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Megan and I had gone to Chicago to visit her friend Amanda. We stopped on our way back from a family reunion in Cape Cod, when I’d sort of freaked out and given up on our relationship. We’d fought a lot during that week, but were still together and going through with our plans to visit her friend. One of the nights we went out to a bar with Amanda and her roommate Jen. Both of these women were really cool, but Megan had always been put off by Jen because every time we visited, Jen would flirt with me. She had made clear to Megan her attraction to me after our first visit, when she talked to Megan about how cute I was.

That first visit Amanda had a party, and while Amanda and Megan made appetizers in the kitchen, I sat on the couch with Jen talking. She was very touchy feely and would just come up and hug me, whether I wanted her to or not. I kind of rolled with it, but didn’t return the affection. She was the kind of person who sees what she wants and takes it, without thinking of the reality of the situation or whether her behavior might be appropriate or not.

We got some drinks and played pool at the bar. Megan wore a thin tube top that showed off her beautiful shoulders and tits. The thin fabric molded perfectly to the smooth contour of her medium-sized, drooping breasts. Her tits were flattened slightly, being more floppy than firm, but the gray top did a great job of showing them off. She showed no nipples of course because hers were almost all aureole. It’s incredibly exciting when a woman is wearing something in public that if merely tugged on would flash the world her tits, and it’s even more exciting when that woman is your girlfriend.

In no time Megan got the attention of a drunken fuck who proceeded to hit on her. She wasn’t interested at all, but the guy didn’t seem to get the message. I talked to Jen while the guy hit on Megan. Of course, I would stare at Megan’s tits whenever I had the chance. I was a little amazed that she could bend over the pool table and shoot without her tits flopping right out the front of the tube top. Of course, in addition to looking at her tits I would look on her beautiful face as its expression changed with her words. She was tall and elegant.

Later that night we had the hide-a-bed in the main room of Amanda’s apartment to ourselves. I was so excited to unwrap this gorgeous package I’d been salivating over all night. I told her I’d been waiting all night to peel her gray tube top off her. She was somewhat excited by my enthusiasm, but was not really into anything sexual for some reason. She said she was hesitant to have sex in the middle of the main room of the apartment. Because we were right outside the door of Jen’s bedroom, Megan was worried that Jen might wake in the night to go to the bathroom and find us fucking each other’s brains out. I imagined Jen walking in on us and finding Megan riding my cock, her hands on my shoulders and her big tits bouncing all over her chest in the dim streetlight and it didn’t seem too frightening to me. I think she was reluctant to have sex because she was still upset over the conflicts we’d been having the last few days.

We did kiss though, and I pulled her thin top down to her stomach, hesitating as her tits bulged showing maximum cleavage just before flipping out the top of the fabric. I sucked on her nipples as they were revealed, incredibly soft and wrinkling slightly in the coolness of the room. I told her I’d warm them up for her and sucked on them until the wrinkles smoothed out again and her budded nipples disappeared. I wanted so bad to fuck her, but she said she didn’t want to risk it. So we slept.

In the morning we woke up late. As we sat in the hide-a-bed, Jen came out of her room and gave us both hugs. She wore just a robe and it was loosely tied. She sat on the bed, facing both of us cross legged. She asked what we were going to do today. I couldn’t help but look into the opening of the robe, which hung agape to reveal her small firm tits. I could see one and I’m certain Megan could see the other. She had normal looking nipples and nicely curved little breasts. As she moved slightly, her nipples would disappear and reappear from behind the fabric. Her whole body was pretty small.

As I looked at Megan, I saw she was looking lower with a slightly disgusted look on her face. I tried to keep my mind on what Jen was saying to me, but I was kind of distracted by the nakedness of her chest and the curve of her cleavage. As she turned her head to Megan, I glanced down to see what Megan was turning her nose up at. My eyes followed the smooth curve of Jen’s little legs to her thighs and I saw that her robe was equally agape in her crotch. From my angle, however, the flap of fabric from her robe obscured my view of her pussy. But I realized that Megan must have had a wide open view under the flap that draped Jen’s thigh. I could see the entire length of her soft right inner thigh down to the beginning of the curve of her ass.

She alsancak escort bayan kept lifting herself up to readjust the robe and try to cover herself with it but this didn’t really help. She only succeeded in blocking Megan’s view and flashing me a full on glimpse of her fat little pussy. I felt Megan’s glare on me as I looked down at the darkness of her brown pubic hair thinly covering her swollen pussy lips from between which protruded the knob of her clit and the wrinkle of her inner labia. Her little ass cheeks curved toward each other, meeting just below her cunt. My cock began to grow in my boxers and pushed up on the fabric. I looked over at Megan and was further turned on by the bulge of her tit, which hung half out of the wide sleeve of her thin-strapped nightgown. Megan and I both got up to take a shower and Jen went to her room.

When we got to the bathroom , Jen was the first thing Megan talked about.

“Did you see that?” She asked, with a scowl of irritation.

“See what?” I bluffed.

“What was there not to see?” Disturbed. “Her robe was hanging wide open and she was flashing us her tits.”

“Yeah, I did notice it was opening in the front, but I couldn’t really see much other than her cleavage.”

“Didn’t you see her flashing her crotch?”


“God, from where I was I could see it all.”

“I wasn’t looking down there.”

“I can’t believe that. What a little ho.”

Megan pulled her robe off over her head, and I was down to my boxers. I couldn’t help but be drawn to her naked body. I reached out for her and cradled her big ass as I brought my face to hers. We kissed and she returned the grope and helped me remove my boxers. We didn’t have to worry about being walked in on in the bathroom.

We hopped in the shower, which was actually an adapted clawfoot bathtub. We washed ourselves separately; then I helped her wash her tits. I used the bar of soap and lathered them up, feeling the unique skin of her nipples and aureoles. Her big floppy tits slid through my grip. Her chest was flecked with freckles, and she looked exquisitely beautiful with her body glistening and her hair slicked back. I kissed her wet lips and our faces slid against each other. I sucked on her ears, getting her hot and starting the burning in her belly. My cock stood full length as she rubbed her pussy to clean it. I knelt down and helped her, looking at her slicked up pussy lips inches from my nose. I slid my fingers inside her and pulled open her pink lips. With one hand I held her ass cheeks open so I could see her better. She began to rub her clit as I licked her asshole and worked my way over to her pussy. The water was running down into her crotch and into my nose from time to time. But her flesh was incredibly delicious. She was definitely coming because her slit was well lubed as my tongue darted in and out. After a few minutes of her hand vigorously diddling her clit she convulsed and moaned and came all over my face.

She looked down at my hard cock and decided to repay me. She pulled me up and turned her ass to me, preparing herself for a good fucking. I nudged my head between her butt cheeks and rubbed it through her ass crack and pussy. She lifted her ass up and pushed it towards me, my head pushing into her wet pussy. She was so hot and tight around my cock. She moaned a bit as my head pushed through the opening. Then she cried out as I thrust inside her all the way. As I pounded into her, I pulled up on her shoulders so her chest stuck out. I could see her tits bounce up and down as I fucked her, and it turned me on even more. I lifted one leg up and put it on the rim of the tub as I reached around through the hair on her mound and found her knobby clit. I rubbed it gently, getting deep moans from her. Her moans grew louder and my cock felt better and better. She came again with a cringe and I came a few seconds later, pulling out of her and shooting cum onto the floor of the tub. She turned around smiling with pleasure and we kissed a wet kiss.

Later we walked to the beach with Amanda and her boyfriend and played in the surf. She wore her black bathing suit that was just a wide strap across her chest. As we played in the water I reached a hand into her suit bottoms and rubbed her big beautiful ass. We played more and lay in the sun through the afternoon.

That night we slept on the hide-a-bed couch again. Megan wore her black nightgown to bed and I boxers. Her body under the flimsy gown was turning me on and as we kissed my cock grew and poked into her crotch. She didn’t want to have sex though, just like the night before. I was so frustrated because it seemed like no one would care. It was like she just didn’t want anyone to think we had sex, like you’d do with your parents. It was crazy considering we’d once had sex in a hotel room with her mother in the next bed over. I think it was jealousy. That night Jen was in her room with her boyfriend, alsancak escort who was an asshole alcoholic. We felt sorry for her in a way. In the very early morning, I woke up to light coming in and got up to go to the bathroom. Despite the fact that Megan had made such a big deal about having sex in the main room of the apartment for fear of someone walking in on us, I found her sprawled out on her side of the bed, nightgown pulled up to her waist and her legs spread wide open. I sat staring at her hairy little snatch in disbelief as to how this could happen. She’d wriggled her way out from under the covers, though she normally got cold easily. I’d never seen this happen to her before. Not only were the covers off of her but her night gown had been hiked up to flash the world her pussy. I thought she must have done it intentionally, maybe hoping Jen’s asshole boyfriend would walk by in the night and see her twat flashed at him as Megan had thought her boyfriend had done to me. Or maybe Jen or her asshole boyfriend had walked by in the night and lifted the covers off her to get a look at her pussy, thinking she might be a heavy sleeper and not notice. I thought the possibility that it was something Megan did seemed greater. I went back to sleep without pulling the covers back over her, getting turned on by the thought of her twat being open for all to see.

I slept more and woke up about two hours later. I noticed that Megan had pulled the covers back over her bottom half. I lay in bed reading and before long heard Jen stirring. I knew she had to go to work early that morning, so I prepared for her to come out. I decided I was going to flash her if Megan was going to sleep flashing everyone. So I took off my boxers and lay reading with the covers pulled over my midsection. Although it would seem to me to be covering my crotch, walking by Jen could actually see the loose sack of my balls and my huge semi-flaccid penis dangling between my legs. So soon she came out and I acted like I was reading, knowing that as she walked by she was looking no doubt right in between my legs at my cock and hairless sack. I saw her gaze lock on my cock as she walked by and then she looked at me as she walked by, giving me a mischievous look as she continued toward the bathroom. She wore the same short robe she’d flashed Megan and I in the previous morning. Before she got too far away, she dropped her towel and slowly bent over to pick it up. I watched closely as the hem of her robe rose up and her pert little ass stuck out from under it. Her ass was exquisite, smooth and perfectly shaped, big for such a petite girl. I could see a patch of darkness peeking from between her ass cheeks. I sort of saw this as a green light from her. I waited as she showered.

I heard the door open and soon she came around the corner, heading towards me. Megan was still sound asleep. I’d pulled the covers back over my crotch, but under the strip of sheets that covered my crotch only, my hand worked up and down on my enormous hardon. I’d been masturbating while she was in the shower, and by now my cock was well lubed and glistening with come. She noticed my head tenting up the covers and we made eye contact. For a few seconds I was nervous, worried she might be freaked out, but as realization came over her, she smiled. She walked over next to the bed staring me in the eyes smiling. As she got closer she lowered her free hand to her crotch and it disappeared into the folds of her robe.

She dropped her towel and loosened the belt of her robe. Her young firm body was revealed. I looked her over up and down, and let out a hushed moan. She looked very young, with her small breasts and a thin coat of pubes in her crotch. I snuck a peek at Megan, not wanting to break my view of Jen. Megan was still asleep or appeared to be. One of Jen’s hands went to her huge nipples and squeezed them while her other hand still worked in her crotch, spreading apart her pussy lips and revealing to me how dripping with wetness they were. She rubbed her clit with the cum, making it glisten. I pulled the covers off my crotch, revealing my huge cock, shining with cum as my hand jerked it off. Her eyes bulged in delight and her fingers worked faster on her clit, circling it and pushing up the flesh around it.

I moved closer to the edge of the bed so we could reach each other easily. She let go of her nipples and moved her hand into her crotch to join her other hand. She came over closer and stuck her pussy in my face so that it was only inches from my eyes. She frigged herself, one finger on her clit and a few snaked up inside her. I was so excited, cum was flowing from my cock making my hand glide easily over it. I whispered to her, telling her how sexy she was.

I reached out and touched her fleshy thigh, caressing it and moving my hand toward her inner thigh. This really got her going, though she was trying so hard not to make a peep. I could see her face now cringing as she escort alsancak seemed to be begging for her orgasm to come. She moved her crotch closer as her finger continued to rub her clit, until the little nub of her clit was within reach of my tongue. I tasted her sweet flesh, clean after a good scrubbing in the shower, and devoured her pussy. I slurped in the folds of her inner labia and my tongue pushed into her hole.

I could tell she wanted to taste me as she was eyeing my cock. She turned around slightly and put her foot up on the bed over my head so that her pussy lips and asshole hovered inches above my face. She bent over and licked my bare stomach working her way slowly down to my cock. My mouth watered as I plunged it once again into her bulging pussy lips. I embraced her ass and thighs, pulling my tongue hard into her. She was a blowjob expert and slurped on my hard penis and began mouthfucking me very fast, bobbing her head up and down. I spread apart her fat lips and licked her clit. I sucked her clit into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue. She began rocking her pelvis and before long she was convulsing and her orgasm triggered mine as I spilled cum into the back of her throat. All this was done with as little noise and as little bed shaking as possible. Megan was still asleep.

Jen got off me and started back toward the bedroom without even a word. She wrapped her robe around her small beautiful body and flipped up her short blonde hair. Before she could get far I’d jumped up and reached my hand under her robe and grabbed her thigh, stopping her. I scooted up behind her and whispered that I wanted to fuck her tight little pussy. I sucked in her earlobe and reached inside her robe to feel up a tit, tweaking her huge nipple. She was immobilized as I lifted up her robe and out popped her perfect ass. My hardon was growing as I pushed it into her still soaking labia. Everything was slippery down there. I knew that what I wanted to do to her was too loud to do there, so I pulled her towards the bathroom.

Once there, we kissed hard and passionately. She reached for my penis and lifted one of her legs up so her pussy was exposed. She guided me into her and the feel of her hot slick pussy on my cock felt exquisite. Her pussy was so wet I went all the way in in one thrust. She yelped when I made that first thrust and as I withdrew and penetrated her again and again she let out high pitched, sensual moans. I untied her belt and hastily pulled her robe off her shoulders, revealing their beauty and her perfect little tits.

“Wow, you’re really living up to your reputation. Megan told Amanda you could stay hard and outfuck her…Lucky for me!” She whispered to me.

I lifted her up by her ass as she locked her legs around me. I pulled her crotch hard into mine grinding her clit into me and stretching her pussy. My fingers felt the area of our union. They felt her soft thick lips around my hard cock. All was slick with cum. She leaned back in ecstasy as I held her and kept her from falling. I licked her chest and sucked on her nipples, slurping in as much of her small breasts as I could. When I held her ass and moved her up and down my shaft it felt the best. Both of us were going to cum soon if I kept that up. Her cum was dripping down into her ass crack and lubing up her asshole. My fingers felt around and two plunged into her ass from either side. This seemed to push her over and Jen began to moan louder and finally came. After her panting slowed I put her down and she turned around so I could fuck her from behind. I plunged into her and she cried out again.

“Fuck me in the ass” she begged in a hoarse whisper.


“Yeah, take it slow and use lots of spit” I pulled out of her pussy and got down on my knees. I stuck my face between her ass cheeks and licked her tight little asshole. She moaned deeply. I poked my tongue into the smooth skin inside her ass and licked the wrinkly rim, twirling its hair around my tongue. Then I began to leave gobs of spit all around down there.

“Come here. Get up”. She said, pulling me up.

I got up and she spat a huge glob into her hand and rubbed it all over my stiff cock. She bent over a bit more as I pushed my head into the pocket around her asshole. I gently pushed in further and my head broke through and disappeared into her. I pushed further in and then pulled out slightly and spread more spit on my cock to lube her up better. Then I pounded into her causing her entire body to jerk and ripples to move through her perfect ass. I pulled her face up towards me and sucked on her earlobe. She was letting out gasps with each pound. One hand went to her tit and desperately pinched her nipple while the other plunged into her pussy, sending three small fingers in to the highest knuckle. In a few minutes she was cumming and her orgasm triggered mine as I spilled cum deep in her ass.

We kissed and thanked each other for the fun. She had to get to work. She put on her robe and went out past Megan and into her bedroom. I went back to bed a few minutes later to find Megan still asleep—or so I thought. She stirred slightly and turned over when I sat down gently on the hide-a-bed and I thought she was going to say something, but she apparently was still asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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