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Jack slowly opened his eyes and grumbled as the alarm clock made its annoying noise. He fumbled around on the night stand and finally found the button to turn it off. He slid back the sheets and headed for the shower. Looking down he noticed his morning wood and grinned to himself. “I’m forty and it still works just fine” he thought to himself, and looked over at his wife still sleeping. She would actually like it if he woke her up and made love to her but he did not want to disturb her sleep. He continued to shuffle off to the shower and start the morning routines. He finally got into the shower, rested his head under the hot stream of water and just stood there for a moment. Slowly, a few images float into his head and as he is washing his hair; a cute co-worker comes forward in his mind. He did not know her name, but really liked looking at her ass as she walked through the office.

Suddenly the warm shower was replaced by his cubical and he was sitting in his office. He looked around and saw it was empty, and it was dark outside; he must be working late again. He turned in his chair and saw the co-worker sitting next to him going over some reports. He looked her over and noticed the top two buttons on her blouse were undone. “Thank you” he thought to himself. He shifted a little in his chair to get a better look. “Nice” he thought, checking out her breasts. He looked up slightly to see if she was looking. “Busted” he said to himself. She was sitting there with a slight grin on her face staring directly at him.

“Can I help you?” she said to him. He decided to go for broke with his reply.

“Actually, I was hoping for a peek up your skirt, but I liked what I saw.” He said flatly, smiled at her and turned around in his chair. That was not the answer she was expecting.

The warm water from the shower was waking him up and the thoughts in his mind were reawakening Jr. He looked down at his now hard cock as he soaped himself up and scrubbed to wash away the sleep. He washed lower, finally reaching his cock and wrapped his hand around it. He groaned slightly as he felt the slickness of the soap in his hand against the tight skin. He stroked himself up and down slightly and dreamed a bit more about the cutie blond in his cubical.

After a few moments The woman spoke up and said” I will be back, I have to go to the bathroom”. Jack grunted an acknowledgment to her and looked over at her out of the corner of his eyes. As she stood up and turned, his eyes settled on her shirt and he could have sworn her nipples were hard. “Nah”, he thought, Just his imagination. He glanced over again as she left and enjoyed the view of her leaving. A few minutes later she returns and sits down and clears her throat. He looks over at her and notices her skirt had ridden up a bit and her legs were slightly parted. “Is this what you meant? ” She asked with a smile on her face.

Jack heard a sound that pulled him from his dream. It was the shower door opening. He looked over and saw his wife standing there with a sort of sleepy look in her eyes.

“I was wondering what was taking you so long in there, now I know why.” A smile moved across her lips. “Need any help with that?” She said, glancing down and his hand wrapped firmly around his cock in mid-stroke. Busted again. Once in his dream and once in real life, today was not starting off well.

“Sure” he says, grinning. He backs away from the water to allow her to come into the shower. She reaches her hand out and grasps his still soapy cock and starts to stroke it. He closes his eyes and enjoys the feeling of another hand giving him pleasure.

“I woke up horny this morning, mind if we skip the formalities? We don’t have much time.” She places his hand on her hip, turns around facing away from him and presses her ass back against him. She looks back at him with a look of need mixed with “Well, Im waiting.” He takes his other hand and positions his hardness against her opening and smoothly slips into her. They both groan as he hits bottom and they do not move for a moment.

He looks up from between the blond’s legs and looks directly into her eyes. She has a teasing look to her smile and he looks back down to make sure of what he just saw.

“Like what you see now.” She asks. He actually could not speak, he just nodded his head yes. A few seconds later he pushed the dumbfounded thirteen year old in his mind out of the way and spoke like a man.

“I do.” he said.

“Good.” She closed her legs and returned to her work. He just looked at her for a moment and then turned back to his own like nothing had happened. In his mind he was undressing her and bending her over his desk.

“OK, back to work.” he said and heard a small giggle from the woman next to him. A few minutes later she spoke again and asked him if he wanted another peek. He was not foolish and said yes, he would.

“Then you will need to show me yours first. You know kind of like the game from when we were kids.” He thought about it for a moment, stood up, opened his fly and fished out Antalya Escort his cock. She studied it for a moment and then reached her hand out and stroked it lightly.

“It’s nice.” She said softly. “May I have a taste?”

“I won’t argue if you do.” He said with a smile on his face. She bent forward, licked the head and then slid it into her mouth. She danced her tongue over the tip in her mouth and listened to him sigh as she slid further down. He placed his hand on her head half expecting her to swat it away. She did not, so he kept it there for a minute. As she sucked, his hand guided her a little more and his fingers wound deeper into her hair. She still did not protest so he grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her down hard on him. She groaned against him in a sound of pleasure, encouraging him to go further. He grabbed another hand full of her long hair and pulled her down on him and held her there. He could feel her throat muscles flexing, holding back the urge to gag. He almost came right there but roughly pulled her fully off of him.

She looked at him with lust in her eyes, looked back at his cock and then back at him again as if to say, “please give it back to me, I want more.” He re-positioned his hands in her hair and pulled her back down on him and then started pistoning his cock down her throat, fucking her mouth with a need that she recognized. He heard the wet sucking noises and her grunts of approval to his using of her mouth like he was. He felt the tingling in his balls and knew if he did not stop soon her throat would be full of cum and he did not want to cum quite yet.

Jack looked down through the stream of water to see his cock slide back into his wife’s wet pussy. She was looking back at him over her shoulder, her mouth half open. He slowly with drew his cock from her again and rubbed it around her puckered asshole. She looked back at him and nodded a “yes” at him. He knew she loved it this way but they rarely took the time to do it. In the shower it would be the perfect place. He positioned himself and she pushed back against him. A sharp hiss escaped her lips as he sank past her ring. Her breath caught a little as he went deeper.

“Oh God” she hissed again and pushed back into him roughly. He grabbed a handful of hair and whispered into her ear almost a growl.

” Is that what you wanted”? She nodded yes again.

“Fuck Me” she whispered back and placed her head against the cold tile of the shower.

He grabbed a handful of hair like a bridle and pushed back into her using the hair for leverage. Her head was pulled back and she strained against him, pulling hard. He continued to drive into her and heard the small yelps getting closer and closer together. He knew she was close and knew he would cum with her as well. He reached up from her hair and grabbed her throat to get a better angle. He was not trying to do anything but her eyes opened half way and she looked at him and said

“Harder, squeeze harder” and closed her eyes again. He drove into her a few more times and she looked back at him and said one word through the gasping.

“Cumming” she said and dropped her head almost like a rag doll. He felt her muscles tighten in her whole body and her ass clamp down on his cock. It pushed him over the edge and he felt the cum surge from his balls. He grunted and emptied his balls in her ass. After a few moments he released his grip on the throat and she took a deep breath.

“Wow” she said. “We need to try that again”. She turned to face him and rinsed off and stepped out of the shower leaving him with a stunned look on his face.

“Yeah, We do… “

Jack looked down and watched the blonde work on his cock. He felt the tingle in his balls start and with a smile he gently pulled her off his raging member. She had heard his breathing change and knew he was getting closer to cumming. She looked up at him.

“Why did you stop?” She wiped the saliva from her chin.

“Because we had a deal” he said. “I want to see your pussy”.

Her eyes sparkled as she smiled. She got back up off her knees and sat opposite him in the cubicle. He put his cock back in his pants and looked at her. She slightly frowned at her play toy being taken from her but he explained that if someone walked up, it would be very hard to explain what he was doing with his cock in his hand. She giggled slightly and nodded her head in agreement. She leaned back in her chair and smiled at him.

“Did you like what you saw earlier?” He looked down at her crotch and back to her eyes.

“Yes, but I would like to see more.”

She shimmied her skirt up her legs a little and paused. His mouth had gone dry and he could not speak but the look in his eyes asked for more. He did not get a very good look at her the first time. Was she shaved? God he hoped not. Was she a real blonde? Most were not but he could pray. She slowly opened her legs and looked up at him. He smiled and licked his lips as her lips came into view. Shaved on the bottom, cute little blonde Mohawk Antalya Escort Bayan on top.

“What do you think”? She said softly.

Sliding her hand down between her legs she split her lips apart and slid a finger into the folds, but not inside. She slid her finger from top to bottom and then side to side, he could hear how wet she was and so could she.

“Wow, I’m soaked. You have really turned me on and you haven’t even touched me yet.”

She withdrew her finger and Jack could see it was slick with her juices. She gracefully lifted her left leg up over the arm of the chair and put her finger back into her pussy. This time she pushed in as far as she could go and held it there, her eyes starting to glaze over. Next she lifted her right leg over the other arm of the chair. She was wantonly opened up to him and was not going to wait for him to help out. She slid her middle and ring finger as deep into her pussy as she could go, and started to pump into herself. He groaned with her and watched as she finger fucked herself. It was a damn sexy sight to see her like that. Legs thrown over the arms of the chair, spread as wide as they could go. Her fingers sliding in and out of her soaking pussy, slick with her juices and a look of pure lust on her face.

She was going to make herself cum weather he helped her or not. So he decided to help. He got down on the floor from his chair and crawled on all fours over to her.

“Wanna lick?” She huskily said and removed her fingers. Her pussy was still stretched from them, lips splayed open; puffy and red. He pressed his face into her and drove his tongue as deep as it would go. A loud grunt came from deep inside her and she arched her back, pulling his face deeper into her by his hair.

“Cumming!” Was all she said and she tensed up, clamping her legs around his head so tight he could not hear a thing. All he could do was just hold on and watch as she ground against his face, eyes closed and bucking around. When she finally unclasped her legs he heard it… Heels of a woman’s shoe, and they were close. Jack hopped up and moved quickly to his desk and sat behind it as the woman who occupied the next cubical walked up to his doorway.

“Hi Jack, I just decided to come in for a bit today and saw your car in the parking lot. What are you doing here on a Saturday?”

“Hey Marissa.” Jack Said.

“Patti and I were just finishing up some work on the Stevens file.” He said with a cheerful grin, doing his best to look normal.

He looked over at Patti, who was still trying to pull it together, and then back to Marissa. They chatted back and forth for a moment more and then she started to leave. As she left she stuck her head back into Jack’s cubicle.

“By the way, you have something on your chin.” She smirked at him and left. Jack reached up and touched his chin and felt that it was slick with pussy juice. Next he touched his lips and then his nose. He was covered from nose to chin, slick and shiny. He looked over at Patti and she just shook her head.

“You could have wiped your face.” she said smiling and got up and picked up her purse. “Party’s over, everyone out of the pool.” Jack just shook his head, knowing he was just left out in the cold and was not going to get any relief. He looked over to see Patti walking out the cubical door one arm in the air and cheerfully singing.

“See ya Jack, Thanks! I owe you!”. Jack just smiled to himself watching her ass as she walked down the hall. He mind flashed back to the past few minutes and he just shook his head. An instant message box flashed on his computer screen. It was Marissa.

Jack weakly staggered from the shower, followed his wife and grabbed a towel. He leaned against the door frame while catching his breath.

“So, what’s for dinner?” His wife just laughed.

“Predictable, all you think about is food and sex.” Not far from the truth he thought to himself.

He watched as his wife got dressed. Even though she was getting older, like him, she was still beautiful and sexy. Sure she had gained a few pounds from eating too well and been too busy to exercise what her slowing metabolism had left behind, but she was still all woman. She crabbed about this or that on her body but he looked down at the pouch that was once a flat belly years ago and thought “I got some of my own too.” He did not marry her because she was a catwalk model; he married her because she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. She was smarter than him most days. More patient that he could ever be, but taught him how to be more than he ever thought possible. She was beautiful and sexy even though she argued contrary to the point. She was not to bad in the sack as well. She was everything he ever wanted and needed, looking up at the ceiling he silently said “thank you” and continued getting dressed.

The ride into work was uneventful as always. Blah Blah on the radio and was thinking too much about the Steven’s account. He stopped by the break room for a cup of coffee Escort Antalya and wandered back to his office. He sat down at his computer and an instant message popped up. It was from Marissa, the girl next door. She asked him how the Steven’s file was going, but his mind wandered a bit and he thought about the dream he had not finished.

“How many times did you make her cum?” Marissa typed.

She bit her lip slightly as she tried to imagine the scene that had unfolded in Jacks cubicle. She hit Enter. Jack stared at the computer screen for a moment. He was not sure what to do but he knew he was busted; the evidence was quite literally all over his face. He thought about it for a moment and decided he might as well play the bold card and typed his answer.

“Only once, I got interrupted.” He frowned a little at that thought because he knew he was going to get no relief for himself anytime soon. Marissa thought about her next question a little bit. She was baiting him a little to see how far this could go. She had secretly thought about Jack and what it would be like to wrap her long legs around him and feel him slide into her slowly.

“So sorry I stopped your fun, it looked like she was still wobbly. I guess she wasn’t able to help you out?” Jack sat and thought for second, what was she up to?

“No.” he typed “I stopped her figuring we could get back to me after I stuck my tongue in her for a bit.” Jack heard a gasp after he hit enter and Marissa’s chair creek as she shifted around.

Marissa’s mind was a buzz of scenes all featuring her instead of Patti.

“I’m so sorry, how can make it up to you?” Jack sat and thought for a moment. He was not sure how he should answer the message. He could play along and see where it went. He decided to follow her lead.

“I’m not sure, what do you have in mind?” He wrote back.

“Something that would be beneficial to both of us.” Was her response. Jack leaned back in his chair and thought a bit. Marissa was a very attractive woman and Jack had always considered her out of his league. She had a great little body, long brown hair and a great smile. But it was the eyes that caught his attention. He could tell just in her eyes that she could be feisty and would be a handful in and out of bed. He liked feisty. Jack decided to change the game a little.

“Take off your panties and toss them over to me.” He typed and hit Enter.

“HA!” Was all he heard from the other cubicle. He typed again.

“Take off your panties and toss them over to me.”

“Why, what do you plan on doing with them?” Marissa asked.

“Take off your panties and toss them over to me.” He typed a third time. He knew he was taking a huge chance in this tactic. She could easily brush him off and stop the game. He heard her chair creek again and then a pair of purple and black panties floated down onto his desk. He reached over and picked them up. Looking them over he thought about how she would look in them and then wished she still had them on. Oh well, he thought.

“What are you going to do with them?” She asked. Jack was not sure what he was going to do with the silky material he was holding but he was getting a good idea as to what he wanted to do with the next door neighbor.

Jack got up from his chair and walked out of his doorway and to the doorway of the neighboring cubicle. When he arrived in the doorway, Marissa turned he chair towards him, her eyes widening a little. This was becoming very real.

“Stand up” Jack ordered flatly. Marissa looked at him with a bit of defiance and started to speak

“I…” Jack quickly cut her off and repeated himself.

“Stand… Up…” Marissa was becoming very excited by this play. She never liked it when a guy got all macho on her, but this… this was bringing a very different reaction. She kept her eyes focused on Jack and stood up. Her breathing was becoming a little quicker from the excitement she was feeling. It was not macho that she was seeing but solid control.

“I want you to pick up where Patti left off. I want you to suck me until I’m very hard and then I want to fuck you until I cum.” he said. She then realized, He was going to use her. He was not going to treat her like some mythical goddess most men did and do whatever she wanted. He was going to use her. Jack reached down and unzipped his pants and drew out his cock. He was already hard from the excitement he was feeling but he wanted to feel Marissa’s lips wrapped around his cock.

Marissa slid to her knees and grasped a hold of his dick. Her hand trembled slightly and she looked up at him. Jack felt her lips slide over the head and down the shaft. He looked up over the cubicle walls and scanned the office. He closed his eyes as Marissa hit bottom. In one movement she had swallowed his entire cock. He could feel her throat muscles constrict around him and he gasped. She could take anything he could dish out and he knew it. Jack wound his fingers into her long hair and slowly pulled her back off him. He slowly started fucking her mouth, pushing all the way into her throat each and every time. He could hear the squishing noises coming from her and the moans of approval from deep inside her. He firmly moved her head on and off him for a few minutes and then finally pulled her completely off him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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