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I have done a few 3somes with couples on my own with out my wife. The first time was a few years ago with a couple that I had met on line and had been chatting with for quite some time. They were from CA and were coming to Chicago to visit relatives a few summers back so it would be a good time for us to get to meet.

When they came to town we were able to get together at a bar in Naperville to meet in a public place and see if we really did click together and see if they were serious about going forward. They were new to this and had never had any experience other than fantasizing about it together and chatting with people online about what they would like to do some day. At this point I had done a few 3somes with my wife and others so I had done the MMF thing before but had never been on my own with another couple so I was nervous going to the meeting too.

When I got there I found them sitting at the bar. I found that they had not been sending fake pictures and that they looked like they had described (which was not all that surprising since they never claimed to be models or anything.) It was obvious that we were all nervous early on as the conversation was somewhat uneasy and awkward. I wasn’t sure if this was going to go forward because I didn’t think they would be able to overcome their nerves but I stuck it out and just kept the conversation light.

As we continued to talk and have a few drinks they started to loosen up. I think they found that I was just a normal person and that I wasn’t going to be some kind of a psycho so they were getting comfortable with me. After a couple of hours at the bar the wife of the couple suggested that we should head back to their hotel room. I told them that I was game for whatever they were comfortable with and they said they were ready to head out.

I followed them to their hotel and went up to their room with them. Once in their room the wife excused herself in to the bathroom and the husband and I were left in the room to talk. When she went in to the bathroom I asked him if he was ready for this and he said he was but that he was pretty nervous. I told him not to worry and that to make sure he communicated whatever he was feeling to his wife. If he got uncomfortable at any time let me know and we would stop. I told him that if he wanted me to stop he should just ask me what the score of the baseball game was and I would know that code meant that he was uncomfortable and wanted to stop.

Once we got that out of the way he asked how we should get started. What should we do to break the ice. Their room was a large room that had a large hottub in it so I told him to get the hottub going and we should all get in that together. At this time his wife came out of the bathroom in just her robe. He told her the idea of getting in the hottub together and she said that was a good idea and that he should get it going.

As he went to get the hottub going she approached me and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. It wasn’t a huge long kiss but it was a nice way to start and I was glad that she was the one to make the first move and make first contact. It took about 5 or 10 minutes to get the hottub filled up and during that time she and I were sitting on the bed next to each other chatting and touching a bit. She had her hand on my thigh and was running it up and down my leg and I had my hand on her knee but was just feeling her leg a bit. After about 10min her hubby said that the hottub was ready and that we should get in.

She got right up off the bed and headed for the hottub. As she did she dropped her robe and revealed that she was not wearing anything under her robe. She was walking away from me as she headed to the hottub so I only got a view of her ass at this point but it was really a turn on that this woman was now naked in the tub with her hubby and I getting ready to follow her in.

When we saw her do that, he and I were out of our clothes in no time. I was half hard at this time and he was already fully erect when he got out of his clothes. A bit about them, they were Beylikdüzü escort both in their early 40s so they were about 10yrs older than me at this point. They were not models by any means but they certainly weren’t bad either. They were just like any regular 40 something couple you might see at the grocery store on any given day. She was about 5’5 and maybe 140 or 150 or so..she was a 40 something mom so she didn’t have a 20 year olds body but it still looked great. Big tits with very large, dark nipples. Her aerola looked like the size of silver dollars. I had never seen any like that before and I was fascinated. He was about my height and weight with thinning brown hair and brown eyes. His body type was pretty similar to me including his cock which looked a lot like mine.

So here we are all 3 in the hottub now and all 3 naked. I got in and sat down across from her and he got in and sat down to my right and her left. After I sat down she came across the water towards me and we started kissing and feeling each other. As soon as we started kissing I felt her hands all over my cock and balls feeling me with her hands. I had my hands on her ass as we kissed and would periodically move one of my hands up to feel her tits as we continued to kiss.

Her husband was watching this intently and I was watching him to see how he was going to react. Many people think they can handle a 3 some but you never really know until you actually get in one if you can handle it or not. I didn’t want this to go badly so I was watching him for signs that he might be getting upset.

She and I continued to kiss and feel each other and I could see her hubbys arm moving in the water in the way that I knew meant that he was playing with his cock as he watched us. He was obviously enjoying what he was seeing. After a few minutes of this I broke my kiss with her and suggested to her that she go and do the same to her hubby which she then did. As she moved over to him I follwed her over across the tub and was behind her kissing her back and feeling her butt as she and her hubby kissed and felt each other. At this point I got my first opportunity to put my hand between her legs and get my first feel of her pussy. When I did that she let out an audible moan as she was kissing her husband and I could tell that she really was turned on by the first feeling of another man on her pussy.

She lifted her hips up out of the water a bit more and fully exposed the rest of her butt which also brought her pussy in to full view. I really love the view of a woman from behind like that. I love looking at pussy from behind and I really love ass. One of my fetishes in fact is a womans asshole so the view she was giving me was really turning me on. She had very prominent pussy lips which is a big turn on for me since my wife does not have large lips. I really liked seeing the difference on this woman.

When she lifted up out of the water I was immediately behind her kissing and licking her ass and pussy from behind. When my tongue hit her asshole and then her pussy she really let out an even louder moan and I heard her whisper to her hubby that I had just licked her pussy. At that point he asked me what I thought about it and I told him that I thought his wifes ass and pussy were beautiful and that they tasted as good as they looked.

Her hubby then got up and sat on the edge of the hottub in front of her. He was ready for her to start sucking his cock which I could see at this point was pointing straight up in the air and was very hard. She knew just what he wanted and she bent forward a bit and took him in to her mouth. After just a few seconds of this though she stopped and said she had an idea. She told her hubby to stand up and move to the middle of the tub and she had me stand next to him. She got in front of us then and said she wanted to do a comparison of him and I and to suck us both at the same time.

I was standing on her right and him on her left and we were standing right next to each other with our legs touching. we turned our hips in towards her so both Beylikdüzü escort our cocks were presented to her just in front of her face. She took us in one hand each and started to feel us and really take a good look at us doing a very nice comparison. She put our heads right together and used the precum that I was dripping to rub our heads together. As she was doing this she would take one of us in her mouth and then the other. At one point then she had our cocks right together and she put us both in her mouth at the same time. I had not had that done before and it was pretty hot seeing her doing this. I asked her husband if he was doing ok and he said he was loving it.

She did the double bj for a few minutes and I could tell from how her hubby’s breathing was changing that she was starting to get him close. As soon as that thought hit my head he said he needed her to stop or he would cum and he didn’t want to cum yet (the bj’s that I had given up to this point have taught me when a guy is getting close 🙂 )

I suggested that we get out and dry off now and move to the bed and they both agreed. We got out of the tub and dried off and made out way to the bed. I got on the bed first and was laying on my back on the bed. Her hubby at this point said he would like to watch us for a while so his wife joined me on the bed and he sat next to the bed to watch us. She got next to me and her tits were rubbing on to my chest and we started kissing. She had a hand between my legs feeling and holding my balls and playing with my cock as we kissed. I told her then that I wanted to 69 with her and told her to get on top of me. She got up and swung herself around and straddled her legs over my face and presented her pussy just over my face. Her lips were very swollen and were glistening with her wetness. She was soaking wet and very obviously turned on.

At this time she took my cock in to her mouth and she had a hand wrapped around the base of my shaft with the bottom of her hand resting on the top of my balls. She was a pretty good cock sucker. I was really enoying the blow job that she was giving me and I was loving having her pussy and ass in my face even more. She was obviously loving it too because at this point I got her to her first orgasm. I had my hands on both cheeks of her ass holding her wide open and had my mouth fully covering the opening of her pussy while my tounge flicked out across her clit. I could feel her tense up as her orgasm approached and then could feel and see her pussy and asshole contract as her orgasm hit.

She stopped sucking my cock when her orgasm started and she was very vocal. I flicked her clit a few times early in her orgasm and then stopped touching her clit and just left my mouth covering her pussy as she recovered from her orgasm. Once she recovered I rolled her off me on to her back on the bed. I turned her so that her feet were facing towards her hubby and I positioned myself on top of her and got ready to slide in to her pussy. The way I positioned her gave her hubby a view between our legs and should give him a view of his wifes pussy getting pumped with her first new cock.

I took hold of my cock and rubbed my head between her lips to get my head wet. She was so wet that it wasn’t hard at all to get my cock in to her. Once I rubbed my head up and down between her lips a couple of times I had my head right at the opening of her pussy and I popped it in. She took a deep breath when I entered her and she announced to her hubby that I was in her. Her hubby said then that there was no need for her to tell him because he had a great view of it lol.

I slid in all the way up to my balls and my balls were resting on her asshole. I held there for a brief pause and then started to slowly slide in and out of her. My balls were very loose from being in the hottub so they were hanging and swinging very nicely and slapping her ass each time I would pump in to her. I took her legs then and put them up on my shoulders which helped me get even deeper in to her pussy and gave her hubby an even better view. It Escort Beylikdüzü didn’t take long to get her to another orgasm. After pumping her pussy for a bit she announced very loudly to me and her hubby that she was going to cum and I kept up my pace and put her over the edge. She had a very loud screaming orgasm which soaked my balls.

At this point I needed to take a break because I was getting that familiar twinge in my balls that let me know I was getting close. After her orgasm finished I pulled out and looked over to her hubby and told him it was his turn. He told me then that it was hot how shiny my cock was because he knew that was his wifes pussy all over my cock. I told him that she was very wet and that he should enjoy the feeling when he gets in her.

As he got on the bed his wife asked him how he wanted to do it. I answered for him and suggested that she get on top of him. He got on his back on the bed then and she straddled him while facing him and positioned her pussy over his cock. His cock was laying flat agains him and she lowered down and was rubbing her pussy lips up and down the length of his cock enjoying the feeling. I was next to them on the bed more toward their feet which meant that I was right next to their hip level with a ring side seat of them getting ready to fuck.

As she got ready to position his cock to slide it in her, I reached between his legs and took hold of his cock and helped guide it in to her pussy. They both loved this and it really turned them both on that I had helped put him in her pussy. From their reaction to that I knew that now pretty much anything was going to be game so as they started to fuck I started to play with his balls and her ass as she rode up and down his cock. While they fucked I got more between their legs and started to lick them both. I started with her asshole which drove her wild. Then I took hold of the base of his cock and took him out of her pussy and gave it a few sucks. I would suck him a bit and then put him back in her pussy for her to use her pussy on him. When he was back in her pussy I would tongue her ass and his balls as they fucked.

I alternated between sucking his cock and licking her ass and his balls while they continued to fuck. I could tell that he was getting close to cumming and judging from the sounds she was making she was well on her way to another orgasm as well. I took him out and sucked him one more time and I knew that he would not make it through one more turn in her pussy. I knew he was right on the edge in my mouth and I didn’t want to be the one to put him over the top so I put him back in her pussy. When he slid back in and her lips wrapped around his cock he let us both know that he was close to cumming and she sped up her pace and said she was close too.

She was going at a furious pace now so I couldn’t really get between them to lick either of them so I just held his balls in my hand as they fucked and were both about to cum. He announced then that he was going to cum and she said the same thing just after he did. He let out a loud yesssss when his orgasm started and I could feel his asshole contracting with each of his orgasm contractions. When his first cumspurt shot in her pussy that put her over the edge and she started another orgasm and they were now both cumming at the same time. She stayed on top of him with his cock in her as they were cathing their breath until his cock softened and fell out of her pussy on its own.

When his cock withdrew from her pussy some of his cum followed and I got a great view of her well fucked pussy. I really needed to cum at this point so I told them both not to move and I got between their legs behind her and started to fuck her doggy style while she layed on top of him.

I had already been close to cumming earlier and had been turned on for a long time now and I really love fucking a pussy that is full of another mans cum so it didn’t take long for me to shoot my own cum. As I approached my own orgasm I let them know that I was getting close and asked them where I should do it. Her hubby is the one who answered and he told me to add mine to his. Once he said that I lost it and I pumped my cock as deep as I could get in her pussy and I shot my load. When I withdrew his and my cum ran out of her all over him laying beneath us which he said was really hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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