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This story begins in 1968 and relates how Jayne my first wife lost her innocence about sex and it’s many ways to offer pure pleasure. She was a virgin when we met and had only had sex with me when we married one week after her 18th birthday, I was 22yrs old at this time. Jayne then was 5’6″ tall with long auburn hair, large brown eyes and full lips, very attractive without being beautiful in the classic sense, but she had plenty of guys chasing her.

Mainly because she was very busty, 38c to be precise with a small waist and great legs, she looked very fuckable when she wore tight jeans or a mini skirt, which of course at the time in the mid sixties would be very short, just below pussy height was the current trend. Us boys would often get a flash of knickers when girls sat down, or the wind caught the skirts, as most of them were pleated and tended to lift in the wind. All in she was a very pretty, sexy girl with big tits, what more could a man ask for??

After our wedding everything went along nicely, we had a nearly new two bedroom house, nicely furnished with a small garden. We were both working, had no other commitments, so no financial worries and no children to look after, we could do what we wanted. At the time of this story we had been married about 6 months, so she was only just halfway through her 18th year.

Jayne had quickly found out she loved sex and would often have multiple orgasms so long as I could keep up with her. She quickly learned how to give blow jobs and loved having her tit’s and pussy played with. She would often orgasm just from me playing with her tits and nipples alone without ever touching her pussy. She loved me to use my mouth and tongue on her highly sensitive clit. So even our sex life was good. I was more experienced than her but she was catching up fast.

Like all young couples we still went out with our groups of friends to clubs and parties. It was at one of the parties that Jane experienced her first time with another cock other than mine.

The party was being held at the home of some friends of ours, they had a big house and always converted their dining room with its wooden floor into a dance area by pushing the table against one wall. There was also a large front lounge set out with comfy armchairs and a large twin sofa corner unit in the corner facing the doorway. They also had five bedrooms, the only room out of bounds being their own bedroom. Most of the crowd there were in the 24 to 35yr age range, so Jayne was easily the youngest girl at the house and probably the least experienced sexually by a long way. I was very aware that a lot of the couples there had in the past swapped partners on a regular basis and had indulged in various group activities. In fact they were quite open about the whole thing and often hinted at what occurred between them all. After all this was the period of the swinging sixties with its sexual openness and experimentation.

We went because they always held great parties, they never expected us to play and there were other couples like us you didn’t take part in the activities. We usually left well before the real action started, I wasn’t sure of what Jayne’s reaction would be if she was approached to participate, and we had never discussed if we would join in if asked.

The party had been underway for a couple of hours and we had been doing our usual thing, mingling with the others both together and on our own. As normal we had both danced together and with other people, the hostess Sue having a good feel of my cock during a couple of slow numbers, wanking me by grabbing it through my jeans and at one point even getting her hand inside my zip for a more intimate feel, I could feel her fingers running around the head before the number finished. I had to go to the bathroom to re-adjust my clothes afterwards.

I was well aware that Jayne when dancing with some of the guys had often had her ass fondled and occasionally her tits through her top. She never told me about it, but I had noticed at parties when she was dancing and I was chatting. So far as I was concerned it was all just part of the heavy flirting that occurred during a lot of parties and was no problem.

After I left the bathroom and had returned to the dining room Jayne was not there so I wandered into the kitchen to find her, she wasn’t there either. It was a warm night and the back door into the rear garden was open, their garden is quite large and enclosed by a high evergreen hedge with a high wall along one side. It had a nice lawn and a garage plus a big shed they kept tools and barbecue stuff in.

I went out to the garden as sometimes people would come out and sit on the patio chairs to take a breather and have some fresh air. I couldn’t see anyone and was standing about 5 steps away from the house just outside of the light from the door when I heard a feminine gasp and some mumbling coming from the area against the side wall. Thinking the obvious that someone was having sex against the wall, not an unusual occurrence by the way, I walked quietly across the grass to stand under a small tree where I could see who it was. They were standing against the wall between Beylikdüzü escort the garage and the shed, basically hidden except that a street light the other side of the hedge behind me was throwing light into the area.

I was very surprised to see Jayne, I knew it was her as she had on her pale blue pleated mini skirt and her white T shirt top with the V neck, she was leaning against the wall but the bigger surprise was the two older guys standing either side of her. I knew them slightly and they were both thirty plus so compared to Jayne’s 18yrs they would have been nearly twice her age.

She was standing between them with both arms raised and around their necks, her top was up above her tits, her left breast was exposed with her bra up above it and the other breast was in the process of being exposed as well. This was obviously what had caused her to gasp as the guy to her left was now sucking on her nipple. As I watched the other breast came into view and her right nipple was soon being caressed and nibbled making her gasp out load again. As I said before she has very sensitive nipples and loves having her tits and nipples played with, I knew her pussy would be wet from this sort of stimulation. I moved back against the hedge, right into its shadow so as not to be seen, I wanted to watch and find out just how far Jayne would let this go.

Jayne was now getting a bit louder as they suckled on her, she was using her fingers to grip their hair, pulling their heads down and pushing her breast’s out as she became more excited. I also noticed that they were now running their fingers down over her hips and down towards the hem of her skirt, not a long journey but they didn’t rush her, I think they knew she had never played at one of these parties before. Once at the hem they both started to lift it, their fingers now brushing her legs and moving slowly towards her knicker clad pussy. Jayne was taking deep breaths and her hands jerked as though to pull them away but just then one of them reached his goal and his hand cupped her pussy mound as a finger disappeared between her legs before being worked around and around her clit area. This brought another gasp from her as her hips started to move in opposition with his rubbing making the friction increase. They moved her legs apart to give themselves better access to what would now be a very wet pussy.

By now Jayne had her head thrown back, arching her breasts towards their hungry mouths as they sucked and nibbled even harder, getting her even more excited. I watched as her legs parted further to allow more access to her pussy. Knowing they had her nearing a peak they took the opportunity for one of them to drop to his knees, she had on a pair of ‘G’ string bikini type panties, the type which consisted of just two small triangles of cloth with tie up strings either side. He took the bows in his fingers and pulled them undone, they fell away from her body exposing her shaved pussy with just a small triangle of pubic hair on her mon’s. He popped her knickers into a pocket and start to kiss her pussy mound, moving his hand between her legs as he did so. The other guy kept one of her arms around his neck, with his other hand he unbuttoned his jeans and eased down the zip, keeping up the nibbling and licking of her nipples. He now opened his jeans and pulled out quite an impressive cock, probably eight inches of throbbing heavily veined prick with a red mushroom head, it was rock hard and pointing up towards his belly as he eased his jeans down to just below his hairy balls. He now took Jayne’s other hand and guided it down to his hard cock, closing her fingers around it. As Jayne felt the hard, hot member in her hand she grasped it eagerly and started wanking him. She was now becoming even more aroused as they kept up the massaging of her pussy and her nipples, her breath was coming in gasps and as I watched she had her first orgasm for them. Her knee’s buckled and her legs spread wide as the guy at her feet slipped a finger up inside of her, using his hand to rub her clit as he finger fucked her. Jayne threw back her head, her body shaking as the orgasm tore through her, she had to bury her head in his shoulder to stop herself from screaming out as shudders racked her, holding on hard to his cock and wanking it.

Half of me wanted to walk across the lawn and stop what was happening to my wife, my hard cock wanted her to be fucked by them, I wanted her to know what it was like to fuck someone other than me.

The second guy now took out his hard cock as well, not as big as his friends but still a nice size, he took Jayne’s other hand and placed it on his prick, she grabbed it and started to wank both cocks, one in each hand. I could see the guys were getting excited as their hips started to move with her. My innocent young wife was handling two strange cocks for the first time in her life, and was obviously loving it. She was watching herself play with them as they continued to play with her pussy and tits.

One of them tried to lift her leg and place his cock between her legs, he wanted to fuck her but she wriggled and told him to stop. I heard her tell them she wasn’t Beylikdüzü escort about to fuck with them as only her husband had made love to her before. She continued to wank them both but before they could cum for her some other people came out so they quickly put their cocks away.

Watching this I realized Jayne might look my way now that she wasn’t distracted, so I walked quickly across the lawn to return to the house. Jayne was pulling her bra into place and her top back down, then they were out of sight as I stepped back into the kitchen before returning to the dining room and finding a seat. I wanted to see how Jayne would be when she came to find me. She came into the room, saw me, waved then walked up the stairs, I watched her feet as she opened the bathroom door and went in.

I went up behind her and knocked on the door asking her to open up. She was just washing her hands and looked a bit disheveled. I stood looking at her and asked what happened, she just smiled and said, ‘You already know, I saw you watching me by the hedge. That’s why I didn’t fuck with them, I wanted to put on a bit of a show for you while you watched, it was great, knowing you were watching made me cum really hard, did you enjoy it’?

I was dumbfounded, found my voice and told her I thought it was the sexiest thing she had ever done for me. Jayne’s face lit up in a big smile, ‘You really didn’t mind, I was a bit worried, do you want me to do it again for you’? I told her ‘Yes, I would love you too’

She then told me she had lost her knickers and her cunt was naked under her skirt. ‘This should give the guys something to watch when I walk down the stairs’, she said. I told her to wait until I was down there so that I could watch as well, and observe the reactions of anyone who noticed.

Jayne came down the stairs slowly and several of the men watched, including the two she had been outside with, who obviously knew she had lost her panties. I don’t know what the others saw but I could see plenty from my position next to the staircase, she has a little gap at the top of her legs which means she can never close them tight together, even when stood with straight legs it was easy to slip a finger into her pussy. As her skirt moved I saw little flashes of naked pussy and her lips were still wet and slightly swollen, it was instant hard-on stuff.

Once back in the room Jayne grabbed the older guy and pulled him onto the dance floor, instantly putting her arms around his neck and plastering her hot body against his, placing her legs either side of his thigh so that she could rub her pussy against him. He placed his arms around her with one arm holding her lower back into him and the other lower down so that his hand was on her ass. They started moving around together, it was more of a dry fuck than a dance as they ground against each other. I asked one of the other woman to dance and we took up similar positions, I was pretty sure she could feel my half hard cock against her leg and she responded by grinding her pussy against me.

The hostess Sue turned the lighting down low and announced that the real party was now underway, she told everyone to enjoy themselves and make use of any of the rooms except their personnel bedroom which was out of bounds and locked. This was the point at which on every other occasion Jayne and me had left, so I was waiting to see what she would do. The lady I was dancing with pulled away and said she had to go as her husband did not want her to play, ‘Pity to waste a big cock like yours, one day I will change his mind’, kissed me on the cheek and went to her husband, as they left she looked over her shoulder at me and winked. Several other couples left as well leaving about 14/15 couples, three single girls and 6/8 single guys. I watched Jayne closely as she kept dancing, she looked at me and smiled, so I raised a hand to ask if we were leaving, she gave a little shake of her head and buried it back into his shoulder.

Jayne was obviously intending to stay, I wasn’t sure if she fully understood what may happen, but I wasn’t going to try and persuade her to leave. I was by this time actually wanting to see her fuck with someone else, I had butterfly’s in my stomach and my cock became harder at the thought, I hoped I wouldn’t stop her by becoming too jealous.

I went to get another drink from the kitchen and was waylaid by Sue who wondered why I was still here, so I related what had happened to Jayne in the garden. She laughed and her eyes brightened when she asked if I thought Jayne would play fully. I had no idea and told her so. Sue then said that if she had her way Jayne would play, there are quite a few here who have wanted to get her and you involved for some time. She leant back against the kitchen worktop and pulled me in close, doing exactly what Jayne had and putting her arms around my neck.

My hands went to her waist and she lifted her face to mine, we kissed, long and hard, our tongues intertwining as we became lost in driving our hips together, my hard cock pushing into her tummy just above her pussy mound, she ground against me and groaned in appreciation as she felt my cock Escort Beylikdüzü through her thin dress. Our kissing became more frenzied, one of my hands came up to cup her breast, surprised to find she had no bra on, her hard nipple pressing against my palm as I fondled her hard nubs. She wasn’t as big as Jayne, probably 34c, but she had a toned supple body that was moving against me, grinding her hips hard into me as we stood. Sue pushed me away slightly and spun us around so that I was now leaning on the worktop, then using both hands she undid the button on my jeans and slide the zip down before opening the flaps, she then pushed both hands into my underwear and cupping my balls with one hand she grabbed my hard cock, squeezed it and rubbed up and down a couple of times, looking down to exam my prick she said, ‘I am going to have that inside me at some point tonight, I want to fuck you until you make me scream’, before she bent down and took the head into her mouth, giving it a quick suck before putting it back and zipping me up again. She then kissed me again and told me she had to get back to being the hostess before leaving me standing in the kitchen with the hardest cock I had ever had without fucking.

I stayed where I was as more people came in from the garden, two more couples and four more single men who I hadn’t counted before. They stopped for drinks and a chat, wanting to ask about me and Jayne still being there, were we really going to join in at last, most of them saying how they had hoped we would one day. A couple of them left and the others told me how the evening usually unfolded. The guys wanting to know about Jayne, what she liked, did she suck to completion and so on, explaining that if they knew what she would and wouldn’t do they could offer her pleasure without exceeding her limits, most of them surprised she was only just over 18yrs old.

When they found out her age I noticed a definite rise in the levels of interest in her, so I explained how she had been a virgin and as yet nobody else had fucked her, this being the first time she had even held a strange cock, telling them about her time in the garden and how she wanted to stay tonight after we normally left. The couple of ladies with them had noticed my hard cock when they first came in, they asked if Sue had been playing her games again? I had to tell them she had, one of them lent forwards and grabbed my still semi-hard cock and had a good feel before turning to her friends and announcing that she definitely wanted a bit of it before the night finished. I now had two woman wanting to fuck with me, and it had only been around twenty minutes since I had first arrived in the kitchen area. I noticed most of the guys had left the room leaving me with the women so I made my excuses telling them I wanted to go and find Jayne and see how she was getting on.

Walking back into the dining room I looked for her on the dance floor but couldn’t see her, so went off towards the other downstairs room, the large lounge towards the front of the house set out with the comfy chairs and sofas. As I approached the door I could hear what seemed to be several people in there, stepping into the room I could see that the comfy chairs were taken, all by couples with the wives and girlfriends sitting on the men’s laps. Most of them either naked or mostly undressed, some of the woman still wearing garter belts and stockings but very little else. A lot of other couples were standing together as pairs with single men scattered among them. Most were all looking across the room towards the large corner sofa unit, the only one’s not looking were engaged in various sexual actions. The room was well lit, somebody had put on every wall light plus the big chandelier in the middle, so I had no trouble seeing what had their attention.

One sofa had four guys sitting on it, all naked and playing with their hard cocks, their heads turned watching the action on the other part of the corner unit. Jayne was half laying half sitting between the two guys she had been in the garden with, the older guy sitting behind her towards the far end of the sofa supporting her body in a half sitting position. The other guy was sitting towards the middle and had one of her legs over his shoulders, the other leg was spread sideways with the foot on the floor.

Sitting on the floor holding her ankle another guy gripped her knee to keep her legs spread wide apart.

Because Jayne had previously lost her knickers her very wet shaved pussy was fully on display as her little mini skirt was now also missing. She was naked from the waist down. The older guy was holding her white top up over her head so she couldn’t see who was watching or doing what to her. As we all watched he undid the front clasp of her bra and pulled the straps from her shoulders, pulling it up to join her top around her head. Her big 38c tits came into full view, looking even bigger because of her young lithe body. I could see her breathing was ragged, her taut tummy trembling slightly with excitement as fingers began to play with her tits and big brown nipples, those lovely dark nubs sticking up nearly an inch and looked rock hard. As fingers brushed across her hard nipples I heard Jayne gasp and her body shook a she pushed her breasts further up towards the hands caressing them. Jayne had now been stripped naked from the neck down, but still had no idea who was doing what to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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