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Standing in front of the full length mirror, Callie slowly pulled up the tiny black skirt over her lacey thong. After one more touch up in the mirror, she was ready…ready to find that hot piece of ass she dreamt about, and she knew just where to find him.

Callie stood at the door waiting to hand over her I.D., listening to the bass pound from inside the double doors. Already the vibrations had her pussy wet. The tingling deep within also partly came from watching the bouncer and his “want-to-be” entourage of half built guys undressing her with their hungry eyes. “You wish big guys,” Callie thought as she stood with I.D. in hand. Slowly licking her lips at them, she gave them a little bit of what they would never get. They shifted in their stance, probably ready to head home and jack off to thought of having a piece of her sweet tight ass.

The dance floor was dark. Only flashing strobe lights and neon signs lit her way. She knew exactly where to find Casey and so she headed to the back of the bar. As she drew closer, she spotted him leaning forward, tending to some college brunette who was already too drunk for her own good. Damn, he was sexy in his tight black shirt showing the curves of his tight muscular chest and abs. His arms were tan from the sun, and he had scruffy end of the day facial hair. Mmmm, he looked like a bad boy, and by the way her pussy throbbing, that bad boy would be hers…tonight.

“What will it be, sexy?” Casey asked to the young, stumbling brunette standing before him. The girl blushed and giggled, as they all do, giving him her order for some fruity mixed drink. She tossed a couple of ones in the tip-jar. He would say anything if it kept the tips coming. As Casey placed the last drink on the bar, he scanned the crowd as he always did. The place of packed with the usual college crowd, now doing some hip-hop line dance across the dance floor. His nights working at the bar used to be fun and exciting, but over the last two years the excitement had begun to fade. He wanted some fun, something different. As his eyes drifted back to the right of the bar, Casey’s stomach tightened and his dick throbbed in his jeans. Was that Callie heading his way?!! Damn, he thought, as his eyes were drawn to her long, sexy, and exposed legs. His cock bounced again in response to her tight mini skirt all snug around those gorgeous curvy hips. “Calm down boy,” he said silently to the bulge in his pants. She was headed toward Rob’s end of the bar.

It had been almost a year since their last “hook-up.” Callie made her way up to the end of the bar. She had seen his head jerk in her direction. She smiled knowing that she had him distracted from the crowd of thirsty customers.

“One Budlight and a shot of Patron” She told the bartender who approached her. “Looks like someone is planning on having some fun tonight.” He said, handing her the drinks.

“You have no idea,” she said as she downed her shot and grabbed the beer. The bartender moved on to his awaiting customers. Callie looked up to see Casey starring at her, as she leaned forward to drop a dollar in the tip-jar. All the while, she exposed a bit of cleavage in Casey’s direction.

Casey grinned at the sight, knowing exactly what she was doing. Their eyes locked, he moved seductively down to her end of the bar.

“Fucking tease,” he said, as he leaned over the counter in front of her.

“You know you like it.” She said, slowly sipping from her bottle, and tonguing the glassy rim with a mischievous smile.

“You know I do… it’s been awhile.” Casey managed, distracted by his reality kings porno cock hardening down the inside of his thigh.

“Guess you better do something about that then, huh?” Callie said, as she slowly stood from her stool. Turning to walk away, she smiled back at him, then headed out to the dance floor. He grinned back, knowing his night just got exciting.

Hours went by and the music boomed playing songs from the top 10, but all Casey could think about was Callie…and that sweet, sweet ass. He worked through the night, counting down the minutes ’till closing time. He watched the crowd intently, following Callie’s every move, always pleased knowing she was still there.

The lights of the club flickered alive, letting the crowd know their fun had come to an end. There was the usual guttural moan of disappointment. Callie made her way to the exit quickly, knowing Casey would be on the prowl to stop her, but she had other plans in mind for him. As Callie passed the bar, she gave one last wink to her sexy target, and headed to the double doors.

Making her way out the exit, she spotted Casey’s truck right away. It sat towards the side of the building, in a dark and abandoned area. Callie lowered the tail-gate, and took a seat, waiting. She watched the crowds slowly stumble through the parking lot to their vehicles. Headlights flickered past, and the lot grew empty. It was only lit by a distant street light. Callie’s excitement grew, knowing Casey would be done with his shift in mere moments, and then she could get her hands on him. Just the thought of it made those sexy black thongs moist. Her sexual tension was so unbearable, the thought of touching herself out there in the dark, on the back that tail-gate, thrilled her.

Casey hurried through his after-hours clean up, eyeing his watch as the time ticked away. “Fuck!” he muttered under his breath as he wiped down the bar top. He was consumed with the fear that he had missed his chance with Callie tonight, after all this time. Casey thought back to that one night, a year ago, when he had the best fuck of his life. As his memories flooded back, his cock again grew hard in his jeans, aching for pleasure.

Callie’s thoughts filled her, as she pictured Casey naked, cock hard in his hand, just like he had been during their last encounter. Her pussy throbbed. “Hmmm, a little bit of play can’t hurt,” she thought as she rubbed her hand down her inner thigh and over the slickening crevice beneath her skirt. Callie could no longer wait. Her clit tingled and pulsated as she leaned back on one elbow and separated her thighs just enough for her to slide her fingers inside her panties. She rubbed the wet, hard bud in a slow circular motion, letting out a slight moan. Callie began to rub harder as her fingers became slick from her juices. Her fingers slid easily up and down her pussy and over her now protruding clit. Each swipe caused her pussy to drip creamy juices down the side of her thigh. Before she could stop herself, her body jerked as a shot of electricity burned through her core in response to her orgasm. Callie hadn’t even thought about the possibly of wondering eyes during her moment of self-pleasure, all she knew was that she was ready for more.

Casey threw down the white rag, grabbed his jacket and headed out the side door. His eyes slowly adjusted to the night before he headed towards his truck. Immediately he noticed his tail-gate was down. He cursed under his breath, thinking some drunken asshole had been messing with his truck. Never had he imagined it would sexmex porno be Callie.

As Callie heard the bar door slam, she hurried in adjusting her skirt, and slowly sat back up. It was Casey. ‘Now the fun begins,’ she thought, as her insides lit up, ready for some action…again.

Casey made his way to his truck, noticing it was Callie perched on the bed of his truck. Looking his way, she smiled at him, sending his cock into a fury, as though his rock hard shaft was fighting the zipper of his jeans.

“I thought you left.” He said, tilting his head to the side so see her better in the light.

“Well, what would be the fun in that?” She returned, in a low sexy voice.

Casey’s dick throbbed in pain. ‘It’s now or never,’ he thought. He looked around the parking lot, assuring all was clear and lifted Callie from the truck bed.

A rush of fervor rocketed through Callie’s body as Casey grabbed her off the truck. Without hesitation, Callie wrapped her tight legs around his waist. She moaned in excitement, as Casey held her, his hands firmly gripping her ass, giving a quick squeeze to each globe. She leaned forward, finding Casey’s neck. She worked her tongue up the tender skin and suckled his ear lobe. His body shivered in response. He turned his head, planting his lips on hers. Capturing her mouth with his, he slowly slid his tongue in. Their tongues danced circles with one another, as Casey pushed her up against the side of the truck, still holding her in his strong arms. As their mouths continued to tease, Callie felt him move one hand off her ass. He slid his free hand down the underside of Callie’s thigh, slowly pushing up that sexy skirt.

“God, you’re fucking hot,” he murmured, as he planted kisses on her neck, and down her chest. His hand ventured to the inside of her thigh. She released her clawing grip from his back and slowly lifted up on her fitted little halter top. With swift motion she pulled it off, and tossed it into the gravel. She let out a cry, as Casey’s teeth quickly found her beaded nipple.

“Oh yah, that feels so good,” she managed to say as her breathing quickened. He continued to circle her darkened nipples, his tongue paying equal attention to each breast. The scent of her perfume was making him dizzy, or possibly it was the pain coming from his stiff cock. Casey’s hand slid against her hot mound, and then his thumb rubbed over her covered pussy. He could tell she was wet by the moisture he felt seeping through her panties. Callie let out a deep groan as Casey rubbed her clit into a hardened bud. In response to his fingers, she leaned back against the truck, hoping to place most of her weight there, and offering him more of her wet core. He gripped her panties with his fingers and moved the lace aside, exposing her beautiful damp folds to him. As she leaned back, he slid his fingers into her pussy.

“You are so wet,” he whispered to her as he pounded his fingers deeper into her hole. Callie could only whimper in response, her breathing heavy. Casey knew she was ready for more, as her inner walls clenched down around his fingers. She moaned as his fingers slid out, her head dizzy with how good he felt in her. Her balance shifted and she let out a cry.

“Sshhhhh, someone will hear you,” Casey murmured. Callie let out a laugh at his sudden modesty. Her balance shifted again, and she reached out, grabbing the sides of the truck bed.

“What are you doing?” she asked, as she felt his other hand pull away. Her legs tightened around his waist. She shivered at the adrenaline rush from the precarious sindrive porno position, and possibly from the breeze against her bare ass.

“I need to let him out, babe,” Casey said as his hands worked around her legs to free his dick from his pants. He quickly worked his jeans and boxers down his legs the best he could, leaving them mid-thigh.

“Mmmmmm, I like that,” Callie said, nodding towards his cock standing tall between her legs. He repositioned his hands under her ass, and stepped closer into the space between her thighs. She felt his hard shaft up against her wet pussy lips. All she could do was moan, wanting more of him, all of him, inside her. Casey read her mind. Urgently, his hands squeezed her ass and lifted her up, his mushroom tip at the opening of her pussy. Letting go of the truck, Callie dug her hands into his shoulders, trying to lower herself down onto his cock. She let out a whimper and bit her bottom lip, pleading with him to just shove his dick in her.

“Please…fuck me, Casey,” She pleaded.

“That’s what I plan to do,” He whispered as he lowered her wet hole over his cock.

“Fuck..” he let out in a moan as her tight pussy slid down his shaft.

“Oh yes…” Callie let out, as Casey’s dick stretched her pussy opening around his thick cock. She couldn’t believe how good he felt, as she continued to take him in completely. Her pussy gripped him, his lower stomach getting wet from her juices. He grasped her ass tightly, almost parting those sexy cheeks. Pulling back, he pounded his dick into her the second time. Callie let out with a satisfied cry.

“You feel so good,” She moaned, between each driving stroke that followed. She pumped her hips back and forth to meet each thrust, feeling his balls smack the tight pink hole of her ass. As he pinned her up against the truck and fucked her, he could feel her wetness soaking the curly hair around his dick. Their pace quickened. He pulled her closer against him with each plunging stroke, forcing his cock deep into her pussy. He knew she was getting closer to cumming, as her pussy began to constrict around his dick.

Sucking in deep breaths with each inward stab, Callie tried not to cry out too loudly. Her body began to quiver.

Casey continued to drive his dick in and out of her pussy as it squeezed more and more around his cock. The thought of her impending orgasm drove Casey closer to his own. He could feel his balls begin to tighten up, readying themselves for one hell of an explosion.

As they rode each other in simultaneous motion, Callie arched her back against the truck. Casey drove his dick into her so hard it threw her into immediate orgasm. She cried out in response. Her body shivered in waves. She felt his cock explode inside her then, filling her pussy with streams of white creamy cum. Their combined nectar dripped down his inner thigh, his cock still throbbing inside her.

The two stood there, with all to bare, breathing heavily. Casey’s breath slowed, and he leaned forward to assault her mouth one more time. As he pulled back, Callie smiled in response, obviously satisfied. He lifted her off his softening cock, and carefully lowered her to the ground. Legs still wobbly, she kept a hand on the side of the truck.

Casey leaned down and pulled his clothes up over his bare ass. Then he helped Callie rearrange her disheveled skirt, brushing his fingers across her soaked pussy one last time. Callie retrieved her shirt and slid it back on. Dressed again, they faced each other. Casey smiled at Callie, feeling exhausted, yet utterly satisfied. He had been thinking to himself that this time she would not disappear on him again. But as that thought left his head, Callie stepped forward, giving him a quick kiss on the lips…

“See ya when I see ya,” she said, walking off into the darkness, a smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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