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Well, it happened again babe. I woke up this morning with a raging erection and all I could think of is burying it deep inside your pussy. Feeling your ass bounce against me, as I fuck you from behind. Taking my hands off of your hips and grabbing onto your shoulders as I plow into you. Grunting, moaning, fucking you harder and harder trying to make you come. As you start to moan and scream I let go of your shoulders and grab your wrists pulling your arms back, as I thrust into you harder.

God! The excitement my dick feels is it slams into your pussy, feeling your juices trail down my balls as a sweat rubs between our bodies.

“More, more, more,” you cry. As I thrust into you repeatedly, feeling the nails on your fingers scratch my chest as I pull your arms back.

But I’m all alone, fantasizing about you, as I stroke my stiff cock. Tired of having to use my imagination, I go through my emails and find the stories that you had written for me. I know just the one I’m looking for, the one about the lazy morning. Picturing waking up next to you with this massive hard on as you continue doing the things you say in the story. Waking me up with your tongue in my mouth. Moaning softly as you kiss me awake. Straddling my hips in your panties, so I can slowly start grinding against you. As your anticipation rises from feeling how hard my dick is for you. Making out with you until you decide to take off your shirt. Lifting it over your head, so I can suck on your nipples. I hear you moan as I pinch them and tease them with my tongue before biting down on them and moaning around them. Watching you pinch and tug on them as our bodies grind together in our hands explore each other.

The look on your face as you bite your bottom lip, then the way that you lick it afterwards. Feeling the desire in me rise up, as I pull you escort izmir into me harder and start to moan aloud for you. Your playful smile as I flip you onto your back and you realize what’s about to happen. The sound of your pleasure as my hard cock touches your waiting lips. The amazing feeling as it penetrates your pussy, feeling your juices coat it as I slowly push deeper until our hips meet.

I open my eyes to see my hands feverishly pounding my cock. Pre-cum dripping down, providing a little lubricant. I reach for some lotion to cup my dick so I can pretend it’s your pussy. So it’s your pussy my hard cock is thrusting in and out of. Pinned on your back with your legs on my hips. As my rhythm slows, I look down at you with a stare and remind you to grab your breasts and play with your nipples, like a good girl. As you comply, I smile and moan approvingly. You then reach down between us rubbing your clit with your thumb as you spread your fingers around my cock as my hips pull it in and out of you.

You know how much this turns me on, as you bite your bottom lip and tell me, “oh babe, I can feel you getting harder.”

I start thrusting harder as a response, your moans become louder and turn to cries.

“God that feels so good!” you scream, as I lean further back thrusting deeper into you.

“I love watching you play with yourself” I moan. Feeling your fingers between us as your pussy starts to constrict around me.

You look at me with desire in your eyes and moan that “you’re going to come.” You look at me with a smile and whimper out, “Can I come for you?”

My hands move to your hips and grip you harder. As I pull you into me, “Yes baby,” I moan loudly, “be a good girl and cum all over my hard cock.”

Your legs begin to twitch “Oh God! I’m coming for you!” you start to scream “Yes! Oh yes! escort izmir YESSSSsss!” Your back arches, so I begin to plunge deeper inside you.

My cock begins to throb and pulse. I grab the back of your neck, as I slam my cock inside you. “Oh yes! That’s a good girl! Make me come with you!”

I feel my cum start to drain inside you, as your legs vibrate my hips. Watching your eyes roll in from the back of your head. As we both come down from our mutual ecstasy. Our eyes meet as to our lips, then our tongues. As our hands continue to run over each other, and I remain inside you.

I open my eyes, and sadly I’m not inside you, and you’re not there. I’m all alone with my dick in my hand and an immense desire to use my cock to make you scream. I decided instead since your earlier story, while enticing, didn’t get me there. To look through the photos that you had sent me. I still have a few. I have a pair of you with a collar chain your face buried into a pillow as you wait for me to get behind you and fuck you from behind. I’ve got a pair of you holding and pinching your breasts. What I wouldn’t give for those to be my hands, or even my teeth. And then I have a pair of you with a dildo on the edge of a counter, as you slide it into your pussy.

I stare at this image for a while, knowing that I’m bigger than that dildo you’re putting into your pussy, definitely thicker too. I imagine the feeling of your pussy stretching around my cock, the look on your face as you slowly make your way down and our hips meet. Our moans as you slowly start grinding back and forth against me. I’m barely pulling away from my hard cock, as I picture you grinding your clit into me reaching back pushing your tits out in my face for me to grab, lick and nip at.

“I love it when you ride me!” I moan out, in between my assault on your breasts and nipples.

I release your breasts and instead grab your ass. Squeezing it tightly before slapping it hard. Hearing you scream as your body constricts. You moan out, as I do it again, with a loud slap preceded by your loud moan. You looked down at me smiling in between pants, with lust in your eyes as you pulled the back of my head into your mouth. Our lips meet and tongues dance excitedly as we kiss. Moaning our pleasure into each other’s mouths.

You bite my lip playfully before pulling away. Placing your hands on my shoulder, staring at me, “Now it’s your turn babe,” you say “be my good boy and fill my pussy with your cum. I want it!”

I smile at you devilishly as my hands reach up your back and grab your shoulders. I start pulling you down and thrusting into your feverishly. Staring in your eyes, moaning louder and louder as our hips meet. My cock feels massive inside you, and it slides in and out of your dripping pussy. My eyes start to flicker. My hips begin to shake.

You place your hand behind my head, bringing your forehead to mine. “That’s it,” you moan, staring into my eyes. “Be my good boy!”

I bite down on my bottom lip, grunting and moaning. I lean back from you, placing my hands on your legs as I thrust upwards.

“Ugh, yes baby!” you moan. “Be my good boy and drain those balls inside my pussy!”

My head drops back, as I can hold back no longer and my cock begins to spasm inside you. You grab my head, pull my mouth to yours.

“I’m coming for you!” as I moan out “I’m coming inside your tight little pussy and I love it! That’s it, take all my cum!”

The ecstasy! The joy!

Feeling my cock flood your pussy with cum. The feeling of your pussy when it’s mixed with our lust, coating us in our passion. As my breathing slows my eyes open to an all too unfamiliar sight. Cum drenched hands and floor.


I close my eyes and kiss you goodnight as you fade. Both of us knowing I will return for you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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