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Jessica is my girl. She has a gorgeous woman, and a heart which sits at number ten on the guy scale of attractiveness (1 being bad, 10 being great).

I had met Jess over the Internet, and was immediately attracter to her. When she wrote — a moist, hot sexuality oozed out of her words; and coupled with that, was the attractiveness of her goodness. One could see very quickly that Jess was a lover, and a giver. I once commented to her that I believed she loved to give more than she loved to take.

Jess and I wrote…a lot. We talked about the normal things that chat partners ramble on about, but like most of us who waist portions of our lives on CHAT lines, it was always fine if we dropped the conversation on commitment, love, hot bodies etc.– and switched over to the provocative…you know the raunchy sex talk – cybering.

I could have made love to Jessica at any moment of our relationship. She had sent me pics, a couple of times and although it was hard to see her full bloom, her stunning face was very visible and I dreamed about its etched character.

Jess was truly magnificent. Her body, from what I could see, no doubt seduced men, even when she didn’t know it. I would often close my eyes, and try with every inch of my imagination, to imagine Jess playing with her 12 inch black dildo. She had told me about it once, and she delighted in allowing me to get her off.

I remember her words stating, “Oh god I’ve never felt like this. I’m putting the dildo in me. I want you so badly. I want to cum. Eat me, Mycke, eat me.:”

And in my head, and on my screen I was eating Jessica. I was between her legs slowing, poetically, with enough pressure to make her naughty america porno ache, sucking on her clit. In and out I would take it. I’d feel that little creature growing on my tongue. I would saliva her up so that she was soaking with me, and I was wet with her.

My hands found her strong, long legs, and I touched them…I caressed them. Jess let out a soft moan, “oh Myce, fuck me.”

And I went about satisfying her. I moved up her calves, to her thighs and I applied some pressure to the inside of her legs, and rubbed so close to her cunt, that she adjusted her ass so as to move me closer to it. “Mycke, go inside of me, baby. I want to feel you in me, please,” she begged. And I did!

The fingers of my right hand started to make circles around her outer lips. I could see that she was wet, wetter than ever before, and I lightly kissed her clit. I sucked it again and again and again, and then would stop – waiting for her to beg me with the thrust of her hips.

Jess was so stunning to look at. All of the stories she told me about her childhood in Dallas, made me crazier for her. She would tell me how shy she was, and how her Mom was sick so it prevented her from going out like other girls.

And I mourned for her, but I knew her life was changing. I could feel it. I could read it. I could sense it. I knew that Jess would find so much lust this year that she would be constantly draining cum from her pussy, just to keep ahead of herself.

I told her, I said, “Jess, soften up those lips of yours, and exercise your throat, because this year is going to be a bloody groundbreaker in the Frabonsky family. (I knew it wasn’t her last name, nubiles porno but I didn’t care. To me Jess was Jess and Frabonsky was the last name I gave her).

I wanted to make love to her. I knew how much she loved to be eaten, though and I wanted to bring her to the greatest point of ecstasy she had ever reached. I sucked on her clit more, as one finger, as two fingers entered her.

My index finger looked and explored for Jess’s G-Spot. It was there. I could feel the roughness of it. I touched it. She leapt. I rubbed it. She flung her cunt forward at my hand. I began to caress it. She leapt up, like a rabbit and moaned out my name and fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Cum for me, baby,” I whispered to her. I was naked now, except for the shorts she loves. My cock was sticking out of the short leg and I could see Jess licking her lips like a wild, crazy animal. I was eating her with reckless abandon and she was loving it.

A third finger entered her inviting pussy. A forth finger followed. I was sucking on her clit like a Popsicle, exactly how she likes it. With some pressure, and steady movement. She was particular about that.

My fingers were soaked with her juice and finger fucked her, reaching far up inside of her, touching those places that made her frantic with sexual nervousness. “I’m going to pee, Mycke,” jess cried.

“No you’re not baby. You think you are, but you won’t. Spray for me. Spray your cum all over me, ” I responded.

The music was blaring. It was Bolero (I know, not original). The lights were low, and I could spot 10 white candles hurling their light at us; turning our entwined bodies into shadows, which meshed together olgun porno like a good pornographic film.

I want you to cum, baby. Cum for me. And I fingered her with four fingers. She was meeting my every thrust, and my face was pushed into her clit. She held me there. Jess was wild with power, and the feeling inside of her was pushing her further into ecstasy then she had ever experienced.

Deep inside of her, where Mycke’s fingers touched her, deep in her, a volcano of pleasure began to rise up. It seemed like it began at her feet and moved up with dramatic steps into her legs, her ass, and her pussy. It was powerful and she was moaning so that the neighbours could hear.

“Oh fuck. Oh Fuck. I’m having the baby. Oh fuck, ” she yelled (Jess was great, because she could make great jokes at any times).

“I’m going to cum Mycke. Eat me. Please, please, please eat my cunt. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Eat me.” And I did. I sucked as hard as I could on her sexy little clit, and I worked my hand into every crevice I could find inside of her. And then….

It happened…

She paused for a singular holy moment. Her eyes rolled back, way back into her head and she contracted her muscles, so that her body looked like it was smiling. And then…After what seemed like days, it burst. Her entire stunning body came like it was the first time. Her ass jumped high into my hand, and her breasts were sticking out proudly with nipples as hard and erect as I had ever seen.

Over and over I felt her contract as my hand fucked her faster and faster and my tongue licked her dry. She was orgasming so deeply; I couldn’t help but do the same. I came on.

Jess continued squeezing every muscle, every moan and breathes out of her orgasmic-torn body. She was erupting. God, she was so incredibly gorgeous – very inch of her. I love my Jess. There is no other like her. On a scale of 1 to 10 – Jess is all of that, and more. I love my Jess.

– End –

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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