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Everybody is over the age of 18.

Jackie had just finished a university degree and qualified as a vet. She was looking forward to working for a year and then travelling around Europe for a year. She found her first job working for a very large horse stud in the middle of a lot of smaller studs. There were hundreds of horses on the premises and many more coming and going all the time as local horse owners brought their horses to be mated or artificially inseminated.

The fees charged were immense and the owners of the horses ultra-rich. To accommodate the owners of horses who were flown in just for a day or two there was a very small hotel on the premises. For the staff living on the premises there was an accommodation block with a large swimming pool nearby. Visitors could not use it from noon to 1 PM when it was reserved for staff who were accustomed to having barbecues and lunch around then. Outside those hours anybody could come.

Jackie’s day was very full checking on horses and working in the lab. There were a lot of young workers who helped with general horse management as well as some specialists in the mating area. It was their job to make sure that the stallions covered the mares without being injured and to assist with artificial insemination procedures. For some reason, even though it was happening on a regular basis, it was a moment of high drama when the stallion mounted the mare and somehow found its vagina. Sometimes it needed a guiding hand from one of the assistants to finish the job. At other times a stallion was led out and with careful manipulation of its barely visible penis encouraged to lower its long erection where it could be milked for artificial insemination.

Jackie was not a prude by any means — she had had her share of kissing, cuddling and groping but had gone no further. Often while in attendance at these events she was surrounded by young female assistants who were in love with horses. They often made remarks which Jackie could hear like,” I wish my boyfriend was hung like a horse” or “I wonder what it feels like to have something that size inside you.” It was no wonder that they seemed horny most of the time and very amenable to approaches by the male stable hands.

A bell rang at noon which was a sign for guests at the hotel to leave the swimming pool and head for the dining room and for the staff to start lunch. Every day there would be a barbecue and the staff would go for a swim and sunbake on the beautifully kept lawn around the swimming pool. Everybody had been clothed until a few weeks before when a truly beautiful French girl on a working holiday arrived at the ranch. She was a stunner. On her very first day of the pool, with unbelievable nonchalance, she had removed all her clothes, one by one. Everybody around the pool stopped what they were doing and gaped as, first she took her top off revealing a magnificent pair of breasts, and then as she took her jeans off and dropped her panties, revealing a dark hairy bush carefully manicured into the shape of a heart. She did not turn around and hide what she was doing but faced the stunned audience, almost as an act of defiance.

There was not a male sitting around the pool who did not feel stirrings in his nether regions and silently drool at the prospect of getting into bed with this magnificent creature. She swam up and down the pool several times and did backstroke as well which kept her hairy patch in view for all to see. Then she got out of the pool and lay on the concourse. Over a period of just a few days quite a few young fellas had joined her and were sunbaking next to her and trying to chat her up. The other girls reluctantly had to join in and take their clothes off or leave the French girl as the centre of attention for all the men. One by one the number of girls who was sunbaking in the nude grew until there was hardly anybody left. Even some of the married women joined in so that they could get a closer view of all the cocks.

Jackie was not shocked by this but nevertheless did not want to participate and sat in her costume with a few other young people at one end of the pool while the naked ones socialised at the other end. There was no compulsion to get your gear off but one by one, all the clothed people stripped and joined the majority at the other end until Jackie was alone with no one to talk to.

It wasn’t as if she didn’t have a good figure, she did. She just wasn’t used to this sort of thing but once she realised there was no alternative if she was going to join in with all the other young people her age, she got her gear off. Jackie was also intensely interested to see all the naked men. She was probably more fascinated than most women with cocks because of her interest in human sexuality. She was fascinated by the variety — short, long — circumcised, uncut — flaccid, semi-erect. Jackie had no idea how not one of the men had displayed an erection even though she hoped she would see a couple.

As a concession to her modesty, she ate her lunch pendik otele gelen escort sitting down at a bench so that her pussy was hidden and only her substantial breasts were on view. She tried to read a book and look around through her sunglasses without revealing what she was actually looking at. The fact that she was a university graduate and practically everybody else was less educated did not help her to integrate but she tried as best she could.

She also noted the many pussies — some shaven and some unshaven. She was quite content to do this and felt no desire to allow her body to be the object of anybody who wanted to see it. When some of the fellows saw her going to the swimming pool, they admired her body and her cute little bush and would have liked to have got in amongst it, but she seemed unapproachable and did not respond to their moves.

Steve had a small ranch nearby with 30 horses on it and he had come over several times to the stud with them and watched them being mated with the selected stallion. He had noted Jackie and found her interesting but nothing more. It was only when he was having lunch one day on the balcony and noticed Jackie and she was about to jump into the pool. The sight of her dark triangle brought back memories of his wife who had died recently in a horse jumping accident. He could feel the stirring in his pants and determined to meet her.

The next time he came, he invited Jackie to lunch with him at the hotel and they talked and talked. She could feel that he was making a play for her and was rather excited because she knew he was very well off and had a large operation himself. It quickly flashed through her mind what a great combination it would make if she was to become his vet and married him as well.

Steve invited her to come over to his ranch and she was very keen. He was somebody serious compared to the other young fellows she had been with. He arranged that she would come over the next weekend — he would pick her up and make her lunch and she could swim in his very small pool. Immediately Jackie entered the house she realised that another woman had been here. She could sense it immediately.

“Who was the other woman?”

“My wife had a horse riding accident at a jumping show and died just a few months ago. I should have told you. Sorry.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. You should’ve told me. It’s all right. I understand.”

Steve made a simple salad lunch which was greatly improved by a really nice bottle of cold white wine.

“Let’s have a swim.”

It was a large aboveground pool. Jackie knew that Steve had seen her naked and had no hesitation in stripping off and jumping into the pool. What was there to hide? She waited for him to strip off but he didn’t. He swam in his swim shorts. Jackie felt a little aggrieved that she had revealed her all to him but he had revealed nothing to her. She pulled him over to her and pulled his trunks down revealing that he had a sizeable erection. They looked at each other and he kissed her.

Steve really had had no idea how this sexual relationship was going to start, but to his amazement it already had. While she held his penis, his finger massaged her clitoris while they kissed. Jackie wanted to get out onto dry land where she felt more comfortable.

They came out of the water and grabbed their towels and dried themselves. Steve couldn’t help himself and after he had dried himself applied the towel to her breasts and then between her legs. Jackie had already decided that she really liked Steve and wanted to get married to him. She liked him and it was obvious that he liked her and the fact that he had a big ranch meant that she would be able to have a really great lifestyle combined with her profession.

Although she had no religious belief regarding sex before marriage, she decided that she would only give him her body completely when they were married. It was more important to make sure that he married her than to have sex with him. She had seen too many temporary matings before.

Steve held her hand and led Jackie to his bedroom. There was a very large window and the light streamed in and made the room very bright. Steve thought that things would proceed as they had done with his recently departed wife. They would kiss and cuddle and she would automatically roll over on her back, open her legs and he would position himself between her legs and they would fuck. It was not to be. Jackie had other ideas. She was very happy to be kissed and cuddled and brought to an orgasm but he wasn’t going to put it in.

Steve was very gentle and his hands gently cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples and moved down to her luxuriant bush. Her legs were together and she lay on her back and his finger found the way to her clitoris. This wasn’t the first time that somebody else’s finger had found the way to her clitoris but it was the first time that she had been completely naked. All the previous times pendik rus escort had been on couches or where they had had to move her panties aside to gain access or been in the dark. All her previous groping had been associated with forbidden pleasure but now it seemed so natural to be naked and do what came naturally.

Jackie hadn’t formulated her thoughts precisely, but she was very definite in her mind that she would only give her vagina to somebody when she got married. It so happened that most of her previous boyfriends were, in her mind, transients. She would reveal all when she found the right one and Steve looked like the one.

Steve’s penis wasn’t the first one she had seen by a long shot but was the first one that she had seen at close hand on a completely naked man in broad daylight. It didn’t look different but the scenario was now so different. She was completely relaxed and had time to contemplate her new toy. She looked at the tip and wondered why it was there — none of the horses she had ever seen had anything like that. They were round and flat at the end but a man’s was like an arrow designed to open up and penetrate – the horse had to do the same thing so why the different design?

The thought quickly disappeared from her mind as she turned to the matter at hand. She knew what to do and her hand reached over and gripped the shaft. Apart from what she had done under water this was the first time that any woman had touched him like this for a long time and it felt so good. Jackie pulled his foreskin down and her mouth latched onto his dick while her hand moved vigorously up and down and he eventually came into her mouth. He hadn’t expected that and was delighted.

Jackie got up and ran into the bathroom and came back with a big smile on her face. It was her turn. She lay down on the bed and Peter separated her legs and then her lips and revealed that she had a really nice clitoris. Steve really wasn’t sure what a nice clitoris was but the fact that it was big, certainly bigger than his previous wife’s and that it had a nice colour, made it very appealing.

This wasn’t the first time that Jackie had experienced licking but it was the first time that she had experienced it in such completely relaxing surroundings. The light in the room and the blue sky outside and the trees made it idyllic. It didn’t take long and Jackie had the biggest orgasm she had ever had. They lay relaxed in each other’s arms for some time until Steve moved his finger down again.

“When are we going to make love properly?”

“I’ll let you know.”

She said it in a firm but pleasant, don’t argue way, so that Steve knew it wasn’t worth bringing up the matter again.

For several weeks they literally spent every weekend afternoon doing this — the same thing, she sucked him to orgasm and he licked and fingered her to orgasm. As you can imagine, it was very enjoyable but Steve really wanted to get his end in, but Jackie had made it clear that that wasn’t going to happen until they got married. Even when he tried to put his finger in to find her G spot she pushed it away. Her vagina was a no-go area.

Steve knew not to persist. Patience was needed but it was nevertheless frustrating. The idea came to him that perhaps he could spice things up by suggesting to Jackie that he shave her pussy.

“Of all the girls in the swimming pool I think you were the only one who was unshaven. Have you ever thought about getting shaved?”

“Yes. I did think about it and I even talked to some of the girls and they all said that it was a good idea. They also said that your boyfriends liked it better when there was no hair down there. I think what they really meant to say was that they like to be licked down there and when you were shaved, your boyfriend licked you more often. They didn’t know how it made you more sensitive down there but they said it did.”

“Would you like me to do it and shave you?”

“Yes alright, but only if you let me do you too.”

“Are you sure you won’t cut me?”

“I have shaved under my arms for years and I’ve never cut myself once. I think I can manage.”

“Okay. I’ll get the razor.”

“Before you start I want you to take a photograph so that we can compare before and after. Promise me you’ll never share them with anybody, ever. Ever. I want to take a photograph of you too before and after.”

“I promise.”

Jackie carefully looked out the window to make sure nobody was looking at them. Steve took a shot of her whole body and just her pubic triangle. Then she lay down on the bed with her knees apart.

“That should be interesting. I’ve never seen a photo of myself down there.”

“Now your turn.”

Steve faced the camera while she snapped his whole body and then around his penis.

Steve went and got the lather and the safety razor. He put a towel down on the bed and Jackie lay with her legs open while he applied the lather everywhere. Jackie lay looking pendik sarışın escort at the ceiling while the blade slid over her sensitive skin. She wasn’t particularly hairy and soon the triangle was gone and he was shaving down her lips.


“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.”

He carefully pulled the razor down, moving from the area next to her thighs in towards her lips. Soon there was nothing but bare skin and the slight discolouration on the lips.

“How does that feel?”

“Feels ticklish.”

Steve separated her lips and his tongue descended onto her clitoris which looked so much better now. It took pride of place and was the centre of attention. The hood had a nice pink colour and his tongue enveloped it and Jackie gasped.

“Oh God, it feels so sensitive.”

Steve continued until her spasms had stopped.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Steve lay on his back and she lathered him everywhere. It was only then that she realised how complicated it was going to be. It wasn’t going to be as simple as she thought. There was hair on his balls. How was she going to shave them?

She applied the lather everywhere. His hair was much thicker and more wiry than hers and she shaved and shaved until everything above his penis had gone. She was very careful shaving near his penis and around it for now the real problem came. How to do the rest? She wiped away all the lather where she had been and said,” I think you’re done.”

“You haven’t shaved my balls.”

“I know. It’s a bit tricky and I don’t want to cut you, okay.”

All the attention and Jackie holding his penis to keep it out of the way caused an erection. Jackie engulfed it and with vigorous movements of her hand up and down the shaft caused the inevitable. She pushed the towel down over his tip and let him empty himself.

“How did that feel?”

“Better than ever.”

“Okay. It’s time for the photos after.”

Jackie didn’t think much of the photograph of her standing but she thought that the one of her shaved pussy looked much better than before. She was particularly pleased that you could just see the tip of her clitoris sticking out between her lips. She thought that made her special in some way.

“You know I’ll never be able to go back to the swimming pool again. Everybody will notice that I’ve been shaved.”

“I don’t care. I’m coming over for lunch every day so you won’t have a chance to swim.”

Steve saw no alternative but to get married to Jackie. The more he thought about it the more attractive the idea became. He liked the idea of going to bed every night and finding a nice, warm, loving woman next to him.

He asked Jackie to organise an afternoon off so that they could go into the local town and do some shopping together. While they sat down over a cup of coffee, he surprised her and proposed to her.

“Would you like to marry me?”


Steve held her hand and they walked towards the council rooms where he had organised that they could have a civil marriage. It was all over in a matter of minutes and they were Mr and Mrs. as they drove back, Steve’s finger could not help itself finding her crack and massaging her clitoris. Jackie tried to control herself and not have an orgasm.

” I know what it is.”

” I said a surprise; you’ll just have to wait.”

They drove back to the ranch. It was only a twenty minute drive but Steve managed to drive with one hand on the wheel and with the other fingered Jackie, who pulled the crotch of her panties across to improve Steve’s access to her clitoris. Eventually she pulled his finger away and he said, “I’ve got a surprise for you when we get home.”

The marriage was off to a flying start. By the time they arrived, Jackie was well and truly wet. Steve carried her from the car to the bedroom and took her clothes off one by one until she was naked in front of him. He particularly enjoyed pulling her panties down. She liked it too because it somehow indicated to her that she was not giving herself to him but he was taking her. That was as it should be in life. She took all his clothes off and they were both naked.

They lay on the bed and they kissed and he massaged her breasts until her little nipples were standing up hard. His finger descended into her slit and he made sure she was nice and wet and his finger slipped into her vagina and began rubbing her G spot. Not only was it a surprise for Jackie that something was in her vagina but it was the first time anybody had ever touched her G spot and now she knew why everybody got excited about it. She could feel the excitement and pleasure welling up inside her as she raced towards one of the best orgasms she had ever had.

“Was that the surprise?”

“No. Close your eyes.”

She closed her eyes, completely trusting her husband, and indeed it was a surprise when a high powered mini-vibrator descended onto her clitoris. This was the first time she had ever felt anything like it and it was just amazing. Jackie had heard about vibrators and many of her girlfriends had said how wonderful they were. She could feel that she was coming to another orgasm when Steve motioned her to hold it in place herself. As he did, he kneeled between her legs and while it was still buzzing thrust his penis into her vagina for the first time.

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