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She tapped three times lightly on the doorframe, just loud enough to get his attention. He glanced up from his work and looked at the young woman standing at the door to his office. For a few brief seconds he allowed his eyes to play over her body, appreciating the lovely creature.

“You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Ah, Ms. Taylor. Yes, come in, come in. Please, close the door behind you.”

She stepped into the office, closing the door behind her locking automatically and unable to be opened by anyone without pressing a strategically placed button on his desk to disengage the mechanism. She knew this well and a tingle coursed through her body when she heard the click of the lock, realizing this was going to be another enjoyable meeting with the man that currently employed her.

Kandi Taylor is a tall picturesque woman with liquid blue eyes entrancing those she affixes her gaze upon. The coffee brunette hair framing her angelic face is highlighted with auburn wisps and falls just to the middle of her perfectly shaped bosom, curling at the ends much like delicate fingers reaching out to touch her normally stiff nipples. Her legs are long and toned; one could make quite a daydreamy trip starting at her pretty pedicured feet and arriving at the point of origination, leisurely roaming over the firm roundness of her ass. She can melt a man with a smile. When she speaks one can’t help but imagine those plump pouty lips chasing her long delicate fingers up and down an erect thick cock. She was by all accounts a fucking wet dream.

However, although keenly aware of that fact, she never showed it. She portrayed an aura of innocence, a proper lady unaware of her erotic assets. From the outside she seemed to be ignorant of the raw sexuality her persona exhibited. That’s what landed her the job in the first place. Those exact characteristics are not just preferred, but required for all the girls working as Worldwide Escapement Therapists at Provisional Unique Services, Inc. In her short time with the company, Kandi has brought in millions in sales persuading some of the most powerful executives in the world to spend time at one of the many resorts PUSi operated. She uses her expert oral talents on the phone to literally seduce prospective clients into upgrading to various unique packages, catering to the peccadilloes of each individual. She is particularly talented in weaving together innuendoes with a sexual overture that lead clients to not only book a vacation, but come away feeling they’d just received a free phone-sex call.

Kandi locked eyes with her boss and gave him a smoldering smile as she moved to the center of the room, her body an exercise in fluid motion as she was taught; hips swaying seductively, her breasts bouncing just the slightest bit as each step of her 5″ heels clicked on the hardwood floor. She took up a pose as described intricately in the Employee Handbook under the chapter, Delivery to an Executive: “…one foot slightly placed before the other, knee of the forward leg slightly bent and leaning into the rearward leg, the hip of the straight (rearward) leg thrust outward to the side. There are two options for hand placement. Option one is the hand on the side of the hip thrust out is placed lightly on the upper portion of the hip with the elbow bent in a 90° right angle. The fingers will appear relaxed and canted at such an angle as to point towards the pubic area. The arm on the other side will hang down freely, relaxed. That hand may lay alongside the hip or rest gently on the inside of the front of the thigh. In other words, if an imaginary line were drawn down the center of the thigh, the hand would be placed just to the inside of the line toward the pubic area.

The second option for hand placement is lightly clasping the fingers of one hand with the other behind the back and allowed to rest on the upper buttocks. With both options, remember to relax the shoulders and roll them back to present a lifted bosom.”

She stopped and stood in front of his work area just far enough away that if she bent at the waist, she could place her hands on the forward edge of his massive desk. She is intimately familiar with the surface of the bureau where her boss performs his daily duties and at times pleasurable proclivities. For just the fewest seconds a montage of delightful memories raced through her mind, conjured again by the sight of his desk. She reminisced how the polished granite initially felt cold, but seemed to warm quickly against the naked cheeks of her ass. How the smooth surface caused her nipples to harden from the wonderful sensation of rubbing back and forth across it. The crispness of the contour as she tightly grasped the edges for support, or for leverage when the effects of their actions made the surface slick.

She placed one hand on her hip, the other along her thigh.

Her boss noticed how she moved her hand to her thigh. She didn’t just place it there, but rather let it glide into place across her leg in an almost indiscernible fashion. She made the slightest flick Tokat Escort of her head to move a lock of hair into place and beamed a captivating smile.

“How are you today, Mr. Davidson?”

“I’m doing fabulous! How about you, Ms. Taylor, how was your weekend?” he replied.

“I’m doing good, thank you for asking. I’m a little tired, to be honest, though. I attended a bridal shower for a girlfriend and we stayed out pretty late,” she said with a bashful smile. “My girlfriend reserved the VIP room of that new place on Canal Street, Mister’s Kitty, and she hired a male stripper to put on a show. That guy was amazing! His name was Apollo, and I gotta say, he was built like a Greek god.” Her boss watched the blush fill her face as she drew in a deep breath while for the briefest moment reminiscing two nights ago. He also noted the slightest of movement in her hips as she unconsciously squeezed her vaginal muscles when the butterflies from that image raced from her belly to her loins.

“He was all that and a bag of chips, was he?”

“Oh, god, sir… I don’t think he had an ounce of extra fat on him. Big chest and biceps, and those abs…” she drifted off. “He was sporting a pretty big bulge in his G-string, and when he took it off all the girls went crazy. His thing had to be at least 10 inches long and it wasn’t even all the way hard, yet,” she exclaimed wide-eyed. Her boss patiently sat smiling at her while she regaled the escapades of the party. “One girl showed up with a can of Reddi Whip and laid a long line of whipped cream down his junk, and all the girls coaxed my girlfriend-who’s getting married in a week-to lick it off. She must have been feeling pretty drunk by then because she didn’t just try to lick it off, she bent down and tried to stuff that whole thing in her mouth.” Again, her eyes went wide. “She couldn’t get all of it off, but she did get quite a bit of him in her mouth. After that, all the girls were putting whipped cream on him and seeing how much they could get in their mouth,” she said with a little smirk.

“And how much were you able to get in your mouth, Ms. Taylor?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Oh! I didn’t try doing any of that, Mr. Davidson,” she declared with a look of serious innocence.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “You didn’t? I thought you liked having a hard cock in your mouth.”

She blushed again and averted her eyes from his, fidgeting slightly. “Well, umm, yes, sir, I do really like… umm… oral sex.”

“Just like?”

“Okay… yes, sir, I love oral sex,” she admitted, again making eye contact with him with a sheepish grin. “But not like that,” she professed. “I can’t do just anybody. I won’t do it with some stripper I just met in front of a bunch of people I barely know. Besides, I’m a married woman with a loving, devoted husband that was waiting for me at home.”

He cocked his head slightly and gave her a look of intrigue with a raised brow.

“I mean it has to be someone I have feelings for,” she continued. “Someone like my husband that I care about, someone I admire and respect.” She paused, and then spoke again. “I know what you’re thinking, but work is different than just some stranger. You took a chance on me, believed in me, and saw potential no one else saw. And because of that, I admire and respect you immensely, Mr. Davidson. From the moment you hired me, I’ve had the good of the company in mind at all times, and feel management’s needs always take priority over my personal feelings.

“And my husband has really seen a difference in me. He’s been enjoying the benefits since I began working here, sir, and I’m extremely grateful for that, as well,” she said with a broad smile. “We were having problems before I started here, but now he says I’m more confident, dress sexier, and have a higher libido. He’s even commented on how wet I am at times when I first get home from work. I tell him I get that way thinking about him on the way home, but what he doesn’t realize is that I’ve brought a little work home with me after I’ve had a late meeting with you, sir. And I want to let you know, he seems to really enjoy the taste of you…or you and me, I should say” she giggled.

“Huh. That’s really interesting,” he opined when she had finished.

“That my husband likes the taste of your sperm in my pussy?” she questioned with surprise.

“No, not that,” he smirked, “all that other stuff. How you feel about working here, and the personal duties that come with it. Which, confirms my intuition and the decision we’ve come to, but we’ll discuss that in a bit.

“What I brought you in here for first is, it’s time for your annual review. So, let’s get that out of the way so we can move onto some more pleasurable business, shall we?” He beamed her a warm inviting smile.

He looked down at a paper in front of him. “Okay, let’s start with attire.” He looked up at her appreciatively, admiring the metallic floral print wrap-around style dress hugging her curves. The black dress had exaggerated padded shoulders and Tokat Escort Bayan a cinching waist tie that worked together to enhance her natural hourglass silhouette. The wrap-style created a décolleté that highlighted her delectable cleavage, and a slit in the hem inviting a peek up her thigh. From where the dress ended just above mid-thigh, her long shapely legs were sheathed in sheer black silk stockings, her feet encased in closed-toe heels with cutouts on both sides of the heel. Straps on the back of the heel, around the ankle and over the top of the foot were adorned in pearls, rhinestones and sequins.

“You know, Ms. Taylor, I’ve always appreciated how you dress for work. You have such an elegant sense of style. Your outfits are always perfect to go from your office straight to an evening of fine dining and adult fun. That dress is just perfect on you, and those shoes really make your legs look wonderful. Are those 4 ½” heels?”

“Thank you, sir,” she smiled demurely, “no, they’re 5 ¼”.”

“Your husband’s a lucky man, indeed. Now, let’s see what you have on underneath.”

Kandi’s expression of maidenly innocence instantly morphed to one of coquettish seductress. She loved this part. She loved the attention she commanded when she slowly disrobed. The attentiveness of her audience as they drank in the sight of her sheer lingerie barely blurring her womanly parts. The instant physiological reaction from the mere suggestion of stripping away the barrier between an admirer and her naked flesh excited her in itself. Her nipples instantly became swollen, her breathing quickened, tingles raced through her girly bits and the dampness between her legs became a torrent of wetness.

She locked eyes with her boss with a look that bore through his soul straight down to his cock, her pouty lips poised in a perpetual kiss. Like a sorcerous she became the femme fatale that captured him in enchantment, her gaze unwavering while she reached behind her to slowly pull the zipper down the back of her dress. Her right hand leisurely peeled the dress off her left shoulder, using her right arm to hold the bodice from falling. With her left, she mirrored the process, slowly pulling the sleeve off her right arm while holding the bodice with her left arm. Her left hand still holding the right side of the bodice, Kandi took hold of the upper left side with her right hand. She paused for effect to build anticipation, the silken bra straps caressing her shoulders being evidence of the finery that lies just below.

Slowly, Kandi lowered the bodice to her waist, revealing the deep plunge pushup bra with sheer lace cups that clearly exposed her stiff swollen nipples and dark areolas. The dress now held up solely by the belt, she lowered her face and diverted her attention to her bust while she ran her hands from the bottom of the bra to the outside of each cup, squeezing slightly to make her cleavage more prominent. From the top of her eyes Kandi again commanded her boss’s attention with a look of lust. She was sure she heard him moan approvingly.

She used her hands to loosen the dress belt and slowly worked the dress over her hips and down her thighs, finally letting it fall in a heap around her ankles. She looked down just long enough to lift one foot and scoot the crumbled dress to the side before affixing her gaze again on her enchanted boss. With one hip thrust to the side, she captured her left elbow in her right hand while reaching up with her left to play with a lock of her golden tresses. And for the coup de grace, she lightly bit the corner of her lower lip.

Kandi’s boss had sat silently enjoying the show, appreciating the magnificent beauty that evolved before him. He admired the bra she had chosen for the day, and the matching garter belt of black lace with little satin bows at the top of each strap. The straps were connected to silk stockings, and over the straps she had pulled up small black satin panties with lace trim and a small lime green satin bow to accent the front. He felt his cock twitch and stiffen just from the sight of this adorable creature before him. A lovely being that screamed sex. He knew from experience she was wet right now. Was it just his imagination, or could he actually smell her excitement?

“Very, very nice, Ms. Taylor. I particularly appreciate that you don’t just adhere to the minimum corporate standards, but go above and beyond when putting together your ensembles. For instance, the policy is to always wear nylons, but unlike the other girls that normally wear pantyhose, you seem to always choose stockings. And those girls that do wear stockings, usually wear the elastic top stay-ups, but you choose to use a garter belt. It really sets you apart from the others, young lady, and it’s noted. Now, let’s see the back.”

Without moving her feet Kandi simply picked up her heels and spun around on the balls of her feet so her backside was now facing her boss. She looked over her shoulder with a sultry smile and moved her hands to the bottom of each butt cheek, ever so lightly Escort Tokat lifting each side and framing her derriere.

“You have a beautiful ass, Ms. Taylor. I really like the cut of those panties, how they decorate your cheeks.”

“They’re called Tanga cut, sir. I prefer these now because I think they’re more comfortable than a thong.”

“I like ’em. They look better than a thong, I think. Like I said, they decorate your ass, they don’t just expose it.”

Kandi was beaming a brilliant smile from the complimentary remarks for her boss, and getting wetter by the moment. She loved meeting his approval and worked hard not to disappoint him. She practiced all these stances, movements and outfits at home-among other things to her husband’s delight-so she would be perfect when afforded the opportunity to meet with her boss.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked.

“Oh, I appreciate the offer, sir, but no thank you.”

“Well, I hope you don’t mind if I have one. You’ll find a carafe of Chianti on the bar over there. Would you mind pouring me a glass?”

“I’d be happy to, sir.” She welcomed the opportunity to allow him to watch her ass as it swayed melodiously with her memorizing fluid gait. She knew he was watching, and it made her even wetter knowing he was admiring her wonderfully round ass sway back and forth with each step. After pouring the glass of wine, she turned and walked back to his desk, this time accentuating her breasts as they jiggled slightly with every step. Her walk was lascivious, erotic, pure sex in motion. She was enthralled with her boss’s eyes riveted to her body as she moved ever closer toward him.

Kandi carried the glass to the rear of the desk where her boss sat. She stopped to the left, next to his chair, and sat the glass on an ivory coaster sitting on the desk. She turned to face him as he sat in his chair, one hand on her hip, the other on the top of the back of his chair. He realized now it was not his imagination, he actually could smell her fragrant excitement. He reached out and slid a hand up her leg, across her hip, and onto her ass cheek that he squeezed slightly, eliciting a purr from her. She looked down at his feet and noticed the cushion laying on the floor. She looked back to him and smiled excitedly.

He returned the smile and said, “Shall we begin the performance portion of the evaluation, then?”

Kandi moved between his legs and took her place on the kneeler cushion before the altar she has paid homage to so many times before. She looked up at him with an expression of joy and excitement, like a child about to unwrap a package they already knew holds their favorite gift. Running her hands up his thighs, Kandi smiled up at him and cooed when she felt the lump laying along his inner left thigh, absentmindedly biting her lower lip. She deftly unfastened his belt, unhooked the waistband of his dress slacks, and slowly pulled the zipper down. Splaying open his pants she traced her fingers along the obvious bulge in his boxer briefs, giving a quick giggle when it twitched. Gingerly reaching through the fly, Kandi extracted her boss’s semi-hard cock and tenderly massaged its length with both hands.

She loved the feel of his cock as it hardened to her touch. She particularly liked how it was rigid, yet felt soft to the touch, the skin so smooth and velvety without a lot of large bulgy veins running along its length. She definitely preferred the smooth look and feel; save that other stuff for fake dicks. She worked her hands up and down his shaft until his 8 inches was fully erect. Again, she took a moment to just admire how beautiful she felt his erection was. Perfectly proportioned, she always thought, perfectly shaped head just the right size for the length and adequate shaft girth. She thought it was the prettiest penis she’d ever seen. Not that she believed her husband’s cock was not gorgeous. It was maybe an inch shorter than her boss’s, but at least an inch or two more around. Both were wonderful and provided her with immeasurable pleasure.

Kandi worked the erection until a small pearl of pre-cum developed at the tip. She stopped with both hands just below the rim of the soft crown and lowered her face to the engorged head of his cock. She laid her tongue flat against the crown and licked the pearl drop up and away. She moaned quietly as she savored his taste. “Fuck, you taste so good, sir.” She placed her pursed lips against the tip with a lingering kiss, and then very slowly allowed the head to part her lips as she slid around and over the glans until they closed around the shaft.

Her tongue swirled around the rim of the swollen cockhead, dancing across the frenulum while she slowly stroked and massaged the very bottom of his shaft, the other hand lightly raking her nails along his thigh. She had earlier discovered her husband loved having her concentrate on just his cockhead, so she used it on her boss and found he, too, greatly enjoyed the technique. Likewise, she had learned from her boss how much he enjoyed the lower shaft being massaged and squeezed, so she took that home and tried it on her husband and found he loved it, as well. She thought it wonderful and had a particular sense of pride the two men benefited from one another as she pleasured them separately.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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