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Alexis Fawx

Clayton sat bolt upright in his bunk bed with a deep gasp. He promptly impacted the low ceiling in his crew quarters and then flopped back on his pillow while grasping his forehead. Through each throb of pain, he could feel his forehead developing a large red bump.

“Fffffffffuck!” he hollered as he held his skull tightly in order to stop the pain. A few fractured visions of Kat groping him at the rail of the ship flashed through his mind.

“Wow what a dream” he thought to himself. It had all seemed so real! The details of the delicious captains dinner…Kat’s incredible body filling out the top of her dress… Clayton could remember every detail.

As he gingerly rolled out of bed and began his morning routine, vivid flashes from his dream continued. Eventually his mind paused and fixated upon the ultimate moment – in which was Kat making him some sort of crazy offer about being her new ‘toy’ – all while under the terrifying watch of her brute of a husband.

“Wow I need to get out more…” he thought, and let out a deep sigh “If only something like that could REALLY would happen to me.”


“Hey Loser!” a voice shouted across the cafeteria.

Clayton looked up and saw his one true friend on the ship heading towards him. His name was Jonathan. Jonathan was the type that seemed a bit out of place on a cruise ship due to his fair skin and blonde hair. He was shorter than Clayton, and a bit on the skinny side compared to Claytons larger physique. The two of them were as different as night and day in more than just appearance. Jonathan was a very confident 20 something who was positive each woman on the ship wanted to get him in the sack. To be specific, Jonathan was positive that all the ladies wanted him for one specific reason… and that was his ‘horse cock’ as he called it. He was not afraid to brag about his many conquests, not to mention how the ladies were always so terrified of him once they got him into bed.

Clayton of course was always mortified with such conversations, but he just smiled and would let Jonathan get it out of his system so they could talk about other things like the latest online games and movies. Not many had a better knowledge of all things geek than Jonathan, and Clayton appreciated having someone with such knowledge in a job that frowned upon such things.

“Morning Jon” Clayton said as he took another spoonful of his oatmeal.

“Oat meal and toast… again.” Jonathan shook his head and sat down across the table. “Man when are you going to learn you need to give yourself PROTEIN for the ladies!” Jonathan laughed out loud to himself and sat down. He took a big spoonful of his scrambled eggs and actually looked at Clayton for the first time. His eyes widened and were fixed on Clayton’s forehead.

“DUDE! What happened to your head? You look like a golf ball is trying to escape from your brain!” Jonathan began to reach forward with an extended index finger – his eyes slightly crossed as he fixated on the massive bump.

Clayton swatted the hand away and glared at his friend. “I just whacked my head when I woke up this morning. I was having the wildest dream!”

“Did the old lady put something in your drink?” Jonathan asked.

“What old lady?” Clayton asked as his mind flashed back to his vivid dream once again.

“You know… the old lady who you K.O’d in the hallway earlier this week.” Jonathan stood his fork up on and let it fall noisily on the table demonstrating the collision. He then flashed a bright white smile that contrasted with his deep blue eyes, and continued with his best faux Spanish accent “So…how was eet ‘aving dinner with El Capitan eh?”

Clayton sat frozen in place at Jonathan’s knowledge of his dream. In his mind, he re-wound the tape of the last few days and then rapidly went through everything once more time. All the events flashed by in a blur until it screeched to a halt focused on Claytons dilating eyes at the cafeteria breakfast table.

“OH shit!” Clayton thought, “… maybe it’s not a dream!”

Snapping fingers brought Clayton out of his self reflection. “Dude what is up with you?” Jonathan was looking at Clayton warily. “You know I hate it when you space out like that…”

As Clayton thought about the night before and that it was in fact – a REAL event; a wide grin began to spread across his face. Jonathan slowly mirrored the same look, and he blurted out “YOU DOG! You have the hots for that old MILF don’t you!” He reached across the table and punched Clayton in the arm.

Clayton could not stop smiling and remained silent while Jonathon began to spew forth all the advice he could think of to bag an older woman. Clayton of course knew that there was MUCH more to the story behind is never ending smile, but he let Jonathan continue to believe that he alone was the ladies man.

“Hey man are you even LISTENING to me? You should be taking notes or something… this stuff is GOLDEN…I’m telling you!” Jonathan looked slightly miffed at Beylikdüzü escort his friend. “Ahhhh forget it. Let’s go see if we can find the ‘ol wench to see what your puppy dog eyes see in her anyway…” and with that the two young men got up from the table and set forth to find Kat.


The sun was especially bright and made the blue sky seep exceptionally clear on the deck of the large white ship. Off in the distance the Caribbean waters sparkled like diamonds as the mighty ship softly plowed through the small waves. Kat was sitting in her old fashioned style deck chair looking every bit the curvaceous pinup model that was so lacking in the current era of stick figure women. She had on a wide brim hat that hung well over her shoulders and she had on dark oversized ‘movie star’ sunglasses underneath. The bikini she wore gave her breasts a relaxed hanging look – with no need to be pushed ‘up and out’ the way less well endowed women preferred. Around her waist was a light colored sash that let any wandering eyes play ‘peek-a-boo’ with her belly button. It was left to the imagination what style of bikini bottom she was wearing, but based on the small amount being covered up top – many men were waiting for her stand up so they could find out.

Two decks above, Clayton and Jonathan were staring down at her admiring the view. For his part, Clayton was once again doubting his own memories as he looked upon the reclined body of the goddess below. He wondered endlessly how a woman such as her could POSSIBLY be interested in him. Jonathan, on the other hand, was looking upon Kat as a slab of meat He knew he could have her… and it was merely a question of if he would allow his buddy to have the slightest chance of scoring.

“I’ll give it to you man… she does have a rockin’ body for an older lady” Jonathan said with a hint of distain as he glanced over at a group of younger girls. He flashed his million dollar smile, and they giggled like children.

Clayton looked over at the girls, and couldn’t help but notice their ribs protruding from behind their bikini tops. With each breath they took he could count the number of joints in their sternum. Clayton shuddered and looked back down at Kat and their eyes locked together.

Kat had heard the young men talking above her long ago, and made sure to give them a good show. She lowered her sunglasses and was taking a deep sip from the extra long straw that was extending out from her bottle of mineral water. When she finally made eye contact with her new toy Clayton, she slowly pursed her lips up and down along the tip of the straw. Her red lacquer lipstick left a large ring around the tip of the straw and she made sure to leave it visible as she reached over and placed the bottle on the stand beside her.

Clayton could not take his eyes off Kat. She was the essence of beauty. He watched as she turned her long legs from the recliner and slowly stood up – never taking her eyes off him. She lifted her arm and beckoned for him to come to her with her long index finger. This sent Clayton off the rail like a shot to the nearest stairway.

Jonathan was still half heartedly giving advice about the ladies, when he noticed his friends rapid departure. “What the fuck man? Where are you going?” Jonathan, looked back down at Kat who was now focusing on him with her big brown eyes. He found himself unable to muster up his usual bravado as she pierced through his many layers of confidence. The look she was giving him was not the usual airhead smile or drunken lust… it was very intense and very disconcerting. He could feel her distain for him, and he quickly looked away to follow his friend.

Kat bent down and ever so slowly to pick up her large wicker weave bag. Several of the men around her finally got the chance to see her bikini bottom and were pleasantly surprised to see that she was all about the tease. She did not need to wear a thong or anything trashy. Instead she wore a modest bikini bottom with high straps on her hips that made her long legs appear even longer. Several jealous wives began to divide glares between Kat and their wayward eyed husbands. Kat reveled in the attention she was receiving when she heard the rapidly approaching footsteps of Clayton… and his friend.

Both young men reached Kat just as she happened to rearrange a heavy object in her bag. The forceful movement of her arm caused both of her hanging breasts to sway back and forth bumping into one another. The hypnotic motion made both of them freeze in their tracks and stare with abandon. Kat looked up at them as she stood upright – neither of the poor lads were able to look away and into her eyes. She smiled slightly and cleared her thought for their attention up top.

Clayton was the first to obey and he looked into Kat’s eyes. Kat looked over at Jonathon who was not being as obedient. Kat reached out with her toned arm and forcefully lifted Jonathan’s chin to a level position. “I don’t know whether I should slap Beylikdüzü escort you or report you…” Kat said with a stern tone. She looked back at Clayton and said, “Your friend here has a lot to learn. Is he always this juvenile?”

Jonathan heard the world ‘Juvenile’ and it broke the trance he was in. He snorted “Juvenile? Pffft lady you have got to be kidding!”

Jonathan had once again found his footing and believed with all his being that he was God’s gift to all woman kind. He casually looked to the side and then back into Kat’s penetrating gaze. “Listen lady, just because my friend here things you’re all hot ‘n shit doesn’t mean you’re all THAT!” He casually looked Kat up and down and then performed his patented single eyebrow lift as he looked off to the horizon.

Clayton looked on in horror at the exchange happening before him. “I am so sorry Kat… I…”

An expertly manicured index finger with ruby red polish pushed gently onto Claytons lips effectively silencing him. Kat looked at him warmly and said “It’s ok sweetie… I’ve got this.”

The warmth of her gaze chilled as she looked back towards Jonathan. She took one small step towards him and began to straighten out the collar of his polo work shirt. Kat was shorter than he was and looked up at him as she continued to stand very close. Jonathan was surprised by her actions and stood motionless. He could feel her breasts pushing against the bottom of his ribcage, and the smell of her perfume wafted over him. The combination of these sensations, with the addition of her hands near his neck actually caused his cock to stir a bit. Just as he was about to say another charming remark, Kat stood up on her tip toes and whispered in his ear.

“I own this boat and everyone on it… you…my little SHIT… need to learn your place!” Kat’s incredibly white smile flashed across her face as she stood back and lifted one of her hands to Jonathan’s cheek. She softly caressed it before giving it a playful triple tap. “Now you need to come with us if you want to keep your job.”

Jonathan had been slapped many times in his life. He always figured it was like paying your dues. Some women liked being treated like dirt, and some did not. The occasional sting to the cheek was worth the response you could get from other women with low self esteem. That being said, the reaction from Kat was neither of these. She did not slap him silly, and she did not seem interested in him. What DID catch his attention was her comment about her wealth and the ability to keep his job. Caution being the better part of valor, Jonathan decided he had better follow his friend and this oddly powerful woman.

Kat slung her bag over her shoulder and warmly wrapped her arm around Clayton’s arm and the two of them began to walk towards the stern of the ship. Jonathan followed from behind and watched as Kat tilted her head onto Clayton’s shoulder seemingly enjoying his company. Her hourglass figure sashayed back and forth as she walked and Jonathan began to see the value of curves on a real woman. Once again his confidence swelled and he considered if a cougar such as her could handle the trouser snake he had hidden away in his pants. He laughed to himself as they climbed a set of stairs to the upper deck restaurant housed in ship’s fake exhaust funnel.

The three stopped at the door, and a visible look of concern crossed Clayton’s face. “I’m so sorry Kat, but the restaurant is closed until After 11:00”

Jonathan snorted with contempt, “Yeah anyone who can read the itinerary knows that!”

Kat flashed a steely gaze at Jonathan that sent chills down the spine of both young men. The whites of her eyes did not move as she reached into her bag, and produced an electronic key card. With a single, swift motion – Kat swiped the card and the deadbolt of the door clicked open. Her face softened and she flashed her winning smile once again.

“Don’t ever doubt me…” and she entered the large empty dining area with her arms outstretched.

“Boys, this is one of my favorite places on the entire ship…” Her voice echoed in the empty space as she let her fingers flip across the legs of chairs that were all upside down on top of the tables. “It is so public… and yet…private at the same time.”

Kat walked all the way to the rear of the ‘funnel’ where the tinted glass looked out upon the throngs of other cruise passengers and employees.

“You see this is one of the many places on this ship that uses an acrylic additive to the glass that my husband developed. It enables light to come in so you can see everything perfectly, but from the outside the surface appears to be a solid surface.”

“Wait wait wait…” Jonathan said. “You’re telling me your husband come up with the idea of making this funnel a restaurant?”

“Oh honey… you really need to pay more attention…” Kat said as she stuck out her bottom lip in a condescending pout. She walked up very close to Jonathan as she had done earlier and Escort Beylikdüzü began to brush off lint from his shoulders.

“What I said was… my husband makes the material that made this area POSSIBLE.” and with that she once again ran her delicate fingers down Jonathans jaw line and briskly turned to once again face the oblivious passengers. She took hold of the polished wood railing and breathed in deeply, “When they look up here, all they see is the screen where cruise information is displayed along with movies, announcements etcetera.”

She walked over to the curved side where a woman was scolding a small child. “Over here all they can see is what appears to be the steel of the ship’s funnel.”

Jonathan began to put the pieces together in his head about this mystery woman. “So that’s why you’re so chummy with the Captain!” he said.

Kat took several long strides over to Jonathan making sure her cleavage bounced just right. “Oh no sweetie!” she said and stood up on her tiptoes so she could give him a peck on the cheek. “Merrill has no idea who made the stuff… he just knows that this is one of the features that makes his ship unique!” Kat giggled slightly as she could feel a slight protrusion against her belly as she pressed her breasts into him.

“One thing about these young bucks…” she thought to herself, “they are always ready at a moment’s notice.”

She once again turned at the flat area facing out past all the passengers. She looked out upon them all going about their business: the mother trying to ignore her crying child… the husband trying to be sly while he watches young girls frolic in the pool… the old man complaining about the olive in his martini… all of them completely unaware they were being watched. She turned and faced the two young men in her trap.

“Clayton… be a dear and re-lock the door.” Clayton did as he was told.

Jonathan is it? You sit right here.” Kat pointed to a fixed bar stool that was part of a tall table next to the one way glass. Jonathan obeyed and sat where he was told. He was savvy enough to know something was about to happen.

The click of the deadbolts and the illumination of the door lock from green to red was like a switch to Kat’s elegant demeanor. She took off her hat and sent it spinning into the room, while she began to sway back and forth slightly to music only she could hear. Jonathan watched shyly as he made his way back to her side.

“Now Clayton…” she purred, “it looks like you had QUITE a night last night…” Her finger reached up and slowly traced around the bump on his forehead.

“Yeah… I woke up this morning thinking about you, and walloped my head on the ceiling.” Clayton began to blush.

“Ohhhhhhhh tsk tsk tsk” Kat said as she reached up and tilted Clayton’s head down. “You POOR baby!” Kat gently kissed his forehead and took a deep breath so her breasts would heave forward in his viewpoint.

Clayton was thoroughly enjoying the view as he began to fall under Kat’s spell once again. Her breasts heaved forward and were straining mightily against the single string between the cups of her bikini top. He wanted so badly to reach up and take them in his hands, but he was a gentleman and kept his hands to his side.

“We are going to have to upgrade your living quarters then.” Kat purred as she reached down and took hold of Clayton’s trembling hand. She placed his hand on her hip just above the fabric of her bikini bottom, and slowly guided it up her side as she began to kiss him passionately. Kat continued to sway back and forth and grind her body into Clayton’s. She could feel his response and she smiled a devilish grin over to Jonathan – who was frozen in place on his bar stool.

Jonathan had seen what he considered to be lots of things in his young life, but this was a first. He felt like he had stepped into one of the porn videos he watched in his room every night that he was unable to score with a passenger. Although he was not the object of the attention, he was getting quite an eyeful of his friend being seduced by a cougar who was becoming more attractive by the second. He watched as Kat guided Clayton’s hand up to her breast where she squeezed his hand firmly against her soft flesh. The moan that escaped their passionate kisses began to make his own cock swell in his pants. The pressure made him shift uncomfortably in his place as he glanced over to see a passenger fixing her hair in the reflective surface outside… mere inches from Kat and her prey.

The kiss broke between the two lovers, and Kat looked into Clayton’s hungry eyes. “Now Clayton, you are a virgin correct?” Clayton turned 6 shades of red and nodded his head as he stared down at the ground.

Jonathan let out a cruel laugh that cut Clayton straight to the bone, “Whhhhhhhhhat?!?” he exclaimed and continued to laugh hysterically causing his eyes to close.

Before he could take another breath to continue, a sharp and painful sting spread across his cheek, and was quickly followed by the audible sound of a slap echoing through the empty restaurant. Shocked, Jonathan opened his eyes to face Kat who was incensed with rage. Where a seductress had once been, a fearsome figure of authority stood before him.

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