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“While you are visiting this island paradise and staying in my beautiful home, all of you must address me as ‘the Master,’ not by my given name. I am merely the Master to you for this entire three-day experience,” as Julian, the host of Maestro Island, continued his list of demands, his good-humored guests continued to sip their champagne and island punch that was offered to them upon their arrival to his tropical island paradise. It was hot and humid so the refreshments were a soothing relief for the thirsty guests.

“Now follow me,” continued the Master. The guests were led down a great ornately decorated hallway by their host and met by double doors at the end of the corridor. Two men stood at the doors with silver trays that Julian instructed everyone to set their nearly empty champagne flutes upon. Julian opened the doors ceremoniously, and he stepped aside allowing everyone to enter a large, dark room.

Julian instructed them to choose any seat in the room. Monique and the others realized they entered a theater that seated only twelve spectators. It was too dark for the guests to initially decipher the fashion of seating in the dimly lit theater.

Monique noticed immediately upon entering the dark room that it was not arranged as most traditional theaters. The stage of a traditionally found theater faces rows of seats. Julian’s theater was custom designed as a theater-in-the-round with a small circular stage in the center of twelve plush cushioned, black velvet chairs with high, comfortable seat backs. There were just enough seats for all of the guests who entered for this particular evening with one extra vacant seat. Monique watched as Julian stood center stage, not yet joining his seated guests. There was only one continuous row of seats and that encircled the small stage. The group passed through the small gap in between end seats and walked along the edge of the stage area, allowing only one way in and one way out from the row. The stage was standing approximately one foot lower from the single row of seats. Monique noted that it was an unusual characteristic for a theater stage where that all spectators would have to look down onto the stage to watch performances. Each person sat in a seat next to individuals with whom they felt more comfortable. Monique found that she could look down on the stage just a few steps away from where she sat. The seated spectators were also able to clearly look at one another from their own seats because of the deep circular angle of the single row, given that each velvet chair was quite wide.

Julian gave his guests further instructions to rest their arms on the armrests that were comfortably provided for each chair. He then instructed them to join hands with the person on either side of them. Monique sat between Melissa and her friend Peter. They took hold of each other’s hands, Monique’s fingers entwined with Melissa’s, and Peter’s fingers holding her other hand. Stephan sat at one end of the semi-circular row choosing to seat next to Peter’s other side. Lance sat next to Melissa’s other side with Mimi choosing her seat next to him. Monique glanced over at both Melissa and then at Peter on either side of her and flashed them a playful smile. She showed avid curiosity and interest in the coming show.

Julian continued his instructions while he stood center stage. “The number one rule tonight for this show is to not let go of each other’s hands. It’s a pretty easy thing, right?” As he looked at each one of the seated guests, he continued. “Also, don’t get out of your seats during the entire show.”

Everyone looked at each other with puzzled expressions and they nodded in agreement with him. He continued, “Oh, but my dear guests, it won’t be as easy as you think. I won’t reveal what the show is about.” Julian smiled, turned around on his heels and raised his right arm in a swift salute and announced, ” So let the show begin, and remember, don’t let go of your neighbors’ hands and enjoy yourselves.”

Julian then turned around on stage, and casually sauntered to the vacant seat at the end of the row. The stage and house lights dimmed to almost blackness. Then one dim red spotlight illuminated the center of the stage. Very unusual instrumental sounds started piping through a sense-surround system. Monique observed how acoustically perfect the sound was arranged from the stage and through the entire theater.

In a quick entrance, two individuals clad in black leather bodysuits and black masks on their faces appeared on stage. They moved so quickly that no one saw them come in and move past the awaiting audience. It could not be determined what gender the leather performers were. They carried black horsewhips that matched their costumes in their hands and they were bare footed. The two performers were both androgynous looking with their hair cut short and the slightest hint of breasts showed through their bodysuits. There were no feminine curves on either body. Just tall, slender frames revealed themselves through narlıdere escort the ever so tightly fitted costumes. As the two performers began a slow, exotic movement across the stage floor, the red spotlight increased its brilliance and beamed intensely on the dancers’ shiny, smooth black leather. It was an erotic dance they were performing for the audience. The movements were very suggestive, provocative and brazen. The dancers were so intent on each other that they never looked at any of the spectators sitting in the audience.

Melissa whispered into Monique’s ear, face grimacing. “What is this show and what are they? I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Monique believed that Melissa was questioning whether the dancers were men or women or a little of both. The two oddities seemed unreal.

Monique remarked lightly, “Yeah, it’s better than a strip tease show, don’t you think?”

Melissa responded as she watched the dancers incredulously. “No, this is just plain weird.”

Both the women giggled quietly as they continued watching the evolving performance. The unusual sounds that played in the background graduated to a rhythmic beat. Then Monique tuned into the volume that increased as the dancers sped up their sensual movements. They leaped into the air and performed wide leg splits. Monique thought that these dancers were quite skilled even as athletes with their agile and limber bodies. The performers touched each other as they danced and they swung their whips above them in the air. In a perfectly synchronized movement they dropped their whips down hard on each other’s buttocks, then they embraced each other. They pulled apart again and swatted each other’s thighs simultaneously. Monique could hear the force of their whips’ motions as they careened through the air. It gave her goose bumps as she heard the whip cut the air and land on the taut leather. She tried to imagine what it would be like to feel the stroke of a whip on her behind or on her legs. Monique wondered for a second if it would be painful or pleasurable. She felt emotionally warmed by the dancers’ lovingly caressing each other again and again as their bodies met.

Then in a final movement, they pulled away from each other. One of the dancers sat down on the stage floor and lifted its feet in the air, offering them to its dance partner. The standing performer went from one foot to the other, beating them over and over again. It was such an unusual and painful sight to see this person take such blows to his feet. Monique cringed at the thought of the pain this dancer was enduring, yet all the while the dancer had a smile of sheer pleasure affixed the face.

The next dance scene was one Monique found the most provocative and erotic than any strip tease she had the few occasions to view during her quiet and generally uneventful life. The dancer, who was doing the whipping, grabbed the two swollen feet in both of his hands. He brought the feet to his mouth and savagely kissed and licked on the toes, the heels, and the soles of the feet. He went from one foot to the other, sucking and nibbling on the toes, while holding them firmly in his caressing hands. It was such a display of wanton feet worship. The dancer showed unwavering devotion toward his partner’s feet. Monique imagined that this action would have soothed the beaten, swollen feet. She saw such joy and pleasure on the tortured dancer’s face. For a moment, the dancer closed his eyes in complete dreamlike abandonment. They both looked as if they enjoyed the show as they performed before their audience. It did not seem like a show, but that these performers were pleasing themselves without the benefit of an audience present. Monique felt even her own palms hot and perspiring. She wondered, ‘Could I actually be getting excited by this display of feet worship?’ Her fingers started to twitch as they were entwined in Peter’s fingers. Monique looked over at Peter and saw that he winked at Stephan playfully. Monique smiled at their cute expressions.

From the feet, the performer’s mouth moved up to the ankle of one foot and proceeded to lick around the ankle. He then switched to the other neglected ankle and kissed its bare skin. Balancing the other ankle with his other hand, he stroked the foot with his free fingers. He still continued to lick and tease the sensitive toes of the left foot.

Melissa leaned over to Monique’s ear and whispered breathlessly, “Getting excited yet? I surely am even if this stuff is really weird.”

Monique responded back with feigned displeasure. “Don’t be silly. This is not normal. It’s not even sensual.” Monique did not sound convincing even to herself. She found that she was denying her own brewing sensations. Monique was mentally putting herself in the performers’ positions, imagining the feel of the whip on her feet or even on her derriere. Old memories sprung up in her mind of those few times when she got spanked by her father after misbehaving as a young ödemiş escort child. Monique had to yank herself out of her reverie. She thought to herself, ‘How could I be feeling this way, being excited by this show?’

While Monique was deep in thought on her reflections of being spanked, she did not notice that the lights of the theater illuminated in mild multi-colored brightness. Everyone was able to clearly see each other seated around the theater. For the first time since the show started, Monique was able to see Julian seated in his seat at the end of the row. A shiver went through her body when she noticed that he looked straight at her, his eyes fixed on her. He had no discernable expression on his face. He just watched her.

The spotlight on stage dimmed slightly so that it was not the predominate red light of the theater. Once the spotlight dimmed to a minimum visibility, the sound of the African drums began to echo in the theater. The rhythm of the drums was medium beat that its sound was loud and forceful. No one from the audience could decipher from where the drum beating came within the theater. It sounded like a live performance and not recorded on a stereo system. Yet, there were no musicians visible.

Suddenly, a strangely dressed woman sauntered up to the center of the stage. From where she came, no one could figure, so dim was the spotlight. No one even heard her move to the stage. It was as if she just appeared from thin air. The woman’s very presence on stage ran a chilly thrill through the entire audience. Her facial features were pronounced and striking, with her high cheekbones and her lips, full and voluptuous. Monique found her not particularly attractive with her dark skin and striking ethnic features as her expression was hard and emotionless. The woman on stage had too harsh of a countenance to be appealing. The woman’s hair was long and pitch black, thick and curly. She was well endowed and curvaceous. Her full figure began to undulate before the curious audience while she started to dance in a most primitive manner. So provocative were her moves that the audience found her attractive and sexually tempting. The woman was offering an invitation to the spectators to bring each viewer into her mesmerizing performance. Her wide hips swayed back and forth, forward and backward so teasingly, coordinated with the rhythmic beating of the drums. She swung her arms around and she danced around the stage looking each person in the eyes as she moved this way and that. Around and around the primitive dancer moved swinging her head around and then circling her torso and hips to maintain the momentum.

The dancer started singing an unfamiliar tune to the group while she danced but not quite in sync with the drums. She was so passionate and she forced her audience intimacy with her. The song itself was so strange and eerie, that a shiver ran through Monique’s body as she took in the strength of the song’s lyrics.

“It’s time for sex with the Devil, with the Devil. He’s very sexy but rough, rough tough. It’s carnival time. The Devil wants fun, a fun time. Time for sex with the Devil, with the Devil.”

Melissa whispered into Monique’s ear, “what the hell is this music? Who wrote this crap? It sounds pretty creepy to me.” Monique grinned but shook her head at Melissa to motion her to stay quiet during the spectacle.

The dancer’s voice was melodic and mesmerizing. It started to put everyone in a trance, though the lyrics were sinister. The singing started to correspond with the rhythmic beating of the drums. The native performer danced around mainly in the center of the stage in front of everyone. Yet in a quick movement, the dancer moved up closer to the young model Lance as she danced sensually, twisting moves directly in front of him. The dancer started brushing up against him as in a slow dance for two. All eyes followed her to him. Both his hands remained held at either side by Pamela and Mimi as he was instructed at the start of the performance. All the while, the erotic dancer continued to sing the strange Devil song with eyes brightening as the volume of her voice increased.

Lance received the terpsichorean advances with great pleasure while feeling honored for being singled out by the performer among his fellow guests.

Not only Lance but also the rest of the audience was surprised when the dancer moved her body on top of Lance’s and rocked and swayed against his slim body. Then she placed her hands on his shoulders staring into his eyes as she sang to him, rubbing her lower body against his lower part. She continued moving her body in rhythm with the drumbeats. The pounding of the drums matched the pounding of Lance’s heart as he awaited the dancer’s next sensual move. The dancer elicited sensations he never felt before. As Monique watched him, she was drawn completely into the dancer’s spell, watching the native’s moves on a member of the audience. The island guests watched as the primitive seferihisar escort dancer took possession of Lance’s willing body.

As if the dancer sensed Monique’s sensations, she looked over to Monique and her eyes blazed into hers. Lance sat two seats from her. The dancer instantly jumped off of Lance’s lap, as quickly as she originally jumped atop him. And in a swift change of partners, the exotic dancer moved up close to Monique’s face, placing her hands on her shoulders. The audience was surprised by the change of performance but was in awe of the spectacle that took place before their eyes. The exotic dancer did not attempt to mount Monique as she did with Lance but instead started to move her hands down Monique’s arms while caressing and massaging them.

Monique thought, ‘never had I allowed a woman to touch me in this manner.’ Her feelings began to amaze even herself because she actually enjoyed this dancer’s physical attentions. Monique’s first reaction was to push the native away from her, but she quickly remembered that the host gave explicit instructions to not let go of the others hands during the performance.

Monique took in the dancer’s natural female aroma mixed with the scent of sweet flowery incense. Her uncomfortable feelings about a female touching another female started to melt away. After all, Monique quickly justified this unusual experience with the fact ‘that she was on a mini-vacation and why not partake in some novel experiences away from home?’

Monique further acquiesced to her dance partner’s attentions as she moved her hands from her shoulders to her breasts. Monique’s ample breasts, excited by the touch of this native woman, stood erect and firm through her white summer blouse. The dancer’s hands were demanding and possessive. She started to run Monique’s nipples in a circular motion with the palms of her hands simultaneously. Monique found herself getting excited by the dancer’s illicit act. As she rubbed her breasts, the dancer swayed her hips from side to side. She straddled Monique, as her legs were pinned in between the dancer’s legs and rubbed her pelvic bone against Monique’s. Monique’s sex area began to tingle as her skin did. An overwhelming desire swept over her to accept the exotic’s advances. So Monique started to move her hips while still seated in her chair to join the dancer’s rhythms. Monique moved her hips with hers, her legs lifting slightly in their limited space and capacity. She was surprised that the dancer felt light atop her lap and it did not feel uncomfortable. Monique wanted to capture every moment of her seated dance, their pas de deux. She reveled in the sensations that her dance partner ignited in her, and she felt no inhibitions or shame at her reaction to her exotic partner.

As Monique’s dance partner moved her body against hers, she gradually moved her hands from Monique’s breasts and moved down over her stomach. Then from her stomach, her hands traveled down to Monique’s private area, protected by her lacey bikini underwear and then covered by a short flowing skirt. The exotic woman lifted Monique’s short skirt and rested one hand on her sex while keeping her other hand on her stomach. Her hands did not move but only rested in their places, all the while swaying her body back and forth to the drumbeats. Monique’s heart beat faster and faster as she heard the drumming increase its pace and volume. Monique’s dancer stopped her singing and she started kissing Monique’s neck, her cheeks and all over her face in a feverish display of sensual possessiveness, never touching Monique’s mouth. Monique lavished in the sensations that her partner aroused in her by her well-placed kisses and her hands on Monique’s body. From Monique’s face, the dancer moved her mouth down Monique’s neck, sliding her wet tongue along her slightly sweaty skin. Her tongue traveled down to Monique’s breasts and through her wet gauzy shirt, also wet from aroused perspiration. Her mouth played with the tips of Monique’s nipples. Lightly she licked at her nipples, not making any effort to move the fabric away. The erotic dancer continued her tongue licking while she kept her one hand on Monique’s sex and her other hand on her stomach. With one sudden and rough gesture, the dance partner ripped one side seam of Monique’s delicate panties and then pulled them off to expose her ripe vagina. She yelped in shock and surprise. The native woman then threw them hastily away on the theater floor without showing any reaction to Monique’s shock. Monique possessed feelings of pleasure mixed with embarrassment as she sat in her theater seat with her sex open for the audience to see. The erotic dancer then returned her eager hand back on Monique’s just as eager sex.

Simultaneously, Monique’s dance partner started to knead her stomach and her sex gently with her nimble fingers. She was quickly reminded of her hands intertwined in Peter and Melissa’s hands. The dancer slowly fell to the ground, kneeling before Monique as if in a reverent gesture. Monique’s legs trembled and her heart pounded quickly. The exotic dancer continued to knead and manipulate Monique’s private parts with all of her fingers. The constant pounding of the drums heightened the intensity of the two women’s union, all the while the rest of the audience looked on in mesmerizing awe.

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