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A short story about sexy things that can happen in everyday situations, (Pee / Diabetes),

it’s about Jasper who is sick in Diabetes and gets kinky and very sexy help from Alice.

DO NOT READ further if those things offend you, or you find the categories disliking!

My name is Jasper, I’m 62 years old and I have Type 1 Diabetes. Something I’ve had since my younger teens. It hangs over you all the time and is really hard to live with. Constant checks on the blood sugar and always be prepared to handle if it is too high or too low.

And this event is about swings in blood sugar, plus really sexy help I got that time.

It was Saturday night, had been a good day in every way, taking it easy and fixing a little bit at home, before I got ready for the night out. Met the regular friends, a bunch of men the same age who have been together for a long time, we had a good time together. And we’d really had a good time tonight.

All but one were single and most of us tried to get a dance or two with some beautiful lady before returning home. Tonight, I was the only one left pretty fast after dinner and a dance. Everyone had something else, wife waiting, tired, TV, etc. So I was on my own. It had happened before, and didn’t mind me much. Sometimes it was good to be a few and sometimes good to be yourself.

Tonight it was really good I was last, because I had been checking out a very attractive lady in the bonus veren siteler place. Around my age, beautiful and had said yes to dance during the evening. I was really happy that she wanted to slow-dance too, and not just bugg…although bugg always has its charms. Had felt a bit lonely on and of recently, so half a slow-dance half foxtrot was something that felt very good and cozy. Not just cozy and good…also a great opportunity to enjoy female closeness. She smelled so good in her hair, neck and shoulders. Felt so good to cuddle up in there.

… and now we sat and talked about everything between heaven and earth.

It turned out that Alice as her name was, not only was quite cheeky in the mouth and could blur out a little of anything, she was also a nurse, with a little extra knowledge of blood sugar…even though she was actually working on other things. Alice said that unfortunately she was not a dog that could sniff its way to high or low blood sugar, but she saw quite clearly at a person how he or she was doing, and if I wanted to…I could sniff her and feel how I thought she was doing. And then she clarified that the sniffing was not about blood sugar. The cute little cheeky one I thought chuckling.

Lately, my blood sugar had swung a lot, and I’d had a hard time parrying the fluctuations, and like a lot of other things, bad things happen when you least want it…and so now, too.

As best as bedava bahis I kind of gentlemanly sniffed Alice, lucky we had a booth way in and quite a lot for ourselves…I started to feel low. Got cold sweats and the hands started shaking. The dizziness came of course as well. It has happened that I have become really dizzy and fainted as a result of Hypoglycemia. And of course it happened tonight.

When I woke up after a while, I noticed that Alice was sitting very close to me, more specifically on my lap. She’d pushed the table out a little bit and now she was straddling me. Those were the first things I noticed. The second was that I had Dextro Energy in my mouth that I apparently chewed on…and started to get the sugar back up.

But that was not the case at all, I noticed now. I’m not the one who chewed. So much anyway, it was Alice. She had put the tablets in her mouth. Chewed a little, and then kissed-spat them into my mouth.

I mean, if I hadn’t been so shaky and dizzy still, I would have got such a huge boner.

Like that wasn’t enough. With the last tablets almost timidly spit-kissed into my mouth, and after she helped with both chewing and swallowing. She said, “Jasper, I’m going to fill your mouth with my pee, and you can swallow down the Dextrose tablets and get yourself a dash of uplifting liquid at the same time, okay?”

Before I could answer or nod, she had risen from my knee and was now standing deneme bonus just above my mouth with her skirt raised and panties real close. No, wait, she wasn’t wearing any panties. When had she taken them off? I didn’t have time to think anymore before the first stream came right in my face. “Hrr hmm, open please. It’s going in the mouth. Not the hair or face. So, good…thank you.”

I don’t think I’ve ever drank pee before, and the taste was so-so…but the situation, and how Alice handled this, what confidence and security…I was falling like a ton of bricks for her, with a raised flag down there. So I drank and swallowed everything I could, until there were only a few drops left…then I started licking where I saw that pee was still there. “But, what a service I get, thank you…enjoying it.”

After a short while, she stepped down…and sat next to me again. Took my hand, put it around her, lay down on me and…and just squeezed herself into my embracing arms. After we’d been laying there for a while, she said, “How are you, is it better?”

It’s better now, I replied. “Can eat something, I feel hungry.”

“If you want, we can eat something at my place, I don’t live far from here. Although I’d love to dance one last dance, if you don’t mind…can you handle a slow one?”

Of course I could handle that. And it was so nice to hold her again on the dance floor and sniff around in her hair.

“Mmm, we could hug each other like this all night. How cozy it is, Jasper. I like you, really much. Think you might have to aim for breakfast at my place too, if it works for you?”

Oh, I thought and smiled.

Sometimes you’re really lucky in the middle of it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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