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Scott Takes It In The Ass

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I quickly got dressed to go out for tonight. I had on a tight pair of jeans, a nice shirt, and I had on a face full of makeup. I looked good as always. I was ready to “let my hair down” and be wild and free tonight. I just had a feeling that tonight was going to be a great night.

My roommate, Sally, pounded on the bathroom door for what seemed like the thousandth time. “COME ON, GIRL!! We are gonna be late!!”, she screamed thru the door. I checked myself in the mirror one last time, and I headed out the door. I bumped right into Sally. She was dressed similar, and she looked just as good. Before I had a chance to tell her, though, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the apartment.

It was a hot summer night, and we were headed down town to a club that Sally always went to. Her favorite band was playing tonight at the club, and she wanted me to go with her so she didn’t have to go alone. I didn’t mind. I liked Sally’s music, and the band sounded awesome! They were new, but I had a feeling they were going to make it big some day.

We caught a cab downtown, and we were at the front door in about 20 minutes. The club was called Razor’s Edge, and it was a popular club among the 20-30 year olds. I knew it was going to be crowded, but I had no idea how so until we saw the block long line up to get inside. “I know the bouncer. Come on, he will get us in.” Sally said to me as she tried to elbow her way up to the front of the line.

I could already hear music thumping inside the building. The crowed was unwilling to let us thru, and we got a lot of angry stares.

While Sally was trying to sweet talk her way thru, I looked around at the unfamiliar faces. There were all kinds of people. Then, I saw HIM.

I had no idea who he was, but my eyes were instantly drawn to him. He was sitting across the street on a motorcycle. He was sitting directly under the street light, so I could see him pretty clearly.

His hair was dyed a wild reddish brown with dark roots. He was smoking a cigerette. He had on tight, black leather pants with a button down black shirt. He also had on boots.

I don’t know what it was about him that made me stare at him, but I couldn’t pull my gaze away from him. I felt instant sexual attraction to him, even though he was across the street.

I watched him inhale the cigerette into his lips, and I felt my pussy clench with thoughts of his lips down there on me! Then, he threw the cigerette butt on the ground. He looked right at me. We stared at each other for a moment. I depated whether or not I should go talk to him or wait and see if he came over to talk with me. I smiled at him. He nodded. Then, before I could do anything, Sally grabbed me by the elbow.

“Come on, Rick said we could go in now.” She pulled me thru the people, and I lost sight of motorcycle guy. I managed a quick, “Thanks,” to Rick as we passed the bouncer before Sally had us in the club.

It was in full swing already even though the band wasn’t due to play for awhile yet. Sally managed to get us a drink. Then, we pushed our way to the front of the stage.

A newer band was playing an opening song. They were good, but I was more interested in listening to the main band. Sally was yelling at me periodically, but I couldn’t hear a word she was saying. I just smiled and nodded at various points. I don’t think she really cared.

Then, a guy with a microphone jumped up on the stage. After thanking the first band, he yelled for the crowed to put their hands together for the main band. The whole group of people went NUTS! I couldn’t believe how excited they were for this local band. They must be getting even more popular than I imagined. Sally was going nuts beside me too. I was really getting into it.

Before I had a chance to calm down, the band came on stage and went instantly into a popular song. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right there on stage, singing his heart out, was motorcycle guy! I didn’t know what surprised me more…the fact that he was motorcycle guy or if it was because he was the lead singer of this really great band.

He was still dressed in the black pants and shirt. He looked even better up closer. His fingers were long and they gripped the microphone tightly. I couldn’t stop my mind from leaping into all kinds of nasty thoughts about where I wanted those fingers to go. I couldn’t believe it! I loved watching his lips move while he sang his songs. Man, he was a girl’s version of a male wet dream!

Before I knew it, the lights dimmed and the band ran off stage. The crowed booed and stamped their feet and clapped their hands. They chanted “More! More! More!” I couldn’t help it, I went right along with them! I wanted more of this hunky guy even if it was only to erotik film izle watch him on stage for the moment.

And, just like that, the lights went back on, and the band came running back onstage again. The crowd went nuts when they realized that they were going to be treated to another song.

I couldn’t get over how motorcycle guy was dressed. He had a dress on! It really threw me for a moment because it was a really flowery, lacy dress. He still had his boots on. Then, he started singing his song. It was about sex. It was a very powerful song that I instantly liked from Sally’s CD she had. It was about this girl who knew that she was pretty, and that she wore this dress out to a club because she looked hot in it. She teased the guys all night, grinding her ass with them on the dance floor. Then, she just up and decided to go home alone. On the way though, one of the guys follows her. Half way home, he attacks her and rapes her. While he fucks the hell out of her, the guy says “You shouldn’t have worn that dress.”

While you are having a major mental image of this, the lyrics of the song goes “Here I cum…I cum…I cum,” as the guy pours his cum into his victim’s pussy. As I watched this guy up on stage singing his heart out, I had a major mental picture of me fucking him with his dress on. I pictured him in his girly dress, me fucking his ass with a strap on dildo. Without warning, I had a major orgasm listening to him moaning “Here I cum…I cum…I cum.” I gripped the railing that separated us from the band, and I moaned out loud when I felt it vibrate with the bass of the music.

Thankfully, the music was so loud that nobody could hear me moaning. While I was cumming hard, motorcycle guy looked right at me. He gave me this beautiful smile. My whole face flushed because I realized he knew exactly what was happening to my body! Then, the band ran off stage again.

Just like before, the crowd went wild. I was afraid they would stampede! But, just like before, the lights came back on again. This time, motorcycle guy was completely naked except for his boots and an American flag wrapped around his waist.

My jaw dropped. I looked over at Sally, who just gave me a sex starved smile and knowing look. He sang another great song. The crowed was yelling so loud that it was almost deafening. Then, at the end of the song, the singer yelled, “God Bless America!” while at the same time putting the flag on a pole to be proudly displayed about the stage. So, there in front of my eyes stood motorcycle guy in nothing but his boots. I thought he looked good before! WOW. His legs where long, lean, and powerful. But, that was nothing compared to the length and beauty of his powerful cock. It wasn’t even hard, and it was already putting every cock I ever saw to shame. I knew right then and there…I had to be with this guy. I was still in a lustful daze when I realized the show was over.

Sally grabbed my arm and pulled me out to the club for some air. “Oh my gosh. What a great show! They always rock.” I was still half dazed at what all transpired. I glanced at my watch and was shocked to see it was 3 hrs since we first stepped foot out of the cab.

Sally snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Are you listening? I said I was wanting to get out of here before my ears stop working permanetly.” I nodded. My tongue still to thick to form words. She walked across the street to use her cell phone to call a cab.

While we were waiting, I saw a huge flock of people coming from the alley behind the club. I turned, and I saw the band members with what I assume was body guards around them to get them out of the club safely. Then, I saw the lead singer.

He had his leather pants and black shirt on again. He looked straight at me. I thought my knees would go out from underneath me just looking at him. Sally hung up her phone. She said, “The cab will be here in about 5 minutes.” I looked at her. She gave me a concerned looked. “What’s wrong? You look flushed. I hope the club wasn’t to much for you,” she said. I tried to shake my head, but I didn’t have time. Before I knew it, motorcycle guy was standing right beside me.

He was taller than I first realized. I barely reached his chest. I could see that the top three buttons on his shirt was undone, and I could see the naked flesh of his chest. I thought I would pass out. Sally was first to speak. “Hey. GREAT job tonight as always. I love to listen to you guys play,” she said.

I pulled my eyes away from his chest to stare into his face. He told Sally “Thanks,” but he was staring straight at me! I smiled at him. “Yea. Nice job,” I mumbled to him. He reached his hand out towards me. “My name’s Scott.” I shook his hand while telling him my name. The other members film izle of the band came up to us then. Sally instantly started talking with them.

Before I realized it, they invited us to a party at the guys’ apartment. Sally agreed just as our cab pulled up. Scott handed me a slip of paper. He whispered, “I hope you…come.” I flushed instantly when I realized what he said and how he said it. I ran after Sally into the cab.

I opened the paper and realized it was the address to the apartment. I told the cab driver the address. I looked at Sally. “You always get me into trouble.” Sally grinned at me while saying, “We deserve some fun now and then, girl!” I grinned back at her. “I like Scott.” Then, I told her all about how I saw him across the street, all about what happened while he was singing, everything! Sally gave a low whistle. “You have it bad! I say, go for it.”

It only took a few minutes to get to the apartment, and I realized it wasn’t that far from the club. My heart gave a flutter when I realized Scott was already there waiting for us.

We walked quickly over to him. He said, “Thanks for coming. The guys are already upstairs.” We followed him up the steps to the second floor. He opened the door marked “2-A”.

It was a nice apartment. It had a huge living room, dining room, and kitchen. That was as far as my “tour” went for at the moment. We all gathered around the table. The music was on, the beer was flowing, and we were all trying to play cards.

Scott sat right beside me. His thigh was pressed right up against me. Every time we shifted, I was reminded of him up on stage in all his naked glory. After a few hours, and way to many beers, I decided I needed to further my tour of the apartment in hopes of a bathroom.

I walked down the hallway hoping to find the bathroom soon. I realized the first 2 rooms were bedrooms. The 3rd door was finally the bathroom. I did my business, and I freshened up a bit. When I went back in the hall, I was surprised to find Scott leaning against the door jam. “Hey,” I said breathlessly. Then, he kissed me.

I melted into him, and I instantly responded to his touch. He cupped my face in his hands. I moaned into his kiss. He pressed me into the wall, and I felt his hard cock rub against my belly thru our clothes.

I gripped his shoulders. “Scott…” He took my hands and let me to the door at the end of the hall. It was a 3rd bedroom. I heard him shut and lock the door. Then, he lit a candle on the bed side table. “This is my room.” Scott explained. But I didn’t care. I just wanted him to kiss me again.

He didn’t disappoint me. He slowly kissed me, nibbling my lips, sucking my tongue. Man, I thought I would cum just from him kissing me. He pulled me over to the bed while he kissed me. I never met a man like him. I was ready to do anything he wanted. Well, except for talking, which is what he seemed to have in mind next.

He wanted to know all about me. He asked a few questions, and I gave him a very brief summary. I tried to kiss him again, but he pulled away.

He was breathless when he said, “I am glad you came to the club tonight.” I smiled. “Me too.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “You seemed to really like my one song. What were you thinking?” I laid back on the bed with my feet still on the floor. I closed my eyes while I told him that I had an orgasm while thinking of fucking him in the ass while he was wearing the dress. I was embarrassed, but he asked! I heard him move beside me while he whispered in my ear, “Mmmm. That sounds like a delightful adventure. I thought you looked like a fun girl.” I opened my eyes. “You aren’t wierded out by that?”, I asked in surprise. “Hell no. Would you like to play?”, he asked with a wicked smile.

He got off the bed, and he went over to his closet. “I love to dress up from time to time. Come see.” He opened the closet door. He had some dresses in the back of his closet. “I wear these from time to time on stage. I think it’s fun.”

I was shocked when I said,“You seem like the manliest man in the world. Hell, are you gay? What? I never met anyone like you.”

He laughed a deep, soul full, laugh. “No, I am not gay. I do say I am bisexual in some ways, though I have never been with a guy…yet. I do like to dress up and role play, though.” He stripped down to his nakedness. Before I had a chance to admire his cock, he pulled a simple dress over his head.

He said, “Come lets get you dressed for fun.” He pulled my shirt and bra off. He then pulled my jeans down to my knees. 10 minutes ago, I was dieing for him to do just that. Now? I had no idea what was going on.

He sat me on the bed while he pulled my shoes off and my pants the rest of the way off. “I suddenly seks filmi izle feel very underdressed.” I joked, seeing as how I was now totally nude and he had a dress on. He laughed again.

He winked and said, “Then, you need to be wearing something.” He reached under his bed and pulled a trunk out. When he flipped the lid, I about fell off the bed at all the sex toys that I saw. He winked again when he saw my face. “We will play with most of this later. First, I want to play with this.” He pulled out a strap on dildo. It was all black. I wanted to laugh at the strangeness, but I couldn’t. Suddenly, it didn’t seem so strange or as funny.

He helped me put it on. I felt strange with my “cock” jutting proudly from my body. The blackness of it contrasted sharply to my creamy white skin. He grabbed my “cock” and pulled me to him. He kissed me again, deeply, and I forgot about everything but him. He ran his hands lovingly over my whole body. I whimpered and moaned. “Fuck me.” I heard him whisper against my lips.

Then, the reality hit me. “I never…” “It’s ok,” he whispered while he climbed on the bed on all fours. He looked so damn sexy. I climbed behind him, and I pulled his dress up around the middle of his back. I nibbled, kissed, and licked my way down his back. I felt his skin ripple under my mouth. Man, he was turned on. So was I!

I knelt between his legs, my face just inches from his balls. I wanted to suck his cock, and I told him this. “If you do, I will cum like crazy. Please, I wanted to cum with you inside me.” I moaned, but I couldn’t help but taste his slit. I wondered what it would be like eating pussy, and I tried to imagine that his ass was a pussy. I tongued and sucked for all I was worth. He was moaning so loud. His hips were also bucking like crazy, I had to hold his ass cheeks still. “Please…fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” He was begging me. It was a pure ego trip.

I climbed up on my knees. I slid my “cock” between the slit of his ass. He whimpered. I had no idea what to do. I never fucked anyone like this.

I easily found his hole with the tip of my “cock”. I was slowly trying to enter into him, when he slammed back against me. We both moaned at the same time. I tried to take it easy on him, but he wasn’t having any of it.

Every time I tried to pull my “cock” out, he would slam his body back on top of it causing the underside of my “cock” to slam against my clit. I knew at this rate, neither one of us was going to last long.

The room filled up with the sounds of us fucking. We were both moaning like crazy. I tried fucking him faster, when suddenly he yelled “I’m cumming. Yesssss….”

I reached around his body because I wanted him to cum on my hand. I wanted to feel his cum. He cummed what felt like gallons. I rubbed his cum into the skin of his cock. It was the most beautiful thing I think I ever witnessed. He moaned and whimpered into the pillow. He even called out my name.

Before I had a chance to realize it, he pulled me off of him. He roughly threw me on my back on the bed. He ripped off the strap on dildo, and threw it on the floor.

He kissed me roughly. I couldn’t get over the complete change in him. He growled, “God, that was the sexiest fucking thing I ever saw.” He leaned up, and he ripped the dress off his body. I was once again marveling at the beauty of his naked body.

Then he said, “Now, I am gonna fuck the hell out of you.” I gasped in surprise. I realized he was no longer playing the sub role. He was all man now, and he wanted to let me know it.

He placed his still rock hard cock against my pussy. I wailed, “Oh my god. It’s never gonna fit, Scott.” I wasn’t just saying it either. He was well over 9 inches, and his cock looked like an angry tree trunk.

I let out a howl when he pushed his cum covered cock in my pussy. He wasn’t playing nice either. He held my hands up over my head.

He fucked me hard and fast while staring into my lust filled eyes. His cock head slammed against my cervix over and over. I never felt anything like it.

“Oh, Scott. I love your cock. Fuck me baby. Fuck me.” I started praying to who knows who. I started thanking Scott for fucking me with his beautiful cock. I couldn’t stop the words flying out of my mouth and the tears streaming down my face.

And, then I came like a freight train. I bit hard on my lip, but I still couldn’t stop myself. I closed my eyes and let the feelings wash over me. Scott pulled out of me then, and he splashed his cum all over my belly. Then, he collapsed on top of me.

I lay there with him. Totally in awe of what just happened. The sweat and cum drying on our naked bodies. We were both out of breath.

Then, he kissed me with such love and passion. He said, “Thank you. I think I just fell in love with you.” We both had huge smiles on our faces as we slept with me curled up next to him. We didn’t wake up until the next morning where he fucked the hell out of me again!

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Silky Adventures #13

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Silky loses her anal cherry

As the summer winds down, swimming seems more melancholy. You treasure the last few days when it’s warm enough to lay out by the pool, or swim a few last laps. In Alabama, of course, summer lasts until Christmas, but still, the leaves are changing color, and the azaleas stop blooming.

I was taking advantage of a slow Sunday afternoon, lying on a Pokémon beach towel by the pool. Since we have a privacy fence, Jess and I often slip our suits off to eliminate tan lines. That’s why I was naked, and drowsing, having some rather nice fantasies involving the new Priest Father Thomas and me removing some Victoria’s Secret stuff.

Jess dropped beside me. “Wazzup, Silk?”

I smiled, but kept my eyes closed. “Just feeling… Heavenly.” I was twirling a strand of red hair by my ear, the way I do when I’m thinking hard.

“I have an idea,” she said. This can be very good or very bad, or sometimes both, if you catch my drift.

“Does it include me?” I asked, dreamily.

“Yes!” and she struck! My butt snapped together like a virgin’s bedroom door, but not before she had stuck a chunk of ice in my twat! I squirmed and struggled, but she’s bigger and had surprise on her side. That was so cold! The ice, too! It melted into my opening, and as it melted, it began to run out. It felt like I was hot & cold at the same time. But as more melted, I warmed up, and the ratio of ice water to pussy juice took a decided turn for the latter. I relaxed my ass, and let her familiar fingers stroke into me. I wasn’t drowsy anymore.

“You are such a nasty bitch, Jess,” I murmured as I rolled beneath her hands.

“You’re the one who’s naked in the back yard getting fingered.”

“I’m pretending it’s the new Priest. Isn’t he cute?”

“You want to invite him over for a ‘swim’?”

“Like this one? Sure. How DID you think of this ice thing?”

“Saw it on some porno online. You can erotik film izle learn anything there. You ought to watch some anal.” Jessie lay couchant, just rubbing my ass and back.

“Oh, shit, is George really going to do that to me?”

“Sure, why not?”

Well, I thought that all the things Jessica said about butt fucking and such were just talking dirty, like people say “eat shit,” but don’t really expect you to.

“So do you still have your anal cherry?”

“Silky, you know that before George rescued me, I lost every bit of everything remotely innocent. I’ve done things that were stupid, painful, nasty, and certainly against my desires. So yeah, I’ve had it up the ass. When George wanted it, I gave it lovingly. You know I love him. And you.”

“Yes, Jess. I know that sex stops when a man pulls up his pants, but with George, it continues. We are a family. Maybe not kin, but kith”

“We are, Silky sweetie, we are.” She drew hearts across my spine.

“I’ll do anything for him. I just didn’t know this was real.”

“It’s real, baby girl. But not bad.”

“I knew a guy my freshman year who was laughing one time and he said ‘Isn’t it funny how people say ‘eat me,’ but never do it. Like, no one actually puts their mouth on another person’s sex.’ All of us at the table got very quiet, and looked away. He said ‘do ya’ll do that?’ and we all owned up that we had at one time or another. He was amazed.”

“Really, he thought people just talked about oral sex?” Her hands were so warm on my skin.

“Cross my heart! Uh, Jessie — do you know anyone who eats shit?”

“Eweeh! I hope not. But anal sex really occurs.” With that she popped my backside and ran inside.

George said anal was special, that it took preparation and cooperation; forcing it could hurt. The idea hurts, if you ask me!

So we had a nice family love fest. I kissed Jessica, she kissed George, and he kissed me. I swear, film izle the kissing is almost as good as anything else. We spent an hour or two just trading spit. Of course, the odd woman out rarely just watched. There are so many nice places to touch, and squeeze, and rub. Special pleasures occur when slippery tongues slide from monolith to tunnel and malleable flesh ripples across nerves that suffer greater ache with each passing, but that are also urged over and over towards abatement.

I love to suck Jessica’s nipples. They have a direct line to her pussy, and she can cum just from that if I invigorate them long enough. So often that’s where my mouth is while George evaluates other opportunities, sometimes on me, sometimes on her. Tonight I was the primary target, as he inducted me into the sorority of sodomitees.

He bent me over face down in his bed, and casually fucked me doggy style. My cunt was quite juicy by then, and each backward piston dribbled further fluids down on the sheets. He said the point was to get me loose and his dick greased. It was working.

Jess assisted by liberally pouring KY lube over my ass, while George stroked my back door a little more each time, going as far as a second knuckle into my sphincter. Then Jessie began a series of dildoes, first a tiny one that just slipped right in, then a larger one, and another and another. (They better not have bought that monster they were laughing about at the “Love Stuff” store.) Anyway, with each change, my asshole stretched and gave a little. Soon I was comfortably taking one that felt like it was as big as George.

“Game time, Silky.”

George always lets us know what’s happening… well, except when he ties us up, because surprise is the whole point then, after all. This one time, at band camp, he brought some handcuffs, and he tied me to a tree, but I had to tinkle, but… ok, focus.

I didn’t do anything except scoot my ass up a little. He slid seks filmi izle out of my vagina, and placed his pomegranate at my runway. Slowly he plodded forward, mulish in his obstinacy, forcing his zeppelin deeper into my hanger with every worm of his hips. Spasms grasped me at times, but none that were too extreme. The sensation of having my chamber filled with penis was delightful; well worth any minor pains along the way. When his balls hit my puffy little pussy lips, I knew he was all the way in, and I believe that I could have opened my mouth and his cock would have popped out, I was that full.

Then began the retreat. Inch by inch, I felt his coronal ridge titillate my channel, and the bitterness of his leaving was almost too much to bear.

“Fuck me!” I wailed. “Fuck me hard in the ass!”

He continued as if he never heard me, but then, glorious day, his momentum slowed, stopped, and reversed itself. He was returning, mitigating my torment, exhilarating my heart and my rectum. He repeated this torture on a near infinite scale, a series of movements that rose in pitch from a basso profundo through baritone to alto soprano. My screams rose in volume to match his pitch.

I usually have anacoluthia when I cum, only a few ahhhhs and grrghs and fuckmes, as opposed to my dear Jessica’s clear profane suggestions. Anal sex apparently reaches me in some other way, as I begged “Harder, harder, fuck me up the ass! Fuck me faster! Oh, Fuckmefuckmefuckme!”

George responded to my outpourings with some of his own, of a more glutinous sort as the mulberry plum buried grave deep in my outlet began to fill my fissure with a decoction of bliss and salty fluid. Knowing that my ass was full of cum, that I was so naughty that I wanted a dick in my butt, sent me screaming over the edge, lost to the world until I returned to this earth and time.

“Well, Silky, I think we have now tried all the major sex acts.”

“I don’t know. We haven’t fucked in a cemetery, or done a blow job on a bus, or even a hand job in a crowded restaurant.”

Jess chimed in. “And no 69 in the park, or threesomes in a movie theater, or double dildoes at the Country Club…”

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Sliding Doors

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Where should I start the story that spans the majority of my life to date? I suppose starting at the beginning would be the traditional approach.

In this case, however, I think I’ll start in the middle, at a true sliding door moment; a moment in time that could have passed by leaving me being a happy, somewhat kinky, young bi woman. As it was, circumstances conspired to turn me into something… more.


My gym, I am afraid to admit, is one of those that is filled with posers, wannabes, and the overly glamorous. There is also a strong contingent of us who go there to work out, but there is always that pressure every woman will appreciate: that pressure to fit in, to be dressed in the latest activewear, with the coolest sneakers, and to be the prettiest, or at the very least acceptably presentable. It’s one of those places that most women put makeup on before they go, just to fit in and minimise as many flaws as possible.

I go there because they have the best classes and I like the light, modern workout areas. I also go because a hidden part of me likes to watch the beautiful, immaculately groomed people parading around: especially the tight women strutting naked around the changing room.

On this day, I had just completed a light weights routine with high reps and finished off with fifteen minutes on the rowing machine. Not my favourite routine by any means, but the cardio keeps me fit and the rowing keeps my lithe figure in check.

Feeling more daring and naughtier than normal, I stripped off at my locker. I enjoyed the feeling of my lululemon top pulling away from my body, releasing my C cup breasts from their firm embrace, and my shorts slipping away from naked body, exposing my toned bottom to the world. I then wrapped a towel around my bosom and headed for the open, public showers, instead of the private ones I typically use.

This type of public display of my body would usually be something I would shy away from, but after showing my boyfriend the door three weeks ago, I was feeling – to put it bluntly – horney.

As I turned on the shower and unwrapped my body, I enjoyed the thought of eyes exploring my body, as mine had so often probed other’s standing where I now stood. I felt my nipples harden slightly at the thought of being on parade, and slowly slipped under shower, welcoming the water’s warm embrace.

I took my time, luxuriating in the feeling of my own hands on my body, caressing myself with body wash as I washed away the mornings sweat. I took my time lathering my breasts and shuddered as my fingers cleaned my mound and deep between my slit.

Keeping my eyes closed, I then turned and presented my body to the room as I cleaned my ass, a process I find embarrassing at the best of times.

After drying myself off as best I could – the thing I hate most about the gym – I returned to my locker. I had slipped into my matching pink sports bra and panties – it is that kind of gym – when a woman walked past who I had seen several times before.

This particular woman is gorgeous, perfectly proportioned, immaculately groomed, but half as big again as you would expect her to be. Her arms were as thick as my legs, and she would stand a good 40 centimetres taller than me. She was also supremely confident, strolling through the locker room naked as the day she was born.

I watched her nakedness in amazement, and continued staring as she closed the toilet door nearest me.

I wondered what it would be like to service her oversized body. Katie’s favourite (my very long term girlfriend) is when I stretch my mouth over her wet hole and her clit at the same time, licking and sucking until she unfailingly comes in my mouth, allowing me to taste the fresh sweetness of her. There was obviously no way I would be able to do that to this woman. I was not even sure how tight she would be, and what it would take to make her feel full: two fingers, three, maybe a whole hand?

I stared at the closed door, my imagination running wild, when I began to hear the faintest splash of urine as she relieved herself, throwing my mind down a single track railway.

The quiet voice beside me made me jump. “She’s magnificent isn’t she?”

I felt a wave of heat wash up my face from the embarrassment and surprise at being caught lusting after this woman. I turned to find a very MILFy blonde looking at me with a quizzical smile.

My brain briefly went into shut down. What does one say in this situation? Can she see how hard my nipples are? Even worse, is there an obvious wet patch in my clean pink panties?

I eventually stuttered back, “Oh, yes. How embarrassing. She is though isn’t she. And so confident.”

The exchange let me take in more of my tormentor. She was dressed in a white YSL top, with blue (no doubt also designer) shorts. She must be pushing mid to late 30’s, but her lean legs, trim body and pretty blonde head made it hard to judge. I recall that I had seen her before, and admired her ass in a class at some point erotik film izle in the not too distant past.

She gave me a timid smile and her cheeks coloured slightly as she went to ask me another question. Her mouth opened, but she stopped herself, then muttered, “Are you just staring or just finishing?”

It was obviously not the question she had been going to ask, and even to me in my embarrassed state, it seemed awkward. I simply replied, “Just finishing up. Did some weights and rowing. What about you?”

She smiled again, I felt with some relief this time, and replied, “Just finished too. Did the cardio class. I think I’ve seen you there in the past.”

I smiled at that, liking where this conversation was going. “Ah yes. I knew I had seen you in one of my classes before. You have an amazing body yourself you know.”

I got another blush and a bit of giggle in response. Then she quietly whispered, “I have never really done this, but do you want to get a drink up stairs when you’re ready?”

I wasn’t really sure what she meant by, “done this.” Surely she must have had drinks before. Did she mean ask another woman out, sleep with another woman? Who knew, but my body and mind were tempted enough to find out.


I was soon in the cafe upstairs, post workout poweraid in hand, and feeling somewhat nervous as I approached her table. Remarkably we fell into an easy conversation. I told her about Mark, and explained why I had finally got sick of him. I told her about Katie, my long term girlfriend, who I got together with once or twice a month and had even lived with a couple of times till we both decided we needed boys too.

It turned out her name was Nikki, and she was married to a pilot. She had a couple of girlfriends, and each year they would go on a ski holiday and enjoy some apes ski, but they didn’t get together regularly.

It was almost out of the blue when she asked me the unexpected question. “What were you thinking when you were looking at that closed toilet door?”

Again my mind went blank. I had been wondering what it would be like to have that massive, but perfect ass descend towards my waiting face. Whether her urine stream would be bigger and more powerful than Katie’s, and whether her bladder would hold more, soaking and drowning me beneath her. I was wondering if it would be scary, even claustrophobic. But you can’t say those things out loud.

I looked at her with another burst of crimson running up my face and surprised myself by quietly and bravely saying. “I have only ever done watersports with Katie. It’s kind of our thing. I was just wondering what it would be like.”

With another look of relief she whispered, “I’ve always wanted to do it. What’s it like?”

Again I was lost for words. How do you describe something like that? I eventually replied, “It’s so intense, so intimate. To be honest it gets me so hot it’s almost uncontrollable.” I then uncharacteristically added, “Do you really want to try it?”


Unsurprisingly we left in a rush. Her house was nearby, her husband was away on an overnight tour of duty, and we were both hot and horney.

It took me much longer to find her house than it should have, but when I arrived she beckoned me in via her pool complex at the side of her house.

She was already in a revealing royal blue bikini, showing off her sun kissed body. It was indeed a beautiful body, one I would be proud to possess in ten years, or whatever the age gap actually was between us.

After asking if I’d like some sangria, she showed me to a small pool side table, under the shade of a large umbrella out of the harsh New Zealand sun.

Her house was impressive, a large private pool complex running into an open plan kitchen lounge and dining area. Presumably the other two stories contained bedrooms, a study and the like. She told about the early days of marriage, where they struggled financially with student debts and low pay for entry level pilots. Now that he was a jet pilot, that was all behind them.

Between my half finished sangria and the poweraid from the gym, my bladder was starting to impress upon me the need to act, as was the lust taking over my brain.

I gently reached across the table and took her hand, meeting her eyes as we finally made skin contact. It felt a bit weird. Her soft smooth hands were so feminine, as was her beautiful body, but I hadn’t been with a woman, other than Katie, for years.

Pushing the thought aside, I moved to kneel beside her chair. My heart was hammering in my chest from lust and uncertainty as I moved in to kiss her.

Like most first kisses, it was tentative at first. A slow pressing together of our lips, both of us a bit hesitant. Slowly our lips opened and I could taste her breath, and the cool tangy, sweetness of sangria on her mouth and tongue.

We pulled apart briefly, both somewhat breathless before going back in for seconds. This time our hesitancy was gone and we were soon chasing each film izle other tongues around our mouths, probing deeply, and breathing in each other’s breath.

I could feel my nipples growing tight, and the wetness spreading between my legs. I could also feel the need to pee growing by the second.

Pulling away slightly, I whispered, “I really need to pee. Do you really want to do this?”

With a nervous smile, Nikki just nodded, looking around as she did so for an opportune space.

I had already thought that one through. Taking her hand I led her to a nearby lounger and lay her down with it in its almost maximum upright position.

I flicked off my t- shirt and shorts and swung my right foot over her so I was almost straddling the lounger. Then I let my bottom rest on her thighs, and dove back in to continue our kissing.

I reveled in the intense feeling of our breasts being firmly pressed together, until my bladder felt ready to release. Keeping our lips locked, I arched my body away from hers, rolling up her bikini top up so I could massage her petite B cups as I did so.

As I felt the first jet of urine leave my enlarged clit, I reached down and pulled my pink knickers to the side and let the heat freely escape my body.

Her breath immediately started coming out in smaller bursts, and she eventually moved my head back so she could watch the pee flow from my pussy all over her lap and stomach.

Almost automatically she grabbed my nipples and started kneading and pulling then through my bra, sending shivers of pleasure rolling through my body, while she whispered, “Fuck. Oh fuck.” Like a mantra quietly to herself.

As I finished, Nikki sat forward and started assaulting my mouth with hers, her tongue, lips and teeth all trying to get deep inside my body.

I could relate to the feeling well. The intimacy and kinkiness of sharing pee makes me insatiable and dirty: way dirtier than I would otherwise be.

After several minutes she breathlessly pulled away and quietly asked, “Can I try?”

Smiling, I got up and moved to the next lounger, and she took my previous position straddling my hips. The sight of my pee dripping down her stomach and off her ass was incredible, but I didn’t get to enjoy it for long as Niki almost ripped my bra off and smashed our bodies together, my hands trapped on her breasts. This time inhibition was gone, and Nikki thrust her wet bikini bottom against the part of my mound she could reach.

While our mouths were locked together, I felt Nikki pull her hips slightly up and a muffled, “muumgh,” escaped her. A second later I felt a hot wet spray hit my stomach.

With some difficulty, pulled my right hand away from teasing her nipple, and got it between her legs. Her urine stream soaked my hand, but I carefully opened up her slit and quickly found her clit.

I teased and rubbed her as her piss poured from her body, down my hand and onto my stomach and panties. Inevitably, her tongue stopped probing my mouth and she pushed her forehead against mine, her open mouth panting in front of mine.

While her pee temporarily stopped, Nikki let out a long shuddering, “Fuuucckk,” as she humped my hand and her legs quivered beside mine.

We stayed like that for a few seconds, our breath mingling as Nikki regained control of her body.

Finally she lent back, and then watched as she finished off her pee.

When she was empty, Nikki silently slipped off me, took my hand, and quietly said, “Come inside so we can do this in more comfort.”

I followed her with my eyes glued to her dripping bikini bottom, wanting desperately to taste what was under that thin piece of cloth.

When we were in the carpeted area, still a good foot from the couch she was heading for, I put my arms around her from behind. Crossing my hands so that each could cover, massage and tease a breast, I pulled her to me and started kissing her neck.

I gradually moved my hand down to her mound, my kisses following down her spine. Encouraged by her murmurs and moans, I used my hand at the front and my teeth behind to remove her bikini briefs.

My nose ran down the length of the gap in her ass cheeks, and her naked buttocks were presented before me. Before I could launch into her ass, she turned around and pulled my head with her as she sat on the couch. It wasn’t what I was planning, but I immediately closed in to lick her to heaven.

Nikki’s mound had a perfectly groomed landing strip, rather than being clean shaven like I am, but the bits I saw were perfect.

I started licking all the way down her slit but disappointingly I couldn’t get any further, so continued to lick her gradually more deeply north and south. The taste of piss and her own sexy wetness drove me wild and her hand on my head and quiet cursing spurred me on.

Eventually my mouth and tongue worked her clit again as I slowly slid two fingers into Nikki’s wet hole.

It didn’t take long before I was rewarded with another, “Fuuucccckkk,” seks filmi izle as she rammed herself against my mouth and l felt her muscles contract around my fingers.

Nikki then surprised me. She stood straight up, and guided me to her spot on the couch. Showing more initiative than she had to date, she positioned my arse just as she wanted it, slightly hanging off the edge of the couch.

She went straight into it, repeating the north south exercise I had just done on her.

Her tongue probed my hole, then ran around my clit, and then went back again bringing me to the brink as I watched her eyes and the top of her pretty head as she worked.

Finally she slipped a single finger into me, running around and around inside me. Before I could cum, she pulled it out and replaced it with two dry ones. I was a bit surprised when I felt a wet finger running around my anus. I was getting so hot I didn’t even think about it, and pushed my ass down onto her finger, its tip slipping in easily from my spreading wetness.

I desperately wanted it deeper, thrashing my hips up and down as Nikki licked and fingered me, while she teased my ass.

The thought of her perfectly manicured finger inside me, and the attention she was giving to my pussy finally brought me to climax. As I came, Nikki slipped her finger knuckle deep in my ass, making me cum even harder and forcing me to spew forth my own stream of swear words as my world became one of pure pleasure.

Nikki looked up at me with a grin and spun me round so I lay lengthways along the couch. Then she slipped alongside me and held me in a tight embrace, her head resting on my shoulder. With a deep sigh she whispered, “I hope you can stay a bit longer, because I don’t think I’m finished with you yet.”

With a smile I replied, “That’s good. I’m not finished with you either. Besides, I still have half a glass of sangria left.”


We ended up sitting naked by the pool, our feet dangling in the water as we occasionally held hands or kissed the next half hour away.

In another serendipitous moment, I happened to ask for more information on what her girlfriends ski weekends entailed.

She reluctantly replied that it really depended on the weather. If the skiing was good, it would generally just be time with their partner after dinner, sometimes a foursome. If the weather was bad, it was anyone’s guess.

She went on to explain how the year before last, they had taken turns tying one of them up, while they madly fucked their partner in front of them, sometimes with huge toys. Depending on the assaulting pair’s mood, they would just leave the tied up watcher alone, or force them to orgasim with a magic wand during the scene.

By the time this scene was explained, I was ready to assault Nikki myself. Fortunately she finished the story with a sly smile saying, “I need to get rid of that sangria now.”

With a grin, I lay back on my towel, and pulled her ass towards my face. I pushed her back slightly forward towards my stomach, allowing me to see her puckered ass and beautiful pussy in all its glory.

I watched fascinated as her ass pressed out slightly, and the first release of urine escaped through her pussy flaps, pushing them out ever so slightly. I let her pee flow out and soak my chest and neck for a while revelling in the vision, and the wetness soaking my hair. When I could take no more, I parted her lips to turn her waterfall into a jet. I then started to lick her clit, her piss flowing into my mouth as I serviced her. As she started heating up I moved my tongue to her ass, and my fingers to her clit and her hole.

As I slipped my fingers inside her, I probed her asshole with a firm tongue, and rubbed her clit with my other hand.

Her ass tasted fine, more of piss and her pussy juices than ass, even when I found my tongue penetrating her tight hole.

She came like a banshee this time, probably leaving the neighbours in no doubt what was happening.

When she finished, Nikki collapsed on my stomach, leaving her fantastic groin in my face for some time. There was nothing for me to do other than kiss her wet mound, and the tops of her thighs.

As my own need to pee developed, I just lay there and let go, allowing Nikki to rub my pussy and occasionally taste the flow of urine as I relieved myself.

Eventually she rolled off me, slipping straight into the pool. As she went, she pulled my right ankle with her until I was sitting on the edge of the pool.

With a grin, she made a small circle in the air, commanding me to roll over. I was left suspended, my legs in the water, the rest of me draped on the edge of the pool like a stranded mermaid.

I was fully exposed to her as she began her tour of my body. As I hoped, she licked from my clit, around my wet opening, and on around my ass. She repeated the act over and over, spending increasing amounts of time at each of the three stations, gradually digging deeper on each journey.

As I reached the point of no return, she focused her tongue on my ass while she fingered me and rubbed my clit. The heat started deep in my virgina and burst forth like an uncontrollable volcano, collapsing the world in on itself.

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Sonja Owes the Dr. Ch. 01

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Sonja kept her eyes shut tight as the Doctor inserted a finger into her vagina, checking her cervix, pushing down on her round belly, his finger deep insider her. He always followed the pelvic exam with an anal exam, inserting his lubed finger into her anus and giving a good feel around. These test were always uncomfortable and, as Sonja read in her pregnancy books, not needed monthly during pregnancy.

“You are progressing nicely,” Dr. Ruskin said, writing notes in Sonja’s chart. “Any concerns you wanted to discuss with me?”

“No,” Sonja said shyly. This was her third child, all delivered by Dr. Ruskin, she knew the routine and what to expect.

“Okay,” he said, closing her chart, “Lets discuss payment then. Are you able to pay what you owe for this visit?’ he asked. Knowing the answer but liking to watch the girls squirm through his questioning. And why shouldn’t they squirm? They got themselves into trouble, again and again. No insurance, no jobs. The fathers of these babies never seemed to be helping out. These girls needed to be taught a lesson.

“I have no money for you” Sonja said, careful not to catch the eye of the Doctor.

“Well, I need to be paid, I don’t work for free. Since you can’t pay me, you will have to work off your debt.” Dr. Ruskin said, giving Sonja a cocky grin.

“I know,” Sonja said, feeling that familiar knot in her stomach as she lay on his table, dressed in a tiny paper gown, her feet in the cold metal stirrups.

“Good, it just so happens that I’m conducting some research that pertains to your particular situation. You may remember from your previous visits that I’m writing a book on the sexual response of pregnant women. You can help me conduct some tests.” the Doctor said, as if Sonja had never heard this before.

Sonja and the girls in her neighborhood, all who used Dr. Ruskin because they couldn’t afford anyone else, would often make fun of him. Imitating the way he gave the same speech each visit. However, in his office, she didn’t make fun. His large frame and serious face scared her. The truth was, she only went to the Doctor to make sure she was able to get into a hospital when the time came for the baby to be born. In her neighborhood, if you didn’t have a Doctor, the hospital would take its sweet time getting you admitted. She knew girls who went through their whole labor in the waiting room of the E.R.

Sonja agreed to help with the Doctor’s ‘research’ trying to look him in the eye and give him a little smile. She found that when she was agreeable, he did less talking. And really, she would rather he would just be quiet and get it over with.

“Okay, glad you want to help,” he said, taking two black straps out of a draw under the table. “I’ll be tying this around your feet, just to make sure they stay in the stirrups where I want them.” he told her, in a stern voice, pulling the straps tight around her feet.

“I want to start with you breast, to see how they respond to stimulus while pregnant. Just relax,” he said to her as he stood behind her, opening the paper gown.

Sonja felt the cold air hit her nipples. They became hard and she felt a familiar tightening in her round belly.

The Doctor placed a hand on either breast, massaging her full firm breasts, working his way up to her hard nipples. He firmly pinched her nipples with his thumb and middle fingers, teasing the raised tip with his pointer finger. Sonja, feeling very vulnerable and aware of her nakedness, watched her nipples in his large hands.

He gave the right breast a good squeeze from base to tip in a milking motion and was pleased when a few drops of milk formed at the tip of her breast. Sonja could feel his hard cock rubbing against the top of her head.

“mmmm, that’s right, give me some milk.” he said as he leaned over and licked the drops from the peak of her breast. He then rolled his tongue around her nipple and took it into his mouth, sucking hard, drinking up the small drops of her sweet liquid.

He squeezed her breasts together, her nipples now next to each other, taking one and then the other into his mouth, over and over. His tongue circled her dark areolas in a figure eight.

As he stood back up he whispered to her, “Does this feel good? Do you like it when I suck on your nipples? Does it turn you on that you’re giving me your sweet milk?”

Sonja hated when she had to answer his questions. “Yes, yes it turns me on, I love to feel you suck on my tits,” she whispered as he kissed her neck. Honestly, it did feel good. She had to admit that he did know how to work a woman’s body.

“That’s what I want to hear, that’s a good girl,” Dr. Ruskin said, moving down the table, standing next to her. Sonja felt his right hand begin to caress the inside of her thigh while the other hand lingered on her breast. His right hand began to work erotik film izle it way down her soft thigh and she could feel his fingers moving just the ends of her curly pubic hairs.

As he approached her pussy, he could feel the engorgement of it from the pregnancy. He loved a woman’s body while she was pregnant. Her breasts were so round, full and sensitive. Her pussy would swell with excitement when aroused, getting hot a wet, feeling so good wrapped around his cock.

He worked his way down into the folds of her lips, pushing a finger insider her wet pussy. He put a hand on her belly, knowing she was aroused by how firm it was. Knowing she was feeling that same firmness in her clit and nipples.

“I want to see you touch yourself, let me see you pinch your nipples,” he said, ” I love to watch you touch your tits.”

Sonja obediently brought her hands up to each of her perky, round tits. She cupped their fullness in her hands and worked her nipples between her thumb and finger. She felt herself getting more aroused as the Dr. worked a second finger into her, thrusting up into her spot.

He moved down, between her legs and kneeled on the little step stool that pulled out at the end of the table. His began teasing her clit with his tongue, giving it a few short laps and then a full lick, sucking it at the end and pecking the tip of it while in his mouth. He could tell she was getting close to cumming. He stood up, still working her with his fingers, and looked down at her as she twisted her hard nipples in her fingers. He noticed the way she bit her bottom lip when she was aroused and how her head pushed back into the table.

He pulled his wet fingers out of her started rubbing her tight ass. He didn’t like when the girls began to expect what would happen next. He liked to throw something new in every once in a while. He began to open her tight ass with his middle finger while he worked his thumb up her pussy. As he watched her expression turn from pleasure to surprise and then to discomfort.

Sonja was surprised when she felt the Dr.’s fingers begin to explore her tight ass. She had heard from another girl in the neighborhood that he would sometimes do this toward the end of the pregnancy.

“I’m going to explore how you respond to having your ass fucked,” he said, “see if your little ass likes to be fucked as much as your pussy. Maybe you’ll have your boyfriends start doing this so you don’t wind up here pregnant again.” He continued working his finger in her ass.

“First I’m going to have my nurse come in an clean you out, I don’t want to fuck a dirty ass,” he said.

“What?” Sonja said, shock in her voice. “I’m going to tell your nurse what goes on in here. I’m going to tell her, and she’ll let me leave. I’m going to tell the cops what goes on in this office. I know I’m not the only one you do this to.”

Dr. Rojas smiled, “Sonja, you agreed to helping me with my research. Now, I can’t make you stay and neither would Nancy, my nurse. But, I can tell you that if you leave, I will have to bill you for services rendered. I can go back to the beginning of this pregnancy and your two births before. You would owe me thousands of dollars. I don’t think that the police would take your word over mine, a respected doctor in the community. However, if you would like to go that route…”

“NO! I just, I …” Sonja trailed off, not really knowing what she wanted to say.

“I know, I can tell by your tight ass that you’ve never done this before…I’ll go slow.” He said as he removed the straps from her feet. He grabbed her chart and left the room.

Sonja dropped her head to the table and let out a loud sign. She wondered why she kept doing this to herself. Where was she headed? She thought about her future, her kid’s future. What did she have to offer them? She kept getting involved with these same looser guys who got her knocked up and then ditched her. Then she wound up here, with Dr. Cock trying to get up her ass…shit!

Nancy knocked on the door twice and walked in. She was an older pretty woman who looked kind.

“Okay, I’ll be administrating your enema today. I’ll just need you to stand up.” Nancy said as she laid out the enema supplies on a tray.

Sonja wondered if Nancy knew what was happening to her or if she just thought this was a routine procedure that Sonja for some reason needed.

Nancy came and took Sonja’s arm, helping her to stand.

“So, the first thing I’m going to do is have you turn around and bend over toward the table. You can rest your arms and head on the table. Then I’d like you spread your legs a little further than hips width apart. I’m going to insert the lubricated tip of this enema bag into your anus,” she said, showing the tip to Sonja. “Then, I will hold up the bag, allowing the full quart of warm water to flow film izle into your bowels. At first, it will feel nice but, toward the end, you will feel discomfort and fullness. You will have an extreme desire to evacuate however; we need you to hold on. I will then be inserting a plug into your anus, allowing the warm water time to soften your bowels and give us time to get you out to the bathroom.” Nancy said kindly, “Do you have any questions?”

“Do you really need the plug?” Sonja asked, feeling nervous and embarrassed to have this women stick that thing up her ass. “Can’t I just hold it?”

“No, no, no,” Nancy said chuckling, “you have no idea how great the urge to evacuate is. Now, lets get started, please bend over.”

Sonja bent over and placed her folded arms onto the table, resting the left side of her head on her hands and looking out the window. Her big belly and full breasts hung down, her ass fully exposed with her legs spread. She could feel Nancy’s fingers spread further the cheeks of her ass.

“Okay, I’m going to insert the tube tip now.” Nancy said as Sonja felt the cold tip of the enema bag push into her tight ass. She felt a brief burning, painful sensation as it penetrated her ass, and then subside as the bulbous tip got past her clenching muscles. “And here comes the warm water.” Nancy said as she released the clip on the enema bag’s tube.

Sonja felt a pleasing rush of water; this wasn’t so bad she thought. But, then as the bag released more and more of the liquid inside her, she began to feel discomfort. With her belly so full already, she really felt the fullness in her bowels. “AAHHHHHHOOOO,” she let out a moan as the bag emptied inside her.

“How are we doing?” Nancy asked. Sonja just moaned, letting Nancy know her discomfort.

“I know, this is uncomfortable, we are almost done. Just stay down for me until I have the plug in place.” Nancy said.

Sonja had forgotten about the plug, “SHIT,” she said, letting out a heavy sigh.

Nancy slowly pulled the enema tube out of Sonja’s ass, letting out a few drops of water which Sonja felt drip down her legs. Nancy then squeezed the cold blue lube onto the plug.

“Okay, this will be a bit cold, but were almost done.” Nancy said. Sonja felt Nancy spread her cheeks for a second time. Sonja thought to herself that Nancy couldn’t have known what was really going on. She probably just thought that Sonja was suffering from some sort of hellish pregnancy constipation.

Sonja felt the cold plug tip work past her cheeks and then pass into her tight full ass. Nancy twisted the plug from side to side, working it into her ass until it was in place. Sonja felt so full, she thought that the plug would pop out as soon as Nancy released her fingers, but it stayed in place, to Sonja’s disappointment.

“Please straighten up slowly for me,” Nancy said, “We will walk you over to the bathroom.”

Nancy helped Sonja get a paper gown on and held the back shut, pulled tight against Sonja’s firm round belly, as Nancy guided her out the door and down the hall. As Sonja walked, leaning back with her ass clenched around the plug, she passed the open door of the Dr’s office. She saw him talking to a smiling, happy couple who looked to be in their 30’s, the wife was pregnant. Sonja was tempted to bend over, flip up her gown and show them what the doctor had done to her, though at this point, she would be just as embarrassed as he would be.

Dr. Ruskin felt his cock grow in his pants as he watched his young patient waddle down the hall, her ass full with the enema and the plug. He thought about what he had planned for her and was glad that he was sitting with his last patient of the day and would have plenty of time for Sonja.

Nancy brought Sonja into the restroom, turning on the light and closing the door behind them. Sonja thought she would have some privacy but, as this point, she was so anxious to relieve herself that she didn’t really care if Nancy stayed. Sonja went to sit on the toilet but Nancy had other plans for her, grabbing her from under the arm she kept her from sitting.

“I know you are uncomfortable but, the Doctor likes to make sure that the enema has really been able to get deep inside you and clean you out.” Nancy said helping Sonja get into position, “I just need you to get down on all fours. This gives the enema the best chance of getting down in to your bowels.”

Sonja did as she was told, knowing she had no choice. “My stomach is cramping,” she said looking back at Nancy, trying to plead with her, “Please, let me up, let me go. Please?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t but, I can try to make you more comfortable.” Nancy helped Sonja take her arms out of the paper gown, tossing it onto the floor. Now, with Sonja naked, bent over on the floor, Nancy sat on the floor next to her. She put her hands on seks filmi izle Sonja’s round belly that was hanging below Sonja who was still on her hands and knees. She gently rocked Sonja’s belly in a circular motion. Sonja was surprised at the relief this gave her, gently massaging her inside. Sonja was enjoying the relief from the pressure of the enema. She now felt a warm pleasing fullness inside, even though she felt weird on her hands and knees, naked on a bathroom floor.

Soon Sonja realized that Nancy’s fingers were reaching out and grazing her nipples, which were also hanging down pointed at the floor. Sonja knew that normally, this would totally freak her out but something inside her was enjoying Nancy’s touch. Sonja closed her eyes, moving her whole body along with Nancy’s movement of her belly and giving little moans at Nancy’s touch of her breast.

Nancy was glad that Sonja was responsive to her touch, she got so turned on by these young women, so exposed and frightened, going along with everything the Doctor said because of his false threats to charge them money. Why should he be the only one to have some fun? Its not like he could do anything to her, all she had to do was make one phone call and let the authorities know what she had seen in this office over the years and he would be in deep trouble.

Nancy moved behind Sonja getting a good look at her pink pussy and her poor little ass stuffed with the enema and the plug. “I know you are anxious for me to pull this out,” Nancy whispered into Sonja’s ear, laying over her, pushing her down so her head was on the floor and her ass remained up and exposed, “but, you are going to have to help me out before I can help you out.”

Nancy stood up and kicked off her white heels. She slowly unbuttoned her white shirt exposing her pretty lace bra. Sonja got the felling Nancy was putting on a show for her as she unzipped her short white skirt and slid it off along with her white pantyhose and panties. Now in just her bra, Nancy sat on the toilet with her legs spread. She reached down and grabbed the back of Sonja’s head, locking her hair in her fingers. Sonja, now kneeling before Nancy, knew where this was headed. Sonja wanted to get up and run, but the pressure in her ass kept her put. She knew that going through Nancy was the only way to relieve herself and she couldn’t very well run out into the office naked with a butt plug in her ass!

Sonja didn’t resist as Nancy’s hand guided her head down to meet her waiting pussy.

“Lick it.” Nancy said, pushing Sonja’s face deep into her crotch. Sonja obeyed, closing her eyes tight and slowly sticking out her tongue, not knowing what to expect. As she inched her face forward, her tongue made contact with Nancy’s wet, waiting pussy.

“Lick it,” Nancy said again, more demanding this time.

Sonja let her tongue stick out, barely penetrating Nancy’s hole and then quickly thrust upward, pushing into her clit as she worked her tongue. Sonja kept her eyes shut tight, trying to remember what felt good when her own pussy was being licked.

Nancy reached down, grabbing Sonja’s firm breast. Pinching her nipples between her fingers. She was so turned on, watching Sonja’s head move up and down between her legs. Sonja’s soft, long and curly hair was tickling her thighs as she licked her pussy. Nancy reached her own finger down to her wet pussy and thrust her finger deep inside her while Sonja continued to lick her.

Nancy grabbed the back of Sonja’s head, pushing her hard into her pussy. “Lick it, don’t stop,” Nancy moaned as she felt her toes begin to curl. She thrust her pussy in time with Sonja’s licks following the waves of her orgasm. She leaned her head back, trying to keep quiet but still, moaning with pleasure, pushing Sonja deeper into her pussy while she tightened her legs around her body.

Afterward they were still for a moment, Sonja resting her head on Nancy’s inner thigh. Sonja looked up at Nancy with her eyes pleading for relief. Nancy quickly remembered the enema and the plug.

“Okay, I guess you have earned your relief,” Nancy said, standing up, fixing her panties and scrub bottoms.

Sonja pulled herself up and sat on the toilet, not caring that Nancy was obviously not going to give her the privacy she longed for. She pulled the plug and felt such relief with the immediate rush of liquid pouring out of her ass, still quite open from the girth of the plug. Sonja bent over, hugging her swollen belly, crying from both embarrassment and relief.

Nancy gathered the plug and helped Sonja up. Together, in silence they changed Sonja into a fresh paper gown. Nancy took a cool cloth and wiped Sonja’s cheeks then held the cool cloth to her swollen eyes.

Sonja kept her eyes to the floor for the walk back to the exam room. She didn’t hear any voices in the office and assumed that the other couple had left.

Nancy helped Sonja back onto the table. She placed a hand on Sonja’s arm, “The Doctor will be in soon. Just relax, it will be easier, believe me.” Nancy said, giving Sonja’s arm a squeeze.

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Strapping One On

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I call you at work as soon as I get my mail, excited by the package that has arrived on my doorstep this morning- our new toy! Shopping for the perfect strap-on was harder than I had anticipated, so many choices, reader reviews and it’s not like I could try one on first to see how it felt. Well, we were both going to see how it feels tonight!

“Baby, do you feel like having your wildest fantasy come true tonight?” I purr into the receiver when I hear your voice, all serious as you answer the phone.

Your tone instantly softens as you understand what I am saying as you ask, “It came?”

“You’ll be cumming, all over my hard cock as I fuck your tight asshole tonight, so you better hurry home,” I taunt. I wanted to tease you, get you thinking about all the hot things we were going to do, let the anticipation build for the rest of the day. I tried on my new phallus, admiring the length and feel in the mirror as I waited for you to get home. I loved the feel of the harness holding my new masculinity snugly against my clit, felt a stirring as I envisioned the night ahead. It took all my restraint not to have myself right then and there, fantasies floating through my mind.

I thought back to the first time you let me have your ass, let me in on your dark fantasies. Always a fan of having me tongue your naughty hole, slipping a finger in as I swallow your hard cock down my throat, you amped it up the night you told me you wanted to use the big blue vibrator in your ass, not mine. I can still picture you on the couch with your knees up to your chest, looking at me as you slowly pulled your knees apart for better access to your pucker.

“Gentle, slow, baby,” you whisper, still anxious about my ministrations and me still a novice at sliding a vibrator up your ass.

You sphincter is so tight as I am trying to gain entry, I squirt more oil onto my hand and lube up the vibrator. As we both relax more, it slowly hums into your tight knot until nearly all of the phallus is buried in your greedy hole. There is a sudden glimmer in your beautiful eyes as you are now used to this invasion, your knees pulled wide, and your sexy voice begs me, “fuck me, fuck my ass!”

I start sliding the vibrator in and out of your ass, now going in to the hilt as you meet my thrusts. You lean forward a bit, looking at the shaft disappearing into your nether region, grabbing my head and pulling me in for a kiss. I am now bracing the base of the vibrator with my hip, simulating fucking you as you buck back against me. I almost come just with the hotness of this scenario, stroking your cock as you kiss me, your eyes wild with passion. It only takes moments and you are cumming, shooting hot gobs in an arc up to your muscular chest, grabbing fist-fulls of my long, blonde hair, your head snapping back against the cushions and your ass grinding onto my ‘cock.’ As we come back down from the high of the moment, we both know we have entered new territory.

This brings me back to the present, the tingling in my pussy as I anxiously await your arrival back home so I can properly take your ass. You call me as you are driving home, just the sound of your voice in my ear is sending shivers of anticipation through my body. “What do you want to do first?” I ask you; after all, this is your night.

“I want you to start kissing me, then let me suck on your nipples until they are rock hard, getting your tits nice and wet for me to slide my cock between,” you purr into my ear. If I had panties on, they would be soaked, just with that one, scorching hot sentence out of your sexy mouth. I hear you pull into the driveway moments later, meet you at the door wearing just a silk teddy, my body freshly shaved for maximum slickness once we get going. As I walk up the stairs with you behind me, you slide a finger up my thigh, sneak into my pussy feeling how wet I already am. You slide out of my pussy and slip your fingertip into my asshole, teasing me about what I have to look forward to as the night progresses.

I tear your clothes off as we reach the top of the stairs, kissing you and darting my tongue into your mouth. You respond with more force than usual, anticipation rising, almost as if both of us are aware of the pending erotik film izle shift in who will be the dominant one soon. I feel a shiver run down my spine, you pull away slightly, stare into my eyes and give me that slight grin that I love so much before leaning back in to take my breath away with your kiss. Your head drops down to my neck, kissing a path down my throat, feeling my pulse thumping as my blood is rushing faster through my veins. Your lips graze my nipples through the silk of my teddy, they are rock hard and the sensation is made more intense with the brush of silk between your hot breath and my skin.

Just as you promised over the phone your lips close onto a nipple, slowly sucking until it is hard against the teeth that playfully nip, eliciting a moan from my lips. You lean over and lick and bite at my other breast, ensuring that they get equal treatment, leaving me moaning with my head thrown back, the staps of my teddy sliding off, baring my breasts to your wicked kisses.

You lick and suck at me til I am weak in the knees, needing to lower myself to the rug, grasping your hips for support. I wrap my tongue around your throbbing cock, which is is at perfect eye level, waiting for the same sweet torture you have given me. I slowly lick the underside from base to tip, swirling my tongue around your fat head, gently probing for a drop of sweet pre-come before wrapping my lips around you and taking you deep into my mouth. I suck gently, sliding up and down, savoring the thickness of you in my mouth, trying at times to take you into my throat and nestle my nose against your stomach. You moan gutterally and I feel tremors gently ripple through you, I get a tingle of anticipation at the power I can have over you with just my lips wrapped around you.

I pull up and swirl my tongue over the tip of your cock again, then grab it in my fist, licking up and down the rock hard shaft until I get to your balls, licking at them and sucking until I hear you moaning louder. I lift your cock higher, pulling your balls up, allowing me access to the area closer to your tight asshole, flattening my tongue to give me maximum coverage of your sensitive skin. I then curl my tongue into a tip, stroking the sensitive area behind your balls until you are grabbing my hair and pushing my head deeper, bending your knees to allow me better access. I can just barely flick the tip of my tongue at the rim of your little knot, both of us straining for more contact. Abruptly I pull away, leaving both of us panting. “Are you ready for more, baby?” I ask as I look up at you with lust-filled eyes.

You become more aware of your surroundings, noticing the lit candles, the cold cocktail waiting for you on the coffee table beside the bottle of lube. “Why don’t you enjoy your drink, sweetie, I’m going to go get ready,” I say as I stand up and walk into the bedroom, flicking my hair and a sexy look over my shoulder. I have left our new toy waiting for me on the bed and step into the harness, even more turned on now as I know I will be sliding into you in just minutes. I slide my fingers into my pussy briefly, am so wet for you, walk back into the living room slowly sucking on my fingers, my strap-on bobbing with each step. Your eyes lock onto our new toy, look up at me, widen as you see me sucking my fingers, knowing what I have been up to, then return to the phallus that will soon be violating you. I know you are taking in the size, wondering if it is bigger than the vibrator that we have played with before.

I walk over to the couch, stand directly in front of you, taking the drink out of your hand and take a sip, allowing a small ice cube to slip into my mouth. I lean over and kiss you, letting the coolness of my mouth contrast with the heat of your mouth as our tongues entwine. I lean down and bite your nipples playfully, can see your cock lurch in response, knowing how much you like this. I stand back up, move closer, and whisper huskily, “I want you to suck on my cock tonight, get me nice and wet for you.”

You obligingly lean in and lick at the head of the dong, tentatively at first, still taking this all in. Your hands are instantly around me, running up and down my legs, my thighs, cupping my ass film izle cheeks as you become more comfortable with your task. You begin to take more of my dick into your mouth, pulling my ass cheeks apart and slipping a finger into my sopping pussy from behind, slowly finger fucking me in rythym with your oral action. I can feel an orgasm building as the base of the dong pushes against my clit with every movement of your blowjob, your finger stroking my pussy, and in moments, I am grabbing your head, holding you as I fuck your face, only this time I have my cock thrust down your throat as I cry out, “Oh, God, I’m cumming, Baby!”

After a few moments, I realize what has just happened, how I lost control, shoved my cock down your throat with no regard to anything but how good I felt. Now I know how you have felt when you have made me cum over and over, then pulled out of my ass just in time to shoot your hot wad down my eagerly waiting gullet, grabbing my hair and holding me tight to you. I look down at you, and you grin at me, knowing that I am amazed at the rush of sensations coming over me: pleasure, power, awe of something so new and different, and the pure pleasure of experiencing this with you.

I pull you up by your hand, kiss you deeply, my arms wrapped tightly around you. It feels odd to feel your hardness pressed against mine, but it’s so sexy. I grind my hips a little, run my hands across your muscular shoulders, feeling your beautiful body as my hands slide down to your hips. I pull you closer, kissing you deeply for a moment, probing your mouth with my tongue. I pull away and whisper, “that’s what I’m going to do to your ass now, get you ready for your fantasy to come true.”

I have you kneel on the couch away from me and I kneel on the floor behind you, your sexy butt right in front of me. I playfully spank you, the sound loud in the quiet that has settled over the room as the anticipation is building. I lean in and flick my tongue over your tight knot, loving that first reaction before your body acquiesces to your desires and you push back, seeking out my mouth. I slap your ass again, harder this time, then reach between your legs to stroke your cock, allowing my palm to cup your balls as I pump your shaft and tongue your tight hole. You moan and drop your head onto the back of the couch, letting your legs splay a little wider for me to gain better access.

I straighten my tongue into a little spear and sink it as deep into your crimp as I can, eliciting a loud sigh from you as I penetrate the sweet spot. I tongue-fuck you for a few minutes, continuing to stroke your cock, your hand joining mine, allowing me to tug on your balls and run my finger along your taint. I reach behind me and grab the bottle of lube, holding it in my palm to warm it before opening it and letting a drizzle run down the crack of your ass, stopping it from dropping to the floor with my tongue. I sit back, slide my hand up and swirl the lube around with my fingers, slowly slipping the tip of one into your tight cinnamon ring.

“Are you ready, Baby?” I ask.

“Yeah,” you reply breathlessly, your forehead still on the back of the couch.

“Do you want me to take you like this, or do you want to watch me, like the time we used the vibrator?”

“Start like this, but I want to cum watching you fuck my ass.” How hot is that?

I now have my finger in all the way, sliding in and out slowly, loving the tightness gripping me and wondering how you are going to be able to take this big dildo up your ass. I squeeze out a little more lube, know you love things slick, and rub some up and down my shaft, more onto my fingers. I slip a second finger into you, only pausing a bit as you tense then moan. I stand up so I am now behind you, my fingers still slipping in and out of you, and I allow the dildo to graze your balls, slide up your crack so it is nestled against your asshole just below my fingers. I feel you momentarily tense then you lift your head and look over your shoulder, grinning as you shake your head, knowing I am enjoying this as much as we knew I would.

I slip my fingers out of you, rubbing any extra lube onto the tip of my cock, aligning the tip with your ass and slowly push my hips seks filmi izle forward. I slap your ass cheek, harder now than the times before, I want you to feel the sting, be overwhelmed by the sensations running through your body. I can feel your body resisting me initially. I am holding the base of my cock, gently pushing and suddenly I feel it pop through the ring of your sphincter. I pause, massaging the spot on your ass I have been slapping before slowly rotating my hips a bit and pushing forward. I can feel your hesitation, know you need me to go slow, but it’s so difficult. The more pressure going into your ass, the more pressure is being directed onto my clit, not to mention the intensity of what I am doing to you. I dribble a little more lube, getting things nice and slick, and soon I have almost all of the dildo buried into your ass.

I lean over, pressing my breasts into your back, wrap one arm around you and brace the other by your head as I kiss your cheek. “Do you like how this feels, Honey? Do you like having my big cock stuffed up your tight ass?”

You moan your reply, turn your head and kiss me deeply. I can feel you arching your back slightly, pushing back onto me, letting me know not only do you like how it feels, but that you are ready for more. I sit back up, grasp your hips in my hands, and slowly start thrusting in and out, loving the sight of my strap-on disappearing into you. Soon you are meeting every thrust and I am going deeper until I am bottomed out in your tail, grinding against you. This sensation sets me over the edge again and I cry out as I cum yet again, grabbing for my pussy as waves of pleasure flood over me, my juices dribbling down my thighs. I bury my fingers into my pussy, savoring the aftershocks of my orgasm, taking longer, deeper strokes into your ass. I slide my fingers out of my snatch, smearing my cum along the dong as is slides in and out of you, keeping it lubed-up and loving the idea of my come sliding into your ass tonight for a change.

I pull out and say, “flip over, I want to look you in the eyes as I fuck you.” Without a word you do as I say, your gaze locked onto mine as you slide down on the couch so your ass is near the edge. I again line the tip of my cock up with your hole, only now it has that slightly puffy, well-fucked look about it, it’s not the tight crimp it usually is. Yummy. I slip into you while looking deep into your eyes, loving that we have crossed into this level of trust in our relationship, that we are comfortable enough together to share our fantasies.

Now it is you grabbing my hips, pulling me into you and setting the pace for how you want to be fucked. You are ready for it hard and fast, you are getting that wild look in your eyes. I thrust into you deeply several times, then pull out almost completely before plunging back to the depths and grinding my hips against your taut buttocks. You pull your knees up so they are against your chest, but soon I am leaning on your shins, pinning them to your shoulders, giving me better access to get every bit of my cock buried to the hilt.

“Play with your cock, I want to watch you cum with me buried in your ass.”

You moan in reply, but obey my command, wrapping one hand around your shaft and roughly jerking yourself off, matching my strokes. It only takes a few moments and you cry out, your eyes closing as your head goes back before your gaze locks onto me. I can almost feel your ass clutching the dildo as your body tenses and your orgasm rips through you, sending a stream of cum onto your chest.

“That’s it, Baby, cum for me. Cum all over your chest,” I coax you as I give your ass a few final thrusts. You finally slump back against the back of the couch, your hand still holding your cock. I wish I could take a photo of this moment, hold it forever, this vision of you spent with my strap-on still buried in your ass, gobs of semen on your chest and stomach waiting for me to lick off. Reluctantly I slide out of you and onto my knees, slowly taking you into my mouth for any last drops of cum. I slide up your stomach and chest, licking every drop off your body, savoring the slightly bitter taste that I know so well until I reach your lips and kiss you, sharing your taste as our tongues entwine. “I hope your fantasy came true, Sweetie,” I say. You smile contentedly and wrap your arms tightly around me, pulling us down on the couch so you are snuggled tightly behind me and we drift off to sleep.

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Suzy: My First Spinner

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I was eighteen years old when I got my first spinner. I’d been two weeks at college – long enough to work out that there were plenty of cute girls around, and plenty of those liked to party. But I was on the lookout for a particular kind of girl – a spinner. For those of you who don’t know, a spinner is a petite, cute girl, so small you can almost literally have her sit on your dick and spin her around on it. So she had to be short, she had to be skinny – almost crack-whore skinny – and she had to be a nasty little fuck. Suzy matched the description perfectly.

We hooked up at a party, but left after a few minutes to go back to my place. She had a short little skirt on, and a halter top that showed her belly. She was pretty flat-chested, but that kind of goes with the spinner territory. Anyway, I’m not really a tit guy. Asses are my thing, and hers was smooth and tight, just the way I like them.

She was perfect spinner material. Besides the look, she was horny as fuck. She was just wearing a thong under that skirt, something she confirmed as soon as we got into the car, by pulling it off and throwing it out the window.

“If I need these again tonight, you haven’t done your job,” she grinned. Fuckin’ A! My kind of slut, or what? She leaned over as I started driving, and played with my cock through my jeans. It was already rock hard and ready to go. She told me if my jeans weren’t so tight, she’d already be swallowing my cock.

Suzy started fucking by blowing guys in her college class when she was eighteen. She got a reputation as a cocksucker par excellence. Despite her small size, word got round that she could – and would – swallow all of your dick. She even blew a guy in class once, hiding under the desk in lab class and throating him until he came. Then she sat back in her chair with cum dripping in her hair. The boys went fucking crazy about it. She got sent to the Principal for it, when a starchy female teacher noticed the cum dripping off her face onto the desk.

But that was part of Suzy’s plan. She was bored fucking boys. She’d realized she liked big dicks, and the boys weren’t cutting it. She wanted teachers. After a couple of weeks, word travelled round the staff room that this cute little eighteen-year-old was sent out with cum on her face. Some teachers were disgusted, of course, by the age thing as much as the act. But a few made a mental note to get her in a corner, and see what she could do. Next day, she was dragged from an empty corridor into a broom cupboard. It was dark, so she couldn’t see who grabbed her, but she understood from the hands pressing down on her shoulders what they wanted. Happy to go along, she knelt and started sucking on the biggest dick of her short life. Fuck it felt good, getting her mouth totally filled! She gagged the first couple of times, until she got used to the size, then it slipped down her throat as easy as pie. The guy, on the receiving end of a world-class blowjob from a little slut, blew right there and then, pulling out to hose her face. She lapped it up.

“Wanna fuck my ass too, mystery man?”

He dragged her up and slammed her against the wall, pressing her body against the cold brick as he lifted her skirt. His cock, slick with cum and her throat juice, slid easily into her ass. It was the erotik film izle first cock up there, but she’d been practising with fingers, bananas, and latterly a coke bottle, for about a year. She grunted and pushed back, so he let rip and started slamming it to her. Christ, she looooved this! It was awesome, and she knew what she wanted to do. Just take it up the fucking ass, all fucking day! When he came again, he pulled out and she spun around, to catch another load, tasting her ass juices. She always did that with the objects she’d used for practice, so she already loved the funky taste of her own juices.

By the time she was nineteen she had eight tutors, and the janitor, nailing her every chance they got. The boiler room became favourite, and a series of notes and coded messages ensured the Principal never caught on. They abandoned any pretence at keeping their anonymity, since she was clearly a nasty little cock-puppet who just wanted to fuck all day. She wasn’t going to throw away a ready-made gangbang anytime soon. For her twentieth birthday she got all nine of them, for six hours, cramming their dicks up her ass, triple-teaming her, and watching her fist her own ass.

By the time she was twenty one, she’d moved on to piss-drinking, too. A couple of teachers loved pissing in girls’ mouths, and the thought of it made her wet enough to give it a try. She figured it couldn’t be any worse than tasting her own ass on a cock, and she loved that. Pretty soon she was swallowing all the piss they had, and deep throating them to make sure she got every drop. And guys just loved it. She was the nastiest slut in town, and young enough to make it even nastier.

So by the time I hooked up with her she thought she’d pretty much done it all. I was about to show her different.

We pulled up outside my apartment, but I grabbed her wrist as she tried to get out.

“Not yet, babe, we’re going to have some fun right here, first.”

She looked surprised, but then smiled and asked what I had in mind. I told her to kneel on the seat with her head out the window, and I’d show her. Of course she complied. I love it when they go all submissive on me straight away.

Kneeling like that, her ass was too close to leave unattended. I pushed up her little skirt and stuck my tongue straight into her asshole. She moaned, and her ass relaxed enough for me to get my tongue in about an inch. I swirled my tongue around in her shit-hole. She squealed but pushed back at me, trying to get my tongue further in. I licked the inside of her asshole a while longer.

“Oh yeah, get that fucker right in there…..oh God, I fucking love getting reamed…..yeah…..right up there…lick it good baby……treat my fucking ass good…..yeah….oh you’ve got a great tongue baby…….get it ready to be fucked…..yeah….I’ll open so wide for you……”

Oh yeah, I knew she was going to do that, all right. Just to make sure, I withdrew my tongue and slid two fingers into her ass. Easy. She only weighed about ninety pounds, and she was under five feet tall, but this little whore knew how to open her crap-hole. Three fingers slid in next. She moaned again.

“That’s three fingers, Suzy. How many more do you think you can take?”

Her head was out of the car, so anyone nearby could hear her begging film izle for more fingers in her ass. I was hoping someone would come along, so she’d be exposed and humiliated by being seen acting like a whore in the middle of the street. But I was beginning to sense she’d probably just offer them her throat, and let me carry on. Like I said, my kind of slut!

I put three fingers of my other hand in there as well, pulling on either side of her sphincter to open her out. Fuck, this girl could gape! It probably didn’t bode well for her long term health to be this wide open when she was only twenty one, but it was fucking horny. She could only be this wide from a lot of practice, and a lot of fucking around. Unless she’d taken a few totally huge guys up here, I guessed she’d probably been an anal little bitch from a pretty early age. Which only added to my excitement.

With her ass stretched open by my six fingers, she could feel a cool breeze working right into her guts.

“Oh yeah…..open me up like a bitch, baby……..I wanna be wide open for you…..Look right into my ass…..yeah…taste it some more…..gimme more fingers….”

I put my last two fingers into her ass and opened it up again. What a fucking sight. This sick little girl, offering me her asshole in the middle of the street, letting me stick eight fingers up her shitter! I leaned forward and spat a big one into her ass. She moaned and wiggled her ass, so I did it again. And again. When she had about ten loads of spit up her rectum, I released her ass, which slowly slid shut. In my book, good girls snap tight as soon as they can, bad girls close slowly, as if their ass can’t stop gaping. She sounded disappointed.

“I could have that done to me all night, baby. Why don’t you fuck it?”

I got out of the car, and she got out on her side, her skirt still up around her waist. Still no-one had come by, and I was regretting not living in a busier neighbourhood. But I could fix that another time. Right now I was bursting to fuck this little bitch senseless. And I knew she’d be more than happy to go along with that.

I had her lie on the hood of the car with her head hanging over the edge. She grinned, knowing exactly what I had in mind. She opened her mouth as I leaned forward and slid right in. After a couple of goes we got the angle right, and I slid into her to the balls. I knew a little slut like her could take it down her throat. I didn’t realise that my little bitch had been practising for years.

I nailed her throat for a good ten minutes, until I saw the lights of a car approaching. I knew this was my chance, so I spun her around. She had her whole fucking hand in her cunt, fisting herself while I fucked her mouth. The little whore!

I told her to keep fisting, as I took aim and slammed my dick straight up her ass. I knew she could fucking take it. She screamed as my dick slid past her fingers on the way through, feeling every inch of my pole through the thin membrane. She was fucking stuffed, now.

“Oooohh….shhhhiiitttt……ohhhh yeah…..fucking do me like that……oh God, I love being full like this……..oh yeah…..nail my slut ass…….God yeah……..do it, do it, do it……..treat me like a bitch…..yeah……harder…..hurt my ass you bastard…..harder…”

The car swooshed past – three college brats. seks filmi izle The brakes screamed as they slid to a halt, the another squeal of tyres as they did a donut to come back towards us. I kept fucking her ass, and Suzy kept fisting her hot little cunt. We both knew the guys were going to get out, and it suited us both. I wanted to show off my new sick little slut spinner, and she wanted more cock.

They climbed out of the car, whooping.

“Look at this shit, man.”

“What a fucking whore”

“She want some more, man?”

I looked at Suzy, who was coming for about the tenth time.

“Get up on the hood and piss on her, she’ll love that.”

Suzy opened her eyes and looked at me, grinning. Then she licked her lips, and told them to get up there and piss all over her. I ripped off what was left of her clothes, telling two of them to piss in her face, and the other to piss on her little tits.

They’d all had a skinful of beer, as I’d hoped they would. With a dick up her ass, and her fist in her cunt. Suzy opened her mouth and gave them a piss target. They fucking drowned her in it. Her body glistened with fresh, yellow urine as it flowed down her body and onto the car. She got mouthful after mouthful. Each time her mouth filled up, the guys stopped so she could swallow it, then she opened her mouth for more. They couldn’t believe what she was doing.

When they finished, she beckoned them down. She took her hand out of her cunt and licked the juice off it. That, and the sight of her asshole still welcoming my pounding dick, got them hard, and she began a round-robin deep throat, taking one after the other to the balls in a sequence, tasting their piss. In about two minutes, they were ready to blow, and she again laid back and opened her mouth.

They each gave her a faceful. Anything in her mouth got spat out, so a mixture of cum and saliva developed on her face. After the third, she cleaned their dicks with her mouth, then scooped all the cum and saliva into both hands. She could barely hold it all, as it sloshed and threatened to ooze between her fingers. I’m sure the guys thought she was going to throw it away, or even spread it on her tits, but I knew what she was going to do. A total fuck-slut like this was going to go one step further.

She threw the mixture back onto her face, making sure she slapped herself hard at the same time. The slimy ooze slid back down her grinning face, as she scooped it up and swallowed. This was my fucking limit, so I pulled out, noticing again how her nasty little ass didn’t want to close up.

She slid forward and crouched down in front of my dick, as I blew shot after shot into her open mouth. When she was sure I’d finished, she swallowed me down to the root and stayed there. I motioned to the guys to go, and they left, their eyes on my little spinner whore. When she took her lips off my dick, they were gone and we were alone on the street. She stood up and I kissed her for the first time. She wrapped her arms around me as our tongues clashed, and I tasted piss, ass juice, saliva and cum in her mouth. She jumped up so I was holding her up, her legs now wrapped around me. She grinned as I reached down, and slid first one, then two, then three, then four fingers into her crapper. Her tongue came out, and I slid the same four fingers into her mouth, pushing them deeper until she gagged.

When I withdrew my hand she slid off me and grinned again.

“My ass is still horny. Got any coke bottles at home?”

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Picking up a Surprising Swede Girl

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There’s a pub in my neighbourhood where I like to go and chill on Sundays. It’s as close to an Irish pub as you can find in Paris: good beer, darts, everyone speaking English. Of course, it attracts a lot of foreigners, be them tourists or expats from lots of different places. So there is always new people there, most of them more open to meeting strangers than the standard Parisian.

That day, I was enjoying a quiet beer, reading my book and occasionally stopping to observe people, when I noticed a girl doing the exact same thing as me. She looked very tall, and had the kind of willowy blondeness that people picture when talking about Scandinavian girls. Her thin face was intent on her book, but as my gaze started to get a little more intense, she lifted her eyes and met mine… For a moment I had the panicked instinct of looking elsewhere, but I fought it and smiled. And was rewarded with a smile in return, before she got back to her book, the smile still on her lips.

At that point, I probably wouldn’t have done anything if I hadn’t been so damn horny. My friend with benefit had recently found a legit boyfriend, and I wasn’t getting any from other sources… So I swallowed my shyness and went over to introduce myself.

It went so well I couldn’t believe it. The conversation flowed naturally from the beginning. I had started in English, guessing that sh wasn’t French, and I had been right. She was from Sweden, here to actually learn French in some kind of intensive language school, but her lessons didn’t start until the next week, and she told me she was currently enjoying the city… and the indigenous life. I was delighted. We hadn’t been talking for 10 minutes, and she already not-so-subtly erotik film izle hinted at immoral behavior… I was more than happy to play this game. Up close, she really was the cliché Swedish girl… A beautiful, “fair” face with long and slightly wavy blonde hair, deep blue eyes and tiny, perky tits… She was so far from my usual taste in women, who I often prefer small, dark haired and cute-ish, that it made me extremely aroused. New territory! Anyway, we danced the heavy flirting dance, mixing legit conversation about what we had been reading and shameless sexual allusions, until our beers were empty. I then asked “Want to get out of here?” and we were off.

As I said before, I live not 10 minutes from the bar, and we were there quickly, both of us exchanging glances that spoke volumes about what was to come. That’s really one of my favourite things about picking up strangers: when we both know what’s going to happen, but no one has yet made an explicit move… The ride in the elevator was pretty intense. We got to my flat, I got us a glass of wine, and before we could do more than sipping it, we were making out on the couch.

She was hungry. That much was clear. It was hot and wet and sloppy, which I usually dislike, but I was now so worked up that I actually enjoyed it. My hands ran all over her lean body, gripping her tight little ass, cupping her small breasts, while she moaned and quickly started to stroke the bulge in my pants. I buried my hand in her hair and slightly pulled while I leaned more into the kiss, and she moaned with delight, as my mouth went wandering on the soft skin of her neck. We stood up and undressed each other, hands fumbling with excitement, as I drank film izle in the milky paleness of her skin, her perky breast and small, pink nipples, her perfectly flat stomach and the little black thong she had on… I turned her over and started licking, kissing, biting her neck from behind, as I held her face in one hand and started to caress her stomach and thighs with the other, careful not to get to her pussy to quickly… She grinded her ass against my now massive boner, and moaned lightly as my hand brushed over her panties…

I then couldn’t take it any more, I had to feel her wetness, I had to explore her excitation. I slipped a hand beneath the light fabric, and was delighted to find there a mess of hot moisture. She let out a little cry as I started to properly work her up, her knees buckling under my touch. She twitched and squirmed in my arms, as my dick was still firmly pushed against her ass, her hands tentatively stroking it. She suddenly turned, and kissed me hard, her hands now firmly gripping my rock hard cock. She then got on her knees, and swallowed it whole, without even so much as a little licking first. She was slobbering all over it, choking herself on it, and she loved it. I seized her hair and helped her take it all, fucking her face hard. She looked up to me, her mouth full of my dick, her eyes so full of lust I just couldn’t wait anymore: I had to fuck her. Hard.

So I got her on my bed, quickly put on a condom, and got on top of her. Her beautiful face was now distorted in delicious agony, as I thrust myself inside her, deep and slow at first, making her feel all of it, and then more quickly, not leaving her time to breathe, while she let out little cries.

I seks filmi izle couldn’t keep that up for very long, though, and I grabbed her and she ended up on top, impaling herself on my dick harder and harder. That’s when I gripped her ass, and discovered that her wetness was so overflowing that it lubed up her asshole quite nicely… So I started to play with it , and she didn’t complain… But I couldn’t do it very well from that position, and I soon stopped, and got back to gripping her ass and slamming her on my dick. That’s when it happened. We all experienced it. She went a bit too high, and slammed a bit too fast, and boom, my dick was in her ass. I immediately went into the “OH SHIT sorry!” mode, and stopped any movement whatsoever, while I made an apologetic face.

But she didn’t pull herself up. She didn’t make a pained and embarrassed face. She fucking. Pushed. Down. All the while her eyes locked on mine, a mischievous smile on her thin lips. I never went from” sorry” to “FUCK YEAH” in less time. The rhythm changed, and slowly but surely, I was fucking her unprepared, unlubricated ass. I couldn’t believe it. You read and hear everywhere that anal requires preparations and TONS of lube. And I always practiced it this way. Well, she begged to differ. Her ass had been properly trained, it seemed, and in a few minutes, I was jackhammering it while she asked for more, letting out cries of delight I never could have imagined before. And all the time, the thought of my dick in the ass of that girl I had just met burned in my mind, making me hornier than I ever been in a long time. Of course, I came quickly, my dick buried in her ass which I grabbed hard, while she gasped for air, her expression contracted in ecstasy.

That was the first of one of many encounters, and would be surprised if I told you that I fucked her ass in each and every one of these occasions? Her words: “it’s more intense like this”. Indeed it is.

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Porn Shoot Ch. 4

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Abella Danger

This is the continuing story of Anita and Veronica, two of the world’s top pornstars, as they fulfil a weeklong assignment in Hawaii.


I woke up slowly, becoming gradually aware of the hard-on I sported, and the wet mouth slowly sliding up and down along it. I glanced over to see Anita laying on her stomach at right angles to me, her blonde head bobbing lazily on my cock. Her hips were slightly raised in the air, and I could see a tuft of brunette hair sticking out from her crotch. On closer inspection, I made out the form of Veronica laying on her back, her face arcing up to meet Anita’s cunt as she licked out her friend for the first time that day. “Mmmm” Anita moaned, losing focus on my rapidly rising dick. “There’s nothing better than having one of the world’s best cunt lickers eat you out in the morning.” With that, she returned to slowly slurping my cock, while I lay back and enjoyed the bliss of having the blonde take me slowly down her throat.

I could have lain there all day, but my mouth was dry and I needed a drink. I gently moved Anita’s head away and got up to go downstairs. Pausing at the top, I looked back to see two of the most beautiful girls in the world move slowly into a side-by-side sixty-nine, the white sheets tangled around their breasts and limbs. A series of low, slow moans were emanating from between their legs as they each slowly munched on the other’s slick pussy. I watched for another few minutes, slowly stroking my cock, Veronica periodically glancing over at me, her eyes flashing from between the blonde’s legs as her mouth was busy buried in Anita’s increasingly damp cunt.

I turned and went down the stairs from the loft, proceeding to the bathroom to take a piss. Returning back to the kitchen, I saw Lisa, the whore we had rented for the night, leaning over the sink to get a glass of water. She must have awoken before us and had been sunning herself out on the back patio, as she had slipped into a pair of bikini bottoms and her 6-inch heels.

I’d agreed to pay the agency $5,000 if they would provide the most beautiful escort on the island, and I think they’d managed. Her long, lean legs ended at her shapely ass, her blonde hair now fell loosely across her back, and her large firm breasts jiggled loosely as she moved. Despite getting tied-up and butt-fucked repeatedly by Veronica and me last night, she still erotik film izle looked like she stepped right out of a Playboy magazine. My cock started to rise again, remembering last night’s activities.

Hearing me, she started to turn. “No, no, just stay there” I told her. I moved behind her, reaching around to grab her large breasts, grinding my hips into her round, firm ass. “Mmmm, I could get used to this” I sighed as I nuzzled the whore’s neck and massaged her breasts with my hands.

“Well, what did you have in mind for today, Mark?” Lisa asked. “More of the same, or something new and exciting?” she asked as my cock started to throb between her slightly parted thighs.

“Let me think about it. I’m sure something will come up.” I moved my hands down to grasp our whore by the hips, then gently pushed her bikini down so she could gingerly step out of it. “No need for this here” I assured her and started to rub my hard cock along her cunt lips, her twat becoming moist and her lips parting to accept the top side of my cock rubbing along the length of her cunt. “Maybe we’ll do a little more of the same to begin with, but then maybe we’ll branch out a bit later” I said, making up my mind.

With that I reached over to the counter and grabbed a container of mayonnaise, and pulled my dick away from the blonde. I gently pushed her legs together, so her 6″ stilettos were tight together and her butt cheeks were upturned forming a perfect heart-shape. I scooped out a dollop of mayo and without ceremony, proceeded to run my fingers from the back of her cunt toward her asshole, pausing to mash a little into her anus, then continued right up the crease between her cheeks.

“Oh Christ, are you going to fuck my ass again?” the whore asked. “Can’t you do my cunt for a while? I’m just feeling a little tuckered out, that’s all.”

“Hey, I’m just trying to get good value for my money, and it’s your ass I want to fuck before those two ravenous slut’s get down here and want you all to themselves” I replied as I smeared my cock with mayo, getting it ready to pry open the prostitute’s anus. Grasping the woman’s hips and leaving her feet pressed together, I started to rub my rock-hard cock up and down between her tanned, firm butt cheeks, feeling her anus slide along the bottom of my dick. After a few strokes, I burrowed my cock between her cheeks as they pressed film izle together, found her anal opening and firmly pressed my cock into the gap.

“Oh fuck” Lisa gasped. “Another fucking cock up my ass. Go slow, OK?” she implored.

The feeling was sensational as I started to watch my greased cock slip between her tanned cheeks, burrowing into the tight hole deep within. Despite the blonde’s request, the animal was taking over inside me, and I need to thrust my cock as deep as it would go up her rectum. With a strong plunge, I ground my crotch into her gorgeous cheeks and buried my cock to the hilt. “How’s that whore?” I hissed into her ear. “How do you like my cock right up inside your ass?”

“Mmmm ya, I like it. I want you to fuck me now. You haven’t come in my ass yet, and I want you to. I want you to leave a load of your sperm right up my passage, so I can feel it slip around inside for the rest of the day.” Watching my cock slide in and out of the ass of a woman who could easily adorn the pages of Playboy was making me hot. And knowing that this beauty was taking all this cock for a night’s pay had me even hotter.

“Come on, fuck me harder” she implored. “Grab my hips and grind your cock up my ass. Can you feel my tight ring? Can you feel me squeeze your cock with my cheeks? Do you like fucking this little whore? Do you want to come in her ass?” she hissed, driving me closer and closer.

Her legs were still pressed together and I was delighting in the view of my cock sliding between her cheeks, which glistened with the spread mayo. I increased the pace, feeling her ass grip my cock harder and harder as she started to contract her rectum. I grasped her hips and started pounding. “Oh fuck yeah, you little slut. I’m going to come way up your ass. I’m going to fucking explode up your asshole and have Veronica lick it out. Would you like that? Would you like to have that hot bitch lick out the ass she fucked last night?”

“Yaaa, I’m going to have her eat out my ass, Mark” the whore replied. “She’s going to clean my anus so you can fuck me again before I go. Would you like that? Do you want to screw your cock into my ass one more time? Then come up me now. Come on, cum up my butt.”

I started to hammer her butthole now with long powerful strokes, pushing her down flat on the counter and lifting one leg up off the ground, propping her knee on seks filmi izle the counter for even deeper access. Her face was contorted, her blonde hair a sweaty mess over the countertop as my rock hard dick skewered her tight asshole, her anus sucking on each outstroke, then resisting on each inward plunge. With three last hard strokes I reached the top, and started to spurt deep within the beautiful whore’s asshole. “Ohhhhh. Unnngghh. Unngggghhh” I grunted, driving my cock as deep as it would go within the woman’s butt, shooting load after load of sperm up inside her tight greased chute.

Eventually I finished, almost collapsing on my feet with my cock still buried right up to the base between Lisa’s throbbing cheeks. Eventually I could feel my cock deflate and I gradually slipped it out of her ass, the tip leaving an arc of sticky white come between the head of my cock and her contracting anus. I eased my self into the chair at the table, and admired the shapely form of the prostitute, her arms splayed across the counter, large tits mashed out on either side, her body supported by one stiletto clad leg, her other knee propped up on the counter and her anus slowly starting to leak out the come which I had just blasted up her tight, tanned butt. Her blonde hair was a tangled mess across her face and shoulders, and her eyes closed, enjoying the burning sensation in her just-fucked asshole.

“Fuck, what a way to start the day” the woman smiled, looking over at me slowly stoking my cock and enjoying my post-ejaculation euphoria. “You can say that again” I heard someone reply.

I looked around and saw the two naked women, their faces glazed with each other’s juices, cuddling at the kitchen doorway with Veronica behind Anita reaching around to slowly stroke the blonde’s world-class breasts. “I think I’ll take our little whore up on her offer” Veronica said. With an evil smile on her lips, Veronica broke away slowly, walked over to the whore, bent over and gave a long slurp from the woman’s cunt, then right over her anus licking up the cum that had started to ooze from the blonde’s freshly buggered ass. She looked around at Anita and I. “Mmmm, I like getting dirty before breakfast” she moaned. “It makes me feel like such a slut.” She dove back into the hooker’s ass, and spent the next few minutes probing the still-burning anus with her tongue, cleaning up the whore for more use later.

The blonde just lay spread on the counter, enjoying the sensation of being rimmed by one of the world’s best pornstars. “They’ll never believe this back at the agency” she sighed.

To be continued…

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