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For more than 10 years, Jay and Kari worked together in a small office. Other employees had come and gone, but the 2 of them had been a constant.

Jay was the office manager. He was driven and aggressive. Always pushing his team to achieve more. He was average height and build fit a 45 year old office manager. He had a full head of salt n pepper hair he kept brushed back. Clean shaven with a square jaw and eyes that were set deep in his head. B

Kari was his assistant. She’d watched John hire and fire people. Seen him take young college kids and develop them into successful professionals. Revitalize the careers of employees cast off by other managers. And drive out bad or lazy employees with a nothing but his sheer will. She admired him.

Kari was 40. She was a full figure girl. Not fat, but big hips, butt. Large natural breasts she’d had reduced years ago. Her long, light brown hair abs makeup were always done. Her green eyes sparkled. Although she was not a gorgeous women, she was pretty. But she exuded sexuality. Men lived to flirt with her. Jay often wondered if she cheated on her husband, Bob.

They had been through a lot together. Kari’s husbands leaving her and the kids twice. John having 2 kids with his wife. Their families were intertwined. Weekends and holidays spent together. Even vacations. They were family to each other.

In June, Jay’s wife and kids always went to visit her parents out of state for 2 weeks. During his time alone each summer, Jay typically worked long hours and drank too much. He’s end up at Kari and Bob’s house on those weekends.

And that’s where our story begins.

Jay went fishing Saturday. He drank beer all day and caught plenty of fish. He loaded his boat up and headed to Kari’s house. He expected them to be home. He pulled up they’re long driveway and parked. He pulled 2 colors from the boat. One full of fish, the other 1/2 full of beer. As he turned around Kari was standing there.

“Damn it. Don’t scare me like that!”

Kari laughed at him. “Gotcha good! What are you doing?”

“I caught a ton of fish. Figured I’d stop by, see if you and Bob wanted to have a fish fry tonight!”

“Jay, Bob and the boys are gone to the Keys lobstering. They won’t be back until Tuesday. So you’re gonna have to clean those fish yourself!”

“Shit. I forgot. Oh well, we can have fish and lobster next weekend when they get home! Do you care if I clean the fish out back. It won’t take me long”

“Sure, boss. I’m going inside to finish getting cleaned up. Come in when your done!”

As Kari walked away Jay noticed her tight white shorts. They were very thin. She bent over to pick up a dog toy from the yard. He could see right through them. No panties on!! She must have been getting out of the shower and dressed quickly.

Jay went to clean the fish. He’d done it so often he didn’t have to even think about it. Cut a filet. Skin the filet. Flip the fish. Do the other side. Next.

As he did his work he kept thinking about Kari. She complained about not getting enough sex from Bob often. Jay often fantasized about her while he masturbated and even while he had sex with his wife. But he’d never touched her or hit on her.

He played out all the scenarios in his mind while he worked. She’d be in bed waiting for him. She’d be watching porn. She’d take him by the hand and lead him to bed. They all ended up with him licking her pussy. He wanted to lick her so bad. For years he’d craved her and fantasized about it. He wanted to lick her more than anything.

He cleaned up the fish carcasses and carried his cooler of fish to the boat. As he grabbed a 6 pack of beer, he felt a lil guilt about his fantasies. He always did. Kari’s sons were like his nephews. Bob trusted him 100% around his wife. He had a great wife and kids. “I should be ashamed.” He mumbled.

“About what?” Kari spoke up from behind.

He dropped his beer and turned around in a snap! “Damn it. Your gonna kill me sneaking up behind me! Stop doing that!”

Kari was wearing a white bikini top and her white shorts from earlier. Jay caught himself looking at her in lust.

Kari cocked her head, smiled, and giggle.

“What’s so damn funny?”

“Uh. You look like you’re happy to see me!” She motioned down with her head and eyes.

His dick was hard as a rock. Obvious in his loose fishing shorts.

Jay Antalya Escort turned to gather his beers, “Sorry. But to it’s your fault walking around in those see through shorts!”

OMG. Jay couldn’t believe he said that. Crap. He panicked.

He faced Kari and looked her in the eye. “Kari, I’m very sorry. That was out of line and inappropriate. I was trying to be funny. Please don’t mention it to Bob. Forget it happened. I think it’s time for me to go.”

“Shut up! In 10 years Ive never heard you apologize for telling the truth. Were you telling the truth? Was it me and my shorts that caused you to be all swole up in your shorts?”

“Yes, Kari it was. I shouldn’t think of you that way. But I’ve been drinking and you looked so good today. It just happened.”

“So, this is the only time you thought about me that way? Only this time.”

Jay closed his eyes. He was a little buzzed. He took a deep breath. What the hell he thought.

“No, it’s not the first time. In fact, it’s not the first time today. I thought about you that way before I left to go fishing. And I have thought about it often for a long time. But it’s jut thoughts. You know I would never do something stupid to ruin our relationship.”

Kari looked at him. “You silly man. I knew you did. I’ve caught you looking at me. Come on. You need to clean up. Ya smell like fish.”

They walked to the house. Jay cracked open and beer and drank half of it in one drink.

“You sure I should be here? I feel weird.”

“Nothing’s changed boss man. I knew you thought about me last week. Only thing that changed is now you know I know.”

It was like he’d lost the power in the relationship. She was in control.

Kari brought him a towel and pointed to the boys bathroom. “Your clothes you left here last week are on the sink”, she called to him down the hall.

He showered quickly. Got out and dressed in a pair of nylon shorts and a tee shirt. No socks or underwear to be had. He wadded his dirty clothes up and out in a small, plastic shopping bag. He neatly hung the towel over the shower rod to dry and left the room. Checking his hair before he did.

Back in the living room, Kari was setting in her chase lounge with a glass of wine, watching TV. She’d sat a beer out on the table beside the recliner in the corner. He sat down and reclined back, grabbed his beer and looked at her.

“So, what we gonna do darlin'”

Kari shifted in her seat, bent her left leg and laid it on the arm of her chair. Her crotch was spread open, pointed at Jay.

“I thought we’d talk about my shorts.”

Jay felt his face get hot. Part embarrassed, part angry.

“Can we drop that? So I think about you that way some. I’m human.”

Jay turned his head and stared at the wall.

“Jay, look at me.”

He slowly turned his head and glared at her with that look he gets when he’s angry.

“Seriously, look at me. Do you think I put on these ridiculous shorts and bikini top so you wouldn’t notice me? I’m not comfortable dressed this way in front of Bob with my muffin top, fat ass, and all. I wanted you to look. When I saw you opening the gate to come in our drive I took off my jeans and put these on. Their so tight I can’t even wear a thong under them. Take a damn hint! Get it!”

“So you purposely made me see you this way, got me all swole as you say, just so you could tease me! Not cool.”

“Damn. Your dumb to be so smart. Jay, I want you to LOOOK AT MEEE! And do something about it!”

Jay’s mind scrambled. Damn. She wants me to…

Without hesitation Jay was standing over her. She pulled him down on her.

She smelled so good. He kissed her lips and neck. Gently and soft. Hr large breast pressed against his chest. He slid her top of to expose her long, pink nipples. There were pointing out so he took her right one in his mouth. He bit it hard then sucked. Swallowing and sucking her beast and nipple deep in his mouth while he squeezed her left breast with his hand. Her nipple was touching the back of his throat it was in so deep. Kari loved having her breasts sucked on. They were so sensitive. Jay bit down hard on her breast and sucked it so hard her nipple felt as though it would pop.

He released her from his mouth. “I’m a little rough in bed. That okay?”

“Yes. Your wife told me you were rough. You know us girls talk!”

Jay Antalya Escort Bayan shook his head. He couldn’t believe he was doing this and she talked about his wife. He slid down to her waist. Her shorts were pulled tight between her lips. She was er and had a camel toe. He rubbed her pussy from outside her shorts. He could feel her warmth and moisture.

He released her button and pulled her shorts off in one swift motion. Kari laid back confidently with her knees bent and legs spread. Her pussy was shaved except for a little rectangle patch above her clit. Her pussy was small. The Distance from her clit to her opening wasn’t more than an inch. Her clit and pussy were fully aroused and sopping wet. She was tanned all over, no tan lines, and her slit was light pink with her lips folded back.

Jay knew how a small pussy worked. He’d been with dozens of women. Small meant they got off easy on a dick or a tongue. He pressed her legs up and dropped his head down. He barely touched her clit with his tongue. Just a lick to get a taste. Then a bigger lick, sucking her into his mouth a little.

“Mmmmmmm. You taste good!”

Jay opened his mouth wide then placed it over her with her clit in the center. He light sucked in, just enough to make a slight vacuum and started to lick. Up and down. Right in the center of her clit. Fast and hard. When he licked up it spread her open and exposed the inside of her. When he licked down it vibrated through her like plucking a guitar string. Jay breathes heavily through his nose. Kari twitched and her left leg shook nonstop. Jay was Not letting up. He pushed down with his head. Pressing his face and nose into her. Kari grabbed his hair and pushed him down harder on her.

Jay slid his left middle finger inside her and stroked it in and out quickly. His hand slamming against her pussy each time. “Faster, Jay!”

He was fingering her so fast and hard the sound was loud enough to be heard in another room. Her ass quivered and she raised up a little. Jay bit down on her clit and sucked it in his mouth. Bobbing his head like a girl giving head to a tiny dick while holding her in his teeth. Still fingering her Kari called his name loud. “Jay. Oh My God!! I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Don’t stop!”

Kari tensed her muscle as her orgasm washed over her. Jay let her clit slip out of his mouth and pulled his finger out. Warm stick fluid ran out of her and down her crack into the chair.

“How was that? My wife tell you I could do that!”

“Uh. Ya, kinda. But I never imagined you’d ever do it to me. I figured you’d fuck me and leave”.

“Damn. Y’all really talk. Why would i be in a Hutu. Are you expecting company?”

“No. Well, Not for another 2 hours. But Angie is coming over then.”

“Okay. That plenty of time. We can be done in an hour.”

“Hold on, phones vibrating. Hello. Hey. Yeah. Well, that’s okay. I’m about to get in the shower. How about 530. Okay. Great!

Well, now I have an hour to be dressed and ready to leave!”

“Okay. I’ll hurry. This might get intense.”

“Give me your best old man!”

Jay climbed between her legs. He grabbed his dick and rubbed it up and down her slit. Then pushed it in.

“Dang. Your tight! And warm! UuuuMmmm. Feels nice.”

“Jay, you can’t cum in me. I’m not on the pill and I could get pregnant. Just tell when your close. I’ll take you in my mouth.” He nodded.

Jay laid on her. Arching his back, his chin on dug her neck. He was grabbing her shoulders from underneath her, holding her tight against him. Very tight. He began fucking her. Hard. So hard it was almost violent. He rammed his dick in her again and again. Squeezing her in this embrace with his head buried in her. It wasn’t like anything Kari had experienced.

Kari’s pussy was being spread wide and rammed. She was pinned down in this tight grasp. His dick wasn’t really long, but it was thick. Spreading her wide. Kari moaned as he continued to attack her pussy. Her mind thought he was an animal. This was so rough. Is this what being raped feels like, she pondered. She relaxed and let him have his way. It felt so good. He was dominating her. She could do nothing but lie there as he ravaged her. Jay slowed. Let loose his grip. He pulled out and she pushed a little, squirting her fluid out on the furniture.

He ordered her to stand up. He laid Escort Antalya down, put his hands behind his head, and told her to get on top with her ass facing him. She straddled him and reached back for his dick.

“Wait a minute. Listen! Don’t turn around. Keep your head up and forward. I’m going to video this and don’t want your face in it!”

Kari didn’t like the idea, but she knew she had to get him off quick and she trusted him.

“Okay. But you need to hurry!”

Kari pulled him inside her. She stroked him fast with her pussy. Her ass bouncing as the video screen Jay watches. Jay grabbed her hips with one hand and helped her keep rhythm. “Just like that.”

Kari kept stroking him. She was getting so hot. She wanted to cum. Reaching between her legs she rubbed her clit. Jay started stroking in and out as should stood still abs rubbed her pussy hard. She shivered and cane hard. Tending and releasing multiple times. She relaxed. Laying face down on the cushions, she kept jumping him with her tired legs. His dick was going in her at a tight angle. His thickness was being wedges between the from and back if her insides. The friction felt so good to him.

Jay grabbed her ass and forcefully bounced her up and down. His dick was rubbing hard against her inside. It felt so good. He loved watching a pussy go up and down his dig. Her wet, swollen clit touching his balls when she pushed down. He laid his phone down. Grabbed her ass cheeks and made her pick up the pace. Faster abs faster.

“You need to get off now!”

“No Jay, you do. Come on we gotta hurry.”

“No. Oh oh. Get. get. Oh damn! Oh. Oh. Oh God!!”

Kari felt his hot cum pumping in her. She froze, but he stroked in and out until every drop was gone.

“You idiot. I can get pregnant!”

“I told you to get off. You kept pumping me. I couldn’t hold it in.”

Kari stood up. Cum running down her leg. Furious.

“I’m going to shower. Get dressed! Angie will be her any minute!”

Kari got out of the shower. She hoped Jay had left. She put on a robe then walked to the living room.

Jay was dressed setting at her bar.

Hey, Angie has been calling you. “

3 missed calls. A text message cane in. Her son was hurt at a football game. She wouldn’t be by.

“Should I leave, Kari.”

Her hair was wet, but she was still steaming mad.

“No, Jay. Stay. We can talk.”

She went into her bedroom, Jay followed. He removed her robe.

“I want to look at you. All of you.”

He walked around her. Close to her. He stood behind her, pulled down his shorts, pressed against her, and cupped her breasts. His dick was already hard again. He kissed her neck.

“What should we do, baby.”

“Do you always fuck so hard?”

“Most of the time. Am I too rough?”

“No, just different. And my pussy hurts right now. So, she needs to recover. Sex with you is insane!”

“So how about one of those famous blow jobs of yours? Bob told me when he was drunk.”

“Lay down, I’ll be back.”

Jay laid on the bed. Kari came back with panties on and nothing else. Slide over her. She pulled his legs off the side of the bed. His ass was over the side a little.

“Okay. Hold your legs up like a girl about to get fucked.”

Jay raised his legs. Kari put a hand behind each knee then went down on him.

She held his legs up high. Sucked him with her mouth fast. She made moaning sounds like she enjoyed it. She could take it all in her mouth. Letting it slide into her throat.

“My God. This is incredible. Holy shit!”

Jay’s legs were raised and spread. Kari kept bobbing non stop but slid her right hand inside her panties and in her pussy. She fingered herself and moaned until her entire hand was wet. Then she raised up. Bending Jay double. Never releasing his dick. Sucking it with the same pace. She pushed her wet middle finger deep in his ass. Jay jumped abs tensed. Before he could speak she felt around, bent her finger, and pulled back hard. Squeezing his prostate. He came so hard it and tense he almost passed out. She had half his dick in her mouth sucking it like a straw. She squeezed his prostrate again and another load shot from him into her mouth. Kari dropped his legs abs stood up. Opening her mouth showing him it was full of cum. Then she closed and swallowed.

“Jesus. I almost blacked out! That is the best thing I’ve ever had. Just damn. I’m spent.”

“Scoot over then. Let me in bed. If you can fix the pain in my pussy in the morning, I’ll do that again!”

“Oh. I’ll lick the pain away. Then I’ll pound it back in!”

“Go to sleep. You’ll need your rest!”

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