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Tommy watched with aching adoration as the taut, luscious globes of Julia’s ass swayed by in her skin-tight yoga pants. The pants were nearly translucent. The two were classmates in nursing school, and members of the same commercial gym nearby. Tommy would occasionally glance self-consciously through the glass doors where Julia participated in yoga sessions. Downward facing dog created such a heart-wrenching sight of supple female thigh, cleft, and ass that he felt dazed for hours each time he witnessed it.

Julia was a gorgeous, willowy five feet and eleven inches with green-blue eyes and unbelievable locks of curly, auburn hair. Her hair was a veritable mane, and those eyes always seemed full of mischief and snarky knowledge.

Today, Tommy was overcome as he saw the show through the glass of the yoga studio. On the treadmill, he felt his cock swell unprecedentedly, threatening to betray his fixation while still at exercise. He slipped discreetly into one of the single-person restrooms and pulled the door shut. He stripped his shorts to his ankles, perched on the porcelain throne, threw his head back, and proceeded to wank at a manic pace, Julia’s prone, nubile body gleaming in his mind’s eye.

His reverie was broken, suddenly and ineluctably, as the unisex door swung open. Julia stood there, eyes widening as she beheld his naked manhood. There was no chance of denial. Tommy gaped at her, expecting a deflation downstairs. To the contrary, his shaft swelled even wider and tighter with need.

To his enduring astonishment, Julia smirked, stepping into the bathroom and rotating the deadbolt latch closed. “Door handle’s broken, silly. Whatcha doin’ in here? Thinking about anything in particular? Anyone?” She arched a single crimson eyebrow skyward.

Tom’s Adam’s apple bobbed furiously. His eyes swept over the vision in front of him, head to foot, every inch of her taut and perfect. Her sports bra swept her D cup breasts enticingly up, and displayed the Amazonian line of her deltoids and collarbone. Her waist narrowed aggressively, tapering with her flat, exposed midriff to a sweeping set of hips. Tommy was mesmerized. A glistening, fine sheen of sweat coated Julia’s exposed skin. He felt his mouth begin to water.

Incredibly, his hand seemed to be starting up again, sliding the sheath of skin up and down his erection. Julia laughed aloud.

“Oh no you don’t! Hands off, mister.” Tommy froze, glancing self-consciously from his swollen head to Julia’s heaving breasts, up to her eyes, and down again. He stuttered, hoping his brain would offer up some last ditch excuse. There was nothing.

Julia’s eyes narrowed even as she grinned. “I saw you, you know. Staring from behind me. Right at me. There’s a mirror at the front of the yoga class. I wasn’t sure at first, but a lady knows after three consecutive sessions with the same boy looking at the same place. Like I said, see sakarya escort anything you like?” She stretched languidly, arching her back and pushing the swell of her breasts upwards and outwards. Tommy stared, nonplussed.

“I’m definitely not going to stand here and watch you masturbate your little penis. I’m a nurse in training. I’m going to use this as an opportunity, hands on practical exam. Urology, DRE, refractory index. I’ll give you some visual stimulus to prep. That’s a perk, for being my little Guinea piggy.”

With that, she put her left hand into the waistband of her yoga pants, pulling down the elastic and baring a single, curving, lightly freckled hip. A rich purple thong ran across the hip, disappearing in front and behind. Tommy’s dick swelled further.

Smirking, Julia spun around and bent at the waist, keeping her lower back tantalizingly arched and presenting upturned glutes to the stupified Tommy. “Go ahead, boy. Stare at my ass. Perfect, right?”

It was. Heart-shaped, pale, lightly freckled, and divided by the lacy, purple gossamer thong. The swell and mound of her pussy lips made the flimsy material flare outwards below the slight strip hiding her rosebud. He could see damp spots of her fragrant sweat staining the fabric. As he watched, a single bead of sweat trickled out from under the material and down her left inner thigh.

Julia looked back at him knowingly. “I think I’ve got you. Now then, normally this procedure would be done with medical lubricant. I don’t have any with me, but I do have some makeup remover. Albolene. Mineral oil, basically. It’s supposed to be the best lube there is for little masturbators like yourself. Lean over the toilet, Tommy. Elbows on the tank. Do as your nurse says. Time for your procedure. You’ll be milked and collected. You may even enjoy this.”

Tommy heard the unsnapping of the Albolene tube as he bent falteringly but obediently over the toilet tank. His penis and testicles dangled obscenely over the clear bowl of water.

“We don’t have a specimen jar today either, Tom-Tom. But that’s all right. We’ll just say the porcelain bowl is our collection vessel. Today’s just practice, after all. Besides, milking your sample into the water will let me see every drop of seminal fluid I express. I’ve been looking forward to trying this ever since the DRE lecture in urology.” She smiled devilishly, smearing the coagulated mineral oil over her left palm and right fingers. Deftly, casually, she massaged Tommy’s anus with the pads of her index and middle finger. His sphincter twitched, contracting rhythmically from the tease and thrill of her digits’ feathery caress. Then, she pushed them inside.

Tommy emitted a strangled cry. His cock was positively leaking now, but Julia began to swat it with the back of her left hand and it deflated. ” I don’t want any little accidents trickling samsun escort out of that prick, Tommy,” she chided coolly. “It’s much better to allow the prostate to fully distend before secretion. You see, the prostate is basically the seminal bladder. Boys talk about ’emptying their balls’, but it’s actually the prostate that fills and needs expressing.” She began kneading his sweet spot for emphasis. He gasped, groaned, leaked. She giggled and did it again. Translucent strands of pre began oozing from the slit of his head, dripping down into the water.

“Is it embarrassing, Tommy? Getting milked by a pretty girl? I bet you’d like to violate me, huh? Were you daydreaming about pumping that man jam into my little cunt, and shooting all your little swimmers inside? Not a chance. You’re just disgusting, Tommy. No way I’d let some boy make me a slut or put a gooey mess in my tummy.”

Julia pressed harder into his prostate, twisting and bearing down with both fingers. She grinned cruelly at the choked cry he emitted in response. There was an audible splash as more semen filled the bowl. She gripped the flare of his glans and twisted relentlessly, coaxing drop after drop of precum and ejaculate from the shaft. The glans swelled again, purple, angry, and leaking. This time, she didn’t let up the pressure or the inexorable grip to give it a chance to deflate.

“Your milking is proceeding quite nicely, boy. There’s a nice little pile of boy goo here in my bowl. Ooey gooey sticky sperm swimming around in that prostatic fluid of yours. Your prostate was really quite distended! Look back here. You’re gonna need some more help to keep going.” Tommy shakily turned his head over his shoulder. Julia let go of his aching cock for a moment and pulled her yoga pants down in front. Her trimmed, scarlet bush showed through her lacy pair of deep purple panties. The flimsy material swept precipitously up her hips. The sight made his mouth water.

“Look at my little pussy in my panties. Looks nice, huh? I bet it makes you want to squirt and spurt and spit some more boy goo for me, huh?” She chuckled and started rubbing his prostate in slow circles.

“I’ve been doing some reading online, Tommy. It turns out that lots of masturbators like yourself respond to dirty language. And humiliation. It turns out that some of you get off on slang words for semen. Others like the medical jargon. Which kind are you?”

She squeezed his glans for emphasis. He couldn’t take it, her steely fingers had pushed him ever the edge. He let out a piteous moan as he began to ejaculate in earnest. Julia tsked, gripping her hand tightly around his corona but ceasing her stroking. She continued to probe his prostate as he squirted, and a flushed, burning sensation began and spread all the way down to his slit.

“Premature ejaculation, Tommy. A premature gooey mess. Just imagine if you şanlıurfa escort had shot that wad of goo in me. Ugh!” She began to shake his cock, still gripping tightly. Flecks of sperm flew from the head as she continued the anal intrusion.

“We’re not done, Tommy. I’m gonna get every last drop. Every last speck. You won’t be inseminating any girls on my watch”. She dug into his prostate more deeply for emphasis, eliciting another drop of pearlescent ooze. “This gun is gonna be unloaded more thoroughly than it ever has before. No Tommy seed left behind.”

Tommy was sobbing now, flailing from overstimulation. Julia seized his delicate, swollen testes and hefted them in her grip. There was no pain, but his heart leapt into his throat nonetheless. The message was unspoken, crystal clear. There would be no escape.

“So which type are you, boy? Dirty, or clinical?” Julia resumed sliding the skin back and forth over Tommy’s corona. His breathing caught before settling into deep, shuddering tandem. “Do you prefer a fiery domme milking your creamy spunk out? Or a detached physician expressing a seminal sample?”

He shook his head, bewildered. Nobody had ever spoken to him with such an overwhelming concentration of power.

“I must say, Tommy, it does something for me to play it cool and detached. I like the idea of your body betraying you, swelling like a log for what should be a thoroughly impersonal and routine exam. A bored, disinterested Doctor expressing semen from her perverted patient. And you managing to get off on it anyway!” She sighed with irony.

“Well, come on then. One last gooey mess. Squirt all that pecker snot into the bowl. I’m gonna make your little glansie cry and sneeze and spit up!”

She meant it. Julia was twisting his head ruthlessly, and massaging both lobes of his prostate. He could feel himself beginning to tip over the edge again, and whimpered in anticipation. “Good boy. Make cummy spurts for Julia. Spray that creamy goo.”

Tommy’s tortured cock obliged, spitting the final gobs of his wad into the now milky and translucent water. Julia worked him through the orgasm, playing both ends of him in tandem and pushing every inkling of fluid from his gland. He shuddered and sputtered, wracked with sweet agony as his body gave up everything to her. His convulsing prick spat again and again, desperately unloading the pearls of seed that Julia had worked up so expertly.

Julia leaned down and expected the contents of the bowl. “Really not bad, Tommy boy. You let down quite a spot of milk. I’ll take more later, too. I need the practice, and you need the draining. You aren’t to touch that little dicklette any more, sweetie. Wait for Nurse Julia to spill all your gravy from the gland. I’ll know if you run off and masturbate. Your prostate won’t be bulbous like it was today. And then you’ll really be in for it!”

She swabbed a dab of sticky, salty jism from his slit, prompting a final groan. She sucked it coquettishly from her fingertip. Her eyes rolled back in her head. “Really not bad at all. I’ll see you soon, boy. Don’t get comfortable.”

With that, she glided out of the bathroom, leaving Tommy to dispose of the evidence of her insatiable touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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