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My name is Jenny. I am an IT manager for a small company. I live alone – which I’m happy with. I’ve only slept with two men before, both I was engaged to, both more for them than myself – which I’m happy with, I think…


It was hot outside, the countryside flicked passed, the blurred golden yellows and lush greens of farmyards disappeared into the distance as the train sped by. The meeting had gone reasonably well, there was a certain amount of infighting and resentment from the resident Techies, but nothing she wasn’t used to, and the team answered the questions posed well. Her laptop sat on the table in front of her, open and displaying the Gant chart she was preparing – moving timelines around trying to minimise the evident project over-run that had already begun to set in.

She sat alone. Her team had travelled by car, but she preferred the train, it was more leisurely and she could get a little more work done before going to the buffet for a G&T, or a whiskey (if she were in the mood). First class as always was a near vacuum of people, the carriage only contained two others. She felt a slight pressure in her back as the trained slowed for the next station.

A man appeared beside her, his suit looked creased – he looked creased, as if he had been scrunched up and then done his best to straighten himself out. Her light grey suit was a neatly folded shrine to the iron, her jacket closed to the top button, her skirt pulled to her knees. Even now, with the table before her she was conscious not to be exposed. Her white shirt stifled her neck, but it was important to look a certain way in her job – professional.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” a slightly French accented voice enquired.

“Well,” She looked up beyond the loosely attached shirt to a rugged unshaven face, “there are other seats.”

“I didn’t think you would mind.” He sat opposite her ignoring the answer.

He smiled at her and examined her face, her skin was smooth and slightly tanned. Fine lips pursed under a small delicate nose leading to her green eyes, above which red/auburn hair cascaded back down to meet her shoulders, dusting them lightly. She shut her machine down and closed her laptop with a loud click. The force made her ample chest wobble ever so slightly, just visible between the lapels of her jacket.

“Do you have to stare?” She said abruptly.

“Ah, I am sorry. It’s been a long time since I gazed upon such a beautiful woman.”

He wants to get me into bed she thought, but try as she might to stop it, she blushed and – just a little – felt flattered at the strangers charm.

“But where are my manners,” He drawled, ” my name is Palo.”

“Hello.” She replied curtly pulling a book from her over-night bag.

He raised his eyebrows in false surprise and sat back in his chair placing his hands behind his head and turned to look out the window. She looked up from time to time examining him. Early thirties she thought, dishevelled, but wearing an expensive suit, he doesn’t look like a business man. The gap in his shirt caught her eye, the furrow of muscle tentatively displayed itself to her when suddenly he flipped forward hands outstretched on the table. She jumped back suddenly shocked, he ignored he reaction.

“You want a drink? I want a drink, let me get you a drink, after all you have given me a seat.”

She looked around at the other empty seats. At least he’ll be gone for a while, there are always queues on trains running in the early evening.

“Yes, okay…a G&T please.”

“So polite.” He smiled, “I shall return soon with your drink.” He stood and did a grandiose bow.

Alone again with her book, she thought about the stranger. He was comfortable, confident and sexy, not at all like her. He was also over-bearing and annoying, but charming at the same time and now he was gone. She looked up and down the carriage and quickly bounced on the seat rolling her skirt up a little. She scratched around the tops of her stockings. The elastic had folded and the lace top made her thigh itch. She didn’t like tights, she found them too restrictive, and as for garter belts – somehow she always managed to twist them. So these elasticated go-betweens were fine, no fuss in the loo and quick to put on, well quicker than a garter. She smoothed the shear white stocking and pulled the elastic into a more comfortable position.

“My mother always warned me about the prim ones.”

God he was back already and looking straight up my skirt.

“I don’t know what you mean. I was merely adjusting my stocking.”

She pulled her skirt down with a quick bounce and tug. He turned his head sideways filing away the view of her long lithe legs for later recall.

“Your G&T.” He said handing her the drink as he swung around in to his seat.

“Thank you.” She said taking it waiting for the redness of her face to dissipate.

“Do you go far?”

“I’m sorry!?” She said startled by his forward manner.

“Haha, you have a very dirty mind for one so prim. I meant how far are latin sex tapes porno you to travel, where do you go?”

He took his watch off and placed it before him on the table, then proceeded to rub his wrist where it had been pinching the skin. The light glinted in time to the sound of the rails low rumble as the train passed from section to section, she couldn’t help but stare at the distracting light.

“Oh.” She sipped her drink wonder whether to lie or not.

He smiled offering a hand and in soft tones said “My name is Palo, but I have already told you that…”

“My name is Jenny.”

She took the hand tentatively only to have her own shaken and discarded quickly. The conversation ebbed and flowed. Palo was a project manager himself, for an anglo-french engineering company, he was keen to discuss the differences in their fields. Eventually cards were swapped and Jenny’s opinion of Palo changed. True he was probably a charming womaniser, but he was also intelligent and ruggedly attractive. Her thoughts kept coming back to his physique, thoughts she quickly discarded.

She found herself feeling drowsy. It must have been a combination of the long day, the whisky and the gentle rumble of the train. The light from Palo’s watch continued to flick pleasantly in her eyes.

“What do you think about sex?”

She was mildly shocked, where had that come from? They were talking about project over-runs, sex!?

“I’m not that sort of woman.”

Her voice sounded slurred and slow, she was feeling tired and annoyed with this turn of conversation.

“Haha, again you misinterpret me. I wonder why?” He said slyly; “No I mean, what do you believe about the subject of sex.”

“I’m not sure I want to discuss that with you.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what I think.”

He folded his arms on the table to support himself, his constant fidgeting seemed to match his mood or exemplify what he was saying.

“Look, I don’t feel comfortable talking about that sort of thing.”

“Thing!?” He sat back flapping his arms.

“Sex.” She said sheepishly.

“See! You can say the word.” He smiled, “I like it.” He said with relish leaning forward again, “I like all flavours of it too.”

There was no misinterpretation this time; Jenny understood the implication. She found herself blushing again.

“Have you ever thought of being with another woman?”

“What!?” Yes said her mind, “No!” came her stunted reply.

“I think there is a tiger in you, an animal wanting to get out. Why else would you mis-understand me in such ways?”

“It’s the accent and the way you talk I guess.” She said trying logic.

“Of course!” He smiled back.

Palo continued to talk, but Jenny felt tired and although some part of her was listening – nodding at the right times – she allowed herself to drift off.

Jenny felt pressure against her back and Palo leaned forward slightly as the train slowed. Palo scooped up his watch and slid it into his pocket. Jenny sat upright abruptly she had been slouching. The unexpected arrival at the station brought her back to full consciousness. She had travelled the route several times and this time it seemed to go quicker, but she was thankful that she wasn’t too tired to stop fielding Palo’s questions. A little sense of victory washed over her, even though she couldn’t remember much of the conversation.

“I must leave you now. You have my card, call me. Maybe we can do something together – business I mean, just to be clear.” He winked.

She watched as the smiling French man walked down the carriage, her eyes drawn to the bottom of his jacket where the material of his trousers rested on his bum. She shook her head and picked up her book. Palo stood on the platform waving at her as the train left. She couldn’t help rewarding him with a smile.

Dream : 1 Week

Jenny sat on the bed the headrest cushioning her back. Her stockinged legs spread before her, one knee bent covering the other sending her foot out at an angle. The white lace at the top of the stockings was a contrast to her all over tan. Her thigh formed a small break in the white of her underwear, reaching only to her thin V-Shaped knickers, simple, and ever so slightly see-through – a promise of things to come. The tan ran across her thin waist and stomach up to a bra made of the same material as her knickers which was topped with a thin line of lace – a hint of nipple pushing through each cup.

She ran an ice cube across her chest sending trails of cold melt down toward the bra. The trails were watched intently by a man at the bottom of the bed. He watched as they ran in to the lace, turning it slightly grey as the moisture spread. Jenny moaned softy closing her eyes and moved her leg so the line of her lower lips pressed against the thin material of her panties came into view.

The bed undulated as the man pressed his knees onto the bottom of the bed. Jenny watched as he crawled to her, his muscular torso shadowed by the two lamps at the top of the lezbiyen porno bed, his face hidden from her gaze. He ran his own ice cube up her leg, the sudden cold caused her to jerk her leg open further. He persevered, running a cold trail of melt up her thigh toward her middle. A change of direction took the ice over the top of her thigh and onto her belly button.

With a quick swipe of her hand, the ice was dispatched. Placing her hands on the headrest she pushed herself down the bed and under him, a seductive smile crossing her face. Her hands explored the tight skin of her suitor, the ripple of muscle played under her fingers. His body was just above hers. Held aloft by his strong arms and legs. She could feel his excitement angled toward her, resting against a stockinged thigh. She moaned again.

He moved back down the bed, his hands running along the side of her body as he brought his weight up and sat on his feet between her welcoming legs. He pulled at her knickers and she assisted by pushing her hips out toward him. When they reached her knees he simply lifted her feet into the air before him and pulled the under-garment over them. He let her legs drop down either side of him. She could see his erection for the first time – a perfect size, not too big and not too small, it held a very exciting rigidity, angling itself upward and out from his body. It’s shadow rippled over his six pack.

He fell onto her, quickly and gently. Moving to her neck he kissed her lovingly, running the tip of his tongue around her sensitive ears. It tickled, causing a gentle build-up of tension within her gut. She pushed out with her hips meeting his suspended erection and pressed it into his stomach. She moaned at the contact and repeated her movement several times as he teased her ear.

He grasped her hands and held them above her head. It startled her at first, but the sensation of control – his control – excited her. She looked into the shadowed face and was met by intense eyes. Before she could focus more closely she felt his weight concentrated on one part of her body. He entered her grunting slightly as she pushed back with her hips, pressing up to him until they were fully coupled.

The pace was slow, careful, his pelvic bone rubbed against hers, her clit growing engorged with blood and increasing in sensitivity at the constant pressure. His long strokes were rewarded with a grunt escaping from her lips. All the time he held her hands kissing her neck, his pace increasing with her excitement. She felt it grow, an urgency, a requirement backed by her whimpering moans. She wriggled underneath him, every pelvic touch causing her to shudder, another and another, then one final thrust, and one final contact. She felt herself shaking beneath him, his body pressed into hers, her feminine squeal escaping through tight lips. Her eyes closed as a smile grew across her face.

When she opened her eyes the room was dark and empty. She rolled over in the bed and turned on a bedside lamp. The room was filled with light. Her bedroom surrounded her, looking as it always had. She was utterly alone in the house – in the bed. She ran her hand under the covers over the flannel pyjamas between her legs. The material was damp, the slight pressure of her hand caused an involuntary gasp and shudder from her guilty body. Another dream then, she thought.

Ann Summers : 1 Month

Shopping was a chore, always had been, and always would be. Most of Jenny’s female friends would take hours picking this little thing – trying on that. Looking for the right top to go with the skirt they bought the week before and found nothing to go with it.

Not for Jenny. No she had the whole clothes thing sorted years ago – shades. Bland, business like, austere. Precisely the image she wanted to portray. Even now on the weekend she wore long black trousers sensibly cut, a little too tight around her bum for her liking. So she wore a grey pullover pulled down to cover her bottom, saving it from unwanted stares. She found it easier that way. When she went into shops most shop-assistance didn’t even register her, and those that did were quickly dispatched. She chose her clothes and wasn’t particularly interested in other people’s opinions.

Five minutes before she had been looking at jewellery, so when she found herself looking into the front window of an Ann Summers she felt a little bewildered. She had gone into the jewellers to have some links added to her watch, and remembered looking at some cut crystal goblets on a rotating display. The colours seemed to dance within the glasses themselves. She found it mesmerising. She vaguely remembered paying for the watch and walking out, now she was here, walking into an Ann Summers.

She stood in front of a wall arrayed with dildos in pressure sealed packets and fluffy handcuffs. Next to her was the body section of a curvy female adorned with a set of crotch-less under garments. She looked at the arrayed items in wonderment. Her experience of men was limited, but most of the items seemed to have the basic liseli porno shape, a few however had an extra appendage – a strange two pronged structure.

“Can I help you?”

A younger woman stood beside her.


She looked around taking in her surroundings, eyeing the other women and the odd sheepish looking man. She felt something in her hand. A thick dildo with a two-pronged appendage stared back at her. She felt herself blush.

The woman smiled reassuringly, “Would you like to know how to use that?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jenny smiled trying to relax.

“Some women don’t know. Some have never used one before. Take this model,” She gestured to the item in Jenny’s sweating hands, ” some women don’t know what that is for.”

Jenny looked at the strange appendage.

“Oh, well… some women have lead sheltered lives.” Jenny bluffed.

“You don’t know what it’s for do you?”

Jenny looked down at the item, “…no.”

The shop assistant explained and something fired inside Jenny. She found herself walking out of the shop with her first dildo.

Susan : 4 Months

Jenny looked at herself in the mirror. She looked a little tired. She had had three dreams that night, and each ended with a release of pent up tension. She wasn’t sure what was happening to her, if she was loosing her mind under the daily grind of work, or what. So she decided, as she looked at her face in the mirror applying her lipstick, she would talk to Susan, her best friend. Maybe other women had similar experiences at her age. Maybe Susan was … having dreams as well.

She put her lipstick down and stood picking up her jacket. She noted the top two buttons of her shirt were open as she appraised herself in the full-length mirror facing the bed. She tugged the jacket straight and left the buttons as they were, then left the house for work.

That evening she met Susan at a trendy bar in town. It wasn’t the sort of place Jenny usually went to, except on company celebrations, but it was the kind of place Susan seemed to be at home in. She sat opposite Jenny at a table in full view of the bar. It was early and the place was pretty empty, the quiet time between the businessmen with their wind down drink and the evening throng of younger people and couples.

“So these dreams.” Susan said leaning forward and showing more cleavage than Jenny felt comfortable looking at.

Susan was a petite blonde, shorter than Jenny with probably the largest and most exposed breasts amongst her friends. But she had a kind heart, which she seemed to share at the drop of a hat with almost anyone. Susan’s love life was tumultuous, they were almost complete opposites, but also complementary and had known each other since primary school.

Susan folded her dark tan legs brining an unwanted number of stares in their direction from the remaining businessmen and bar staff – except for one waitress who huffed haughtily and walked off to the other end of the bar.

“Yes.” Jenny said plainly turning the shot glass in her hand, “I’ve been having very…”

“Yes,” A hand reached out and stopped Jenny’s nervous rotation of the glass. “You can tell me.”

“They’ve been very erotic. I get … very excited.” Jenny looked down into her glass.

“You get excited? You mean you’ve been having wet dreams!” Her loud voice gained a few stares and a red blush broke out across Jenny’s face.

“Shhh! This is hard to talk about. Do you get…wet dreams?”

“Occasionally. They’re perfectly normal you know. Healthy in women our age I’d say.” She winked.

“I’ve never really had any. Not this extreme.”

“Extreme. You mean you come?”

The glass began rotating in Jenny’s hand again, “Yes.”

“Wow! I’ve come close. Usually I just play with myself when I wake up. Turned a few boyfriends on in the past doing that.”

Another wink. Susan could always be relied upon to be candid. It was refreshing for Jenny. Most of the circles she moved in these days wouldn’t talk about such things, even though she knew they were at it like rabbits.

“How many dreams? It can’t be just one or two, otherwise you wouldn’t be here now.”

“Last night I had three.”

“THREE!” – more stares from the bar.


“Go on, tell me one.”

“I can’t really remember them.”

“Go on, ” Susan coaxed, “I won’t think you’re a pervert or anything.”

Jenny dredged her memory. Of the three she had last night only the last really stuck in her mind because it was so odd. She recounted it to Susan. There was a man and a woman. They lay on either side of her, touching her in her most intimate places. Fingers from both of them penetrated her urgently sliding passed each other inside her. Kisses were being given and received from both sides. Then a shift in position, the woman went down her body between her legs, while the man knelt in front of her, offering himself to her. In her dream she was unsure at first, having never taken a man in this way, but the woman had begun to work her magic down below. The woman’s tongue flicked at her clitoris, gently at first, but with mounting savagery. In her excitement she didn’t notice the man press forward, her moment of choice resolved for her as he pushed into her mouth. And, while the woman built up Jenny’s orgasm she built up the mans.

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