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This is a continuation of the story of my seduction of a 21-year-old Christian virgin. May I recommend you first read Jamie, Ch 1: Seduction, so you know how we arrived at this point? Much better for you, the reader.


Arriving home after work one morning shortly after, I found an envelope slipped into the frame of my door. It simply had my first name on it.

Going into my house, I opened the envelope. It was a letter from Jamie – I guess she’d done quite a bit of thinking, because it was a 6-page handwritten letter!

One part summed up all I needed to know:

“Jim, I never thought anything like this would happen to me. My handsome, charming older neighbor wants to teach me about the ‘forbidden fruits’. How could I not want that? My answer is yes, Jim. Please teach me.

I chuckled at her naivete. ‘Forbidden fruits’. I understood she was processing all of this through the only life experience she had; well, Jamie would have a more realistic understanding of ‘forbidden fruit’ when I sent streams of my special fruit juice deep into her mouth and up her ass.

I slept very well that day, looking forward to the next time I saw Jamie.


I was in the kitchen, cleaning up after my midday meal, when I heard Jamie come into the entryway. I opened my door, swinging it wide open without stepping outside my house. Several silent seconds passed, and I saw Jamie peek her head around my door.

My smile greeted her, and I said “Greetings, grasshopper.”

“Huh?” was Jamie’s confused reply (how the young can be so ignorant of classic TV references, I have no idea).

“Nice to see you. I enjoyed your letter very much.”

“Y-you did?” Jamie almost gulped.

“Come in here, Jamie.” My tone made it clear this was not an invitation, but a command.

Jamie quickly stepped into my kitchen.

“Close the door, please. Jamie, do you understand that I’m not in love with you?”

“I know that,” she replied, a quizzical look on her face.

“I’m also not going to fall in love with you. Now, given that information, what’s the worst possible thing you could do in this situation?”

“I guess to fall in love with you.”

“That’s right. I’m going to teach you about pleasure. I’m going to teach you things so you know how to please a man, but I’ll also teach how to ensure you get the most pleasure out of sex. This is only about feeling good, and teaching you how to please a man.

Often, people think that the pleasure they get, especially with their first sexual partner, is love, but that is not what this is about. It’s just sex and pleasure. Are you going to be alright with that?”

“I am,” she replied, breathing heavily. It seemed she was grasping the reality of what she was going to soon experience.

“Alright, then” I said. “Tomorrow, I want you here at 3 pm. Does that work for you?”

“Yes, I get off work at 2.”

“OK, so tomorrow at three we’ll begin. You understand I’ll be taking your virginity tomorrow?” I asked.

Jamie visibly swallowed. I could almost see the cartoon bubble “GULP!” come from her mouth.

“Starting now,” I began, “and until we finish tomorrow, I don’t want you to touch yourself. No self-pleasure at all tonight. Understood?”

“I understand, but I don’t do that,” Jamie answered.

“You don’t do what?” I asked.

“T-touch my-myself,” she answered, visibly embarrassed.

“You don’t? Have you ever?”

She simply shook her head no.

“So, you’ve never had an orgasm, then?”

Another negative head shake.

“Well, Jamie, I’m very happy to tell you that tomorrow, you’ll know exactly what a sexual climax feels like. So, I’ll see you at 3. Have a great night,” I said as I ushered her to the exit.

Closing the door again, I almost laughed out loud. She was absolutely untouched? This was gonna be fun.


The next day, the clock had barely moved to 3 pm when Jamie knocked on my door. She had to have been standing outside the door, waiting for the clock to strike the hour. I’m glad she was eager.

I opened the door and motioned her in. Jamie stepped in to my house and I drew her into my arms, pressing my lips to hers. I felt her mouth open against mine and I slid my tongue between her lips. my tongue moving in and out of her mouth, sliding in….pulling out…. getting the idea of being penetrated into her head.

I brought my hand to her breast, the backs of my fingers brushing against her top. Her nipple is already erect, pushing through the fabric of her bra. I pinch her nipple, twisting my finger and thumb as I pull and tug on her nipple. Jamie squirms a bit at this.

“Come on,” I said, taking her hand and drawing her toward my bedroom. 1xbet yeni giriş “I want you in my bed now.”

Without a word, Jamie obediently followed.

Entering the room, I released Jamie’s hand and turned to face her. Reaching down, I pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it to the floor. Jamie’s eyes followed the shirt, then her gaze went to my naked chest. I ran my hands over my chest slowly, up to my shoulders and down my muscular arms.

Jamie’s eyes followed my moving hands intently. I stepped closer, taking Jamie’s hands and placing them on my chest.

“Now it’s your turn,” I said. Jamie’s hands moved slowly, tentatively as first. Her touch was gentle, uncertain. When her hands reached my arms, she kept them moving slowly, up and down over my triceps and shoulders.

The tip of her tongue snaked forward, touching the middle of her upper lip in an unconscious, primal reaction. Jamie’s hands sped up, running over my chest and stomach, her fingers twining in my chest hair.

OK, yeah, this girl liked to touch. That was good. She was also a natural at it. That was even better. As she raked her fingers across one nipple, I shuddered and writhed in unexpected pleasure.

“Jamie, look at me,” I commanded. Her hands slowed on my body as her blue eyes gazed right into my green eyes. “Don’t take your eyes off me, but I want you to strip for me right now.”

Jamie was wearing a blouse that buttoned down the front. She opened the top button, her fingers trembling, then moved to the next. As she was unbuttoning the second button, I loudly said “STOP.”

Jamie’s hands went directly to her sides.

“Turn around, Jamie” I instructed. Jamie turned and was now facing my wall mirror. Such a good listener, Jamie’s eyes were already seeking contact with mine in our reflected images. Staring into her eyes from behind her, I stepped close behind her, my arms around her shoulders as I reached to continue stripping her.

“I realized I would rather make you naked than watch you get naked, at least this first time,” I said as I slowly removed her blouse, one button at a time, my fingers trailing casually down her newly-exposed flesh. Between her full, rapidly moving breasts, across the thin material of her bra (virgin white), which, I was sure would match a pair of little girl panties.

Her skin was cool and pale, but becoming flushed. I slipped her now-opened blouse off her shoulders and kissed the spot where her neck turned to upper back. Jamie moaned loudly, tilting her head back, exposing her throat in a posture of submission. I was half-tempted to take her throat in my teeth, to demonstrate my dominance over her…. but no. That would be a later lesson.

I slipped the straps of Jamie’s bra down over her arms as I softly pressed my lips to her neck, tracing the tip of my tongue across her skin. I reached around to her breasts, sliding my hands between her bra and the fleshy mounds tipped with pink nipples, pale like her skin but standing so obediently at attention to my touch.

I left no part of Jamie’s breasts unfondled as I continued to kiss and nip at the skin of her neck. She reacted strongly when I kneaded her flesh, pressing, squeezing and pulling on her full tits. I moved one arm to her stomach, wrapping around her and pulling her against me. I stepped forward and pressed Jamie against the mirror, effectively trapping her in place.

I shoved my left hand quickly down the front of Jamie’s pants and panties. I feel the hair of her mound (untrimmed and full, all natural) between my fingers and I spend time rubbing her mound as I press her firmly against the mirror.

My cock was fully hard and pressed against the crack of her ass. I grinded against her as I reached toward her slit, ready to touch and claim her virgin sex for myself.

“Pull down your pants and panties, Jamie,” I whispered directly into her ear. Her hands went to the waist of her pants. In one quick movement, she pulled both garments down over her plump ass and full hips. “Good girl,” I praised her. I raised one foot and stepped down on the crotch of her clothing, pressing them down to her ankles.

“Now, raise your right foot and pull off your pants and panties.” Jamie did. “Now the same with your left foot.”

Jamie was now nude in front of me, facing the dressing mirror, her eyes huge and staring intently into mine.

“Have you ever thought,” I began, kissing the naked skin of her upper back as she wiggles against me, “how you’d like to achieve your first-ever orgasm? Fingers?” kiss… “My tongue?” kiss….

Absolute silence, and I looked into Jamie’s eyes, reflected. Apparently, she hadn’t given it any thought.

“Looking for some feedback 1xbet giriş here, Jamie.” Kiss…. kiss. “This is your choice. How do you want me to make you cum the first time?”

“F-f-fingers,” she whimpers.

I stepped suddenly back away from her, and she was now naked, leaning still against the mirror.

“I want you to lay on your back on my bed, Jamie. Put your hands to your sides and spread your legs for me.”

It was absolutely adorable to watch her. Her desire warred with her shyness. Obviously, shyness didn’t win.

Jamie looked very good laying naked on my bed, and I took the time to appreciate her. She is chubby, but it works for her. Jamie is one of those girls who might not look as good skinny. Her full breasts fell to the sides, her nipples hard, and I enjoyed the view as her rapid breathing continued, anticipation feeding her arousal. She is a natural blonde, and the curly hair covering her mound was already damp, drops of her excitement already visible. Her legs were covered in goosebumps, and her hands clenched and unclenched as she lay there, waiting to be taken.

I had my shirt off, but my jeans still on. I don’t intend to strip yet. I got on the bed, lying next to Jamie, and put my arm out for her head to rest on. I turned her face to mine and began to gently kiss her. She returned my kiss eagerly, if not skillfully, and I began to run my hand over her body, touching all of her, not just her erogenous zones. I paid special attention, though, to her tits, enjoying watching her areolae pucker as her nipples extended.

Jamie quietly moaned into my mouth as I touched her as no man ever had – as no person ever had, if she told the truth about never masturbating.

My hand now on her thigh, I caressed Jamie from knee to hip, then moved to her pubic mound. I cupped her mound with my hand, and she wriggled, raising up to meet me. She was ready.

I slid my hand between her thigh as I kissed her. Her legs parted reflexively, granting me access I would have taken regardless. I slipped my hand deeper, two fingers rubbing the outer lips of Jamie’s cunt. She gasped, her hands clenched into fists now, almost drumming against the bed to the new sensations she’s experiencing.

Up and down, my hand moving over her cunt. My middle finger parted her inner lips, and I curled it upward, slipping just inside her wet opening.

Jamie moaned loudly.

“Sounds like you like that, Jamie,” I said, pulling my face away to look at her. Her eyes were wide, anticipation and lust plain on her face.

“Tell me you like it, Jamie.” Running my hand up and down her slit, barely touching her clit at the top.

“Oooh…I do.”

“You do what?” Pressing my finger against one lip. Applying pressure up and down.

“mmmm…ohhhh…I like it.”

“Tell me, Jamie. Tell me or I’ll stop.”

“I like you rubbing my vagina.”

“This isn’t health class, Jamie. When it’s aroused, it’s your pussy or your cunt. Now tell me.”

“I like you fingering my cunt! God, I love it! I never…never knew there was anything…”

Jamie was unable to speak as I penetrated her pussy with my finger. I pressed into her, and her ass clenched, raising her up to meet my finger. I pressed further, until I felt her hymen. I stopped then, moving my finger in and out of her without taking her cherry. That was for my cock to do.

I finger fucked Jamie’s virgin pussy until it was soaked. I then moved to her clit, applying soft pressure with two fingers and moving in slow circles. Jamie’s eyes opened wide, her mouth opening as she felt me touching her most sensitive area. Her breathing quickened, and I began to rub faster and faster, her clit protruding from its hood to my skillful touch. Jamie writhed more now, feeling the onrush of her first-ever sexual peak.

“Jim, oh my god, Jim,” she began moaning. “Jim, yes Jim, oh god yes, oh Jim Jim Jim Jim OH JIM OH MY GOD OH YESSSSS!”

Jamie’s first orgasm washed over her fiercely. He hands, still at her sides like a good girl, held fistfuls of bedsheet as her ass rose from the bed, rotating against my finger as she kept cumming. Her voice rose to an incoherent scream through her climax, just a primal, guttural utterance of indescribable pleasure.

I slowed my fingers as her climax receded, leaving off her sensitive clit, and idly stroking her outer lips. I let Jamie take her time to return to the mundane world, her newfound knowledge forever changing her.

“It’s ok if you want to hug me,” I said.

Jamie turned to me, her arms wrapping around my neck, grasping me tightly.

“No. idea,” she whispered against my hairy chest. “I. had. no. idea. it. could. be. like. that.”

“When I do something 1xbet güvenilirmi nice for you, you should thank me, Jamie.”

“Oh, Jim, yes. Thank you so much. Thank you for giving me that wonderful orgasm. Thank you, thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure, Jamie,” I said, kissing the top of her head as I caressed her back. “I imagine you’re probably ready for more now, though.”

“More?!” She raised her head to look at me.

“Yes, of course. I intend to make you cum many times today,” I said as I reached between her legs.

She wrapped her right leg around my left so my leg was between hers. I moved directly to her clit now, knowing she didn’t need any further warmup. Our bodies were pressed together, and as her arousal grew, she writhed against me. In less than a minute, Jamie was riding the crest of another orgasm, moaning and calling my name over and over, grasping me desperately as she surrendered herself to pleasure.

Two orgasms later, I decided to let her rest a moment, then quickly stripped off my jeans and boxers, then rolled over onto her, spreading her legs with mine.

“Reach down, Jamie” I instructed her. “I want you to touch my cock.”

Jamie moved hesitantly, unsure of how to do this simple thing.

“You want to be careful not to be too rough, but don’t be afraid. The touch of your hand will make me feel very good.”

Jamie pressed her palm against she shaft of my cock.

“It’s so hard,” she whispered in amazement, “but it’s also so smooth and soft.”

Jamie’s hand rubbed up and down my cock, still not knowing what to do with it.

“Wrap your hand around him,” I encouraged. “Hold him and rub the head of my cock against your cunt. See how good he makes you feel.”

Jamie took instruction very well. Holding me by my shaft, she rubbed the head up and down her slit, up to her clit, and grinded against me. I let her explore this, allowing her to discover some things on her own.

“Oh, god Jim, this feels so good!” Jamie exclaimed as she slid her pussy against the underside of my cock. “I think…Oh god oh god Jim…I think… I think I’m going to…oh yeah… I’m cumming again! OH GOD OH GOD JIM OH HOLY FUCK!!!”

The first time Jamie had ever dropped an f-bomb in her life, I’m sure. After she’d recovered, I decided it was time to take her.

“Let go of my cock, Jamie,” I instructed. She reluctantly let go of me. “I’m going to take you now, Jamie. Your virginity is mine. Are you ready to feel my cock inside of you?”

“Oh god yes, please! Jim, please make me a woman! I want this so bad.”

I slid the head of my cock between her lips, just the head into her opening. Jamie gasped at the welcome intrusion, and I gave her a moment to get used to the feel of me before sliding forward, giving her a few inches. I felt the pressure of her hymen, and pressed forward as she gasped loudly.

Despite the pain, Jamie’s arms wrapped around me, trying to pull me close as I slid deeper into her virgin cunt. Another gentle thrust, and she had the full length of my cock inside her.

“Oh Jim oh my god yes!” Jamie began to move beneath me, and I knew she was ready to be fucked.

I rose up, putting my hands flat on the bed, and began to move rhythmically inside her no-longer-virgin cunt. Forward and back, drawing back until just the head of my cock was inside her, I thrust with force, bottoming out inside her tight, wet pussy. Jamie continued her verbal approval, getting louder and louder each time she came.

I was pleasantly surprised she could climax through penetration alone. It seemed Jamie was a woman who had a high capacity for orgasm, and she met each one head on, greedily seeking more and more pleasure, more and more intense experiences.

“Jamie,” I said as I felt my own orgasm building, “I’m going to cum soon. I want to cum inside you, but I don’t want you getting pregnant.”

“I’m on the Pill,” she gasped, “it helps with my menstrual cycle. Please, Jim, please finish inside of me. Make me a woman. Take me, Jim. Claim me, please. My cunt is yours to do whatever you want!”

I fucked her harder, my balls slapping against her ass on each thrust. Her pussy grabbed and pulled at my cock, as though she wanted to keep me inside her as deep as possible.

“Oh fuck, your pussy is amazing, Jamie! You feel too good. I can’t put it off…here…. “

I…. CUM!!!”

Groaning loudly, I unleased a huge load of sperm where none had ever been before. I shot over and over, and my climax seemed to trigger another for Jamie.

I collapsed on top of her as she finished, our bodies sated for the moment. Her face was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and she looked at me in amazement.

“I cannot believe this,” Jamie said. “Please tell me we can keep doing this, because I’m going to want you again and again.”

I softly kissed her lips and told her “This is only the beginning. I can start teaching you now.”

“Thank you,” Jamie whispered.

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