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From the moment that Sophie and I had both taken our knickers off and laid on that bed three months or so ago, I think that my marriage was finished. From that day when we made such sensational lesbian love, it was over. I didn’t know it at the time when we lay together and went further, so much further than finger love, that my life would be so turned upside down and that I would in future prefer sex with women. It wasn’t until our mouths found the other’s most intimate places and licked them to sensational orgasms that I realised I was no longer, and maybe never had been, a totally straight woman. It was only after I had savoured the taste and feel of her most intimate place that I realised I was in love with female-to-female sex and maybe her as well.

It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took several weeks. It was a slow build-up of my sexual attraction to women generally and Sophie, my son’s girlfriend, in particular that drew me away from my husband and into her arms and bed on a more permanent basis. I hadn’t realised for some time that my attraction to her was more, much, much more than merely physical. That it exceeded lust. That I was not simply attracted to sex with her, but to other features of sexuality as well.

After those few weeks when I went from being photographed by her firstly, fully dressed, then partially undressed and finally nude, I had no idea what it would lead to. I soon found out, though as it led to us kissing each other, then touching and fondling and then masturbating ourselves and each other. Then there was that wonderful Sunday when John my husband and Peter my son were playing golf when we made oral love to each other. That was the catalyst, the multiplying effect. Yes, that was the experience that made me realise that I was certainly strongly bisexual and possibly a lesbian.

Sophie began staying at our house more often. She was attending a photographic, degree course at a college near to where we lived two days a week with the rest of the tuition being distance learning. Each time she stayed something happened. Each day when she went into college late, came home early or when we were alone, we had sex. Sometimes just kissing with a little fondling, often naked and kissing with finger sex and then after three months or so, oral and then tribbing, as she told me it was called. Her usually on top of me when my legs were wide open with her between them simulating fucking me.

The first time was on another golf day for John and Peter. They had left early and couldn’t be home until late as there was a dinner after the competition which was being held some forty or fifty miles away, perfect and convenient. They had left fairly early around seven on the Sunday morning so we both stayed in our beds until they had been gone long enough to ensure they would not come back even if they had forgotten anything. It was then that there was a tap on my door and Sophie came in clad in a shorty dressing gown.

“I hope you were expecting me Mrs West.”

“I was wondering if you’d forgotten me,” I grinned back, as shrugged the dressing gown off and after seeming to pose for me to adore her nudity, she climbed into bed gloriously naked and cuddled up to me.

This was not an untypical situation for us as regularly when she was staying Peter and John would go off to work and we would, as we laughingly called it, ‘have our breakfast in bed.’

We kissed and caressed each other for some time gradually becoming bolder with our hands and fingers and more passionate with our lips and tongues.

“Oh God Jayne I have looked forward to this so much,” she groaned into my right tit that she was kissing, licking and that sucking as I stroked her long, blonde hair. At the same time her fingers were running along my soaked lips and pressing right on my clit. She was half lying on top of me so getting my hand and fingers to her pussy was difficult and I had to reach around her and fumble from behind. Realising this she giggled and said. “Keep trying love,” as she welcomingly opened her legs. That did the trick and moving my fingers I thrilled to the feeling of her warm wetness on two of them that slid inside her.

Still kissing, though that became more difficult as our passion increased and our orgasms started, we finger fucked each other to beautiful and languid climaxes.

“Oh fuck mummy,” she said smiling. “This just gets better and better doesn’t it?”

“Yes darling,” I sighed back cuddling her to me.

We lay there for some time simply enjoying being in the other’s arms and feeling our nudities against pressed together. It was this soft, smoothness of a woman rather than the harsher, roughness of a man that was in my mind when, usually as I was dozing off, I thought about my sexuality. Then, the feelings of Sophie’s lips on mine, her gentleness, softness and smoothness came to mind and I acknowledged that I had strong lesbian leanings. Although I hadn’t been with another woman since I was at university I had found my views and feelings changing. bahis siteleri I had started admiring the swell of a breast, the protuberance of a nipple, the pert roundness of a woman’s bottom and the array of flesh from somewhat too short a skirt on a shapely pair of legs. I began looking at women in a different way. I started wondering what they would be like naked, what a breast would feel like and how a pretty woman’s lips would feel on mine.

I certainly didn’t start showing out and putting myself up for being seduced. I thought far too much of Sophie to do that. At that time, I thought of myself as a one woman’s woman but, nevertheless I did when seeing an attractive female, wonder what it would be like to kiss her, touch her, feel her touching me and to make love to her.

As we lay there that Sunday morning after climaxing, we talked about these subjects and found that we had similar experiences and feelings. Although Sophie had, as she put it, ‘messed around’ with a few girls recently adding ‘like most girls nowadays do,’ making me wonder how Sara my daughter was getting on sexually at university.

We talked for some time about that until rather embarrassingly she asked.

“How do you feel when John wants sex Jayne?”

“To be truthful love,” I replied hugging her tighter against me. “Overall confused and mixed up.”

“How is that?”

“Well, I still love him, but when he holds me or touches me sexually, I don’t like it.”

“And when he wants sex?”

After kissing her softly on her lips I whispered. “Mainly two things Sophie. I feel disloyal to you and………..”

She interrupted with. “Oh, Jayne don’t be silly, there’s no need for that.”

I went on.”…………………and it seems so sort of, er, um oh I don’t know if I can express it in words.”

“What does? So try darling.”

“Lots of things, the feel of him, his hairiness and the thought of his cock going in me. They all seem so odd after what we’ve done.”

“Oh Jayne you shouldn’t, we’re not lesbians or penis haters.”

“Then what are we Sophie, I don’t know any more? That’s why I said I am confused; I just don’t know about us.”

“I think I know what you mean, I feel similar things.”

“How are you with Peter?”

“We still enjoy sex.”

“Apart from that?”

“I know what you mean about the disloyalty thing and I feel the same but also, as he’s arousing me or making me cum, you keep coming into my mind and I imagine it’s you doing it.”

“What making you cum?” I asked pulling her against me loving the feel of her breasts on mine.

“Yes, and not him, silly what?”

“No, well yes it might be a little but it’s understandable,” I said as Sophie pushed me onto my back and laid on top of me.

We hadn’t been in this position before and I found it unusually arousing, probably due to the way that she was taking over and directing things, more like a man I suppose. I welcomed her taking hold of my wrists and pulling my hands above my head in a position of complete supplication. I wanted her to control proceedings and decide what we did and how we did them. Since the very start when she taken the innocent photos, she had been the leader and the dominant one. She had decided what we did and she had led the way then and that was exactly what she was doing now. Lying on top of me, our breasts were beautifully squashed together into one lovely mass of female tit flesh. Our mouths and lips were squirming and our tummies were pressed together. She fumbled her knee between mine, prised mine apart and slid between them just as John had done so many times. Our arms went round each other and our hands found the other’s soft rounded bum cheeks that our fingers pinched and rubbed.

Her pubic mound was pressed quite firmly against mine. It was applying pressure continuously but to different levels each time either of us moved. It was a lovely feeling for me and I assumed for her as well as gradually she started to move on purpose. At first the movements were caused by us moving our hands or our legs and thus, were spasmodic and irregular but gradually, or so it seemed, they became more consistent and took on a pattern. And that pattern was incredible, quite obvious and very similar to a man’s movements when a couple are making love.

“I’ve wanted to do this since we started Jayne,” she whispered right into my ear.

Naively and without really thinking I replied. “Do what love?”

“In short Mrs. West, fuck you, is that ok?”

That made me giggle and I replied. “Be my guest.”

Kissing me deeply with her lips working overtime as she squirmed them against mine, she started making the movements I had grown so familiar with due to nigh on thirty years of being making love to men. Up and down, but not in and out as it would be with a man. The sensations, however, were so similar and familiar it really was as if I was being fucked.

“Oh God, Sophie, oh my God yes,” I groaned gripping her bum cheeks more firmly.

“Ok love?” she asked canlı bahis siteleri increasing the pressure of her mound on mine.

“Oh my. Yes, yes darling yes,” I almost incoherently groaned back.” As she made longer thrusts against me.

Without thinking and involuntarily I opened my legs further and lifting them up I wrapped them round her waist, something that John loved. Somehow, she put pressure with her hands just beneath my waist and responding I arched my back thus, lifting my bottom off the bed. This altered the angle at which our most sexually sensitive parts were rubbing together and brought our clits into play so that they were in contact and other than not being penetrated she really was fucking me.

It didn’t take long for both of us to be near to our peaks of arousal.

“Oh fuck Jay, fuck, fuck, fuck I am so near, are you?”

“Yes my dear yes, yes yes, I am too. I’m cumming,” I groaned pushing my pubic mound and thus my clit against hers as she thrust harder and deeper against me.

“Oh Jayne, oh mum, mummy, yes you’ve done me I am cumming.”

And like that my son’s girlfriend fucked me to a wonderful orgasm.

She rolled off me but, unlike men, not away from me. We stayed touching, holding stroking, fondling, kissing and caressing as our bodies slowly stopped trembling with the aftershocks of our powerful climaxes.


Life was becoming more and more difficult with John. I am not saying this was completely due to my affair with Sophie and it’s likely it would have happened in any case. For probably a year or so before she and I started, John and I had rowed more frequently, sex had become at best a bi-monthly event and neither of us, particularly me, enjoyed being in the other’s company, but the affair with her was certainly an influencer.

Now, that was by no means a carefree sexual fling on the side! She and I manipulated time and our lives so we could be together more often. And that was not just for sex, despite that being a massive part of our relationship. I certainly and seemingly she as well wanted us to be together, to chat and laugh, gossip and have girly discussions. When not together, we talked on the phone several times a day, exchanged emails, messages and whatsapps and being a photographer, she sent me photos. Most, or at least many were innocent charming shots of something that interested or were of relevance to us. But others were either selfies of her or shots of me that she had taken back then. Both excited me. I couldn’t really believe that I occasionally found myself masturbating over photos of myself. But then I wasn’t just doing it about myself as it was the memories of being photographed and the sensations and feelings we had shared as she took the photos. But then I also masturbated over the selfies she sent as they were usually of her fondling herself or masturbating.

“You really are naughty,” I told her one Sunday when again John and Peter were playing in a competition miles away.

“Nice though isn’t it sexy bum?” she replied running her hand over my bottom. “What do you mean?”

“Those selfie photos of you.”

“Where I was jerking off?”


“But you liked them, didn’t you?”

“Yes of course.”

“Well then, they aren’t naughty, are they?” she asked.

“They can still be naughty, but lovely.”

“Any favourites?”

Smiling I told her. “Yes loads.”

“Actually, really for learning purposes as well as anything else love, I really would like to know.”

“Ok let’s go into the study and I’ll get them up on the screen. I did what you said and opened a photo storage site in the cloud,” I told her as we strolled into the study.

We hadn’t long got up after, as usual, her coming into my bed and us having sex. She’d been on a residential course in Manchester for the past week so we hadn’t been together for nearly two weeks, which was just about the longest we had gone without sex together since we started. I was wearing a shorty, red silk dressing gown and she just a mid-thigh length, yellow tee shirt, we were both barefooted. I logged onto the PC and got onto the site and opened up my files.

I scrolled through the photos she had sent both from our first sessions and since then by email as both of us, but mainly her commented.

“Oh wow Jayne that’s fantastic, you look fabulous,” she said as a shot taken from behind me as I lay on my front came up. It seemed to emphasis the fullness of my bottom causing her to comment. “And that really is a sexy bum.”

Giggling I replied as I kissed her on the cheek. “Well thanks ma’am, but then you took it.”

I clicked through until I got some of her. “You really look as if you were about to cum in that one,” I said as we looked at one of her lying on her side facing the camera with her legs bent at the knees with one raised so her pussy was on show. One hand was cupping her breast and the forefinger on the other was pressing her clit.

“I wasn’t about to love,” she said quietly as she slid an arm canlı bahis round my shoulders. “I was cumming.”

We looked at several more including some of me masturbating that we’d taken during our second session that, I realised, was now three months ago. As we did so her arm held me tighter and our bare legs pressed against each other. I turned to look at her and we kissed.

“God, this getting me going,” she breathed


“Yes, isn’t it you?”

“Fuck yes.”

“Is that what you want?”


“A fuck,” she smiled slipping her hand into my dressing gown and cupping my breast.

“Of course.”

“Not yet.”

“No, why not?”

“Let’s do some shots first.”

“We shouldn’t Sophie.”

“Why not?”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“You enjoyed it in the end didn’t you?”

“Yes, you know I did.”

“Then let’s do it.”


“In the bedroom of course where else, come on.”

We scurried upstairs like two young kids.

“Hang on a sec,” Sophie said going into her and Peter’s room as I went into my marital bedroom.

After a few minutes she came in carrying a tripod a set of lights and a camera.

As she started setting up the equipment, I suddenly realised what she was planning.

“Oh no Sophie, no we can’t do a video,” I cried out feeling scared.

“Of course we can.”

“But what if they see it?”


“Peter or John or anyone.”

“They won’t and what difference would it make to seeing the stills?”

“Well a video is er, oh God I don’t know, sexier, ruder what?”

Finishing setting it up she looked at me and lifted the tee shirt up, over her head and off.

“In for penny, in for a pound Jayne,” she said walking over to where I was standing beside the bed.

Taking me in her arms and kissing me she whispered. “I want to be able to see us making love whenever I fancy, ok?”

“Really Sophie I am not sure about this.”

“It’ll be ok I promise. Look let’s make one, look at it when finished and if you’re still unhappy we’ll scrap it, ok?” she said pulling on the tie of my dressing gown. “Mmmmm lovely,” she went on opening it, looking at my body and slipping it off. “Now go and lay on the bed you sexy bitch,” she said again smacking my bum.

I went and did as she said as she fiddled with the lights and cam. She came and stood side onto the bed so, I could see, that the camera was focused on her and past her onto me. Looking from the camera to me and then back again she slowly cupped her breasts looked at the camera, turned her back to give the lens a great view of her bottom and then, kneeling on the bed, offered her breasts to me. Sitting up and kissing them and then sucking into my mouth, I fondled her bum and pulled her onto the bed. She held me to her and we kissed. We pressed our breasts together and squirmed our mounds against each other. Perhaps inhibited by the microphone we didn’t say much but probably with our confidence boosted by the camera we flaunted ourselves to it.

“We’re going to fuck like we never have mum,” she said loud enough for it to be picked up as her hand ran up my legs and pressed quite firmly against my slit. Whether, for or, because of the videocam I wasn’t aware, but I purposefully let my legs slip open and wondered how that would look on the screen later.

But then, as we kissed more passionately and our hands and fingers became more active I certainly and, so she told me later, she as well as good as forgot about the camera. She quite quickly made me cum again. Lying half on top of me with our mouths squirmingly clamped together her fingers had investigated my lips and bottom before focusing on my clit, arousing that to its fullest and then plundering inside me.

“God you are incorrigible,” I grinned as we pecked and nibbled each as I came back to earth from the heaven where she had taken me.

“But you like it don’t you?” she asked giggling as she manipulated me so I was in view of the cam.

“Yes, and also, I like this you sexy little bitch, don’t you?” I told her slithering down her body kissing and nibbling each part that I passed until my face was on her tummy and my mouth was level with her lovely and beautifully wet pussy.

Gripping my head as my tongue found and teased her clit she replied. “Oh yes mum, yes I do.”

As I tongued and licked her there so she gasped and writhed, arched her back, lifted her bottom off the bed and groaned.

“Oh fuck yes you filthy old slut, make me cum mum, please make me cum.”

It didn’t take long before we were writhing around as her orgasm exploded.

We lay for some time recovering, giving each other little kisses, giggling like two teenagers and making quite silly, small talk.

“Let’s look at it shall we?” Sophie suggested after we had both dozed off for a little while.

“Not sure I really want to,” I said only half seriously.

“Come on of course you do,” she gushed almost leaping out of bed and taking the camera from the tripod.

She fiddled around with it then ran downstairs to the study where the PC that controlled the A/V system was located. “Come on sexy bum get your ass down here,” she called out.

“Just let me put something on,” I replied.

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