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Note from the Author:

This is a story about ABDL. The first word being Adult. All sexual encounters center around Adults, above the age of 18. This story also contains BDSM, plushophilia, watersports, and various other fetishes. For those that are grammar freaks, please don’t comment on my improper grammar use. I could care less. At least it doesn’t have LMAO or IAMO. I do ask for all to comment on their thoughts of the story, but don’t down any fetish or other things you may not like to do or not do. Thank you again, and please enjoy!


Isabella had hit the snooze a few to many times, and both woke thirty minutes later than they had intended. Grabbing two sets of dual breastpumps, Isabella met Jade outside, whom was making them both coffee. They began attaching their breast pumps, and began hurriedly drinking their morning brew, as they sparked up a cigarette.

“Mom will kill us if we’re late,” Jade said worriedly.

“Maybe we should have packed last night,” Isabella suggested with a half smile.

“At least we’ll have a decent breakfast. The golf club had a five star Chef that works for them,” Jade added, feeling her stomach rumble.

Thirty minutes after they had finished their coffee, both had showered and dressed. Isabella was wearing a pink and white diamond sleeveless sweater, with a pink satin golf skirt. She also wore a pair of pink panty diapers that had a white heart shaped lace panel in the front.

Jade wore the same type sweater, but was red and white, with a white satin golf skirt, and white ruffled panty diapers.

“I thought we would be wearing cleats,” Isabella asked curiously.

“I have some in my locker at the golf course, but I usually don’t. To each their own. I prefer tennis shoes.”

With Mindy and Mandy secured in their vaginal openings, and double diaper pads in their panties, they left on Isabella’s Motorcycle with Jade driving.

“You can really ride,” Isabella exclaimed, as Jade took several corners at a higher speed than she should have been.

“I learned in Europe. It is easier to get around on one than a car,” Jade explained at a stop light.

As they pulled into the golf course, Isabella immediately noticed this was a higher tax bracket golf course. There was Lexus’s, a full size Hummer, and even a few Porches.

The Clubhouse itself was a massive Tuscany Estate, with two large towers next to the circular entrance area. It had a light brown stucco, with mission style roof tiles. The windows were a lightly stained cherry wood, with cherry wood shutters.

The outside entrance area had a massive porch area held up by light cherry wood pillars. Two sets of massive light cherry wood double doors gave entrance into it.

What looked like a retired football player stood a few feet from the entrance area. He was close to seven feet tall, with wide shoulders, and looked fairly in shape. He had two curtains of golden brown hair, flaked with just a little grey, that went down to his jaw line of his lightly tanned face. The only wrinkles were of laugh lines.

“Hi Daddy. Sorry were a few minutes late,” Jade said, as she lovingly hugged the man.

“No worries. Your Mother though is a different story. I told her I would come out here, instead of her sending for the army,” he said teasingly in a thickly German accented voice.

“You must be Isabella. I’m Peter,” Peter said with a warm smile that continued to his deep blue eyes.

Isabella could not help her pussy from beginning to water, as he turned a hand shake into a loving fatherly hug.

The inside of the entrance was massive, and had a large circular lion water fountain feature with a brown leather couch that went all the way around it. There was several more wood pillars, and a huge crystal chandelier in the center. Two large half circular staircases, with ornate black wrought iron banisters, lead to an upstairs balcony that over looked the entrance.

“Jade has told us so much about you,” Peter commented.

“Hopefully not to many bad things,” Isabella teased.

“Only good stuff. We are happy to see she found someone that makes her so happy,” Peter replied, as he lead the way from the entrance, and into a large hall on the right.

They emerged into a large dining area, which was partially filled, as Jade said, “We hit the snooze a few to many times this morning.”

To their left was a buffet area that had a small line, and to the right was a wall of large windows that looked out onto the golf course and a large covered patio area.

Peter was leading them to a table where a tall lady stood. She had a perfectly sensual feminine curved body that made Isabella understand why Jade wanted to fuck her. She was only thick in the right places and had a sexy almost flat tummy. The shoulder length copper hair had long curls with bangs that almost touched her eye brows. Her breast though were massive. Isabella knew they had to be at least F size cups. She had milky white skin with freckles, and had an aura of pure sensual konya escort lust.

Impressively she only had a few laugh lines. But she was far from using those laugh lines now. She had a stern motherly look, like she was about to bend Jade and Isabella over her knee, which Isabella realized she wanted her too.

She was dressed in a white polo shirt and white satin golf skirt, with white tennis shoes.

“Why are you late? You know we always tee off at seven,” she scolded.

“Sweetheart. Sweetheart, let the girls get some breakfast first. Then we can sit and chat,” Peter said, giving the lady a warm loving smile.

She instantly melted into projecting warmth, and said, “Your right sweetie. I’m sorry ladies. I’m Victoria,” Victoria said, as she enveloped the hand Isabella offered warmly into both of hers.

Isabella could not help her pussy from beginning to release her cream all over Mandy, as both she and Victoria looked into one another’s eyes.

“It’s wonderful to finally meet you Victoria,” Isabella was able to manage.

“You as well. Please, you and Jade go get some breakfast and join us,” Victoria said with a warm smile, that also went up to her green emerald eyes.

Victoria also had a heavily English accented deep sexy voice, which only added to Isabella’s need to fuck the shit out of her.

“Now I see why you want to fuck her,” Isabella whispered to Jade, as they were walking to the buffet.

“She can also hear better than a bat,” Jade said smiling.

“Sorry,” Isabella offered.

“Oh your fine. She can’t hear across the room. She can pickup whispers around the table though,” Jade explained.

“Did I mention I also have a thing for red heads,” Isabella admitted.

“Just like gothic Asians,” Jade teased.

“More so for Asian golfers,” Isabella teased back.

They split an eggs benedict and grabbed some fruit as well before returning to the table.

“They have wonderful coffee here, so I had them bring you some along with orange juice,” Victoria said, as both Jade and Isabella sat like ladies.

“Thank you,” Isabella said.

“So how did you two meet,” Victoria asked.

“Hazel,” both replied.

The light conversation continued, as both Isabella and Jade enjoyed their breakfast.

At one point Victoria leaned over to Jade and whispered, “Why are you not wearing diapers?”

“Because sissy made us special panties,” Jade replied, lifting the side hem of her skirt just enough to let Victoria see them.

Victoria had no scruples of feeling the side of Jade’s panties.

“Very nice,” she commented, with only a tiny hint of lust that most would not notice, but Isabella always could.

“What do you do for a living,” Peter asked Isabella, after clearing his throat.

“Actually I just retired Friday, but I worked on computers,” Isabella replied.

She knew most people would not understand more than that, which is why she was surprised when Peter asked, “What type of system?”

“Oh we actually provided storage and specialized software for small pharmacies and medical offices,” Isabella replied, realizing Peter knew a bit about computers.

“Very nice,” Peter replied.

“Before leading the IT team there I was a consultant for larger firms because of my certifications and experience. After my dad passed I took the job here to help out my Mama.”

“I heard she and Hazel are now together,” Victoria commented.

“They both have been drooling over one another for a few years, Jade and I just made them confront it so to speak,” Isabella replied.

“We would love to sit here and chat longer, but our tee time is coming up, so please excuse us,” Peter said, after checking his watch.

“Can we catch up at the ninth hole, so I can show Isabella around and hit a bucket. She has never played before,” Jade asked.

“Sure. Your Mother will text you when we get to the eighth hole,” Peter said standing.

“Hit a bucket,” Isabella asked.

“Yeah a bucket of golf balls at the practice range,” Jade explained, also standing.

“Does your Dad not like Hazel,” Isabella asked.

“Hazel has been over several times, and they are good friends. It’s just Dad gets preferential treatment on tee times because of his status, so he likes to keep them,” Jade explained.

“His status?”

“He designed this place. He is a very accomplished architect. He wishes to bring a bit of the beauty of European design to every thing he builds. I did the ballroom and locker rooms,” Jade explained.

“Wow. Your an architect also?”

“I was. I enjoy designing and was even an intern for my Dad, but I resigned when I went to Europe for two years. I am giving you a quick tour on the way to pick up my clubs, so we can have time to wiggle,” Jade said.

“Thank god. I am so horny after meeting your parents,” Isabella admitted.

They walked into a massive grand ballroom that had several stone pillars in the two story room. Wall sconces were konyaaltı escort placed between each of the twelve windows, and a large set of french doors opened onto the covered patio at the other end of the room.

The floor itself was a light cherry wood, and two grand chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and an upstairs balcony wrapped around the room.

“The room is almost always booked for weddings,” Jade said.

“I can see why.”

As they left out an opposite door from the one they came in, they passed by a room marked “Bridal Suite”.

“There are two entrances into the Locker room hallway. The other is by the Pro Shop.”

There were only two doors in the hallway, one marked “Men’s Locker Room” and the other “Ladies Locker Room”.

“I would show you the Men’s, but I am sure there are a few guys in there,” Jade said in a teasing tone.

“And? Maybe we can catch a few jerking off,” Isabella teased.

“They actually caught a guy once jerking off in the Ladies locker room, he was in the sitting area with a few pairs of panties and some sports bras he had found. After that they installed a security camera in the hallway, and someone is always monitoring it.”

“Does it have sound,” Isabella asked, worried about her teasing.

“Oh no. Just video.”

“So if I adjusted my bra,” Isabella asked, actually adjusting the front of her bra.

“Then the security guard just saw it. Just like he has seen me bend over several times when I dropped something at the door.”

“Mostly golf balls I’m sure,” Isabella teased.

“But of course.”

Femininity was apparent as Jade opened the door to the Ladies locker room. Pink, gold, and white were in the design and decorations throughout the locker room.

The four plush couches in the sitting area were thick white and pink striped with gold satin throw pillows. There was ten stalls that housed an open six foot storage cabinet on each side of the ten sinks.

Each of the five aisles of light cherry wood lockers had twenty three foot lockers, with one on top of another, on each side facing one another. There was a few women in the locker room either changing clothes or fixing their makeup.

In the back of the locker room was ten privacy shower stalls painted gold, and ten toilet stalls painted the same. The floor of the entire area was a white marble with streaks of pink in it.

As Jade guided Isabella through the locker room, and into a small hallway, she saw name plates on each door.

“These are for board members and a select few,” Jade explained, as they walked to the one on the end.

They walked into one that said “Ferguson”.

It was a private locker room, with it’s own couch next to the door, open shower stall, toilet, and sink. Two six foot open cabinets flanked each side of the sink, and two lockers were opposite of it, and next to a baby sized changing table made of light cherry door and white leather cushioning.

“My dad gave up his locker room so Mom and I could share one,” Jade explained.

“I want your panties and Mandy,” Jade said, untying the sides of her own panty diapers.

After they quickly traded, Jade went to the corner of the changing table, and began rubbing up against it, gripping the sides of the changing table.

Jade had made a nice warm brownie sometime during their walk to the locker room, and Isabella realized it had been the real reason of why she wanted to go the long way.

Before joining Jade on the other corner of the changing table, she pressed the brownie up between her ass cheeks, and then began slowly humping the corner as well, after saying, “Thank you for the treat.”

“Same here. Mandy is all nice and sticky. She feels really good against my cunny,” Jade replied, starting to pick up the speed in which she was humping against the corner.

Both soft plush lips met and began to embrace in a long passionate kiss.

Isabella’s orgasm came too soon for her, so she continued grinding down, continuing to enjoy the shared kiss, while she thought only of her lover.

“I really needed that,” Jade said, as they began fixing their clothes.

“Me too. I also need a fucking cigarette,” Isabella admitted.

“We can when we go out to the practice range. The board members love their cigars,” Jade told Isabella.

As they walked into the Pro Shop a lone eighteen year old guy was working the counter. Jade knew he his age because the pro shop sold beer, and legal requirements insured he was eighteen. He was tall, but a bit scrawny, with brown hair styled like he had just woken up. She knew he had a bit of a problem talking with girls still.

Jade leaned over the counter, insuring the guy had a perfect view of inside her sweater, and said, “I need a set of Board loaner clubs, two buckets of balls, and four large bottled waters. Just put it on Peter Ferguson’s tab.”

After the guy had realized Jade had caught him starring at her breast, he quickly went into konyaaltı eve gelen escort the back.

“I tease him all the time. Once he even stuttered and had a nice hard on sticking out of his jeans,” she told Isabella.

“Very nice,” Isabella said, joining Jade at the counter.

As the guy brought the golf clubs around the counter, he couldn’t help but to just stand and stare at the two sets of breast being revealed under the sweaters.

Instead of speaking, he went over to the golf caddies, and placed the golf club bag on an electric caddy, and pushed it and a lone one over to Jade and Isabella.

Which Isabella then bent all the way down to check the bottom compartment of the golf bag, insuring she did it just quick enough for the bottom hem of her skirt to lift a little and reveal the bottom of her panty diapers.

Isabella leaned back over the counter as the guy quickly went back behind it, and put four large bottled waters on the counter.

When he put the two buckets of balls on the counter, the guy accidentally put them by Isabella’s and Jade’s breast, and closed his eyes to calm himself.

Isabella was having none of that, so she leaned further onto the counter, and beckoned him closer to her.

“My lover and I use little plush animals to enjoy on our cunts. Would you be able to hide one that we both have used,” Isabella whispered in his ear, close enough her hot breath slightly warmed his ear.

“Um,” he replied.

Isabella made a show of taking off her teddy bear backpack on the counter, to let him wonder what she did with it, and took out a small teddy bear she had used several times in her panties, wrapped it up in a pair of her old panties, and handed it to the guy.

“Have fun, sweetie,” she whispered in his ear, as she brushed his hand with hers, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Jade kissed him on the other cheek as well, and both left, swaying their hips, arm in arm, as they pushed the golf caddies in front of them.

“You know he left for a bathroom break,” Jade said.

“I hope he did,” Isabella said teasingly.

They stopped on the covered patio, to have a quick smoke, and talked about the uses the guy would be putting the small teddy bear and Isabella’s panties too.

“I think we just made the top of his fantasies for the next few years,” Isabella said, as they walked to the practice range.

It had twenty five booths for people to shoot golf balls from, and was a little over half full with men, and a few women.

“I haven’t seen any kids since we left the dining area,” Isabella remarked out loud.

“There is a day care here, so parents don’t have to worry about babysitters to enjoy playing golf. There is even a putting area for them on the other side.”


Both continued heavily swaying their hips as they walked arm in arm, turning quite a few heads, and even threw off a few swings as they walked to the end.

They started by Jade standing behind Isabella, as she placed her body against Isabella’s and taught her the best way to move her body into a swing.

“I wonder how many hard ons were causing,” Isabella teased.

“Apparently some who who’s are even swelling up,” Jade said, noticing a few women adjusting their hair or other things after stealing quick glances at Jade or Isabella.

“Your’s is the one I want to taste right now,” Isabella teased.

After Isabella had her swing pretty well down, Jade stepped to the next booth, and began hitting off golf balls, insuring she made slow obvious gestures as she placed her balls on the tee.

Isabella even made a quick moan every so often, as she would hit a ball.

“Your a natural,” Jade commented seeing Isabella used a wood to make a ball sail straight as an arrow.

“I just had a wonderful instructor,” Isabella teased.

About half way through the bucket Jade received a text from her Mom saying they were just teeing off at the eighth hole.

After returning the rest of the bucket to the pro shop, and getting a small ice chest filled with ice and bottles of water, they took a golf cart to meet up with Jade’s parents at the ninth hole.

They sat in the golf cart until Peter came up to them and softly said, “I here there has been two young ladies throwing off golf games this morning.”

“We’re sorry Mr. Ferguson. We were just having fun,” Isabella apologized sincerely.

“Oh no need for apology. They will either enjoy their wives when they get home, or take a longer shower in the locker room. I just wanted to let you two know,” Peter said smiling.

“What are you three talking about? I’m ready to win this game,” Victoria shouted to them.

“She is beating me by two strokes,” Peter told them both.

“Go ahead and tee off,” Peter shouted back, as he walked towards Victoria.

“Dad and mom play for who will be Dominant until they play next. They are both Dominants,” Jade quietly explained, as they walked over to Jade’s parents.

After Victoria had teed off, Isabella offered, “Why don’t we play teams here on out. I team with Peter and Jade can team with you Mrs. Ferguson.”

A look of pleasure formed on Victoria’s sweet and innocent round face, as Jade’s mouth opened in surprise.

“That would be lovely,” Peter replied.

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