taken charge and given her a night of passion that still made her blush, he seemed to do that now and again: Tell her what to do, but only things he knew she’d want to do but wouldn’t if left to her own devices. It was odd how he could sense the limits of what she was willing to do – and then push her just a bit farther. Deep down she liked it, even if it did scare her just a bit. After all, it had only been two weeks – three dates and one weekend spent together – but following her performance on her front porch Kelly recognized that this relationship was going to proceed a little more rapidly.

So on Saturday afternoon at two o’clock, she was not at all surprised to hear her doorbell ring. Dressed in a short, jade silk robe, she was, however, surprised to find him on her doorstep when she opened the door. He was dressed in sandals, a simple pair of shorts, and a navy University of Michigan t-shirt. Despite the heat of the day he looked like he’d just gotten dressed – a fact that made her feel quite self-conscious. Her hair was a mess, her blonde curls askew, and she had no makeup on. She hadn’t even showered yet, having lazed away the day reading in her study.

“Corm,” she sputtered, “I didn’t expect you. I know you said the package would be delivered, but I thought by a postman. I’m not presentable.”

He laughed and drew her to him. “Nonsense.” His hand snaked out to pull her robe open. Beneath the silk she was totally nude save for a pair of white cotton bobbysocks – and now here her lush frame lay revealed to him and the neighborhood alike.

Corm smiled. “Well now, I guess you don’t need to tip the deliveryman after all, do you?”

Before she could even protest this sudden exposure he kissed her. The embrace consumed Kelly; she could feel her breasts crush into his hard chest. She snuggled into him, reveling in the way their bodies seemed to just ‘fit’ together. He caressed the length of her with his right hand, running his fingers lightly across the silk to make her shiver. To her pleasant surprise, she was getting wet. Perhaps she’d get a treat before the party? Kelly ground her pelvis into his, and he growled in response, cupping one pert buttock in response.

At last he broke the kiss and stepped away, handing her the package as she pouted from the sudden break. “See you at seven.”

And then he was gone, driving away in his SUV, leaving her there, nude and extremely aroused, on her front porch. She dashed inside – as much in eagerness to examine the contents of her new package as to avoid the prying eyes of her neighbors. It might have been just her imagination, but she could have sworn that she saw Brenda’s front curtain flutter closed.

Five hours, then, until it was time to go. Plenty of time to get ready.

She came twice in the shower just thinking about him.


Promptly at seven o’clock her doorbell rang. Kelly strode to the door and opened it to find a Roman centurion on her doorstep. She giggled at Corm’s costume; he was very dashing in his red tunic, crested helm, and burnished silver chest plate. A small sword hung by his side – a gladius she knew from her readings in freshman history years past – and a long red cloak whirled about him.

“What, no toga?” she asked? Most men she knew who would have gone to a costume party dressed as a Roman would have opted for the more showy garb of a senator – not least for its allegory to more sensual pursuits.

He smiled. “No, no togas for me. As you can tell from your own costume, this is no college toga party.”

She understood exactly what he meant with that remark. When she’d opened the box she’d found an elaborate French maid costume before her. It was clear that the costume was quite expensive. The stockings alone were Italian lace and must have cost a hundred dollars at least. He was playing dress-up to be sure – men could be quite predictable sometimes – but he was doing it with sufficient style that she felt flattered by his choice.

Personally, she considered the costume too risqué, having seen how short the black skirt was once she put it on, but the garters and stockings – complete with a thin seam down the length of them in the back – was simply wicked.

The costume emphasized two things: Her legs, which were long and toned from hours on her Stairmaster, and so were well-served by the mules he’d included in the box; and her chest, where a black corset pushed her already ample cleavage up and together. A the tiny mask covering her eyes, and so she knew that no one who would see her would know that it was her dressed in such a brazen manner.

An hour in front of her mirror had given her the time to be ready. She’d shaved in the shower, first her legs, and then her pussy. For three weeks now, since that first afternoon, she had been going completely bald. It pleased him, she knew, and so she played along, the better to whet his appetite. After all, if it had the effect of making him eager to taste him, then who was she to disagree? The man’s tongue was simply amazing; frankly, she often got wet just from the act of shaving, because of the direct to connection to his oral ministrations. Following that ritual, she’d put on her makeup, using eye shadow and blush to emphasize her eyes, and yet hint at a trashy side, the better to suit her costume. Her golden curls were pulled back to accommodate the outfit’s white lace cap, and a tiny black lace thong covered her beneath the skirt. Topping it all off was a black velvet choker.

“How do I look?” she asked, giving him a slow twirl.

He whistled in appreciation. “Sinful.”


They took a limousine to the event. Kelly leaned back with a sigh, content to let him adore her on the way over. Throughout the ride he tormented her. Kissing her neck, carefully avoiding her lips so as to not disturb her makeup, while running his hands up along her thighs to lightly caress her thong. Frankly it was driving her wild. She was fully aroused, and would have happily turned back for a night of passion. But she forced herself to behave, to lock away her desire for the next couple hours. It was a talent she was slowly coming to realize, the ability to wall off her lust before it consumed her. Corm was aware of her efforts in this regard and had been doing his best to destroy those walls as fast as she could put them into place.

Tonight was just the latest battle. He clearly thought that he was going to work her into a fever pitch on the way over, and would then have the pleasure of watching her suffer with her need while they stayed at the party. But that wasn’t how the night was going to unfold; she’d already decided to play along, and so had made the decision to wall off that part of her that would otherwise have been embarrassed. Something about the costume and what it implied was really getting to her; Kelly had decided that she was going to be sinful for him tonight. To really embrace the role and be his plaything for the party. She’d show herself off for the other guests to please him. That would drive him crazy, she knew, and show him that he didn’t yet have complete control over her.

He spread her legs slightly apart and began to rub her clit in earnest. When she pushed his hand away, he only smiled and sat back in his seat, adjusting himself so that his erection was less obvious. “Ok, we’ll play it your way then.”

She smiled back at him. Round one to her.


At length they arrived at the party, a lavish four-story brick townhouse just outside the city. Corm took her arm and she exited the limo, taking great care to keep her legs discreetly placed so as to keep any passerby from seeing her thong. He led her up a small flight of stone steps to the front door.

The evening was warm and he kissed her under the porch light, moths fluttering about around them.

“Kelly,” he said, looking deep into her eyes. His stare was intense, and disarmed her. She could feel her resolve to tease him evaporating under its power. There was just something about him that consumed her. And, the truth was, she didn’t mind one bit. For reasons she didn’t fully understand yet she trusted him. Totally. She knew it had only been three weeks, but she knew it was right somehow. She just knew. Corm was hers every bit as much as she was his.

He kissed her again, to break the spell. Her lover understood the effect that his gaze had on her and used it ruthlessly to arouse her passions.

“What?” she managed at last, blinking several times to regain her composure. She was going to tease him this evening, regardless of whatever efforts he might make to the contrary.

“We need to fix your costume before we go in.” Fix her costume? Why? She’d worn everything in the box and had adjusted it all in the mirror before leaving. Her costume was perfect.

Corm knelt before her and quickly reached up under her ruffled skirt. Before she could so much as protest he stripped her thong off and tossed it into the bushes behind her. He stood and kissed her once more. “There, let’s go.”

In one swift move, he had utterly disarmed her. All semblance of her composure was utterly gone. Her plans to tease him were destroyed. Cheeks burning with embarrassment – he had done this at the very crest of the doorway, after all – it was all she could do not to turn and run.

Round Two to him.


Numbly she followed him in, stunned at what had just transpired. Sure, she had planned to play the part, but this was too much. The ruffled skirt barely reached the top of her thighs. If she bent in any way she would be fully exposed. Granted, she had the mask on, but he would soon be introducing her to his friends. What would they think of her?

And yet…on some level she was turned on by the idea of it all. She had the mask on, so no one could see her. But all these men would be looking at her, admiring her long lean legs and drooling over her lush breasts. She knew that they would want to be with her, to touch her. To fuck her. Corm had taught her that. In the three weeks they’d been together he’d been reorienting her to the realities of her sexual self. That part of her that had been locked away was now slowly coming to the fore. It would take time, to be sure. Three weeks ago she would have run, blushing at the thought of strangers seeing her so exposed. But for now she was confident enough to follow him into the party.

As she moved through a crowd of admiring glances she began to savor it.

The crowd was an eclectic mix of costumes, ranging from the very chaste to the risqué. Kelly a stunning Indian beauty dressed as a harem girl, her secrets barely hidden beneath layers of silk; she also saw a hulking man dressed in the very type of toga costume Corm had spurned, his chiseled muscles visible and suggestive. All in all, it was an adult party to be sure, but so far one that was behaving itself.

In short order, he was passing her around to a small group, introducing her to a gathering of old friends and their spouses: Liam and Cate; Jay and Trisha; Ted and Angela, and lastly his old friend Will. This final member of the circle was quite striking, a tall well-built man dressed as a bullfighter. Kelly couldn’t help but notice that his costume hid nothing, and found herself staring at his rather prodigious manhood. Finally she tore her gaze away and looked up, only to see him smiling knowingly at her.

Corm kissed her cheek, “Watch out for him. He’s a ladies man par excellance. Turn your back on him and you’ll find yourself waking up next to him.”

Kelly shook her head. “Mmm…I only want to wake up next to you.”

He kissed her on the lips in response, “That’s my girl. Now go mingle and have fun before I bend you over right now. That skirt is killing me.” She blushed in response and turned to the bar to get a drink.

Behind her she could hear them all chatting, catching up on old times, mutual acquaintances and the like. From what he had told her, this group rarely met, usually only once a year at these costume parties.

After an hour of chitchat, she leaned in to order her latest drink, slightly dizzy from the heat and the martinis. They’d been out on the dance floor, expressing their mutual attraction with their bodies, and dancing up a storm with the small group The bartenders gaze flicked to her ample cleavage and took a long slow look, before coming back to meet her eyes to take her order. Kelly smiled. She didn’t care; her system was warm with alcohol and good cheer.

The evening was turning out to be a great success. Even now, for example, she knew that Will would be glancing at her behind, straining to catch a glimpse of her bare bottom, tormented by the fact that he didn’t know whether she was wearing panties.

Just to torment him, she stood on her tiptoes and leaned way over to receive her drink. She could hear a groan and smiled. Poor man, she thought. He was terribly attractive, though. Out of her league, she would have guessed a few short weeks ago, but now…tonight, she felt like she was out of his league.

“Will Wendy be joining us this year?” Corm asked from behind her. Did she hear a note of excitement in his voice? Or was it just her imagination? With over a hundred revelers in the room the noise was considerable, but Kelly swore she heard a note of interest from her.

Who could that woman be to elicit such a response?


“She’s already here,” said Cate, a redheaded cutie dressed as a cowgirl. Cate leaned into Liam and giggled like a little girl with a poorly kept secret, “you should see her. She’s really outdone herself.” Cate’s voice was teasing, and Kelly could feel the certainty of that teasing tone begin to grate.

“Oh really?” Corm asked.

There. She could hear it in his voice. Corm was definitely interested in this Wendy woman. Why? Waves of doubt hit Kelly all at once, draining away some of the buzz she’d been carefully maintaining. Was this Wendy so spectacular that Corm wasn’t interested in her anymore? Had he really brought her to this party only to discard her for some old flame?

“Really.” Ted spoke with conviction, even if he was laughing.

“You’ll see. She’s hard to miss.” Cate lapsed into another fit of giggles, dizzy with champagne and pending surprise.

Kelly turned with her drinks in time to see Wendy make her entrance. And what an entrance it was.


Striding toward them was an Egyptian goddess. The crowd literally parted in her wake, the men drinking in her beauty, while the women in the room wore a range of expressions, ranging from amusement to envy to lust.

Barefoot save for the tiniest sandals, the vision before them was clad in white linen wrapped tightly around her body. The wrap began at her feet, and rose to caress the curves of her hips before ending just below her ribcage in a band of dark blue. Kelly was quite certain that when the light struck her just so, she could see that the goddess was nude beneath the linen.

Long, straight black hair hung down in the classic fashion, and an ample torque of gold and turquoise covered her collarbone. The woman’s eyes – a deep green, Kelly noted, and heavily made up to resemble those of Cleopatra – smoldered with confidence and lust.

But it was her breasts that made the outfit.

High and proud, defying gravity to present the observer with an idealized version of a woman’s natural charms, the woman’s full breasts were dusted in gold, and her dusky nipples were erect and bejeweled with rubies. Her breasts were exposed to all, offered up as a work of art, a gift to the other revelers.

Unlike the other guests, the goddess wore no mask, and held her head high as she walked. Her hips swayed in their movement, a mesmerizing motion emphasizing her femininity. The woman took in her surroundings with the cool, imperious air of one born to rule. The attitude was every bit as much an accessory to her costume as was the banded ankh in her left hand.

“She always goes for authentic,” Cate whispered in Kelly’s ear from behind, seeing how the entrance of the final member of her party had captured her attention. Cate’s hand ran lightly across the tops of breasts, causing her to shiver with pleasure. There was something simply wicked about the attention from the sultry redhead. No woman had ever touched her like that before, but this seemed to be a night of firsts.

Kelly turned, “Really? Always?”

The cowgirl before her nodded knowingly as she sipped her drink. “No matter how outrageous you think that costume is, bet your next paycheck she found it on some hieroglyph.”

Kelly suddenly felt very cheap. Corm had dressed her like a maid. This woman, far more exposed than any other in the room, was dressed like a goddess, commanding the admiration of all.

How could a maid compete with a goddess?

The vision approached. Kelly felt herself stop breathing, and was glad of her mask, for it helped block some of her fears. That her costume was well above par with most of the female guests was of little comfort to Kelly. This woman had, in one bold stroke, upstaged every woman in the room.

“Corm, darling, where have you been? I’ve missed you so!” The goddess strode to Kelly’s lover and kissed him on the mouth. To Kelly’s horror, she lingered for just a moment, savoring him. He didn’t exactly return the kiss, but he didn’t refuse it either.

Kelly felt a hand slide around the small of her back. She looked over slowly, not wanting to drag her gaze away from the kiss. Will stood beside her, smiling as he sipped a drink with his free hand. “They’re old friends, you know. They were lovers in college and have stayed in touch ever since. She lives in Los Angeles, last we heard she was doing voice-overs and the odd bit of acting. Wendy always does something outrageous at these things.”

Corm headed to the dance floor, linked arm in arm with the Egyptian goddess. Kelly watched her walk away, her hips swaying back and forth beneath the rippling white linen in such a seductive fashion that even she found it appealing. It was an intoxicating combination of grateful poise and claw-the-sheets-off-the-bed heat; one couldn’t help but look at it.

The woman simply exuded sex.

And Corm seemed enraptured by it.

“What kind of party is this?” Kelly asked at last, incredulous. This couldn’t just be some kind of costume party. Not with Wendy dressed like this. It couldn’t be. None of the other guests seemed to take her costume as off color, even if they were clearly enraptured or intimidated by it.

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