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It was one of those days when things just didn’t seem to feel right. I was in a fog. Work dragged on and it seemed that I had twice as many projects when I left for the day than when I had gotten there this morning. Oh screw it, I’d have to deal with it on Monday. I went home.

I clicked on the computer as I walked past to my bedroom….shedding clothes as I went. I just wanted to be comfy and forget the world even existed. I had the house to myself and the sad part was I didn’t even want to make the most of it. I could have went out with the gang, but the idea just made my stomach turn. Every once in awhile you feel that too,don’t you? That inexplicable feeling of needing solitude.

The hours slowly rolled by. It was late now. I stared over at the computer. I wanted to go over there and see if he was there….. but it was pointless. He’d be there and we’d talk about all of those things that made us laugh so hard and cry just as hard. How crazy it was to feel that connection with someone so fast? Perhaps it was worse because it’s all that we would have.

He really had become my friend, perhaps one I could talk to no like no other. We talked for hours. Sometimes about important, deep things in our lives, sometimes about nothing at all really. We’ve shared fantasies, dreams, fears, wants, desires…….. I sat at the Şanlıurfa Escort computer and clicked on messenger. He wasn’t there. I was going to turn it off but decided to just change my message…….taking a shower……all alone.

I knew if he showed up he’d make a comment and I just needed to laugh right now. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I was in there a long time…….just feeling the water run over me……massaging my skin, running down my body. I turned around and leaned my forehead against the wall……letting the water work on my neck.

I don’t know when the music started playing………. I had heard it in the background but it didn’t register. It was all of those songs that he had sent me. I play them all the time. I would close my eyes just like now and imagine he was there touching me……… kissing my neck, running his hands down my body. My imagination was running wild. So much so it seemed real. And then I came to and realized it was.

Those hands……… running over my shoulders pulling me to lean into him. Gliding over my wet skin in the hot shower. I don’t know how I knew it was him…….I just did. I was either having the best dream ever or he was really here caressing me in the shower. If it was dream, I prayed that I wouldn’t wake up until morning.

My Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan head laid back on his shoulder and my arms were reaching over my shoulders to hold his head as he kissed my neck, running his tongue from my ear to my shoulder and nibbling his way back up again. The water ran down over us. He cupped my breasts in his hands. Swirling his fingers over my nipples. Running down my body to my pussy, and pushing into me. Exploring….. needing to find that spot and then he did.

He was leaning against the wall and had me leaning into him. My foot was on the side of the shower and he took advantage of that. He started slowly, rubbing my clit, and pushing into my pussy. He moved faster, more insistently. Cum for me he whispered into my ear. And I did. I let it all go, holding onto him my knees shaking I moaned and I could feel his cock behind me. Pushing into me.

He leaned forward and ran his hands along mine, placing them on the wall in front of me. Then his hands traced back down my body with the water and his cock was buried deep inside me from behind. It was slow and deliberate at first but the desire grew in us both. I needed him to fuck me and he need to fuck me just as badly. It was pure desire and heat.

He held onto my shoulders and fucked me with everything Escort Şanlıurfa he had. I could feel his balls slapping into my clit and I about burst around him. Cumming over and over as he pulled his cock almost all the way out and then burying it deeply in me over and over again. He wasn’t done with me……the water was getting cold. We toweled off and I brought him to my bed.

He turned and I was in front of him, kneeling…….. needing him in mouth. I rolled my tongue over his cock and then down to his balls sucking first one and then the other. Then taking him in my mouth, looking up at him. Cradling his balls with my hands and letting him fuck my throat with as much abandon as he had taken me in the shower. Cradling him with my tits. Sucking and rolling my tongue under his cock as he glided in and out, in and out of my mouth.

He pulled me up to him and turned me around. Yes that was good he wanted to finish the same way as we were in the shower. I was on my hands and knees at the head of the bed. I knew what he wanted, he had told me how much he enjoyed this position and how much he wanted to share it with me. My hands were on the wall and my back was arched up to him as he fucked my pussy over and over and over. His hands traveling all over my body.

I was cumming again and I could feel that push him over the edge. He held onto me so tightly and came so deeply. The release was unimaginable. He laid back and pulled me with him. I nestled into his shoulder. Running my hands over his chest and down his body…he looked at me and kissed me slowly, still full of desire.

to be continued…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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