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athurs note: this is the second chapter to my jackie at work story I know the first one was not popular. I am hoping this one is better. I am submitting it in BDSM because I clearly am the dominate in this story. thank you and all feed back is welcome even the bad ones.

So it’s been a week since I got Jackie to cum in her office. The weekend had gone by work had dragged on. I made it a point to go into her office and visit but not bring up what we did. No point in repeating it. So it comes to my weekend to work and my weekend schedule is funny. So Saturday goes by just fine and Sunday is going good as well.

It comes down to serving supper and Jackie stands at the door.

“What you got good to feed me?” she says all cheery.

“Hey, honey we got roast beef tonight. I didn’t know you had supper duty today.” I say kind of pleased to see her.

“Yeah got to be here for four hours and it’s going to suck.” she says just kind of blowing it off.

“Well maybe I’ll come up and talk to you and keep you company after a while.” I say trying to hold in the excitement.

“Sounds great hon.” smiling as she takes a tray.

So supper goes on, work goes on and soon its two hours later and I am done. I go to leave. Walking out I notice Jackie’s door cracked open and the shades drawn. Smiling I walk up to the door and she is working away on something small.

“Hey honey.” I say shutting the door behind me.

“Hey you all done with work?” not looking up from her papers.

“Yeah ready for my day off tomorrow.”

“Lucky you so what you doing the rest of the night.” she says putting her papers down to flash me a lovely smile.

“I was thinking about you.” I give an evil smile feeling a bit more confident since I made her cum in this very office just a week ago.

“You Sinop Escort are so bad, you know you’re going to get us caught. And besides we can’t have sex here you know how much trouble we would be in. not just fired we could look at jail time and being sued………”

“Jackie calm down I didn’t say a thing about sex here I was thinking we do a little night fishing.” I say making my way around the desk.

“Oohhhh night fishing sounds fun. Do you have any poles mine are in storage” she misses the hole set up and I chuckle to myself.

“Why yes honey I have one right here” and I pull my dick out swiftly. It’s already hard just from being alone with her.

“Oh put that away we can’t be doing that and the door ain’t even locked.” she says

With that I pick her up out of the chair and kiss her hard and full of need. She resists at first then the desire takes over and she kisses me back. I start walking backwards leading her with me and towards the door. Once in arms reach I lock it and bring my hand down to cup her amazing ass. This time she breaks from the kiss only to moan and roll her eyes at me. I squeeze her ass hard and pick her up she wraps her legs around me. I lead her over to the table my harden dick pressed firmly against her clothed cunt.

I set her ass down on the round table in her office and begin my assault on her neck.

“Billy that feels really good but honey us can’t have sex here please don’t make me do that.” she says the want in her voice clearly evident.

“Jackie we are not going to fuck in here, I would be too loud, but I don’t see the problem with a bit of foreplay.” I say taking a break from her neck. Her shirt plunges down in the front. I reach in to fondle her right tit and she moans softly in my ear.

“You don’t waste much time Sinop Escort Bayan in turning a girl on do you” she says in panted breath.

“Honey I spent a whole week trying not to touch you. I am having your body today.” I say this freeing her tit from her shirt and bra and lightly flicking the nipple then tracing the areola and finally sucking it gently in my mouth.

“Mmmmm that feels good honey.” her hand resting on the back of my head.

“So uh are you going to stop long enough to take me fishing or not.”

“oh honey I think I’ll just do this” and with that I run my hand down her side and towards her pussy I cup it softly and start rubbing in small circles.

“oh honey that’s oh oh oh oh oh oh oh …… stop you need to stop if we are to get out of here.” she pants.

“ok honey let’s get going then.” I say putting her tit back in her bra. “Let’s head to the river bank.”

We head to our cars so she can follow me. The trip only takes a few minutes and we pull into the spot. We take a small walk to the river near the old damn. There is an old shack there that is used by a few people for little sessions like this.

“Well this is quaint.” she says as we head in I light the candles that are always there. Looking around the room we see the old work bench and a chair someone clearly brought in for these purposes.

“We are not sitting there.” she says in disgust.

I pull her into me and kiss her hard letting my hands fall to her ass and squeezing hard. I reach around and push her pants down and then pull my dick out.

“Wow you’re in a hurry huh.”

“Shhhh now grab that bench.”

She grabs the bench and I slide my dick into her easily. I then push hard making her stand on tip toes. She moans at the feeling of being entered after all Escort Sinop the teasing. I start fucking her hard making her stay on her toes. The sound of our bodies slapping together, echoing off the walls. Her moans soon filling after wards. I push her shirt up and grab on to her tits pinching her nipples and slamming into her hard. I drop one hand to play with her clit. Her moans turn to a scream. I bite her neck and pull her hair. She screams again and the short time we have started her cums hard around my dick. I don’t give up I release her hair and push her forward to smack her ass in between thrust. leaning in to whisper.

“oh honey that feels good but I want more.” as I thrust hard into her again. playing with her swollen clit a little more and she starts moaning again. I stop thrusting to grind into her and she starts flexing her tight pussy milking my cock.

“Oh honey now for the best part.” I pull out of her and she moans a disapproved moan. “Turn around and on your knees honey cleaned my dick till it fills your mouth. And finger that amazing pussy till the whole forest knows we are here.”

She doesn’t argue she drops down and sucks my dick hard into her mouth. She works her tongue along the bottom of the head and then drags her teeth up the shaft applying just enough pressure to feel great. I lose control and fill her mouth without warning she sucks and swallows it all down. throwing her head back as she orgasms on her fingers. I pick her up and kiss her hard tasting myself on her lips. We kiss for a few minutes, from a passionate kiss to loving embrace. I kneel down and pull up her pants and panties kissing her well fucked pussy before it disappears form my sight. We walk out the shack and back to the cars.

“That was amazing we will have to do that again.”

“Indeed honey now you head home and I’ll see you at work later. Maybe next time I can take photos of you before and after a good fucking” I say half joking

“Mmmmm that sounds great honey I’ll see you later and we will see on the photos.” she says pecking my lips then driving away.

The end?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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