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The Present Time

I came awake feeling that I was in a bed but didn’t recognise the ceiling above me so wondered just where the hell was I? I turned my head to the right and gave out a groan at the movement and saw Tracey asleep in a chair quite close to me. That he was asleep was made known by the gentle snoring and the odd facial twitch probably caused by some sort of dream. It must have been a good one for his face had a gentle smile on it.

I tried to speak his name but my mouth was so dry that all that came out was some kind of croak. But it was enough for Tracey to open his eyes that suddenly came alight when he saw that I was awake.

‘Marcus!’ he cried, getting up and came over and kissed me on the lips. ‘God be praised. We didn’t know when you were going to wake up.’ He raised his arm past my head and must have pushed a button or something, for almost immediately a nurse came into the room.

‘Welcome back,’ she said coming over to me and I tried again to speak but again, just a croak came out of my mouth. ‘You must be thirsty,’ and I heard water being poured into a glass and her hand came under my head and lifted it so that I could get my lips up to the rim of the glass without spilling the lovely fluid.

What bliss to have it wash the fur from my tongue as I took it in and after moving the mouthful round in there, swallowed it. She let me take another couple of mouthfuls before pulling the glass away and letting my head down gently onto the pillow. I had to cough to get my vocal cords in action before I could speak.

‘Where am I?’ I asked.

‘In hospital. You took a nasty crack on the head from a cricket bat,’ she said.

‘Is the bat alright or is it in hospital too?’ I asked, trying to grin. I heard Tracey give out a laugh as he came round the other side of the bed and took hold of my hand as the nurse gave a smile at my feeble joke.

‘The bat has got a dent in it and gave you a huge lump on your head, but it survived,’ Tracey said, giving my hand a squeeze.

‘Who won?’

‘The bat. It knocked you for a six, though you didn’t reach the boundary,’ he said with a laugh.

‘The game I meant,’ I said with a chuckle.

‘I don’t know. I came with you in the ambulance,’ he said.

‘How long have I been out?’

‘About twenty four hours,’ he said, looking up at a clock on the wall which I just noticed.

‘Well as he’s come round now,’ the nurse said. ‘I’ll go and tell the doctor so he can give you a check over. I’ll leave you with Miss Tracey,’ and she left the room. The reason for her using the title of Miss for Tracey was because he was dressed up as I’ve always known him, that being in a dress and a picture of loveliness that I couldn’t get over the fact that he was indeed a male in this attire.

More than that, he was my partner in all senses of the word for we have even been married by a vicar that had been prepared to join two males in matrimony. But then you should know this from the previous three books that have been written about us. What with me suffering from amnesia due to a gunshot wound to the head and having Tracey take good care of me.


It was gone! I could now remember everything! A bullet took my memory away and now a cricket bat has given it back to me. I was told that it was likely that it would return, but more just bits at a time, though I didn’t think that they meant me to be hit round the head with a bat to bring it all back.

‘I’m glad you’re awake now darling,’ Tracey said squeezing my hand again. ‘I can’t wait to get you home again,’ and his smile caused my cock to start to rise up at what we would do when we got there. He leaned over and gave me another kiss, much longer this time and his free hand went down and stroked my front.

He broke the kiss with a chuckle. ‘I can feel that you want to get home too. Oh darling! Tell them that you are okay so that we can go to bed and let us show just how much we love each other.’

‘I can’t wait Tracey,’ I said but couldn’t say anymore for the door to the room opened and Tracey quickly pulled his hand away from my front as the doctor came in.

‘Well Mr. Kane. You’re back with us so let me check you over to see if we can let you leave,’ he said.

It was a quick check of my head before looking into my eyes and making the eyeballs move about to follow his waving finger as well as quite a few questions to which I gave coherent answers. He was satisfied and agreed with Tracey that I could now be allowed to leave the hospital. I thanked the doctor and asked him to pass on my thanks to all the others that had looked after me.

After he’d gone, I got out of bed and had Tracey help me put on my clothes. Just him doing this caused me to rise up to a full erection and couldn’t stop him from going down and giving me a quick suck before squashing it inside my underpants.

Fully dressed, we left the room and went down to the reception desk to let them know that my room was now vacant and Beylikdüzü escort asked if they could phone for a taxi as I thanked them there for what they had done for me. It was only as we were leaving that I saw my reflection in the glass doors and saw that I had a gauze patch on the left side of my head, the same side that the bullet had ploughed through to cause my amnesia. Maybe that’s why at being hit hard on that side caused my memory to come back to me.

We were only in the taxi for about fifteen minutes before pulling up outside my home. That being an apartment, one of six in the building that I happened to own. Not only that one but the next three along too.

‘Welcome home sir,’ I was greeted by my old sergeant from my army days who was now the caretaker of my building, his name being Charlie Feathers. ‘In the wars again.’

In the wars! Over the past three months, we, that means him and my old squad, had three battles and came out victorious without losing a single man of our side.

‘There’s a lot of mail here for you,’ he said, passing over a bundle of letters. ‘Mostly get well cards I think.’ Which they were indeed, mostly from the two cricket teams. This had been our yearly event, two teams from the Foreign Office playing each other. It was a couple of days before I found out that we had lost this year.

‘Come darling and let’s get you to bed,’ Tracey said and I got a grin from Charlie. He knew that Tracey was indeed a male in spite of the dress and had know from the first time that I brought Tracey home for he had grown up in the same part of Whitechapel as Tracey and knew straight away what the score was. He alone of the squad knew this fact and had even been at our wedding to have the honour,(doubtful) of giving Tracey away. Spencer, the head of Intelligence at the Foreign office knew, well he had to be told of my liaison with Tracey and about a dozen other people knew too. Spencer had been the only one to remark that I was in a homosexual relationship but he had to put up with it for I only really worked for him on a voluntary basis.

I returned Charlie’s smile with a sickly one with him knowing that being taken to bed meant that I would shortly be fucking Tracey. So up we went and I wasn’t wrong with my being pulled straight through to the bedroom where my clothes were quickly taken off and told to get on the bed. Now it was showtime as Tracey slowly slipped the straps of the dress of his shoulders to let it fall to the floor for me to see him in the women’s underwear that he wore. This always turned me on and he could see that I wanted him by having a massive erection lying up on my stomach.

The only incongruous part of this display was seeing his male organ jutting out that swayed as he moved towards the bed and bounced as he climbed on. It was only this that distinguished him from looking like a female for his features were perfect along with his hair style and immaculate make-up.

‘Two whole days I’ve been without this,’ he said licking his lips as he moved in between my legs and took hold of my erection, and without further ado, took the head of it into his mouth.

God, I was in heaven again! Well one of two for I also loved being behind him too as we made love in our fashion. The heat and the moving of his tongue was great as his lips pushed the foreskin right down for him to tickle the G string making me give out a groan at his expertise in fellatio.

‘Enough of this,’ he said a few moments later, lifting his head up, releasing the head of my cock to the cool air. ‘As much as I like sucking on this wonderful tool and taking what comes out of it, I’d rather have it up inside me first.’ His eyes were shining as he then licked his lips before moving up the bed to lay on top of me as he reached over to the bedside table to get a condom out of the drawer, squashing my throbbing piece at the same time.

I gave out a grunt as he moved off and ripped open the packet and got the condom out and expertly rolled it down over my erection.

‘Now fuck me Marcus and show me that you love me,’ he said as he moved for me to roll over and get up onto my knees. He then positioned himself in the centre of the bed on his knees for me to move round and get behind him by shuffling and moving up between his spread legs. The firm rounded cheeks of his bum was a sight that I never got tired of seeing. The perfect symmetry, like a peach with the cleft in the middle that was framed by the suspender belt and the two straps that slid to the sides, holding up his stockings. They were firm to the touch as I stroked them and then bending my head, gave each half a kiss before parting them with my thumbs as I straightened up, seeing the target that my throbbing cock was about to enter.

It was another thrill to be holding his hips as I watched the covered head of my cock slowly begin to widen him as it got compressed as I slowly pushed myself into him. Seeing it slowly start to disappear inside him to be followed by the rest of the Beylikdüzü escort shaft until it was out of sight and my thighs were then tight up to those lovely cheeks.

He gave out a big sigh when I was fully inside, feeling not only the inner heat of his body, but having his muscle there, constantly flexing itself and making my cock twitch.

‘What bliss,’ he said as I began to move myself backwards and forwards, loving the tightness of his backside as I fucked him. But like always, the pleasure was short lived for I was soon holding his hips tighter as I now began to really ram myself up into him, pulling him back onto me as I started to send my seed up into the condom. I was grunting and he was crooning as I came, jerking my hips quite a few times to rid myself of the build-up of semen that had accumulated in my balls.

I found I was panting heavily as I came to a stop, leaning over his rear end, feeling him still flexing his muscle around the shaft that throbbed away inside him.

‘You lovely man,’ he crooned as he now compressed the cheeks of his bum, so much so, that when I pulled out of him, he managed to pull the condom off at the same time. In spite of this, he was quick to turn round as I sat back on my heels, breathing heavily as he bent down and took my still upstanding cock into his mouth. The head only which was still covered in some of my sperm which he sucked off and squeezed the lower end of the shaft to try and suck out any residue that remained inside.

With me sucked dry, he licked the bare head again before giving it a final kiss before rising up and pulling me into his arms for us to kiss. This was with open mouth so that our tongues could touch and caress the other and I could feel that he still had his erection that I knew he would now like to use on me. I wasn’t wrong, for as he broke off our kissing, he quickly pulled out the condom from his backside and dropped it on the floor before getting a fresh one from the drawer and rolling it down over his, I must say, smaller penis than I sported when erect.

Small it may be, but I still liked it when he was behind me and pushing it up into my backside which he then proceeded to do.

‘I’m glad that you like this as much as I do,’ he grunted as he moved himself in and out of me, smoothing out the kinks in my back passage. Which was true for I did like receiving a hard cock as well as fucking the tightness of his rear end, and said so. ‘And I love you for it,’ he said now starting to move faster as he began to come inside me. His hands holding me tight as he jerked his hips up tight to the cheeks of my bum as he did so till he couldn’t send any more up into the condom before leaning over my back, panting as I had done.

I gave out a little cry as I felt him pulling himself free from the tight hole he’d just fucked, mind you, he always did the same when I pulled out of him. Though he still had the condom on when he sat back on his heels as I got some tissues and pulled it off for me to then suck out any residue of sperm as well as licking him clean when he was empty.

We kissed again as we slowly subsided down onto the bed, holding each other tight, both of us having fucked each other in our love for one another.

‘Do you know,’ I began when we’d finished kissing and had our heads close together on the pillow. ‘With getting that bang on the head, my memory has come back.’

‘It has?’ he cried, almost sitting up and giving me another kiss. ‘I’m so glad for you. Now you can tell me all about yourself.’ So we settled down and I began to tell him what I couldn’t do before.

The Past

I was born into a wealthy family near Woodstock and quite close to Blenheim Palace. It was one of my great, great, grandfather’s that built up our fortune with his close relationship to the Duke of Marlborough who secured him a position with Wellington in the Peninsular War.

He wasn’t above larceny for he brought back quite a haul of booty which went towards buying four mansions in Great Pye Street, just off Whitehall at a later date by another of these grandfather’s. These we still have though I did sell off our place in Oxfordshire not so long ago.

It was my great grandfather that turfed everybody out of the mansions and after the First World War, converted them into apartments, six in each which were then rented out. It was through family connections that he, after this war, became attached to the Foreign Office because of his efforts during said war, gathering intelligence. He became one of the controllers during the Second World War and was knighted for his efforts in the conflict.

My father was born in 1935 and so missed out serving in the army in this war, but followed his father’s footsteps by getting a post in the Foreign office after doing his military service. I was born in 1975 at our place in Oxfordshire, but it was because of having me that my mother died shortly after giving me birth.

In spite of this, I was still well looked after by Escort Beylikdüzü a nanny as well as us having some servants about the place to see to all our needs, though father did spend a lot of time in London. Even at that date, I was still strictly controlled in all manner of things and even had a private tutor from the age of four, and he was with me till I was eleven. That was when I went out into the world by mixing with other children at a school in Oxford.

Fortunately, while at home before this, I did mix with the children of some of the workers on our estate and soon learnt how to defend myself when it came to any altercations which stood me in good stead when I mixed with others in Oxford. That I was prepared to fight and defend myself, I was soon left alone from any bullying.

Thanks to my tutor, I was well ahead of the rest of my schoolmates there and always came top of my class for the four years I was there. This led me to moving into one of the colleges at the age of fifteen where I had my first experience of male sex. Though it wasn’t to the full extent that I now knew as it was more on the lines of mutual masturbation though we did get round to having oral sex. This I came to like having an erect cock to suck on as well as having mine sucked and getting the real taste of another boy’s sperm. Full sex came later at university.

At college, following my father’s advice, I studied and learnt German, being taught by a teacher who came from Berlin. Also I had been told by him that if I also learnt Arabic it would stand me in good stead if I joined him at the Foreign Office. This I did go and study when I got to the university.

But my world was shattered when I was informed whilst still at the college that my father had died from a heart attack. My only relative for I didn’t have any sisters, brothers, aunts or uncles. In spite of this, there was a good turn out to his funeral, those from the local village as well as many colleagues from the Foreign Office. It was only afterwards did I learn from our solicitor just how much I had been left in terms of finance. But this had little effect on me at the time just having lost my father.

I had also been told after the funeral from some of his former colleagues that they looked forward to me joining them if my university studies were above standard. I promised that I would do my best whilst there but I wanted to give thought first to exactly what I wanted to do with my life before committing myself.

I came second in my class at college which was more than sufficient for me to apply for a place at the university. It was there that I met the South African, Pieter van Rieter who became my roommate. I was now eighteen years of age and had opted for Arabic and Military History as my majors, having now made up my mind to do my bit for the country by joining the army before going on to join the Foreign Office, for I really wanted to be in intelligence.

I was now about six foot in height and weighed just under ten stone with quite a bit of muscle from the exercising I used to do at college and was pleased to see that Pieter was around the same as me. We played rugby and cricket together and had a great time that improved even more after one night at a party that we had attended.

Though I had now regained my memory from my amnesia, there are certain things that the memory fails to hold like to whose party we went that particular night. This I cannot remember, nor who started what happened between us either so it must have been just something that we both wanted.

When the party started to break up, we left and staggered our way back onto the campus and up to the room we shared. I think in our drunken state, that we both fell over as we undressed, laughing uncontrollable as we finally got the last remnants off before sitting on one of the beds.

Now neither of us know who turned to who first, but we had turned and took each other into our arms and kissed as we fell backwards without breaking lip contact. Again, neither of us knew whose hand first touched the erection of the other, but hold them we did, quite firmly and started to move the silken skin up and down over the solid flesh beneath.

Not a word was spoken as we moved on the bed into an upside down position to the other so that we both faced the erect cock of the other and quickly took the head of that cock into our mouths to suck on. As drunk as I was, I can still remember having his cock in my mouth, using my tongue to rove over the bare flesh after having pushed the foreskin right back. It was with joy and gusto at doing this for I was having the same thing done to mine as we tongued and sucked at our respective cocks and moved our hands that bit faster as we approached our peaks.

It seemed like a flood of semen that erupted into my mouth and had to close my gullet to keep it there for me to savour the taste of this South African. I almost gurgled in the pleasure I got of shooting my load into his mouth as it was to receive his.

After swallowing and licking the opposite head clean, one of us turned round so that we could hold each other and kiss. It had been a couple of years since I had last done this to another boy and really enjoyed what we had just done.

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