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I couldn’t get Jessica out of my head. Since I had shot that Pissmop film with her I had been nagged with questions about her and wanted answers. That wasn’t usual. Usually as soon as the cunts are filmed and out the door I don’t give them a second thought – they’ve got paid, I’ve got my film what else needs to be done? Nothing. But Jessica had got to me. Seeing this good-looking woman who apparently did not need the money debase herself like that on film was just so intriguing. I think watching her step into the waiting limo when she left my office had been the final straw, I was hooked but had no way of really finding out who she was. It was infuriating, I wanted to find her, to film her again and find out her limits – and break them!

It wasn’t until her Pissmop movie was up on my pay website that I found out any more about this woman of mystery. On my intro members page to the site, showing any new additions I had called her film “Busty Jessica In the Bowl” and had a terrific still photograph of her topless and her huge tits and long hair absolutely saturated in fresh piss. Anyway, a full day after that update went up for download by my members I received a call from one of my competitors, Max. Now Max was a bit of an asshole, even for this business, but I got on Ok with him even if he did steal some of my scene ideas and some of my girls now and again. This time he had my attention from the first sentence.

“I see you met Jessica!”

Well that had me hooked and he knew it and suddenly he played all coy about things and sort of told me that he had shot an unbelievable shoot with him some six months previously but had changed her mind about signing off on showing it and threatened all kinds of heavy lawyers shit that made Max decide it wasn’t worth the hassle of posting it on his site. But he still had the film and asked if I wanted to see it. There was no hesitation and he and I had a date for that night.

Max concentrated on more of the rough sex side of the business, yes occasionally he would include piss in his films but it was in no way as integral as it was to my shoots. But if that was the difference the similarity was in filming the debasing and degrading of sexy women on screen for cash. It was just our methods differed slightly. I arrived at his ranch outside town that night at seven and shared a few jokes and stories but he could tell I was desperate to see her in action again.

“She really got you didn’t she? Man I can see why. When that classy bitch strolled in here, I couldn’t believe my luck but the bitch turned into a heap of trouble after the fact. Man, I wish I had been rougher if I knew she was suddenly gonna back out and get the lawyers involved.”

“What was her story? Why did she say she was doing it”

“Didn’t say. She just strolled in here in her expensive fur coat and boots and told me she wanted to star in the dirtiest, nastiest film I could make and she did. Here, I can tell you need to see this, have a beer and settle down – it’s a bona fide classic!”

I wouldn’t say Max’s film quality was on a par with mine but what he lacked in direction or lighting and angles he more than made up for in pure, kinky sex action. There was no plot as such, just Jessica drawing up to the ranch in a convertible sports car (her own, Max told me with a laugh) and getting out looking sexy as hell. She was wearing that same fur jacket and pair of designer black boots and her big tits were squeezed into what must have been a three sixes too small top that made it look like they were about to spill out at any point. She looked every bit the stuck up spoiled bitch that I knew from personal experience she was. Then all of a sudden Jessica was surrounded by a semi circle of five completely nude, loud and crazy acting guys – all sporting pornstar erections. Jessica exclaimed and looked and acted shocked (but to be honest her acting was hardly Julia Roberts standard).

The guys crowded round her and she sank to her knees submissively before them and had her jacket hauled off her and her shirt literally ripped from her body, her fucking great big tits zoomed in on by the camera as five pairs of hands grabbed, squeezed and mauled them. Then Jessica feigned shock as five stiff porn star cocks were thrust at her face and before you could say ‘cocksucking cunt’ the slut had two in her mouth and one in each hand while the fifth contemptuously slapped her face and pulled her hair while calling her all the names under the sun.

She really was a dirty bitch in this film, then again most of Max’s were, the big difference being that Jessica was at least pretty good looking, Max tended to attract some real fucking ugly girls for his type of porn. I was getting a raging hard on watching the action on screen, Jessica’s face was getting the full treatment from these guys, their cocks seemed to be everywhere — in her hair, poking at her nostrils, her eyes and most especially deep in her big mouth. She took a fearful face fucking, taking two cocks düzce escort in her mouth and trying for a third while more assailed her head from behind where she knelt. Then the guys lined up and took turns getting a really deep throat blow job off her, ramming their dicks so far down her mouth that their hairy balls bounced on her chin. Jesus they didn’t hang around, passing her head around like a bowl of chips, banging their cocks into her then passing her on again. Within minutes Jessica’s lower face was covered in trails of saliva and pre-cum and she was gasping with the ferocity of the action. But she didn’t back down at all and as the dicks were slapped against her face she gave as good as she got, daring them to go harder and faster.

“My god what a cock hound!” I exclaimed much to Max’s amusement.

“Yeah, she was dandy but there’s more to cum yet!”

And indeed there was. In true Max style there was no move to put all this into context just that they went from fucking her face to circling her again and all jerking off on her face at pretty much the same time. The cum was flying and Jessica’s face got splattered in thick, sticky white stuff. Geez, did she ever. By the time the final guy had squeezed out the last of his sperm and wiped his sticky cock in Jessica’s long brown hair her face was partly obliterated. Streaks and spots of white plastered her forehead and eyes, one of her nostrils was blocked up with cum, her lips were smeared in it and her chin covered as it dripped down to splatter on her big tits.

As she knelt there licking her lips and looking every inch the piece of shit whore I knew from personal experience she was, the guys backed off a few yards and Max’s grinning face appeared on screen. He was brandishing a large glass bowl and handed it to Jessica and told her to hold it just below her chin. As some cum dropped into it he unzipped his trousers and unleashed a flurry of piss straight into her mouth.

What a great sight, especially for a piss porn connoisseur like myself. Seeing that big mouthed bitch with a gob full of thick, yellow piss (so much that she could not keep up in swallowing it and plenty spilled from her lips into the bowl) like she was some sort of water feature was exactly the kind of thing I liked filming. Max had obviously been holding it in for some time because he pissed like a horse, spraying over her face too, hosing the cum from her and also into the bowl below — and I just knew the bitch was going to have to drink it too!

The yellow liquid continued to flow at a terrific rate from Max and Jessica’s mouth was a flurry of activity as she tried vainly to keep up and the offshoot cascade down her into the bowl and form a disgusting concoction with the cum already there. But Jessica never flinched, as I had known she was a real piss lover. She just kept on gulping and eventually that piss flow relented and she managed to get ahead of it, able at last to open her soaking mouth and show the last vestiges of urine in it before staring down longingly at the bowl in her hands. Without prompting the dirty slut brought it up to her lips and chugged the whole lot, cum and all before giving a big piss burp to the camera when she was done.

But she wasn’t done just yet. Obviously a fair amount of piss had fallen on the ground that Jessica had been kneeling on at a barked command from Max on screen Jessica got down on all fours like a dog and began to sniff and lick at the spilt piss. With her tongue in the dirt, seemingly desperate to suck piss from the earth the screen faded to black all too early for my liking.

I turned to Max to ask if he had any more footage but he just pointed me back to the screen.

“Yeah I got some more, this next scene is the only stuff I have left of the film that her fucking lawyers didn’t impound!”

“What was so bad…”

I cut off my question as the screen came to life again. The scene had changed to behind Max’s villa, I recognised the big swimming pool and the tacky furnishings. The camera was pointing down at a pair of feet, it scanned up to another set of feet, this time a woman’s bare one, the camera kept tracking up her long, bronzed legs revealing a tiny blue bikini bottom. I continued to move up her voluptuous body showing a matching blue bikini top that really struggled to contain a great big pair of tits. I swear I would recognise Jessica’s plastic tits anywhere and I certainly did here.

But the camera never got past her breasts so you never saw her face, just her chest and arms. She reached out to pick up a cocktail glass and held it up to the camera to show it was empty.

“You needing another drink you cunt? I’ll give you one all right!”

Shouted Max off screen and in another second or so you saw it was his feet you had glimpsed at the start of the film. Still unable to see Jessica’s face he stepped on screen and again unzipped his jeans, whipped out his cock and started urinating. Only then edirne escort did the camera focus on Jessica’s face. The rich bitch had two metal things that resembled scissors stuck in either side of her mouth, distorting it and holding it open in a large and uncomfortable ‘O’ shape. And it was into this that Max was pissing.

It made for quite the impressive visual, Jessica’s big cock sucking lips held forcibly apart as another torrent of yellow fluid flooded in. The camera panned back a bit more to reveal various men and women around the pool in swimwear enjoying a sunny Californian afternoon, playing and messing about in the pool and at poolside, all the while this slut was drinking piss straight from the cock. Max finished up and then one of the guys in his shorts decided he needed to relieve himself so he headed straight for Jessica too and that was the theme of the next twenty minutes or so as various guys and girls pissed all over Jessica, most straight down that rich throat.

As that scene faded Max got up and switched off his DVD player and I was finally able to ask him what happened to the rest he said was impounded.

“Well I asked the bitch if she was able to do stuff for the European market, you know more extreme, out there stuff, I’m sure you can imagine, real out nasty stuff.”

With that he patted his pet dogs Rover and Fido as they trotted into the living room.

“Anyway she did it all fine, I couldn’t believe it she was obviously not needing the cash and doing it for a cheap thrill. I must have filmed some of the nastiest porn I ever shot (which for Max said a whole lot). I tell you she was the dirtiest bitch I ever used, I genuinely believe she would do anything sexually with anyone or anything. Maybe she got cold feet over it being on film though and next day she was back with her lawyers with all kinds of orders and demands and the really hard stuff got taken back.”

“Didn’t you have her under a contract?”

“Nope. She wouldn’t sign one and she had these kick ass, shit hot lawyers that I wasn’t gonna tangle with, wasn’t worth the hassle. So she got the footage and left, said I could use the piss stuff. That was about six months ago then I seen your shoot with the cunt an’ thought I better tell you in case she starts any shit.”

I thanked him and left with details of her lawyers and a whole maelstrom of thoughts swirling in my head.


Some investigation and bribery of lower level soliciters staff later I found myself parked in a white transit van in a leafy, expensive suburb of the city. It was the kind of district where the really rich lived, not people that played at being rich, people who were old money. The houses and cars told you all you needed to know. The wives had sportscars as little runarounds while if there was a house without a Bentley or a Rolls Royce in the drive I hadn’t spotted it yet. And it was one of those Bentleys that I was watching as a smartly dressed white haired business man got in and was whisked away, no doubt to work — and no doubt her was Mr. Forsythe, husband of none other than my little Pissmop, Jessica!

I gave him ten minutes or so then me and my camera man Alex (filming all the way) made our way up the drive to the ostentatious doorway and I knocked on a big, black metal door knocker, hoping that the bitch didn’t have staff. I guess it was my lucky day because Jessica herself answered the door, clad in little more than a white fluffy dressing gown and looking like she was just up.

She recognised me immediately and I saw the look in her eyes and the imperceptible nod that gave me consent to continue where her first film for me left off. I grabbed her long brown hair and pulled her so that she was right up in my face and snarled at her.

“Hey bitch you remember me? That’s fucking right I made your day when I made you a dirty, nasty piece of shit Pissmop. Well guess what cunt? It’s you’re lucky day again ‘cos we’re going to do it all again. Right?”

I was really aggressive saying this, knowing she would get off on it. She curled her lip in a sneer back at me but made no complaint so I took that as a yes and spat a nice load of phlegm right on her face and pushed her to her knees on the expensive black and white marbled floor. I wasn’t fucking about here and whipped out my cock, and even with her front door half open and her on her knees and the dressing gown half off I let loose and began pissing all over her!

I had deliberately not had a piss since the previous night and had been drinking juice like a fucker that morning so I was bursting. Jessica’s mouth fell obediently open and I obliged by filling it up with a steady stream of thick, yellow urine. Inevitably she could not keep up with my flow and I was gratified to see it overflow from her mouth, down her chin and begin to stain her expensive, pristine robe. I pissed all over that pretty face of hers, coating her face, hair and chest in a shiny, glowing fluid elazığ escort layer. When eventually the piss slowed and came to a dripping halt I told her to suck the last drops out, which she did eagerly. The girl was as piss whore, no doubt about it!

As Alex captured all this on his camera I stepped around her and hauled the robe off her revealing her busty figure in all its glory. While I worked to release her belt from the robe I snarled again at her.

“Right bitch, swallow the last of that then you can get down on your fucking hands and knees and lick up the drops you missed (there was a nice smattering of piss on the tiles around her).”

With her hair wet and sticking to her face with my piss she made quite the sight as she complied and got her face right down on the marble and began to lick her own hallway. I desperately wanted to fling her front door wide open and let all her rich, snobby neighbours see just what kind of a dirty slut she really was. Her tongue lapped eagerly at the tiles and she fairly slurped up the excess piss that had run off her and it made for a tremendous scene on the tape but I soon got tired and wanted on to what I had planned next.

I wound the belt around and looped it over Jessica’s soaking neck.

“You might as well stay on your knees bitch and we’ll walk through to the kitchen.”

I would tell which room was the kitchen as the door hung open and I walked her across the tiles like a dog on a leash. As we went I was totally stuck by the grandeur of the house, what a rich bitch like this was doing in the seedy side of piss pornography I could not fathom.

All too quickly we reached the kitchen and I dumped my back pack on her big kitchen table and hauled out a big red dog bowl with the word “WHORE” written in black lettering on the side. I gave her makeshift leash a tug and spoke to her.

“Well you’ve had a morning drink bitch are you feeling like relieving yourself yet?” she nodded obediently, ” Well do it in the bowl bitch, that can be your water for later.”

It was quite the magnificent spectacle, watching this stuck up bitch squat down and carefully direct her piss spray into the large plastic bowl. The noise it made as it splattered against the side was deafening in the spacious kitchen and, of course, a few drops splashed out over the edge. But by the time her flow came to a dripping halt, that red plastic animal feed bowl was filled to near overflowing with her first piss of the morning.

I turned to my cameraman and spoke over Jessica’s head.

“You know what, Alex? I would really like one time to use that bowl for it’s proper use. You know crack open a tin of dog food and then maybe cum all over it and then have some piece of shit whore like busty Jessica eat it all up. That would be a feast fit for a fucking slut like her, eh whore?” I said this final rejoinder with a nudge of my foot to the bitches ass.

Jessica looked up at me and nodded, she had slid easily back into the role she seemed to have so enjoyed in our earlier film. Although I was making a lot of this up as we went along I was pretty sure she was the type that enjoyed the thrill and excitement of debasing herself so much that she would go along with whatever I suggested or demanded, if she didn’t, well we would cross that bridge if we ever came across it. A lot of noise in the hall way certainly had an interesting effect on my Pissmop as her eyes widened and she obviously worried that her secret fetish might be discovered, it was a look that the camera captured perfectly on her piss coated face. She needn’t have worried though as I led her (still on hands and knees) to the door frame and let her watch as six work men / construction worker types filled into her pristine home. She looked up at me and I winked back at her.

“I guess these guys might be looking to relieve themselves, eh bitch? Better show them to the bathroom, hadn’t we”

She got it then. They were of course, some of my usual cast of urinators and I had arranged for their appearance, it would add to the film I thought if they were to appear like workmen just in off the street.

So leaving the full dog bowl on the kitchen tiles myself and Jessica moved through to the expansive hall to greet the visitors, she still crawling along like the dog she was. There were six of them there, milling around and chatting to each other waiting for their piss hound to show. Their whistles and comments when she did crawl out of the kitchen suggested they were more than happy with their urinal for the day. I told Jessica to get to work undressing the guys and took the opportunity while she did that and Alex filmed to explore the whore’s abode. She and her man must have been loaded as everything was really classy and expensive in the dining room then the sitting room and I had not even explored up the marble staircase yet. My mind was doing cartwheels at the possibilities that were being thrown up to me and what’s more Jessica seemed to be more than happy to go along with whatever piss antics I could suggest.

Back to the hall and Jessica was now on her knees and surrounded by six large and straining cocks, but she wasn’t getting to suck them yet, no they were just being rubbed all over her face and dirty bitch that she was, she was loving it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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