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My eyes were drawn to the sound of your voice. I hadn’t really been paying attention as the various singers took the stage… sitting at the table talking to my friends. But the sound of your voice caught my attention. Beautiful… sensual … exotic… a sound I had not heard tonight over the din of the bar. I saw you standing there swaying as you sang, and noticed that your eyes were focused on our table.

You were gorgeous, a full figured woman with curves in all of the right places. Your voice was strong and your smile was also. I saw your head turn slightly, and felt as if your eyes were focused on me. I took a chance that they were and smiled at you; I was pleased to see that you smiled back. You continued your songs but I now had the feeling that you were singing them to me… with every note you stared into my eyes as I watched you move … the swaying suddenly appearing more sensual than before. I was sure it was just my imagination.

As your set ended, you returned to the table you were sharing with your girlfriends. It was obvious that you had all been there a while by the number of wine and beer glasses on the table. As your friend got up to sing, I got up to get another drink at the bar. I didn’t notice you walk up beside me.

“I noticed you watching me while I sang. My name is Terrie,” you said. “Hi, I’m Nick. I really enjoyed your singing. You have a very pretty voice.”

“Thanks Nick. So what are you doing here tonight? I haven’t seen you here before.”

“Just out for a night by myself. Don’t know anyone in the area.”

“Well, I would love to sit and talk with you Nick if that would be okay?”

“Sure, Terrie. I would like that.”

The next hour went by very quickly. We talked about everything… what we did for a living, where we grew up and our families. We found out that we were both married and our families were out of town for the weekend. I could have sworn I saw a slight smile cross your lips when I mentioned that I was staying at a hotel down the street. While we talked, I moved my chair over beside you so I could hear you better. The live band had started and the music had gotten louder, so I started to lean in closer to talk to you. It seemed natural to put my arm around the back of your chair to support my weight but I soon found my hand on your shoulder while I listened.

I hadn’t really noticed our position until I felt your hand on my thigh just above my knee. Our talking was so natural but that motion of your hand brought me back to the reality that we were sitting close enough that I could smell the perfume you were reality kings porno wearing. I could feel your breath on my cheek as we talked about life and love and how frustrated we were with our sex lives… the kind of talk strangers get to share after a few drinks.

“Terrie, you looked very pretty up there singing but you are much prettier close up.” “Nick, you are making me blush. Thank you though.”

And then it happened. In a bar full of people, I leaned closer to you, tilting my head slightly and reaching for your lips with mine. Don’t really know what made me do it and I suddenly felt like such a fool, expected you to lean away from me or for you to get up and walk away. But instead, I saw you close your eyes and purse your lips in response. I felt goose bumps on my arms as I touched your lips with mine; the noise of the bar faded to silence as I kissed you.

I felt your hand move from my leg and settle on my hand that was on the table as you returned my kiss, pressing harder and parting my lips with your tongue. My tongue willingly responded as it sparred with yours. Time seemed to stop as we experienced each other for the first time. I felt you inhale as our lips parted and I quickly opened my eyes to gauge your response.’ Wow Nick, that was unexpected,” you said to me. “Sorry, Terrie, I really don’t know what …..” You raised a finger to my lips. “It’s okay. I liked it. Please don’t apologize. If you hadn’t done it, I probably would have sooner or later.”

With that we both smiled, looking like two high school kids who had just snuck their first kiss at a school dance. We found ourselves holding hands as we talked, leaning closer to each other; you sometimes laughing and laying your head on my shoulder momentarily.

The time we spent went way too quickly and it was soon time for me to go. You said it was probably time for you to leave also and offered to walk out with me. I paid our tabs and we walked still hand in hand toward the door. The cool night air was a sharp contrast to the warmth of the bar and you moved your body against mine in what almost felt like a reflex. You felt so warm as I wrapped my arm around your waist, trying to warm you even more. As I pulled you closer, you turned to face me and our lips met again; not lightly this time but aggressively… passionately. My other arm found it’s way around your waist and I pulled you toward me. Without thinking, my hands move down your back to your ass and pulled your hips into me. As my fingers kneaded you through your pants, I knew you could feel my hardness sexmex porno growing against you. We parted lips to catch our breath and you moved away and took my hand. “Follow me Nick,” you whispered.

We moved through the parking lot until we were at an area that the lights barely illuminated. I saw you reach into your purse, and then saw the taillights blink on a van parked in the corner of the lot. You reached up to the handle and opened the doors to the back. Your head turned and you looked into my eyes, asking me a question without speaking. You let go of my hand and stepped inside. I followed, closing the door behind us.

The next few moments were a flurry of kisses… hands exploring each other through our clothes and our lips joined, released and joined again. I found the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head as you did the same to me. You found my chest hair fascinating as you ran your fingers through it… I found your bra clasp frustrating as I fumbled with it. I was eventually able to free you from the confines of your bra and inhaled softly at the sight of your breasts. I pulled you close to kiss you and could feel your hard nipples against my chest. My hands were exploring your back as we kissed deeply. I pushed your shoulders lightly, laying you back against the van seat as my lips found a nipple and locked it between my lips. I alternated soft kisses with light tugs with my lips as you moaned softly. You turned your shoulders, telling me your other breast needed attention as well and I moved to find your other nipple already hard and excited.

Your head is leaned backward against the seat as I move away from you. I am feeling suddenly apprehensive, not sure that this is what you want to be doing. Your eyes open and you smile at me. “It’s okay Nick. I really want you.” With that, you lean forward and find the waistband of my pants. Your fingers are nimble as you undo them and pull them down my legs. You can see the outline of my cock in my underwear as you place your palm on me; rubbing me through the cotton material. Your other hand pulls the elastic aside and you reach down and wrap your cool hands around my warm, hard cock. Your touch is gentle, fingers lightly containing me as you begin to stroke me up and down. You can feel my cum already leaking from the tip as your thumbs rubs it around the head. You lean forward toward me, causing me to lean backwards against the seat. In one motion, you lean forward and replace your hand with your lips, taking me into your mouth. You don’t move at first, just tighten your cheek sindrive porno muscles around me; squeezing me gently. Then you start to move slowly up and down. I can feel your tongue against the underside of my cock as you move. Your motions are slow and deliberate as you suck my hard cock deeply into your mouth, tasting my cum as it leaked from the tip.

As I start moving my hips upward to reach your mouth, you can feel the excitement building in me so you remove your mouth. “Not yet, Nick. Not yet,” you say and you move away and grab the waistband of your own pants. In one quick motion your pants and panties are on the floor of the van. I pull my underwear off and they join yours. You swing your leg across my hips and slide down against me. I can feel the warmth of your pussy against my cock as you move yourself up and down against me. You are wet as you slide my cock through your pussy lips. I can feel them wrapping around me as raise you hips.

Then it happens. In one sure motion, you lower your hips and take my cock completely inside your pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhh ,” you say as you feel me slide into you. I am speechless as you begin to move your hips back and forth on me, rubbing the head of my cock against the deepest part of your pussy. I move my hand to your hips, helping you find the right motion as you move. You lean toward me, allowing me to find your breasts with my mouth. I suck your nipples as we move, nibbling on them lightly from time to time; making your hips squirm on me.

You put your weight on your knees and change your motion until you are riding my cock up and down. I can see my cock as you raise your hips, almost allowing me to come completely out of you then lowering yourself forcefully with each stroke. I can see in your eyes that this is the position that is going to make you cum. Your pace increases and I watch as your eyes close slightly. You hips move faster and faster on me and your moans turn to soft screams of delight as your time approaches.

I can feel my own orgasm building as you take me deeply inside you. I grab your hips and pull them against me as you stop moving and close your eyes. You make a guttural sound of pleasure and I can feel your pussy squeezing around my cock, trying to milk my sperm from me. Your body tightens as your orgasm flows through you and I can feel your juices leaking down onto my balls. The warmth of your cum on me drives me over the edge and I cum inside you; pulsing load after load into you.

Your body finally relaxes as you lean forward against me. We can feel the sweat of our bodies as we wrap our arms around each other. We can feel our hearts beating against each other as we bask in the glow of our lovemaking. I reach up with my hands and hold your face between them I lean forward and kiss your lips gently; a lovers kiss.

“Now where did you say your hotel was?” you whisper into my ear as I smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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