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It was a day like any other. Except, that for today, Marv was going to have sex with Jane. With all kind of excitement thinking about what she wants to do with her, he couldn’t help but beam a bright smile the entire time on his face towards Jane’s home.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he placed his finger on the door bell and after a moment of hesitation, pressed it.


His entire body was in hurt. He felt being electrified and in pain closed in eyes. But when he tried to open it again, he saw how everything got bigger around him.

And then, Jane opened the door. She looked left, and right. Two times, in fact, to make sure the prankster is not around anymore.

“The hell? Kids these days…”

She was already closing the door, when she stopped as she saw a tiny yellow ball on the ground. She picked it up and inspected it.

“Alright, if you want your plastic tennis ball back, you better hurry. Or I’ll close the door in a few seconds.”

But nobody came around.

“Tsk. Guess this is mine.”

In pure annoyance she went to the asyalı escort bathroom, washed the ball off and put it on her drawer next to the bed.

Meanwhile, Marv was in disbelief. He couldn’t produce sounds and he wasn’t able to move, either. However, he could see. He waited what felt like an eternity, sitting on top of the drawer, waiting for Jane to stop watching television.

However, Jane didn’t seem to stop watching television. At least technically. Because the television is still on, but she fell asleep.

Marv thought he would need to wait until tomorrow for a chance that something at least happens with him.

Out of the blue Jane began to move. It seemed like she just took a quick nap.

Wondering what Jane would do next, Marv got surprised by Jane when she reached for the small orange plastic tennis ball. She grasped the ball quite hard, making Marv felt like someone was on top of him and he felt it on his whole body.

And then, she opened the drawer. She pulled out a slightly above dildo. It could compete with the size of Marv’s ayaş escort former penis.

Thinking she would start by using her dildo in one of her hole’s, Marv was yet again surprised when she began putting him into her mouth. It felt like as if penis would be sucked off but instead it was his entire body. He thought she would continue to encircle him with saliva but she instead… gulped him down?!

Shocked, Merv was thinking if she was in her right mind.

However, instead of being completed gulped down towards her stomach, it seemed like he was stuck in her throat. Or rather, that she held him in the throat?

After a moment, it seemed like he was going back up. His vision was back from full black to a hole of light shining towards him. And it continued to increase in size.

Finally, he was outside.

But not for long. She put him on top of the tip of her dildo, forcing it and him inside her ass. Marv was surprised at the speed of her shoving the dildo up and down.

Marv thought that she must be turned on by gagging. If he ever comes back aydınlıkevler escort to being a human, he planned to use this secret information for later usage.

The speed of the shoving was reaching its final speed. After a few moments, he seemed to stop in the tunnel, however, the dildo was nowhere to be seen.

Out of the blue, the walls of her ass started to weigh down on him, making him feel like a big girl hugging him so dear with her arms locking him in place, making him feel unable to escape. Except, that it wasn’t a hug but a mix of hugging and release.

And then, it stopped. He thought she came, but he didn’t realize the final interlude was yet to come. He noticed that light started to shine at him from one end. And then —

He flew like a ball from a cannon with a swift speed across the whole room. One could hear a small splash sound when the walls of the house stopped his advance. And then slowly, he slid down, leaving behind love juice secretion as a slimy trail.

At the same time when Marv hit the wall, it felt like an orgasm exploded across his whole body. He was surprised by the intensity and admitted in silence that he is most likely a masochist, as he slid down the walls.

And it didn’t seem like Jane would stop using the plastic orange tennis ball as a sex toy, mused Marv, as he could already feel footsteps coming closer to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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