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I thank everyone who took the time to vote for my last submission. The feedback I received was very encouraging and I hope you all enjoy this story as much. Please take those couple of extra seconds to vote so that I’ll know whether the story is hitting the right note with the readers.

The divorce had been anything but amicable. After 20 years of marriage Dave had dumped me for his secretary’s 21 year old daughter. It had all come out in the wash; Dave had been having an affair or rather on tap sex with his secretary.

I of course knew Jane, who was only 3 or 4 years younger than me and perhaps I’m slightly biased in saying I didn’t personally think she was all that. During his two year fling with her he had also met her daughter and the little tramp had started a relationship with him in the full knowledge that her own mother was fucking him. When I asked him why he drifted in the first place, he had been what he considered candid about the whole situation. It basically ended with the bastard blaming me for everything,

“You were always working, tired, that time of month or had a headache, Jane never refused, it was whenever where ever, the office, park her place, hotel anywhere and every where. She always made sure I always had a good time and somewhere to stick my cock, things you’d never even think of doing even after you’d had a few drinks to loosen up she was more than willing to do.

Then Sammy came back from university and opened my eyes to a hell of a whole lot more, she’s even hotter than her mum in the sack and loves a good fuck. She’s also young, she’s only 21, pretty and intelligent, loves me, will do whatever she’s told and has a fantastic body; well you’ve seen that for your self and she didn’t have any hang ups about sharing me with her mum, in fact she told me it turned her on. Some nights I’d fuck Jane then get the urge for some more and Sammy would be ready and willing in the next room. With you I always had to make so much effort it was sometimes not worth the aggravation.”

If I’d loathed him before our tête-à-tête I hated him and despised him even more after. In a sense I suppose I should have been grateful to get rid of him but 20 years with him, 18 of which I thought we were perfectly happy and during which I had loved him body and soul made things hard for me.

The last two years of our marriage had been awkward but I had thought it was to do with my longer hours at the office after my big promotion and those we would overcome it. I never suspected or dreamt the reason our relationship had become so difficult was down to his affairs. I should in reality have been grateful that we didn’t have any children, due to his low sperm count, and had not yet got around to adopting as we wanted to be financially secure first. When we finally shared the spoils after the separation, I ended up with the house, a substantial part of our savings and the dog plus I still had a career in the publishing sector.

Once Dave had gone for good I felt it was time to make a new start. I begun with the house, decorating it in a very modern style and spent a substantial amount doing it, after all I now had the money.

When the house was finished I turned my attention to myself, at 39 I didn’t think I was that bad. Standing naked in front of the full length bedroom mirrors I was fairly pleased with the reflection I saw, 5’ 9”, 34DD/28/37, 148 pounds, maybe a few pounds over weight and some looseness in places, as I never exercised, both of which I decided could easily be remedied. Facially I was still pretty, no wrinkles, deep grey blue eyes, a thin petite straight nose, nice rounded face with good bone structure, well curved cheeks, a slightly larger than average mouth, with thick lips with a tiny curl, long dark lashes and naturally thin eyebrows that needed little plucking. I was a brunet but on the lighter side, with long wavy hair. I made mental notes for myself as to what was needed.

Two months later I had another self examination and was very happy with the results, I had lost 20 pounds, my muscles were now visibly firmer and tighter thanks to regular visits to the gym and pool. I was now 35DD/26/35 and having cut my hair short, the hairdresser had been right, I looked several years younger. I had also bought a whole new wardrobe, more colourful and sexier than my previous clothes. I even spoiled myself and splashed out on some nice silky feminine underwear, including suspender belts, garters and thongs which surprisingly made me feel sexier and more feminine.

Analyzing a few of the things Dave had said I realised just how deep they had cut, especially the ones relating to my attitude towards sex. I had always thought we had had a good sex life but from what Dave had said I was very wrong. Then again as Dave had been my one and only lover I was sure that he should take some of the responsibility for my repressed attitude towards sex. Anyway until Jane I was sure I had been his only sex partner and he had been happy enough with me for 18 years so what the hell was he trying to tell me now?

After my new makeover I noticed that the Trabzon Escort men at the office were paying me much more attention, I was getting regular invites for drinks, dinner and even clubs but as most of the men in the office were on the whole pretty dull, old or married I wasn’t interested. It all changed when Philip came on the scene.

Philip was about 26, 6’2” tall, 180 pounds with a muscular physic. His mother was English and his father Italian or Greek or something like that. He had jet black curly hair and green eyes a roman nose, which at some time had been broken, and a strong jaw. All in all he was a handsome young man, charming, polite and full of life.

The girls in the typing pool were crazy about him and conversations they had with him inevitably became full of sexual innuendo, I knew as I had heard him talking to a couple of them in reception. On a couple of occasions I had also unavoidably ease dropped on the girls from the typing pool in the ladies. From what I had heard it was obvious that he had managed to bed several girls in his first couple of months with us, all of whom seemed to still be on very good terms with him and would have enjoyed more of his services given half the chance.

Philip and I had been introduced when he first joined the Company and I had thought him very charming, self assured and quite a hunk but had never done more than just say a hello or good morning in the foyer when I saw him, as we were on different floors.

On this particular day I was going through some records of one of our writers and I found that I needed some paper work from the store room but my assistant had taken the day off to go to the dentist. I thought that by the time I explained what I needed to one of the messengers I might as well go down to the basement and fetch it myself.

Getting out of the lift in the basement I walked down the long corridor to the store room fumbling with the keys until I found the right one and entered the room closing the door behind me. The lights were already on; someone had obviously forgotten to switch them off. I thought what a waste as the store room was rarely used so god knows how many days the lights had been left on.

As I stood there trying to remember in which cabinet the file I needed would be in I heard some heavy breathing, curious and without taking time to really think about it I walked towards the sound. What I saw was completely unexpected and I froze on the spot.

Philip was standing up at the end of the room his trousers around his ankles while a girl, it looked very much like the new young 19 year old from accounts, Rebecca, was kneeling in front of him. His cock, the biggest I had ever seen, in her mouth as she gobbled him with obvious pleasure making slurping sounds as her head moved back and forward until he eventually held her blonde head with his big hands and begun thrusting in and out of her mouth while her hands fondled his big balls.

“Oh yes baby that’s feels so good, you like my big cock don’t you, you little cock hungry bitch? Well I’m going to fuck your tight cunt good with it my beautiful little slut. Oh yeah that’s nice lick it with your tongue oh yeah baby suck me it feels so good.”

Rebecca was obviously enjoying herself as she slurped and sucked greedily on his meat, one of her hands had shot up her short dress and I could see from the movement of her arm and the fabric of the dress that she was frantically feeling up her own pussy.

They were far too busy to notice my presence and perhaps I should have left but I had an uncontrollable urge to stay and watch more. I crept silently behind two of the tall filling cabinets from where I could watch the proceedings, unnoticed, through a tiny gap between the two my eyes glued to the scene just a few feet in front of me.

Philip had now grabbed hold of Rebecca lifting her up in his strong muscular arms, the biceps of which seemed ready to burst through his shirt, and sat her on a small desk that was so close I could have almost touched it if not for the cabinets. He lifted her dress to her waist as she laid back, her legs dangling over the edge of the table. The tiny blue knickers she still had on were to one side of her clean shaven pussy and were already visibly drenched with her juices. I watched as he moved his head down to her sex and his tongue begun to lick up and down her swollen labia, he stopped briefly to suck two of his long thick fingers which he then proceeded to push into her opening as she begun bucking against them all the while whimpering and urging him for more.

My own cunt felt as though it was on fire and would at any moment spontaneously combust but for my juices dampening the flames. My own panties were becoming soaked and my hand instinctively made its way to my own fuck hole, I used my other hand to lift my dress up and put my hand inside my white silk knickers. I begun to play with my pussy inserting one then another and finally a third finger inside my juice filled tight hole thrusting in and out hard while my eyes remained glued to the proceedings in front of me. Trabzon Escort Bayan I couldn’t remember the last time I had been so turned on or the last time I had played with my own vagina. I was sure I hadn’t done it for at least 20 years if not more and not having been fucked for at least 6 maybe more months I was really horny and ready to explode any minute. My pussy was maintaining a constant stream of juice, so that even though I was using three fingers they seemed to slide in and out with ease.

“I love a clean shaved cunt, I’m going to eat you until you cum in my mouth then I’m going to fuck you hard you little cock teasing slut, would you like that?”

Philip had three fingers inserted deep inside Rebecca’s pussy and was watching them intently as he moved them in and out of her squelching fuck hole.

“Ahhhh..yesss..yess…please make me cum..then fuck meee..ahhh..with your big cock…please…ohhh yesss…I’d love that..huge cock to fuckkkk me.”

The more I watched the more turned on I became needing to bite hard on my hand to stop my screams of self induced pleasure as my fingers thrust deep inside my quivering quim and I looked down to watch them as they squeezed inside me soaked with my own secretions .

Looking through the gap the scene had changed, Philip had pushed Rebecca’s legs up and she now held them by the ankles as he begun licking her arse, at first I couldn’t believe that was in fact what he was actually doing, it seemed so unnatural. Then, as though he had somehow telepathically read my mind, he stood up and moved to the side and I had a perfect view as his tongue lapped at her light brown starry pucker until it glistened with his saliva and the juices that had run down from her pussy. Philip then begun to poke the tiny hole in the centre with his tongue as she moaned loudly pulling her own legs further back and spread them further apart to give him better access. I at first found it a bit off putting but the more I watched and thought about it the more erotic I found the act.

Needless to say Dave and I had never done anything like this, although Dave had asked me several times towards the end of our marriage for anal sex, to which I had told him in no uncertain terms not as long as we live or words to that effect. Thinking about it now, it was obvious that both Jane and her daughter must have been happy or at least willing enough to oblige him and I now found myself wondering what it was like to take a cock inside that tiny little hole and how much it had to hurt, especially one the size of the cock I could see sticking straight up hard and erect just in front of me .

Philip’s head was in between Rebecca’s thighs sucking on her cunt both hands out of view, the movements of his arms and shoulders indicating that he was fucking her with his hands while eating her with his mouth. He moved back briefly and I could see he was using one hand to hold her pussy wide open while finger fucking her with three fingers of the other. I was close enough to see that she had a small clit, well smaller than mine anyway, which every so often Dave’s thumb would reach up to rub hard resulting in her squealing with pleasure.

Philip pulled his fingers out of her cunt and I could see the thick juices which coated them before his fingers disappeared inside his mouth only to reappear seconds later sucked completely clean. He then coated them with his oral juices and inserted them back inside her chute thrusting them deep and hard then pulling them out and offering them to her. Rebecca instantly opened her mouth moving her head upwards to suck them clean of her on juices; the sight was so erotic I almost came there and then and I think he must have found it as erotic as I did as his cock seemed to jerk.

Philip now pushed the three fingers back inside her tight pussy, beginning to fuck her with them while he took the middle finger of his other hand to his mouth coating it liberally with saliva and moving it down beneath her to the vicinity of her arse while bending his head down to her cunt again. Suddenly Rebecca let out a stifled scream.

“Oooohhh…god…yesss…goddd…it…god..I can’t believe your doing that……pushhh ittt..deeepppeerrr”

“You like getting your tight little arse finger fucked you little slut, well you’ll love it even more when my cock gets inside it but we’ll leave that for another day when we have more time and some KY so we can really enjoy it.”

My god he had stuck that huge finger up her tiny arse hole and she loved it enough to ask for more. I moved my hand from my mouth to my clit and began to rub the little knob furiously as I bit my lower lip to stop myself whimpering. Rebecca’s ecstatic scream seemed to echo in the big room as she climaxed.





I looked on as Philip moved , his huge 9 1/2” Escort Trabzon long thick cock in his hand as he positioned himself then begun thrusting in and out of her tight cunt almost immediately, his arse moving back and forward rhythmically while he let out grunts of satisfaction with each thrust. Rebecca was now bucking her body against his tool as she climaxed again her head shaking from side to side wildly with sheer wanton abandonment. Her ear piercing screams echoing in the big room.

The sound of sexual gratification and the sight of them fucking wildly caused me to finally erupt like never before, my cunt seemed to just explode like a hot water geezer my cum actually shooting out like a mans ejaculation, the warm liquid soaking my fingers and drenching my already wet knickers. My tight cunt muscles squeezed around my fingers in a vice like grip while my pussy throbbed. I became dizzy almost passing out with the strength of my orgasm. Keeping quite was almost impossible but I didn’t want to be discovered, I could imagine the comments: the dirty old frosty cow from the fiction writers section isn’t getting any so she spies on other people so she can masturbate herself. So I bit down hard on my lower lip virtually making it bleed in order to stop the scream that would have otherwise escaped my lips.

I continued to watch as Philip continued to fuck her for what seemed like ages before he gave a huge groan as he released his load inside Rebecca’s pretty pussy sending her over the edge yet again as she held him tight her body trembling with the impact. Once he had finished depositing his seed inside her young cunt, Philip stood back his handsome face made even more so with a huge smile of satisfaction plastered across it.

“Becky come down here and let Tom know how much you enjoyed him, we don’t want to put him away all wet and sticky do we? Then he might not want to come out to play with us again.”

“Well I can’t have that can I not when his pleased me so very much and when you’ve promised to introduce him to my arse hole.”

Their friendly banter was in a way quite funny but it didn’t escape me that she actually wanted the huge monster to violate her arse at some time and was happy to say so. I watched her as she slid down from the table. My eyes now on the pretty facial features of the young blonde as she took the semi erect cock in her hands. The fleshy python although only semi erect was still huge and looked as if it had been dipped in sugary water syrup as it dripped with a combination of her cum and his spunk. Rebecca pulled it to her stuffing it inside her mouth as she begun to hungrily guzzle down the aftermath of their passion. Her small rounded face looking up at him as if asking for approval.

I now had a chance to study her; she was petite only 5’ 4”, 34B/24/34 and about 112 pounds. I had to admit she was a very pretty little thing, blonde with short fuzzy hair, making it stick up and out in tight curls. She had light blue eyes which were still glazed over with lust, a small thin mouth and a button nose and a pale almost white complexion, her eyebrows had been carefully plucked into two very thin lines and she had naturally long eyelashes. She seemed tiny against this huge man as she greedily sucked on his cock while kneeling in front of him sounds of sheer gratification escaping her busy mouth while he murmured encouragement.

When she was done Rebecca gave the cock a gentle kiss before finally standing up. Philip bent down to her kissing her hard and passionately on the mouth his cock was becoming erect but he must have decided it was time to get back to work as he begun pulling his trousers up.

“Thanks Phil that was so hot, the best ever can we do again please, no ties promise?” She looked at him grinning.

“We can and we will Becky, you were very good and I’d like to fuck your tight little arse are you sure no one has it yet?”

“You’ll be the very first Phil I swear but you have such a massive cock are you sure I’ll be alright after.”

“Yes baby, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, you know that and I know you’ll like it. You loved my finger didn’t you?”

I couldn’t believe how open she was about the whole thing, almost begging him to fuck her again the horny little bitch.

“Yeah I loved your finger in my arse it felt so good while you fingered my pussy. I think that’s what made me cum like I did it was just awesome.”

The dirty little slut began giggling as they walked towards the exit while I quietly moved to the side of the cabinet to avoid detection.

I eventually got back to my desk but couldn’t get on with any work as I replayed the scene time and time again inside my head. Now I was able to see just how dull my lovemaking with Dave had been. It always followed the same pattern. We’d get into bed kiss a couple of times and then his hand would move under the covers and under my nightdress to my pussy. I never wore knickers in bed. Then he would finger me a few times until I became wet then he’d caress my clit a couple of times. The covers would then come off and I’d obediently go down to his cock and begin to suck, sometimes after a few sucks he would cum in my mouth and that would be that. Otherwise he would stop me when he was nearing and I’d lay flat on my back and help him get his cock inside my pussy, a few thrusts and that would be it until next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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