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Jim and Rob had had a few too many Buds. They staggered into an old haunt they frequented many years previous. It had been left to run down quite a bit and the clientele were a mixture of airheads and slappers. The brothers had left their wives at home to talk about arranging a secret anniversary party for a cousin, Jim had arranged for Rob and Helen to stay overnight.

In the corner of the bar, a DJ played psychedelic rock music from the late 60’s and 70’s. Frank Zapper seemed to be his favourite as almost every other tune was a Zapper number. The carpeted flooring had had so much booze spilt onto it, it had moulded into the floorboards underneath. As they walked, they could feel the carpet stick to the soles of their shoes.

They ordered two Buds and stood at the end of the bar, scanning the poorly lit room. There were probably only thirty people in the place, of which about twenty five were men. Jim and Rob could feel eyes watching their every move.

“I bet they think we’re cops,” Jim shouted at Rob to overcome Zapper’s guitar solo.

Rob nodded, “Yeah, probably.”

“Who’s that at the end of the bar,” Jim pointed at a female. The brighter lights behind the bar shone on her face. He recognised her, but couldn’t quite put a name to the face.

“Dunno,” shrugged Rob as he took another swig of his Bud.

The brothers ordered a fresh round of Buds and decided to sit in the corner of the bar. As they sat, the female Jim thought he recognised joined them.

“Hi Jim, long time,” she said as she gave Jim a little kiss on his cheek.

“Hi,” he replied. His puzzled face let the girl know he had forgotten her name.

“It’s me, Melanie… Nigel’s wife; ex-wife.”

“Hell, Melanie, I didn’t recognise you. You done something to your hair.”

“Yeah, well,” Melanie went on to explain how she and her husband had divorced about a year ago and that she wanted to change her life, and to help her, she had to change the way she looked too.

“Sorry to hear that you’ve split,” Jim retorted. “When was the last time you saw Nigel?”

“Outside the courthouse; haven’t seen him since… and I don’t care if I never see him again either.”

Jim felt a little embarrassed. Nigel, when they were in their early teens, was Jim best friend, but by the time Jim had finished college, they had both, more or less, lost contact with each other.

“So, is there anyone else?” Jim enquired.

“Yeah. Gerald Thompson. Do you know him? He’s from Newark.”

Jim shook his head, “No, never heard of him.”

“Well, you haven’t missed much. He’s a bit of a waster. I only see him when he wants something.”

Jim thought he saw Melanie blush a little as she implied that she only met Gerald for the odd leg-over.

Another Zapper tune blasted through the speakers.

“Is that all he plays?” Asked Rob, trying to change the subject and join the conversation.

“He’ll play anything you ask him to. But when no one asks, he just plays the crap he likes,” Melanie told Rob.

Rob stood and after ordering more beers, requested the DJ to play some Bon Jovi tunes.

“Ah that’s better,” Melanie sighed as ‘Living On A Prayer’ came over the speakers. “This is one of my favourites,” she told the brothers, “Fancy a dance?”

She dragged Jim up from his stool and they danced on the sticky carpet. Jim had a few beers in him, but he could see that Melanie was even more intoxicated. As they danced, Melanie lost her balance and fell. Jim caught her as she fell into his chest, his arms around her shoulders. She stayed there for a few seconds, Melanie enjoying the firmness of being in a man’s arms, and Jim enjoying the feel of this woman against his chest. They resumed their dance and when the next tune played, Rob decided to join in the fun. The three gyrated to Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke On The Water’, joining in the chorus and playing air guitar to Ritchie Blackmoore’s Antalya Escort legendary guitar solo.

After a few more beers, Melanie asked if the brother’s would mind them walking her home. When they found she lived en route, they agreed to escort her.

It had begun to rain, and the neither of the three wore coats. By the time they had reached Melanie’s place, they were soaked.

“You’d better come in from the rain and have a coffee or something,” she told the brothers.

The brothers agreed and entered Melanie’s apartment.

“Here,” she handed them a towel each, “take off your shirts, I’ll put them in the tumble drier. I can’t have you two catching a cold now can I?”

Jim and Rob removed their shirts. “You may as well dry this to,” he told Melanie as Jim dropped his denim jeans.

“Let’s have yours too,” she ordered Rob.

Returning to the lounge with three bottles of Bud, Melanie sat between the brothers on the large leather sofa. She wore a bath sheet. She too had removed her wet blouse and skirt.

“Here you are,” she offered the drinks.

“Thanks,” said Rob as he took the top off his bottle. “Didn’t think we’d get so wet.”

“Me neither,” Jim added. “This rain wasn’t forecast, that’s for sure.”

“It’ll clear in a short while, you’ll see,” comforted Melanie.

They drank their beers. Melanie yawned and stretched her arms above her shoulders. Her bath sheet slipped a little, revealing the top half of her breasts.

“Another stretch like that and we’ll get an eyeful,” said Rob.

“Hey cheeky,” laughed Melanie.

“Don’t let us keep you from your bed,” said Jim.

“Don’t be so silly,” retorted Melanie, “I’ve got the day off tomorrow, I can sleep until supper if I need to.”

Smalltalk resumed and the three sipped more beer. Jim found himself staring at Melanie’s thighs; she had lifted her legs up onto the sofa, bent at the knee, allowing the bath sheet to ride up. He could just make out the bottom crease of her right buttock. Melanie noticed his stare and decided to take things a little further. She feigned another yawn, again stretching her arms above her shoulders, only this time, making sure the bath sheet dropped a lot lower. As her arms came down, so too did the sheet, exposing her 36C breasts and large nipples. She made out like she hadn’t noticed and took another sip of Bud.

Rob began to complain about his wet boxers.

“Well take them off and I’ll toss them in the drier too,” Melanie told him. “Come on, let’s have them.”

He stood and removed his boxers, bending slightly in front of Melanie in the process. She gave Rob’s ass a little pinch and giggled, “Nice butt.”

“Yours too,” she ordered Jim as Rob sat back down. Jim stood and removed his shorts. The brothers were now naked, and the beer helped them to overcome any inhibitions they would have had if they were sober.

“Look, you’re still damp,” said Melanie as she stood and removed her towel, dabbing Rob’s crotch, then Jim’s in a feign attempt at drying off any remaining rainwater.

Jim looked at his brother, his brother looked back. Melanie wore nothing under her towel, and now, as she used it to ‘dry’ her guests, it had fallen away, revealing her nakedness too.

“That’s better,” she told them as she sat between the brothers once more. She took hold of their cocks, one in each hand, and slowly pealed back their foreskins. Both cocks were almost identical; even the way they twisted slightly to the right, like a banana, when they were erect.

Melanie leaned to the right and placed her head on Rob’s lap, her tongue now exploring his cock. She lifted her legs up and onto Jim’s lap, and then parted them slightly, allowing Jim access to her neatly trimmed pussy.

Rob let his head fall back and his eyes close as he felt Melanie’s expert tongue slide over his cock. Her mouth took all of his seven inches Antalya Escort Bayan as she gurgled and nodded her head in his lap.

Meanwhile, Jim’s fingers traced the line of Melanie’s pussy. Her wetness allowed him to slip two fingers into her with ease. She moaned as she felt him brush her g-spot, then probe deeper, rubbing his fingertip against the ring of her cervix.

After several minutes, Melanie stood and led the brothers to the bedroom. She lay between them, facing Jim, kissing him hard on the lips. Rob, his right arm around her waist, found the bottom of her right breast and gently massaged her firm nipple.

Jim moved closer, his cock now nudging against Melanie’s pubic hair. She reached down and guided his cock into her vagina, groaning as he penetrated her. He felt the tightness of her pussy as she gripped his cock as she reached a mini-orgasm.

Rob, with Melanie’s ass in his lap, felt her hand reach behind and squeeze his cock. Then, she placed it at her opening and Rob applied pressure. His cock popped into her pussy alongside his brother’s. They both fucked her; as one pulled out, the other pushed.

Melanie had never had a threesome, but she had wanted to try it out when she and Nigel used to fantasise and Nigel had told her how he wanted to see her take another man’s cock. She never took her fantasies seriously, but tonight, at the bar, she decided to seize the opportunity, and wouldn’t it be extra special if one of the two cocks belonged to one of Nigel’s old friends. She felt a little sense of justification in that, after several years of hurt and torment in her marriage. Yes, she felt she was getting some payback.

The brothers fucked Melanie in this position until they both climaxed together, emptying their store of semen deep into Melanie’s pussy.

Melanie, feeling both cocks pulse and shudder, exploding inside her, also climaxed, screaming as she came to an intense orgasm.

They rolled onto their backs and gathered their thoughts. Melanie, with semen beginning to leak from her stretched pussy, placed a finger on her clitoris and slowly massaged her little bud. She felt the brother’s semen, slippery and slimy, and used it as lubrication as she masturbated in front of her lovers. Jim turned on his side and began to suck her left nipple; Rob followed suit with her right. Melanie screamed once more as she arched her back and bucked her hips into the air, finally shuddering to another orgasm.

Rob’s cock had now recovered its erection. He raised himself over Melanie and sank his cock into her drenched pussy. Pounding her, she began to groan again.

“That’s it, fuck it, fuck, it, fuck me,” she demanded.

Rob placed an arm behind her as they rolled onto his back with Melanie on top. She gyrated on his stiffness, her head flung back and her breasts bouncing in the air. Rob reached up and fondled her soft breasts, tweaking the nipples as she continued to fuck him.

Jim, now erect, knelt behind Melanie and rubbed his cock against her ass. Melanie didn’t notice at first, but soon, she realised Jim wanted a piece of the action too. She stopped her gyrations and let Jim place his cock at her ass hole. There was no requirement for lubrication as the mixture of semen and Melanie’s juiced has covered her underside. With a little pressure, Jim’s cock overcame Melanie’s resistance and his cock entered her ass. He slowly penetrated her ass inch by inch.

“Fuck, that feels good,” said Rob as he felt his brother’s cock against his, separated by a thin membrane.

“Fuck me, fuck, me,” Melanie began to gyrate again. Jim pounded her ass as Rob laid there, Melanie massaging Rob’s cock with her hot wet pussy.

Jim felt another orgasm rising and announced its arrival. His cock pulsed and let out squirts of semen into Melanie’s ass. She screamed as she felt his cock empty it contents in her.

Rob follow Escort Antalya and shot streams of creamy white fluid into Melanie.

Melanie, now exhausted, collapsed onto Rob’s chest as her orgasm subsided. Sandwiched between the two brothers, she dosed off to sleep. Jim rolled to one side, Melanie still between the brothers as they too fell asleep.

Jim awoke with a start! “Ugh!” Disoriented, it took him a while to realise where he was, only to question his senses, ‘is this a dream?’ No, it surely wasn’t. Melanie’s right arm was across his chest, and in the dim light that spilled through the thin curtains; he saw Rob, lying on his side, snuggled up to Melanie’s ass.

Jim turn, then lightly shaking his brother’s shoulder, “Wake up,” he whispered.

Rob slowly came to, and like Jim, thought he was in a dream. Then reality struck. “What time is it?”

Jim managed to make out 4:30 on his watch. “Shit, we should have been back hours ago.”

They sprang out of bed, Melanie barley stirring, and dressed. The brothers had gone out for a few beers, telling their wives they’d be back by midnight. Now they had to think of an excuse to explain why they were so late.

Jim snuck into bed next to his wife, still half drunk but sporting an erection as the memories of Melanie came flooding back. He cuddled up to Jayne and, slowly, his fingers found her pussy. She stirred slightly in her slumber but didn’t wake. Jim gently lifted her thigh allowing his cock access to her pussy. The tip of his cock was soaked with remnants of semen and Melanie’s juices that lubricated his penetration. He began fucking his wife, slowly at first. Then, Jayne began to wake from her sleep. Feeling a hard cock in her pussy, she moaned as the stiffness applied pressure to her g-spot. This was her favourite position, being taken from behind. Jim’s strokes became more urgent and soon, he ejaculated, semen oozing from Jayne’s pussy as they both lay there, falling asleep.

Rob, not wanting to wake Helen, also slipped under the sheets. He too had an erection, and with the sight of Melanie’s breast bouncing in front of him, as she rode his cock, foremost in his mind, he wanted some relief. Helen, lying on her stomach, legs slightly apart, offered Rob the opportunity he needed. Straddled over her, he lowered his body on to Helen, letting his damp cock slide between her legs. As he penetrated, she too woke in a daze, but feeling a hard cock between her legs, she quickly relaxed and let her husband fuck her. Rob ejaculated, filling his wife’s pussy, and then collapsed at her side. Helen, too tired, but satisfied all the same, remained on her stomach and fell back to sleep.

Melanie, still laying on her bed in semen soaked sheets and a mixture of fluids still oozing from her vagina, awoke and saw the time was 10:32. Then, as she sat up in bed, she felt the wetness between her legs and remembered her lovers the night before. With a smile on her face, she opened a drawer in a bedside cabinet and produced a 10” vibrator. She fucked herself to another orgasm before showering and continuing with the rest of her day.

Jayne awoke, still lying on her stomach. She vaguely remembered Jim getting into bed and then she remembered him fucking her from behind. She turned to face her husband.

Meanwhile, Helen woke as she heard Jayne scream. She jolted upright, confused at what had woken her. ‘Was that a scream or was I dreaming?’ she asked herself. She turned to ask Rob if he’d heard it, then she too let out a scream!

As the brothers walked home from Melanie’s, they had devised a plan between them to cover up any change of their wives finding any evidence of ‘the other woman’ on them. They agreed to slip into the other’s bed, fuck their sister-in-laws, and then, as an excuse for the mistake, blame it on too much alcohol.

The plan worked. Neither woman suspected their spouses of anything more than a drunken mistake although, Jayne wasn’t as easily convinced as Helen. After a day in the ‘doghouse’ both wives were speaking to the brothers by evening. And, after a few glasses of wine, there were even strong hints from the girls that they were quite turned on by the whole thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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