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In a land far from here many years ago, there were but two classes of people. There were the owners and there were the owned. It was into this world that Jarrod was born.

He was born owned. His parents, if you could call them that, were owned by Mistress Delschant. She was a famous breeder of slaves in her day and her slave sales were the most popular in the land. Yes, Jarrod was born a slave. His parents were both unusual, blond and blue eyed, which was not normal in this place. Mistress Delschant chose to breed them and Jarrod was the result. She knew a child of theirs would be worth its weight in gold and she was correct. Jarrod was born fair of face and of gentle disposition. He was not raised by his slave parents as that was not how things were done in his time. Instead, he was placed in the nursery with the other slave children. There he was taught the rudiments of what he needed to survive in his world.

Mistress Delschant was most famous for her pleasure slaves and it was for this purpose Jarrod was bred. He was hidden as he grew, learning what he needed to know to be successful in his field, and on his 18th birthday he was finally shown at the first of many slave showings.

They were widely popular and owners from all over the country would come for one of Mistress Delschant’s showings. She was considered to be one of the best breeders available so her slaves always were in demand. Jarrod was especially rare and very pleasing so the price on his head was high. He was shown at many showings but there was never an acceptable offer made for him.

As time went by, and as was the custom of Mistress Delschant, he was offered on a trial basis. This was customary for expensive slave flesh as a way to know you were getting what you paid for. As such, by the time he had turned 21 Jarrod had had many female and male lovers, prospective buyers who chose to sample him. None had made an acceptable offer to buy. Not that they were not satisfied, as they most certainly were. Jarrod was well-trained after all. It was that Mistress Delschant was particularly fond of Jarrod herself and kept his price unusually high. Therefore, few had the funds to purchase him and even fewer thought he was worth it.

Therefore, when Jarrod was called to the main hall for yet another showing, he thought nothing of it. He was summoned for these regularly, sometimes two or three a day, as new owners arrived and wished to see the selection available. He entered with his eyes down, as he had been trained to do, not knowing who the customer was. He noticed a few other male slaves like himself, nodded in their direction. Mostly the hall was filled with female slaves so Jarrod assumed the buyer was male. His eyes quickly surveyed the room and caught sight of him.

Lord Hartshorn had not been to Mistress Delschant’s in years. He hadn’t had much cause to travel so far for slave flesh. But one of his smaller holdings, Stratton Bend, was nearby and he had been in the area. He enjoyed looking over the offerings; it gave him pleasure to know he could buy any of the slaves offered. He was one of the wealthiest men in the country and Mistress Delschant knew it. She was determined he would purchase something, anything. She paraded her best, her average and her low quality slaves before him. She was determined to please him and she would not be denied.

Jarrod did not know who Lord Hartshorn was. He had never seen him before. But he realized that he was handsome for an older gentleman. His hair was dark as night, peppered lightly with the beginnings of grey, and his eyes, from this distance, appeared to be light in color, perhaps green. He was tall, at least a good head taller than Jarrod, and muscular. It was obvious he took good care of himself.

Lord Hartshorn noticed the blue-eyed boy looking him over but he was not in the market for a male slave. These were pleasure slaves and he had never felt the desire for a male one. So he dismissed the boy and turned his attentions to the lovely selection of female flesh.

He let his eyes wander about, admiring each one for a moment before moving on to the next. He intended to take advantage of Mistress Delschant’s well-known hospitality for a few days so he would choose carefully. He knew she expected him to make a purchase so he meant to spend his money wisely. He hesitated but he chose a buxom wench with dark hair and bright blue eyes, large full breasts and fair skin. As was the custom, he had a leash to indicate his selection and he clipped it to the collar about her throat. Another slave came forward to lead him to a private room where he could sample before he purchased.

She was a capable girl and he enjoyed her immensely. She was well trained and able to make him cum numerous times. Finally she drifted to sleep beside him but his thoughts kept him from following her. He could not forget the boy with the blue eyes.

Finally unable to take another minute, he slapped her ass and she awoke. He sent her out to fetch her Mistress. Getting out of the bed, he wrapped his dressing gown around himself and ran his fingers through his bursa escort hair, waiting for Mistress Delschant. When she arrived, he did not hesitate in making his wishes known and she set off to summon the blue-eyed boy.

A short time passed before Lord Hartshorn heard the soft knock on the door and, with a word of admittance, the blue-eyed boy was inside the small chamber. He knelt at Lord Hartshorn’s feet, as he had been trained to do, and he was asked his name. His whispered response, “Jarrod”, caused Lord Hartshorn’s breath to catch in his throat. He wasn’t sure why he felt the need, at this point in his life, to feel a man’s lips around him but he did. He opened his dressing gown and offered his full hard cock to the slave before him and Jarrod quickly took it inside his warm wet mouth.

Jarrod had sucked more than a few men since his introduction and was well able to please a man. His eyes took in the sight of the Master’s thick cock and he licked his lips in anticipation, a gesture that did not go unnoticed by the Master who took a deep breath and made a small “mmmm” of pleasure.

For his part, Jarrod was pleased to have such a thick cock to suck. He knew he would enjoy it immensely and was quick to take it into his mouth, wanting to please this Master. The sharp gasp of pleasure from the Master as his cock hit Jarrod’s tongue made Jarrod smile. He enjoyed giving pleasure. He took the Master’s cock into his mouth, working it into his throat, and began to suck. His tongue caressed the hard throbbing tool in his mouth. He worked it slowly in and out of his mouth. His fingers slid up to massage the Master’s balls. The Master had a wonderful cock, warm and full, and Jarrod was enjoying sucking it.

Lord Hartshorn was impressed. Suddenly, he knew he had to have this boy. His hands reached down to grasp the slave on each side of his head as the Lord began to fuck the slave’s mouth with quiet intensity. It was a glorious feeling, being buried in this boy’s mouth and his balls filled quickly with cum. He thrust himself in and out of the boy’s throat, enjoying the sweet sensation, and was not at all surprised when he quickly came, filling the boy’s mouth again and again with his hot cream.

Jarrod swallowed the Master’s cum, enjoying the bitter taste of it on his tongue. He had learned to like that taste and was quite fond of it. He took the cock from his mouth and licked it softly, loving the feel of it against his tongue. He even pressed his cheek against it, enjoying the wet warmth of it against his skin.

Lord Hartshorn enjoyed the feel of the boy’s tongue and then his skin against his length. He was surprised to see his cock was hardening again. He was not a young man and it was unusual for him to get erect again this soon. Pleased, he ordered the slave to disrobe and get on all fours on the floor before him. The slave quickly obeyed. It was not the first time Lord Hartshorn had fucked an ass but it was the first time he would fuck a male ass.

Jarrod felt the Master kneel between his thighs. He knew the Master’s cock was coated with his own saliva and he was not nervous when he felt the Master’s huge cock head pressed against his anus. He had been well-used in the past but it had been a while. He was sure he would enjoy the Master’s cock and he hoped his ass would be tight enough to give the Master pleasure as well.

Lord Hartshorn was able to push the thick head of his cock into the tight ring in one swift movement. The slave made a small sound, a grunt perhaps, but it did not matter to the Lord as he was determined to take him. He pushed his cock further into the boy’s sweet ass, enjoying the way it closed so snug back around him. It had been a long time since he had fucked anything this tight. It was very pleasant and he felt his balls tightening once more. He knew he would last longer this time, has he had already filled the boy’s mouth. He was prepared to prolong this ecstasy as long as he possibly could.

Jarrod grunted when the Master pushed himself in. It was not an unpleasant feeling to be stretched wide but it did hurt a bit. He felt the Master’s hands grip his hips and felt his cock pushing further into his rectum. He groaned with pleasure, having learned how to enjoy being taken as it happened quite often to him. He could feel the Master’s pace increasing as he began to saw into him with harder thrusts. It was obvious to him that the Master was enjoying himself immensely as Jarrod could hear his soft moans and groans of pleasure. Well-versed in the arts of pleasure, he began to cry out as he had been trained to do, “Oh yes, Master, please! Yes, it feels so good. Please, Master, please!”

Lord Hartshorn, enflamed by the ardent cries of his slave lover, began to drive faster and deeper into his ass, wanting very much to fill it fully with his seed. His hands tightened on the boy’s hips, pulling him back against him as he ground deep within him.

His balls slapped against the boys soft ass as he continued to plow inside him. Over and over for endless minutes he felt himself within the boy’s tightness, enjoying the way the boy’s bursa escort bayan ass closed around him, massaging him and coaxing him into even greater depths. On the edge at last, he threw back his head and cried, “Yes, slut, yes!” and filled the boy’s bowels with his seed.

Jarrod smiled, knowing that his Mistress would be pleased that he had well-satisfied the Master. The Master continued to pump inside him until his cum was drained then, after he slid his cock from inside Jarrod, he wiped the sticky mess upon Jarrod’s ass cheeks. Then the Master simply stood up and climbed into the bed provided, quickly falling fast asleep. Jarrod crawled to the mat at the foot of his bed, placed there specifically for slaves who had not been dismissed, put his simple garments back on and curled into a ball and fell asleep himself.

Lord Hartshorn did not know how long he slept but he awoke very refreshed. The sun was out and bright, mid-morning was his guess, as he rose from the bed and donned his dressing gown. He walked to the end of the bed and saw the boy, curled up and fast asleep. Grabbing a blanket from the bed, he tossed it over the boy’s sleeping form before crossing to the door and opening it. He flagged down the first slave he saw pass by and told her to summon her Mistress to his chambers as he needed to speak with her.

Mistress Delschant wasted no time in getting to Lord Hartshorn’s chambers. He was an important man in the government and one she would do well to keep happy. She discreetly led him to the small antechamber after spying the sleeping Jarrod. It was there the Lord announced his intentions to purchase her little prize. She was a quick woman and smart so she stifled her urge to smile with pleasure at the announcement and instead advised the Lord of Jarrod’s price. At that, the Lord smiled and told her he was not in a joking mood. Determined not to be worn down but also not to alienate the Lord, she reduced her price a bit. He shook his head and advised her for that price he would expect three slaves. Jarrod was divine, that was true, but she had not an offer for him in months and he would be past his prime soon. She sweetened the pie by offering Lord Hartshorn Jarrod and two of her lesser female slaves, ones she knew she would be lucky to be rid of but Lord Hartshorn would not know that! Bemused, the Lord agreed to the deal and Mistress Delschant breathed an imaginary sigh of relief before going to her office to draw up the necessary papers.

Lord Hartshorn returned to the bedroom and found the boy awake. He fastened the leash to the boy’s collar and then fastened that to the bedpost, advising the boy that he was now the property of Lord Hartshorn. The boy smiled up at his new Master from where he knelt at the floor, obviously pleased by these developments. Lord Hartshorn was as well and loosened the belt to his dressing gown, revealing his erect cock which he pushed between his new slave’s lips.

Jarrod greedily took his Master’s cock inside his mouth. He had worried he would never find a home away from Mistress Delschant. He had spent his entire life on her holdings here and was ready to see something new. He aimed to please his new Master the best way he could and so he sucked happily and with relish upon his hard cock, enjoying the way it filled his mouth and tasted on his tongue. If he was a bold as some of his fellow slaves, he would have even ventured to take Master’s balls within his mouth. But Jarrod was shy and obedient and would wait until he was commanded.

Lord Hartshorn knew he was becoming a bit fond of his new slave’s mouth but it felt so bewilderingly good, he could do nothing but moan. He pushed his cock deeper into the boy’s throat, aching to feel it tighten around him. He had not wanted anyone or anything for a long time until he had met this boy. He continued to pump into the boy’s hot mouth, his thoughts lost in the lust of the moment, as he fed his new property.

Jarrod could feel the raging need building within his new Master and knew it would not take long. It did not. Master began to cum and Jarrod quickly swallowed his seed, happy to know he had once again pleased his Master and hoping he would be delighted with the purchase of his new slave. Master did not cum a moment too soon as there was a light tap on the door and while Master retied his dressing gown, Jarrod discreetly turned his head and wiped his lips with the back of his hand, removing all traces of his Master’s lust.

It was Mistress Delschant with the bills of sale for Lord Hartshorn’s three new slaves. She led him back into the antechamber where he quickly signed them, knowing she was an honest businesswoman, advised her he would have the funds transferred to her as soon as he reached his home, Hartshorn Hill, and asked her to call for his carriage. She nodded at this and excused herself from his chambers, leading the two girls included with his deal inside it and tying their leashes on the bedpost next to Jarrod’s.

Lord Hartshorn reentered the chamber, noting the two girls were not unattractive but definitely not the beauties he would have expected. escort bursa He shrugged his shoulders at this thought for it did not matter. He had the boy and that is all he wanted.

He began to dress before them, not modest in the least as they were only slaves. When he was attired, he untied their leashes from the post and admired them kneeling at his feet. A soft tap at the door interrupted his musings as one of Mistress Delschant’s servants advised him his coach was ready. He told the servant to have his bags brought down and he ordered his slaves to rise. Holding tightly to their leashes, he led them out the hall and down to the gallery to the front door where he walked out into the bright sunshine of a winter’s day. His coach was indeed ready with his coachmen aboard. He was a well known and wealthy man so he traveled well guarded. He had seven men with him and now the three slaves. The coach would be a tight fit as two of the guards rode inside but he knew they would manage.

Lord Hartshorn indicated to Jarrod that he should sit between the two guards. He himself sat across from Jarrod with one of the girls on each side. It was a jostling ride through the countryside that caused the girls to often rub up against him. He possessively placed a hand on one thigh of each, his eyes never leaving Jarrod’s. Since they were only slaves, he had no reason not to lift their skirts and enjoy the smooth feel of their flesh beneath his fingertips. This he did after a short time, watching Jarrod’s reaction. In the dim light of the coach, it was difficult to make out facial reactions but Lord Hartshorn was sure he saw Jarrod blush.

Jarrod was not surprised by his Master’s actions. He was not even surprised when his Master let his hands drift up the inner thighs of his two female slaves and began to play with their cunts. The guards were lucky; they had a job to do so they could keep their eyes out the window, watching for brigands and thieves. Jarrod had no such luck and had no place really to put his eyes other than the two girls or his Master. So he kept his eyes shielded and tried to forget about what was going on across the coach from him.

Hartshorn Hill was a good bit away from where Mistress Delschant resided so Lord Hartshorn knew he would need to stop over at an Inn for at least one night if not two, depending on how far they were able to travel. He discussed his plans with the guards while he continued to play with his female slaves and when the coach stopped to rotate the guards, his instructions were relayed to the driver. Two guards rode on the top of the coach, two on the back and two inside. Therefore, to keep them fresh and ward of weariness, it was Lord Hartshorn’s usual procedure to rotate them every few hours.

When the sun was just about to set, the coach pulled into the yard at the Inn at Graveness. The Head Guardsman went into the Inn to make arrangements, one room for the slaves, which included the guards and the driver, and one for Lord Hartshorn. After the innkeeper had filled them with a hearty meal, Lord Hartshorn led his two new female slaves, with his arms wrapped affectionately around them, to his room while giving instructions for Jarrod to sleep with the guards. He knew Jarrod would be safe with the guards as none would think to touch the property of their Master: it could bring about their death.

Lord Hartshorn spent a lovely evening frolicking with his new slaves. They were gregarious, fun loving and witty, making him laugh quite often. He also used them thoroughly, of course, laying between their luscious thighs and burying himself and his seed inside their owned wombs. It was of no concern to him if they became pregnant as he had fathered many children by his slaves. But in his world, if one of your parents was a slave, you were born a slave and so he did not acknowledge any of them as his.

He had never married and had no legitimate children but this did not worry him. He was in good health and not that aged, he had time to find a suitable spouse and procreate. If not, his younger sister had married well and produced a few sons of her own. He could always leave his title and his estates to one of them.

He used his slaves well and deep into the night. As was his custom, he bit and sucked upon their necks and chests, leaving them well marked. When the morning came and they walked into the courtyard to board the coach, it was obvious to all that Lord Hartshorn had well-fucked his slaves last night. The Innkeeper gave a hearty laugh and slapped Lord Hartshorn on the back. The Lord in turn smiled at the man and gave him an extra gold piece for his hospitality.

Jarrod saw the markings on his fellow slaves and looked away but not before Lord Hartshorn saw the telltale blush upon his high cheekbones. The seating arrangement remained the same as the day before and again Lord Hartshorn spent most of the day caressing and touching his female slaves. Jarrod did all he could to avoid having to watch but the confines of the coach were tight. He kept his eyes averted and lowered as much as possible and tried to keep his mind entertained with his own thoughts. As the day drew long, Lord Hartshorn realized they could not make Hartshorn Hill until well after dark and decided it would be best if they spent the night at the Inn in Poriwath.

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