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Jeong Park’s First Frosh Ball Ch 10

Give Your All To Me

by Chloe Tzang

© 2022 Chloe Tzang. All rights reserved. The author asserts a totally immoral right to be identified as the author of this story. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review. If you see this story on any website other than Literotica, it’s been ripped off without the author’s permission.

And here’s that little note from Chloe again: Just in case you haven’t read any of the previous chapters of Jeong Park before, I will of course repeat that warning for any innocents who inadvertently have strayed across this story without having read any of the previous installments (if you haven’t read any of the previous installments, do please go back and start from Chapter One, it all makes a lot more sense that way, believe me). Now okay, that warning message….

This is, as has been mentioned in previous chapters, a tale of sordid, misogynistic, exploitative and abusive sex (if it isn’t, I’ve completely lost the plot). You have been officially warned (again and again if you’ve read previous chapters), so I won’t go through all that again. So now, enjoy. Or not. But don’t be complaining about it once you proceed past this point. Because if you don’t enjoy sordid, misogynistic, exploitative and abusive sex, well, you’re in the wrong place. You’re not going to enjoy this story at all, I can absolutely assure you of that, and you should read no further.

So now that we’re clear on that one, here you are. Chapter Ten of Jeong Park’s First Frosh Ball, which does move us along a little, and introduces yet another twist in this sordid tale of lust, exploitative sex, and debauchery. I do hope those of you who have been enjoying Jeong’s tail so far continue to enjoy. Rest assured however, that Jeong’s suffering and frustration have many more chapters to go! And now, on with the story, such as it is…. Chloe

* * * * * *

Jeong Park’s First Frosh Ball Ch 10

Give Your All to Me

Give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginnin’

Even when I lose, I’m winnin’

‘Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all of you, oh-oh

All of Me, Cover by Luciana Zogbi

* * *

Erik smiled as he took a seat beside the glass wall. There she was. Jenny. Suzy and Annie’s mom, working out. He thought he’d seen her here before, but this was way later than he usually worked out. Sipping his Red Bull, he eyed her as she worked the weights and figured it was worth a late start. Hard to believe she was Suzy’s mom. Didn’t look like she had a nineteen year old daughter. Let alone two daughters. That sports bra really showed off those big firm tits of hers, and that nice tight figure. Nice butt, and those tight shorts showed off her ass and her legs too. Nice sweat she was working up, too, and she looked just as good as she cooled down and loosened up.

Yeah, totally fuckable, and sure enough, here she came.

“Erik?” she exclaimed, stopping next to his table. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey,” Erik said, smiling, standing. “I work out here. Slept in, so I came a bit later today. Thought I’d hydrate before I go for a run. Didn’t realize you worked out here well.”

“I’ve been coming here since last year. Are you going for a run? So was I.” Jenny said, her heart beating a little faster.

God, he really was hunky. She could see why Suzy had dated him. She’d have dated him herself back when she was Suzy’s age. She’d have done more than date him. She’d have done what she’d done with those other guys. The ones who’d picked her up. She’d been an easy pickup back then, on those weekends away, every month through university. She’d have been an easy pickup for Erik, back then.

Her heart beat more than a little faster. Was he interested? She shouldn’t think that. She’d given all that up when she married. Hadn’t she? Well, she had, but that was then, that was twenty years ago, and she’d seen those looks Max had been giving Jeong. This was now.

“Why don’t we run together?” Erik said, smiling lazily. Jeez, this was way too easy, but he did enjoy it when a plan came together. Yeah, she might have been Suzy and Annie’s mom, but she was hot alright, and that look on her face….

“Sure,” Jenny said, eyeing those muscles. God, no wonder Suzy was hot for him.

They ran, Erik idling at Jenny’s pace, enjoying watching her as she pushed herself. They ran for almost an hour, neither of them saying much, before circling back to their starting point.

“Like to meet me tomorrow?” Erik asked, outside the gym, as they stretched. Her skin slick with sweat, she looked even Ataşehir Escort better. She’d look better still on his bed, naked and sweaty, and his cock throbbed at the thought.

“Sure,” Jenny said, enjoying his eyes on her boobs. She felt almost twenty again. “Run?”

“I was thinking I could pick you up here and show you my home gym,” Erik said, with a grin that set her heart pounding all over again. “We could work out there if you’d like a change from here.”

“Uh,” Jenny hesitated, straightening up, her heartbeat accelerating even more. Wasn’t that what she’d been fantasizing about? God, she was getting old. When would she get a chance like this again?

“Okay, sure,” she said, her heart in her mouth. She shouldn’t.

“It’s a date,” Erik said. “Meet here, same time. Hey, it’s two. I better run, meeting someone at three.” Two someones, actually, and he had plans for one of them, but he wasn’t mentioning that to Jenny.

“Tomorrow then,” Jenny said, watching his butt as he walked away, and she shivered. She hadn’t felt this slightly scared and eager anticipation for over twenty years. She was looking forward to this, just like she’d looked forward to those once a month weekends with her uncle and aunt, over twenty years ago.

She shouldn’t be, but she really was.

* * *

“Hey Ariana, hi Jeong.”

Jeong was expecting it this time. She’d already seen him standing there, casually leaning against his Viper, eyeing them both as they walked closer, and he looked just as hot as he had yesterday.

Jeong heard Ariana breathe in sharply. She’d seen Erik too.

“So you’re coming round to fuck my sister again?” Ariana was glaring at Erik.

Erik chuckled. “What do you think? Of course I am. You want a ride home or not?” He grinned. “Hi, Jeong,” he added. “Nice skirt.”

Jeong was going to say it, but it was Ariana who said it first, almost reluctantly.

“Okay.” Ariana hesitated. “Thanks.”

It was Ariana who sat next to him first in the front passenger seat, with Jeong on her lap. Outside Ariana’s house, it was Ariana who led the way inside, not saying a word as Erik followed them in. Once inside, the front door closed, Erik gave them a grin and bounced up the stairs towards Fernanda’s bedroom.

Jeong and Ariana looked at each other.

Without a word, both of them blushing furiously, they climbed the stairs, entering Ariana’s bedroom. Once the door was closed behind them, Ariana reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and slipped it off from under her t-shirt right away.

She sighed and stretched. “That feels good.” She looked at Jeong.

Both of them looked towards the wall. Fernanda’s room was on the other side of that wall, and each of them was waiting for the sounds they were expecting.

“He’s taking his time today,” Ariana said.

Jeong blushed an even brighter red, her cheeks flaming, abruptly sitting down on one of Ariana’s beds. She was feeling…jealous? Excited? She wasn’t sure what, but she wanted to hear what happened. Ariana sat down as well, and Jeong was sure their faces wore the same expression as they faced each other, each of them waiting, wondering what was happening in Fernanda’s bedroom.

“They don’t usually take this long to get started,” Ariana said, her cheeks pink.

Sixty seconds later, Ariana’s bedroom door opened six inches, and Erik’s head peered through. “Mind if I come in and chat while I wait?” he said. “Fer left a note saying she’d be back soon.”

Ariana shrugged. “Make yourself at home. Like you don’t know how.”

Erik grinned as he walked in, slid onto her bed behind her and sprawled out.

Ariana shifted a little, looking uncomfortable with his closeness to her. “Make yourself at home, why don’t you?”

Her eyes on him, all Jeong could think about was what he’d done to her last night, the things he’d said. She hadn’t said a thing to Ariana about that. She wasn’t sure that she could. Those things he’d said to her. About his Frosh party. Him and his friends. She shivered.

“Ariana, you’re just like your sister,” Erik chuckled, propped up on one elbow behind her.

“Not completely,” Ariana said, looking sideways and down at him, her tone more than a little sarcastic. Then, curious, “How do you think I’m like Fernanda?”

Erik chuckled. “Neither of you like wearing a bra,” he said.

Ariana blushed. “How do you know that?” she exclaimed.

Erik chuckled again. “It’s not like it’s not obvious,” he said.

Jeong watched in utter disbelief as one of Erik’s hands slipped round Ariana’s waist and slid under her t-shirt, resting for a moment on her stomach before sliding slowly upwards to cup one of her breasts. Which were just as large and firm as Jeong’s, or Fernanda’s for that matter, but now unrestrained by a bra. Unprotected by a bra.

Ariana was looking down in astonishment, her face slowly turning from pink to red.

“What…no…no you shouldn’t,” Ariana gasped, but Anadolu Yakası Escort she didn’t tell him to stop. Her mouth worked, but no sounds emerged.

“No?” Erik smiled, his hand moving on her breast, fingers caressing, thumb brushing her already swollen nipple.

Ariana made no move to stop him, she just sat there looking down at his hand under her shirt, her face burning, biting her bottom lip as her nipples engorged, becoming rubbery hard and exquisitely sensitive in seconds. How? How could he do that to her so quickly? So easily.

“Ohhhhh.” Ariana bit her bottom lip but she couldn’t stop herself from whimpering.

“Should I stop?” Erik grinned across the gap between the beds at Jeong, who couldn’t take her eyes away from Erik’s hand and Ariana’s face.

She remembered Erik’s hands on her, yesterday, how good they’d felt. She remembered everything else his hands had done to her, too, and her sex pulsed, leaving her suddenly hot and limp. Ariana’s eyes were closed now, her mouth working, her face flushed, and she was breathing fast, almost panting. Jeong wondered if that was how her face had looked yesterday, with Erik? Was that how she’d looked with Erik’s hands on her? Was that how she’d looked with Max’s hands on her?

Ariana said nothing. She made no move to remove Erik’s hand, either. She simply sat there, shivering, her skin burning everywhere, her body alive with growing excitement, not even thinking of Dave. Not thinking of anything except the sensations that Erik’s hand on her were making her feel. Not thinking of anything except Erik’s hand on her boob, teasing her nipple to a swollen rubbery hardness that ached and hurt and wanted more.

Half closing her eyes, she remembered Erik with Fer, his mouth on her, his hands on her, the noises Fer had made as Erik took her.

“Ohhhhhh.” Noises like that little sobbing moan she heard escape her own lips.

“Oh yeah, you are just like Fer, Ariana,” Erik said, his voice low and husky as he swung himself up to sit on the edge of the bed beside her. In that same movement, his hands half lifted, half guided Ariana to her feet in front of him, facing him, her back to Jeong.

“Ohhhhh.” Ariana found herself standing, looking down at the top of Erik’s head, her hands on Erik’s shoulders and her t-shirt somehow bunched up around her armpits, both her breasts exposed. Dave had seen her breasts, but Dave had never cupped one of them the way Erik was cupping one now. Dave had never gently kissed and licked one swollen nipple the way Erik was kissing and licking one now, drawing pleasure outwards from deep inside her so that she shivered, sobbed softly, and clutched at his head with one hand as she pressed herself against his mouth.

“Ohhhhh.” Ariana didn’t care if she was just like Fer, because Erik’s hand and Erik’s mouth weren’t like Dave’s. Dave’s caresses had excited her. Erik’s tormented her, drawing that desire and excitement and need from deep within her, drawing it up to fill her, creating a helpless pleasure that demanded more. More and more and more, so that when his lips moved to her other breast, the one that his hand had been cupping, she surrendered instantly to the demands of his mouth.

Jeong couldn’t see what was happening. She wanted to though. What she could see was Ariana’s back, and Ariana’s t-shirt bunched up around her armpits. What she could hear were the noises a mouth makes on skin when it’s kissing and sucking and licking. Jeong’s imagination and her memory easily supplied the rest.

Jeong imagined.

Ariana didn’t need to imagine.

If she’d been thinking, Ariana would have been shocked at her own instant acquiescence, but she wasn’t thinking. She was completely in the moment. Experiencing. Experiencing Erik’s mouth on her boobs, his lips drawing on her nipples, his tongue circling, teasing, lapping across her tender skin, flames of pleasure that his saliva on her seemed somehow to feed. Her hands clutched at his head, holding herself to him until his hands peeling her t-shirt off her demanded that she lift her arms, not even noticing as her t-shirt dropped to the floor beside her, leaving her naked from the waist up.

Jeong noticed, but she wasn’t shocked either. Erik’s hands had done this to her, yesterday evening. Was he going to do the same to Ariana as he’d done to her?

“Ohhhhhhh.” Jeong wasn’t sure if that was her, or Ariana. Maybe it was both of them.

“Ohh…ohhh…ohhhh.” Ariana began to gasp quietly, little gasps, little whimpers, quiet little sobs as Erik’s hands moved to her skirt, unhooking, unzipping, casually brushing it down over Ariana’s hips, where it fell to her ankles, leaving her standing in little black bikini panties and black ankle socks. His hands roamed over Ariana’s hips, her butt, her lower back, the backs of her thighs. Roamed over her skin as his mouth continued to suckle at her breasts, alternating, taking his time. Taking her excitement to new heights.

“Ohhh…ohhhh.” Kartal Escort Ariana stood before him, helpless, her entire body alive, skin tingling and burning, alive to the pleasure of his touch, the ecstasy of his mouth drawing out her center through her nipples, filling her with a molten liquid excitement that held her enthralled. She’d seen him with Fer, seen him taking her. Was he going to take her like that? Was she going to let that happen?

“Ohhhhhhhh.” Ariana knew the answer without thinking. What he was doing to her was creating so much pleasure. Irresistible pleasure. Pleasure that she helplessly gave herself up to.

“Uhhh,” Jeong couldn’t help gasping herself, half-shocked that Ariana hadn’t even tried to stop him, even when his hands ran all over Ariana’s body. But then, last night, she hadn’t tried to stop Erik either. She’d let Erik do to her what he was doing to Ariana now. Stop him? She hadn’t even thought about stopping him and right now, she was wearing the clothes that Erik had asked her to wear today.

“Ohhhhhhh.” Ariana’s moan was long and low, filled with pleasure, and filled with something more. Filled with the sound of abject surrender.

Jeong remembered exactly how it had felt when Erik had done that to her. How his hands had run over her. Every touch of his fingers, of his mouth. How she’d felt as he’d looked at her. How she’d acquiesced to everything Erik had wanted. How she’d offered herself to Erik. She knew exactly how Ariana felt.


Not only that, she was wearing the little black G-string panties that Erik had asked her to wear, and she knew that if Erik turned to her now, abandoning Ariana, she’d let him peel her clothes off her, the way he’d removed Ariana’s clothes. She’d let him peel G-string panties off her the way he had last night.

The way he was peeling Ariana’s little black bikini panties off her right now.

“Ariana, you’re hot.” Erik’s voice was a low growl of lust and desire that reverberated through Jeong’s body.

She didn’t have to imagine how that made Ariana feel. She remembered. She knew. She didn’t have to imagine how Ariana had felt when Erik’s hands jerked her little black panties down to her knees in one move. She knew that too. She watched as those little black bikini panties fell the rest of the way to Ariana’s ankles by themselves, leaving her standing in nothing but her short black ankle socks.

“Ohhh.” Ariana sobbed as Erik removed her panties, knowing she was naked now. Exposed. Helpless. One of his hands rested on her butt, while the other hand….

The other hand left Ariana’s butt, disappearing from Jeong’s sight, but not from Ariana’s.

“Ohhh.” The other hand brushed across the smooth firmness of Ariana’s stomach, taut and flat, the brush of his fingers sending shivering little electric shocks through her. Shocks that were repeated as those fingers slid downwards to caress her thighs, brushing upwards towards her sex, not quite touching her there. Not quite…not quite….

Ariana wanted him to touch her there.

She did. She didn’t. She did. She didn’t want that, but when his mouth found one of her breasts again, her hands clutched at his head and she moaned softly, wordlessly, as he once more teased a swollen nipple with his lips and his tongue. She didn’t. She did. She didn’t. His fingers stroked upwards, brushing the silky skin of her inner thighs, brushing her sex, where she was so wet. Wet and slippery and ready, her labia puffy, sensitive, so sensitive.

His fingers touched her. There. Brushing her slit. A feathery touch circling her clitoris, so that her hips juddered.

She didn’t. She did. She did. She did.

“Ohhh.” Ariana’s butt jerked against Erik’s hand, the hand that Jeong could see. She saw his fingers digging into Ariana’s butt, holding her as she jerked back a little.

Would he move Ariana onto his lap, the way he’d moved her last night? Would he do something else?

“Ooohhhhhhh.” Jeong heard Ariana moan. She watched as Ariana rose up onto her toes, then sank slowly downwards again. Something else. He was doing something else.

“Ooohhhhhhh.” Ariana wasn’t watching. Ariana was clutching at Erik’s head as Erik’s other hand, the one that wasn’t splayed across her butt, cupped her sex.

“Uhhhh.” Erik’s fingertip slowly penetrated her entrance, gently sliding up inside her sex, thick and slow. Ariana lifted herself up onto her toes in reaction to that digital penetration, experiencing his finger caressing her channel walls, touching her inside, exploring her as her toes, unable to support her weight any longer, gave up the unequal struggle, so that she sank slowly down onto Erik’s hand and onto his finger.

Jeong watched breathlessly as Ariana stood there. After a moment, Ariana’s feet shuffled slowly sideways, her legs parting so that Jeong could see Erik’s hand between her thighs, cupping Ariana between her legs. Jeong could remember how that had felt, too. She remembered her own helplessness as she waited for Erik to do what he wanted. Whatever he wanted.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh.” Ariana moaned as Erik forced a second finger into her sex. Dave had never done this to her, and that forceful intrusion, ruthlessly stretching her, lifted her onto her toes again.

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