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Alexia Gold

It was three weeks before I saw Joey again. I had spent many nights looking for him, waiting at his bus stop, waiting for him to show up to catch his bus, only to watch the last bus of the night drive away without him. Maybe, I reasoned, he’s found someone else, someone in better financial conditions, or better hung. It was clear to me the first time I fucked him that he wasn’t a virgin and accustomed to getting fucked by well hung men.

On one rainy night, I was lying in bed in the little hotel room I rented, quietly listening to my Walkman radio as I read a mystery novel I purchased at the Public Library book store for fifty cents when I heard a knock at my door. I pulled the earbuds from my ears and listened, certain I was mistaken. I knew no one in the hotel, and I couldn’t have outside visitors. Again, I heard the rapping of knuckles on my door. Dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers shorts, I got up and opened the door suspiciously.

Joey was standing in the hall, his hair wet and falling in his face, making him look even younger than I remembered him. He looked at me with those soft brown eyes and smiled broadly.

“At first, I thought I had the wrong room number,” he told me.

“What are you doing here?” I hissed at him, pulling him into the room before quickly looking up and down the hall to see if he had been noticed by anyone. I wasn’t worried about the gossip as much as I was the possibility of his presence coming to the attention of management. The Traveler’s was the cheapest hotel in town, and one of the few that allowed its residents to rent by the month. I had it good there and didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.

“I wanted to see where you lived,” he told me nonchalantly. I closed the door behind him, then nervously handed him my towel. It was still damp from my earlier shower, but he was soaking wet.

“How did you get up here?” I sat Beylikdüzü escort on the edge of my bed and turned off my Walkman. No point in wearing down the batteries.

“I just walked up the stairs,” he said, as if it was obvious. I was still left with wondering how he got past the guy working the night shift at the main desk. “You told me the room number the other day, so I didn’t need to ask which room you were in.”

“That was three weeks ago,” I smiled, “You remembered my room number all this time later?”

“It’s just a number,” he giggled, “It’s not like I memorized every word you said.”

I watched him move around the room, looking at my meager belongings. His movements were graceful, quiet. It had an effect on me, and I became suddenly aware of my lengthening cock. Adjusting my boxers discreetly, I tried to hide my arousal, but when I felt the head of my dick poke free from under them I knew I would soon be busted. He looked at me, then at my cock.

“You should better train that thing,” he teased me. I felt my cock jump under his attention.

“He knows what he likes,” I shrugged, “Who he likes.”

“Maybe we should give him a little taste?” He began unfastening his pants.

“I’m not fucking you here,” I practically yelped, “The walls are paper thin and you’re a screamer.”

He looked disappointed and refastened his pants.

“We could go to my place,” he suggested, moving in close, stroking my exposed cock, “I’m dying to know how many times you can cum before you just can’t go anymore.”

I smiled and picked up my jeans from the floor. In no time I was fully dressed, with my room key in hand.

“Lead the way,” I told him, opening the door. We made it to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus that we needed, which was a godsend since the rain had only slacked off a little. In no time we were at his stop, Joey torturing Beylikdüzü escort my hard cock the whole ride on the empty bus, pulling it free of my pants at one point to stroke it brazenly in our seat.

Inside his apartment, we kissed passionately, pawing at our wet clothes in a mad dash to get naked. Once we both had our shirts off and my pants down around my anckles, he took my cock into his luscious mouth. I sucked in a deep breath as his lips and tongue worked me over in the most expert of ways, soon swallowing my had cock whole to bury it deep in his tight throat. He blew me in excruciating long, deep strokes that brought me agonizingly slowly to climax. I exploded in his mouth without warning, enjoying the feeling of him swallowing my cum around my cock head.

I pulled him to his feet and worked at removing his pants, taking a nipple into my mouth. I sucked the areola until his nipple was erect, then began flicking my tongue across it.

“Oh, yes,” he moaned before I pulled away to get at his other nipple. Having already busted a nut, I wasn’t looking to fuck him quickly, but to make love to him. I wanted this night to be the night he goes to whenever he beats off.

I lowered myself and took his cock into my mouth, swallowing him whole. He grasped my head and bucked his hips, fucking my mouth and throat. He wanted me bad, he wanted me hard and rough, and I was more than willing to give him exactly what he wanted.

Standing up, I shucked my pants off my legs while he did the same and picked him up to carry him upstairs to his bedroom, where I tossed his naked form onto the bed. I crawled up and straddled his legs around me head and went down on him, sucking his seven inch cock into my mouth. I slid my lips up and down his shaft, looking only to bring him pleasure, and not to finish him off. After a few minutes of this, I pulled off him, making a loud Escort Beylikdüzü smacking noise, and toyed with his nut sack with my tongue before sucking each wet ball into my mouth to suck on ever so slightly. He moaned and I moved on to his taint, licking and biting playfully at it with my lips. Soon, I was at my prize, his quivering waiting hole.

I played with his sphincter, tonguing it softly, fucking it with my fingers. Joey moaned until he screamed and when I had him begging for my cock, I mounted him, sinking my length into him slowly. As was typical for us, his sweet hole opened up to me easily and wrapped around my cock with the firm grip I had come to appreciate. I fucked him slowly, taking my time teasing his hole, kissing him deeply, nibbling at his neck. I wanted to give him the full experience, and explore every part of him before we parted ways again. I wanted him to squirm, I wanted him to beg for the hard fuck I knew he desired.

“Please, please fuck me hard,” he whimpered, “Fuck me like you mean it.”

Knowing I wouldn’t last much longer, I pulled out of him and turned him onto his stomach. I crawled on top of him and slammed my cock into him, forcing my length into him all at once. He squealed and I started fucking him hard, raising my hips up, nearly completely pulling myself out of him before slamming back into him. He screamed and begged me not to stop. I continued pounding his hole, holding back my orgasm until I just couldn’t any longer. I came in him so hard I collapsed on top of him, my cock pumping cum into his sweet hole as if I would never find the blissful edge of my receding orgasm. I kissed him on the back of his neck and pulled myself out of him, rolling onto my back to try and catch my breath.

“You’re not finished, are you?”

“I gave you two loads, Dude,” I answered him, “The least you can do is give me a little break.”

We lay in bed together a while longer, and I fucked him again before calling it a night. In the morning, he asked me to stay, and I did. It was two nights later when I returned to my room to collect my things and moved in with him. We have been happily coupled ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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