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Jan and I have worked together for years and have been friends the whole time. The first day that I saw her I was infatuated with her. She was sitting at her desk and she looked so dam good. She had a blue skirt on and as she turned toward me I got a good look at her long legs. Now let me tell me about those legs, they are absolutely perfectly propionate to her body. They are long and go all the way up to her ass. Those legs belong on a super model. Jan is 47 years old (nearly 24 years older than me) but she sure does not look like it. She works out and keeps herself in good shape. She has long brown hair that she keeps somewhat curly. Her tits are big about 38Ds, she keeps them well hidden as she dresses very conservatively.

Now let me tell you about some the insistences that have let up to one of the best sexual encounters any man ever has had. The first sexual encounter that I had with Jan was one afternoon. I walked into her office just to shoot the shit. She was sitting down and I was standing above her. She had on a blouse that was very low cut and I could see down to her tits. She had a lacy black bra on that left half of her tits exposed. This was the first time I had a good look at those tits and let me tell you my dick got hard just looking at them. The are larger then I had imagined. I wanted to reach down and run my hands all for them instead I just looked at them with my dick getting harder all the time. I just figured what the hell let me see if I kiss her what would happen. I took her head and leaned her back and slowly lowered my lips to hers. As our lips met she slipped her tongue into my mouth, I respond by slipping my tongue into her mouth and we had a long deep kiss with our tongues slipping around each other. This was one hot kiss. As we broke our kiss I noticed that her eyes were slightly glassy looking, I know that she had enjoyed that kiss as much as I had. I know I enjoyed it because my dick was pressing against my pants trying to get out.

Our second encounter was after playing volleyball. Jan had hurt herself playing and was complaining that her chest hurt. I asked her to sow me exactly were the pain was. She did not hesitate to pull off her shirt and bra to show me were the pain was. She had her arm over her tits to make sure that her nipples did not show but I still got to see those round melons free and uncombed. They were absolutely great and with a shaking hand I felt around them to see if I could find what was causing her that pain. As I felt those tits I can tell you I was feeling no pain, I was in heaven, and once again my dick got rock hard. I know that what she had done was nothing more then a muscle pull but I did not tell her right away because I wanted to keep my hands on those tits as long as I could. I just wanted to keep my hands running around that creamy smooth skin , but more then that I wanted to kiss and nibble on them but I know that this was not the right time. I finally told her it was a muscle pull and she put her bra and shirt back on. When she covered them up I wanted to cry just like a baby whose mother had pulled them away from her child.

Our next encounter was a very quick one, but one that did get to me. I walked in on Jan and just out of the fun of it I asked her to show me her underalls. She got up from her chair bent over her desk and hiked up the back of her skirt, She had on red striped bikini panties. Her ass is just right, nice and round with two very kissable checks. Just as quick as she showed me her ass, she covered it back up and sat back down. The only thing I could say to her was “nice panties”.

One day we went for a walk during our lunch hour. As we were walking I started to ask her about what she liked about sex. I asked her if she liked to have her tits sucked and her nipples played with? She said that she loved it when her nibbles got sucked on and rubbed. She also said that she liked to have her pussy sucked especially her clit. I found out by talking to her that she does not cum while being fucked but while having her clit played with she does cum. I found out that she does like to walk around her house naked, likes to watch porno movies, and likes to masturbate. Now just talking to her like that made me hard and I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was getting turned on also. Just as we were finishing our walk I asked her to give me a hug I really wanted her to feel my hard dick against her pussy. We hugged and that is when I found out that she did not wear any panties under her shorts. My hands ran up and down her ass as we hugged, let me tell that ass felt just right, not to tight and not to flabby. In my mind I wanted to lick, kiss, and chew on that ass. To soon we parted and our walk came to a end.

At this time I was working on a college project and I needed to take some pictures of a women in a work environment. I asked if she would be my model for those pictures. She agreed to do it. I needed some pictures of a conservative dressed women and some of a slutty dressed Beylikdüzü escort women.

Jan agreed to do the conservative pictures but was not to crazy about the slutty ones. Over a period of three days I got the pictures that I needed. I had taken a lot of pictures of her with her skirt the normal length, knee high, and then started to ask her to pull her skirt higher, mini length. She seemed to go along with it and I got a good look at some of the best looking gams in the world. In some of the pictures you could see the bottom of her panties. On the second day as we were finishing the last picture she said “should I spread my legs way apart so you can get a good picture”. She did spread her legs and I got a good look at her panties, they were black and I was in seventh heaven, I wanted nothing more then to fall down to my knees and suck her pussy right through those panties.

Just as quick she closed her legs and the moment was over. The next day I was taking some close-ups of her face with different expressions. I wanted to get some pictures of her bending over showing some cleavage. I asked her if she would mind taking off her bra. She looked at me and started to take it off. She unsnapped it and pulled out through a arm hole in her shirt. I started to move around to get the best angel for the shot and as she moved I could see her complete naked tits. She has bright red small pointy nipples, just right for sucking on and chewing on. Her tits hang somewhat but that is because they are that heavy and large. I moved her around always with the idea that I wanted to see more of those fabulous tits. The more I saw the more I wanted them in my mouth and hands. I wanted to have my dick between them fucking them until I cum all over them. Once again it was over before my fantasy could come to life.

On another day I walked into her office and as we talked she said that she was a little bid stressed. I told her the best thing for stress is a good massage. She said “that sounds good”. I started by slowly and gently massaging her neck and back. After a few minutes of massaging through her blouse I ran my hands under her blouse and massaged her naked skin. She seemed to like this, her eyes closed and her breathing started to get quicker. I unsnapped her bra and slowly working my hands around the front of her tits I lifted the bra above the breasts. This left her tits hanging free and I started to massage them ever so slowly. A dream of mine had come true, I had those glorious tits in my hands. I moved my hands under the tits and lifted them and felt them all over. My hands ran up to the nibbles and I massaged them slowly and gently. Her nibbles became aroused and started to get hard as I took them between my thumb and forefinger and rolled them. Jan looked up and said “what are you doing”. I just said “we cant forget the front “. Her nibbles were has hard as rocks and I knew that she liked it because she made no effort to stop me, I had to stop because it was the wrong place. I left her office after hooking those million dollar tits back into her bra. Did I want to that, hell no, I wanted to keep feeling them and seeing were it would lead us.

A few weeks before Christmas I overheard Jan and another female worker talking and both of them said that as far as sex was concerned that neither of them would ever get more then six inches of dick. This gave me a wonderful idea for a Christmas present for Jan. I went a purchased a eight inch dildo for her. Two days before Christmas I give her that present. She opened it right away. When she saw what is was she said ” I love it”. I showed her how to change the batteries and how to turn it on. I also gave her a porno movie figuring that she could watch the movie and use the dildo. After a few days I asked her if she had used her dildo. I was surprised when she told me that she had used it a cowbell of times and loved it. She said that she never had that much Dick in her pussy and that she got a good cum. using it. Now I have a good imagination and it kicked in. In my mind I saw her laying back in bed working that eight inch dick in and out of her pussy, breathing hard, until her pussy becomes sloppy wet with her juices. I could see her, one hand pushing that dildo in and out while the other hand is pinching her nibbles to rock hardness. When she cums it is with pure lust and her pussy pulses the juices down the crack of her ass. Slowly she pulls the dildo out of her wet sloppy pussy and brings it to her mouth were she licks it clean loving the taste of her own pussy juices.

One day, Jan asked me if I would go with her to the store, she needed a new pair of pantyhose the ones she had on had a run in it. After getting the new pair she decided to put them on right in her office. I sat down and watched her as she pulled her skirt above her waist. She pulled the old pair of pantyhose down. Her complete body from the waist down was exposed to my eyes. Her panties were bikini type which hid nothing. Her curls of her pussy Beylikdüzü escort hair was sticking out of them. She sat down and pulled the old pair off. As she started to lift her left leg to slide her foot into the new pair her panties slid a little to the left and I could see the lips of her cunt. She pulled the pantyhose up and dropped her skirt. I knew that it exited her to have me watch as she got dressed, but I don’t think she had any idea how horny it made me.

On Jans birthday I took her out to lunch. She had pants and a blouse on. As she drove us to the place we were to eat I reached and put my hand between her legs.

I started to rub my hand back and forth in her pussy, I worked my finger unto her clit and started to rub it back and forth. Thank god she had pants on because no pantyhose under her pants. Jan always has pantyhose on and I have tried to get her to wear stockings or nothing at all but no luck so far. As I rubbed her clit I watched her face, she got flushed and nostrils were flared. I knew she liked it. Much to quickly we got to restaurant and I had to stop playing with her pussy.

For the last six months I have formulated a plan to finally get into a sexual encounter with Jan were I could be satisfied. I had found a perfect place to go on a picnic. I know that Jan likes the beach so I found a small beach along the river that would be perfect. It is private and a very romantic spot. I had one the best food stores to prepare a picnic lunch. I picked up a good bottle of wine. I made sure that Jan and I both had that afternoon off from work, I wanted to make sure that neither of us needed to be in another place. The week before the picnic I told Jan to bring shorts and a T-shirt to work so that we could both change after working that morning. The morning of the picnic I picked up all the goodies from the store, I chilled the wine in a cooler and I was ready to go.

At 11:30 A.M. we both changed to shorts and got into my car. Jan asked me where I was taking her. I told her someplace that she would really enjoy. One hour later we arrived at my secluded spot on the river. Jan loved the spot right away. She took off her shoes and ran up and down the small stretch of white sand. I placed a blanked down and spread out our food and drink. Jan sat down on the blanked, looked at me and said “this is perfect”. We eat, drank a few of glasses of wine each and just made small talk. Jan looked at me and said “we are going to fuck right?”. My dick just about jumped right out of my shorts. I reached over and kissed her, our mouths opened and our tongues played with each other.

My hand went to her tits and I found nothing between my hand and her tits except a thin blouse, no bra, I massaged them tits and pinched her nipples getting them harder, she moaned into my mouth pushing her tongue deeper into my mouth. Her hand reached down and griped my dick through my shorts and started to jerk it off. My dick grow harder as she moaned again. I pushed her blouse all the way to her neck freeing her tits, I broke our kiss and my lips started working their way down to those tits. I kissed her neck my lips and tongue sucking and nibbling all the way down to her tits. I got to her tits and liked all around her nipples, nibbling gently on the underside.

“Damm it ,suck them”, she said. My lips went straight to her nipples sucking one of them deep into my mouth, my tongue pushing it and pulling it left and right. With my teeth I griped on to it and pulled it, Her hips came straight up and her hand started to really pump my dick, “bite it, hurt it” she said. I pulled harder on her nibble and chewed on it, “Oh fuck” she said, and pulled down the zipper of my shorts trying to get to my dick. She freed my dick, and really started to jack it off, She pulled my head away from her tits turned around and with one movement stuck my dick into her mouth. She started to suck on it all the while still jacking it off.

She put it all the way down and then back out, she sucked on just the head of it running her tongue all around it. My hand reached down and under the leg of her shorts, as my fingers got closer to her pussy I could feel her juices, she was wet, my fingers found her pussy libs and one finger pushed its way into her, she was so wet that I had no trouble getting into her. Slowly I started to finger fuck her, her hips started to push back onto my hand, my other finger went to her clit and started to massage it. I pushed her clit back and forth and her pussy started to contract around my finger, “Put two of them in” she whispered, I pushed a second finger into her pussy. I did not need to move them as she was trusting her hips up and down, she was fucking my fingers, faster and faster her hips went till she let out one big moan and said “I’m cuming, Fuck, I’m cummmming”.

I felt her juices run over my fingers and down my hand. She was cumming just like a man, her pussy juice flowed out of her. Her juices flowed for what seemed like a long time Escort Beylikdüzü making my hand slippery, slowly she relaxed her pussy and with one hand she pulled my fingers out of her pussy. She guided my hand to her mouth and held my fingers in front of her lips, her tongue came out and she started to lick my fingers, ” I love the taste of my cum” she said as she put her lips around my fingers and sucked all her pussy juices off. She then pulled my head to her lips “want to taste my juices” she asked as our lips met and our tongues came together.

She was right her juices did taste good. We pulled apart and she said “If you really want a good taste, eat me till I cum into your mouth”. With that she arched her back and with one tug pulled her shorts off. She had no panties on and I could see her pussy hair was wet and her lips were swollen. My head went straight down to that wet pussy, with my fingers I spread her pussy apart, I could see she had a large clit and it was standing hard like a little dick, My tongue started to lick around the outside of her pussy, teasing her, her hands went to the back of my head and pushed it into her pussy, “I said suck it, dont play with it:” My tongue went into her pussy and I started to tongue fuck her, I could taste her juices, “suck my clit” she moaned.

My lips went around her clit and I pulled it with them, I chewed on it, and sucked it , pushing back and forth. Her hips were bucking up and down, “stick a finger in my asshole” she moaned. My finger went up the crack of her ass, her juices were flowing so hard that my finger was totally wet when it got to her asshole. Slowly I put my finger on her shit hole and pushed, it went straight in, I started to push and pull that finger in and out while still sucking on her clit. With my other hand I spread her pussy lips apart and not to gently stuck three fingers into her. I was sucking her clit and finger fucking her in the pussy and ass. She was bucking up and down, pushing my head harder unto her pussy.

“Mother Fucker, suck it, Ram it into me, fuck me” she said, then with one big push up she started to cum, “Fuck me, I’m cumming” she screamed. My mouth went from her clit to her pussy sucking at her juices, she pushed them juices into my mouth and I sucked every drop up. I started to pull my finger out of her asshole “dont, leave it in” she said, “I’m not done yet” as she said that she started to push her ass against my finger. She was ass fucking herself using my finger. She pulled her head away from her pussy “just watch me” she said. Her hand went to her pussy and she put three fingers inside, she started to finger fuck herself, and with the other hand started to play with her clit, rubbing it hard and fast, all the time still pushing her ass against my finger in her shit hole.

Faster and faster she went, “watch me, I’m cumming” she moaned, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and spread her lips apart, I watched a flow of pussy juice shot out of her pussy, “oh fuck, oh fuck” she moaned as she continued to squired pussy juice out. Finally she relaxed and laid back down and I pulled my finger out of her ass. She smiled at me and said “did you like that”, I said yes very much so. “Well, honey then get that dick into me and lets fuck” she said. She spread her legs wide and pushed me unto her. I got on my knees and taking my dick into my hand guided it to her pussy. I rubbed the head of it up and down her pussy lips getting it wet with her juices, she let out a little moan every time the head came into contact with her clit. I put the head of my dick right against her pussy and pushed just the head of it in, it was so warm and wet I felt like shooting a load of cum right then.

I started to fuck her with just the head of it, slowly moving it in and out, she was moaning “OH FUCK, I LOVE IT”, I was taking my time just moving very slowly in and out, her hands went around my ass and with unexpected strength pushed me all the way into her. Fuck did that feel great, she started to push her hips up against me as her legs went around my ass trying to get as much of my dick into her as she could. I pumped my hips into her fucking her deep as I felt my cum working its way up getting ready to explode into her. I knew she knew I was ready to cum as she said “shot a hot load into my pussy, fill me up”, I really started to fuck her when I heard those words.

I rammed my dick into her pussy harder and harder and she bucked her ass up and down. The head of my dick got larger and larger and I felt my cum explode into her pussy, as she felt me cuming she pulled me into her deeper her legs going high into the air “I’m cuming” I yelled, “Me too” she screamed as I shot all my cumm deep into her pussy. I held myself in her and she continued to grind her pussy against me as we both came down from our sexual high. Man what a fuck that was. Slowly my dick started to get limb inside her and I pulled out of her, and rolled off her. I watched her as her hand went to her pussy spreading it apart and putting three fingers inside herself, “you really shot a big load into me” she said, “lets see what you taste like” as she got my cum all over her fingers and put them into her mouth to suck them clean. “You taste Good:, she said as she laid back to relax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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