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Midnight. A warm and humid summer night – much too warm for blankets, or even sheets. The moon is no more than a sliver and the room is lit only by the weak glow of the streetlamps filtering through the sheer curtains drawn across the windows on either side of the bed where you sleep peacefully, unaware as yet of my presence.

I stand quietly at the foot of the bed watching you sleep. You are beautiful in sleep – so innocent and untroubled. You’re lying on your back wearing only white panties. The tee shirt in which you started the night lies on the floor, having been shed so the light sheen of perspiration will help cool your nubile young body on this warm, sticky night.

Your smallish breasts rise and fall gently with your breathing, and my eyes stray from one perfectly formed little nipple atop its slightly swollen areola to the other while desire rises within me, mirroring the rising, swelling shaft within my pants. My hand begins to stray toward my crotch to adjust the rapidly growing bulge, but I force myself to suffer the discomfort of the awkward angle because I want nothing to wake you as I drink in the sight of your body and become more and more intoxicated by the perfection before me.

Your nearly black hair causes your head to be almost lost in the shadows of the room, but the curve of your neck and cheek, and the glisten of light off your pouty lower lip outlines the beauty I know is there – the beauty I have watched blossom day after day for the past ten years.

You were only nine years old when your family moved in next door to my family. Though I was sixteen at the time, even then I was taken by your clever face and quirky personality.

When you were older and began to fill out, I was always too shy and uncertain of myself to be open about my feelings and attraction to you, so I just watched from afar as your hips pushed gently outward, changing you from the adorable, impish little stick figure girl into the young woman whose erotically sensual body and irresistibly tomboyish personality have driven me to defy wisdom and sneak into your room tonight.

Only now do I understand the urges that drive seemingly sane men to reckless behavior – the politicians and business leaders who have beautiful wives and families, yet risk everything to be with her, with “the other woman”. They are the flame towards which the moth flies, even knowing it risks damage or possible death, in order to dance, however briefly, with that flame. I look down now at you, my own sensual flame, the potential seed of my destruction, and I know you are something beyond my ability to resist.

You stir slightly and my heart leaps in my chest. I lick my lips with both desire and tension as your left arm lifts off the bed and settles down onto your shiny white panties just above the soft swell of your mons. My cock twitches in my pants. “NOW!” it seems to be screaming at me, but I ignore it, totally mesmerized by what I’m seeing and feeling.

You stir again and your thighs open even further as your left leg bends at the knee to drape over the side of the bed. The sight of the soft swell of your pussy inside your panties breaks my will and my hands reach up to scratch lightly at my nipples through my dark tee shirt. The tingling in my nipples crashes into my groin, causing my cock to throb with its need.

Once again, you shift slightly, mumbling as if in a dream, and your right hand raises off the sheet and comes to rest on your right breast with your nipple nestled between your thumb and first finger. I groan imperceptibly. Play with it for me, I pray, knowing prayers of that sort are never answered, but wishing against all logic that it could happen. As if in response to my prayer, your forefinger twitches against your nipple once, then twice, then again and again until it’s obvious you’re stimulating it purposely, even though asleep.

As quietly as I can, I unbutton my Levis and pull down the zipper, then freeze at a slight movement of your eyelids. (Is she awake? Does she see me standing here?) Time stands still as I watch you. You are no longer restless, once again an unmoving portrait of desireability with your right hand cupping your breast, your left hand resting enticingly atop your mons.

After what seems like hours of tense waiting, I open my pants enough to pull out my cock which became less rigid as I stood waiting, and I wrap my large, rough hand around the shaft to squeeze it reassuringly. It responds strongly to the pressure and I feel it stretch and grow inside my closed hand as it once again comes to a full, throbbing erection.

I give it a long stroke up and down, reveling in the erotic sensation of the soft skin sliding easily over the hardness of the rock hard shaft within. I loosen my grip and run my fingers gently over and around the head which is bobbing and tingling from the stimulation and the beating of my heart.

You should be the one doing this, I think as I touch and stroke myself. It should Anadolu Yakası Escort be your soft hands teasing and rubbing me. My eyes close briefly and I lift my head with the pleasure centering itself more and more intensely into my groin.

I suddenly realize I’m masturbating myself strongly now. Slow down, I warn myself as I open my eyes and look quickly to your face to make sure I haven’t awakened you. Your eyes are closed and I breathe a quiet sigh of relief before I realize the fingers of your right hand are moving on your nipple while the fingers of your left hand are moving in small circles over your panties at the spot your clit would be. I watch in unbelieving fascination for several seconds before glancing once again at your face.

Your eyes are open and fixed on mine. I swallow heavily as you smile and shift your body slightly on the bed, then move your hands up beside your head on the pillow in unspoken invitation.

Neither of us says a word as I take the few steps that will put me at the side of the bed. Your eyes move from my eyes to where my right hand still holds tightly to my cock, then to your breasts and back to my hands and eyes. Your lips move, but no sound comes out. “Please?” you mouth.

My hand moves as if of its own accord as I lean down and gently touch your cheek, the cheek I have longed to touch just this way almost since the day I first saw you as a child. Your face leans into the touch and your eyes close at the moment my rough skin touches your smooth, soft cheek. You turn and touch your lips softly to the back of my hand, then close your eyes and sigh as my fingers trail down your neck and center of your chest to stop short of the swell of your mons where I open my hand wide and cover your stomach almost entirely with my spread fingers. Your warmth burns into my hand as I rub it over your incredibly flat tummy, then up to slide back and forth over your breasts and hard little nipples.

Your back arches as I let go of my cock and reach for your breasts with both hands. At first I cup them gently, then fondle them, luxuriating in their softness and suppleness as they move within my hands. At last I cup them, squeezing them to indescribably erotic points and taking first one then the other into my mouth to circle it and tease it with my tongue while I lightly pinch and roll the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

You reach out to tentatively explore my erect cock as I suckle on your nipples, and I flinch slightly at the soft touch of your fingers on its skin. Your warm, soft hand wraps gently around it, then alternately squeezes and releases it, feeling it compress slightly and expand again each time. You cup my balls experimentally in your hand as if weighing them, then your fingers move up to explore and fondle the slightly swollen head of my cock which is almost spasmodic with the excitement of your touch.

Your exploration encourages me to find out more about your body and I straighten up enough to watch my hands as they move to trace the feminine outline of your body as it flows from your chest to your narrow waist to the swell of your hips, then over the hips to trace down the taper of your legs to your feet.

My eyes drink in the incredible beauty of the gift from God that is your body before my hands move slowly up the front of your legs, stopping to squeeze and feel the soft smoothness of your inner thighs, then on up to graze the inside of the top of your thighs at the point they meet the soft swell of your pussy hiding inside panties that have become moist with your excitement.

I stop and run the back of my fingers lightly over your mons and down over your softness. My heartbeat is thundering in my ears as I slide my fingers under the elastic waistband and tug at your panties, urging them down until I can see the unbelievably erotic ridge of skin in which your clit lies hidden. I groan with my desire and slide my fingers inside the fabric to rub them lightly over your pussy. I lightly pinch your outer labia togther, trapping your inner lips and clit within, then release it and explore the exquisitely soft folds and valleys of your pussy, working my way relentlessly to the point where I focus on the nerve bud awaiting my touch in its little shroud.

I’m at the point that I absolutely have to see all of you now. I remove my hand and peel your panties down over your toes. We’re both breathing heavily as I drop them onto your tee shirt beside the bed, then urge you to turn onto your tummy so I can see and explore the back and butt that I’ve watched from afar at the swimming pool and beach. You lay your head on your hands so you’ll have a good view of my body as I explore yours.

I lean over once again and run my fingers gently from your feet, up the backs of your legs, over the gentle swell of your trim ass, and up the center of your back to massage lightly at the back of your neck.

Your soft purr of pleasure urges me on and I run Kadıköy Escort my hands back down to your ass to trace the subtle line between your buttocks and top of your thighs, then follow them in to the shadowed softness trembling at my touch. I kiss down the center of your back, then lick each firm buttock in turn before gently turning you back over to face me

“What is your pleasure, Jade?” I whisper. “What can I do that would pleasure you most?”

It’s a long moment before you reply. “I do have something I’d like you to do, but you’d probably think I was weird or sick or something.”

“Let me ask you something first,” I whisper. “Are you a virgin?”

At the look of discomfort on your face, I know the answer, and in that moment I intuitively know what you’re afraid to ask. “Would you like me to masturbate for you?”

You look away as you nod.

“Close up or far away?”

“I want to see what you see when you masturbate yourself.”

I smile happily as, without another word, I crawl onto the bed and straddle your hips, facing towards you as I settle down and take my cock in my hand. The fascination in your eyes causes it to spring back to a full erection as you watch my hand move slowly and deliberately up and down. On each upstroke, the head disappears into my hand, then reappears suddenly on the down stroke.

“Would you like to try it?” I whisper. You nod as your hand moves hungrily toward it and replaces my own. You start slowly, your eyes moving from your hand to my face and back to your hand. As you get into it and start pumping it faster and faster, I can feel the fullness begin to build that precedes my orgasm and I tilt slightly away to slow my arc to ejaculation.

You slow as I tilt away from you, then take your hand off. “Do it for me,” you whisper huskily. “I want to see you do it. I want to watch you make yourself come.”

Your hands move to your nipples as I take myself back into my hand and begin to stroke up and down. I switch hands to hold the shaft in my left hand while I rub my right palm lightly back and forth across the head until the pleasure builds to the level of exquisite pain. When it becomes so intense I can’t stand any more, I switch hands once again and stroke purposefully and strongly up and down as the fullness returns and builds.

All this time I’ve been alternately watching your eyes and your fingers stimulating your nipples, driving the level of my pleasure to stratospheric levels until I can’t hold off any longer. My eyes close and I groan loudly at the moment the fullness breaks through the tension deep inside me. I can feel my come coursing through my cock as it erupts up and out onto both of our stomachs and chests.

Your eyes watch in fascination as my come spurts up and out onto both bodies, then your hands move up to test the feel of my come. You spread its warm slippery smoothness around your tummy and breasts, using it as a lubricant as you slide your fingers over your exquisitely sensitive nipples.

I lean forward and kiss your forehead lovingly.

“Now you,” I whisper huskily. “You have your choice, dear Jade. Your fingers, or my fingers … or my tongue.”

“You don’t get off that easy,” you whisper, smiling mischievously. “I got my choice with you. This time it’s your choice.”

The darkness that gave me the courage to invade your house so that I might see and be near you while you slept surrounds us as I swing my leg over your hips to stand once again on the floor beside your bed.

My desires make me almost dizzy with lust as your words echo in my head: “This time it’s your choice.” I didn’t expect you to say that. Even more surprising to me, I’ll never know where I got the nerve to offer you my tongue as one of the ways you could have your own orgasm after watching me masturbate myself to mine. Even had I done it consciously, I would have fully expected you to reject it as one of your options, but you gave me the choice.

I look down at the wonder of you lying with your hands above your head, inviting my gaze to devour your body, and I know for certain what that choice will be.

As you watch closely, I pull my tee shirt over my head and strip off my pants and shorts, then climb back atop the bed to cover your body lightly with mine. The heat from your body seeps into my now flaccid cock lying atop your closed thighs.

I raise up to look into your eyes. “Well?” you ask softly.

In answer, I lean back down to run my tongue softly around your outer ear, then down the side of your neck. I ease myself down as the tip of my tongue traces small patterns at your collar bone, then over to the sensitive inside of your upper arms and the pulse point of your elbows before moving down just a bit more so I can once again suckle on your taut nipples. I can taste traces of my own come on your skin, but it’s not a strong or disagreeable taste, and the remembrance of how it got there causes my cock to once again İstanbul Escort stir with desire.

Your fingers twine in my hair as I give each breast a parting kiss before kissing and licking my way down the center of your stomach toward the wondrous gift that Eros bestowed upon men at the beginning of time. I stop to nuzzle the soft down at the top of your mons while I push your legs wide apart.

When raise my head to look at your face, your expression is a mixed one of lust and fear and anticipation. I smile with delight as I lean back down and breathe deeply while I rub the tip of my nose gently up and down and side to side over the softness between your legs. “Oh my God,” I whisper to no one in particular at the aphrodisiacal effect of your earthy scent. “Oh my dear God.”

The sound of your breathing becomes heavier and heavier as my nose whispers over and circles your clit, then stops altogether when my tongue reaches out to touch it tentatively. As your hips rise up in a plea for more, I lick up the center line of your pussy before concentrating once again on the little bud still hiding within its shroud of sensually soft skin.

The tinest of sounds escapes your mouth, no more than the sound of a newborn kitten’s first little mew, and my cock twitches with the knowledge I am being able to pleasure you to the level I have wanted since I first saw you in a white two-piece bathing suit when you were sixteen years old. As you pulled yourself from the pool, your little nipples, erect and pointed from the cold water, called my eyes insistently to them. It was then that my need to pleasure you past the point of your self control became an obsession with me.

You pull almost painfully on my hair when my tongue probes lower, seeking the source of the sweet juices now coating your entire pussy. The sweet slippery warmth inside you drives me crazy and I attack your pussy relentlessly with my tongue and nose, rubbing and probing and licking until the muscles in your thighs begin to tremble. Then your breathing stops altogether for several seconds before I feel your entire crotch move against my mouth as your orgasm crashes through your body.

Suddenly you are crying hysterically and you pull me up to cover my face with kisses as your body recovers itself after your mind shattering orgasm.

“Oh shit! Oh my God. Oh my God,” you sob over and over again as you hold me tightly in your embrace. I kiss the tears running down your cheeks and whisper comforting words, hoping they’ll help.

At last you stop and kiss me deeply before putting your mouth beside my ear. “I want you to do it,” you whisper.

“Do what?”

“Fuck me.”

“But you’re a virgin,” I protest, “I can’t …”

“I want you to be the one who takes it,” you say softly. “You’ve earned it.”

“I don’t think I should,” I protest weakly.

“Why? It’s hard enough, isn’t it?”

“Well, yeah, but what about …?”



“I’ve been on birth control pills since my eighteenth birthday, hoping that one day I’d get lucky with some hot guy.”

“But you’ll settle for me?”

You reach down and give my cock a squeeze, then release it and pull me down tighter. “You’re plenty hot enough for me.” a

I raise one last protest, hoping and praying that you’ll reject it. “I’d think you’d want your first love to be the one to take your virginity.”

You kiss me tenderly. “I do.”

My cock rubs against your stomach as I gently hump you while we kiss.

You once again put your mouth next to my ear and breathe your need into it. “I’m ready,” you whisper.

Your legs spread wide as I push up onto my arms and we both look down between our bodies as my cock slides down to probe at the softness between your legs. I slide the head up and down your slippery pussy, causing you to shudder as it caresses your now super sensitive clit, then pull back to position myself to enter you.

I feel you tremble with both nervousness and anticipation as I push gently, forcing myself a short way into you where I run into your hymen, still intact and waiting for release. I press harder and your face grimaces at the slight discomfort of the pressure, then your eyes open suddenly at the sharp twinge of pain as your virginity becomes mine and I slide farther and farther up inside you.

From my vantage point atop my outstretched arms, I drink in the look of wonder and joy and pleasure as you feel the slippery friction of my cock filling you and sliding in and out of your tight, hot vagina. I pull back to the point I will be forced out by your tight muscles, then push back in against the building tension inside you.

Before long you are clinging to me with your eyes closed, moaning so softly it’s almost inaudible as you climb my pole toward another orgasm. Had I not already come, I would have beaten you to it, and I give thanks for that because my whole mind is focused now on bringing you once more to the level of pleasure I’ve seen in you once already. Even so, my cock is trembling at the point of orgasm when your breath catches once again, then the muscles surrounding my cock constrict and spasm with your orgasm, leaving me unable to hang on any longer and I come just as you do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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