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AN: Sorry for the extremely long wait, but due to the riots I lean down to kiss her and she meets me halfway as our kiss turns passionate, we continue for a couple of seconds before Izzy starts giggling, which soon turns into a full-on laugh.

I soon follow, and it’s another 5 minutes before we are sitting at the breakfast nook taking our first bites of the pancakes.

“Hmmmmm, these are amazing, Si. Thank you so much, baby bro.”

“You’re welcome, sis.”

We finish our first pancake, and Izzy eats her way through a second before sitting back and sipping on her coffee.

“So, are you going to attack me every morning then, you monster?” Izzy says with her characteristic grin.

“If it makes you smile like that, then you can count on it.”

I flash her a smile of my own, and she leans over to give me a quick peck on the lips.

“By the way, Izzy, I went over to Rachel’s this morning. Before I started breakfast and spoke to her.”

Izzy doesn’t respond but raises her eyebrows slightly in concern.

“Don’t worry, Izzy. I broke things off with her. I told her I had too much on my plate now to have a relationship, which wouldn’t be fair to her. She agreed to remain friends, though, so I think she took it okay.”

Izzy dashes into my arms with a shriek of excitement, and I wrap my arms around her to hold her.

“You’re finally all mine, always and forever baby brother.”

“And you’re all mine, big sister, always and forever,” I reply, pulling her tighter against me.

Izzy looks up, and for the next 10 minutes, I’m lost in the feeling of her lips on mine and the sensation as she plants a trail of kisses down my neck before returning her soft, perfect lips to mine.

By the time we break apart, I’m breathing hard, and I have a noticeable erection. Izzy raises an eyebrow before breaking out into laughter once again.

“Come on, Si, it’s time we went on our morning run. Maybe you can work some of that pent-up energy!”

We disappear back upstairs, each to our rooms to get changed for the run. I’m done first as all I have to do is throw on a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt along with my running shoes. Isabelle emerges from her room 5 minutes later, clad in a pair of black tights, a red sports bra, and her favourite pair of running shoes.

“You look so sexy, sis! I don’t know how I’m going to keep my hands off you!”

“Well, you going to have to catch me first!” Izzy says with a wink.

I follow adiosbet yeni giriş her downstairs and out the front door as we start our jog. We begin by heading down the street at a jog. I keep behind Isabelle, mostly because she has always been faster than me, but it also provides me with a great view of her ass! As we run, I admire the way her muscles move, the way her legs pump up and down, the movement of her arms, and most importantly, the way her ass flexes with every step she takes.

Once we are off our street, we pick up speed as we run down the main road, feet pounding, heart pumping as I try to catch up to her, unsuccessfully, I might add.

Izzy sees me getting closer and picks up speed once again until we are both flat-out sprinting. We arrive back at our house 30 minutes later, covered in sweat and panting. Izzy looks incredibly sexy, clad in her running outfit and covered in sweat.

Once my breathing has calmed down a bit, I wrap my arms around Izzy and pick her up as she locks her legs around me once again, I am soon sampling the wonders of her mouth and tongue with my own. I end up breaking our kiss much quicker than I would have liked, but we are still outside, and anybody could see us at any time, which would not be good!

“Let’s head inside, baby,” I say as I survey the area.

Izzy starts giggling, though, and I can tell she is trying to hold it in, but after a few seconds, she bursts out laughing. She continues laughing as we head inside and doesn’t stop for a good 5 minutes. When she is finally done, and I can get a word in, I simply raise my eyebrows at her and wait for an answer. She has been doing a lot of laughing today pure, joyful laughter like I haven’t heard in a long time. It warms my heart every time I hear it.

“I’m sorry, Si, I couldn’t help it. That’s the first time you’ve called me ‘baby,’ and it sounds so strange, but at the same time, it makes my heart melt.”

“I love you to Izzy,” I say as I push her up against the wall and start kissing her once again.

Izzy’s arms and legs are wrapped around me, and her perfect breasts are mashing against my chest as we make out, it feels incredible. When we finally surface for air Izzy gets a naughty look in her eye.

“I think I’m going to go take a shower. Do you want to join me, Si?”

“Hell, Yes!”

I kiss her again before letting her down as she takes my hand, and I follow her upstairs. We undress slowly, putting on a show for adiosbet giriş each other before finally stepping into the shower.

Izzy hands me a bar of soap, and I start cleaning her. I take extra time caressing her breasts and ass and pussy, giving them lots of attention! Once I’m done washing her, she takes the soap and starts on me. When she reaches my ass, she swats it playfully before moving around to my rock-hard cock.

“I better take special care of this guy,” she says with a wink and proceeds to get down on her knees and envelopes my dick in her mouth.

Her tongue is silken as it glides up and down my shaft, caressing it, while her mouth continues moving up and down. Soon enough, I can feel my release building and warn Izzy through groans of pleasure. She just keeps going though, and even takes me into her throat, that’s a whole new level of pleasure and with a final loud moan, I cum. Izzy squeals in delight as she swallows every single drop of my gift to her, until eventually my dick stops pulsing. Once my orgasm is over, Izzy stands up with a pleased look on her face.

“How was that baby brother?”

“That was… just wow. The best blowjob I’ve ever had!” I say as I lean forward to kiss her once again. We kiss for a few seconds before I break it with a disappointed groan coming from Izzy.

“Don’t worry, sweet sister. It’s time to pay you back.”

I drop to my knees and push Izzy against the wall as I slowly move my head towards her pussy. It’s slick with arousal, and I savour her intoxicating scent.

I get to work and slowly lick around the outer folds of her delicate flower before slipping a single finger inside her, all the while working my way inwards with my tongue until it eventually joins with the second finger that’s now gently, yet firmly pushing its way in and out of her pussy. By the time my mouth and tongue have reached her pussy proper, her moans and groans of pleasure are drifting down to me. I continue to plunge my fingers in and out of her, while my mouth goes to work on her clit and outer folds.

I continue to worship her pussy for another 10 minutes before eventually pushing her over the edge with 3 fingers buried in her and my tongue dancing around her nether regions in the most important dance of all.

By the time we emerge from the shower, the water has started to run cold, and we dry one another off before exchanging a quick kiss and heading back to our separate rooms to change. adiosbet güvenilirmi I throw on a pair of Game of Thrones track pants with the Direwolf of House Stark crowning it and a plain black t-shirt.

I emerge from my room and head downstairs to make us sandwiches. Once I’m done, I head upstairs with a plate piled with cheese sandwiches. Izzy is just emerging from her room as I crest the top of the stairs. Her hair is still slightly wet and hangs loosely behind her. She is wearing a pair of sleep shorts and an old t-shirt.

On closer inspection, I realize she is wearing an old Star Wars shirt of mine. She looks really cute in it!

As she sees me, her face lights up, and I grin. “Rather happy to see me, aren’t you!”

“No, not you, little brother. I am ravenous, and that plate of sandwiches looks rather lonely. They may benefit from my company!”

I pull Izzy towards me with one hand while balancing the plate on my other. I lean down and kiss her deeply, and she giggles at first before surrendering herself to the kiss. I break the kiss a few seconds later and hand Izzy the plate of sandwiches.

“Carry this while I put The Two Towers on.”

“It had better be the extended edition Si.”

I laugh at that, before nodding ‘yes’ and handing her the plate of sandwiches.

Izzy takes the plate, and I walk over to my TV and put it on before joining Izzy on my bed. She was already done with her first sandwich and had just picked up a second.

“Leave some for me!” I say playfully as I take a sandwich for myself and put the movie on. We settle down and soon get absorbed in the world of Middle Earth and its peoples. Izzy has already declared that Arwen and Aragorn remind her of us and that they’re probably one of her favourite movie couples now. By the time the movie ends, Izzy is snoring softly, head resting against me.

The plate is on the sideboard already, so I wrap an arm around my beautiful sister, take one last look at the beautiful woman tucked against my side and close my eyes. This day has been amazing, and I couldn’t even begin to imagine spending the rest of my life with my beautiful, loving sister by my side.

But I knew one thing, I would do whatever it took to ensure that future came to be. Even if it meant fighting my friends, family and the whole world. Nothing about us felt wrong or unnatural, it all felt natural and right and meant to be. No one else in the whole wide world would ever know my sister as well as I did, or care for her as much I as do. So why should one of them get to spend the rest of their lives with her when its not something either of us want.

I push the troubling thoughts aside, comforted by Izzy’s warm presence against my side and give myself to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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