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To recap. I had answered an ad on craigslist from a married mom that wanted nasty stories sent to her email account. I sent one, and ‘Jane’ loved it. The mom asked me to create two more. One would be where she is the ‘entertainment’ for a party. In the other story she plays with a man’s cock and balls, keeping him on the edge of orgasm for hours.

In Jane Entertains the writer sent an email setting the stage for ‘Jane’ to become the entertainment at a party. It was intended as written foreplay, the writer wanting to get ‘Jane’ hot and wanting more.

FW: Jane Entertains

My dear Jane,

I had left you soaking in the tub after admonishing you to not play with your pussy. I went into the bedroom to lay out the clothes you were going to be wearing for the rest of the evening. New black stockings, black garter belt and black high cut briefs are laid out. The briefs are thin, lots of lace, delicate, feminine. I pick a pair of red stiletto heels and put them out for you. I place the wrist and ankle cuffs next to your clothes, intending to give a hint of things to come. A blindfold gets placed on top of the cuffs. I make sure the red lipstick Anna had given you to try is placed prominently on your makeup table. I turn on some soft music and then check on you. You are engrossed in your book, and I notice that your left hand is stroking your breast.

I go downstairs into the entertainment room, walk in front of the larger flat panel, then reach up to one of the ceiling tiles. It gets pushed out of the way, revealing a pad eye bolted thru the exposed joist and a carabiner clipped to the eye. I get a length of white nylon rope, and loop one end thru the hanging metal loop. I’m not sure about the spreader bar yet, I think I’ll keep it handy and see where the night leads us. I turn on the TV’s, then the two video cameras, adjust the lights so only the center of the room is lit. I get wine from the small refrigerator and put it out next to the trays loaded with goodies on the side cabinet under the smaller flat panel. I lay out glassware, open one of the bottles and pour out two glasses. I take them and leave the room.

It’s getting to be evening, so I turn on a few lights on the main floor, enough to be able to walk around and not bump into furniture. I head into the kitchen, put the two glasses of wine on the counter and put some ice into a bucket. I grab some cheese from the refrigerator and slice it onto a plate, add some snack crackers. Other small nibbling type of food gets put onto another plate. I bring the ice and snacks into the entertainment room and lay it out next to the wine.

Oops, mobile starting to signal I got a text. I open it and read the message – 10 MIN. I smile to myself then head back into the kitchen and get the two glasses of wine I had poured out. I return to the upstairs master bedroom.

You’ve finished your bath, and I see you at your makeup table brushing your hair. You’re wearing a thin satin robe, ivory colored and with lots of lace. Delectable, I walk over to you and put the glasses down on the table. I lean over and lightly kiss your neck, move up to your earlobe. I’ve reach into your robe, cupping your breasts with my hands. I whisper into your ear “You look delicious. I’ve put out the lipstick the girl at the spa gave you; I want to see it on your lips. Get very girly tonight, perfume, powder, and the works. Take your time I’m going to watch the show.”

I move away, taking a glass for myself and then moving to the bed. I sit, watch, taking in and enjoying see you get ready as I sip my wine.

As I watch you my mobile signals I’ve another text. I pull it out then look at it – READY. This time I don’t react, you ask what the message was. I reply that it was something about work, nothing to worry about and that it can wait until Monday. You smile, go back to getting all pretty.

You slide your robe off your and begin to powder yourself. You know I’m watching so you make a show of it. You move the powder puff slowly, sensuously, you watch me through your mirror. You apply powder to your neck, shoulders, under each arm, then to your lovely breasts. You push your chair away and apply to your tummy, then a light dusting between each thigh. My cock has started to grow watching the erotic display. You stand, twist to a side and apply powder to one cheek, twist the other way and powder the other. Bend over at your waist and dust the cleft between your cheeks – at this point my cock is at full attention. You look at me through the mirror, smile at the reaction you have worked for in my pants.

Still bent over, arching your back a bit you apply the lipstick; it’s very red, and it matches the red on your nails. Not your usual shade, and it looks good on you. I start thinking of those red lips of yours sliding up and down my cock, wrapped around my balls – time to get this going. You pick up your wine glass, still looking at me through the mirror, and take a drink. You put the glass down, leaving a lipstick konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort mark on the rim. You catch my eyes in the mirror, and smile. Satisfied you straighten up, turn your chair towards me and pick up your panties.

“Is daddy sure he wants his little girls sweet pussy covered up?”

I need to change the role play from the daddy/little school girl game so I answer “Yes dear. I want that lovely lace and silk caressing and molding and encasing your womanly cunt, and I want them soaked with your juices by the time they are taken off you. I’m going to save those panties, not washing them, so I can savor the perfume you will be leaving in them. Once you are finished dressing I’m taking you to the play room, where I will do a lot of nasty and kinky things to you. I expect the room will reek of sex when I am done and you will be spent, exhausted. I’ve been saving a load of sweet heavy cream for you, and you are going to be working very hard to get it.”

You shiver a bit, slowly put your panties on. You pull them up and I see your pussy lips outlined in the gusset. You sit in your chair and don your stockings, then your heels. Garter belt next, you stand and clip the straps to the tops of your hose. You pick up your wine glass, then the cuffs and walk to me, hand outstretched, a smile of anticipation on your face.

I’m sitting upright on the side of the bed, you stand in front of me, hand me the cuffs. Wordlessly you place one foot on my crotch, the spike of your shoe just touching my balls, the bottom of your shoe gently rubbing my hard organ. You sip more wine as I wrap the soft leather around your ankle, push the tongue of the locking strap through the buckle and secure it. You smile, remove your foot and put the other in the same spot, again giving my cock a gentle rub. I put on the cuff, this time though after the strap is secured I slowly work my hands up your silky calf, your thighs. The fingers of my left hand lightly brush your ass cheeks, my right hand is on your tummy, finger tips slowly stroking, and I’m luxuriating in the softness, the contrast between the silk covering your rear and your warm silky skin. You start to push your mound towards me; I bend and kiss your inner thigh just at the top of your stockings.

“You bastard,” you say, voice low and husky, “You didn’t touch me for a week, and I don’t think I’m ready to just forgive and forget. The spa was nice but you had better come through tonight, and believe me next time it’s my turn. You are going to pay.” You smile hungrily, look down at me and press your foot hard into my prick while you finish the rest of your wine. Finished, you lift your foot and remove it.

You step towards me, straddle my knees with your thighs, clasp your hands and push them towards me. I take your glass, place it on the floor, then wrap each wrist with a cuff, clip them together. I push you back, stand up. I reach up and lightly stroke your face, my hands caressing your neck, shoulder, down to your soft, full breasts. You pull your shoulders back and bring your arms up exposing your tits to me. I cup them, feel the smooth warmth, softly squeeze.

I bring my lips to your ear, voice quiet and low “Within the hour you will be moaning, your cunt will be drooling your juices, your panties will be a soaked mess, your thighs will be slick with the wetness from your fuck hole. The air will be filled with the smell of your sex, my cock will be dripping pre-cum and you will be begging for my hot heavy load. And that will be just the beginning.” You gasp and involuntarily thrust your abdomen out, try to grind your pussy on my leg.

I let you go, move around you and pick up the blindfold. I take you by your upper arm, and just a bit roughly push you towards the door. We leave the room, walk down the stairs. I keep you in front of me, I keep your upper arm in my hand, holding tight. At the base of the stairs I stop you, slip the blindfold over your head and cover your eyes. It’s not the usual cheap flimsy thing, as you find out. No peeking around the edges and it holds a good seal when you turn your head around. I reach around with my hand and give a hard pinch to one of your nipples, you pull away and I give your ass a slap, more sound than sting. “No, that won’t do at all. Stand up straight and start walking, I’ll guide you.”

I turn you into the entertainment room and escort you to where I left the rope hanging down. I position you to face the couch, attach one end of the rope to the clip holding your wrist cuffs together, pull on the other end and start bringing your arms up.

Exquisite, your arms are straight up, your sides and armpits exposed. Your tits hang heavy, open, available. Your nipples are hard, your aureole crinkled and puffy. You are starting to breathe faster, deeper, and you have a light flush from your face to your breasts. The high heels provide that divine lift to your rear, the globes of your konyaaltı otele gelen escort ass covered but not concealed by the sexy black panties I wanted you to wear. I tie off the line and move close to your ear, tell you in a low quiet voice “Yes, I think I have your attention. This will do nicely to start. Dear lovely sexy Jane.”

I decide to use the spreader bar after all, clip one end to an ankle then the other. I don’t have the bar spread your legs too far apart, I want to increase your anxiety, remove feelings of control you may have over the situation but I’m not looking for you to be in pain or discomfort.

I stand behind you, my cock hard and just touching the silk covered cleft between the cheeks of your gorgeous ass. I reach up, fingers lightly touching the inside of each of your upper arms. I slowly bring them down, lightly brushing your skin. You arch your back and I feel goose bumps on your skin. I bring my hands down to your hips, holding you in place. I lightly kiss then lick each armpit with the tip of my tongue. You try to push your ass back against my cock but I stop you. “No, we have lots of time. You are not in control, surrender and just feel, enjoy.” You breathe in sharply, then slowly exhale, relax.

I bring my hands up, cup your breasts, then start to gently massage them. I bring my right hand down oh so slowly, inching down your stomach, enjoying the soft roundness of your tummy. My fingertips reach the top of your panties; I flatten my hand against your hot belly, fingertips just inside the band.

That sweet moment of surrender I was waiting for, craving, when a woman not just allows but wants her lover to touch her in that most intimate spot. You moan, quietly asking “Please, please touch me. I’ve been waiting so long – I want your hand on me, your fingers in me. Please – don’t stop.”

You press your ass against my groin, this time I let you. My hand descends and I touch your short crinkly pubic hair, and then press against your Venus mound, pulling you to me. I see your face in the screen to my right; your eyes are still blindfolded, your slick red lips parted. I gently squeeze your breast with my left hand and you moan. I bring my other hand further to your nether lips, cup them, and just press my middle finger between them. I feel heat, wet, slick smoothness. I stop squeezing your breast and move to your nipple, pinch, stretch it out. You gasp, bring your head up to face towards the ceiling and you gently bite your lower lip. I look down and see you have lipstick on your teeth where they connected.

“Oh Jane, that won’t do at all. You’ve smeared your lipstick. I think we will need to do something about that.” I reach down and kiss your neck, then shoulder. I bring my hand up out of our panties. My fingers are wet with your juices. I bring my hand up to your face, under your nose. You inhale deeply, stick your tongue out and lick some of the juices from my hand. I let you have a bit, then bring it to my face.

I’m right next to yours, my lips by your ear. I inhale, breathe in your perfume. Your ass pushes against my cock and you turn your head in my direction. I tell you to stop and pinch your nipple at the same time. You gasp and halt, I lick my fingers clean. “Tasty. I want more; I want your cunt wrapped around my face, your juices in my mouth, your scent the only thing I smell. That’s for later.”

You sigh, “Tell me where we are. Tell me a fantasy.”

I cup your breasts with both hands. My lips are still by your ear, and I keep my voice and pitch low. “We are in a room similar to those videos you like so much. You are in the middle of it. You are in a circle of light, there is no escape. There are men and women watching, hungry for you. You are their evening’s plaything, their toy. You are here to bring them pleasure. They are watching me play with your tits, my hand caressing your cunt. There are other toys spread about the room, they are all here to be used on you.”

“Are the men going to use me?” you ask. I’m playing with your nipples, pulling, squeezing. I’m running the tip of my tongue along the side of your neck, and then nibble your earlobe.

“Your face, hair and body will be spattered with their seed. You are here to be used as they want.” I bring my hand back under your panties. Your nether lips are slick and hot. I begin to lightly stroke your clit.

“Hunnnnh….” you gasp, and then ask “And the women?”

I squeeze and knead your breast. “You will do whatever you are told. You will kiss, lick, and eat pussy, savoring every drop. Women will rub their ass cheeks on your face. Your tongue will be used as a fuck stick into some woman’s bowels.” I pull my hand out of your panties, you are flushed, your nipples hard and extended. You are breathing heavy, clearly excited.

I pull away, move to your side and reach for the blindfold you are wearing. “But first, I think we need to repair that lipstick of yours. konyaaltı rus escort Diana, do you think Anna could help?”

I pull the blindfold off and watch as you see we are not alone. Your face tightens with shock, and your head quickly swivels left to right, as you see two people sitting on the loveseat, one on the couch and another kneeling between the two pieces of furniture. You turn further to your right and see standing by your side a tall thin woman dressed the same as you. She has small tight breasts but her nipples are hugely erect.

You blush is deep red, starts at the top of your head and ends just below your breasts. You try to pull away, cover yourself, hide but you can’t. I can see lust, shock, surprise and humiliation on your face. The endorphins and adrenaline are kicking in, sending you for a ride. Your face pales, your head starts to roll back, your knees sag and I see that you are beginning to faint. The woman at your side reaches a hand to you and I smell a sharp ammonia stink, she has popped a smelling salt and your eyes widen, show you have come back to us.

“What…” you croak, and the woman smiles, she strokes your face and murmurs sweetly to you

“Jane, you look ravishing. We have been so looking forward to meeting you, having you join our little club. We met earlier today, I’m Diana, and yes, Dick is a bastard for surprising you like this. We have wanted to add you as a member to our little club since Dick told us you had gotten back together. Dick the bastard set this up.”

You look around as she is talking and recognize Sally the other spa owner sitting on the loveseat next to a very well built guy. She is dressed exactly like you and Diana are; she is leaning back, one hand playing with her large lush tits, the other lightly stroking the crotch of the guy sitting next to her.

Anna is the one kneeling between the couch and love seat. She is also dressed in the identical stockings and garter belt but she is not wearing panties. Her pussy is hairless and smooth. Her hands are clasped behind her arched back, her small round tits thrust out and she is watching you intently. Another well-built guy sits on the coach next to her. The guys are wearing long sleeve shirts and jeans, as I am.

You notice Sally and Anna wearing the same shade of lipstick you are, and Sally’s nails have the same color of polish you are wearing. You turn your face towards Diana and see her lips are also painted the same hue.

She smiles at you, strokes your neck and shoulders, and continues “Jane, did you see the wonderful present Dick got for you?” as she points to the Sybian. Diana moves her hand and begins to stroke your back. “You have a choice. We can stay and you will be our entertainment for the evening. Neither you nor Dick will be allowed to orgasm until the very end of the evening. We will all do wonderful, nasty, dirty things not just to you, but to each other. And Anna will be attending to all of us; you remember your time with Anna today?” You nod, your eyes bright, your nipples starting to harden. Hot spots start to develop on your face.

Diana continues “Or dear Jane, we can leave if you wish. But we will take the Sybian with us, Dick and I have an agreement. Anna will not stay nor will you get to see the massive tools Tom and Harry carry let alone the enormous loads of juice that has been churning in their balls for the last week. We have been denying them dear, in preparation for our little party this evening.”

Diana smiles at you and strokes your cheek, your hair. She pulls your head back and kisses you on your lips. You look back and see the Sybian in front of you. You turn your head round looking carefully at the two guys on the couch. You see that they are both erect, and that they sport impressive bulges. You look at Anna, kneeling on the floor. She meets your gaze, smiles at you warmly. “There are so many things awaiting you if you join us Jane, and we want you to. But the decision is yours. Please tell us what you want.”

“Diana, this isn’t fair. I’m horny and getting hornier listening to you. Looking at all of you is making it worse. Yes, stay, but I have one condition. You will help me turn the tables on Dick. Promise me and I’m the group’s plaything for tonight.”

Diana smiles, warmly kisses you on the lips, turns away. “Yes Jane, you have my promise. Anna, please come here and fix Jane’s lipstick.”

She turns to me and says “Dick, I think the ladies are going to take over now. You go sit.” I smile at her, give your breasts a squeeze and go sit on the couch.

Anna stands, walks towards you after picking up a tube of the lipstick as well as a tissue from the coffee table. She approaches you, smiles and wipes away the lipstick from your teeth. She applies a fresh coat and steps away.

Sally walks up hugs you then kisses you on the lips. “Jane, I’m glad you decided to play with us.” she says. “Anna’s my sister, but she belongs to both Diana and me. She likes men but has this need to serve women. Those other guys also belong to us; the stallion whose wonderful cock I was massaging is my husband Tom. Harry belongs to Diana.”

Diana unties the line, allowing your arms to drop down. Sally removes the rope from your cuffs as Diana unclips the spreader bar. They each take one of your arms and provide support as Anna kneels in front of you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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