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Ya gotta love a great road trip…

Katie and I had both recently turned twenty-seven years old and had been married for about three years. We met after college and somehow just knew we were right for each other.

We’d been working hard trying to establish a foothold in our separate careers, and finally an opportunity arose for us to take a few days together away from our jobs.

It was early summer and the bright warmth of the sun and clear blue sky helped us make up our minds. We had an urge to head out on the open road to see some new scenery. But where?

We were living in northern Washington State at the time and had headed over to Seattle and the coast for weekend trips in the past. Now we had a few extra days and some lovely early July weather in the forecast, so out came the Google map.

Our SUV was in the shop for some warranty repairs, which was terribly inconvenient, but a mutual friend agreed to loan us his cool, gangsta-style Chrysler 300. It was dark blue and lowered, with big rims and deep-tint windows. The kind of car that’s fun to drive during the day but might get you shot at in most downtown neighborhoods at night.

We made the decision about our trip over a few glasses of wine that evening. The next morning we loaded a couple of lightly packed suitcases and a cooler into the borrowed vehicle and were northbound early. We’d decided on a scenic loop through the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. If we stuck with our schedule by tonight we’d be staying at one of the most beautiful hotel settings in the world, the fabulous Chateau Lake Louise

I was surprised at how quickly we arrived at the Canadian border. The customs guys really gave us the once over as they suspiciously inspected the car, but I got the impression they were more carefully inspecting Katie’s almost inappropriately low-cut summer top. Her more than ample cleavage was beautifully obvious, and had distracted me more than once on just this first short segment of our trip.

Soon the border guards seemed satisfied that we were simply casual tourists on vacation and sent us on our way. As we drove northward along a winding, two-lane secondary highway the terrain became ever more rugged and mountainous, lush forests on one side and wide, deep, lake-filled valleys on the other. Everything was basking in the glorious summer sunshine.

We observed a few camper vans, some motor-homes, some brave souls on marathon touring bicycles, and even a few lonely back-packers walking along on foot.

It was stunning scenery, yet Katie seemed ill-at-ease and fidgety for some reason. I couldn’t help but notice that every bump in the road was being accentuated by the silly low-profile tires which caused her boobs to bounce up and down in a very provocative manner.

I could feel my dick twitching and cramping in my pants. I have a true love of boobies, and hers were so very nice.

“You okay, baby?” I asked.

“Yeah, just kind of uncomfortable.”

“Sorry. This car rides a little rough.” I commented, intending to sound soothing.

“No. It’s not that. I mean, I know it makes my boobs jiggle, especially when I’m not wearing a bra, but I thought you liked that.” She stated with the cutest little smile.

“You know I do.”

“Thanks for that,” she continued, “But it’s other things. I mean, the way those guys at the border were ogling me, staring at my chest… did you notice?”

“Of course I did, babe. Did that upset you?”

“Oh no, not at all. I mean, we’re on vacation. I wanna have fun. I really wanted to pull my top down and flash ’em.”

“Hmm, probably not wise right at the border.”

“Yeah, I know, right?” She giggled, then suggested, “But I could set them free now.”

I nodded with a wide-eyed grin as she quickly crossed her hands, grabbed the waistline of her top and pulled it completely off over her head. Her marvelous melons were totally exposed and her rock-hard nipples pointed skyward, like flowers seeking the sun.

“Fuck you’ve got great tits, Katie!” I exclaimed, thoroughly impressed while trying to stare and drive simultaneously.

She placed her palms under her big boobs and used her thumbs and fore-fingers to tweak her lovely pink nipples. “You like these?” she asked, teasing me wildly.

I was struggling to keep the car between the lines. She smiled and leaned across the center console to give me a kiss on the cheek. She pushed a hand down between my thighs and started sensuously groping my rapidly swelling manhood.

“I’ve got an urge.” She whispered.

I laughed, which seemed to help relieve my distractions given the pressing nature of the moment, and said, “I guess we won’t be making it all the way to that beautiful hotel today as planned.”

“Oh no, we can still get there. I just need… a snack.”

She had my pants undone and was trying to free my increasingly hard dick, but with the low seats and the high console design of this car, things were pretty awkward.

“I Beylikdüzü escort gotta pull over!” I suggested urgently.

Whatever the local rules were about distracted driving, I was pretty sure cruising down the highway with a healthy boner bouncing eagerly against the lower part of your steering wheel was at least a little bit improper. Every mile or two there seemed to be a little pull-out, maybe a forestry access road or something. Thankfully, one soon came into view.

I slowed and pulled gingerly into a cut in the trees, coming to a stop not far off the pavement but mostly out of sight from any traffic. I flipped off my seat belt and tried to wiggle my way out of the driver’s seat. My motions were painfully restricted by the stiffness of my erection.

By the time I was fully standing at the driver’s door, my gorgeous and very bare-breasted wife had come around to meet me. She embraced so we could share a long, probing kiss. Then she pulled back, smiled, and slowly, gracefully slid down my chest and tummy until her knees rested on the soft grass lining this shady little forest trail.

She’d deftly made sure my pants and boxers descended with her and now she was poised to initiate some of her enjoyable and intense oral action on me.

I gasped when she pulled me into her hot mouth. She sucked hard, almost violently, taking me all the way down her throat and working to get that urgent load out of my throbbing cock as quickly as she could. My God she’s amazing!

I tried to distract myself, looking at the beautiful forest canopy and the glimmers of sunshine streaming through. It was working, a little. Her intense cock sucking already had me closer to orgasm than I wanted to be. But it felt so good!

I softly stroked her hair, and she paused to look up and smile at me as she gently sucked each of my balls into her mouth for a brief tongue massage. Then she took me back into her mouth and back down her throat. Fuck, my wife knows how to suck cock!

Then I heard a noise. It was the snapping of a stick or a dried branch on the forest floor. It was close. Please don’t be a bear! I pleaded to my inner God.

It caused a secondary adrenaline rush to surge through me. Katie had heard it, too. She stopped and we both looked around, trying to locate the source of the noise and determine if we needed to make a run for it.

I heard a pleasantly-pitched, almost musical giggle, and a shadow emerged from behind a big nearby tree. Katie and I froze and stared intensely, believing our lives depended on it.

The shadow came forward and was suddenly immersed in sunlight. It was a young female, and she was grinning ear-to-ear.

“Hi guys.” She giggled, “Sorry for interrupting. That looked really… interesting.”

“Uh…uh.” Was all I was thoughtful enough to say. She was beautiful. Flowing long blonde hair, hiking boots, khaki shorts and a backpack. Probably twenty-something.

“Seriously,” she spoke again, “I’m sorry, I could go… but…”

Katie stood and released my dick, which had lost some but certainly not all of its enthusiasm due to this surprising turn of events. She shook her light brown hair over her shoulders and then gave our new friend a quick once-over.

“You’re cute.” Katie stated, very matter-of-factly.

“Thank you,” the pretty blonde said very politely. “My name is Brittni, and I’m a pre-med student just out for some summer fun and travels. I liked what you two were doing there.”

“Come here.” Katie instructed.

Brittni smiled. I always wished us guys could communicate like that. Girls just know. She stepped confidently right up to my wife, and Katie reached out and very gently stroked her face. Then she reached around her shoulders and pushed the straps of her backpack aside. It plopped onto the cool forest grass with a muffled thud.

Katie pulled her a little closer and leaned in to give her a nice kiss. Brittni kissed her back, then raised her hands and began to explore and massage my wife’s over-sized breasts.

“You’ve got really nice, firm tits.” Brittni said, and she was staring at them intensely.

“Did you like what you saw earlier?” Katie asked.

“Yes.” Brittni whispered, making eye contact with Katie and biting her lower lip.

“I wasn’t done.” Katie remarked, then asked, “Care to join me?”

Brittni’s gorgeous young face beamed the most beautiful smile. She nodded, then reached down and pulled her t-shirt and bra off in one smooth motion.

Her perky, B-cup sized boobs were suddenly exposed and her succulent looking dark nipples were erect and so sexy. She massaged her own boobies for a few seconds, then Katie grabbed her hands and pulled them back toward her breasts so she could play with Brittni’s.

The girls moaned as they explored each other’s glorious globes, and I felt my erection recovering with even more urgency than it was filled with before.

Katie turned toward me and pulled Brittni with her, then gave me a kiss and slipped Beylikdüzü escort down onto her knees. Brittni was standing very close, and we looked into one another’s eyes. She smiled, and we kissed. Politely at first, then very deeply and passionately.

She gracefully settled onto her knees beside Katie and they shared a long, probing kiss. I could see some tongue flashing for sure.

Katie stroked my rigid dick as they kissed, then she paused to turn her attention back to me. She took my hardness back into her mouth, then right down her throat so her nose was pressed against the muscles in my stomach.

She released it, gave Brittni another nice kiss, then instructed, “Now you.”

Brittni knew what to do. She massaged my balls and stroked my dick. “Nice.” She commented with a pretty smile.

She took me in and sucked me hard and deep, then offered me back to Katie. The girls switched sucked me a few times, and I was surprised that Brittni could do great deep-throat as well. I was in heaven. A pleasant car ride had turned into a superb switch suck by two super-hot girls. This was epic!

“I gotta come soon!” I exclaimed as the pressure inside me built.

“I love cum.” Brittni stated.

“Me too,” Katie stated, and suggested, “Okay, how about you catch it… but you gotta share.”

“Mmmff-mmff.” Brittni replied as she pushed her chin right to my balls and deep-throated me some more.

I knew she could feel the surges begin as my hips jerked, and she pulled back so my cock head was firmly encompassed by the grip of her hot lips. She stroked my hard shaft and I felt the orgasmic spasms begin.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed as I felt surge after surge of my fresh load pump into her mouth. She didn’t let a single dribble escape.

This was fantastic!

Her cheeks were bulging with my cum and she still held my freshly pleasured cock firmly in her lips.

“Share!” Katie ordered.

Brittni, careful not to spill, slowly released my relaxing dick from her lips. She looked to Katie and they immediately coupled in an urgent and deep kiss. There was tongue and cum swapping, and some groans, and it was beautiful. They both looked so happy.

They took turns sucking my softening cock and seeking any last drops of my juice. Then they’d kiss again and squeeze each other’s tits. I decided I really liked it here in the forest.

My knees were shaking so I sagged down into the driver’s seat and watched the two of them still squatting on their knees, kissing and exploring. It was a glorious sight.

Katie shuddered and vibrated, and I knew she’d just had an orgasm. “Okay, let’s take a break. I need a little breather.”

The girls stood, still pressing together until Katie gently pulled herself away. She leaned in to give me a hug, then asked, “What’s cold in our cooler back there?”

I’d packed an assortment of chilled refreshments on ice, so I rose, squeezed past them and walked to the back of the car, struggling with each step to get my pants pulled up and refastened.

I popped the rear deck lid, unzipped our fridge pack and presented a few choices for the girls.

They were holding hands as they stepped slowly toward me. Neither one had put her top back on, and they both seemed totally comfortable to have their beautiful breasts exposed. Maybe they were communing with nature like a couple of woodland fairies. I liked the view.

The girls chose a light beer, while I grabbed a power-aide since there were still lots of miles to cover. We leaned against the back of the car and talked. I thanked Brittni for not actually being a bear or other dangerous forest dwelling creature.

Brittni told us she actually preferred to be called Britt. She had a couple of weeks away from her grueling class load back in California and she’d flown up to Vancouver to do a hitch-hiking, camping vacation. She decided this area offered safety and natural beauty with its awe-inspiring forests and national parks.

She was heading the same direction as us, and readily agreed when I suggested she was more than welcome to ride with us to the alpine resort town of Lake Louise. The two girls chatted endlessly as I drove through the amazing mountain scenery and it seemed they were getting along very well.

The sun was nearing the horizon when we arrived at our hotel. The setting was unbelievable, and the view of towering mountains dropping directly into the emerald, glacial blue of the lake was simply spell-binding.

The three of us wandered through the expansive lobby of this classic old hotel until we got to the front desk. They courteously asked for my reservation details, but I certainly didn’t want to make Britt feel awkward or obligated.

“You’re welcome to stay the night with us, Britt.” I commented.

“Thank you,” she replied, “Actually, Katie and I already worked that out, if you don’t mind.”

“Definitely not a problem,” I responded, then turned my attention back to the dapperly attired Escort Beylikdüzü check-in attendant, “Would we need to get a cot in the room so it will sleep three?”

“You may not actually need a cot, sir. Our beds are very large. There should be plenty of room for you two and your… umm… niece.” He stated with a subtle, playful tone in his voice.

“Very understanding of you.”

He smiled and said, “Happens more often than one would think. Here’s your key and room number. Have an excellent evening and please call immediately if you require any additional services.”

That had been some insightful customer service. I grabbed our luggage while Britt tugged on her backpack and soon we were off the elevator, down the hall and inside our upper floor room overlooking the lake and glacier capped mountains. It was stunning.

We opened the patio doors to take in the fresh mountain air and admire the view. There was a knock on the door and I was greeted by a young man dressed in neat black pants, a white tuxedo type jacket and bow tie. He was pushing a white-cotton covered silver cart, adorned by a large bouquet of flowers in a crystal vase. I had done a little pre-ordering as a gift to Katie, including a chilled bottle of Champagne on ice.

Someone in guest services must have wisely decided to increase the quantity. A very over-sized bottle was delivered on our behalf. Extremely thoughtful. Then again, considering the price of a room here during the summer season, such terrific service might be expected. My tip to the server was generously appropriate.

The cork popped from the bottle with minimal fuss and soon Champagne was poured for the three of us as we watched the spectacular Rocky Mountain sunset.

“Should we each grab a shower before we head down for dinner?” I asked the ladies.

Katie chucked back her glass of bubbly, then grinned and said, “Great idea! Come on, Britt.”

She grasped Britt’s hand and pulled her toward the spacious marble lined bathroom. Britt didn’t resist. My wife quickly stripped off her top and shorts, then stepped behind the clear glass shower wall and reached for the taps. In a few seconds she had both big, ceiling mounted shower heads spraying clear, steamy water.

Katie stood naked under the caress of the flowing water and by way of curling and rolling her index finger, signaled Britt to come join her. In mere seconds Britt’s clothes were completely off and her hiking boots came flying out the open bathroom door and landed in the middle of the sitting area.

She quickly rinsed the days sweat off her body and then grabbed Katie in a huge, tight breast-to-breast hug. They kissed, and they stroked each others faces. Katie leaned in and massaged and suckled Britt’s lovely tits, then slowly kissed her way lower until she was on her knees in the shower.

The warm water flowed over the two of them as Katie reached around and grabbed Britt’s ass cheeks. She pulled Britt forward and jammed her face right into her shaved, young pussy.

Britt moaned and I could see my wife’s tongue probing into Britt’s hot slit. She licked her clit, and Britt was shuddering, already close to orgasm. Katie raised Britt’s left foot on to the built-in marble seat so that her crotch was open wide.

She pressed her face and tongue deep into Britt’s fully accessible pussy. She licked and sucked her beautiful pink parts and Britt had an intense, vibrating orgasm.

“Holy fuck!” she shouted as she climaxed, and there appeared to be a powerful squirt of pussy juice in addition to all the streaming water cascading over them.

Katie exclaimed, “I fuckin’ love that!”

Britt was supporting all of her hundred-or-so pounds on only one leg, and it almost buckled when she came. She pulled away to regain her balance, leaned way down to give Katie a firm kiss, then said, “Now you.”

She stood and pulled Katie up with her, spun her around and said, “Bend over the bench.”

Katie leaned so she was facing the corner of the shower and her butt was aimed toward the middle. Britt sunk to her knees and spread Katie’s cheeks wide open. She explored her anus with her fingers, then massaged her butt hole with her thumb. Katie groaned and grunted.

Britt turned her face and flashed me the nicest smile, then extended the middle fingers on each of her hands. She gently but steadily pushed one finger into my wife’s tailpipe and the other deep into her pussy.

Katie squealed in delight as Britt finger fucked both of her lower orifices enthusiastically, and soon she shuddered with an intense, quivering orgasm.

Britt withdrew her fingers and gave my wife a few seconds to recover. Next she grabbed her perky ass cheeks, spread them wide and dove face-first into Katie’s raised butt and exposed pussy. Britt displayed an impressively long and strong tongue as she eagerly licked and probed Katie’s vagina and butt-hole causing her to experience yet another outstanding orgasm.

Fuck, I could watch this all night.

The girls stood to take a break. They hugged and kissed, and for a while just stared into each others eyes like long-lost, star crossed lovers.

“Let’s get out of the shower before we start to prune up.” Katie suggested.

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