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Saying that Jill was shy or reserved was like saying, a sledgehammer was subtle. Jack was sitting in a lawn chair under an old weeping willow tree sipping coffee as he watched Jill wander along the edge of the lake. Her nude body glowed in the early morning sun, a stray breeze off the lake blowing her long dark hair.

Last night he’d had that same hair wrapped around his fist as he fucked her long and hard from behind. Jack felt his semi stiff member harden even more at the memory. The woman might be twice his age but she had the pussy of a much younger woman and was not afraid to use it.

They had met on-line and this camping trip was the first time they had actually met physically. Since they were both nudist and loved camping, it was the perfect setting for them to get to know each other. The fact that it was Nude Day weekend had started it all. They had driven up separately and met in the parking lot of the nudist resort.

Jack had been pleasantly surprised that the pictures she had shown him were actually her and quite recent. At one time, he’d had his doubts about meeting up with someone twice his age, especially someone nearly fifty. If she looked this good now, what had she been like at his age of twenty-four?

They had loaded her gear into his truck and then checked in. After that, they studied the resort map to pick out a campsite. Both of them wanted an out of the way spot. They settled on a place on the backside of the lake just around a point from the main body of the lake.

The drive around the lake was easy on the eyes as Jill pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Jack divided his time between the road and Jill. Her breasts were full but sat well on her chest without any of the sag he associated with older women.

Jill smiled at him and ran her palms over her nipples lightly. “I like the way you’re looking at me,” she said as she turned and put one arm on the back of the seat and rested the other on the window opening of the door.

“You are a good looking lady,” Jack told her.

“I’m just an old broad that’s been around the block a few times. I do take care of myself though. A woman has to in these days and times.”

Jack nodded. “You certainly have done that. Take care of yourself, that is. I know quite a few girls half your age that would kill to look like you do.”

Jill grinned and relaxed with a happy smile on her face. That is until they got to the point and had to negotiate the narrow steep trail down toward the water. Jill had laughed and squealed as the truck tilted and slid on the rough rutted trail. Jack had complete control but she did not know that.

As the truck rolled out onto the flat below the point, Jill had this wild excited look. “I’ve never done anything remotely like that before.”

Jack had grinned and replied, “Wait until we have to go back up.”

Jill’s eyes got wide for a second and then she laughed. “You wouldn’t have come down if you couldn’t get back up.”

“I can always get back up,” Jack told her with a laugh.

“I just bet you can,” Jill whispered in replied as they came to a stop near a large willow tree.

“How’s this look for a camp site? A little shade, a nice view, and high enough to get a breeze to keep the bugs away.”

“Looks good to me,” Jill said as she opened her door and got out.

Jack got out and headed for the tailgate of the truck. He had several items unloaded when Jill showed up to help. Her shorts were missing. In fact, the only thing she was wearing was her sunglasses. Jack gave her a wolf whistle and then a grin.

Jill smiled back as she leaned over, grabbed an ice chest, and slid it to the tailgate. Jack’s eyes were on her ass as she did. Her hairless pussy was peeking from between her thighs. “Damn woman, it keeps getting better and better, the more I see of you.”

“So, let me see a little more of you,” she told him as she turned and leaned a hip on the tailgate, her eyes running up and down his lanky body.

“You’ve seen me on camera and in pictures. All I ever got was pictures.” He teased as he picked up the tent and ground cloth and headed for the shade under the willow tree.

Jill carried the ice chest over and sat it in the shade. “Yeah, but the real thing can be so much better,” she said as she sat down on the chest and watched him spread the ground cloth.

As he stood up, Jack pulled his t-shirt off over his head and tossed it to Jill. She caught the shirt and smiled as he went about opening the tent case and unpacking it. As she had seen in his picture he was not muscle bound but he was in fine shape.

She laid the shirt on the cooler and went to help him set up the tent.


Jack sighed as he stood up and went to refill his coffee. Jill bent over studying something in the water, her ass pointed toward him. Man, she was one beautiful woman, especially from this point of view.

After they had gotten camp set up, they had gone for a swim to cool off. They had walked naked down the hill to the edge Escort Haramidere of the water. The water was warm but still cooling as they waded out until they were waist deep.

Jill paused and pulled on Jack’s arm. The next thing he knew she was kissing him, her arm around his neck and her leg hooked around his. After a startled moment, he kissed her back, his arms going around her waist.

Jack had expected a short sweet kiss but Jill was not having any of that. She was out to make smoke come out of his ears. She did not get the smoke but an iron hard bar popped up between them and that was good enough. She rubbed his dick with her belly, his balls rubbing on her mound and bumping her clit.

With a soft moan, Jill broke the kiss and leaned her head against his chest. She blew out a soft breath and whispered, “I was afraid of that.”

“Afraid of what?” Jack asked in confusion.

“That you could kiss as well as I thought you could,” Jill replied with a giggle. “I’m in a world of trouble and I’m sure going to enjoy it.” She added as she rubbed against him again. His dick was hot, smooth, and hard where it touched her skin.

“Am I allowed to enjoy it also?” Jack asked with a grin.

“You damned well better!” She replied with a laugh as she unwrapped herself from him.

Jack ran his hands down over her shapely ass and then reached for her breasts. Jill laughed, dodged his hands, turned, and made a flat shallow dive away from him.

“Hey!” Jack said and then dove after her.

Two slippery wet tanned bodies wrestling in the warm clear water was a sight. The match ended abruptly when Jill got a lip lock on Jack’s hard dick. He moaned deeply and stood up. His dick was still underwater so he started to slowly back toward shallower water.

Jill followed along, coming up for air, as she needed it. By the time Jack was in thigh deep water, his knees were shaking. Jill might be older than the girls he normally dated but she damn sure could suck a dick.

She’d had either a good teacher or a lot of practice or both. It did not matter to Jack in the least which one it was, he was well on his way to a climax. His legs were trembling and he could feel his balls tightening up. He was very, very close.

Jill lifted her head and grinned up at him. “Who’s going to cook tonight?”

Jack looked at her blankly for a second and then groaned, “I am.”

“That’s what I thought,” Jill replied before sucking him back into her mouth and rolling his balls around with her hand.

A moment later, Jack went off with a long drawn out moan. Jill just sucked harder and rolled her tongue around the spongy head of his dick. Jack’s hands went to her shoulders for support.


The rest of the afternoon they spent relaxing and talking. Jack made supper as promised and they ate beside a nice campfire. When they went to wash the dishes at the water’s edge, they ended up taking a moonlight swim. The swim turned into kissing and petting in the shallows.

Jill ended up on her knees straddling Jack’s head as his tongue did wonderful things to her clit and pussy. Her hands caressed his chest and then down across his belly to his hard dick. With a deep moaning groan of pleasure she leaned forward and licked his hard shaft.

Jack was swirling his tongue around deep in her pussy and the breath from his nose was teasing and tickling her anus. Her hips would quiver as she rocked them and his chin brushed her clit. She was well on her way to a shattering orgasm.

Before she could get there, Jack wiggled out from under her. For a confused moment, she wondered what was going on and then he was behind her. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down between her ass checks and along her slit. That warm spongy head against her clit made her tremble.

Then she felt the head pressed to her opening. The head of his dick entered her slowly. A soft groan came from both of them. Jack held still a second and then rammed his hips forward. Jill gasped loudly as he plunged to the hilt in her pussy, his hips slapping her ass hard.

She had not recovered her breath from that first stroke when Jack made a second and then a third. Her orgasm crashed in on her as his hips spanked her ass and his dick rammed in and out of her clenching, grasping sex.

Jill loved being fucked hard and she was getting all she could handle. Fireworks were going off behind her eyes and sparks were flashing up and down her body as the pleasure radiated from her sex. Jack’s hands on her shoulders kept her in place and pulled her back to him hard at the bottom of each stroke.

Jack was grinning broadly as he felt the heat and wetness increase in Jill’s grasping pussy. His own orgasm was well under control as he continued to spank Jill’s firm round ass. Where she had been in control earlier with the blowjob, he now had total power.

As he sensed her orgasm slacking off, Jack slowed the movement of his hips. He moved his hands from her shoulders İkitelli escort to her hair. He gathered the wet strands and wrapped them around his right hand. His left went back to her shoulder.

He pulled back on the hair, lifting Jill’s head. “That was a really nice orgasm wasn’t it?” He asked with amusement in his voice.

“Want to go for seconds?” He asked as his hips slapped extra hard into her ass.

Jill gasped loudly and groaned, as he pulled back harder on her hair. She had never had anyone do that before and it pulled her neck and upper chest tight, which felt good. Add the spanking of her ass and the big dick ramming her pussy and she was well on the way to a second orgasm.

“Oh, so seconds sound good, does it?” Jack asked with a laugh as he continued to spank her ass with full hard strokes. “Maybe for thirds, I’ll fuck you in that tight little asshole of yours.”

Jill shook her head but the idea of his dick up her ass pushed her over the edge into her second huge orgasm in less than ten minutes. That thought hung in the back of her mind as the fireworks and sparklers went off behind her eyelids.

She wanted to lower her upper body and take the load off her trembling arms but Jack still held her hair tightly. The sudden realization of how much he had control over her shot her orgasm up another notch. She heard herself yell as she rammed her ass back to meet his hard deep thrusts.


Jack sighed as his hand ran up and down over his hard shaft, his eyes glued to Jill’s ass where she was still bent over looking in the water. Last night when she had started to fuck him back, he knew he was in for the ride of his life. He had not been disappointed in the least.

She had two more blazing orgasm before he came deep in her soaked pussy. When he had, she had gone ballistic, ramming back against him so hard he was afraid she would hurt herself.

As it was, he let go of her hair and grabbed her hips, pulling her tightly to him and grinding his hips against her ass. He could feel her inner muscles gripping and releasing his dick. He had never felt anything like it before in his life.

They had ended up cuddled up spoon fashion in the shallow water. Both were breathing so hard that conversation of any kind was impossible.


Jill stood up and turned around to find Jack standing next to the camp table slowly stroking his dick. With a big grin, she started walking toward him. “Thinking about last night I take it?” She asked, as she got closer.

“Damned straight,” Jack replied as his hand gave his dick one more stroke. He could feel the wetness of pre-cum on his palm as he took his hand away.

Jill grabbed his hand and brought it up to her lips. She smiled at the shiny wet spot on his palm and then licked it. Her tongue on his palm made it tingle in a sensuous way. Her eyes locked with his as she licked his palm made it even more so.

Jack blew out a soft breath and whispered, “There’s more where that came from.”

Jill laughed and let go of his hand. “I sure hope so because I’m ready for breakfast and I know exactly what I want and what I’m going to feed you.”

“Oh yeah, that sounds like a promise to me,” Jack said with a big grin.

“Do you like your eggs fried or scrambled,” Jill asked with a straight face as she turned toward the ice chest.

Jack laughed and grabbed Jill from behind, pulling her to him, his hot hard dick between the cheeks of her ass, his hands squeezing and massaging her full breasts. “I thought I’d feed you a sausage and then see how many times I could make you come before I rolled you over and had your sopping wet pussy for breakfast.”

Jill pushed her ass back tightly against his dick and whispered, “Bacon and eggs or sausage and orgasms? It’s so hard to decide these things.”

Jack used his body to move her toward the tent. “Here, I’ll make it easier on you.”

Jill laughed. “Darling, haven’t you learned yet that I don’t like easy. The harder, the better.”

“If it gets any harder, it’ll break off,” Jack said as he moved Jill another step.

Jill took another step, turned, put her hands on the trunk of the willow tree and leaned her weight on them. “In that case, what are you waiting for?”

Jack lowered his hips until the heat of Jill’s wet opening was against the head of his dick. With a rolling flex of his hips, he hilted his dick with a solid slap of his hips on her upturned ass. Jill groaned softly and pushed back, wiggling her ass from side to side.

“Now that’s what I call being between a tree and a hard dick,” Jill said and then gasped loudly as Jack moved his hips back and slapped her ass again even harder. “Oh yeah, this is going to hurt so good,” Jill said as she wiggled her hips again.

Jack grinned as he moved his hands from her breasts to her hips. “You haven’t felt anything yet.”

With a loud grunt, Jack slapped her ass even harder and continued to do so until Jill let out a loud yell Çapa escort bayan and leaned even farther forward to rest her head on her hands. His dick came out of her pussy just as he came, spraying jets of white semen high in the air to land across her ass and back.

With his legs about to give out, Jack squatted down behind Jill. As his breathing slowed, he said, “Now that was a fuck.”

Jill giggled and nodded. She was breathing way too hard to even try to answer. Her afterglow, a pink haze across her mind.


A short time later, Jill was scrambling eggs as Jack made another pot of coffee. They had taken a swim to clean up and they were both ravenously hungry. “So, what would you like to do today?” Jack asked as he sat the coffee pot on the back burner of the camp stove.

“A little sunning early before it gets too hot and then maybe a walk along the edge of the lake or in the woods,” Jill replied.

Jack reached around and caressed Jill’s breasts. “I wonder what kind of wild animals they have around here?”

Jill chuckled and pushed her breasts more firmly to his hands. “You mean other than the human kind?”

Jack gave her breasts a squeeze and then stepped back as she dished up the eggs on two plates that already had strips of bacon on them. “There are other kinds?” Jack asked with a chuckle.

Jill grinned at him and handed him a plate. “Here feed your face, you never know when you might need your strength when you wander around these woods.”

Jack took the plate and grinned. “With you around that is a given. Between the lake last night, the tent last night, and the willow tree this morning, I could use as little help.”

Jill handed him a fork and said, “Darling, I’m just getting warmed up, so eat up.”

“That’s what I did in the tent last night, remember?” Jack said as he moved to his chair and sat down.

Jill laughed softly. “And a mighty fine job you did too. Your tongue is almost as good as that big dick but not quite as filling.”

Jack smiled and shook his head. “I might have to take a vacation to get over this weekend.”

Jill smiled back at him and asked, “Your place or mine?”

Jack laughed and shook his head again. “The hospital.”


After the breakfast dishes were cleaned up, they retired to two lounge chairs by the side of the lake. The sun was warm but the breeze off the lake made it cool enough to just relax. The view was great and unspoiled for the most part. A paddleboat or a canoe could be seen ever so often across the lake toward the main camping area.

After an hour or so, Jill got up and went to get her tanning oil. Standing next to her chair, she applied the oil to her body as Jack watched. His eyes followed her hands as they glided over her breasts and chest. Her nipples were even harder than normal under his gaze.

Her hands rubbed the oil onto her stomach and then down across her thighs to her ankles. She took a little half step to the side and spent extra time rubbing the oil onto her smoothly shaven mound and outer lips. Jack had a half smile on his face as she applied the oil to her slit and over her clit.

Jack’s dick was once again hard against his lower belly by the time she finished. She handed the oil to him and lay down on her stomach. “You can do the back,” she said with a grin as she laid her head on her raised arms.

“I did that in the lake last night and against the tree this morning,” Jack said as he got up and moved over to sit on the end of her lounge chair.

“And you did a great job of it, too. Now put the oil on my back before I burn.”

“Yes, Dear,” Jack replied with a chuckle as he turned and straddled the chair. He lifted her legs and slid his thighs under hers. He could reach her lower back and ass in this position but not her upper back.

He took his time applying the oil to her lower back and took extra time massaging it into her firm ass. As he trailed two fingers up and down the crack of her ass, she would give a little jerk from time to time as his fingertips brushed against the tight pucker of her anus.

An oily fingertip pressed against the tight ring and Jill shivered hard. She relaxed the muscles around her asshole and the finger slowly entered her to the first knuckle. She groaned softly and flexed her hips. “You’re going to get me started again, if you’re not careful,” she whispered.

“Started? I didn’t know you ever stopped,” Jack said with a grin as he moved his fingertip in and out of her ass slowly. Jill groaned again and flexed her ass up as his finger went in and lowered it as his finger came out.

Still grinning, Jack used a finger on his other hand to tease the opening of her sex. Jill’s hips quivered as she made a soft whimpering sound. She let out a soft groan as Jack pressed the finger forward and entered her pussy. When a second finger joined the first, she groaned even louder.

With a slippery finger in her ass and two in her pussy, she wasn’t sure which way to move so she relaxed and let Jack play. When he reversed his fingers in her pussy and massaged her g-spot, Jill lifted her ass slightly and whimpered softly.

“You seem to know your way around back there,” she whispered a moment later.

Jack shoved the finger into her ass deeper and replied, “I try my best.”

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