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After our first very eventful evening at Suzy’s we returned to Jack’s hotel, had a long hot shower and then went to bed. We hadn’t talked much during the journey back but as we both relaxed on the bed I wanted to talk. We were both naked and laying entwined in each other’s arms.

It was Jack who was the first to break the silence. He nibbled my ear as he said, “I never intended to end the evening by fucking Suzy’s bottom but I just got carried away with the incredible horny atmosphere.”

I was silent for while, remembering the scene and how horny I had felt watching Jack’s buttock and thigh muscles flexing as he thrust into Suzy’s backside. I felt a sharp pang of jealousy as the scene repeated in my head but at the same time I remembered the delicious feeling of untamed lust as I had been driven wild by Suzy’s husband Jian whilst watching Jack and Suzy. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine such a moment happening for real but it had.

I turned to Jack and said, “I think we both got carried away but, if we are completely honest we both enjoyed it!”

“So you are not jealous then?” he enquired. “Yes, I’m very jealous!” I said, “But not as strongly as I thought I might be and it was worth it to have such an adventurous horny experience.”

We were both silent again for a while until Jack said, “Would you go back if they invited us?”

The events of the evening at Suzy’s house flashed by in my head again and it was at that moment that I had the sudden realisation that I had definitely changed. I felt liberated and somehow different. My traditionally strict Chinese upbringing and natural shyness had been pushed into the background; or at least when I was aroused.

I turned back to Jack avoiding answering his question and said, “how about you? Would you?”

I felt his penis growing stiff as it pressed against me. I did not need to hear his answer because his growing erection said it all. We were both exhausted and despite his arousal and my desire we both fell into a deep sleep.

The following day Jack had some meetings to attend and I had to go to work. During the morning Suzy sent me a text: “hi Jenny, I hope you and Jack are OK. Do you fancy having lunch, just the two of us?”

I read the text and realised that although I had only met Suzy a few days ago I felt as though she was a long time friend.

I sent her a reply and suggested a local restaurant nearby to my work place.

Time dragged at work but lunch time eventually arrived and soon I was sitting in the corner of a crowded restaurant with Suzy. We ordered some dishes and were soon chatting. At first the conversation was quite innocent and general but somehow we both realised that we wanted to talk about the events of the previous night.

We both giggled like naughty little girls as we lowered our voices and moved our heads closer together to avoid anyone else hearing us.

“I still can’t quite believe how I could have been so bold while you all watched,” exclaimed Suzy with a look of embarrassment on her face.

“But did you enjoy it?” I enquired.

Suzy moved even closer and said in a soft whisper, “it was the most exciting thing I have ever done.”

“So how about you, Jenny, did you enjoy it?”

I paused for a moment, gathering my thoughts before saying, “I surprised my self by how much I enjoyed it. In the past, just the thought of Jack having sex with someone else filled me with jealousy but when I realised that he was going to give you the new experience of having a stiff penis in your backside it just added to my already lust filled mood.”

Suzy chuckled as she said, “I suppose that sitting naked on my husband’s lap and riding his stiff penis while you watched Jack penetrate my bottom probably added to your lustfulness!”

“Actually,” I said, feeling the need to share a confession with my new friend, “I’ve had another new experience since then.”

“Tell me more!” said Suzy excitedly.

I felt a little embarrassed but also an odd feeling of pride as I replied in a low secretive whisper, “Jack and Tom together at Jack’s hotel.”

I knew I had not made it clear so I added with my cheeks blushing, “They both fucked me together, Tom in my pussy and Jack in my bottom.”

What, at the same time? Suzy exclaimed.


“Wow that must have been incredible Jenny!”

“It was,” I said.

Neither of us could quite believe how bold and uninhibited we had both become but before the lunch was over we both agreed that we would be willing to try something similar again.

As we left the restaurant Suzy said, “My husband Jian and his friend JunJie have already suggested that the six of us should get together again soon, what do you think?”

“I’ll talk with Jack and Tom and let you know.”

As I walked back to the office I started to wonder what wild adventures might lay ahead. I knew that Jack and Tom would be keen to have more fun and deep down I already knew that I was curious Beylikdüzü escort enough to go along with this new and adventurous direction.

That evening I mentioned Suzy’s husband’s suggestion of another naughty get together to Jack.

Jack just smiled warmly as he said, “darling, I will leave the final decision to you, after all it is you who will be getting fucked!”

We both laughed and hugged each other before I looked him directly in the eye and said, “I think I want to try some more. I surprised my self the other evening by how bold I was and I have a deep urge to do something similar again. Does that make me a bad person?”

Jack squeezed me tightly as he nibbled my ear and said, “I would never think you are a bad person. I understand how you have been fascinated by our wild adventure and I would love to see how much bolder you can be.”

While we were hugging my mobile rang. I reached across and answered it.

“Hi, Jenny, this is Suzy.”

“Hello Suzy, we were just talking about you.”

“Good,” said Suzy, “Jian and I are impatient to know if you will be joining us again.”

“We would love to, when did you have in mind?”

“If You, Jack and Tom are free we would like to ask you back to our house this coming Saturday.”

Wow, so soon, I thought to myself, but why not.

I glanced at Jack and, assuming that Tom would jump again at the chance of having sex with me or Suzy replied, “Yes, Saturday will be fine. What time would you like us?”

“About eight will be fine, oh, and by the way, Jian says that he would like you and me to wear some very sexy underwear!”

“Sounds like fun,” I said, “We’ll see you on Saturday at eight.”

I put the phone down and looked at Jack. He had been listening to our conversation with his ear pressed against my mobile.

“Are you absolutely certain that you want to do this?” He asked. “We can always call back and say we have changed our minds if you are not sure.”

I felt some hesitation and doubt enter my mind as Jack said, “Don’t forget that it was Suzy who was fucked by three out of the four men last time; fucked in front of all of us while we watched. This time it could be your turn.”

I remembered the erotic sight of watching Suzy being fingered and fucked by the other men and wondered how it would feel to be as bold as that. Just thinking about it made my shyness briefly return but I also felt an overpowering urge in my head to have these experiences at least once in my life.

I turned to Jack and said, “Supposing that it is me that will be required to be penetrated by and satisfy the other men, would you be happy to watch me do it?”

“Provided that I could see you were enjoying it and preferably if they all made you cum then yes, I would love to watch that.”

“OK then,” I said, “I’m sure I want to do it or at least try!”

He had a broad grin on his face as he said, “we had better call Tom and tell him the horny news!”

As we predicted, Tom sounded excited by the news and volunteered to pick us up on Saturday in his car.

The rest of the week went by in a blur. I felt excited but at the same time nervous as I wondered what I might be expected to do this time at Suzy’s house.

Saturday arrived and during the late afternoon I started to get ready for the evening. Jack was running an errand and while he was out I had a shower. After the shower I stood naked in front of a long mirror. As I critically checked my self out I realised that the next time I was naked four men would be checking me out.

The nervous but excited feeling seemed to fill my senses take me over. I could feel my nipples stiffen and tingle as I imagined the lustful gazes of the four men roaming over my naked body.

I then moved my hand down between my legs and felt the wetness of my labia. Smooth and hairless after my regular waxing, my wet lips had nowhere to hide.

I reached for a towel, dried my body and then walked naked to the bedroom. I’m not sure why, maybe it was just inquisitiveness as to what the men would almost certainly want to be looking at later. I sat on the edge of the bed, reached for my hand mirror and then opened my legs wide. I felt a wave of shyness sweep over me, imagining that the men were now all looking as I checked out the reflection of my genitalia in the mirror. My labia looked neat and were partly open. To be honest I could not really understand why men enjoyed this view so much but the thought of showing them gave me an incredibly naughty thrill. With the mirror in one hand I reached down with the other and used my fingers to open my self. Again I thought of Jack and the others, their eyes filled with lust, gazing at the pink wetness of my open vagina.

I heard Jack arrive back and, feeling horny and mischievous, I stayed in the same position and waited for him to enter the bedroom and find me.

I sensed him hesitate at the door and then, as he entered the bedroom, he just walked around the bed until he was in front of Beylikdüzü escort me. I watched his eyes slowly roam down over my naked body until finally his gaze settled between my open legs.

I felt my excitement increase as he knelt on the floor in front of me, his gaze still firmly locked between my open thighs.

He then took the mirror from my hand as he said, “Jenny you look so horny,” before gently pushing me back onto the bed. Pushing my knees up and apart, he then pressed his mouth against my wetness. His breath felt hot and I felt my self surrendering immediately to the wonderful sensation of his tongue gently exploring between my wet lips.

I gasped as he flicked his tongue over my pleasure bud and started to thrust my hips, pushing myself against his skilful mouth. He moved his head back for a moment and I felt his fingers easing my lips open. With my labia held open he then pressed his mouth against my wetness again, hungrily sucking and licking me. I knew I would never tire of him pleasuring me in this way and very soon my whole body was writhing on the bed as he quickly brought me to a shattering orgasm.

After the peak he pulled back a little and just gazed at my swollen and engorged labia.

Lifting his head he then said, “That is just the first of the many orgasms I hope you will get tonight!”

I sat up again and we hugged. I whispered into his ear, “that was fantastic my darling, thank you.”

He smiled warmly saying, “It is always a pleasure but now we have to get ready to visit Suzy and Jian.”

I had already laid out a selection of underwear on the bed and said, “Which set of underwear do you think I should wear for this evening?”

While Jack was carefully looking through the selection my mobile rang. I reached for it and saw it was Suzy calling. I answered saying “Hi Suzy, I was just getting ready for tonight, what’s up?”

“Well, Jian and JunJie have been getting very excited about tonight and Jian has just returned from a shopping trip and given me some underwear that he wants me to wear this evening.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“Not really a problem but he asked me to check if you had something similar.”

I was intrigued and asked, “So what is the underwear like?”

Suzy hesitated before saying with a giggle, “It does not really cover anything.”

I started to giggle as I said, “I think I have something very similar that Jack bought me some time ago. The bra does not cover my nipples and the knickers have a large slit running from front to back. Actually he bought me two sets, one in black lace and the other in red.”

Suzy sounded relieved as she said, “they sound the same as the set Jian has just given me. Mine are in black lace.

I tell you what Jenny; if I wear my black set will you wear your red one?”

Now we both giggled as I said, “Yes, why not, I’m sure the men will love it!”

“Thanks so much Jenny,” she said and then hung up.

I turned to Jack and said, “Well that’s the underwear problem solved.” I then chuckled as I realised that he was already holding the two flimsy pieces of red lace in his hand.

“Good choice!” I said as he passed the bra and knickers to me and watched as I put them on.

To describe them as underwear was really a bit of a joke. The bra and knickers set were realistically just decoration. Having said that, I quite liked the way in which the bra lifted my breasts by cupping them from beneath. I put the bra on first, adjusting the pretty red lace under my breasts. I remembered the first time I had put on the bra for Jack; the strange feeling of having support and feeling as though I was wearing a bra but my breasts still appearing naked with my nipples on display.

Having put on the bra I then picked up the knickers. They were more like three loops of red lace than proper knickers. I pulled them on and then adjusted the lace between my legs.

Just the fact that I was now wearing the underwear made me feel horny. The pretty red lace of the knickers just about covered my pubis before dividing into two as it passed between my legs; the end result being that both my genitalia and anus were left uncovered but decorated by red lace on either side.

I stood facing Jack with my feet apart and my hands on my hips and asked, “Well?”

“You look fantastically sexy my darling.”

In contrast to the naughty underwear I put on a simple cotton summer dress over the top and then set about finishing my hair and makeup.

I did not realise how the time had flown by until I heard the door bell ring and Jack shouted from the front door, “Tom is here, are you ready to go?”

I quickly checked my self in the mirror and felt that familiar nervous anticipation sweep over me realising that the next time Jack would see me in my naughty underwear he would be looking with three other men!

My mind started to swirl with wild images and thoughts, wondering what might be expected of me during the evening and if I would be able Escort Beylikdüzü to be bold enough. My doubts and fears went, at least for the moment as Jack shouted again, “Jenny, are you ready?”

“I’m just coming,” I shouted back and then opened the bedroom door and walked over to my two men.

“Hi Tom,”

“Hi Jenny, you look wonderful,” he responded; “wonderful and very sexy as usual.”

I felt flattered and noticed his eyes roaming over me from head to toe. The summer dress was made from quite thin clingy cotton and I realised that my nipples were probably visible to Tom, or anyone else who might look. I felt a sudden pang of shyness but just the feel of the exposing underwear under my dress somehow compensated for my shyness by making me feel sexy.

Tom gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then the three of us were soon leaving in his car and heading for Suzy’s house. I sat in the front with Tom and Jack sat in the back.

During the car journey the fabric of my dress was rubbing sensuously over my nipples. I could feel them swelling and stiffening with arousal. Tom was having problems keeping his eyes on the road ahead as he kept glancing across to check me out.

We soon arrived at Suzy’s house, parked the car and then headed for the front door. Jack pressed the door bell and we waited as we heard someone approaching the door inside. The door opened and we were greeted by Suzy.

She was dressed very similarly to me although her dress looked to be more see through than mine. I watched her cheeks blush as both Jack and Tom openly checked out her breasts. Like me, her nipples looked stiff and erect but with the dress she was wearing not only did they protrude but the flesh of her breasts could be seen quite easily through the fine fabric.

“Hi Suzy,” I said in a joking voice, please excuse my two men as they are too busy checking out your breasts!” We then both laughed before Suzy replied, “I think Jian was hoping my appearance would have that effect! Please come in.”

We entered Suzy’s house and I could instantly smell the aroma of delicious food. Suzy then suggested that Jack and Tom should go through to the main room and have a drink with Jian and JunJie while she and I had a chat.

Once the men had gone I said to Suzy, “I hope we aren’t expected to have dinner dressed only in our underwear again!”

Suzy laughed saying, “No, but I’m sure the men will want to see it at some stage in the evening.”

We both glanced at each other, our eyes locking together for a moment, both gaining strength from the other and realising that on our own we could not be as bold but together we gained extra confidence and strength.

“So what is the plan for after the meal tonight Suzy?”

“I’m not sure,” said Suzy, “Jian said he has an idea for a naughty game to play but he will not tell me what he has in mind.”

Our conversation stopped when we heard Jian shout, “Come on girls, dinner is ready!”

Suzy and I both walked to the main room. It was as I remembered except that at the other end, next to the large screen TV was a kind of homemade looking screen or curtain. The screen looked like it consisted of a length of black fabric about 6 foot high stretched between two vertical poles.

I then shifted my gaze back from the fabric screen to Jack and the other three men who were stood by the table, each with a glass of wine. As Suzy and I approached all four were very openly checking us out. Or, more specifically, staring at our breasts and protruding nipples.

I glanced at Suzy and we both grinned appreciatively when all four men exclaimed simultaneously, “Wow girls, you both look very sexy.”

Jian quickly fetched us both a glass of wine and then, as we stood around the table, said, “I would like to propose a toast. The toast is “Two sexy girls!”

We all took a gulp of wine and then sat down around the table. Suzy and her husband’s friend JunJie then went to the kitchen and, after a few journeys back and forth, quickly served up a feast of dishes. At one stage I heard Suzy squeal and giggle as the two of them disappeared into the kitchen and assumed that JunJie must have done something naughty like slapping her bum playfully. What ever it was I tried to suppress a squeal as her husband Jian, who was sitting next to me, playfully placed his hand high up on my thigh and gave it a squeeze.

Just a few months ago the idea of allowing another man, let alone another woman’s husband to touch me like this would have been a definite no but, after the wild events of the previous visits, I felt that when we were inside Suzy’s house there were no longer any rules.

Suzy and JunJie then re-joined us at the table.

Jack then stood with his wine glass in his hand and said, “Gentlemen I think you will all agree that Suzy and Jenny both look very sexy tonight. Having already seen what Jenny is wearing under her dress and knowing that Suzy is wearing something very similar I’m sure we are all looking forward to them both revealing their underwear to us all later on.”

As Jack spoke I could see the men’s eyes checking me and Suzy out again and could sense the horny mood that was already starting to build.

“Gentlemen, I propose a second toast to Suzy and Jenny.”

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