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AUTHOR NOTE: This scene is based on characters used in my novel, Dreams Eclipsed. This scene is NOT in the published book, but rather was taken out in one of the early drafts. I hope you enjoy visiting with Janet, Archer and Liam as they get to know each other…

The chair on the deck was really more of a padded oval bench with a back that extended three quarters of the way around the circumference. Janet curled up in the middle of it and stared out at the green hillsides. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks provided a comforting acknowledgement that the world continued on its axis even though she felt trapped out of time.

She was just about to call out to see if the men needed her help clearing the dishes after all when they appeared before her bearing blankets and pillows to make their outdoor nest more comfortable.

“I missed you,” she said, mildly surprised to find she meant both of them. Liam with his blue eyes and neatly trimmed blonde hair, and his body that was as finely crafted as his mind. And Archer, dark eyed, dark haired rebel with a cause who could make her wet just by breathing.

Archer snuggled in on her left and gave her a hug. “Same here.”

Liam joined them, stretching out on her right. Both men curved toward her, her legs rested over Liam’s, but her shoulders were tucked into the curve of Archer’s arm. She became aroused the idea of intimately touching them out in the open, without anyone else being able to see.

“This is perfect,” she told them. “Just what I had in mind.”

“So are you,” Archer said, using his free hand to brush against her cheek. His hand continued down the side of her neck, but trailed off before it drifted any further than her collar bone.

Liam’s hand right rested on her thigh. His thumb moved in circles over the sheer material. The other hand propped up his head so that he could look at her. Her butt was snuggled against his lap where his shaft occasionally throbbed to let her know he was warming up to her as she was to him. Janet guided Liam’s head onto her stomach where she could run her fingers over the short, soft hair, or trace the curve of his ear.

Archer kissed her temple. She reached up with her left arm, wanting to compare the different texture of his thick hair to Liam’s short blond cut. She didn’t get that far. He captured her fingers in his hand and brought them to his lips. With the very tip of his tongue, he licked the webbing in between.

“We’re really going to do this, aren’t we?” she asked, her voice filled with wonder.

“Do what?” Liam asked. He placed a kiss on her stomach, then nuzzled against it.

“Have sex.”

Although she hadn’t mean it to be funny, Archer chuckled. “I certainly hope so.”

He nipped at the base of her thumb, then sampled the sensitive skin across her inner wrist with a flick of his thumb. Wetness seeped into her panties, a physical indication of just how much these two men were arousing her. Before they moved her beyond speech, she tried once more to get her point across.

“I mean the three of us are going to have sex. Together.”

Liam dipped his tongue into her belly button. Despite the thin fabric, Janet could feel the dampness on her skin. She sucked air in through her teeth as her body tightened with pleasure.

“Does that bother you?” he asked her.

“No, it Beylikdüzü escort excites me,” she admitted. “I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“I have to say it isn’t exactly what I anticipated happening either. Now it seems like the natural thing to do.” Archer lowered her arm to his chest. He skimmed over to where the edge of her robe overlapped and drew it aside. One finger toyed with the strap.

“Stop me if I do something you don’t like,” she begged them.

“Tell us if there’s something you’d like that we aren’t doing,” Liam countered.

Janet rolled on her side to get better access to Archer’s chest. Her fingers pushed up the edge of the sweater to expose more skin to her exploring tongue. When it threatened to choke him, he tugged it off and tossed it out her way.

“Oh, my.” Her earlier foray across his abdomen had garnered pitifully incomplete information. Archer was ripped.

Janet licked Archer’s exposed nipple with one broad, all-encompassing stroke. “What does that feel like?”

Archer made a rough sound. “Besides the obvious?”

“Well, yeah,” she said, then grinned wickedly before she did it again.

“I guess I’d have to say it’s like taking the first gulp of a icy cold beer on a really hot day. It gets your juices flowing.”

Janet laughed and swatted his belly with her hand. “You’re such a guy.”

“You did ask.”

She smiled at his disgruntled voice and kissed his puckered nipple one more time. “What about you, Liam?”

“Until it happens, I can’t say.”

Janet rolled onto her back. “Let me see what I can do to arrange that.”

He inched up enough for her to reach him comfortably. Archer kept himself busy by sliding his hands up and down her side while she dealt with the Liam’s sweater. Soon it too was discarded. Janet noticed his chest had more hair than Archer, but his nipples were already raised, as if eager for her tongue. Slowly she teased the hard nub with the very tip of her tongue.

“Tell me,” she demanded softly. “Tell me how it feels.”

Liam’s breath hitched as she bathed his nipple a second time. “I’d say Archer had it about right.”

She retreated by pressing herself deeper into the chair, avoiding both of them. “Men!”

In tandem, they bracketed her body from shoulder to ankle. Their free hands landed on her stomach, their lips on her throat.

“You wouldn’t have us any other way,” Archer said confidently as he nibbled the sensitive skin below her ear.

He took her earlobe between his teeth and bit down on it. Pleasure shot straight to her clit, as if zapped by electricity. Her hips shifted in search of more enjoyable sensations but encountered only air. Liam’s palm drifted down her belly to rest just above the panty line. He exerted a gentle pressure for her to push against but it increased her need, not eased it.

The men left her neck, slowly moving lower. Her bra got in the way, but it didn’t lessen the impact when their wet tongues swirled around her budded breasts.

“Now it’s your turn,” Archer whispered.

“Tell us how it feels,” Liam prompted her.

Her breath caught in her throat when their tandem touch caused her vaginal muscles to clench. She ached to feel their lips on her with no barriers. “That thing of Archer’s works for me.”

Both men chuckled at her teasing. Liam’s fingers manipulated Beylikdüzü escort the bra’s front closure. Unease with how they might react to her small breasts once they were exposed shook her out of her sexual trance.

She put her hand over Liam’s to still it. “No, not yet.”

“I want to see you,” Archer said, nuzzling her breast.

“I want to taste you,” Liam added.

Didn’t they understand? She wanted this intense, sexual feeling to go on forever. But once they knew how small she was without the underwire enhancement, they’d no longer linger. They’d move on to slaking their own need with the one part of her body that couldn’t disappoint them. She didn’t think she could stand it if these two men rejected her that way.

“We’ll like what we see. Trust us.”

Had Archer read her mind? How could he have known what she was thinking?

But the promise in his words weakened her, and she dropped her guard. With a twist of Liam’s fingers, the clasp opened, exposing her breasts to the world. There was a heart stopping moment of silence before dual murmurs of appreciation reached her ears.

They went back to sucking and suckling, nipping and licking, with even greater enthusiasm than before. She hadn’t disappointed them.

That knowledge made her head swim. She tucked an arm around each of them, sometimes rubbing their necks, sometimes stroking their bare backs and sometimes just holding on as they made her dizzy with desire. In no time at all, they’d driving her to that high, tense place where release became possible.

Honeyed wetness seeped from her core. She tried to spread her legs, but solid muscle closed her in. She continued to wiggle her hips, praying that one of them would take her hint and end this slow torture. But both men were intent on paying homage to her breasts, leaving her to writhe in frustration.

“More. I want more.”

Had they merely been waiting for her command? Janet didn’t know. Couldn’t think that deeply. Regardless, her request set their hands in motion, skimming her body until they reached her hips. The sheer dressing gown ripped under their combined pressure until no part of her clothing remained except for a thin scrap covering her sex.

Their active fingers darted around the edges, making quick forays into her tangle of wet curls. “Yes, yes,” she urged them on. She wanted to feel those fingers dive deep inside her.

But the men had other plans. They inserted their hands between her legs and drew them apart. The first rush of cool air to swim up and over her exposed slit had her shuddering with pleasure. Their thighs closed on hers, trapping them open, and their fingers went back to their game of playing hide and seek at the lace edges of her panties.

“Damn you both,” she cursed them.

Their muffled laughter indicated they’d heard, but they didn’t immediately rush to sate her aching body. They hooked their hands high and tight around the inside of her thigh and guided her into a bucking rhythm. She ground her hips against the open air, against her own need.

The motion caused their shafts to harden to impressive lengths as they rode the outside of her thighs. She felt guilty for being so passive and just taking what they offered without making any attempt to pay them back. She tried to sneak her hands into their pants to give them a little taste of Escort Beylikdüzü their own medicine, but the space was too tight to reach that far.

“Don’t worry about us,” Liam said. “Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

The building, demanding urge to reach orgasm spilled more honey-thick wetness over their fingers. Janet’s mind raced forward in time to when their cocks would be set free for her to fondle. If she closed her eyes, she could see how their erections would look in her hands, how they would pulse with life, how they would respond to her touch…

She teetered on the edge of release. It was right in front of her. One tiny push in the right spot would send her over the edge.

“Come for me, Janet,” Liam ordered. “Tell us how good it feels.”

Her jaw moved, but the only sound she could make was the harsh passage of air through her lungs.

“Louder, Janet. I want to hear you.”

And she wanted to hear them. Knowing that she triggered their pleasure increased her own. They wouldn’t let her do anything about that — a fact that would worry her at any other time — but she wished she didn’t have to take the leap into the black void alone. Was simultaneous orgasm just another urban legend or could such really happen in this land of obtainable dreams?

“I want to come. Please, please, make me come.” The words came out in a rush. And then her voice rose from a hum to a crystal shattering wail as Archer applied light pressure to her ripe clit.

She bore down on it, as wave after wave of muscle contractions whipped through her body. Liam kissed her, no longer with driving intensity but as a sweet reward for doing what he asked of her so well.

The bone-crushing release left her without any defenses at all, not even against her own mind. And as the shudders of pleasure eased, they turned into shudders of another kind. This was happening too fast. She didn’t want it to end now. Hell, they weren’t even totally naked yet. And by being so needy, so greedy, she’d ruined it for all of them.

“Hey, hey, what’s this?” Liam said, catching a tear with his finger.

“I couldn’t wait any more.”

Liam brought her head down to rest against his chest and stroked her hair. “That’s a good thing, right?”

Good? More like exceptional. “It was wonderful. Better than I ever imagined, but now it’s over.”

Archer mumbled from where his face was still nuzzling her breast, “Over? You mean you don’t want to do that penis thing?”

The shocking question was enough to stop her in mid sob. The tears flowed once more as she put her feelings into words. “I do, but…”

“You think that’s all you get? One shot?” Liam asked her.

She nodded, rubbing her head against Liam’s bare chest. It would be too much to expect them to take her on this kind of wild ride again. She’d been given a precious gift she’d always cherish. She had no right to pester them for more.

Liam brought her head up with a finger under her chin. “You’re selling us short, and yourself as well. Having sex with you is not a hardship. I promise you’ll tire of me long before I call it quits. But perhaps you should ask Archer how he feels.”

Archer adjusted his position so he could bury his face in her hair and snuggled her tighter against him. “If you think I’m ready to let you go,” he said, arching into her so that his erection flexed against her hip, “you’ve got more thinking to do.”

“All you have to do is tell us when,” Liam added.

Janet snuggled down between them, content with the knowledge that this wasn’t an end at all. They were just getting started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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