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Anal Drill

It had been a few years past Johnny and Lucy’s college graduation. Both had found stable careers. Johnny was working for an advertising company in Pennsylvania while Lucy had moved south to a law firm in Tennessee. The distance did nothing to their friendship. They each could share anything with each other. No matter what the problem was, the other was willing to help with. Tears were shed over the phone and victories were celebrated together in spirit. Johnny had gotten engaged and lived in a small but respectable home while Lucy fell into a whirlwind marriage almost as soon as she moved to Tennessee. Both had reached an agreement that if both ever became single again, they would run away together. It was a fun little fantasy to joke about. Neither of them ever discussed the elephant that was always in the room. Both of them had repressed romantic feelings for each other. But their lives each took them in different directions, but everything seemed for the best and they did not want to ruin the potential plan for both their lives by sneaking off into a hotel. If either felt attractive on a specific night out, or they needed a bit of a self-esteem boost, they would send a flirty photo or text, but that was as far as it ever got to. But then, their situations started to change.

First, Johnny’s fiancée informed him she did not want marriage. The first person who turned to with the heartbreak was Lucy. He knew he would get back onto his feet and Lucy was the one to give him a boost. When he was once again single, the romantic and sexual tension only increased. Lucy still loved her husband, but acknowledged that she may feel more of a connection with Johnny. But he encouraged her not to through everything away and that no matter who they were with, they would always have a love for each other.

However, Lucy and her husband’s relationship fell hard out of the honeymoon phase. She could not longer tolerate his perceived lack of ambition. She was responsible for everything while he was only use her to have sex with, and be the topic of bragging to his friends. She realized Tennessee was not her home and her husband was not her soul mate. After long and hard talks, Lucy decided to file for divorce.

When she told Johnny, he felt a rush of excitement. Was it possible that the stars were Lucy and Johnny to finally able to be together? There was still a problem though. Lucy was still in Tennessee. She still had a good paying job and Johnny did not expect her to give it up. That was until she called him one afternoon.

“Uh oh is someone dead?” asked Johnny.


“We’re both millenials. We only call if someone’s dead. What can’t you say over text?”

“Oh” laughed Lucy. “Well this is important.”

“What’s up?”

“I’m coming home.”

“I don’t follow.”

“To PA. I’m coming back.”

“Oh that’s awesome! For how long?”

“For good.”

Johnny paused, not knowing what to say. “Are you serious? What about your job?”

“My boss here knows a firm in the city. He put in a good word, did a phone interview, and they have a spot for me.”

“That’s amazing! Do you know where you’re going to stay?”

“Probably with my parents for a bit. But don’t you have a spare room?” asked a sly Lucy.

“I do.” Johnny let out a chuckle. “I also have a king size bed.”

“I was hoping you’d say something like that.”

“Of course! When do you make the transfer?”

“Next month. Still need to take care of some business down here.”

“A month, huh?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Hmm…I have an idea. I’ll text you later today. I have to do some work on my end. Talk to you tonight?”

“Sure. See you soon, sexy.”

Johnny hung up and could not focus on work at all. He somehow managed to get through the rest of the day and rushed home, skipping his usual gym visit. He showered, struggling not to masterbate at the memories of Lucy from college. He kept everything PG and hoped on his computer to make some bookings. Before clicking confirm, he texted Lucy.

“Hey, what are you doing two Saturdays from now.”

“Hey. Uh…probably nothing.”

“Good. Meet me in Dublin, Virginia.”

“The hell are you talking Sivas Escort about?”

“I’m obviously excited for you to come here. But we have some things I think we need to get out of the way. So I’m booking a hotel room at a place in Virginia.”

“Ok…but why Virginia?”

“I looked it up and it’s literally half way between you and me.”

“Oh my God, you’re adorable.”

“So are you in?”

There was a delay in response.

“Yeah. Of course I’m in. How many nights?”

“I was just going to do one.”

“That works. There can’t be much of a scene in Dublin but I don’t think we’ll be seeing the city much.”

“Then I will make the booking. See you in Virginia, baby.”

In the days leading up to the trip, every conversation ended with a new layer. They had once discussed how Lucy’s fantasy was to be treated as a queen and bathed, so Johnny made sure to get a room with a Jacuzzi. Johnny had never had the pleasure to have real Tennessee moonshine, so Lucy packed a jar. Finally, Lucy had complemented Johnny on his work attire whenever he sent a photo of him in a nice suit. She only ever saw him in warm-ups and sweatshirts, so he agreed to show up dressed for work so Lucy could see it in person.

When they day finally came, both woke up early to make the six-plus hour journey to their meeting place. Both were careful to obey traffic laws and they did not want an accident or a ticket stalling their arrival. That being said, both never drove their cars faster. Johnny had arrived first has Lucy had texted informing him of a pit stop for gas. He took the initiative and checked into the room. It was everything they would need. It had a big bed, special shower, and a Jacuzzi in the corner. Johnny’s phone went off with a text from Lucy, alerting him of her arrival. He floated to the door and met her outside to help her carry her bag in. She was as amazing looking as he last saw her in person. She had the same exact figure as before with her Double D breasts still front and center. Her hair had been cut into a bob, which Johnny found adorable and irresistible. Johnny was out of his baseball playing days shape, but he was still in good form. When Lucy saw him walk to her in his grey dress shirt, black dress pants, and blackout shades, she almost melted. They embraced in a hug and he carried her bag to their room.

When inside the hotel room, Johnny almost slammed her against the wall and ripped her clothes off. But he had a plan for her. Lucy herself wanted to throw Johnny on the bed and jump on his cock, but settled for another tight hug and a quick kiss. It was the first time she had kissed anyone but her husband in almost two years, and it felt right to her.

“So this isn’t as murder-y of a room” quipped Lucy.

“I know, I thought the exact same thing.”

“So…” Lucy put her around Johnny’s head and he put his around her waist. They pulled each other tight and leaned against the nearby wall. “What kind of ideas do you have in mind?”

“Well first question, did you bring the moonshine?”

“Of course I did. Java flavored, my favorite.”

“Excellent. Then you find two cups and fill them up. I’ll start working on your Jacuzzi.”

Lucy could not hold off a gigantic smile. She pulled her head into Johnny’s chest and he kissed her forehead.

“This was the best idea you’ve ever had” since Lucy.

“Oh just you wait.”

They exchanged another quick kiss. Anything more passionate would derail their plans. Lucy unzipped her bag and pulled out a jar of Java-flavored moonshine. They made small talk and she made their drinks and the tub filled with warm water. She handed Johnny a paper cup filled with booze and the two cheered to the night. Upon sipping, Lucy looked Johnny up and down.

“I can’t believe you actually dressed up.”

“You said you wanted to see it in person. Do you like it?”

“I do!”

The tub was ready for its first occupant, so Johnny put his cup down and shut off the water.

“Your bath is ready my dear. Do you need help undressing for it?”

“I would love that help, especially from you. But are you not joining me?”

“I will. But I want to take care Sivas Escort Bayan of you first.”

Lucy put down her cup and when she turned back around, Johnny was placing his hand on the back of her head and pressing his lips against hers. Everything about the kiss was pure magic. The passion and love between the two was finally being fulfilled. Lucy had a light jacket on which Johnny almost ripped off her body. She lifted her arms and he pulled her tank top over her head, showcasing her breast being supported but a red bra. Lucy reached for Johnny’s belt but he pulled her hands away. No matter how hard he was, Johnny was going to wait for his side of the relief. He kissed her neck and spun around behind her. Her eyes were closed, taking in everything. He unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor. Johnny took two handfuls of Lucy’s breasts, causing his erection to almost poke through his pants. He released her chest from his grasp and undid the clasps of her pants. He slid it down her body, lowering to the ground as her pants did the same. He was taken aback by the red thong Lucy had on.

“Oh my God. I didn’t think you wore these?”

“I did for you.”

Her thong was quickly removed. He stood back up and she spun around to face him. Their lips pressed again and tongues did battle in each others’ mouths. He quickly rubbed his hand up her inner thigh, causing an instant whimper.

“Are you ready for your bath now, my queen.”

Both smiled and Lucy nodded in the affirmative. Johnny took her hand and led her into the tub, whose water was at a perfect temperature. She lowered herself into the water. He provided her with her cup once again and took a moment to stare at the goddess before him. He rolled his sleeves up and put his hands in the water, rubbing her legs and feet.

“Oh my God, this is too much John.”

“I told you I wanted to treat you like a queen. Am I doing a good job?”

“You have no idea. This is heaven.”

Her eyes closed, taking everything in. She was having a sensory overload. She took a long sip of alcohol and could feel more animalistic instincts take over.

“You know, I wouldn’t mind messaging you too.”

“Yeah? Well you’re already in the water, so you can just watch me undress.”

“I can live with that.”

Johnny unbuttoned and removed his shirt and undershirt. Next was his belt and pants. When he was only in his pair of boxer briefs, he tug on the waistband but did not go any further.

“Oh come on, that’s not fair!” proclaimed Lucy.

Johnny smiled and agreed and removed the last bit of clothing, which is stiff cock springing to attention. Lucy bit her lower lip and could feel herself twitch in anticipation.

“Stand up for a second” asked Johnny.

Lucy obliged. Johnny slid into the tub behind Lucy so he could spoon her in the water.

“I’ll apologize if I poke you with anything.”

“It’s ok if you’re poking the right spot.”

Johnny smiled and began rubbing her shoulders. Lucy could not help but moan in pleasure.

“I’ll warn you of something, if my claws come out at all, that means it’s on.”

“That is good to know.”

He moved from rubbing her shoulder to running his finger down her spine. Despite the warm water, he could see goosebumps raise on her skin.

“Jesus Christ, John.”

“That good, huh?”

“I do not deserve you.”

Johnny pulled her close and whispered in her ear.

“But you have me.”

He kissed her neck and fondled her chest. Immedialey, Lucy dug her nails into his thighs. Johnny recognized the signal.

“Turn around.”

Lucy turned herself around and both adjusted so they were on their knees facing each other. Lucy took both hands and rubbed the back of Johnny’s hair, remembering he had said in the past that it was his weakness. His mouth went straight for one of Lucy’s nipples. He had his mouth on a breast, his hand on her lower back, and a finger exploring under water, eventually finding her pussy.

He started fingering her eventually moving his mouth from her chest to her lips. She put her hands around his head and kissed him passionately. He started fingering faster until Escort Sivas she began to lustily whisper to him.

“I need you. I need you inside me. Please?”

“Yeah? What’s your favorite position?”

“Any position. Just get inside me.”

“What’s your favorite?”

“I’ll show you.”

Johnny removed his finger and both carefully exited the Jacuzzi. They quickly dried off and walked to the foot of their bed. Lucy got on all fours at the end of the bed. He stuck her ass in the air and motioned him to come closer.

Wanting to make this last, he stuck his finger back inside her. She squealed in pleasure. He gave her ass a firm slap and she moaned again. Her pussy was soaking wet and Johnny could feel her tightening.

“Don’t make me cum. I need to cum on your cock.”

“You sure you don’t want to cum more than once?”

“I can’t. I need something bigger than your finger. Fuck me!”

He removed his finger again, but instead ran his tongue down her pussy. He took both hands on her ass and began to eat her out.

“Oh my God!” said Lucy, who was trying not to scream. “I need you fucking inside me!”

Johnny finally relented. He plunged his cock inside her and she slammed the bed in pleasure. He put his hands around her waist and began fucking her fast and furiously.

“Holy fuck!” exclaimed Johnny. He had fantasized about having sex with her again, and now it was finally happen. Lucy was experience so much joy, she was almost tearing up. He gave one deep thrust and Lucy shrieked before quickly covering her mouth. Johnny did it one more time, leaning in so his mouth was next to her ear.

“Do you want it harder?” She could only nod. “I want to hear you say it.”

“Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!”

Johnny pulled Lucy up so she was now resting on her hands. He put an arm on her shoulder and started pounding her as hard as they both could handle. Lucy reached for a pillow and pulled it close. She buried her face into the pillow. Johnny began to slow down.

“Is everything ok?”

“Fuck yes. I don’t want to scream too loud and have other people hear us.”

“We’re here for one night. Scream all the fuck you want.” He slapped her ass and resumed thrusting into her.

“Oh fuuuuuck” moaned Lucy. “Pull my hair, baby.” Johnny listened to her and grabbed her hair. “Yes, fucking use me. Use every inch of me!”

“Do you like my cock?”

“I fucking love it. I fucking love your cock! I’m going to cum soon!”

Johnny slowed down before coming to a stop.

“What?” said a confused Lucy. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

“If you want to cum together, I want to fuck you in one more position.”

“Oh my God, whatever you want. I’m yours.”

“Lay on your back.”

Lucy rolled over. Johnny lifted her legs and rested them against her shoulders. With her ankles now in the air, Johnny re-entered her. He was no longer taking things slow.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” And with that, Johnny started thrusting hard. The sound of their sex was almost echoing in the room. They were locking eyes with passion pouring out of them. Johnny glanced down and became mesmerized by the sight of her tits bouncing with every thrust.

“I fucking love making your tits bounce!”

“Fuck yes, make them bounce.”

“Holy fucking shit!”

“Oh God, I need you to cum. You’re hitting my g-spot so hard.”

“Go cum, cum, oh God I’m fucking cumming!”

Both climaxed at almost the exact same time. They each moaned out load, no longer caring about anyone else in the world. Johnny filled Lucy up with his sperm, shooting out one of the biggest loads of his life.

He was still inside of her when their moans subsided. Her legs lowered off his shoulders and he began to pull out. Sensing he drained but still hard, he gave a few more thrusts causing Lucy to shudder.

“Oh God John don’t. Way to sensitive.”

Johnny smiled and pulled out. He joined her on the bed and spooned her. A large smile came across her face. Almost immediately, they fall asleep with Lucy never leaving his arms. Johnny was the first to awake, and rubbed Lucy’s back again to bring her out of slumber. She turned over and both could only smile and kiss.

“So glad we did this. I can’t wait until I’m home with you.”

“Neither can I. So…what do you want to do next?”

Lucy smiled and moved on top of Johnny.

“I’m sure I can think of a few things.”

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