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I woke up to the ringing of our hotel room’s phone. Anita and I were still spooning and she was still in a deep sleep. Because she just just started doing weed again after seven months, and had experienced high stress the day before, her body had crashed hard. I was tired, too, but because I had done weed almost every day for the last 12 years, I didn’t crash that hard from it.

I answered the phone and it was the lady at the front desk, calling to tell me that it was now 12 PM – an hour past checkout time. I told her that we’d be staying for another day, then rested my face on Anita’s soles.

I slept off and on over 2 1/2 hours, staying in that position the whole time. Then I woke up to country music. It was the ring tone of Anita’s phone, inside one of her pants pockets. I ran over and grabbed the phone on the third ring. The caller was shown as Debbie and the time as 2:37. I quickly woke Anita up. She slightly opened her eyes and looked very groggy.

“It’s Debbie,” I said while handing Anita the phone. She showed no reaction, but accepted the call and spoke after a few seconds.

“Hi, Honey,” Anita said, sounding extremely tired.

“Hi, Mom!” I heard Debbie say, very enthusiastically.

“What’s going on, Babe?”

“What’s going on with you?! You sound like you’re totally fucked up!”

“I’m not now, but I sure the fuck was last night!” Anita said, still sounding very tired but now happy as well.

“Oh, so you got your filthy hands on some more weed last night?!”

“Yes, and I’m bringing lots of it home to you, Honey!”

“Fuck yeah!” Debbie exclaimed, sounding very much like a typical teenage girl. Anita grinned but was slow in thinking of something to say. After a few seconds of waiting, Debbie spoke further. “So did you get it from the same dealer as last time?!”


“Okay, I think I’ve figured it out! He lives in Seymour and your car broke down while you were going to get a stash of shit for us!”

Anita continued grinning and didn’t have the energy to fully explain the situation, so she simply replied “Something like that!”

“So does that mean you’re going to get it regularly from this guy?!”

“Sure does!”

Debbie now sounded like she was about to go into cheerleader mode. “Alright, Mom; way to fucking go, girl!”

“Anything for my daughter and BFF!”

“Awww, you’re so sweet!”

“So are you, Honey!”

“That’s because you raised me!”

“I don’t know about that, but thanks anyway!”

“You’re welcome, Mom; you fucking earned it!”

“You’re an amazing girl naturally, Debbie; your dad and I had nothing to do with it!”

“Come on, Mom; you had lots to do with it!”

“I guess if you say so!”

“I do say so, and I fucking insist!”

“So does that mean you’ll kick my big fat ass if I argue with your insisting?!”

“It sure the fuck does! And my big fat ass can fucking out kick yours any day!”

“I know it can, so I guess I better shut the fuck up and let you win!”

“Yes, you fucking better!”

“I love you, Honey!”

“Awww, I love you, too, Mom!” Anita blushed but said nothing. After a few seconds of silence, Debbie spoke further. “So when are you coming home?!”

“Tomorrow,” I whispered to Anita.

“Tomorrow,” she repeated. “You think you can hold down the fort for one more day?!”

“Oh yeah!” Debbie responded.

“You think you can survive one more day without weed?!”

“Of course! Before Sunday, I hadn’t had any in seven months!”

“I’m fucking amazed we both survived those seven fucking months!”

“Yeah, me too!” Debbie said while laughing.

“Hey, Honey. My phone is down to 23% and I didn’t bring my charger with me, so I better save my battery in case I have an emergency.”

“Yeah, I understand; that’s a good idea.”

“But hey, if you need to talk more, call me here at my hotel room. I’m at the Motel 6 in Seymour and I’m in room 204.” Anita then gave Debbie the motel’s phone number.

“Okay! And I’ll definitely call you tonight to see how you are.”

“Thanks, Honey.”

“You’re welcome, Mom.”

“Well, thanks for calling and have a great day, and take care of your little brother and sister!”

“I will!”

“Give them both a big hug from me!”

“I will! And you get totally fucked up tonight for me!”

“I will! And we’ll get totally fucked up together on Friday!”

“Mmmm, I can hardly wait!”

“Me too, Honey!”

“Well, I miss you and I’m happy you’ll be home tomorrow, and I’m happy that you have a good weed supply in the meantime!”

“Thanks, Honey, and I miss you, too!”

“I love you, Mom!”

“I love you, too, Debbie!”

Debbie then kissed her phone, Anita followed suit, and they both hung up.

I spoke immediately afterward, in awe of the conversation I’d just heard. “Wow, you and Debbie sound like you have an awesome relationship.”

“We do!” Anita said proudly.

“So tell me about your kids!”

“Well, Debbie is my oldest. She’s 17 and a senior in high school. Then Marissa is 13 and in eighth grade, almanbahis and Jonathan is 10 and in fourth grade.”

“That’s great! Do you have as great a relationship with the other two as you do with Debbie?”

“Well, I love them all equally, but Debbie’s the one I’m closest to, for a long time.”

“Why’s that?”

“We have so much in common and, each of us is the other’s best friend. We like all the same music, we do weed together, we’re into the same computer games, we became Wiccan together five years ago, and the other two kids have no interest in any of those things. And besides that, she’s the only one of the kids who understands the shit I’ve gone through and knows how to help me with it. She pulled me through the divorce all by herself.”

I wanted to talk to Anita about the divorce in the near future, but thought it would be better for her if she took another day or two for relaxation. So I tried to lighten the conversation. “And it sounds like she has her mom’s filthy mouth, too!”

“She sure the fuck does! Oh shit, you should hear me and her when we really get going!”

“Well, having heard you a lot, I know you have a very filthy mouth, and I love it!”

“I’m glad you do, but when me and Debbie hang out together, we’re both about 10 times worse than what you’ve heard!”

“I can hardly wait to hear that!”

“You like girls with filthy mouths, huh?!”

“I fucking love them!”

“That’s good! If you didn’t, I’d have a very hard time keeping my words clean around you!”

“Well please be assured you don’t have to do that!”

“That’s good! Hey, do you have a picture if your other girlfriend?”

“Yeah, just a moment!” I said as I went to my jeans and got my iPhone, where I’d saved the picture of Jenola from her personal ad. I opened the picture, handed Anita the phone, then immediately lay back down and started cuddling with her again.

As she saw the picture, her eyes opened wide and her chin dropped in excitement. “You have a black girlfriend?!”


“Oh my God! Black girls are hotter than fuck!”

“I know!”

“Have you ever had sex with a black girl?!”

“Yes, lots of times!”

“How is it?!”

“It’s mind blowing, every time, just like with you!”

Grinning and blushing, Anita said “Wow, that’s the best compliment I’ve ever gotten!”

“Well, you earned it, Honey!”

“Then I’ll try to keep earning it!”

“Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and you will!”

“I sure will, for you! But what is it that makes me as good as these black women you’ve been with?!”

“Your body and your mind are totally fucking hot, you have no inhibitions at all to prevent you from achieving your sexual potential, you have a filthy mouth, and you’re a stoner!”

“So are you saying black women are like that?!”


“And you’re saying I’m like a black woman!”

“You sure the fuck are!”

“Wow! I can hardly wait to be with one! It’s been a fantasy of mine since I was 14!”

“Would you like to be with Jenola?!”

“Oh, fuck yes! She’s luscious!

“Oh yeah!”

“So does she have all those qualities you mentioned that black women and I have?!”

“From what I can tell so far, yes! And she’s been arrested for weed three times!”

“Wow, I’ve been arrested lots of times, but never for that!”

“How have you avoided it?!”

“I never did weed until six years ago.”



“Why not?”

“I had been an alcoholic since I was 13, and my sister had been since about the same age. Alcohol was all we did. But then she got sober seven years ago, and a year later, right after I got out of jail for my last DUI, she told me that weed is what got her off of alcohol. She said weed left her feeling so much better and she offered me a joint. I tried it and it instantly became my new obsession.”

“That’s great! Does it leave you feeling better, too?”

“Oh yeah, weed is totally fucking awesome. My life’s been so much better since I stopped alcohol and started weed.”

“How so?”

“Alcohol made me a fucking bitch. It made me violent and angry. Weed makes me euphoric, relaxed, peaceful, and horny.”

“That’s exactly what it does to me!”

“I can tell!”

“How long has your daughter been doing it?”

“She started when she was 12 without my permission, and then we started doing it together when she was 14.”

“So when she started without your permission, did she steal your weed?”

“Yeah! We didn’t get along very well during my alcohol days, then suddenly when I switched to weed, we got along awesomely and became super close. After about a year, she asked why I changed so much and I told her it was because of the switch. So she wanted to start doing weed right away. I told her not until she was 18, but she stole it from me all the time and then when she was 14, she and one of her friends got arrested for it. I wanted to make sure that she didn’t have anymore legal problems, after how hard that’s made my life, so I told her that from now on, she can do weed at our house as long as she almanbahis yeni giriş doesn’t have school the next day.”

“That’s the best way to do it. That way you know she’s safe, instead of doing it at a party where she might get hurt.”

“Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking. And it’s worked. She’s a virgin, she hasn’t gotten arrested again, she stays home every Friday and Saturday night, and we hang out and do weed together. Each of us is the other’s best friend.”

“Is she fun to get fucked up with?!”

“Oh yeah, we have a fucking blast every time! We just lie in my bed, listen to the radio, eat potato chips, talk a bunch of shit, and smoke ’til we pass out!”

“Wow, that sounds awesome!”

“It is! It’s the best!”

“So do you two share a room?”

“Well, she has her own room, but we sleep together in my bed the nights that we do weed.”

“Cool! What do you wear?”

“We both wear a long T shirt, but we both sleep nude when we sleep alone.”


“Which part of it?!”

“All of it!”

“I’m glad you think so!”

“I was wondering, since you said you hadn’t gotten any weed since your husband left you, is he a stoner also?

“No. I got my weed from my sister until she moved to Florida three years ago, and then my husband got it for me for the rest of our marriage.”

Suddenly Anita’s phone rang. She answered on the second ring and was informed that her car was ready to be picked up.

As she hung up, I said “How about I take you to get your car, we’ll get something to eat, spend tonight here, then drive home tomorrow?”

“That would be great!” she responded.

“Hey, I just realized, I don’t know where you live!”

“Edinburgh!” That’s a blue collar town about 40 miles south of my apartment.

“That’s not too far away!”

“I’m glad you don’t think so!”

“Hey, I’d gladly drive much further than that to have those soles!”

“I never had any idea that getting my soles licked and massaged would feel so good.”

“We fill so many needs for each other, it’s amazing.”

“It sure is!” At that, we smiled and gazed deeply into each other’s eyes for several seconds, then open mouth kissed for about a minute. It could’ve easily turned into more sex, but I knew we needed to pick up her car and figured that we’d have plenty of sex that night.

So I suddenly pulled back, smiled invitingly, and suggested “Let’s take our first shower together and then go get your car before the place closes!”

“That’s a great idea! Just let me go to the restroom first!”

She instantly got out of bed and started walking toward the restroom. I immediately followed suit but she didn’t seem to notice until she entered the restroom and started to close the door. She looked confused and I explained “I want us to get in the shower and you piss on me, Honey.”

Anita smiled, blushed, and spoke after a short pause. “Well, I’d love for us to piss on each other, but I have to take a dump!”

“I’d love to watch!” She paused, her grinning and blushing intensified, and she stared at the floor. After about 15 seconds, I spoke again. “Please!”

After about five more seconds, she suddenly hugged me, which I immediately reciprocated. She then looked at me eye to eye and said in a serious tone “Anything that you want me to do for you, I will. Always.”

“No matter how fucking perverted it is?!”

“No matter how fucking perverted it is!”

I grinned, took her by the hand, and positioned her so that she was standing with her back to me and one foot on each side of the toilet. Then I got down on my knees, placed my fingers on her hips and my thumbs on her inner ass cheeks, and spread her cheeks as far apart as I could. I paused and admired the sexiness or her rosebud for a few seconds, then enthusiastically told her “Fire away!”

Instantly, she grunted and a massive chunk of jet black shit, about 18 inches long and six inches around, shot out of her ass like a torpedo. That was followed within a few seconds by several much smaller chunks. Anita clearly felt relieved, took a few deep breaths, and asked “So did that turn you on?!”

“Oh yeah, I’ve always thought it’s sexy to watch! Now I want to clean you up!”

“That would be great!”

At that, I stared for a few seconds at the huge mountain of Anita’s shit in the toilet, flushed it down, took her by the hand, and walked her to the shower. “How do you like the shower water to be, Honey?”

“A little more hot than cold,” she said.

“Cool, that’s the way I like it as well.” I then set it as such. “Does that feel about right honey?”

She stuck a couple of fingers under the water and said “It’s perfect!”

I then flicked the switch to send the water through the shower head, took her by the hand, stepped into the tub, and guided her in with me. At first, we stood facing each other in the water steam until we both got soaked. Then we stepped back and Anita washed me from the shoulders down, placing particular emphasis on my cock.

While she was washing my cock, which gave me yet another hard on, she grinned almanbahis giriş and said “I just got a very hot idea!”

“What’s that, Honey?!”

“Well, you told me that you and Rich used to get fucked up, jack each other off, shower, and sleep nude together?!”


“I want to watch you two shower together and wash each other this time!”

“I’d be glad to do that for you and I think he would, too!”

“And I want to oil up both of your bodies and watch you two wrestle each other nude on a slick surface, so you slip and slide all over each other!”

“I’m willing to do that for you, too, and I hope he is also. And if he isn’t, I’ll find another guy to do it with.”

“Wow, that’s going to be so fucking hot! And anything you want to watch me do, just let me know and I’ll do it for you, too!”

“Wow, thanks for that red hot offer! I’ll be thinking and I’m sure I’ll come up with some fucking awesome ideas!

“And the key word there is come!”

“And fucking is a key word, too!”

We then stared and grinned intensely at each other for several seconds, but spoke no further for a few minutes.

I then washed her from the shoulders down, placing particular emphasis, of course, on her soles. But I saved her ass for last. I got down on my knees and started with each cheek, then her crack, and finally slid my left index finger all the way inside her ass, circling it around.

Like with our fucking the night before, after a few seconds, she quickly began moving her body in a perfect rhythm with the circling. After about a minute, I patted the back of her thighs as a cue to step forward. She did and I helped her rinse, but without rinsing myself.

As soon as she was rinsed, I stood her facing forward with the water stream hitting her chest. I then knelt behind her, pulled her ass cheeks far apart, placed the tip of my tongue on the bottom of her crack, slowly and sensually slid up the crack, and gave Anita her first rim job.

As my tongue made slow and passionate love to her rosebud, she began to softly moan. After about a minute, she grabbed the handle of the shower door with her right hand, kept her right sole flat on the floor of the tub, lifted up her left foot, tightly grabbed the head of my cock with her big two toes, and started slowly twisting the head around.

It was obvious by now that despite my original intentions, we were going to have sex before going to get her car. My rimming got more zealous, as did her twisting. And the longer that went on, the more I thought about how widely her asshole had opened for the dump she’d just taken. I realized that her ass could probably accommodate my cock, which is 7.25″ long and 5.25″ around. And I sure hoped so, as I’d never ass fucked but had long wanted to.

So after about five minutes of rimming, I gripped the back of her knees and slowly pushed on them. She took the cue correctly and got down on all fours. I then soaped up my cock even far more than it already was, grabbed her left ass cheek with my left hand, spread it as far away from her right ass cheek as I could, took my cock in my right hand, and placed the head on her rosebud.

I was going to jam it in no matter what, but I paused to see if Anita would react. And almost immediately, she said in her most sensual voice, “It’s time to take a drive down my dirt road.”

That gave me a great rush of excitement, even on top of what I was already feeling. I grabbed her around the waist with my right arm and slowly drove myself in all the way. As soon as I was completely in, I paused for about five seconds and then began a slow fuck. And once again, Anita waited a couple of seconds to observe my speed, then began moving her body in perfect rhythm with mine.

I instantly loved the feeling of my cock being up her ass. While I missed the elasticity of a cunt, this had a fantastic sensation of its own. The tightness was amazing and the soap worked very well as lube. And because Anita showed no reluctance to let me fuck her up the ass, and it seemed to cause her no discomfort or pain, I assumed she’d done this plenty of times.

After about a minute, I shouted “Oh Anita, you’re so tight, Honey.”

“You want it even tighter?” she asked in her most sensual voice.

“Oh yeah,” I desperately cried out in ecstasy.

At that, she scrunched her ass cheeks together as tightly as she could. That sent a sudden sensation into my cock that dove me over the edge. As orgasm filled my body, I gasped loudly and shot a big load deep into her bowels.

As soon as I got soft, I exited her ass, lay her on her right side, and spooned her. By now, we were completely lost in our own private world of passion and didn’t give a fuck about going to pick up her car. We just lay there on the floor of the tub, spooning and getting soaked. My only regret was that we weren’t fucked up on weed. Had I known we were going to have sex in the shower, and especially that I was going to lose my ass virginity, I would’ve made sure that we each ate a weed brownie a couple of hours before.

Nevertheless, I was very happy and content with my large vanilla girlfriend. I hoped so much that in two years and three months, she and I would be spooning together with my large chocolate girlfriend, and that they would be as crazy about each other as I was about each of them, and each of them was about me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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