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About a year ago, during a period of time I was attempting to refrain from sex due to a horrible relationship, I encountered a man who rocked my world, in more ways than one…

I am not the type of girl to have my head easily turned by a guy but this time was different. Watching him work in my front yard was probably more than I could stand. He had perfect muscles the kind you could see yourself tracing with your fingers for hours on end and the tattoos, oh the tattoos. They were the icing on the muscle cake and I was drooling. I knew he was going to catch me. But did I care? Nope. I couldn’t stop. He was perfect. Brown hair, piercing blue eyes and those dimples, those damned dimples. What the hell? How could a guy this flipping hot not be taken?

I don’t know why I was even letting myself think of him this way. I vowed two years of celibacy after that asshole last year. Great, I made it to the halfway point and was about to lose it over the Brad the landscaper. I was starting to imagine what he looked like naked. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed and what did his cock look like? Damn it, I was starting to get wet just thinking of him.

Just then he looked at me. Crap! I tried to tell myself to walk away from the window, but I couldn’t, I just stood there. I had to look idiotic, here I was drooling and completely turned on staring through my front window at this hunk of a man and he knew it. He smiled, winked and turned around to get back to work. That broke the spell I was apparently under long enough for me to walk away from the dining room window and into the kitchen. I needed to find something to distract me for a minute so I picked up the broom from the corner and started sweeping. I don’t even think there was anything on the floor, but it worked anyway. After what seemed like 10 minutes I put the broom back into the corner and looked at the clock. 4:45. Only 15 more minutes until he was done and I could concentrate again.

In an attempt to appear normal when he peeked in to say he was leaving, I sat down and opened up my latest book. I was just glad it wasn’t a romance novel. I didn’t that to get me any wetter and further my torment. It was a good book, the kind that you have to pry yourself from just to answer the phone but I found myself unable to get back into it. My mind kept wandering back to what it would be like to have him touch me, kiss me even better fuck me. Irritated I slammed the book down on the coffee table.

“Bad book?” a husky voice asked and seriously scared the crap out of me.

“What?” I said panicking. I looked up and there he stood all sweaty, dirty and hot at my front door.

“Oh” I stammered, “No. Just can’t get myself Sivas Escort into it right now. Uh…you done?”

“Yes. But I will be back tomorrow to lay down the rock path.” he paused. “You seem distracted.”

I didn’t answer at first, still trying not to picture him naked, cock throbbing ready to fuck my brains out. I finally managed a reply, “Just trying to figure you out.”

What was I doing?

“What do you mean?” he asked grinning.

“Why are you single?” I asked before I could censor myself.

He gave me this strange look, almost dumbstruck and said, “I could ask you the same thing.”

“Taking a break from a relationship that ended badly.” I told him. Why am I telling him this? Shit I am sabotaging myself. Shut up Jess! But I think at that moment I realized that it was probably going to be impossible to stay true to my vow. I have already started masturbating like twice a day and the instances of me getting wet from secretly watching Brad redo my front yard are getting more and more frequent. Damn it! I am going to hell.

His demeanor changed after he heard that and asked me how long ago it was and I told him 15 months ago. He then went into a series of questions as to what happened and I could see him getting more and more upset when I told him of the things the asshole did. Lying, cheating, calling me a whore and finally leaving me for some slut in the accounting department that ended up cheating on him and giving him herpes. I think that was my favorite part of the whole story and Brad seemed to like it too. He chuckled at that point in the story.

Then, he asked the question of the day “So, after 15 months you are still not dating? Why Jess?”

All I could say was, “I swore it would be 2 years.”

“Fuck that! Why torture yourself over some asshole when you can have any guy you wanted?”

“Whatever.” I laughed.

“Seriously Jess, anyone you wanted. You are beautiful, a good person and not only that, you have a smoking body.”

“I could say the same for you.” Fuck! Did that actually just come out of my mouth? I am screwed; he is going to get a kick out of that one.

I hadn’t noticed because of our conversation, but he had moved further into the house and was now standing about 3 feet away from me. He was so much more adorable close up. He was tan but you could tell he took care of his skin and he smelled so good but his scent wasn’t overpowering like some guys that wear too much cologne. It was subtle, nice. I think he felt me appraising him because he grinned a little.

He moved a little bit closer to me and I found myself taking shallower breaths. Crap…I am toast if he kisses Sivas Escort Bayan me. At this point I was already beyond wet and his close proximity wasn’t helping matters any. But why would he, of all people want me? My body wasn’t perfect. I think my best assets are my breasts. A full D on a good day but my hips always have been a little wider than I would have liked.

“Don’t you realize how attractive you are Jess?”

“What are you saying?” No, he can’t want me back.

“Jess, I want you and have wanted you since I first saw you.”


“Yes you. Don’t you know what you do to me? Do you know how distracting it is to see you staring through that damn window at me?”

I started to answer but before I had the chance, he kissed me. His lips pressed against mine, soft at first but then harder, more urgent. He pushed my lips apart and flicked his tongue against mine, I moaned as I felt my pussy throb with pleasure and anticipation. I kissed him back and pressed my body against his, feeling my soft breasts give against his hard chest. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my hips closer to him. He was rock hard. I could feel his cock throbbing through his jeans and that just turned me on even more.

I could feel him pulling himself away from my lips but I didn’t want the kiss to end yet so I pressed my lips harder. He still managed to pull away, upset by the end of the kiss I looked up at Brad.

“You okay?”

“Oh, I am more than ok. I was just considering the quickest way to get your clothes off so I can fuck you.”

At that point, I am not sure who pulled my shirt over my head, him or me but it took about two seconds before it hit the floor. Immediately his lips were kissing my breasts while he was expertly removing my bra. With my breasts now exposed he slowly started kissing my hard nipples and I gasped with pleasure when he started to suck on them. My hands started to wander, exploring those muscles I had been admiring for weeks. His body was so much nicer to touch than I had expected. I started to rub his chest and wondered how I could get his shirt off without his attention leaving my breasts. Without another option, I just grabbed the edges of his t-shirt and pulled it towards his head. He quickly released my nipples, but only long enough for me to pull his shirt off over his head. Just as fast, his mouth was on mine again with my breasts in his hands.

I decided to explore his body further and traced my fingers down his chest to his stomach. Laying my hand flat against his abdomen, I slid my hands down the front of his jeans and found his magnificent cock and wrapped my fingers around it, Escort Sivas and began to stroke it gently. He gave a slight moan which of course turned me on even more so I got down on my knees and unzipped his pants and pulled them down to reveal his erection. I slowly began laving his dick with my tongue. Brad started to moan and this turned me on even more, I was so wet now that it was soaking through my panties. I gently sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and whirled the tip with my tongue. Brad put his hands in my hair and tugged gently but urgently. Taking his cue, I took the entire length of his cock into my mouth in one quick motion until my nose touched his stomach. His grip on my hair tightened as I stroked his cock with my mouth. At this point I could tell he was getting close to losing control so I eased off and began licking his now throbbing dick with my tongue. He backed away making me lost my grip on him and said, “I want the rest of your clothes off now!” I stood up, my legs shaking the whole time and slid my shorts and panties to the floor and stepped out of them.

Since he wasn’t wearing a shirt all he had to do was finish taking his jeans off and as soon as they hit the floor, he was next to me his cock pressing against my belly. Brad looked at me and asked, “Are you sure you are okay with this?” I could only nod my head to answer him. “Good” he said, “because I want you more than I have wanted anyone, and now I am going to fuck you.” With one swift move he laid me on the couch and positioned himself between my legs. He started teasing my clit with the head of his dick. I began to moan and began playing with my tits. Without a word, and with a single thrust, he slammed his cock inside me. It hurt and felt good at the same time. I let out a moan and thrust my hips forward to meet his. He began to slowly fuck me and then his rhythm became more vigorous and harder. But it wasn’t enough, I needed to be fucked harder. I blurted out “Harder!” before I had a chance to stop myself and he quickly obliged, pounding my wet pussy hard. With each thrust I felt myself getting close to the edge and hearing his groans I could tell he was getting closer too. He grabbed my hips and began thrusting faster; harder. I slid my fingers down my stomach and started playing with my clit and moaned, “Oh God, I am so close, please…” I could feel my orgasm starting when he thrust harder into me and moaned my name, I could feel him cum inside me as I came, my pussy throbbing around his cock. After a minute or so of gentle thrusting, he stopped and began to kiss me. We just lay there for a while and kissed and explored each other’s bodies until I suggested we move to the bedroom, he responded by picking me up and carrying me into the room. Laying me on the bed he said I was a bad girl and should be punished and get on my hands and knees.

But that part of the story is for another time and there will be plenty more, Brad and I are getting married next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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