Holiday Breakdown

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It was 4:37 AM when Brandon crossed the street and arrived at the shopping center. The sky was dark, and the weather was bitingly cold, but nearly every parking space he passed was occupied. Thanksgiving had only just passed the day before, but as he ventured closer to the plaza, eerie Christmas music could be heard echoing up from the sidewalk from some well intentioned landscape speakers. The trees, as well as a few shrubs, were covered in warm white lights that cut through the early morning gloom, and various holiday decorations hung from the lightposts above.

Brandon tried not to groan. The lights and decorations had been up for weeks, but he’d been hoping that the holiday music would be postponed until at least the first of December.

To anyone passing by, Brandon would have looked like a disgruntled college sophomore with a decidedly scrooge-like expression. They wouldn’t have been wrong in assuming that he was unimpressed with the decorations or the music, but neither were the reason he was feeling so grumpy.

The sun hadn’t even risen and Brandon was already having a terrible day. He’d driven three hours to have Thanksgiving with his family the day before, only to be lectured by nearly everyone about what he was doing wrong with his life. Nothing was ever good enough for his family; his mother gave him a hard time for not having a girlfriend while his dad hassled him about getting a better job. He’d been forced to stay late, even though they knew he had to work early the following day, then he had to make the drive back, and by the time he got home and settled in he’d had maybe two hours of sleep.

On top of that, he’d received an automated email an hour before that had informed him that he needed to be reevaluated for his student loans. He’d skimmed it on his phone, and as far as he could tell, they were saying something about him needing to pay more. As it was, he was barely getting by, and the thought of having to pay even a little more made him want to vomit.

So, he trudged staunchly forward and tried to push it all to the back of his head as he turned a corner.

His eyes were met with the sight of hundreds of people waiting in line. Nearly every storefront in the square had at least a dozen people waiting in front of it. Most of them were chattering away and laughing while others were obviously trying not to fall asleep or freeze to death.

Brandon grunted as he came closer to the building he needed to get into. At least fifty people or so were lined up in front of it, and Brandon sighed heavily as he stared at the weather worn sign hanging over the door. The sign read: Menley’s Toys and games.

He gave a forlorn glance at the front door, and decided that it would better if he used the side door. Moving further to the back of the line, he attempted to charge through the line when he heard someone shout to his right.

“Hey man, you can’t just cut in line!”

Brandon grit his teeth as as he did his best to quell a wave of agitation. He turned toward the voice and saw an overly concerned thirty something man with a large bald spot, “I’m not cutting in line, I’m trying to get into the building; I work here.”

The thirty something man gave him a suspicious look before grinning, “Oh yeah? You gonna open the doors early so we can get in?”

“Nope,” Brandon said apathetically as he fumbled for his keys. His hands were beginning to feel numb from the cold, and it took far longer for him to produce them than he would have liked.

“Why don’t you ask your manager to let us in early, it’s freezing out here,” the balding man whined as Brandon slipped the key into the lock.

“I am the manager, and he says no. We open at seven,” Brandon said in irritation as he unlocked the door. The key stuck in the lock, and he grimaced as he pulled on it hard. The key gave way after he wiggled it several times, and as it he pulled it out, it scraped against his cuticle and cut him slightly.

“Aw, c’mon, why can’t you…”

Brandon ignored the man as he slipped inside and slammed the door behind him.

He flipped the light switch and looked down at his finger, “Freaking hell,” he muttered as he opened and closed his hands to alleviate some of the stiffness. Afterwards, he looked up and immediately wished that he hadn’t. Several rows of boxes were stacked high and wide in the middle of the back room. All of them were full of Black Friday merchandise, and nearly all of them would need to be put out in less than two hours. He was just about to wonder how he would possibly get it all done in time when his phone buzzed.

He fished it out of his pocket and looked down at it. It was his co-worker, Yolanda, Hey, I’m really really sorry, the bus is super late, I probably won’t be there until five fifteen. I’ll try to get there as soon as I can!

Brandon scowled at the text message and tried not to break his phone screen as he pecked hard at the touch screen, ok.

As soon as he hit canlı bahis send, he felt a twinge of guilt at having given her such a short reply, but he shoved his feelings aside and went straight to the coffee machine. He dug through the supply of drink pods in the drawer beside the sink and was astounded to find that the only coffee to be found we decaf.

“You’ve gotta be shitting me!” He said loudly as he looked again. The second time yielded the same result; there was a plethora of tea, hot chocolate and cider, but not a single coffee pod that wasn’t decaf. Angrily, he snatched up a hot chocolate pod and crammed it into the machine, hoping that the sugar might help wake him up a bit.

Several minutes later, Brandon was tearing through the boxes and haphazardly throwing packing material everywhere. The merchandise inside of the boxes was nothing to get excited about, most of it was cheap garbage that Mr. Menley had ordered specifically for the fateful shopping day, but as the young man unboxed the generic toys he began to feel more and more irate.

His thoughts turned to the old man that owned the toy story. The whole reason that he was even in his current mess was because Mr. Menley didn’t want to pay him extra to come in overnight. It would have given him a perfect excuse to miss Thanksgiving with his family, as well as a bit of extra pocket change, but the old shop owner was far too greedy. He’d insisted that Brandon could get the work done the morning of, but for every box that Brandon opened, there seemed to be two more that he hadn’t.

What was more, is that Menley was on an extended vacation, so he wouldn’t even be around for the busiest time of the season. Since the week of Thanksgiving was already a paid holiday week, the miserly store owner hadn’t scheduled enough hours to cover black Friday, and Brandon would be alone with Yolanda until another of their co-workers showed up at nine.

By the time Brandon had opened half the boxes, his irritation had turned to a venomous bitterness. He glanced out the back room door toward the front windows and was upset (though not surprised) that even more people were waiting in line.

His phone buzzed again, and he wrestled it out of his pocket. It was Mr. Menley.

Good morning, my boy, I hope everything is well and that you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Is everything going alright?

Brandon’s eyebrow twitched, “Go to hell, Menley,” he said as he replied, everything is fine, sir, thanks. I can’t really talk right now, got tons of work to do, have a good vacation. “Asshole,” he added to the end of the sentence, not in text, of course, before he hit send.

A few seconds later, his phone buzzed again, “The fuck do you want, old man!?” Brandon snapped at his phone as he pulled up the fresh text.

Yes of course, apologies. Don’t forget to wear the uniform I gave you. It’s a Menley tradition! 🙂

Brandon clenched his jaw as he stared at the smiley face, “I’ll tell you where you can put your uniform and your fucking emojis…” he says through clenched teeth as he replied, yup, I’ve already got it on.

He didn’t, but he knew that the old man would find out one way or another if he failed to don the ridiculous outfit. There were many lifelong residents in the town, the majority of whom were friends with the shop owner. Some gossiping, chain smoking, bridge playing old lady was bound to see him without it, and would no doubt go out of her way to tell Mr. Menley in lavished detail.

Brandon grabbed his backpack and headed for the restroom, “Of all the goddamn stupid, idiot things…” his mumbling was cut off as he slammed the door.

It was ten after five when Brandon stepped out in his holiday uniform. Over his plain white t-shirt, he wore a light green vest with bright red buttons. The vest ended at his waist and was cut in deep V’s at the bottom to accentuate the matching shoes, which were the same color and comically curved upwards at the the toes. Over his hair, Brandon wore a headband that covered his ears slightly and made them appear pointed, and overall he looked like a very convincing, albeit oversized, elf.

Brandon, however, did not feel like an elf. In that moment, he hated himself and he hated everyone who was lined up at the door. In reality, he didn’t really hate anyone, but his sour mood was beginning to ferment into something that he was having a difficult time keeping at bay.

Before he could commiserate on how ridiculous his outfit was, his phone buzzed.

It was Yolanda, Hey, should I come in through the side door? I’m five minutes away.

Yeah, I’ll open it for you, He replied with a sigh.

Afterwards, he glanced up at all trash that was strewn about the floor and went about the task of gathering it up. Within a minute, he finished stuffing it in the trash can and proceeded to carry the new merchandise out to the sales floor.

As he stacked the merchandise, he try tried to ignore the people that were staring bahis siteleri at him through the window. As he began to build a pyramid out of board games, he heard so someone knocking on the window. He winced and kept working, but the knocking became louder. He inhaled deeply and looked up to see a woman with puffy blue lips and bags under her eyes. She beckoned him over, and he hesitantly stood and approached the window, all the while thinking that he should have continued to ignore her.

“Hey, are you guys opening early?” She shouted through the thick glass.

Brandon did little to hide his look of distaste for the question. He shook his head.

“Why not?! It’s cold out here!” She pleaded with him.

“No one is making you wait in line, you stupid bitch,” he murmured under his breath as he turned away.

His phone buzzed in his pocket then and he went wide eyed, “Aw, shit,” he said as he made a beeline for the back door. He’d forgotten all about Yolanda, and she was probably waiting for him at the door.

Sure enough, as he skittered into the back room, someone was pounding on the door. He opened it quickly and stepped aside as his co worker pushed through.

“Geez, Brandon, I’ve been out there for like six minutes!” The girl huffed as she slammed the door behind her with her rump. Her face was bundled tightly with a thick scarf, and in her hand she held a paper cup.

Brandon was nearing his limit, and hearing her her yell at him nearly pushed him over the edge. He glanced at the cup in her hand and scowled angrily, “So you’re late but you had time to get yourself a drink,” he said coldly.

The young woman was in the process of peeling the scarf off her face, and she ripped the second half of the material away from her neck as she flashed a look up at him, “This is for you!” She shoved the drink toward him, “The bus was late and I had to kill some time anyway, asshole,” she charged past him after letting go of the drink. Brandon barely caught it as he turned to see her kick the bathroom door open.

A stab of guilt shot through him, but he clenched his fist as he looked down at the coffee. His relationship with Yolanda was confusing enough for him, but he was in no mood to deal with any of that. Secretly, Brandon had always thought that Yolanda was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, and she was both the sweetest and most caring person he’d ever known. Despite that, he’d always treated her coldly, if only to distance himself from her. She had a boyfriend, and he was technically her boss, so he told himself regularly that it was in his best interest to keep it professional with her.

None of that, however, did anything to alleviate his guilt. He knew he was acting like an asshole, but the realization only made him angrier. More than anything he wanted the day to be over, and if that meant that he had to be the biggest douchebag he could possibly be, then he was willing to accept that.

He took a slow, careful sip of the now lukewarm coffee and set in on the counter before continuing his work.

It was 5:39 when Yolanda came out of the restroom. Brandon glanced at her as she entered the sales room. She was wearing a plain white sweater and jeans, and hadn’t changed into her uniform, but he thought that she looked amazing. Her eyes were red and puffy, and it was obvious that she’d been crying, but he said nothing as she stoically grabbed stacks of toys and carried them out to merchandise.

The two worked in silence for nearly an hour. Sooner than he’d thought, most all of the special merchandise was out, and only a few extra boxes of product remained in the back. In that time, Brandon’s emotions hadn’t stabilized at all, if anything, he was feeling even more erratic.

He knew that he needed to apologize to Yolanda, but he didn’t know how, so instead, he approached her and quietly muttered, “Hey… you should change into your uniform… Mr. Menley has already asked about it.”

The young woman didn’t make eye contact with him as she grabbed her backpack and headed back into the bathroom.

Brandon checked the time and sighed heavily. They’d managed to get everything important done in time, and though there were still a few finishing touching he could have made, he had zero motivation to do anything but the minimum. Soon, he would have to unlock the doors and allow himself to be stampeded with frozen shoppers who allegedly thought that getting in early would be worth the wait. He took up a remote that was sitting on the break room table and clicked on the receiver that was sitting on top of one of the cabinets. A second later, Jingle Bell Rock emanated from the small speakers that were set up into the ceiling throughout the store.

He meandered over to the counter and took up the beverage that Yolanda had brought him. It was cold, but it still tasted wonderful, and his hands began to shake as he sipped it slowly. He stood there for several minutes, knowing full well that bahis şirketleri he could warm the drink if he wanted, but feeling as if he deserved to drink it cold.

Then, behind him, the door clicked open.

He turned and watched Yolanda step out of the restroom. A queasy feeling came over him, followed by confusion, then several seconds of excited nausea. Yolanda looked incredible. The outfit looked as amazing on her as it did absurd on him, and his mouth fell open before he even knew what was happening. Her brown skin glowed in the stark fluorescent light overhead, and for a moment he saw spots around her. She was a short girl, and she was teased for being slightly overweight, but Brandon thought she was perfect. Her generous bustline strained against the tight green vest, the red buttons barely holding together. At her waist, she wore a pleated green mini skirt that had tiny bells sewn onto each frill. Beneath the skirt she wore white leggings, and of course, the token curled shoes. Like him, she was also wearing the ears, but they only seemed to add to her current mystique.

A single, terrible, selfish thought came over Brandon as he stared at her. It was the culmination of many emotions that he’d been struggling with, and the last twenty four hours were bearing down on him like an insurmountable weight.

I will never have her, He heard himself say inwardly as he took a deep breath. It was a pathetic, pitiable realization, but it felt epiphanic. He wanted to hold her and to apologize to her; he wanted to make her scream and bring her more pleasure than she’d ever felt in her life, and he wanted to do all of it at the same time. But none of those things would happen, and none of them ever would.

“Brandon…” The young woman stared back at him with a look of concern on her face, “Are you okay?”

Brandon felt hot tears rolling down his cheeks. He blinked several times as he furrowed his brow. He shook his head once as he balled his fists, “No… I’m not okay, Yolie.”

Yolanda’s concern turned to a mixture of fear and confusion, “Brandon… what’s wrong?”

There was nothing he could do to stop himself. never in his life had he experienced what was happening to him, and in that moment he understood exactly what a nervous breakdown felt like. “Everything is wrong,” he said slowly as he threw his head back and laughed. He allowed his tears to flow freely as he squeezed his eyes tightly, “I might not be able to afford college anymore, I’m working a shitty job and eating ramen every night, and my family thinks I’m a failure!” He gestured to her with another laugh as he opened his eyes and chuckled, “I have to work with you almost everyday and pretend that I don’t think you’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and I’m so tired when I go home at night that I don’t even have energy to masturbate!” He shook his head and wiped his eyes as he laughed. He didn’t care what Yolanda thought, because it wouldn’t matter either way. “My co workers hate me because they think I’m getting paid more than they are for being a manager,” he crossed his arms and grinned sardonically, “You know how much more I make than you, Yolie? Fifty fucking cents more an hour. You know how I got the job? It’s because Mr. Menley is an old school misogynistic bastard who doesn’t want to entrust a key to the store to a woman! I can’t get another job because this was the only place I could find that would work with my schedule, and even if I wanted to, I’m not qualified to do shit!”

Yolanda stared at her supervisor with wide eyes. After Brandon had finished, the corners of her mouth turned down and her face darkened, “You think you’re the only one who’s got it bad?” She asked flatly as her eyes began to well with fresh tears.

The question caught Brandon off guard and sobered him considerably as he swallowed hard.

“At least you’re passing your classes, I’ll be lucky if skate by in most of them with a C,” her voice wavered as she grit her teeth. “My grandma died a week ago and the only thing my family cares about is who gets her shit!” Yolanda screamed suddenly as her eyes filled with rage. “I just found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me for weeks with my sister and I’m so sick about it that I haven’t eaten in three fucking days, Brandon!” She screamed once more as she took a step toward him. “Do you think I want to be here, dressed like this, selling shit toys from China to these morons who have literally nothing better to do?!” She pointed at the doorway that led to the sales floor as she walked forward. “I’m sorry that you’re having a shitty morning, Brandon, but that doesn’t give you the right to treat me like shit! I’m not your damn punching bag!” She gestured to herself, “I haven’t slept in a week and I haven’t been laid in over a month! You think you’re the only one who’s stressed out?! Well?!” She stepped up to him and shouted in his face.

Brandon wheeled backwards, both because of her shouting and because he’d never been that close to her before, “No… I’m sorry,” he croaked hollowly as he wiped his face once more. “You didn’t deserve that… I’m sorry.”

She took a step back and wiped her own face, “Did you mean what you said about me?”

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House of Feathers Ch. 26: A Butterfly, Pinned

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A short follow-on story from the series, but intended as a stand-alone tale.

Nothing fancy here, but I hope you enjoy it.


“But I want to,” I said again.

“Um, Katri,” he said, avoiding my gaze. “It’s a big step and you are a little…”

“Call me a ‘little girl’ and I swear I’ll kill you!”

It wasn’t that much of a threat. I was, yes, too small to be scary and my voice was too high-pitched to be properly menacing.

Still, he grinned and raised both hands, as if in surrender. “No, hardly a girl anymore. That’s true.”

“Then, what?” I demanded. “I thought guys liked it?”

Aunty Kaarin smirked from across the table. “I think he’s worried that he’s created a monster, sweet girl.”

“I’m not a monster! And I’m not a girl!”

“No, indeed,” he said gently. “But you are small and it can hurt.”

I turned to the fourth figure at the table. “What do you think?”

She smiled, too. “Definitely not a monster, Katri, but you have certainly become, um, ‘adventurous’ since you came here. Are you not enjoying yourself enough?”

I blushed, looked down at the plate in front of me. From outside, the sound of the surf on the estate’s beach seemed to speed up to match my pulse.

“It’s not that,” I said softly. “Being here is fun. You’ve all been warm and welcoming and patient – I’m really grateful. And the sex has been far better that I could have ever imagined. The thing is that I have enjoyed everything so far and this is one more door I want to open.”

The two older women looked at each other for a brief second, then turned in unison to look at him, their approval clear.

He gave a small shrug, knowing that he was outnumbered and that, more importantly, his vote really didn’t count anyway. The Sisterhood was in session and, as befitting his gender, he was entitled to graciously bow to the inevitable once his betters had reached the proper decision.

“OK,” he conceded. He left the table and returned a few minutes later. In his hands were a tube of lubricant (did they buy the stuff by the case?) and something else I couldn’t quite see.

He held out his hand to reveal a one-piece plastic item, pale green and T-shaped. I knew what it was — or at least thought I did. The main part was as long as a finger and thick as a small banana; it was tapered at both front and rear in a streamlined shape. The rear had a thin crosspiece, presumably to keep it from getting slipping inside and getting lost inside.

Inside me, I realized.

“No,” I said. “I want you in me, not a toy.”

He gently patted my arm. “This is something to help you prepare,” he reassured me.

I looked at the other two and saw them both trying hard not to smirk.

“What?” I demanded of them. This was not going as planned.

Kaarin smiled. “I think he’s trying to get you ready for real thing,” she said. “And this one is fun by itself, trust me.”

I looked back and forth between them. “So instead of sex, you want me to wear a butt plug?”

His hand tightened on my forearm. “Not just a butt plug, Katri,” he said.

He paused, thought for a moment and took another tack. Grey eyes bored into mine. “Who am I?”

I started to reply, then the implications of his question hit home.

He was a rock-solid genius. His inventions were sold in every country of the world; his creations were significant enough that he’d had to retreat to this private estate on an isolated tropical island to escape the political and commercial pressure.

He was also, from my personal experience, a remarkably gifted lover. He’d been my first man (OK, my only one to date) and had given me bliss I’d never imagined.

In other words, if he was suggesting this, it was for a reason. That both his wives approved and were encouraging me to play along was the icing on the cake.

I looked down. “OK,” I said softly. “But when? And do you put it in before or…”

“No,” he said. “You do. Now.”


“Now,” he affirmed. “Toilet’s over there. Git.”

I felt three pairs of eyes staring at me across the dinner table. Loving eyes, to be sure, friendly, sympathetic eyes – but the operative word was clearly ‘staring’. OK, maybe ‘challenging’. It was crystal clear to me that this was a put-up-or-shut-up moment. I surrendered, nodded silently, picked up both items and went into the adjacent room.

I suppose every girl has investigated her ladybits with a finger. It’s normal, right? I had, on the other hand, never explored my rosebud with anything more than tissue. I sat on the toilet seat and stared at the plug and the lubricant. What now?

I was pretty sure that if I emerged without it in place, none of them would laugh at me, nor ever mention it again. But I was certain that that would torpedo my request.

OK, Katariina, I thought to myself, you can do this!

Not sure how to proceed, I put a dab of lube on a forefinger and rubbed it with my thumb, sniffed it. It was extremely slippery, with no smell. Shrugging, I illegal bahis reached around and touched my pucker. The goo made my finger slide easily over it. On impulse, I gingerly pushed my fingertip inside. As it entered, I was surprised as the depth of the elastic ring. I was also surprised at the lack of discomfort. When I pulled it out, I expected to see it flecked with… OK, covered in shit, I thought to myself. But it wasn’t — it just glistened with clear lubricant.

Encouraged, I put on another dab and slid it back inside myself, concentrating this time on how it felt. I felt a surprising tingle in my clit, a gentle tightening of my nipples in obvious arousal.

This was weird.

Or, maybe, this was… good?

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I spread lube on the butt plug and brought the point behind me. It was surprisingly cool as the tip first felt its way to my ring and then entered a short way.

This didn’t hurt. What was all the fuss about?

I began to push it in further, with twists and gentle but firm shoves. Its tapered length was forced a little bit deeper with each try. At one point, I felt a twinge of pain and pulled it out slightly but the discomfort soon passed and I resumed my push inwards. Even though larger things had passed through there, it was different; I was being stretched in a way I never had been before. Suddenly, the widest part was through and the plug almost popped in the rest of the way on its own. My muscular ring clamped down on the slender part of the shaft. I felt the crossbar lodge snugly between my cheeks.

I felt strangely full. I was surprised to find it a comforting sensation.

I wiped the excess lube off, flushed the toilet and stood up carefully. Despite the odd sensation of the shaft pressing against the inside of my anus, I found that there was no pain, even when I took an exploratory step.

When I emerged with nothing in my hands, all three broke into broad smiles. Returning to my place at the table, I found I could sit without discomfort.

“Good for you, dear!” he said, with a warm smile. “How does it feel?”

“Weird. But in an OK sort of way.”

“It was a brave woman who first ate a lobster,” he smiled gently.

He was about to say something else, but paused.

“When?” I demanded. I figured this was only for a short time, a test of my will, perhaps.

“In a while,” he said.

“In a while?” I almost shouted.

“You’ll get used to it,” came a soft voice from my other side. “We did.”

Kaarin snickered. “Eventually.”

I looked back and forth, uncertain. Were they laughing at me or with me?

“Eventually?” I asked, timidly. I knew I could pull it out at any time, but here was the old demon, peer pressure.

“Eventually,” he said.

When I looked at him, he was twirling a small, pale green fob around his index finger. He put it on the tabletop and gave it a shove. As it glided past me to Kaarin’s hand, I could see that it had perhaps half a dozen small buttons on it.

“Eventually,” she giggled. She pushed a button and I jerked in surprise at a low vibration in my butt.

Kaarin passed the fob to her co-wife, who pushed another button, grinning at me. The speed of the vibration increased, then shifted into a periodic pulse.

I could feel its quivers radiating out from my bum, from my head to my toes. It wasn’t uncomfortable or unbearable, but I wondered what it would be like in a few hours.

“This,” he said, resting his chin on his hands, “is a warm-up for you, hon. He gestured at the two beautiful, impish faces further down the table. “And they get to control it. If you feel hard-done-by, you can discuss it with them.”

He leaned over, gave me a sweet kiss.

He smiled, then, it being his turn, he started clearing the dishes. Half-way out of the room, he stopped and turned to face me. “And they’ll be able to tell if you take it out without consulting them.” He left the room, leaving me with the other two, almost splitting themselves in amusement.

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

“We know it’s funny, dear.”

“It’s frustrating now, but it will be much more fun later on.”

“We know.”

“And don’t argue or…” Almost together they started pushing buttons and the plug went wild. I almost squealed, but managed to keep it to myself. I will confess to wriggling frantically on the chair. Then another slim finger turned it off, all the way.

“Enjoy, dear!” they said in unison.

And that was that. The damned thing tormented me throughout the following days. Usually just a lurking, heavy-ish presence, it would go off without warning, whether or not one of them was with me. Once we were actually swimming in the lagoon when it started going and I damned near drowned before I got control of myself. The second night, I swear, it went off every hour on the hour.

I was hornier than I had ever been in my life. For the first time in weeks, none of the other three would touch me. OK, not beyond fondling my boobs illegal bahis siteleri or ass. They did a lot of that, which only made me hornier.

When I attempted on night to… take matters in hand, so to speak, Kaarin appeared out of nowhere. She just stood there, shaking her finger at me. Somehow, she’d known.

There was no coercion, certainly nothing so crass as a chastity belt. I was just given to understand — quite clearly — that, amusing as it might be for the other three, this was ultimately for my benefit, intended to ensure I enjoyed myself when the time came.

And when would that be? Apparently, not telling me was part of the game. It might be next morning, it might be next week. In the meantime, barring brief potty breaks, the damned thing was to be there to work its black magic on me.

And the three of them played their parts to the full — brushing their fingers over my skin whenever we passed, making love in front of me.

It was maddening.

He in particular made a point of caressing me a lot. One time he came up behind me in the lab. I was sitting on my chair, trying to concentrate on the equations in front of me and not the low buzzing in my bum.

“Come with me,” he said, politely. “There’s something you should see.”

I rose and went with him. Hand-in-hand, he led me out of the lab and up the stairs into their bedroom. One wall was, unsurprisingly, composed of mirrored doors to their closets. (Not that there was much in the closets. This place had an almost-perfect temperature year-round-day-round and clothes were as unusual as they were unnecessary. We got dressed only when a local couple came by to help with the gardens.)

In front of the middle closet door, there was a small stool, maybe a foot tall. It didn’t look as if it belonged there and I didn’t recall ever seeing it before. I realized that this might not be entirely a spur-of-the-moment thing on his part.

Holding my hand, he helped me up onto the stool. Grasping my hips, he turned me just slightly to face the mirror an arm’s length away. Then, stepping around me, he opened first the door on my left and then the one of the right, swinging them inward to face me. A moment later, he shifted a free-standing floor mirror to behind me. In as much time as it takes me to tell, I could see every part of myself, like in one of those 360-degree funhouse mirrors.

I stood there, unsure what he wanted.

“Put your hands on your head,” he said.

I did and watched four images do the same.

He moved closer. I watched multiple hands come up and gently stroke my waist on the right side. I started to drop my hands, turn towards him.

“Keep them there,” he said. For all that his words were still polite and his voice gentle, I knew this for the command that it was.

There was enough space for him to walk around, between me and the mirrors.

As he did, his fingertips trailed leisurely over my waist. My heart jumped at his touch.

He stopped in front of me, leaned down and kissed first one breast, then the other. I watched, entranced, as his multiple reflections took one stiff nipple between his lips, sucking lightly, then the other. I took a deep, deep breath, tried to keep my balance.

He pulled back. My nipples felt cool with the moisture of his kisses. He stroked my chin fondly with one hand before stepping behind me again. I am short enough that, even standing on the stool, his chin could still rest lightly on my shoulder. He looked my in the eyes and smiled.

“How is Katri?”

“Um, OK. But this is all driving me crazy. I want you.”

“I know,” he said softly.

From out of nowhere, he produced the twin of the fob the other girls had been using. Holding it up so that I could see it, he thumbed one of the buttons and the humming inside me instantly stopped.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

Wordlessly, he hung it by its chain over the floor mirror behind me. “You’re welcome,” he said.

He stepped up behind me again. Both hands clasped me by the waist.

His lips came down on my neck for a gentle, lingering kiss.

“You have such a delightful body, Katri,” he whispered. I shivered in spite of myself. One of my hands came down to pat his head; he immediately seized my wrist and moved it back to my head.

“Leave them there,” he repeated, his eyes in the mirrors still on mine. “Don’t move them.”

I nodded.

With that, his hands again began to move slowly over my body.

I’d heard that the skin is the largest sex organ for any person. Under his touch, I began to understand that.

His gentle hands glided over my bum, up to my neck, trailed down along my spine.

As aroused as I already had been, this was like tossing kerosene on a fire. My nipples, already hard, snapped to adamantine attention. I found myself wondering if he knew how good his touches felt, how much they turned me on.

I could see his eyes in the mirrors in front of me. I could see love there — and amusement. I had seen, canlı bahis siteleri if not experienced, the way the three of them played with each other, arousing, stoking the fires of each other’s yearning, building to unbearable desire — and then leaving the ‘victim’ hanging there, shuddering with unfulfilled lust.

Until they started again.

And again.

The orgasms, when they came, seemed to be pretty incredible.

So I understood his intent, but that didn’t mean my frustration was any easier to bear.

His palms came to rest on my breasts. I could tell by his expression that he was enjoying himself, pleased by his freedom over my body and by my clear excitement at his touch. One hand slid down over the tingling skin of my abdomen and came to rest over my mound. Without going any further down, he gently grasped it, rolled it, shifted it under his hand.

As it moved, it pulled the lips below it and my clit with them. I gasped, gave a low moan, closed my eyes.

“Open!” he commanded softly. “I want you to watch!”

Opening my eyes, I watched my body being manipulated, teased and pleased by his expert hands – for his enjoyment and mine both. I could see his clear pleasure, too.

I knew I was not the only one being spun up by this, for I could feel his hardness pressing against my backside. I leaned back into it, wiggled my bum against it. His eyes beamed in pleasure.

I couldn’t help moaning as his loving hands drove me higher, closer to the edge. I gave a different moan as I saw him pick up the fob again.

“No,” I whispered.

“Yes,” he replied in a low voice, thumbing the fob as he spoke.

I moaned again as the anal torment restarted, then gasped loudly as a long forefinger slid between my lips, traced the length of my pussy, easing through my wetness. My cleft felt hollow, empty. I ached in my need.

I stared in the mirrors at his hand tenderly working my sex, shuddered at the very brink of orgasm.

And with that, he stopped. He clicked the fob, turning off the vibrator. He tossed it casually back onto the bed nearby before turning me around on the stool to face him.

“You may lower your hands now,” he smiled. He pulled me into a deep hug, clasped my body to his. His organ pushed hard against my stomach.

I ran my hand along it between our bellies.

“Be patient, Katri,” he said, stepping back. “You’ll see — worth it for both of us.”

I took a deep, deep breath, nodded, then left by myself and tried to get back to work.

Asides from this sort of delightful torment, life went on as normal — or as normal as this place could be ever called. I was expected to do my work time in his lab, exercise, do my share of the cooking and such. Through it all, the mad science project buried in my butt kept my sanity teetering on the edge.

All I could think of was my tormented libido. I would go to sleep and dream of being penetrated, taken out of my misery, only to wake up and find the butt plug humming its mad tune.


We’d finished lunch and gone down to the lagoon for our afternoon swim. Even as horny as I was, it was about as idyllic and relaxing a way to spend an afternoon as I could imagine. We strolled back and headed up to the shower to rinse off the salt water.

Maybe the Roman or Chinese empresses were used to being bathed by somebody else. If so, it’s a regal custom deserving rediscovery. Many couples share showers on occasion, of course, but this is different. Having three or four people involved changes the dynamics entirely.

Looking back, I can see it had already been agreed between the three of them. From my point of view at the time, it just happened, evolved. The three of them wound up concentrating entirely on me. Six affectionate hands were running over my body under the stream of warm water – yes, rinsing away soap and salt, but also stroking, caressing and brushing love into my body with each touch. It was a dreamy experience, one calculated to create the utmost contentment and inner peace.

Not fully understanding; I just accepted it. It seemed no less natural, when we finally left the shower, that the three of them gently toweled me off and dried my hair. It left me in a state of the utmost tranquility. One hopes that nirvana is as pleasant.

I was surprised however when the three of them led me back inside and down the hall to their bedroom.

It wasn’t until the two women bent down and gave me gentle kisses before leaving that I caught on.

“Is it…?” I asked, looking at him.

He sat on the edge of the bed, a loving smile on his face. “Only if you want.”

“I want,” I said, and stepped forward to stand between his legs. Looking down, I could see that he was half-hard.

I laughed as his hands caught me around my waist and lifted me up, lowering me to sit on his lap.

It seemed the most natural thing in the world to reach up and bring his face down to mine for a kiss. It seemed the most natural thing possible for his lips to meet mine, the tip of his tongue sliding across my teeth and probing gently inside, playing with my own.

I felt his hand run down my back, and again. The thing in my behind began vibrating again, very low, but I knew I didn’t need it anymore.

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My Coming Out

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Hello, My name is Jesse. You might say this is my coming out story, first one ever. I’m a 31 years old single female. I was married for six years in my late teens and twenties to my high school sweetheart who’s name began with the letter J and I will refer to as J. Unfortunately he went and did what he felt was his patriotic duty and was killed during his third tour protecting the dollar, oh wait ridding the world of WMD’s, yeah right. No bitterness here huh.

Politics aside, I got pregnant after my husband returned from his first tour and while he was off on his second tour I went into labor and ended up with a breech baby at a base hospital on a Saturday night with nothing more than an orderly for help. I lost my son. Tore my cervix rather badly and almost bled to death. A base “surgeon” and I use the term loosely, sewed me back up. My cervix now is always open and floppy. Getting pregnant now would be difficult and an exercise in futility as I could never carry to term.

My dad left my mom when I was about six months old and my mom died of cancer when I was a sophomore in high school. I finished school living at the YWCA. Not wanting to be in debt after graduation and no family to help, a collage degree was a pipe dream so after high school J and I got married. He went to basic and I started waiting tables at a cafe. I read every book I could get my hands on about business and ataşehir escort bayan eventually migrated to the stock market. I began trading equities and now trade equities, currencies and options. After J died I left base life all together and rented a small place in the pacific northwest. My trading advanced and I now have my own home on several very secluded acres near the Canadian border . I work using my computers at my office at home. I get up early as markets open on east coast time and I’m on west coast time so I go to bed early. I have goats, chickens, two mules a dog and some barn cats. My life is what you might call complete, with the exception of one thing.

I get lonesome. J is the only person I’ve ever had sex with and it’s been six years since. Would like to find the right person someday. Right now I go into town every Friday evening and have dinner at a local cafe. By my self. Oh I have plenty of suitors and offers and even gone on dates but most are looking for somebody to replace their mama. I’d like a man I can and want to be 100% submissive to because I respect him and he is naturally dominant. Not because I fear him. That will never work and I’m not looking to be a maid or a mama. A division of labor so to speak and I don’t want to wear the pants. Prefer a nice dress with some risque and classy lingerie underneath.

Once every two months escort kadıöy my neighbor feeds for me and I go to Seattle or Missoula for a long weekend, I’ll shop and stock my pantry and feed room. See a movie. Eat at a nice restaurant and go back to my hotel room alone. J used to love when I dolled up for him and I loved it as well so I still shave myself bare, slide on some nice stockings and attach them to beautiful garter-belts I have, slip on a nice dress and go enjoy a fine meal.

Once back in my room I wear out my pussy with a vibrator and an assortment of dildos I have just for such an occasion. I have sooooooooo many fantasies I can get off on. I want to have my nipples abused, maybe even pierced. A little FYI, I have no tattoos and never will, My ears are pierced and I have worn some clip on’s that slip in or over my belly button and my labia. I would like a lover to “make ” me get my labia and my nipples pierced. I also fantasize much more than I should about being gang banged. I loved the taste, smell, texture, and feel of J’s sperm and semen. I happily took him in my mouth and I dream and yearn for it constantly. I loved that instant when his dick got real hard then surprised me as it squirt in my throat.

J never once tried to take my ass but I have experimented using my dildos and I do want the real thing. J and I were also what I think are termed exhibitionist. maltepe escort That, or we couldn’t wait to get to a bedroom to hump like bunnies. Either way, I enjoyed others seeing us having sex on numerous occasions. Now in my hotel room alone I routinely leave the curtains open slightly.

As for my group sex fantasy I have looked at a gang bang group over in the Seattle area. I contacted them and have investigated them somewhat and sent them a picture of me. I’m 5’2″ tall about 100 lbs. , real blonde hair and a c-cup breast. They were very interested but I’ve decided to wait. I would rather attend as a couple with someone I trust. I’ve gone so far as to go get vaccinated for HPV. I do know if I went down this path I would have to require testing for anyone involved as I only want bareback. I might as well stay home and continue using a dildo if not.

I’m also dying to be photographed. J took two pictures of me years ago wearing stockings when we first got married and a few years ago I met a photographer who I actually had to pay to take pictures of me in his loft on a very cold winter day. I smiled as it was fun and exciting but I shivered the whole time. Then recently I took several pictures of myself in front of my piano with an automated camera. Not bad but could be better. Oh well, that’s my life for now.

Not sure where this writing is going. I’ve tried writing fiction and I suppose I don’t have enough life experiences to draw from because my attempts end up being bland. If the right person comes along maybe I’ll have something to write about. They may still be bland then but they’ll be real. Have a good day and hope you enjoy.

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Experimenting with Penny Ch. 03

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This story is a continuation of another fictitious story where my girlfriend and I enjoy experimenting with anything sexual. This story contains mild bondage, threesomes, and some guy on guy action. If any of this offends you, you have been warned. Otherwise, enjoy!!


Penny and John collapsed on top of me for a moment catching their breath. After John was able, he pulled out of Penny, stopped the camcorder, and left without saying a word. Penny and I just laid on the ottoman enjoying the bliss of another amazing night together. As my cock softened and slid out of her ass, cum was running out both of her holes and onto me. I lightly rubbed my hands over her naked body while replaying the events in my head.

Penny eventually broke the silence. “That was absolutely amazing!”

“What was your favorite part?”

“Hearing you tell me you loved me while I was sucking John’s cock.” She replied after a moment. “But, I have to admit, it turned me on watching him fuck your face too.”

My cock twitched at her words, and I gave a playful tug on her nipple clamps to show her it was ok.

The surprise I planned for Penny was a constant source of excitement for the two of us over the next several weeks. We routinely watched the recording while re-enacting some of the scenes when we wanted to liven things up. Our collection of dildos and vibrators usually filled John’s role in our playing, but we made sure to keep in touch with him. I could tell the entire video excited Penny each time we watched it, but there was one section in particular that she seemed to watch intently every time it came on. There was something about me sucking John’s dick that captured her to the point of pushing her to orgasm nearly every time she watched it. From the moment I tentatively opened my mouth to let the glistening head of his cock to slide in her eyes would be glued to the screen. She would barely blink until John pulled his throbbing cock out of my mouth.

Even though Penny didn’t come out and say it, I knew she enjoyed watching me suck John’s dick. After that, I made it a point to let her watch me while I sucked on the dildos I used on her. It took a little bit of time, but she eventually started pushing them into my mouth after masturbating. The desire and excitement I saw in her eyes every time I was sucking on one of our dildos gave me the idea to suggest we purchase a strap-on. As much as we enjoyed experimenting, we were both still cautious about the way I brought up new things.

Finally, I decided how I would bring up the idea again of buying a strap-on to Penny. I surfed the internet until I found a picture of a beautiful woman wearing a black lace bra, matching black garters, high-heels, and a strap-on. A man was kneeling on the floor in front of her with one hand wrapped around the dildo and the head of it in his mouth. Their eyes locked on one another as he sucked her fake cock. I emailed the picture to Penny with the subject line simply asking “what do you think”.

Penny and I had talked about incorporating a strap-on into our sex life, but it never really went anywhere since she was more submissive. I enjoyed being the submissive one from time to time also, but I knew she was not at all comfortable being dominant. I was hoping that her interest with watching me suck her dildos would be enough to allow her to relax in a dominant role. After sending the email, I was on pins and needles waiting for her to respond.

The response I finally received was better than I could have imagined. Penny forwarded me an email containing the purchase order of a strap-on harness and new dildo. The harness was a very simple design that was adjustable in the waist and legs by pink nylon straps. The front part of the harness was a metal ring that held the dildo and a thin pad to make it comfortable on her skin. The dildo was a very realistic looking one of average length and girth. I could only imagine she wanted it to look as realistic as possible, and she did a good job at that. At the bottom of the email she wrote, “Soon you will be sucking my cock!” Needless to say, I was very excited by her response and couldn’t wait do anything she wanted me to.

Surprisingly, we didn’t really talk about it after that email until it showed up in the mail a few days later. I didn’t want to bring it up and have her start second guessing how she felt about it, and I am sure she didn’t bring it canlı bahis up for her own fears.

I came home one day to find the package sitting on the doorstep, and began getting aroused at the thought of what was to come. I placed the package on the table and waited for Penny so she could open it. I didn’t say a word about it to make sure she got the excitement of finding it like I did, but I made sure I was in the room when she finally saw it.

It was as if I could hear the thoughts going through her mind as she looked at the box. She had a puzzled look until it occurred to her what was inside waiting for her, for us. A smile began to spread across her face before she realized I was watching her. She quickly looked at me and started blushing.

“It was hard, but I wanted to wait for you to open it.” I said reassuringly.

The red slowly drained from her face as she slowly picked up the box and took it to the couch to open it. I followed behind her anxiously waiting for her to open it. No sooner had she gotten the harness and dildo out of the box than we were washing it to get it ready for later that night. We rushed through dinner and decided to take a shower together before playing that night.

We took turns soaping each others body up and rinsing each other off in the shower. I rubbed the sponge all over her breasts making them slick with suds, and watching her nipples harden from my attention. Then I turned her toward the falling water pressing my body against her back. My already hard cock slid between her ass cheeks. Her body writhed against mine as my hands explored every inch of her body. After she was thoroughly cleaned the tables were turned and she returned the favor. Once she was satisfied I was clean, she got on her knees in front of me and took my dick in her mouth.

After only a few moments she stood back up in front of me and whispered in my ear, “I hope you were paying attention to that, because it’s your turn to suck my dick now.” She emphasized the word ‘my’ before turning around and simply getting out of the shower. I quickly shut off the water and followed closely behind her.

Back in the bedroom we didn’t bother putting on any clothes and she went straight for the strap-on harness. We slid the dildo through the metal ring, and I helped her step into the harness. I stepped back to take it all in while she tightened the straps. I was impressed that the dildo she picked out actually seemed to match her skin to some extent. I guess I was staring too long, and I noticed her hand slowly stroking her new cock. When I finally looked her in the face, I could tell that she was finally at ease and maybe even looking forward to it.

She kept stroking her cock with one hand and gestured me over with the other. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her tightly. My cock rubbed against her fake one as we kissed passionately. She broke our kiss and I could tell she was ready but was unsure how to go about it. I kissed my way down her body like I did every other time, but this time I knew I would not be burying my tongue in her pussy. Instead, I would be getting a mouthful of her cock.

Once down on my knees, I took the dildo in my hand and stroked it as I looked into her eyes. I watched her face as I slowly slid the cock into my mouth, and at the same time I started rubbing her pussy with my free hand. We stared at each other for a few moments as I began sucking her dick, but I wanted to put on more of a show for her. I looked away from her gaze and focused on getting as much of the dildo in my mouth as I could. With my mouth bobbing up and down on her cock, I started to push two fingers into her already wet pussy. With a long, slow, stroke I pulled the dildo all the way out of my mouth while watching her reaction. After she heard the audible pop from the head falling out of my mouth, Penny closed her eyes and her head fell back.

I went back to sucking her cock as intently as if she were watching, and working hard to push her toward an orgasm with my fingers in her pussy and on her clit. I could tell her excitement was building, but she needed just a little more to push her over the edge. I reached for her hands, and placed them on the sides of my head. She took the hint and left them there even after I went back to fingering her pussy. Soon, I could feel her pulling against my head and pushing her dick into my mouth. As she got closer and closer to bahis siteleri her orgasm, her thrusting got harder and harder until she finally had an orgasm that caused her knees to almost buckle.

I knew she didn’t have a lot of energy, but I was so close to cuming I had to finish. I guided her to the bed and bent her over the side. I pushed my throbbing cock into her soaked pussy a few times to get it nice and wet before sliding into her already relaxed ass. In just a few pumps, I felt my balls drawing up and my cock spasming as I filled her ass full of cum.

After that night, Penny grew more and more comfortable using the strap-on. I sucked her cock as much, if not more, than she sucked mine. She was quickly becoming a pro at pushing her cock further and further into my throat until just before I choked. I found myself enjoying submitting to her, and even wanting to suck it better for her. With her guidance, and pressure, I was able to work up to taking the entire dildo down my throat without hesitation.

With her increased confidence and growing comfort level, Penny began opening up more and more. She bought a few more dildos that would work in the harness, and we began using them right away. In the end, we had dildos up to nine inches long and one up to two inches wide. She started out simply having me suck her cock and finger her until she had an orgasm, but this progressed to her fucking me with the dildos until I cum after she recovered from her orgasm.

As time went on, we continued to push the boundaries of our sex life. During this time, we shared the dominant role almost equally. I enjoyed using her body for my pleasure just as much as I enjoyed giving mine to her for her pleasure. As the weeks passed, Penny worked me up to deep-throating our longest dildo, and taking every inch of our thickest one in my ass. Unfortunately, the thickest one stretched my mouth more than I could handle. As with our other experimentations, we eventually decided to include John in our new found strap-on play.

The three of us had grown very comfortable being around one another so John came over for dinner and fun one night. When I invited him over I told him there was something new we wanted to share with him, but I held off on the details for when he got there. I think he was excited to see what we had in mind since he showed up pretty early for dinner. John arrived as Penny was just putting the food in the oven with a nice bottle of wine. Dinner would take a bit to cook, so I took the opportunity to shower off from work.

I spent a little extra time in the shower making sure I was thoroughly cleaned since I knew I would be on the receiving end of Penny’s dildo later on that night. Before I got too excited, I finished up washing and got out of the shower.

I put on some comfortable clothes and joined Penny and John in the kitchen. They were each already drinking a glass of the wine and had poured one for me. I grabbed my glass and took a small sip to get the flavor of the wine just as the oven timer went off. We made our plates and moved to the table to eat and talk. A few bites into his meal, John broached the topic of the night with me.

“Well, I asked Penny, but she said I would have to ask you.” John said. “What is the new idea you two have planned for us tonight?”

I found it a bit hard to tell him at first, but I stumbled my way through it. “Well, every time the three of us have gotten together, I have ended up sucking your cock. I have seen that Penny really enjoys watching me do this.”

“Don’t put this all on me!” Penny chimed in playfully. “I know you like it too.”

“Ok, yes, I have been enjoying it too.” I responded. “Anyway, we have invested in a strap-on and some dildos for our private play.” I could tell by his expression this piqued John’s interest, and it made it easier to continue explaining everything. “Penny has since trained me to deep-throat her ‘cock’ and take them up my ass. Now, we want to take things to the next step and involve you in our playing. That is, if you don’t mind.” John said he didn’t mind at all, and we spent the rest of our meal talking about how things could go. Basically, pretty much anything goes with the exception of John fucking my ass. Of course, he didn’t have a problem with this, and we all had a laugh when that came up.

We finished eating and moved to the living room to enjoy the rest of our drinks along with another bahis şirketleri bottle of wine. The three of us sat on the couch facing the TV with Penny in the middle as usual. Even though the TV was on, we barely paid it any attention as we drank the wine and chatted. As the second bottle of wine emptied, the conversation turned R-rated and we began caressing each other. My dick began growing hard in my pants, and I could tell by the bulge in John’s pants that he was getting excited too. Penny unzipped his pants to pull out his stiffening cock, and began slowly stroking his cock while she started kissing me. After a few moments, Penny broke our kiss and stared into my eyes. I watched her facial expression shift to a mischievous grin, and knew exactly what thought was going through her mind.

Although she knew she didn’t need too, Penny pushed my mouth down to John’s lap where she was holding his hard cock. Thanks to my training, I swallowed every inch of his dick as she pushed it down my throat. After holding my head in place for a couple seconds, Penny released and I shifted off the couch to get on my knees between John’s legs. Penny rubbed her pussy while watching me and making out with John. By this point, I knew enough technique to keep John close to cuming without pushing him over the edge.

I got so wrapped up in my task that I didn’t even notice Penny leaving the room. However, I noticed immediately when she walked back in the room wearing her strap-on and the longest dildo. In her hand was also the thick dildo, and I knew exactly what she had planned for each of them. Penny came in and simply stood beside me. I shifted my attention to Penny’s cock and left John to watch us.

I sucked Penny’s rubber dick and fingered her pussy like I had many times before. John watched the show for a while before he began removing his clothes. Once he was fully nude, Penny instructed me to undress and lay across the coffee table as I had done to her the last time John was with us. I happily complied while she and John kissed and rubbed their bodies together. It was quite a site seeing her fake cock and his sandwiched between their stomachs.

Once I was in position, Penny moved John in front of me and his throbbing erection bobbed in front of my waiting mouth. Penny stopped me as I reached up to guide him in, and told me to only use my mouth or my hands would be bound. I did as I was told and John began working his dick in and out of my mouth. Sometimes he would push deep into my throat, and other times he would just push in slightly. A few moments later, I felt the familiar pushing of Penny’s dildo on my ass. What I missed was that she had switched to the fat dildo, and had thankfully applied a generous amount of lube to it.

From all of our previous playing, Penny was able to slip into my ass with minimal effort. I did what I could to keep working on John’s cock, but with her thrusting, I am not sure how good I was doing. I could feel from their awkward movements that they were making out on top of me while each used me for their pleasure. After breaking their embrace, John pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was a bit relieved when he moved away since it was almost too much.

The next thing I felt was Penny’s naked body lying on my back. Her stiff nipples pressed into my back while her dick was buried in my ass. She stopped moving for a few moments, and I soon realized that John was pushing his cock into her while she remained in my ass. Every move he made was transferred through Penny to me. She whispered her feelings in my ear while he fucked her to an amazing orgasm.

John began fucking her faster and harder as his own orgasm neared. Sensing his impending orgasm, Penny told me, “As soon as he pulls out of my pussy, you are going to eat every drop of his cum out of my swollen pussy.” I didn’t bother responding since I knew it wasn’t really open for discussion. Besides, I knew I wanted to do it as much as she wanted me to do it. As if on cue, John made his last few grunts and pushed deep in Penny until he finished cuming.

Penny pulled out of my ass as soon as John pulled out of her. I moved on to my back on the table while she positioned herself to squat over me. I licked, sucked, and nibbled on her pussy until I thought I got every single drop of his cum out of her. John left us in the living room to clean up while I cleaned Penny with my tongue. Once she was satisfied I had done a thorough job, she was nice enough to suck the cum out of my aching cock before she too left to clean up.

As I lay there thinking about everything that just happened, I knew this would not be the end of our night.

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Fat Men Love Anal Sex Too

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Hello, there. My name is Samantha Xavier. I am Samuel Xavier’s twin sister. He’s a tall, somewhat large Black man who is openly bisexual and speaks up about Men’s Rights Activists and Gay Rights wherever he goes. I’m a six-foot-tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, big-bottomed Black woman and self-styled Modern Amazon. And I am damn proud of myself. My brother is dear to me. He’s my brother and I love him. He’s very outspoken, even when it puts him in danger. I admire him for that. However, we are very different. I agree with most of my brother’s ideals and visions. However, we differ in how we deal with people. I was raised to believe that the strong survives and the weak dies. I help my brother in his battle for men’s issues and men’s rights. However, I have very little patience for fools of both sexes. I deal with them by punishing them strictly.

Samuel is always writing about how he loves to fuck both men and women in the ass. Lately, my forthrightly bisexual brother has developed a fetish for fucking large women in the ass, especially Black and Hispanic women. He gets a real kick out of it. Oh, well. To each his own, I say. I’ve seen my brother walking around with some tall, large, kind of ugly women and I know he’s only with them because they like it up the ass. Samuel is weird these days. Some of his stories freak out even me. I have somewhat parallel tastes. I like to fuck large men in the ass, especially Black and Hispanic men. I fuck White men too. I do it as a form of punishment. While my brother fights for Men’s Rights and Gay Rights, he deals with women who hate men and moronic men who support such women. I like to punish these people the best way I know how.

Today, I was on the bus, heading to my brother’s college. He’s on vacation but he still goes there to write stories on the computers and stuff. I was on the bus, reading some erotic novel when suddenly, moronic conversation attracted my attention. A very large White male was sitting next to two Black females, one skinny and one kind of fat, while discussing something idiotic. My brother would have a fit if he heard them. Some men in this world have no balls. They agree with everything women say in the hopes of getting female approval. They don’t know that women don’t respect wimpy men who always do as they’re told. Such men aren’t real men. Real men don’t take crap from anyone. My brother is a real man. He gets so frustrated when he sees moronic and weak men kowtow to women out of a combination of stupidity and political correctness gone amok. The fat White guy and his moronic female friends went on and on about some third guy ( who wasn’t on the bus) they were making fun of, saying how they messed him up and stuff. The fat chick went on and on about how she hurt the guy and found it funny. The fat White male, rather than stick up for his own gender like a real man should, agreed with the bitches. That’s it. He wasn’t a real man. He had no balls. I decided to punish him.

I smiled at him and he looked at me. I’m a big and tall, gorgeous Black woman. I am also athletic. I’ve played varsity football, soccer, basketball and I was even a wrestler for a time. Yeah, he wasn’t used to strong, beautiful women looking at him. Why should they? He’s a pathetic excuse for a man. First of all, he’s hugely fat. He’s less than six feet tall yet I can see that he weighs over three hundred pounds. You could make a tent out of his clothes. I’ve got nothing against big men or big women. However, I despise morons, no matter what gender, race, sexual orientation or body type they fall under. He was a disgusting pig. If he had been a real man and stood up to those man-hating bitches on the bus, I would have respected him. I respect gay men because they don’t take crap from anyone. Many straight men are weak. Some straight men are strong and worthy of respect. This slug canlı bahis wasn’t one of them. I was going to enjoy fixing him.

I worked my magic and charmed him, to the annoyance of the ugly bitches he was with. What can I say? I’m a lot prettier than they will ever be. I’m a strong bisexual Black woman looking for a strong man, preferably bisexual, to spend her life with. The fat bastard looked at me lustfully. I flirted with him, and when we got off the bus, I went into the school with him. He told me he had a class. I pouted and asked him if we could talk some more. I told him I really liked big men. It’s not a lie. I do like big men. However, I like manly men. A man who doesn’t take crap from women or other men. A strong man. I don’t like pathetic weaklings like him. However, if I were to spring my perfect trap, I would need an irresistible bait. The fat bastard’s eyes lit up when he heard that I liked big men. I smiled at him and told him that I was sexually adventurous. He smiled and nodded, saying he was too. I told him that I knew a place where we could get our freak on. He grinned, and told me he lived only half a mile from the school. I was surprised. He lived half a mile from the college campus yet he takes the bus? The bastard must really be lazy! I smiled, wanting to punish him even more.

We went to his house. There we were in his living room. This fat bastard really was stupid. He had skipped class and taken a stranger to his home. Now, I knew where he lived. I put on a show for him. I stripped naked. Six feet tall and two hundred and fifty pounds of voluptuous Black female athlete, that’s me. I could tell the fat bastard liked what he saw. He had dropped his pants and was now stroking his cock. His cock was a respectable size. I’ve got nothing against a man with a medium-sized cock. It’s all about how you use it. A real man knows that. A big cock don’t mean jack if the owner of said cock can’t use it properly. I respect the cock. Too bad the owner was a fat bastard who kowtows to dumb women and lets the male gender get bashed and actively encourages it too. I knew my brother would not approve of such a man. So I decided to punish him.

The fat bastard stroked his cock as I shook my plump ass in his face. He told me he liked big black women with large buttocks. I smiled. Who doesn’t like a black chick with a big ass? Only gay guys, and jealous skinny straight women, certainly! The fat bastard wanted to fuck me. I’ll be damned if I let him touch me. However, I played along. I told him I was into bondage. His eyes lit up. He took me to his bedroom and once there, showed me his bondage gear. Whips and chains, handcuffs. The whole nine yards. I smiled. This was all too easy. I lay him on the bed, then tied him up. Bound him hand and foot. Last but not least, I gagged his mouth. That big mouth which constantly eats. This was going to be fun.

Once all was done, I stepped back. I looked at my handiwork. The fat bastard was bound hand and foot. And gagged too. He wasn’t going anywhere. I had complete power over him. He winked at me, and nodded at his cock. Doubtless, he wanted me to suck his cock. I wasn’t going to do that. Oh, I’ve made love with a passionate, strong and openly bisexual man once. His name was Joel and he was one of my brother’s colleagues. Joel had a long and thick cock which I loved getting up my ass. He was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, he was currently in the U.S. Air Force. Serving over in Iraq. I missed him terribly.

I focused on the task at hand. Punishing this fat bastard for being a weak man who kowtows to the man-hating bitches who seemed to run this country and openly bashes his fellow man just to get the approval of some very stupid and wicked women. Something about my body language and facial expression signaled to this fat bastard that he might have made a mistake in bringing me to bahis siteleri his house. I produced the strap on dildo seemingly out of thin air. It was my favorite dildo. I called it the Punisher. It has fucked the asses of twenty hundred men and nineteen hundred women to date. A twelve-inch black strap on dildo made of strong, durable steel. It was modeled after my twin brother’s massive and manly cock. Sometimes, I wish Samuel wasn’t my brother. I’d love to ride on his cock and fit it in my mouth, pussy and ass. Unfortunately, he won’t let me. Even my somewhat naughty twin brother has limits he won’t cross. Oh, well.

The fat bastard began to squirm on the bed. At this point, he had some idea of what was in store for him. I smiled. The chains were strong enough to hold this large man. He was in my power. I grabbed his legs and spread them apart. He tried to keep them closed. I’m a strong person and I used to be a wrestler. I’ve wrestled both men and women. I won the state wrestling championship in the heavyweight division in high school. The only time I lost a match was when I wrestled against my brother Samuel Xavier. He’s simply invincible. He’s won three hundred wrestling matches in his career and never lost. Not even once. He’s the most formidable man I know. So very different from this guy. I looked at this large White guy as he desperately tried to keep his plump butt cheeks closed. Spreading his plump butt cheeks wide open, I laughed and pushed the dildo into his ass.

If he hadn’t been gagged, he would have howled like a man possessed. Instead, he squealed. I laughed and rammed the dildo up his asshole. All twelve inches. My brother always says that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. I wonder if the same is true for men. Maybe it is. The bigger the man, the tighter his asshole. As I pounded my dildo up this guy’s ass, I came to the conclusion that it must be. I’ve fucked lots of guys in the ass and the big men usually have the tightest assholes. I don’t know why. I rammed the dildo into his ass, taking great pleasure in it. His eyes widened like saucers. I smiled and continued to fuck him. Yeah, I love fucking fat men in the ass. I pounded into him, watching his fat body shave and quiver as I fucked him. I drilled my strap on cock so deep into his ass that I thought it might not come out. But it did. Only to be plunged right back into his asshole.

I love fucking that fat bastard in the ass. The whole time, I was berating him. I told him that he was a traitor to men everywhere, that he should be ashamed of himself for siding with the man-hating bitches against his fellow man. I told him he was a pathetic excuse for a man. Real men didn’t kowtow to women like dumb fucks. Real men stood up for themselves. Real men fought for their rights as men. Real men were the princes of the universe. Chumps like him made real men look bad. He was the lowliest excuse for a man that I had ever seen. He wasn’t a man. He was a bitch. My own personal bitch. That’s why I fucked him in the ass like a bitch. I smacked his fate, and spat in his eyes while drilling the massive dildo deeper into his asshole. I looked into his eyes and that’s when I saw the magical transformation. He had given up. He simply surrendered. Like a bitch. I smiled, and roared victoriously. I pressed a button on my specialized strap on dildo and unleashed some hot liquid deep into his ass. I was so turned on that I came for real.

Slowly, I pulled the dildo out of his asshole. I looked into the big man’s now gaping asshole. What a pretty sight! Man, his asshole was deep. Like a cavern. Grinning, I spat in it. I looked at him. He was crying. I’m not one of those people who say that real men don’t cry. Real men do cry, sometimes. If they do, they have a good reason. What man wouldn’t cry if he lost his son or daughter? I sympathize with real men’s pain bahis şirketleri and respected them. However, I felt no respect for a male sellout who was simply getting what he deserved for siding with man-hating women in a discussion about gender relations. Men who sided against their fellow man and took women’s side in anything should be neutered. I smacked the fool so he would remember me, then laughed and walked out of his house.

While walking back to the campus, I was giddy with excitement. I was walking toward the campus when some hot stud drove by in a car. I recognized him. His name was Pierre and he was one of Samuel’s friends. Pierre was a lineman on the college football team. I love football players. I know feminists and other misguided men don’t like football because it promotes manliness in real men but I’m a real fan. I used to play, you know. Pierre kindly offered me a ride. As we drove to the campus, we talked. I found out that he had recently broken up with his effeminate boyfriend Larry. Pierre was bisexual? Sweet! I love bisexual men! Pierre was sad because Larry threatened to out him when he ended their secret affair. I told Pierre I’d take care of Larry. Oh, I will. And I’ll bring my strap on with me! I’ll teach the fruity bastard a lesson. As for Pierre, I could tell he was well-hung and one of the good guys. Later, I took him home for some hot sexing.

At this hour, there would be no one at the house. So, I took Pierre there for some stress relief. We had some drinks, watched TV and got horny. I sat Pierre in my living room and went down on him. The stud had a ten-inch cock and I sucked and licked it like there was no tomorrow. I love sucking cock, especially when it belongs to a real man. Pierre gently stroked my hair as I went down on him. He really knew how to treat a woman. I sucked him until he came, then I drank his seed. Pierre grinned as I sucked his cock and licked him clean. I like the taste of his cum. It’s so salty, fine and manly. I like real men. I cannot stress this enough!

I asked Pierre if he had ever fucked a big woman in the ass before. He shook his head negatively. I smiled. There’s a first time for everything. I got on all fours and spread my plump butt cheeks wide open. Pierre smiled and came up behind me. He rubbed some lotion all over my asshole, then pressed his big cock against my back door. I winced as he pushed his cock into my asshole. Taking such a large cock in my ass wasn’t easy, even for a strong Black woman and Amazon like myself. However, with patience and lube, all things are possible in the anal realm. Pierre held me by those wide hips of mine and thrust his cock deeper into my asshole. It’s been ages since I’ve had a cock in my ass and I must say that I missed it. I love getting fucked in the ass by a real man and if loving it was wrong then I didn’t want to be right. Blame it on my brother and his anally obsessed erotic stories. Pierre was a really good ass fucker. I asked him if my asshole was as tight as that of Larry, his gay ex-boyfriend. Pierre laughed and continued to fuck me. We went at it like this for some time before he came, blasting my asshole with his hot manly seed. I screamed so loudly I think they heard me on the moon.

Later, I asked Pierre to put me on my back. I still couldn’t get enough of his big cock. He did as I asked him and resumed fucking my ass. In this position, I could look into his eyes as he fucked me. He wasn’t used to rough sex but I could teach him a thing or two. He drilled my asshole like an experienced anal penetration master, wielding his cock with dexterity and authority. I loved it. Especially when he came in my ass for the second time. I could feel his hot cum flooding my asshole, filling it. Until it was full of cum and now rushed out. Pierre looked down my widened asshole. I could tell he liked what he saw. He wasn’t used to doing this to anyone but I would teach him. I love to be anally dominated. Especially by a strong man I respect and admire. Afterwards, we showered and never talked about it again. Until the next time I got horny, that is.

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First Sex Story

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This is my first anal sex story, well, but I should say my first story of any kind. This is a true story also.

First off a little background information. My wife Marcy is 5’5 and 145 pounds, very pretty for her age. She is 60 years old but looks like 45. We have had anal sex before, but nothing compared to this night. At the time of this writing we were travelling all over the southeast doing arts and craft shows staying our van that we converted the back to a bed.

This one night in particular was no different from any other that we slept in the van. We had a long and busy day at the show so we decided to lay down early. We took a couple hours’ nap and woke up feeling somewhat better. As we lay there both of us checking our phones for any messages I thought but Marcy was watching porn on her phone. When I noticed she reached over and squeezed my cock, and said are you interested? I am always interested, so she rolled over and pulled my shorts down as I pulled her night shirt off. Marcy being as quick as a cat was between my legs with my cock in her mouth. He gives great blow jobs and it wasn’t long that I was moaning and felt like I was about to cum. She stopped and said I wasn’t getting off that quick.

I then moved down to eat her pussy which canlı bahis is something she really enjoys me doing, the only bad thing is I can never make her cum. She would get right to the edge of having an orgasm and something would happen she could not let go and really enjoy the orgasm although she says she enjoyed it. Tonight was no different she got right to the edge and lost it. I began to suck on her beautiful tits as she was fondling with my balls. I moved into position and eased my cock in with ease, even without the orgasm her pussy was still wet. I fucked her missionary style which is not one of our favorite positions. It didn’t take long for the van to start rocking needlessly to say. I came hard in her pussy as she was enjoying being fucked, but again no matter what position I screwed her in she would not, or could not let loose and truly enjoy cumming. The thing about me is I have a long staying power, even after cumming I can keep it up and keep going, so I told her to turn over that I wanted it doggy style she resisted at first and then I slapped her nipple a couple times and it turned her on and she rolled over pretty fast after that.

She loves for me to slap her tits as I do it a lot for foreplay. I eased up behind her and shoved it deep bahis siteleri into her pussy as quick and hard as I could, she moaned and I kept pumping fast and hard trying to get as deep as possible. I had her moaning and groaning she was getting louder as I fucked her pussy harder and harder. I was sure she was about to cum this time but to my disappointment she didn’t. I was exhausted and rolled over off of her and she turned around and gave me another blow job, this time I came in her sweet mouth and she swallowed almost all of my cum, I could see some of my cum running out the corners of her mouth. I lay there for a while trying to get my second wind when she said, come on I want you to fuck me in the ass tonight.

I was still tired but I was not about to turn down that tight ass of hers. If you could only see how shapely it is. She told me to lie still that she was going to get on top this time. I had never had anal sex with her on top before so I asked her if she was sure. And she said yes to lie there and enjoy myself. I was a perfect gentleman like any man would be. I laid there as she got on top of me and started trying to get my cock in her tiny little ass. She was having trouble without any lube so I spit in my hand and rubbed my cock getting it a bahis şirketleri little wet for her. She tried again and this time I could feel the head of my cock pop inside her tight anus. She stopped a few seconds and moaned as she enjoyed the tip being just inside her anus. Then she started lowering herself a little at a time onto my stiff cock. I thought I was going to cum before she could get it all the way in.

She started riding my hard cock fast and furious and it didn’t take long for me to cum in her tight rosebud, but that didn’t stop her she kept riding my cock until she was moaning. I thought she was fixing to cum any second but to my surprise my cock, balls and stomach started getting wet. She was in heaven and I was getting mad, but we figured out when she slowed down a little that instead of cumming she was squirting. That part of the mattress was soaked she squirted so much. She decided she wanted to try a different position and see if she could squirt again. That is where our fun started I fucked her as many ways as I could in that small van and she squirted every time. We cleaned up and I fucked her pussy again and she squirted again. To this day she has not came, but she squirts every time we make love, and that is ok with me. She even squirts when I eat her pussy, I didn’t think I would like it, but don’t knock it until you try it. This is the first of my true stories so if you like it let me know and I will tell you another true story, or may be a fantasy of mine.

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You would think that a trip to Florence Italy for business would be the best of both worlds. A storied city full of some of the greatest art and architecture of the Western world, a myriad of options for dining, all while being paid to a job that should be easy. Notice the should, it hasn’t been. Ever had one of those days when everything that can go wrong does and yet somehow you still think you might be making progress? Well, that’s been my life for the last 3 weeks. My two week trip has turned into 3, with a fourth week to soon start, continued problems at work. A city dominated by tourism yet still beautiful, taxi rides that remind me of a NASCAR pileup. Italy wasn’t what I thought it would be.

And then the call came and my trip completely changed. A friend was in town on vacation and wanted to meet for dinner. A friend who had been much more than a friend, someone I still dreamed about and who drifted into my thoughts on occasion. A myriad of thoughts drifted through my head about the possibility of dinner turning into drinks turning into another in a long list of memorable evenings with this beautiful woman. She would be in town just a few days and already I felt a stirring deep inside of me, a long, a… lusting. How could she have such an effect on me at the very thought of her?

Work called so I returned to the grind with her cellphone number in my pocket and memories of the feel of her, the taster of her, the sound of her. At times it was hard to concentrate, at times a whiff of a similar perfume would drive me to distraction. Every woman I saw became a pale comparison to the woman in my head, and only a day more away.

Of course that’s when the phone call came, more problems at the shop, coworkers flying in to help out. I had to stay and work most of the night, I might get a break for dinner if I was lucky. My dreams dashed I still couldn’t keep my thoughts of her from intruding at stray moments. We spoke on the phone that night and I was forgiven, I wouldn’t be able to see her, I would see her when I got back, maybe in the Fall? It doesn’t get much more frustrating than that.

On the day I was supposed to meet her the guys from work made me stop working for a bit and we retired to the local restaurant for some much needed food. It was a local place, people from the shop might meet there after dinner, you rarely saw a tourist within a half mile of the place. The food was good, my coworkers had shed new light on the problem, perhaps another late night would solve the problems and I could move on to the next job.

We ordered our dinner and a bottle of the house red. That’s one thing I can say for Italy, the wine is incredible and even the cheapest wine seemed to eclipse an American bottle of similar price. Our first plate came, some sausage, parma ham, pecorino and parmesan cheese whose bite matched and complimented the saltiness of the meat. My mouth watered at the thought of the rich pesto I had ordered and further scraps of bread soaked in olive oil and basalmic vinegar. If I couldn’t taste her I would drown in other flavors. See how the thoughts of her still intruded?

My coworkers had selected a table at the back of the restaurant and I was left facing the wall with a mirror exposing the room behind me. The restaurant had different terraces within the rooms within the building so you could often catch a glimpse through the doors into other rooms at odd angles. The mirrors reflection left me distracted even more as people moved in out of my view. At one moment I though I saw a familiar face amongst a cascade of dark hair, but there’s no way it could have been her. Now even my eyes were betraying me, making me see that which couldn’t be, but I was still intrigued so I made an excuse of going to bathroom and headed through the door in which I had seen a vision. I walked towards the bathroom but I couldn’t see any one with the hair that had caught my gaze. I guess I really was imagining things.

The bathroom was one of those peculiarities of Europe. A co-ed anti-room with sinks and then individual tiny rooms with toilettes. I went in and relieved myself and just as I flushed I heard another one of the doors squeak on it’s hinges. For some reason I hesitated to open the door, I guess to give the canlı bahis person some privacy as they washed their hands. After I heard the water shut off and towels pulled I opened my door and walked out to the sinks and began washing my hands. It was only after I turned to grab I towel that I noticed that I wasn’t alone in the room. I turned and met a familiar gaze. It was her!

“I… uh…” I stumbled.

“I thought that was you.” She said as she passed me a paper towel.


“You always have been a smooth talker.” She smiled at me, which made it even harder to get a word out.

Being a man of action, and apparently having my tongue tied in knots I had did what I would have wanted to do in any case. I reached out and took her hand and pulled her closer. My face came very close to her and our breath mixed a little as I paused before kissing her lightly. I grabbed her other hand and pulled her insistently closer as our lips moved against each other. I nibbled slowly down the curve of her cheek and breathed lightly in her ear as I hugged her close.

“Sara, you can’t even-“

“Shh… just kiss.”

I moved my mouth lower so that my breath fell on her neck hot and warm, her skin tickled by the gently sweep of my lips as I moved to her earlobe. My mouth opened and I nipped gently at the curve of her neck and I felt her body yield into me. My hands caressed her back and slowly confirmed the familiar lines of her body. It had been three years since I had touched her, but they still knew the way.

I spun her around somewhat roughly and pushed her towards the bathroom I had just left. She walked towards it swaying her hips gently and looked at me for a second as she pushed the door open. It was at that moment when I saw the burning in her eyes that I knew that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. I moved into the cramped room behind her and somehow managed to close and lock the door without looking away from her. She turned to face me and pushed me gently up against the door with one hand while the other moved down to find a part of me with which she was quite familiar. She smiled as she moved in to kiss me patiently and found me hard for her already.

She breathed into my ear, “You’ve missed me haven’t you.”


“You want me, don’t you.”


Our lips met again and our tongues tangled passionately. My skin buzzed wherever it touched her bare skin. I liked her being aggressive, I liked her feeling of need. She certainly could feel my need in the way I responded to her touches and caresses. After a lingering kiss I again pushed her away, this time she was against the wall. I pulled her left leg up so that wrapped around my right and ran my hand up the line of her leg pushing back her skirt. My hand thrilled at the feel of her bare skin while my lips moved against her. She threw back her head and I again moved my lips to her neck, kissing, nibbling, biting a little. She moaned and wrapped herself even tighter around me, pulling my crotch against hers while my right hand caressed her upper thigh. I felt the bottom of her panties at my fingertips and move along the curve feeling her incredible ass in my hand. My cock leaped a little at the thought of all the wonderful dirty things I had done to that ass. I couldn’t remember how many times I had her there but it was something that we both craved when we had been together.

She nuzzled in against my neck and whispered, “I’ve missed your touch.” I pushed her back against the wall and began to move lower until I was on my knees with her left leg still lifted in the air. I moved in closer, my breath trailing it’s way along her thigh. She moved her leg so it rested on my shoulder and I was drawn even closer to her beautiful pussy. With one hand she lifted her skirt and I could see her panties a scant few inches in front of me. I moved my mouth in closes and with a firm tongue licked the length of her from bottom to top over the fabric. She moaned and the hand that had been holding the skirt moved down to the top of the my head to force my face against her. I kept my tongue stiff and let her grind her clit against it, using my face to rub all over it. The scent of her was driving me insane, I needed to taste her. I reached bahis siteleri up and pulled her panties aside and pushed my tongue inside of her, she was soaked already and I was reward by the taste and the feel of her, my memory didn’t do justice. I licked up higher spreading her folds open as I sought out her clit. It was as beautiful as ever nestled among it’s hood, pulsing a little as I flattened my tongue against it. Moving in circles her hand became a little more desperate on the back of my head. It wasn’t going to take her long to come. I moved my hand so that a finger rested at her entrance and I slowly rubbed it in a circle as my tongue continued to work on her clit. I slowly pushed my right index finger deep inside of her and curled it back so that it rubbed the little pad that was one the front wall of her vagina. I slowly caressed it as I licked in a wide circle around her clit and then down to where my finger had entered her, then back up again to the top of her pussy. She hunched herself against my tongue and I continued to move my finger inside of her and my tongue against her. Her moans would have been evident to anyone coming into the bathroom at that point, but she was too far gone to let something like that bother her. After a scant minute I felt her tighten and then she came on my tongue and finger inside of her, holding me tight against her. It took her some time to come down from the quick powerful orgasm and when she finally relaxed I fell back on my heels with a satisfied grin.

“It’s your turn.” She lifted me up and kissed me the pushed me back a little. She stared right into my eyes as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me. Her hands worked at the zipper and reached into to free my cock from my underwear. It popped out and she reached out with her tongue her eyes not leaving mine the whole time. She slowly licked the underside teasing with the barest of touches. My cock jumped and finally she took all of me in one swallow, pulling off just as quickly with a wet smack. She tightened her lips and moved in again, this time sliding down me with great suction causing an involuntary moan to come from deep inside of me. She quickly found her rhythm driving me crazy but not bringing me over the edge. I suspected that she had something more in store although I would have been happy for her to have kept me on the edge like this all night. My hands caressed her head, guiding a little and rubbing gently so that she knew how much I was enjoying her incredible mouth. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside of her mouth urging me to fuck her face a little and I was happy to oblige, my hips moving, my hands keeping her mouth aligned so I could move easily, my breath ragged at this point.

Finally I had to pull her off of me, I wanted something more too. As soon as my cock left her mouth she stood up and turned around. Bent slightly at the knee she leaned forward against the wall and reached back to lift up her skirt so that it was above her waist. I couldn’t wait any longer so I pushed her panties aside again and pushed my cock right up against her pussy. I slowly slid the head up and down her slit, rubbing her clit at one end and teasing her pussy at the other. Once I was wet enough and I could hear the frustration in her breathing I lined myself up with her entrance and slowly pushed inside of her. We both gasped at the sensation and her hand reached back to ensure that I moved into her slowly.

“I want to feel every inch of you slide into me. I want it all, but slowly.”

I panted slowly, it was so hard to resist just going right to lustful fucking, but I knew I would be rewarded even if I took my time, so I went slowly. When I was finally deep inside of her she turned her head a little and kissed me deeply as she ground her ass back against me. I moved a little bit so that she would begin to feel me moving in and out. I was insistent, I need to move inside of her. Finally she relented and let me move back and forth, each stroke pulling out further and still pushing in deeper. My thighs slapped rhythmically against hers and I imagine that the whole restaurant might hear us by then. Fuck it, I don’t care, I’m inside of her and that’s all that matters. Reaching down the little bump of her clit came bahis şirketleri under my fingertips and I slowly rubbed just above the hood. She moaned and I could feel the smile throughout her whole body as she felt just how deep I was filling her. We moved against each other, rotating our hips one way or the other, hitting every angle inside of her. Finally I felt her tighten a little as she began to concentrate on coming for me.

“I want you to come on it. Will you come on my cock Sara?”

All I heard were her moans.

“Do you want to come on it Sara?”


“Will you come for me Sara?

“Yes, oh god yes.”

My fingers moved on her clit. My cock stroked in and out of her. I slowly bit down on her shoulder as we both reached a crescendo of movements and moans and then she came on my cock. I could feel her get wetter, I could feel her tighten around me, I could feel her body release against me in waves.

This time she needed to relax a little although she kept me hard in her hand as her breath slowly calmed down. She leaned back against one wall while I leaned back against the other. Finally her gaze turned from contempt to smouldering lust.

“You know what I want next don’t you?”


“Do you want me there?”

“I want you there.”

“You’re going to take my ass right here in this restaurant aren’t you?”


“You’d better.”

Then she turned around assuming her position against the wall again and I moved up behind her. I wet my cock in her pussy and then moved it up to her eager little ass. I rubbed my cock around her cheeks and up and down her crack but I could tell that it was not what she wanted. I moved it so that it was centered right on her little star and I felt her tense then relax, pushing her ass back towards me. With a little resistance the head pushed her slowly open. I pulled back a little then I spat in my hand and rubbed it onto the head of my cock to provide some more lubrication then began to press it inside of her again. This time she opened a little more readily and the head of my cock popped inside the little ring of her ass. I let it rest there for a little bit letting her get used to feeling of me inside her.

“My boyfriend doesn’t ever fuck my ass like this. I practically have to beg him.”

“I’m not your boyfriend.” And with that I pushed harder so that my cock slipped in an inch more.

“Oh god, keep pushing it in. Come on give it to me.”

I pushed harder and soon my cock was deep inside of her and my hips were pressed against the lovely curve of her ass. I moved back a little and then pushed the last little bit in pulling her hips back against me with my hands, desperate for her to take all of me.

After resting for a second she began to insistently move her hips back and forth. She wanted to feel me moving inside of her and I was happy to oblige. We quickly got into a rhythm that had our nerves singing and our breaths ragged and throaty. My hips slammed up against her eagerly thrusting ass and somehow her skirt managed to not interfere with the view I had as my cock moved in and out of her. If that image didn’t provide footage for the next three years I didn’t know what would.

Our rhythm began to get as ragged as our breath and before long I saw her move her hand down to her clit. I knew she was getting close and I also knew that if she came it would bring me over the edge to. She remained motionless except for her fingers and urged me on with little moans. After a couple of minutes of movement she declared somewhat tiredly, “I’m going to come again, keep moving inside of me as I come. Come with me. Come with me.” And then her orgasm was washing over her for the third time, this time bringing me along. I came deep inside her ass as she gripped me tightly, flooding her with my come, her ass quivering as her clit throbbed against her fingers. “Don’t move, oh, oh, oh, don’t move.” I obliged and felt her ass squeeze the last bit of come out of me. Any movement would have destroyed me at that point as my cock had become supersensitive after that huge orgasm.

A minute later my softening cock slowly pulled out of her ass and we continued to breath raggedly.

“Damn. That was even better than that first time on the elevator.” She said referring to the first time we had sex.

“It was up there, I don’t think I’ll ever forget either day.”

“No you won’t.” She knew how often my thoughts turned to her.

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Fucking Trip to California

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I was so excited when you invited me to stay with you and learn more about music … even more excited about fucking you all day whenever we wanted… you were the only true man I ever wanted to be with.

We had been messaging for a while and knew we would be perfect sexual partners.

When I arrived in California and left the airport, and found the car you had sent for me.

When the driver opened the door, I screamed with excitement… you were sitting there!

As soon as I could I got in the car, and when the door closed, I straddled you lap, and kisses you like this was the last day on earth!

My cunt spasmed and I could feel it getting so wet… god I needed your cock inside me!

I pulled off my top exposing my breasts and erect nipples, and I wiggled out of my trousers to expose my hairless cunt.

As the car was a limousine, promised by you as you wanted me to have only the best when I was with you… I could kneel down between your legs… so as I knelt their naked with my cunt getting so wet and wanting to be fucked by you so badly… I unzipped your trousers and your large wide cock stood up and proud!

I held the shaft, so wide, and licked it while I looked illegal bahis into your eyes, and started to finger my cunt at the same time… I was going to enjoy this!

I kissed your beautiful cock with butterfly kisses along the swollen veins, and licked around the head.. and you tasted so good… I gradually started to take your cock into my mouth… it was so wide… I didn’t swallow as I wanted my mouth to be as wet as my cunt!

As I sucked you, moving my head up and down, while I jerked you at the same time with my hand… saliva slipping out of my mouth sliding down your shaft making it easier to jerk you… I groaned so much as I sucked you and rubbed my clit!

You lifted my head away from your cock before you were going to cum… and you removed all your clothes now so that we were both completely naked… your body was so beautiful… you were older than me but really looked after yourself!

“I want you to lay down so that I can please you now” you said to me as you motioned to the long leather seat… I did as you asked… and laid down and spread my legs waiting for you to enter me… instead you lowered your head and started to lick me with your warm tongue and inserted it into my illegal bahis siteleri juicy cunt… fuck me this feels so good… you certainly know how to make a woman happy… you then sucked gently and tenderly on my clit while you inserted two fingers into my ass… oh my god… I am going to cum!!

You sensed my breathing getting shallower and stopped… and then climbed on top of me and slowly and perfectly you glide your gorgeous cock into my cunt… thrusting as I wrap my legs around your body… you kiss me and part my lips so hungrily and insert you tongue into my mouth.. and I respond with a loud groan… and start gently sucking your tongue… as you keep slamming into my cunt… making me so wet.

This feels so good! As we part from kissing and you lift your body up from mine I ask if you can fuck me in my ass and finger me!

So we change positions again, there is space for me to be on all fours and you behind me, as your cock is covered in my wet cunt juices you slide effortlessly into my ass… oh my fucking god… this is bliss… as you thrust deep into me with you wide long cock and finger me… I rub my clit…

It’s a good thing the windows are tinted and a glass tinted canlı bahis siteleri window separates us from the driver…

You take your fingers out of my cunt and hold on top my hips as you pound into me… making loud smacking sounds as our skin hits against each other!

I am groaning and moaning so much… and I feel you pull away from my ass and slam into my cunt!

Still holding onto my hips, and fucking me so hard and fast… I feel the heat of my whole body start to cum… my nipples get even more erect… my cunt even more wetter and so noisy as you slam into me… oh my… this is it… the feeling of the biggest orgasm burning in my belly… goosebumps all over my body… your breathing slowing as your are reaching your explosion… I grab at the material on the car floor, as I start to feel my cunt spasm…

We screams so loud our orgasm screams from both of us… sweat over our bodies… we both cum… I can literally feel all that cum exploding into me and my cunt making so much cum too!

We part our bodies momentarily and then cling onto each other… feeling so good…

“That was fucking amazing!” You say and I nod…

“Can we do this again when we get to your home please?”

This time you nod… this is going to be a fucking great break in America… and knowing you will do so many things to my body, makes me feel so horny!

“Can we also let another man join us too?” I ask…

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Fun with the New Neighbor

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Booty Shake

I was sitting in the backyard by the pool, when I noticed a moving truck pull into the driveway next door. I knew the former owner had recently sold it, so I guess my new neighbor was moving in. From a distance I noticed an attractive brunette, probably a few years older than myself, but no signs of a significant other. A few guys from a local moving company were helping her unload her stuff.

A couple days after she moved in, I went over to introduce myself and welcome her to the neighborhood. After I rang the doorbell, I was treated to an incredible sight. She was dressed in just a tight t-shirt that accented her generous tits, and a pair of tiny shorts that allowed her gorgeous ass to peak out the bottom. She was curvy in all the right places and I realized she was not just attractive; she was fucking stunning! Shoulder-length brown hair perfectly framed her beautiful brown eyes and slightly pouty lips. My cock began to swell immediately, and I shifted slightly to make it less obvious. Thankfully, she didn’t appear to notice. There did seem to be a mutual attraction however, as I couldn’t help but notice her eyes taking me in.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Hi, I’m Daniel” I said, “I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Hi Daniel,” she said, eyeing me ever so subtly, “My name is Cindy. I just moved to the area from Long Island.”

After a few minutes of conversation, I learned that she was recently divorced and moved upstate to start over with her professional photography career. It was mid-summer and very hot that day. She had faint sheen of sweat on her forehead, and it was clear she was unpacking and getting settled.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” I asked hopefully, while in the back of my mind thinking that I’d love to help her out of those shorts. “It must be tough to do this all by yourself.”

“Thanks Daniel, I may just take you up on your offer.” She said with a slight smile. “Just warning you though, the A/C isn’t working and I haven’t had a chance to have someone take a look at it yet. I have some beer in the fridge to help keep us cool.”

“Sounds like a plan! Let me go change into an old t-shirt and I’ll be right back.”

As I walked back to my house to change, all I could do is think about my great luck to be invited into the home of such a stunning older woman. Sure, I was only helping her unpack some boxes, maybe move some furniture; but a guy can hope.

I wonder if I have any shot at all? I thought to myself. She did seem to be checking me out.

Within a few minutes, I was knocking at her door. As I stepped inside, the oppressive heat suddenly hit me.

“You weren’t kidding, it is hot in here!”

“Tell me about it. My shirt is clinging to my body it is so soaked in sweat!”

Of course after she brought this to my attention, I couldn’t help but notice the damp line running down the back of her t-shirt. ‘You are welcome to take it off any time you want’ I thought with a smile. After grabbing a glass of water to keep hydrated, we got to work. Over the next 2-3 hours I helped her move nearly every piece of furniture in the house. By the time everything was where she wanted, I was hot, sweaty, and exhausted.

“Thanks again for your help! How about that beer?” she asked.

“That sounds amazing right now,” I replied. While she went to the kitchen to grab two beers, I stepped into the bathroom to wash my hands and face from sweat and grime.

A moment later I walked back to the living room, and was stunned by what I saw. Cindy was sitting on the couch in nothing but her shorts. Her tits were even better than I imagined! They were about a 36C I would guess, with no noticeable sag. Considering she was probably in her mid-to-late forties, they seemed too good to be true.

She must have seen my eyes nearly pop out of my head as I walked in the room.

“I’m sorry Daniel, but it is so hot in here. I couldn’t stand wearing that shirt a minute longer. I figured it would be ok since you’ve been staring at my tits since the moment you came over!”

“That obvious, huh?” I replied.

“Yes, but I don’t mind. I’m actually flattered a good-looking young man like you finds an older woman like me attractive. It shows I still got it,” she said with a wink.

“That’s an understatement if I ever heard one, you are gorgeous!”

“So what do you plan on doing about it?” she replied with a sultry look.

I didn’t need any further encouragement as my mouth immediately found her left nipple, while I teased the right with my hand. Her skin had a salty flavor from her sweat, which only added to my arousal. As her breathing became deeper, I lightly bit down on her nipple. It was not enough to hurt, but just enough to work her up even more. At the same time I started to gently pinch the other.

“That’s right, bite my nipple! It feels so good!” she panted. “Bite down harder!”

Who am I to deny her request? I clamped down on her tit a little harder than before, canlı bahis and then switched to the other and did the same.

“Oh god, yes!” she moaned, “Your teeth feel so good on my tits!”

While I was working on her right breast, my right hand slowly trailed down her sexy stomach until I reached her navel. I then slowly teased around her belly button with my pinky and she began to squirm. My hand then traveled down to the top of her shorts and blindly felt for the buckle. A moment later, I had opened the button on her shorts and started sliding them down her legs. Underneath was a pair of plain white cotton panties, leaving just enough to the imagination.

“Sorry they’re not sexier, I wasn’t expecting company today,” she said with a smirk.

Rather than respond, I slipped a finger in the waistband; and slowly started to lower them. Now all this time I had been working her tits and hadn’t really looked down; so imagine my surprise when my fingers moved between her legs and found a glorious full bush.

“You have a bush!” I exclaimed after taking my mouth off her nipple.

“Like it?” she asked.

“Like it? I fucking love it! There is nothing I find sexier than a real woman with a hairy pussy!”

“I tried shaving it once and hated it. I want to feel like a woman and a bush is so much sexier.”

With that I couldn’t help but to dive right in. Just for the fun of it, I ran my tongue all around her sexy pubes, making them nice and wet.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you love bush,” Cindy said with a giggle. “Now quit fucking around and lick my pussy!”

“Yes ma’am” I replied with a grin.

The first thing I noticed was her scent; a combination of sweat and arousal. It was musky and I found it absolutely intoxicating. I started by teasing her outer lips, slowly licking up and down either side. During this her breathing became quicker and she started to squirm. I could tell that I was torturing her and she want my tongue in her pussy now. Ever so slowly, I opened up her labia to discover the treasure inside. I was in pure heaven with my face buried in the muff of one of the sexiest women I have ever been with. Her pussy was dripping wet by now, and I couldn’t get enough of her taste and smell.

As I tongued her deeper and deeper, she began to moan. “Yeeesss, right there! Your tongue feels so fucking good in my cunt!”

Taking that as a sign of encouragement, I started tongue fucking her faster. I felt her legs clamp around my head, like she was holding on for dear life. I then slid my tongue up to her clit, and she suddenly tensed. I thought she was going to make my head implode with how tightly she was squeezing.

“Oh my god! Don’t you dare fucking stop! I am almost there!” After another few seconds, she came with a scream. “FUUUUCCKK! I’m coming!”

The way her body convulsed nearly knocked my back out of alignment, but I wasn’t done with her yet. I let her orgasm fade and then starting slowly licking my way down. Her legs were bent back now, giving me a much better angle for what I had in mind to do next. I licked down the length of her pussy lips, but instead of going back up to her clit, I kept traveling south. I took it slow, not knowing what her reaction would be.

“Oh you are a naughty boy, aren’t you?” she said with a devilish smile. “Why don’t I make it easier for you?”

She then turned over onto her knees, with her ass up in the air beckoning to me. I could make out her thick pubes sticking down between her legs, which slowly tapered as they neared her small puckered asshole. I stood there staring at this unbelievably sexy sight for what felt like minutes, until she snapped me out of my reverie.

“Well, quit staring and get in there! I want your tongue in my ass!”

I pulled my shirt over my head (I was still dressed this whole time amazingly enough), and dove in. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and was overwhelmed by an aroma that I could not resist. Between the sweat from our labors earlier, the smell of her pussy juices, and her asshole’s natural scent, I couldn’t wait to stick my tongue into her lovely anus.

“That’s right, get your tongue in there! I want to feel you licking my sweaty, dirty asshole clean! You love it don’t you? You filthy bastard!”

I was slowly discovering how dirty of a girl Cindy was, and I was loving every second of it! As my tongue probed deeper into her asshole, I starting finger fucking Cindy’s pussy. I started with one finger, and then added another, and finally a third. Between the anal stimulation from my tongue, and the fingers in her pussy, I could tell she was close to another orgasm.

“Yes! Keep going! Right there! I’m so close!”

I plunged both my tongue and my fingers in as far as they would go, and that set her over the edge. This one lasted even longer than the first, and I was just glad my head wasn’t trapped between her thighs this time!

“That was fucking incredible!” she said after coming down from her orgasm. “You are very bahis siteleri skilled with your tongue. I think its time to return the favor.”

She leaned over and started unbuckling my belt while licking her way down my chest. My cock, which had been so far neglected, sprang back to life in no time. Once my belt was taken care of, she pulled my shorts down below my knees and went to work. She started by teasing the tip with her tongue, while one hand traveled down to caress my balls. Her tongue would occasionally dart in and out of my pee slit, and her circles got larger and larger around my mushroom head. She then slowly licked down the underside of my shaft, paying special attention to my super-sensitive frenulum, until she reached the base. She did this a few times; going up and down my cock, until she finally took the head into her mouth. It was fucking amazing and I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

“Your cock tastes so good!” she said before swallowing more of my shaft.

Now, I’m not exactly huge in the dick department, but this can sometimes work to my benefit. Many girls are able to deep throat me easier than they could a monster cock, and this time was no exception. Cindy had my cock down her throat and her lips were brushing my pubic hair. She started moving her head up and down my shaft, gradually building up speed. I was tempted to start face fucking her since it felt so incredible, but I didn’t want to shoot my load this soon. As if reading my thoughts (which she probably was since this obviously wasn’t her first rodeo), she slowed down and pulled my cock out of her mouth. I was torn between wanting her to continue the amazing blowjob, and my desire to hold off.

Cindy was extremely intuitive however, and quickly started working her tongue down my shaft again. She kept going lower this time and started licking on my balls. She then took them into her mouth and I gasped in pleasure/discomfort.

While working my balls with her mouth, she was generating plenty of saliva, which is good because what she did next caught me by surprise. She took a finger and rubbed it into saliva oozing between my legs, and started to press her finger to my asshole! Now, I have experimented with anal play a few times while masturbating, but never had anyone else touched me there. It’s not something a straight man will typically admit to enjoying, but she obviously was not deterred. Oh my god, it felt amazing.

“Holy shit!” I gasped after having my asshole penetrated, “That feels fucking great!”

“Of course it does, I’m stimulating your prostate,” she said knowingly.

Cindy kept her finger in my ass, moving it slowly in and out; and began working her way up my cock again. She once again took me into her mouth, and I experienced pure bliss. Once she began to make love to my cock with her tongue, she rotated her body so her pussy was right over my face. I buried my face in that lovely cunt again while she continued giving me the best head of my life. This continued on for a few minutes and I could feel myself getting closer and closer. Her moans were growing louder, despite having a mouthful of cock. She edged me up right to the brink before I pulled my dick out of her mouth.

“Too much, huh?” she asked.

I just nodded in agreement, while I allowed myself to calm down a bit. After a minute or two I was ready to fuck her without the fear of coming immediately.

“That blowjob was incredible, but what I really want now is to fuck that beautiful hairy pussy!”

She grinned from ear to ear, and then laid back with her legs spread wide. What a beautiful sight that was! I stood there for a moment, just taking her all in, until she beckoned to me with her finger.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me. Come fuck me now!”

After the multiple oral ministrations, her pussy was extremely wet and sloppy, and I had no trouble sliding right in. We both gasped as soon as I was buried to the hilt.

“Oh god yes, you feel fucking incredible!” I said while slowly beginning to move in and out.

I started off nice and slow, wanting to make this last; but soon she urged me to go faster.

“Come on, fuck me with that dick! Harder!” she demanded. “Give me a real fucking!”

I started thrusting faster and harder, and soon I was pounding away at her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

“Yes! Just like that! Fuck my juicy pussy! Give me everything you have!”

With her words fueling me, I began to fuck her even harder. I was driving her body deeper and deeper into the couch, and the whole time she was panting and moaning.

“Keep going just like that! Right there! I’m so fucking close!”

I continued to slam my cock into her, and amazingly I was able to control myself from going past the point of no return. I could tell she was close, so I leaned forward and bit down on her right nipple. That was enough to set her over the edge. She came violently this time, and her juices squirted out all over my cock.

“HOLY SHIT! I felt like bahis şirketleri I was having a seizure, it was so intense.”

“I could tell; you squirted all over me!” I said with a smile.

She bent over and took my cock in her mouth again, cleaning her juices until it was spotless. I could tell she enjoyed the taste of her own arousal, because she continued licking all around my ball sack and groin. She continued on with this for another minute or two, before pulling away and turning over.

“I want you to fuck my ass Daniel! I need to feel your cock stretching me out. I have lube in the box next to the end table; go get it!”

Now at this point, I was sure that I had died and gone to heaven, because this woman was my ultimate fantasy. Not wasting any time, I shuffled over to the box she indicated and began to dig for the lube. I discovered that that was her sex toy stash, and she had all sorts of goodies in there. There were nipple clamps, anal beads, handcuffs, a rabbit-shaped vibrator, a medium size butt plug, and an eight-inch long dildo with a harness. Hmmm… I wondered to myself, but the thought was nearly forgotten once I found the bottle of lube at the bottom of the box.

I walked back over to Cindy holding the lube and what was probably a shit-eating grin on my face. She had laid her face down on one end of the couch, with her beautiful ass sticking up in the air beckoning to me. I gave her right cheek a soft slap, which elicited a small squeal from Cindy.

“I didn’t smack you hard,” I said while rubbing her ass gently.

“It didn’t hurt, you just caught me by surprise,” she replied.

Moving back to the task at hand, I couldn’t resist another taste of her inviting back door. I slowly started licking all around her rosebud, and gradually started pushing my tongue past her sphincter.

“Yes!” she hissed, “Your tongue feels amazing!”

I stuck a finger into her still moist pussy for some additional lubrication, and then slid it into her tight pucker. By this time she was really getting into it and started pushing back against my finger with each thrust. I then added a second finger to stretch her out a bit more. It was somewhat difficult, so I squeezed some lube onto her asshole and rubbed it in. Now that she was nice and slippery, two fingers easily slid into her tight hole.

“Give me your cock! I need you to fuck my tight asshole now!” she wailed.

Knowing she was ready, I pulled my fingers out of her ass and placed the tip of my cock at her rosebud. I slowly began to apply pressure and her sphincter was welcoming the new intrusion. “Oh God, that’s it! Just go slow until I get used to being stretched.”

I continued easing my dick into her ass; each inch greeted by a moan, until my pubes were brushing against her ass cheeks and my balls were slapping her pussy.

“Your ass is so tight Cindy! It feels fucking incredible!

I held still allowing her to adjust to my cock in her ass, and it was only a matter of seconds before she slowly began to move. I began to slide my cock in and out at a moderate pace, and soon I could tell she was really enjoying herself. As I picked up speed, she started rubbing her clit, and her moans grew louder. Soon I was hammering at her ass the way I would did her cunt earlier, and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Fuck! Fuck! I’m getting close!”

“Don’t stop! Keeping fucking my ass! I’m almost there!”

God knows how, but I managed to hold off just long enough for her to have a screaming orgasm. By the sounds of it, it was probably the most intense of the afternoon.

“HOLY SHIT! FUCK! Keep going baby, I want your cum in my ass!”

That was what sent me over the edge. I reached what was probably the best climax of my life, and pumped her ass full of my seed. This lasted for about 30 seconds or so, and I then practically collapsed from the effort. My cock slowly slid from her now gaping hole, and I flopped back onto the couch exhausted. Thinking this was one of the best afternoons of my life, I figured we would soon get dressed and have those beers we neglected.

To my surprise, Cindy had more in store for me that afternoon. She next did one of the hottest and filthiest things I have ever seen. She stuck her finger into her ass, moving it around a few times, until the cum started leaking out onto the couch. Once there was a nice puddle, she leaned forward and licked it up, not wasting a drop.

“Mmmm, your cum tastes so good Daniel,” she said with a smile.

“You really are one nasty woman aren’t you?”

“Just wait to see what else I have planned,” she smiled wickedly.

Something about that smile made me a little nervous, but at the same time extremely excited. I sat there and caught my breath for a few more minutes and nursed my now-warm beer. Cindy went to the bathroom, probably to pee and clean herself up a bit. When she came back out, she was still fully nude and sexy as ever.

“Since you did such a wonderful job fucking my ass, I thought it was only fair for me to return the favor.”

“Umm… Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” she said with a smirk. “I know you saw my strap-on when you went to get the lube. I’m going to fuck your ass with it.”

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The Kids At Play Ch. 5

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Ch. 5: Confessions from Mom & Dad

In late March Tommy took Meagen’s cherry. I was not there at the time but I understood that it was something they wanted to do that was just the two of them. I let the two of them have the house to themselves while I went out with a friend from work. Things went well for them and I joined them the next day. The added thrill of watching them fuck really spiced things up even more.

The kids loved what had happened when I spent the night at their Aunt and Uncles and they were both interested to know if they would be invited the next time. I told them that I still wasn’t sure about Aunt Nancy who seemed to have a mixed reaction when I told her and Joe over breakfast the next morning that my son was fucking me…and my daughter was involved too. Joe thought it very sexy, I think Nancy thought it may have been going too far.

In April the kids were home for a week. Joey told me he and Nancy planned on going to Florida. Nancy’s brother lived in Orlando and they planned to let their daughters stay with Nancy’s brother and visit Disney Land while they drove to Boca Raton to spend a week with my parents. Dad was turning 65 and apparently they had some sort of big party planned. I easily got the time off from work and Tommy and Meagen agreed to go without hesitation. I think in their minds they hoped to extend our “family time” to include their Aunt and Uncle. That idea didn’t go unnoticed by me either. I had several fantasies since that night that included me introducing my sister-in-law to a little woman to woman kind of love. So we headed out April 7th, it was Good Friday.

We all flew down together and stopped in Orlando. Nancy gave Joe put their daughters in the care of her brother for 9 days. Nancy cried, even though the kids had spent a week here the past summer and their daughters seemed very excited to be going to their Uncle Steve’s. Apparently Steve and his wife had three young children so they had cousins to play with. We rented a station wagon at the airport and headed over to mom and dads.

As we made talk in the long car ride over, my brother and his wife up front, me and the kids in the back seat, I wondered aloud what mom’s big announcement was. Joe looked at me surprised, he asked me if mom and dad had ever told her that they were nudists now. I said she had mentioned something over the phone once but I didn’t think anything of it. “So if you know about it, what’s the big announcement?” I asked him. Joe told me he thought they were going to tell us that dads 65th birthday party was going to be at the nude beach… and that they were going to ask us to be there. “That would be interesting” I said.

“In this family, it certainly will” Nancy remarked. She did have a point.

Mom and Dad looked fantastic. Of course mom doted over all of us as soon as we arrived and within an hour she had prepared a feast for us. Dad had did well for himself, not rich but he had planned well for retirement. The house had 3 bedrooms and a nice swimming pool out back, everything was on one floor (all the homes were built like bostancı escort this around here) and I noticed while dad was giving us the nickel tour that they had a privacy fence built around the backyard. I also noticed how dad seemed to love the sun room, with a jacuzzi built in the screened in room. “Maybe later we’ll all take a nice jacuzzi, to relax from your trip” he noted. “How many people does that thing seat?” Joe asked him, “We’ve had eight in there, no trouble” he said as we rejoined mom in the kitchen. Close quarters, I thought to myself, imagining eight adults in there.

Nancy and I helped mom set the table and we sat down to a wonderful dinner around 7 o’clock. We talked at the table after dinner and desert and before we knew it almost 3 hours had passed. We were all very tired from the drive and the flight and mom had showed us the sleeping arrangements. One bedroom had a queen sized bed, Joe and Nancy’s room. The other room had twin beds in it and the first thought was to have Meagen and I stay in there and Tommy would sleep on the sofa bed. The kids were both tired so I said they should take the room with the twin beds and that I would be fine in the living room. They said goodnight and they headed off to bed.

Dad said we should all take a dip in the jacuzzi since the kids had gone to sleep. That sounded nice to us and mom added she had a few things she wanted to discuss with us. We all went to change into our swim suits. Nancy and I were in her room changing when she asked me matter of factly if I thought I’d be fucking and sucking my dad by weeks end? She didn’t say it in a nasty, or mean way but somehow I took it that way and told her she should think about shutting up sometimes and that she didn’t seem to mind when I was teaching her how to suck her husbands cock! My anger shocked her, I guess she really meant nothing by it. She came over and said she was sorry and hugged me, assuring me she meant nothing by it. She said the idea turned her on, that’s why she said it.

Thats when Nancy confessed to me that she spent a lot of nights masturbating when she was a teenager, imaging her with her three brothers or her dad. She said she often caught a glimpse of one or another coming out of the bathroom and she still fantasized about it on occasion. “I wish I was as brave as you guys are” she said. “This week is the new me, I’m going to embrace whatever happens” she finished. My anger was completely gone. I turned her face towards me and we kissed. Nancy hesitated for a moment but soon she let my tongue into her mouth. I’m not sure how long the kiss lasted, long enough to wet my bathing suit bottoms. “What are you guys doing in there?” it was dads voice from outside the door. “On our way” Nancy said and quickly made her way out of the room.

We all wore bathing suits in the jacuzzi and we made small talk. Mom had poured us all wine and it was very relaxing. Finally Joe asked mom and dad what the big secret was. Mom looked at dad and said she would get started. “Well, your dad and I have taken on a new lifestyle in the past couple of ümraniye escort bayan years…” she paused for a moment, “you know, at least you do Joey, that your dad and I have become nudists.” Joe smiled and nodded and mom looked at me, I smiled too, letting her know that I knew this already. “But there’s more to our new lifestyle…” now she swallowed and looked over to dad for support, “we’ve also joined a swingers group.” Now I think the three of us were equally shocked. I mean, mom was in great shape but she was still almost 60 and dad was going to be 65 in less then a week. We were all pretty quiet.

“Don’t think your mom and I are dirty old perverts. Thank God we’re both healthy and we’ve always enjoyed a wonderful sex life. We’ve been married 41 years and we’ve always been faithful to each other. I don’t ask that you approve, its just something we feel we should be honest and up front about it with you kids.” Again there was a pause.

“Well, I think its wonderful,” I said “after all, I think adults should do whatever feels good. It’s not hurting anyone…so more power to you.”

Of course once the door was open, we all had questions for them which they seemed glad to answer. One of my questions were if mom and dad enjoyed both men and women. Mom answered quickly that she did and that her father let her enjoy other women throughout their marriage. Mom finished and we looked over to dad, he smiled and said that before he revealed any other secrets he wanted us each to reveal something. I wondered if my revealing the fact that I was sexually active with my son and daughter would be too much, but I was lucky to go last. MOM: “Well, I’m going to confess and old sin. I knew about you two when you were young. I came home and caught you on more then one occasion. You, young lady, were quite noisy.” she smiled at me.

“Did you ever tell dad?” Joe asked, surprised that we hadn’t been so discreet, I was surprised too. “I didn’t at first, but then your dad and I came home from a wedding one night and you two were obviously going at it. I pulled your dad inside our bedroom and as we undressed I knew it was okay.” she smiled and her and dad held hands. “Why?” I asked, maybe a stupid question. “Your father had quite an erection” we all laughed. NANCY: “My confession is very recent. Last month I found out about these two. I arranged for Donna to come over for the night and I video taped her giving Joe oral sex. I’m sorry to say I have never been very good at it and he spoke of Donna like she was an oral goddess. He wasn’t wrong” we all laughed. “Has it helped?” Mom asked her, “Oh yeah, she’s been a quick study” Joe chimed in. “I just needed to see what he liked. She did things I never thought of, so now I do them…or try. I still can’t deep throat him” she smiled at me.” There was a pause before we decided who would go next. DAD: “I wasn’t fortunate enough to have sisters because if I did my brothers and I would’ve kept her busy. I was the youngest of the three boys and the last to be introduced into the brotherly way.” What do you mean pop?” Joe asked him. kartal escort “Well, three teenage boys, left alone a lot. Things were different with girls back then, sex was something you waited until marriage to do. Your grandma died when we were all quite young. So, we discovered that if we touched each other, it felt even better then when we touched ourselves. Uncle Jack and Uncle Pete had been doing for a while before they let me in. I became the one to satisfy them, then they would satisfy me.” dad looked at our shocked faces, all except mom who I was sure had heard this before. “There was a lot of oral sex going on in that household.” Dad laughed. Uncle Jack had died a few years earlier but Uncle Pete was alive and well and lived in Arizona.

“The last time Uncle Pete was in, we took them to the nude beach. That was the first time I saw your father suck another man.” Mom said. “Did it freak you out?” I wanted to know. “Not at all, Donna, honey, it made me wild. It was so sexy. I think your dad does it now because he knows how hot it makes me to watch.” she laughed and she and dad kissed. “I still enjoy it too” dad said, “But it does make your mom hotter then a firecracker” we all laughed.

I think I drifted for a moment and thought of how odd this all was. We were some family, that’s for sure. Here we were, mother father, son and daughter and sons wife talking openly about sex. I’m sure this wasn’t going on in too many American homes but I wondered in how many it was? JOE: “In light of dads confession…” he paused. “Is this going to shock me?” Nancy asked him with a smirk. “Probably, yes” he answered before going on. “You know, Donna and I had been fooling around like twice a day for nearly two years. Then I went off to college. It took about two weeks for me to start going crazy from lack of sex. My first roommate was a real book worm, didn’t talk about girls, didn’t look at any porno magazines with me. He’d lay in his bed and I knew he was listening to me jerk off…I did it every single night. Twice sometimes. So one day I was really out of control horny.” Nancy looked at him, “One day? sounds like more then one day” we all laughed. “Well, one day it was worse then usual, hows that? So I looked over at Stu (my roommate) and told him if he sucked my dick I’d do whatever he wanted.” Joey seemed like he finished his story, we were all waiting for more. “What happened?” Nancy nearly yelled at him. “I had my dick sucked a lot my first year in college.” he laughed. “What did he make you do?” I asked. “He liked me to lick his balls while he jerked off…that was it. I never sucked him or anything… just licked his balls.” By now my confession didn’t seem so bad. ME: “Mines simple, I’m having sex with Meagen and Tommy… have been for two months and I love every minute of it.” The usual questions followed and around 1 AM we all called it a night.

I’m sure Joey and Nancy fucked their brains out after they went to sleep and I wondered if Tommy and Meagen had done the same thing. Mom and dad? I’m sure my horny parents had a quickie before bed. As for me? I had to let my fingers doing the walking. I came twice thinking about what everyone had talked about in the jacuzzi. I knew in my mind that this next week was going to be one I would never forget, that none of us would ever forget.

Turns out I was right.

To Be Continued…

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