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Indian bhabhi


I am 24years old and this story revolves around me and it started in my village when I was in 12th standard and 19 years old.

There was a bhabhi (cousin’s wife, my sister-in-law), she used to tease me. She had some decent size boobs like all the ladies in the village. She used to wear Indian dresses lehengas, saree and blouse.

I used to bath in a common well where all ladies came to get water for their household. They also took baths in the daytime, when all the men went to work.

This sexual teasing stopped one day and only physical touching like tickling and asking about girlfriends started. But now I started feeling and looking at her sexually. You know, all these hormones were rushing into my youthful body. My cock erects towards her. But she distanced herself from me, as the jokes could have been inappropriate now.

Many times I walked in front of her in my towel after bathing with a fully erect penis just to make her notice and say something so that I can jerk off later. But she did not notice.

Some years passed, and it went on like this. I somehow glimpse her legs from the loving our cleavage through the blouse and daily jerk off. She was the sexy diva in my mind because of all the sexy things she did.

One day, when I was playing Max Payne on my computer. She came from behind and started watching me asking what movie is this and how this works. I joked about how she will not understand and it’s very complicated.

She may be got offended, but lightheartedly held my cheeks from behind and playfully abused me in my ear. It was boiling, even though she abused me. This opened a new door of conversation between us.

Whenever we crossed each other’s path and were alone, marsbahis güvenilirmi she abused me, and I smiled. This went on for a few months. As if this was also a turn on for her abusing me, and for me it was a starter.

Her abuses were very graphic in Hindi, and they were working for my jerking off session.

One day I was cycling back from my tuition and we crossed paths again. I stopped, and she playfully came and sat on the cycle body pipe in front of me and said, “Take me for a ride.” I enjoyed this very much. I could smell her and this was the longest I could feel her this close to me. She then got off and walked away.

Now I think she is very much interested in me and enjoying this simple relationship. So once again she came and started seeing me playing a game on my computer. Now as there was no one in the room, I asked her if she wanted to play.

She flirted and said “only if I let her sit in my lap.” She thought I would shy away, but I said “yes”.

Now it was her turn. I made my legs wide on the chair and reluctantly she sat on my lap. I put her hand on the mouse with my one hand and slowly I put her around her waist. This was only for a few minutes, and she got up. She once again playfully started abusing me.

I told her I want to tell her something in her ear. She came close, and I ate her cheeks and made them wet. She pushed me and went a few steps away. I thought maybe this would end things and I may get in trouble now, but she left. Whenever she met me, there was no eye contact, and I thought I ruined everything.

One day when nobody was at my home, she came. She knew whenever I was alone and never came. This time it was different. She asked if anybody was home and I said negative. marsbahis yeni giriş She came in and asked what I was doing. I was studying with my books in bed.

She came and lied down on my bed and asked me to lie down beside her. I knew something was cooking in her mind. I went and lied down beside her. We started talking, and we both started flirting with each other. She playfully abused and touched my penis, grinding her teeth. It was tight as hell and already started dripping pre cum because of the proximity and flirting. She slid down my pants and started stroking my penis slowly. She touched my glans, and I jumped as it was very sensitive. I said “I never pulled my foreskin back as it hurts.” She said “you have a lot to learn.”

Now she came down and started spitting on my penis while stroking slowly. She would spit and then with her wet mouth take my penis completely in her mouth. She told me not to come right now.

Now what she did was pull my foreskin slowly all the way back, like in a porn movie. The glans was completely out in the open and it made my dick look very thick. I burst with confidence and again she started giving me blowjobs.

But to my surprise and also I did not come. She said that normally her husband would have come twice by now. It made me feel more confident. I pushed her and went on top of her, thrusting my penis on her lehenga.

She said that I would ruin her lehenga and make it wet. Then she lifted it and, like I always assumed, she was not wearing any panties. I saw her pussy. Her clitoris was out completely, and it was not a pleasing sight, as in most porn movies. I said that her pussy looks different from what I have seen on tv.

She laughed and said “wait till marsbahis giriş you get your little package inside me.” She held my penis and guided it to her vaginal hole.

Slowly I started pushing, and then I started having that wild sensation. It was very warm and firmly tight. I thought I would come. She said not to stroke and wait for a few moments. I stopped just in that position and after some time started stroking. I felt like my dick became very thick, and the friction with her vaginal walls made my first sex experience very pleasurable.

Till now, because of my curiosity, I only focused on her vagina. Now, while having sex, she unbuttoned her blouse and took out her boobs. She told me to bite her nipples and suck them. I was biting them slowly and then she abused me and asked me to bite harder. I bit her more everywhere on her boobs and then on nipples. She moaned loudly and asked me to do more of that. Her expressions were making me really restless. So while thrusting I was focusing on her boobs, biting and pressing. She was completely enjoying this experience and surprised by my stamina.

She now wanted me to fuck her in doggy style, which she called “Ghodi bana ke” (like a horse). She came in the position and I started putting my penis inside her. It slid down quick due to all the pussy juice extracted. And then whatever muscles she contracted. I felt like my dick was stuck. She made her vagina tight and was laughing.

I started thrusting, but it was taking more friction and was pleasurable for both of us. I was enjoying this, and I grabbed her boobs and started pinching her nipples while thrusting my dick in her pussy. She exclaimed with joy and asked me to do more. I started thrusting hard and soon blew my load inside her pussy. She then sucked off every bit of cum left on my dick and left. We had sex once again.

After some months I left for college and to this date, I get hard thinking of her.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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