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After we rest for a few minutes, you say that you’re going to get a shower and freshen up and tell me to relax and gain some energy. “You’ll need it” you purr with a wicked grin.

I watch you move towards the bathroom and I just marvel at your beauty. Your hips sway and your ass moves from side to side. I know you’re exaggerating your movements but I’m not complaining and despite all the love that has happened tonight I feel a familiar stirring in my crotch. Whilst you’re gone I order champagne from room service and lay back and chill out.

I must have dozed off because I am awakened by you standing over me holding your head over my body and shaking your hair making droplets of water fall onto my naked body. You laugh at my startled expression and turn to dry your hair with the towel. I move into the bathroom to have a shower myself and tell you to get the door when the champagne comes.

“Take your time lover, I have a surprise for you” you smile at me innocently but finish it with that same grin as I walk into the bathroom.

I walk back into the hotel room after the shower, feeling invigorated and more alive than I’ve ever felt before. I’m greeted by you handing me a glass of champagne with a glint in your eye.

You step back and wave your hand over the room. At first I don’t see any difference. There is nothing on the bed. But then I notice that there is some sort of chain hanging over the large chair in the corner.

“Do you remember that conversation we had on cam about bondage?” You ask, running your finger down my chest.

“How could I forget” I look down at your face and smile as you continue.

“Well I’d love you to do it to me now……really love it” The excitement couldn’t be contained from your voice.

“I’m game” I say as I lean forward and kiss your wet lips. You respond passionately reaching behind my head to pull me down further, your lips pressing hard to mine. You move away and explain what you would teen porno like me to do, which by the sound of it was anything I wanted. You place a set of cuffs under each leg of the chair. It was the leather Chesterfield variety with a low rolling back and arms.

You move behind the chair and I cuff your ankles to the back legs. I then move to the front of the chair and you bend forward. You have put cushions on the seat to take your weight and your chest settles against them, flattening your lovely breasts.

I cuff your wrists to the front legs and stand up. My cock has already grown to show you what I think of your situation. You look up at me and smile. “Now, get the blindfold, I want you to take me anyway you want, but nothing rough. Okay?”

I crouch down in front of you and place the blindfold over your eyes, stroking your hair as I stand up and look at your open body. I carry on stroking your hair and then move down your back, lightly tracing your spine. You moan softly and arch your back like a happy kitten.

I move around the chair and position myself a few paces back from your open ass, admiring the view. I can tell you are turned on because you can’t keep still. You move your body side to side slowly, rubbing against the cold leather.

I don’t make a sound and your head lifts, listening for me.

I smile at your desperation to be touched. Quietly, I kneel behind your open ass and inhale your fresh aroma. Then I blow softly against the very top of your inner thigh. Your skin chills and goose bumps spread over you but you are unsure if it is me or just the soft air moving through the room.

My nose is less than an inch from your pussy lips. I am finding it hard to stay so close because your movement has increased. That is until I push my tongue out and let your movement slide your lips across it and then you stop still with a gasp. I move forward and harden my tongue to a point and run it from the top of your travesti porno pussy and up, pushing between your lips, deeper inside you and then out and over your pink ass hole, just pushing gently to moisten your hole and then further up to your lower back.

“Oh baby, that feels wonderful. I’m so turned on” you pant in a rasping voice.

“Good girl. You know I love tasting you” I respond and then move back down, this time opening my tongue into a softer, wetter tool. I run it around your ass, leaving wet trails of my saliva all over your sweet rear. And finish by giving your puckered hole a deep thrust of my dripping tongue.

You back onto me involuntarily and move your ass in a circular motion, groaning all the while. I pull back and you groan a loud “Nooooo”

But we both no that I haven’t finished with you.

I place my hands on each cheek of your round, upturned ass and spread you wider, lifting you up slightly so that you have your whole pussy open and in full fantastic view. I lick my lips and then dive into you. My tongue moves into overdrive as I lash out at every part of your pussy. First, flicking violently around your clit and then deep, long plunges into your hole, over and over changing my movements with every stroke. Sometimes my tongue is hard and long, other times wide and soft.

You are bucking violently and then you cum, moaning loudly. Your juices flow out of you but I don’t let up. I lap up everything that comes from you, drinking every drop. My cock is rock hard but I have to leave it as I love every second of my feast.

Then as your moans turn to whimpers I ease off and finally pull back. You are splayed out before me like a damp rag, used and abused but I know you well enough that you still want more.

I stroke my cock and have the urge to just cum all over your ass, but that would be a waste of your wet pussy so I move forward and push my head gently between your open lips. tricky masseur porno I need to crouch slightly to enter you but the strain in my legs is worth every second inside you. I finally have my whole cock inside you, my balls resting against your clit.

Then slowly, I rise and fall into you with long, deep strokes. I pull your hair gently so that your head rises and your back arches and that helps me get just slightly further into you.

“Don’t cum darling” you moan between pushes. “I want you to fuck my ass”.

Well, I don’t need to be asked twice. I look down and your ass is open and wet from my earlier licking. I pull out of your pussy and circle your ass hole with my head, soaking it with your juices. And then I carefully push forward.

You continue to moan as my head slips slowly into you. And then it disappears inside you. I stop for a couple of seconds to allow you to become adjusted to my cock. But I know from what we’ve talked about, that your ass is no stranger to penetration, whether it’s cock, dildo or vegetable.

So I push further until my whole length is sliding right to my balls.

Slowly over the next few minutes I rise and fall into you, using all of my cock to get the most from your tight ass hole. It is so much tighter than your pussy that I find it difficult not to cum, but I hold off for as long as possible.

I reach under my cock and stroke your pussy. Pushing 2 fingers inside you, I can feel my cock slide against your pussy wall. That does it. With the added pressure of my own fingers I start to cum. This time it isn’t a great deal that jets inside your ass, but the pleasure I get from this very different feeling is more intense than anything else tonight. I fall on top of you as the last of my cum fills your ass and feel your heaving back against my chest. I think out of every position, this is my favourite. The feel of your beautiful ass against me with each push. The stretching of my legs and the feeling of being in control all add to this amazing feeling.

I slowly stand off you and look down at your rosy ass and back. A tinge of guilt crosses my mind at the way I have taken you but once I look down at your smiling face, I know it wasn’t all one sided…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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